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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> it is time to restore some sanity to this place. >> the motion is agreed to. shutdown isnment over and federal employees will get back to work this morning. i am hallie jackson in washington to tell you how it all went down and what happens out. >> a new poll released overnight shows exactly how some marylanders are feeling about the government shutdown. >> meantime, a city police officer injured after a suspect dragged him. >> and there is a chance you could see some showers today. your weather and traffic on the 1's as 11 news continues right now. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking.
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6:00is 11 news today at a.m.. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. >> coming up on 6:01, let's take a look at the fog. you can really see it in a camera. >> that is a little misleading. the skycam is a -- as 1000 feet up. it is actually in the clouds this morning. there is some fog under the surface. it is just not as bad as what we saw on the skycam. we will call it light fog on the service and maybe some drile on your way to work. 58 at the airport. the chance for rain will go up through the morning. take an umbrella with you. scattered light showers will develop this afternoon. otherwise, we start the day with low clouds and fog. we make it into the low 70's with all that going on. will make it up to 71 or 72. it will cool off this weekend. i will show you that forecast in
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a minute. first, we will send it over to sarah. >> good morning, everyone. one problem coming in and the city from yesterday. cruiser back on the theme of this water main break between gay and marketplace. if you are going to be traveling there, to left lanes are closed as a result of this work. southbound 95, 65 miles an hour out of white marsh. six minute travel time from the split down to four mchenry. 65 on eastbound i 70 coming in toward 29 west of the beltway on 70. a-game, filed will be an issue this morning for a little while, so be prepared for that. it 11 minutes on the north side. 12 minutes on the west side. so far so good overall in terms of delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. after more than two weeks, the federal government is back open. >> a late-night deal and capitol hill. lawmakers approved a new deal to end the government shutdown.
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>> 11 news reporter hallie jackson joins us live from our washington bureau. what is the latest? >> well, hundreds of thousands of government employees are now waking up to a work day for the first time since september. the federal employees now off for low are expected to be on the job this morning. national parks and museums will reopen soon. congress held a series of late- night votes to end the partial shutdown. just after midnight, the president signed into law a deal that will give federal workers backpay, fund the government through january 15, and raise the desert until february 7. listen. >> we will have a second chance between then and january 2 peopleo the american the republican party can govern and the congress can address the problems that face us. >> there is a lot of work at a bus, including our need to learn back the trust of the american people that has been lost over the last few weeks fair >> after the president finished making those comments, write if he was
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walking out of the room, he was asked -- isn't this all going to happen again in a few months? staticallynt said in -- and radically no. >> interesting. what is not in the steel? >> -- this deal? requires budget negotiations long term. it also includes with the white house classified as a minor point, something that involves clarification and certification of income verification under the president health-care law. this is not include anything involving deleon or defunding the president health-care law. that fight over so-called obamacare was at the center of all this about 2.5, three weeks ago. >> and being so close to washington, we have a lot of federal workers in maryland. are they supposed to report to work this morning? theupposed to, but administration is asking agencies to be flexible given it was short notice.
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the office of management and budget did not come out the notification until pretty late last night. because of that, the administration is selling agencies hey, if people need to work from home or take a day, try to be as flexible as you can. of course the news media is getting be word out because work employees are not supposed to be checking their e-mails would be shut down. >> thank you, hallie. >> and a new poll released overnight, marylanders weighed in on the shutdown and the effect on the economy. jennifer franciotti continues live team coverage. >> good morning. the numbers are out according to the gonzales research poll released overnight. marylanders have been worried about the effects of a government shutdown. are you concerned about how the shutdown's effect on the u.s. economy would affect you? 87% of marylanders said they are concerned. 13% said they were not worried. professor larry gibson says voters will be thinking about the shutdown come election time.
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>> voters will forget some things, but things that start to threaten social security checks they remember. things that start to threaten veterans' benefits and fundamental governmental resources -- folks will remember. >> when it comes to the affordable care act, the gonzales poll shows 57% of marylanders are in favor of the 39% are opposed. this poll was conducted from october 1 through october 14. they get a phone interview of 819 registered voters. i have a margin of error of 3.5%. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. new details this morning -- breaking news that was brought to you last night at 11:00, the city police officer is recovering, job by a car and forced to shoot suspect in northeast baltimore a little before 10:00 wednesday night as officers conducted eight traffic stop on mannasota near shannon drive.
