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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thousands of dollars spent on landscaping contracts, authorized by the branch managers. kimberly parnell and richard wright iii. the federal government alleges much of the work was never done and parnell and wright would instead pocket check after check, in bribes from the contractors. more than $50,000, until investigators caught onto their schemes. >> it's costing the government money. and the lack of integrity in public office really impacts everybody. >> reporter: the federal affidavit wjz obtained reveals post master wright was aggressive about demanding kickbacks, telling one contractor, i need my loot, you always be screwing me with your bs, i need my loot the. >> reporter: the manager here in pikesville even admitted she was scared she would get caught. >> reporter: with the post office already struggling, this breach of trust has frustrated many customers. >> you have a decent job, decent salary, and you want to make money under the table. i think it's ridiculous. >> when is the honesty going to come about? i mean, period.
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>> most of the postal service workers are probably fine, honest and hard working. >> reporter: the inspector general is aware of the investigation. and scandal could bring changes to stop future abuse of the taxpayer dime. >> you have people with a discretion to spend government money, but without appropriate oversight, there's a significant risk of corruption. >> reporter: a postal service spokesman told us that he can't comment on an ongoing investigation. and he couldn't say whether wright and parnell were still employed. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. and federal prosecutors have also charged two. contractors who were part of the bribery scheme. well, big changes coming to our weather. the next few days could be very wet ones. a live look outside right now. plenty of gray skies. looks like the clouds could open up any minute. let's go to bob turk in the weather center. tracking first warning doppler radar. >> a little light rain now at the airport. as of 6:00, currently.
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we have rain south of the city. take a look at radar from annapolis over to d.c. most of it on the eastern shore in delaware, and the lower bay now. a little heavier down there. it's just going to get wetter throughout the afternoon hours. eventually, it will get up to the mason-dixon line by tonight. there's still dry air, hanging north of the region. it may take a while. here on tv hill, cloudy skies. all of the rain continues south of the area. but it will continue to move into the region over the next several days. looks like we're going to be stuck with this. temperature-wising we're at 60 degrees now. not going to go anywhere over the next couple of days. probably on the upper 50s to around maybe upper 50s to maybe the low 60s. perhaps a little warmer by the weekend. but tomorrow, continued rain with low pressure off the east coast. and breezes. it will be windy at the coast the next couple of days. north of us, it continues to be dry and pretty pleasant. they're just too far away from this low pressure. but this low pressure is going to stick there for several days. it could rain into and beyond the weekend at times.
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vic? >> thank you, bob. a baltimore man is charged in the death of his 16-month- old granddaughter, after she is found dead in the back of has truck. rochelle ritchie is live in the newsroom with more on why the man is being charged. rochelle? >> reporter: hi, vic. the 55-year-old grandfather is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, after police say he left the girl in a hot car, back in july. >> reporter: baltimore county police have charged anthony towns with inrolitary manslaughter in the death of his 16-month-old granddaughter, sabria. in july, police say towels was supposed to drop the little girl off to her head start program. instead, he drove to his home, leaving the little girl in the back seat of the truck. >> he had been told that the child was never dropped off in the morning, when he ran back out to his vehicle, he discovered that the child was unresponsive in the back seat. >> temperatures soared at an unbearable 90 degrees, even hotter in the druck. >> like an oven. it to be like an oven. >> police say towels went to sleep, leaving the girl in the back seat of the car for hours. >> it's a tragedy every time it occurs.
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and every time is one time too many. >> reporter: and the medical examiner ruled the girl's death, accidental. >> rochelle, thank you. 42 children have died across the country after being left in hot cars. well, his case has got other than national attention. baltimore cardiologist, dr. mark meday, accused of performing unnecessary stent procedures. he is facing lawsuits by hundreds of former patients. today, he finally takes the witness stand in what could be the largest of those suits. wjz is live. alex demetrick is back with details. >> reporter: in the 200 lawsuits that have been celted outside of court, no dollar figures were ever mentioned. but this suit could be different if dr. medee loses. >> reporter: expanding clogged arteries with stents saves lives. the procedure was the specialty. dr. mark meddedee. until the lawsuits hit in 2009. when the old st. joavenue -- st. joseph's hospital. >> dr. medee said it was 90%.
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and after they reviewed everything, it was 10%. >> reporter: the percentages refer to blockages in blood vessels. the higher the number, the greater the need for a doesn't. medee was sued for inflating those numbers, settled 200 cases out of court and has lost his license to practice. now he's on the witness stand, fighting a suit in court. glen wineberg, who was a partner behind the company with the maryland live casino and others, said his stent cost him as many as $50 million when he cut back his business dealings. medee defended himself, saying, i'm proud i fixed mr. wineberg. >> what i did was what i would want for myself. for anybody in my family, my mother, my father. they were treated appropriately. and with the highest regard for their well being.
