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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hill. what is different tonight? the changes to obama care being demanded by house republicans are mostly symbolic. there is -- they are still demanding change and sticking to their guns. with time running out, house republicans came to hear their leader's plan. speaker john banner would and the shutdown and raise the debt emmett but still only with changes to the health-care law. >> that would continue to provide fairness to the american people under obama care. >> the changes are so small to party republicans might vote no. delaying attacks on medical vices and something symbolic, requiring lawmakers and barack obama to buy their health coverage on the exchanges. >> it is time the president going to obama care and really into obama care. >> democrats blasted the gop. >> extremist republicans and house representatives are attending to torpedo the bipartisan progress with a bill that cannot pass the senate and will not pass the senate.
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>> john mccain warned democrats to turn it down. >> let's stop this. let's stop it, sit down, sit or -- consider the speaker's proposal. wase said john benard brave, dealing with the tea party and the debt ceiling. >> we should not get anywhere close to it. >> we are close now. warned veterans groups area >> message, defaulting is not an option. >> just a day and a half left and the ball is still in the house's court with the democratically controlled senate waiting. are learning some latebreaking details of washington. a spokesman for john banner says the house will vote tonight to reopen the government and avoid a default. stay with us on air and on the line -- online as we continue to monitor the situation. >> in baltimore county lycée a gun man is on the run.
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details are still coming in but we can confirm a serious shooting in woodlawn. sky team 11 was over the scene at cambridge court and investigators do not have a suspect description. the victim is a mail but his agent name remain unclear. another homicide is in the books for baltimore city police. the latest before 10:00 p.m. in east baltimore. detectives tell us that someone bess.enneth by the time police arrived he was dead and the gun man had taken off. it is unclear whether that shooting was random or targeted. we know the identity of a man killed monday morning in northwest baltimore. wasear-old dion roberts shot along the 3600 block of hours avenue. >> santoni's blamed the tax for putting them out of his this. jayne miller joins us live from
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city hall with an update. >> do not expect the decision to scare the mayor away from the city's bottle tax. some are asking is the tax really that bad? flag by legislators and community activists, lake expressed regret that it is closing after 33 years but rejected the claim that the bottle tax is to blame. >> it breaks my heart that he is closing but i think all of us are realistic about the reasons. >> you might expect her answer to the next question, which he consider revising the tax? >> absolutely not. cost him $4the tax million in sales in 2000 customers per week. goingch to absorb and the out of business sale is on. santoni got a new landlord. big bottle tax supporter is
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skeptical. >> to blame this on the bottle tax i think is stretching things a bit. the tax was the trump card with the city being able to convince the state to devote $1 billion to build new city schools. the bottle tax proceeds go to pay the debt. >> is never popular thing to increase attacks. taa tax. baltimore city change the culture. it put skin in the game. >> the mayor said even with the tax five new grocery stores have opened in the city. through more are due to come online. the ceo of shoprite is building a new store in west of more and called the tax a ridiculous money grab. he expected it to have little effect on the shoppers he will start serving. numbers released say the bottle
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tax is five cents per container and brings in over $1 million a month and a little ahead of estimates. >> maryland's gun permit law will stand following a decision not to hear the case from the u.s. supreme court. this is a major blow for an right advocates who had been pushing to have an appeal. they had refused to review the case that says the requirements violate the second amendment. anyone with a permit has to illustrate a substantial reason for carrying that weapon. julius hensen wants to be the new state senator. >> he spent three days in jail for his connection and the now and to ms. rubble call -- and to
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robo calls.=====infamous voters in the 45th district will not only forgive him but vote for them as well. do you think he can win? >> absolutely. i would not he doing it if i did not think i could win. the opposition i believe i can win and you must think i have got a chance because you would not be here. >> a confident 64-year-old julius hensen says he is now going after senator nathaniel mcfadden posse in 2014. >> people in the 45th district are hurting. most people do not know who their representatives are and those who do know are not satisfied with the direction the district is going in. >> he served 30 days in jail in 2012 for conspiracy for his role in the illegal 2010 election day
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robo call. >> governor o'malley and obamaent of monday -- have been successful. >> adjusting the race was over before the polls had closed. he said voters in the 45th district will be able to look past his past. >> it was a minor charge which -- still in the courts. it will be no problem whatsoever. agreesy glover admitting the conviction could be a roadblock but not a dealbreaker. >> it would leave a bad taste in mouths. at the same time people will also have to consider 20 years of senator mcfadden and has he peaked? >> it would be hard to turn senator mcfadden out of office area >> this may be up of -- an
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uphill battle but it will get hensen recognition. >> this will get him back in the public eye and allow him to state his case before the public and maybe mr. his career as a political consultant. >> he says his three-year probation which is under appeal prevent some form -- prevents him from consulting. he plans to make his announcement official next monday. he declined comment for this story. has and selected in the trial of a baltimore city police instructor. william kern faces charges in the february shooting of a recruit during a training exercise during which no live ammunition was supposed to be used. barry simms is live in towson with the details. >> baltimore city police instructor william kern rejected a last-minute offer that he plead guilty to second-degree assault.