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the driver tried to take off. one of the officers reacted quickly. >> one of the officers was being dragged by the vehicle, which resulted in the officer discharging his weapon. >> both the officer and a suspect or in the hospital this morning. officials are expected to give an update on the investigation later this morning. greg knew this morning -- >> new this morning, a body at the light rail station. v.a. a police found the body at the station. police say it is too early to tell how the body will -- how the person died or whether foul play was involved. >> 58 degrees at the airport. today, chicago might give a little bit better. we will explain why. >> and things will be different on facebook soon, especially for your team spirit apology -- for your teaeens.
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miniaturearning that gardens are all the rage. the way to make them
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>> look back to 11 news today. the time is now 6:10. >> natalie morales joins us live from new york. >> good morning stan and mindy. state -- straight ahead on "today," the shutdown finally over with a temporary fix. do the deals do anything other than kick the can down the road? also ahead, new calls to reopen
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a controversial sexual assault casehat has torn a small missouri town apart. this morning, the young accuser and her mother speak out. then angelina jolie's surgeon on her double mastectomy cerro -- decision. and the stars of the groundbreaking said, "will and grace" reunited. that is right here on "today." >> natalie, thank you very much. we will see you at 7:00. >> now, weather and traffic on the 1's. >> if you plan to be traveling through the city, cross street between gay street and marketplace, two left lanes are closed due to the water main break from yesterday. be prepared for some additional delays there. it looks pretty good on 295 for those headed down toward 100. 53 miles per hour. up to speed on the north and west side, just a minor delay developing on the west side around baltimore national heart -- pike.
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795 in pretty good shape aside from the fog, but once again that is going to be an issue for you this morning as you travel at least while it is dark outside still. here is what it looks at harford road, outer loop traffic going away from us, pretty good shape just starting to build. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. which i can live with ava marie at valley view farms with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, sarah. as we traveled 83 up here, we saw a little bit of then fog. mays aiken up throughout the thicken up -- it may through the morning, so keep that in mind. we basically have mild conditions because of the clouds. details coming up on the rain that is moving this way, but first i'm like the valley view farms, and we're talking about halloween. there is a way to continue on your garden even as we approach colder temperatures. werie engel here here it also have scotty. we have a little pumpkin.
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holes to seelling the lights inside. >> we take a regular drill and go ahead and start -- >> we have the power drills going this morning. holes in itself would highlight it will shine through. >> right. if you don't have a drill, you can use a screwdriver. there are kits you can buy and do some about here it we are ready to go. >> cool. so you put the light in, then what goes up next? he had to cut this little pot to the shape of the top of the pumpkin? >> right. we put some dry moss around the top. go ahead and drop that right in there. then we will start with some plants. this is sort of a creepy plant on its own, literally, there it is. >> i love that. >> you can use any of these miniature plants. i love burns. rns.e them -- fe i use them as often as i can't
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very we can put in some of these fun hallowing point road i will put in this lovely -- >> a little ghost here. this is cool, you can have a living halloween decoration. >> you can. you can bring frankenstein to the party. >> little tombstones. how cool is that this? >> you can certainly make your own ghosts with maybe a little map in am i don't know, but have some fun with it. is a live pump. is there anything you need to worry about in terms of the pumpkin maintaining -- >> when you pick out your pumpkin, clean it with some bleach and water, tiny bleach, but vaseline or petroleum jelly to keep a little bit longer. was it gets wet, it will rot. go, you canrden to take the ghost out, but some pilgrims in there for thanksgiving. >> we will head back to tony in the weather center. isn't this cute?