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>> well, midei has always maintained his innocence. but if the jury finds against him, it seems likely glen weinberg will sue for millions. >> like the earlier suit, st. joseph's hospital, is also a codefendant. an arraignment with four sailors. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on that case. >> reporter: well, vic, navy diver, first class james rier, and second class ryan harris, drowned on february 26th, while working at the aberdeen proving ground. the four sailors appeared in court this morning at naval station in norfolk. each was charged with dereliction of duty. separate trials for each of the men are scheduled for january. none of the sailors have entered a plea. in august, five sailors were given punishments for their roles in connection with
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deaths. four sailors refused to accept that punishment, leading to their arraignment today. maximum three months confinement and reduction today. facing a maximum of six months confinement. police are looking for answers after a man is struck and killed on the bw parkway during morning rush hour. wjz is live in north baltimore now. derek valcourt with the latest on the investigation. derek? >> well, thousands were stuck during the morning rush hour, as traffic in both directions at 295 had to be shut down while police investigated that accident. the traffic backups along the baltimore, washington parkway, stretched on for miles, during the height of the morning rush hour. it was right around 5:00 in the morning, when u.s. park police, who investigate accident otionz the road, say a driver, traveling southbound on the parkway, just south of 175 in the jessop area, struck and killed a pedestrian. it's unclear why the man was in the highway. police say the driver who struck him did stop and waited for police. investigators say the man was
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hit following another accident on the same highway. >> we're still trying to determine exactly what happened. there seemed to have been an accident northbound. and then the subject was struck southbound. >> authorities have not yet released the identity of the pedestrian killed as they attempt to notify his family. >> the accident investigation closed the northbound lanes of the highway for several hours. but it was the southbound lanes, impacted the longest. shut down nearly five hours, as accident investigators tried to piece together what happened. >> reporter: it was 10:00 in the morning, before all lanes of the bw parkway were reopened to traffic. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. the tough morning commute also included an overturned trailer on 95 north past the bw parkway in prince george's county. and that blocked all lanes of traffic. an investigation is under way into a house fire in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 was over the
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scene in joppa road in carne this afternoon. you can see extensive damage to the home. there are reports of some sort of explosion as well. no word on a cause, and no injuries were reported. no sign of an end to the government shutdown. and now, families of soldiers killed overseas are caught in the middle. wjz has complete coverage. jess i think ica cart -- jessica kartalija has more. but we begin with danielle nottingham, reporting from capitol hill, with the latest on the standoff. >> reporter: the flag-draped remains of private first class cody patterson and three comrades killed in afghanistan, arrived at dover air force base. family members were there for the solemn ceremony but were told their survivor benefits have been suspended because of the partial government shutdown. ami niberger-miller lost her brother in iraq in 2007. she now helps families when a loved one is killed in action. >> and this is money that helps pay for household bills and the light bill and the car payment and other bills because a
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service member's pay is cut off after they are deceased. >> reporter: the house voted to restore benefits wednesday afternoon. and the defense secretary announced the families will get their full benefits, with help from the fisher house foundation. the defense department will reimburse the charity when the government reopens. >> if the shutdown doesn't end soon, it could also take a toll on veterans. the veterans affairs secretary told a house panel, next month's disability checks may be halted for about 3.8 million veterans. >> what is best for veterans and for all of us right now is a -- you know, a budget for the entire federal government. let us get back to work. >> reporter: the stalemate and finger pointing continued on capitol hill, while the president asked house democrats to the white house and made plans to invite republicans in the coming days. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. more signs of frustration over the shutdown, as the mayor of washington, d.c. confronts
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senator harry reid on the steps of the capitol. >> we are not a department of the government. we have our own mind. we are still trying to be able to spend our own money. >> i'm on your side. don't screw it up. >> what does that mean? don't screw it up? >> senator reid? >> mayor gray has been outspoken about the need for budget autonomy in washington because d.c.'s funding is being held up by the budget battle. as for what senator reid meant by don't screw it up, he says he simply doesn't know. jessica kartalija has more at >> today, you sound off. an nine days, what would you say to the president and congress about the shutdown. >> it's all politics. and we need to move beyond that. we need to prove that we believe in the democracy that we have. >> i don't understand why they can't compromise, neither side
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really wants to compromise. both sides want to get their way. >> when are we going to get out of this. >> nine days into the shutdown. and i haven't really seen affected. what were those 800,000 people doing? >> fire everybody. and on my birthday, november 5th, elect people that actually care about what we think and want. >> an associated press poll finds 62% of americans blame the shutdown on republicans. about half say president obama. and democrats in congress bear much of the responsibility. vic? >> stay with us for complete coverage on the government shutdown. we'll bring you negotiations and the latest impact here in maryland. owings mills, said ravens are back on the practice field, getting ready for aaron rogers and the green bay packers. sports director mark viviano has more for us.