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the defense raised an issue concerning expert witnesses and from that issue asked for a postponement. it was denied so jury selection began this afternoon and now the jury has been sealed. the trial will focus on what happens february 12 of this year at the side of the former rosewood center in owings mills and questions about whether an officer should have had a handgun with live a munition on him during the training exercise. the details are unsettling. a recruit from the university of maryland police shot in the four head during a training exercise. he lost an eye. the man accused of shooting gray, training instructor william kern, he is charged with reckless endangerment and second-degree assault. he had an unhealthy attachment to that gun, carting two instructors. >> i thought it was interesting and an acute observation. something is definitely wrong. >> the attorney has filed a $5 million civil suit on behalf of gray and says his client has
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made a tremendous recovery but has lost some mental function and has trouble maneuvering without help. gray will not take the witness stand and jurors will not see pictures of his injuries. >> is impossible to hear from him and his condition. he does not recall anything that took place on that day. >> the jury could have your -- your evidence about how he was trying to teach the trainees a lesson and warned them about lingering and in area and pulled the window and fired try to scare the trainees away from the window. that he may have pulled his service weapon earlier the same day and refused to turn over his weapon when requested. jurors will have to consider if he followed police for siege or and of his actions were accidental or intentional. >> outrages -- outrageous. almost in defiance of policy. he is the person who has been on the force 17, 18 years and knew
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the policy. it appears as though he was taking the position that he was going to carry his gun regardless of what the policies were. >> jurors will not hear the department of health and mental hygiene was unaware that that training exercise was taking place at the rosewood center. opening statements begin in the morning and the trial is expected to last three days. morninge fog in the and some clouds are returning to the area but temperatures are mild. 71 in downtown baltimore. easton at 70. 68 on the beach at ocean city. we do see some cloud cover and that will increase overnight. some showers underneath those clouds that stretch from the western lakes through the ohio river valley so we do have a rain chance that shows up the forecast. right in early for thursday. more details on that and the seven-day in a few minutes. >> it looks like the redskins
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are facing an uphill battle off the field in the fight to keep their name. >> this is new calls come forward to change their controversial title. we will tell you who is behind the latest protest when we come back. >> for a couple trying to conceive, should the man be exercising a lot or a little and how about writing a bike question mark a surprising link between exercise, men, and fertility. >> we're finding out why one local school system has concerns about student discipline across the state. live in the newsroom with the
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x has the washington redskins name controversy grows one group is calling for the elimination of all american indian names in sports. says nearly 1000 organizations like the washington redskins have offensive mascots. roger goodell says the team name in washington should be one that honors the tradition of native americans. >> it is time for change. it is no longer acceptable and so it is no longer acceptable for us to hold onto those mascots that continue to oppress of people. onpresident obama weighed in
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the controversy saying he would think about changing the name if he were the team's owner. washington redskins owner dan snyder has repeatedly defended his team's mascot saying the name is not a label but instead a badge of honor. nearly two weeks after the deadly car chase and shooting on capitol hill, the woman killed by police after trying to drive through a white house area are is laid to rest. saidamily of miriam kerry goodbye this morning. by her one-vived year-old daughter who was also in the car with her during that incident. president obama monitoring her electronically and had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis. women who suffer from morning sickness know how miserable he can be when you're pregnant but many worry that taking anti- nausea medications may be bad for the baby. a large study of denmark compared the outcomes of more
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than one million women and they found a number of children born with major deformations is the same between women taking anti- nausea medicines and those who did not. they could not find a risk for stillbirth or low birth weight or preterm birth link to the drugs. research suggests exercise may boost demand's sperm count which increases a couples chance of conception. a harvard study found that men who exercise for seven or more hours a week at of or he percent higher sperm concentration than those who lifted -- who exercised less. one exception, men who rode a bicycle for more than 90 minutes a week had 50% lower concentration. research found that neither coffee or alcohol seem to affect a man's alcohol -- ability to conceive. the world's first fully functional bionic man.