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i like that it is a living decoration. >> it is gorgeous. i will ask a dumb question, if you drill a hole in the pumpkin, how do you water the plants? is in the water going to flow out? like that is a good question, but that is why we kept in a little pot here, so the water is going to drain out there that. no, that was a good question, tony. >> i feel stupid now. i told you it was a stupid question. thank you, ava. >> i know you only have to listen to me, tony. it.hank you, i appreciate it was a dumb question. i did not know they put the pot in there. >> you own it though. >> i did own it. if you are going to ask a dumb question, you have got to own it. avao have low clouds as mentioned. 59 in the gators bil 60 in rising sun. bill -- 59tors
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gaithersburg. low 70's later on today. this is a front, you see how the temperatures drop off behind the front. it will cool off for us going into the weekend was this front goes by. at head of the boundary, we could see a few batters showers, but mostly south of baltimore in southern maryland. there is a way of developing that has enhanced the showers back in the ohio valley and into southern illinois. as the weight gets closer to us, our chance for rain will go up. it will be light weight. -- light rain. the high temperatures should make it up to about 72 degrees. it will be cooler tomorrow and on saturday, but still nothing unusual for this time of year. upper 60's, another front will go through saturday night with a 30% chance of a few showers, then it will get chilly early next week. the high temperatures low to mid 60's. by wednesday morning, we should get all the way into the 30's. >> all right, tony, thank you.
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6:16. here they look at some of today's top stories. two people are in critical condition after a closely a house exploded in arizona late last night. it happened in peoria just outside of phoenix. the two victims suffered serious burns to much of their bodies. witnesses reported hearing an explosion and felt tremors they say were similar to an earthquake. investigators are working to determine what caused the explosion. a new senator is headed to washington to represent the state of new jersey. newark mayor cory booker won the state special election wednesday night to complete the term of layson and that's late senator frank lautenberg. booker will be the second african-american early serving in the u.s. senate. and a runway opening at chicago's o'hare international airport today, the chicago tribune reports. this new runway is part of a larger more costly expansion project to get rid of some of the major delays at o'hare . the second open since
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construction started eight years ago. the project was opposed to be completed last year, but officials say it will continue until at least 2020. and those notoriously bad delays only get worse during the winter, but how that of a winter willoughby? -- will it be? in national oceanic agency will reveal its predictions for precipitation and temperatures this winter and discuss how climate patterns might have an impact. we all know tony and a vote will be keeping a close eye on today's announcement. ♪ >> in this morning's consumer alert, maybe some good news for your paycheck. baltimore ranks tops when it comes to pay raise is according to pay baltimore is second and he nation in raise growth. 3% raisesystems for a
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in pay. national averages 1.7%. san francisco ranks first in its category. face book is changing privacy policy for teenagers. all users ages 13 to 17 will not be able to post items of the public and the around the world. it reverses the company's long- standing policy banning teens from sharing beyond family and friends. some say could lead to trouble for some minors. weweather-wise this morning, do have low clouds, some fog hanging around, but it is not a big deal. the temperatures are in the upper 50's and low 60's at the present time. even with the low clouds, we will make it into the low 70's this afternoon. schoolday forecast for the kids at the bus up, maybe given the rain gear. when you pick them up from school this afternoon, there is a chance for a few scattered light rain showers, but temperatures will be in the low 70's. we will talk more about this for and check the seven-day in a few minutes.
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first, we send it over to sarah. >> good morning, everybody. a little bit of fog out there in spots depending on where you are traveling. we have a water main break from yesterday. crews are back on the scene blocking two left lanes of pratt street between gay street and marketplace. watch for that. 30 minutes your drive time o the outer loop west side. downed again that security towards baltimore national pike. delays on the north side. 10 minutes travel time on southbound 95 from the beltway southwest to 32. here is a live look at traffic on 290 five as it comes toward us, southbound traffic at 175 starting to look at the down towards 32. fog is an issue. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you, stand. >> sarah, thank you. a shrinking our lets you park in the tightness of spots, and lockheed martin is cutting some 600 jobs. 11 news reporter jane king joins us live with our bloomberg business report. jane, good morning to you.