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>> yes. the nfl schedule provides a new challenge each week. the ravens certainly happy to be home this week. after two straight road games. but being home doesn't necessarily make it easier, given that they're taking on a tough opponent, the visiting green bay packers. >> reporter: back on the practice field, after getting back in the win column with that hard-fought victory at miami. the ravens now getting ready to face a good team with a top quarterback. the green bay packers and aaron rodgers. >> you know as well as i do what he does. he's an incredible athlete. he can put the ball anywhere he wants to. he's very accurate. he has receivers in tune for them. >> that's what you want to do. you want to go in and continue second tier, third tier quarterback. you want the best. and we have the best coming in this week. it's going to be fun. going to be an exciting game. >> aaron rodgers is a great quarterback. he's one of the premiere quarterbacks in football. he does it his way. he's got his own unique style. >> joe flacco has won as many
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super bowl titles as aaron rodgers. after five games this season, they see continued improvement on their offense. >> i think a lot of things are gog come together at one time. and we're really working to get better and better and better. and eventually, it's going to show. we put a lot of working in around here. we practice well every week. ask there's no way that you can go out there and do that week in and week out. and not have it eventually hoe up on the field. -- show up on the field. >> there was one notable injury ashsense from today's practice- - absence from today's practice here today. haloti ngata, a nonparticipant because of a hip injury. obviously the ravens want him at full ability. >> and the ravens will be wearing their all-black uniforms when they take the field sunday. many of the players will also wear pink gloves, wrist bands and cleats in honor of breast cancer awareness month.
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poor haloti ngata. that's a big hip. >> big hip injury. still to come. motorcycle mayhem. new twist in the beating of a new york driver. what it has to do with an undercover detective. a major road until parkville may be open tonight. but crews are still working hard to fix a 24-inch water main. i'm christie ileto. and nastory is next. -- that story is next. it's a land filled with food for the future. and now, it has the backing of one famed oceanographer. >> i'm gigi barnett. what's inside these tanks could feed the world. that story is next. will the rest of the week be a washout? the updated first warning forecast is coming up. when our little girl was born,
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we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester.
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(girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we have some light rain and 59 degrees in central maryland now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. repairs continue on that large water main break in baltimore county. live look from the scene now from sky eye chopper 13. as we look down into that massive hole, created by that break. christie ileto is on putle hill -- putty hill avenue with the latest on the extent of the damage. >> reporter: a gushing geyser and submerged streets can be seen from sky eye chopper 13. >> it was a bang. and water started coming out. >> reporter: 24 hours later, crews with public works are still working to fix the 24- inch transmission water main in parkville. we keep watching. to see what goes on over there. >> reporter: jessica greer levs
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down the street -- lives down the street. officials say the water pressure removed a slab of concrete and a water hole down the street. >> there's water that is still running from the storm drain. probably because of the heavy rains we've had lately. >> reporter: by midday wednesday, one lane in each direction on putty hill avenue was open. but there are still some detours in place, as crews continue digging. >> everything is much better. school buses got through today. and we can get in and out. >> reporter: and while the affected water main doesn't service individual houses, officials say residents may notice discoloration coming from their faucet. >> if a resident would happen to see brown water, then they should let their tap run, until it runs clear. >> what is the water like now in your house? >> it's not as strong as it was. but it's getting better. >> reporter: as for repairs, it's unclear how long it will take. but cleanup is expected to be expensive. >> and again, two lanes on puty hill avenue are open for commuters, coming home for rush