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he is truly pretty amazing. andas ill from prosthetics even has artificial eyesight. e could give paralyzed people the ability to walk using bionic prosthetics. >> i would never imagine to have something like this. the technology although many parts were, many are a long way from being used in humans. >> the midpoint in the month of october and it is a mild afternoon. temperatures in the low 70's for most areas around the region. 71 in downtown baltimore. 70 and easton. western maryland cooler but not that chilly for this time of year. 59 oakland, 62 in frostburg. hagerstown is 69.
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70 in shenandoah national park. 64 as we head toward some good fall color weekend coming up in the blue ridge mountains and the western maryland mountains as well. you can see the cloud cover increasing on the composite. amount ofn increasing cloudiness and that will continue through the evening. call it a mostly cloudy night. 58 downtown. the wind is nearly calm for most of the night. sunset at 6:27 p.m. an area of low pressure will ring a rain chance here. this warm front is pushing mild air through the ohio valley and you notice the showers through the ohio valley. that is the front that will be coming through here as we make your way into a wednesday night and thursday. it shows up on insta weather plus futurecast and tomorrow, a dry and cloudy day. the rain is to the west and getting into west virginia. that is the front that will be approaching during the day so a
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southerly breeze will pump the temperatures up and cloudy skies will be increasing. as we head through tomorrow night into thursday morning, possibly a few sprinkles but it looks like the best chance for rain on thursday would be the afternoon and evening as the front exits way through. once it clears the region we will be done with the rain by thursday. friday through sunday look ok with some cooler weather owing that front. more typical october weather in behind that front. the forecast for tomorrow, 69 to 74 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. a cell phone eastern breeze at five miles an hour. on the bay, not much of a breeze. the waves around one foot. is the water temperature. showers will hit the mountains with a good chance of hitting the ground wednesday or thursday but the shower chances diminish eats of the mountains. they scrape out all the moisture and we will be left with cloudy skies and a 30% on the eastern
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shore. coastal areas, look for some clouds and sun mix and a 30% chance of a couple of spotty showers on thursday. notice the downward trend in the temperatures was that thursday front moves by. we are in a low 70's for a couple of days and upper 60's friday. lows in the 40's over the weekend with highs in the upper 60's and another friend drops temperatures further. monday with sunny skies and a chilly high of 62. >> we are following some breaking news right now out of aberdeen involving cal ripken, junior's mother vi. >> there are reports of some sort of incident involving by vi ripkin. she was involved in an incident 201 west belank at
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air avenue. the nature of the case is an assault and she was not injured. this video from sky team 11 does show police activity at the bank. 201 west bel air avenue with police focusing on a blue buick sedan in the parking lot. video from sky team 11 also shows police activity at vi ripken's home at aberdeen. was involved in an incident in a bank parking lot and our sources are telling us that the nature of this case was an assault and that mrs. ripken was not hurt. stay with us for updates on the case. >> we hope she's ok. >> we're learning more about two explosions at l.a. international airport. >> lycée it was an inside job.