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now that the shutdown is over, are we seeing anything in the market ts? >> a little bit lower today did all of this was built into the market yesterday. we started off the day strong and it really does build from there as it looked more and more likely they were going to reach an agreement on the government shutdown yesterday. and of course they did late last night. the shutdown is over. a little lower in the early going. still certainly a sigh of relief and we are looking to give back at least some, about 50 points of that 200 point gain in the dow that we saw yesterday. at least at the beginning of trading. but a blockbuster day there. the s&p's shy of a record high at the senate crafted a deal to end the shut down and tackle the debt ceiling. the shutdown did cost the economy billions. we will pay the price to restart the government. spoke withbloomberg someone who studied shutdowns extensively and he says the biggest line items are the inability to of agencies to carefully audit the huge backlog
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of payments including those to the irs and medicare. lockheed martin cutting jobs. the "washington post" says it affects 600 workers appeared uncertain funding. these cuts are independent from cuts made because of the shutdown. have you ever found yourself in a tight spot when parking? who hasn't? take a look at that third south korean engineers have developed a car that folds from small to even smaller at the touch of a smart phone app. "the wall street journal" says it is called an armadillo t. the korean advanced institute science and technology. scientists say it is designed for urban transportation. it can fit into one third of the usual parking space shared i'm sure that our really come in handy in new york. i think that only goes 35 miles an hour. also good for urban driving. back to you. >> someone not fit in that, though. that ist for the speed,
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a mini size car right there. >> right on the loop. >> thank you, jane, have a great day. your timeout, 6:20 2, 58 degrees at the airport. the postseason excitement continues. >> keith mills shows us where the season currently sits and has a preview of this weekend's ravens and steelers matchup. >> first, take a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. ♪
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>> this is 11 sports. >> good morning, everybody. the american league championship series is dead even. the tigers beat the red sox last night 7-3 to even the series. heading into game five tonight. jake peavy page for the red sox. pb with all kinds of problems in the second inning. could have been a double trade that would've ended the inning, instead a run scores there and the inning save a life and torii hunter makes the red sox pay. scores, josé iglesias gets the green light. he flies then. by the time the inning ended, the tigers led 5-0. they went 7-3.
6:27 am
david ortiz flied out to end it all. torii hunter halls and. game five tonight in detroit. the doctors -- the dodgers and cardinals are headed back to st. louis their doctors when game five last night in l.a. a big runs batted in in the first inning. basically left field. 2-0. the dodgers had not had a hung that home run in the playoffs going into the game. they had four yesterday, two from adrian gonzalez 30 it was 6-3 in the name that's in the ninth. -- it was 6-3 in the night. doctors when game five. in six is tomorrow night in st. louis. sunday, ravens versus steelers. the ravens have won the last three games in heinz field by a combined nine points. sunday figures to be no difference, has number 53, the claim, returned to practice despite neither team with a winning record.
6:28 am
burstein says john harbaugh to cover six years ago that that has happened here to the steelers are 1-4. the ravens are three had been prepared throw those records out. this is the proverbial city probably game. sunday's game will be won and lost like it always is. big plays like jacoby jones, turnovers, and who wins the battle up front. tonight, the wizards and knicks. >> i hope the steelers when. >> back after the
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 new. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall appeared >> i am mindy becerra. thank you for joining us. morning,12: 30 this the federal government is back
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open. president obama signed a new budget delay last night. this eel avoids the debt ceiling that had threatened the nation's economy and it says hundreds of thousands of government employees back to work. but it is only temporary. >> tomorrow we can go to the negotiating table to debate a , jobs,to create jobs jobs, jobs, that four letter word. >> were coming back early next week and continue to fight the good fight for the republican cause, for the conservative cause. >> this new deal funds the government through january 15 and extends the nation's credit through the beginning of february. all furloughed employees will get back pay. your time now -- 6:31. time for a weather and traffic on the 1's as we begin with sony. >> some light rain showers. not a bad idea to take an umbrella with you. it is probably not renting out your house yet, but the chance of rain will go up. upper 50's enloe 60's today.
6:32 am
visibility is down in some areas. even with that going on, we're still going to make it into the low 70's this afternoon. it will be a mild day. we will collect cloudy with areas of fog and a chance for often on light rain showers this afternoon as well. we will do the seven-day forecast about 3, 4 minutes. first, we will send it over to sarah. >> good morning, everybody. we have the water main break at noon -- in the city to remind you of. pratt street between gay street and marketplace. crews are back on the scene from yesterday. delays on the west side, 18 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down for edmondson. travel the north side, great shape still, 11 minutes. 10 minute travel thomas up on 95 the from the beltway southwest up to 32, 54 miles an hour. south on i 95 down from out and from mountain road, starting to build in that area. a nice start despite the fog. you can save on the west side at baltimore national pike. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11.