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hour. in parkville, christie ileto, wjz eyewitness news. >> and if you continue to experience low water pressure, call public works. overfishing in the ocean and chesapeake bay is a serious problem. but one lab in baltimore is working to clean the ocean and keep fish population thriving. wjz is live. gigi barnett explains. the son of a world famous explorer, backed the project. gigi? >> well, jean michel cousteau has done work on the ocean. he said there is only one lab he's seen really protecting the ocean. and that lab is here in baltimore. >> reporter: at institute of marine and environmental technology in baltimore, lots of way in these lab are these pods. they mimic the mediterranean, the atlantic and the chesapeake. >> on the planet today, there's only one place where they are doing it the way it should be done. it's here. >> reporter: jean-michel
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cousteau, son of faiped ocean scientist, jacques cousteau, an accomplished oceanographer himself, visited the lab this week. he said too much ocean fishing has depleted wild food. he said some of the more popular fish consumers want to eat will be gone for good. >> the ocean cannot produce as much as we need. they look alike. and i'm going to cook them. and you tell me which one is farm and not farmed. you'll be amazed. same taste. >> in the 70s, when i started, i knew that we were going to run out. >> reporter: that sparked dr. jonathan zoharand a group of other scientists to create their fish center. it is a fish farm that is completely green and self- sustaining. >> all of the solid waste being produced by the fish s being removed, collected and converted to fuel grade methane. to biofuel. right out to the fish tank. >> reporter: and that allows
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the fish to help save themselves and maybe us. >> if you protect the ocean, you protect yourself. >> reporter: and some of that fish will end up on tables here in baltimore. the lab is already supplying seafood restaurants with some of the fish. back to you. >> orch. interesting -- oh. interesting. thank you, gigi. some of the maryland blue crabs will be harvested back into the chesapeake for research. sounds good. >> i think i'm going to get some shrimp tonight. >> not really shrimp in the bay. but anyway. let's take a look at temps. they probably raised some there. good to eat, shrimp. let's take a look. we're alt 59 now. north/northeast winds at 10. the barometer. still rising. big area of high pressure keeping these clouds. and we'll see rain over the entire region by late tonight. ,
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light rain started at the airport. just south of the city. we shared that radar again in just a minute. right now, 61 in ocean city. far western maryland, it's only 50 in oakland. but out to the west, it's going to stay dry. i don't think you're going to see a whole lot of rain west of cumberland. it may get up to about the mountains. and then kind of just stay there. here in the east, baltimore south and east, we'll see solid rain beginning later tonight. most areas. and all day tomorrow. and again, probably most of the day on friday, may linger into
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the weekend. dew point is coming up. now, 49. it was in the mid-40s. 55 westminster. no rain there yet. light rain annapolis, 61. and light rain, kent island, also at 59 degrees. here's the rain. heavier stuff to the southeast. scattered rain. this is light drizzle. may not even be reaching the ground. but south of the area. starting to see a little more. chestertown. and right to the west/northwest. it will be approaching the area overnight. by 8:00, 9:00 most of the city. and portions of howard, harford county, we start seeing some rain moving in. if you're heading out later tonight, that's when we'll see the rain move in. 22-mile-an-hour winds. ocean city. they could get as high as 38, maybe even 40 miles an hour. later in the day tomorrow. rough surf down there. in our region, see some wind gusts, 15, 20, 25 miles an hour. it will be a breezy and damp day. low pressure is responsible for it. off the carolina coast.
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it is going to be hugging the coast for several days, just spinning around. there's a big block up to the north which is not going to allow this storm to move very far, very fast. so it will be stuck with this. unfortunately, could hang around throughout the weekend. not going to say it's going to rain the whole time. but we'll have a lot of clouds. maybe some breaks this weekend. but at least in the next two days, we're looking for that rain to continue. north winds up to 20 on the knots on the bay. and small craft advisory. tonight, then, rain already started around here. 52 overnight. tomorrow, periods of rain, drizzle, breezy as well. upper 50s. that's as warm as it will get with the rain in the region. and yes, we do need the rain. for the year, about 4 1/2 inches below average. we'll make up some of that deficit. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. trouble, conceiving a child. a new technique that could seriously improve a woman's chances of successful ivf treatment. grace mccomis would have turned 17 today.