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the motive the hind back to back -- behind back-to-back dry ice bombs. >> the house could vote on a plan to resolve the budget statement -- still may. white may be a waste of time coming up. >> these paintings are part of a new art opening in baltimore. i will let you know why there is
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x authorities are searching for the person who placed dry ice bombs at lax. >> three more of the devices were found overnight and the bomb made by putting dry ice inside 20 ounce bottles could have caused serious injury to anyone in close proximity. we have the latest on the investigation. >> another blast at lax, another search late monday but this time no delayed flights are evacuations. the bottles have all been found in restricted areas raising the likelihood that it is an inside
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job, something passengers say they find more disturbing. >> the fact that someone can take dry ice and put it in a bottle and load up at lax we should be some of the safest places to fly out of his scary. f it iselers say i supposed to be funny it is not. >> just putting innocent bystanders at risk and for two, they are going to lose their job. >> that follows sunday night's care in an empty restroom that resulted in evacuations and hours of light -- flight delays. lisa looking into whether a recent merger between two ground crew companies is playing a role in these incidents. a similar incident and another international crossroads, disneyland and may lead to the arrest of a park employee after a dry ice bottle went off in a park trash can. lycée have stepped up their presence in the terminal and on the tarmac -- police have
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stepped up their presence in the terminal and the tarmac. mrs. being taken very seriously. >> it has been 10 years now since a harford county woman's terrifying ordeal inside her own home. >> a strange man attacking her as she slept. this cold cases lows. how authorities finally caught up with the culprit. >> where following some breaking news out of aberdeen. police activity at a bank and we are told it involves vi ripken. the latebreaking develop mints when we come >> we are following wreaking
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news out of aberdeen. >> police activity at a bank there and we're told that some sort of incident has happened involving cal ripken's mother vi ripken. >> we broke the story a few minutes ago. a spokesman for the aberdeen police department has confirmed that 75-year-old vi ripken was bank andin an nbrs aberdeen. the nature of the case is an assault. she is not injured. there is police activity at the nbrs bank with police focusing on a loop you accident in the
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parking lot. sky team 11 also was over the scene of police activity at vi ripken's home and aberdeen. she was the victim of an abduction where she was taken from her home at gunpoint and driven around for hours he for the suspect abandoned the car with her in it. although a picture of that suspect has been widely distributed he has never been caught. also to note here, cal ripken is not here because he is calling the a lcs game in st. louis tonight. a spokesman for the aberdeen police department has confirmed was 75-year-old vi ripken involved in an incident at a bank. it was an assault and that she was not injured. we do have crews on the scene and we will bring you updates as soon as we get it into the newsroom. back to you. >> we're hearing the word assault. should we read anything into the fact that this happened
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outside of a bank? possibly a robbery attempt? it is beingow is investigated as some sort of assault. we are told that she was not injured. we have assaulted home and what sort of situation it was. facts only tell you the that we know. >> we will continue to follow the story. carroll county believes the way it handles disruptive students is a better way than what is being proposed by the state board of education. for more than two years the board has been trying to come up with ways to cut down on the number of students suspended from school. >> the board of education believes in some cases, students should get the help they need in their home schools and that is where the carroll county school superintendent is drawing a line. the state board is calling on local systems to do a better job of deciding when to send students home from school. the assault has to do with a
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growing number of suspensions but the state says it will not make changes until cool systems have weighed in. that is exactly what is happening in carroll county. >the gateway school is in place to educate students who would otherwise be suspended or expelled. the mission is to help students grow socially and academically. this is the answer to a proposed as a congratulation being debated by the state board of education. a regulation members hope will keep more students in school instead of on the suspension roles. here is what the former board chair said last spring. >> we are disturbed about it and we are trying to address that. students are being suspended when they should not be suspended on all. >> the state said they will not make changes without considering comments from school systems. the school superintendent talks about why his district is concerned. >> we understand the state board has the authority to set guidelines for local
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disciplinary policies. we believe that will change our policy that works. be a less favorable result. >> carroll county says it has kept suspension numbers down by sending students to schools like gateway. officials are hoping to convince the state board to allow carroll county to keep its current house he in lace. >> we have a system that keeps students learning, keeps students engaged in the learning process but also correct behavior that can disrupt that process. the city is said to take up this regulation in early december. look at some of the other big story that we're following right now. a warning for residents in anne arundel county. an escaped prisoner is on the run. off at 1. veney took
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p.m. us he hass tell tattoos on his arms and chest and was last seen running towards general highway near the annapolis mall. if you see him you're asked to call 911. to know whats want caused a fire this morning at a home in east baltimore that quickly spread to two alarms. crews had things under control at 11 a.m. this morning on the 400 block of 22nd street. the home was occupied but the neighboring buildings were not. no injuries were reported. >> a harford county man is a convicted rapist nearly a decade after attacking a woman inside her edgewood home. awaiting sentencing tonight and police are crediting new dna evidence with helping them close this case. according to sheriff's deputies, wilson broke into a home in july of 2004. the woman inside had been sleeping and when she awoke him a wilson was sexually assaulting her. it was not until a recent review cold cases that authorities
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were able to link him to the attacks from frantic comparisons to the crime scene. >> a powerful earthquake rocks the philippines. >> rescuers keep hope alive as they continue to search for survivors. we will have the latest on the death toll. >> we are continuing to have breaking news involving vi ripken at a bank >> the former mayor of san diego
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could be headed to prison for three years pleading guilty today to felony false imprisonment. bob filner resigned from office in august after being plagued with sexual harassment allegations from at least 17 women. the 71-year-old was only on the job for nine months and insisted initially he never sexually harassed anyone. the victims are not being identified. his sentencing is set for december 9. place in florida are charging two young girls with aggravated stalking following an ongoing cyber bullying attacks that police say led to a suicide. county officials announced they
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arrested a 14-year-old and 12 are old for bullying a former friend online for months. the sedwick committed suicide. she climbed to the top of a tower and plunged to her death. other teams may have been involved. >> authority say there are 93 confirmed deaths from an earthquake in the philippines early this morning. shows thed circuit tv moment when the 7.2 magnitude quake hit the country. you can see people running out of the building and into the streets for field -- fear the building might collapse. they're trying to find survivals -- survivors at a hospital that did collapse. there are numerous power outages. wonder who isbe hosting next year's golden globes. that was not the only news release.