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>> sera, thank you. the showdown is over and the government is back open this morning. >> president obama signed the new budget deal a little after midnight, really for nearly one million marylanders who were out of work. do marylanders approve the president's job overall? >> 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti with a look at new poll data that was released overnight. >> good morning. the short answer to that question is yes. the research, the gonzales research poll was released overnight, and it really takes the temperature of some maryland voters feared a look specifically at the democratic candidates for governor in the state of maryland with the primary coming up in june. let's start with the president. according to the new poll, 58% of marylanders approve of the job at the president is doing. 40% disapprove, and this is a six percent drop in approval from the first nine months of this year. taking a look at governor o'malley's approval rating, it also went down by the same amount. he has a 48% approval rating
6:34 am
among the maryland voters appeared as for democratic candidates, the new poll is showing 40% of berlin voters favor lieutenant governor anthony brown. 24% are going through attorney general doug gansler. if the election were held today, 41% say they would vote for the brown-allman ticket. heather is coming to baltimore today. she will be talking about her education policy. this poll was inducted october 1 through october 14 and took a look at 819 registered voters in the state of maryland. reporting live on federal hill, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. thinkingarylanders are about who they will vote for any democratic riemer for governor, a fourth might enter that race. congressman raises berger says he will make a decision by thanksgiving whether he will run for governor in maryland. he told the "washington post" he is being encouraged to run in response to the lack of
6:35 am
baltimore representation under the current three democratic candidates for governor. >> a longshoreman strike here in baltimore is just getting underway. union members lame stalled contract negotiations with the steamship trade associations of baltimore for the strike. members tell a meeting -- members held a meeting. they're asking for a fair wage in a safer place to work. the defense will start resenting against anday officer accused of shooting a cadet during a training accident. the prosecution rested its case thing officer william kern's actions violated the law and showed a reckless disregard for public safety. e defense contends kern's actions were not criminal but a mistake. >> bail denied for the man who tried to carjack cal ripken jr. 's mother, violet reckoned. to carjack hered with a bb gun.
6:36 am
ripken hit the panic button on her key fob. officers arrested bowen a few hours later. related tont is not her kidnapping last year. >> baltimore county school officials have started the process of redistricting for the new elementary school. the 700-student school is set to open next at denver. a committee of school officials, parents, and community members held the first of four meetings wednesday night to help draw the boundaries. residents hope to save the park and preserve the green space where the school is slated to be built. a time is now 6:36. time to take another look at the weather with ava marie. questioning us live from valley view farms, high, ava. >> -- joining us live from valley view farms. hi, ava. >> this on guinness 1550 pounds. big is gigantic pumpkin and they ask everyone to guess how many
6:37 am
seats are in the pump and. our chief urologist tom tasselmyer gets his family together in a collect the seeds and count them. the gigantic pumpkin here. i made a guess for how many seeds, and i think i went way over. a crazy amount of pumpkins right behind me. coming up, scotty here is per pairing -- is preparing a pumpkin. i swear every year they're coming out with something new. that is coming up in just a few minutes. i want to get a check of the seven-day forecast. we are talking about rain in the forecast today. we are seeing light fog developing as well. watch out for that out on the roads. the rain will increase as we go throughout the day, so especially focus on the afternoon. loweratures today are in a 70's appeared we started cooler trend tomorrow. high temperatures in the 60's, and they slowly dropping to 50's all the way into next week. we track another chance for rain this weekend along the same front. it looks like it may actually push into saturday rather than sunday. we will keep an i on that, but get ready for a cooler trend.
6:38 am
it will feel a lot more like halloween in the coming week. when we come back, we will talk about pumpkins. stay tuned. >> thank you, ava. 59 degrees at bwi. saturday's are synonymous with college football. >> schools and strive to have their stadiums looking clean and pristine, but that is only part of the reason these workers are pressuring washing the fans at northw
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6:40 am
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>> now, weather and traffic on the 1's. morning, everyone. we have low clouds and fog saying around here the rain shower activity should pick up later this morning and this afternoon, so not a bad idea to take an umbrella with you. we have fog at the airport, 59 degrees. it shod be a mild they even with the low louts and fog and scattered rain showers this afternoon. expect a high temperature around 72 degrees. southwind is about 10 knots. water temperatures are now in the 60's. we will let you know what you can expected the weekend in the next three or four minutes. good morning, everybody. not bad out there. this is a little bit of fog to deal with and the early morning hours. pratt street between the gay street a marketplace, a reminder -- the two left lanes are closed . 19 minutes your drive time on the west side. just starting to build up enough to see a delay there. we're looking good so far on the
6:42 am
north side. nothing major on 95 coming out of harford county for those of you traveling down from mountain road. further south on 95 through howard county and the beltway south lake -- southbound, no delays. baltimore national pike, fog is going to be an issue. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you, sarah. a close encounter off a beach in california has the internet buzzing. hisxpert surfer was filming right off manhattan beach with a helmet cam when he got a visitor , a large visitor. an eight foot long great white shark swim right under his board. he says he sees sharks often in that area but he has never gotten that close. oh, my. i would never be doing that again. >> don't fall off the board whatever you do. one college, stadium will be peanut-free. not selling or allowing anyone to bring in the stadium staple.
6:43 am
crews are pressure washing the seats, the steps, the concourses to remove all peanut residue before this weekend game between northwestern and minnesota. northwestern is hosting its first-ever peanut-free day saturday and many believe it is probably the first time in a college stadium has completely banned peanuts. interesting. your time now -- 6:43. 58 degrees at the airport. >> still ahead, one must look at >> still ahead, one must look at
6:44 am
"just found a @dunkindonuts pumpkin flavored k-cup pack in my coffee stash -- best day ever!!! #mydunkin" get two boxes of dunkin' k-cup packs for just $19.99. share your story. #mydunkin
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>> good morning. once again, sarah caldwell, with a look at your morning commute and we have a new accident coming in at hanover street. "that location. you are going to see delays on pratt street between gay street and marketplace. the two left lanes close with a water main break repair. 20 minutes drive time on the west side. traffic on 795 and eastbound i 70. for the most part, and good shape northbound 95 coming out of the northeast. harris a live picture of 95 at harford county. problem free in that area. thisroblem is fog morning. it will be an issue while it is still dark outside. this is what it looks like i'm website side national baltimore pike. tony, over to you. >> sera, good morning, everyone. we have low clouds and fog.
6:46 am
most of the rain has been missing this morning. that will trade as we go through the day. a good idea to take an umbrella with the because the chance of rain will go up later this morning and this afternoon. 59 at the airport, 60 in jarrettsville pike we should be able to get into the low 70's. southwindbe thanks to that will be kicking up later this women -- later this morning. we're watching a cold front coming out of the ohio valley. you can see the temperatures drop off behind boundary. it will turn cooler after this front is by on friday and saturday. at the front gets closer to us, the chance for rain will go up. right now, most of the rain shower activity it down in routhern maryland and the lowe eastern shore. you can see the rain of low pressure. that gets closer, our chance for rain goes up, so it will be light rain but scattered showers are likely later this morning and afternoon. that is our forecast. cloudy skies, some fog this morning, and then often on light rain showers.
6:47 am
high temperatures range between 69 and 74 degrees. seven-day forecast, going into the weekend, a little cooler friday and saturday, but the suddenly -- but certainly nothing unusual for this time of year. 30chance of a few showers saturday night third overall it should be dry this weekend here this week and maybe a good one to take a drive into the mountains. some of the leaves are nearing the cover and far -- nearing p eak color in farther western maryland. marieo say hi to ava talking about pumpkin carving, i believe fair to good morning. >> good morning, tony. halloween is two weeks away, so it is the time to start decorating for halloween. i want to get in the spirit here. they have these fun had the decoration. i have a which had appeared scotty is here helping us decorating this prompted. i made him pump -- carpets in a few month -- i made him carve
6:48 am
this pumpkin in a few minutes. mush, mush. >> a bit a few different things you could do. we have a big mouth here, otherwise they have kids you can do, a hole punch get so you do not have to pull out knives. this one, what you will do is take a hammer. we are in baltimore, so probably is a crab mallet. you can make pictures and designs without it otherwise, you can use carving utensils. these super scoopers are great. i use them all the time. they make in seeing the pumpkin very simple. >> i seeome cool fog coming out of this pier and we are creating our own weather this morning. you have this many fog or put inside it. is put this in here with a little water in the fog actually starts building up. >> i'm sorry, my hat is too big for this space. this is what it actually looks like kurt >> it is very simple. at the water, put that in there, and the fog makes it look. >> i think they look ridiculous
6:49 am
here. there are some scary teeth, but these are just funny. >> these are great. they also glow in the dark eric added some sunlight, and they will blow at night. >> that is too funny. i see that you can paint pumpkins as well, in case you don't to carbon because it will last longer if you paid a decorated. >> you can paint conga did you want to appeared we have some -- if you want to. we have some mr. potato head pieces. >> one more to their. that is just so funny. ok, lots of ideas getting ready for your halloween. we are like the valley view farms, ava marie, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our big story this morning -- the government is officially open this morning after a late- night deal. lawmakers passed a budget to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling. >> congress held a series of late-night votes to end the partial shutdown and president obama signed the dubai deal that would give federal workers back they, funds the government