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we will fill you in next. >> netflix may be available to your cable box. we explain the deal that will be the first of its kind. >> cloud cover increasing across maryland which could lead to a few showers. the seven-day forecast is coming up.
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>> we're following breaking news out of aberdeen. a spokesman for the aberdeen police department confirmed that 75-year-old vi ripken was involved in an incident at the bank this afternoon. the nature of the case is in a cell but she is not injured and
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a holdup attempt. video shows police activity in at parking lot of that bank 201 west bel air avenue avenue with police focusing on a blue buick sedan in the parking lot. sky team 11 was also over the house shortly after this incident today where we saw police activity at home and we saw her in her backyard. you may remember about a year ago she was the victim of an abduction where she was taken from her home at gunpoint and driven around for hours before the suspect abandoned the car with her and it. and though the picture of that suspect has been widely distributed the suspect has never been caught. we will have the latest on this we will have the latest on this developing story for you as
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>> the stars of "veep" and hands of cards" got their dirty literally. a group ofale and other actors working with students and teachers at curtis bay elementary. all the mulch spreading and digging and planting an effort to create a community garden. school officials are calling it an interactive learning gar den. aings obviously got off to great start. >> we are helping to give this generation the skills and attitudes they need to help nature stay healthy and productive so we are using skill -- school garden projects and talking to them about how nature works to give us food and water.
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>> baltimore is only the second city to benefit from nature works everywhere garden grants. reviews for their hosting efforts. they will do it again for the 71st edition of the awards on january 12 next year. they will also host the awards in 2015. this year's edition of the show drew its highest ratings in six years. the globes are held in early hills, california on ring the top work in film and television. -- honoring the top work in film and television. >> wet weather has been followed by some mild weather. a 70 degree day, unseasonably mild. temperatures are mild right now. downtown baltimore, 68 around the beltway. 70 around edgewood and 69 at rock hall. a continuation of a mild weather
5:47 pm
pattern which will continue tonight because we're not going to see the temperature dropped very quickly tonight thanks to a pretty good deck of clouds that are moving across much of central and western maryland. and eventually the state will be blanketed under forecast -- overcast skies. temperatures dropping back to around 50 in the coolest suburbs. 58 to 60 in downtown baltimore. lightnd overnight invariable. there's a storm system tracking through the upper midwest. the system that brought us all that rain is still sitting there and not dissipating but far enough sure to leave us alone. this rings a chance of rain and behind it there is a good temperature drop. there is winter weather advisory rockies. almost ringlike weather ahead of this front with some showers and thunderstorms.
5:48 pm
the front will come into the mountains with a good chance of showers but east of the mountains it looks like widely scattered rain shower activity. we do not really need the rain right now so that is a good thing but it will be cloudy tomorrow and the showers that are likely in the mountains dissipated as the track east. thursday we ran into a 30% chance of hit and miss rain showers but the system moves through quickly and that is good news because by friday should be back to sunny and cool weather. 69 to 74 tomorrow. a light southeast rees, sunrise at 718 a.m. not much of a breeze. south to southeast winds at five knots. keeping the waves at one foot or less. in the western maryland mountains is where the rain fronts are higher as the pushes him with some scattered showers dropping temperatures back into the 50 plus. those showers will dissipate as they track east towards the shore. a chance for showers thursday. on the beach including ocean city and into the lower eastern
5:49 pm
shore, sun and clouds mixed at another mild day. 73 thursday. temperatures in the 70's through thursday and the front goes through and we cool off a little bit. upper 60's for friday in the weekend but even cooler next week. monday's hi only 62. tonight's consumer alert. gathering earlier to announce the completion of the one maryland broadband network. it connects more than 1066 community anchor institutes including schools, police facilities, libraries, colleges, and university. it has been a partnership among federal, state, and local communities. netflix could soon be available to your dash through your cable box. the company is in talks with several u.s. cable providers including comcast to offer its
5:50 pm
service through an app on their set -- set top boxes. customers you want to stream netflix on their tv's must have a tv with an internet connection or connect their teeny to an internet connected device. the deal would be the first of its kind with a u.s. cable provider coming after a similar announced withix virgin media, incorporated. as technology continues to grow or people are turning away from their television sets to other devices to watch programs. that has some marketing companies exploring alternative ways to engage customers. summer using video games to compete for attention on smart phones. they get access to the game when they check in and have the opportunity to win prizes. another company is american express. it has a prepaid debit card that earns points on the leak of legends videogame with an estimated 32 million players worldwide. that is bigger than most tv shows.
5:51 pm
>> of you can come up with a game that is interesting, exciting, and offers a lot of rewards, i think that is going -- appealing. >> with all that said a lot of studies are showing many apps are downloaded once and never used again. time will tell if this is a fad or smartphone screens are you coming prime real estate. americans are dragging less orange juice according to the wall street journal. orange juice consumption is at a 15 year low. high prices are partly to blame. you six will run dollars today compared to four dollars 10 years ago. people are treating in orange juice for more exotic fruit juices like pomegranate and energy drinks. >> get ready to rock. and enter -- international
5:52 pm
phenomenon is taking place. production roll premieres tonight at the hit woodrum theater else around queen's biggest hits. then may is part of production. this gives the band to reach a wider range of fans. >> it is for us to be very crossgenerational. girls dancing and i see young kids and everybody you"ing "we will rock together. through october 20. more information at with the last -- within the last few minutes, police confirmed an arrest in that assault type incident vi ripken involving.
5:53 pm
bank.s held up at a local this is a video from sky team 11. police activity at her home and she is in her backyard. we'll have all the latebreaking details at 6 p.m. >> a new art show has a very special artist. i will explain coming up.
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>> a one-woman art show is opening in baltimore. >> featuring some beautiful original paintings. the amazing thing is the talented artist behind them. kim dacey has the story. is getting alevin first look at her display. >> she loves it. >> it is awesome. has overcome some huge obstacles. she has cerebral palsy and can only pay with one hand. she started two years ago with the help of her art teacher and has developed or technique. quick she picks were colors she wants and i mix the colors and hand her the brush. she takes over and paint. give herer and try to
5:57 pm
tips and encouragement. >> they have created quite a bond ring their weekly sessions and it shows. the result is worth taking for any observer. especially touching for her parents. >> it is emotional. hard to believe and hard to express the feelings that i have. ,t has given stephanie so much so much self-esteem. >> it has been a good outlet for stephanie. the source of stress relief and something that makes her happy. that in turn has helped her physical health. >> it has helped her enormously. years ago she was having seizures and basically the seizures have stopped. painting.tarted >> stephanie has gotten quite a following and is sold out of notecards of her paintings. her show will be open for everyone to enjoy and be inspired. i think it is exciting to watch somebody be able to express
5:58 pm
themselves. that is what we do everyday is watch artist express themselves so to be able to see that and put it together and have a cohesive exhibition was exciting. >> you can come to the art opening and meet stephanie and take a look around and maybe take one of these paintings home. you can find all the details on our website, paintings are exquisite. >> and very colorful. good luck to her. here is a look at what is coming up at 6 p.m. >> a jury is seated in the case of a police trainer accused of firing a shot and injuring a police training. more on the case coming up -- coming up. >> she is not going to rethink the city's all tax even with the closing of a longtime grocery store. >> sources tell 11 news vi ripken was the victim of a stick up at a bank area that breaking
5:59 pm
news from aberdeen is next at 6:00 p.m. from wbal-tv 11, this is breaking news. a we begin this newscast with story we first broke during the last hour. >> authorities in aberdeen the mother ofken, cal ripken, junior was involved in an assault that involve the hold up at a bank. >> within the last few minutes to my aberdeen police have confirmed they have made an arrest in this incident involving 75-year-old vi ripken this afternoon. sources and police say that she was approached in the parking lot of the nbrs make with the suspect -- by a suspect with a weapon believed to be a gun. she was not injured and nothing was taken from her. we saw police activity at the bank. with police focusing on a blue buick sedan in the parking lot right there. i-team 11 was also over the


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