6:50 am
through january 16, and raise the debt ceiling to italy's the beginning of february. >> we will begin reopening our government immediately. >> it was a false aaron, and that is why some of us became so angry. >> on the slow, the yays -- >> hundreds of thousands of government employees can have back to work, but the president encouraged agencies to have flexibility with schedule spirit >> maryland was one of the hardest hit states in the shutdown because there are some a federal workers who live here. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is live with some new poll results released overnight showing how marylanders feel about the shutdown. good morning. >> good morning. marylanders were definitely affected by the government shutdown and this new poll overnight, the gonzales research:, shows that 90% of marylanders who were interviewed were worried about the affects of the government shutdown. when asked how concerned are you about the shutdown effect on the u.s. economy, 87% of marylanders
6:51 am
said they were concerned. not worried. were according to this poll, they interviewed 819 registered voters by telephone. it happened between october 1 and october 14. it does have a margin of error of lessor -3.5%. they did do a breakdown. it is not just interview republicans, and the brand it's -- you look in his or democrats or independents there they had a wide scope. >> that poll was not just about politics and upcoming elections. they also share their feelings about the gas tax that was passed last section. did.yeah, they sure they asked a question about how do you feel about the gas tax that was passed in the last legislative session. vicki nine percent say they disapprove not just disapprove say they strongly disapprove. 21% were in favor. >> not surprised by that at all. jennifer franciotti, thank you. >> now, weather and traffic on the 1's.
6:52 am
>> let's bring you up-to-date. we have an accident coming in in the city on hanover street and coming straight. and on pratt street between gay street market wave, two left lanes closed. 12 minutes on the north, now 29 -- 21 minutes on the west side outer loop. this is before the tunnel coming toward us, southbound traffic is starting to build out of the toll plaza there. 48 miles an hour slowing on eastbound i 70 coming up towards 29. pretty good shape and 83. stop on traffic going away from us, no problems to report on the track this hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony has a check on your forecast their >> good morning, everyone. we have fought to contend with to start today. low clouds and fog, the forecast to start today, and then a chance for rain showers off and on as we head through the late morning after appeared it should be light rain showers it will be upper 50's and low
6:53 am
60's. if you're traveling today, it should be dry in new york msnbc degrees, but chilly rain in chicago, only 48 in denver. 82 in los angeles. we will check our seven-day forecast one more time before the end of the show. stay with us.
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>> here is some of the new stories you will be older find at 7:00 a.m. on wbal plus. >> christmas in october. how they made sure this little girl enjoy the holidays. >> a lot of towns have water towers. why this illinois town is doing at 7:00when you join us on wbal plus. >> i am going to move there. it's not like my kind of town. >> we do have an accident. three --ht along hanover street. construction has been cleared along pratt street. we're looking at 14 minutes on the north side, 21 minutes on the west side outer loop, 95, down toward nick henry continues to build volume.
6:57 am
44 miles per hour eastbound i-70 coming up from marysville towards 29. >> it looks like the fog is starting to burn off. >> it will take a while, but this ability will get better at the wind except. south wind is going to push the temperatures into the low 70's this afternoon. we start in the upper 50's enloe 60's. often on light rain showers are possible later this morning and this afternoon. so not a bad idea to take an umbrella with you. should be dry, a little cooler on friday. 30% chance of showers on saturday night third overall, i think it will be a dry weekend, just a touch cooler. real chilly stuff comes in, we just into the 30's by wednesday morning. i will say it again one more time, i think there is a chance for some snow showers in the mountains at the end of next week. not in baltimore -- in the mountains. >> to eye for joining us this morning for 11 news today. >> -- thank you for joining us this morning for 11 news today. ♪
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