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but cyber bullying ended her life. i'm mary bubala, with the girls behind the campaign, kindness for grace. that story is just ahead. speaking out. the father of the 9-year-old child who slipped onto a cross country flight talks about his son's problems. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. 59 degrees with some light rain. thank you for staying with wjz. here is the story people are talking about tonight. arrested by one of his own. a new york city police detective is accused of being involved in a biker assault on an suv driver. vinita nair reports from outside the courthouse in manhattan. >> reporter: undercover new york police detective, voycheck broscheck, was arraigned on charges for his alleged role in the assault on an suv driver by bikers last week. prosecutors say a separate video shows the off-duty detective, kicking the range rover and smashing the rear window, before bikers pull out the driver and attacked him. they say the 10-year veteran terrorized the driver's family and did nothing to stop the attack. >> the video depicts -- and i
6:32 pm
defy the prosecution to say otherwise, that my client -- our client, at no point, is anywhere near mr. lien. >> sources say that broscheck is one of several new york police officers, suspected of riding with the pack of motorcyclists on the day of the assault. >> reporter: the driver of the suv has not been charged for running over and possibly paralyzing one of the bikers. in new york, vinita nair, wjz eyewitness news. >> bail for the detective was set at $100,000. tonight, we are hearing from the father of the young boy who managed to sneak on board a cross country flight. the 9-year-old made it through security and boarded the minneapolis to las vegas flight without a ticket. the boy has had previous run- ins with the law. his father said he is trying to get help for his son but he's running out of options. >> the officer told me, if i see you hit your son, we're going to have to lock you up. i said, sir, what can i do? i've been asking for help and
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there's no one helping me. i'm what you call double jeopardy. if i want my son, i get locked up. if i let my son keep on doing what he's doing, i get in trouble. somebody please help me, please! >> right now, the child remains with child services in las vegas. he will be sent back to his family next week. october is national bullying awareness month. it is also the month grace mccomis would have turned 17. mary joins us now with more on the effort to keep her memory alive. mary? >> the howard county teen tock her own life, after relentless cyber bullying. her cousins are marking her birthday today, by inviting all of us to be kind online. >> easter sunday, 2012, grace mccomis ended her life, after nearly a year of cyber bullying. her cousin, katie haley, mckayla, alley, all students at
6:34 pm
notre dame prep in towson. >> we are hoping that the internet is super positive today. and that everyone sends awesome messages to each other. >> reporter: kindness for grace started on her birthday last year and thousands of people sent out positive texts, pictures and tweets. >> what would this say to grace? >> our intention was to honor our cousin, in her memory. she was always a kind, loving person. we wanted to send her experience out to people who are experiencing cyber bullying. and we wanted to use her love and memory to promote kindness online. >> reporter: grace's death impacted so many in maryland and led to a new law that took effect. the ravens' ray rice helped pass grace's law. the running back is supporting kindness 4 grace day. and he designed a t-shirt for the campaign called "be good to
6:35 pm
each other." grace's cousins are passing out ribbons in her favorite color, blue. all focusing on words that heal, not harm. kindness for grace. >> no matter where you are, you can help spread kindness. >> reporter: and kindness for grace is spreading across the nation. you can join the campaign on facebook, instagram, and twitter, hash tag, blue for grace. >> thank you, mary. and you can go to our website, cbs -- and find a link. police are looking for a suspect who robbed three people in august. police say he asked one suspect for a phone and refused to give the phone back. he forced the victims to get off the bus and withdraw money from an atm in order to get his phone back. if you have information, call police. while glitches continue to the obama care website, marylanders are urged not to give up. supporters are urging applicants to sign up. >> reporter: maryland has taken
6:36 pm
a lead in developing the maryland health connection, to make affordable healthcare, obama care. >> it does disturb me that so many are rooting for this to fail. >> hoping to help them at the connections. >> i've been looking for it for many years. i've been waiting for a while. i'm kind of excited. >> reporter: open enrollment for affordable heltsdz care, obama care is in its second week. >> do you have a blood pressure cuff at home? >> no. >> mayor rawlings-blake urged the 80,000 baltimore citizens without insurance to sign up. >> you need to no longer have to fear bankruptcy because a loved one got sick or chose between food on the table and medicine. >> it cost me $400 for one of my inhalers. and when you got five kids and
6:37 pm
a wife -- >> it sure is hard. i'm just trying to find something better. >> reporter: supporters of affordable healthcare, are quick to point out, that it beats a trip to the emergency room every time. i'm pat warren, reporting. now, back to you. >> for a link and phone number, look for this story in the local news section of time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. learn more about how the treasury borrows money to cover the government short fall and pay its debts and how the debt ceiling works. see fall fashion at haunted historic savage mill. and more on hampstead based joseph a. bank clothiers failed to take over men's ware wearhouse. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. explosive interview. a high school chemistry class nearly ends in disaster. i'm bob turk.
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first warning weather center. much needed rain on the way. but it's going to stick around a while. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. approximate wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at at this hour. for updates on the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,
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we have a developing story from west virginia tonight. a man opened fire on a federal courthouse. and police shoot him. it happened in wheeling, west virginia. police say the man fired up to two dozen rounds at the building before u.s. marshals killed the man. they are trying to determine a motive. no one else was hurt. but there was visible damage to the courthouse building. a student in atlanta catches fire during a chemistry. they worked on identifying by the color of the flame when burning at the time. a 12th grade student was burned over 12% of her body. she is expected to fully recover. in tonight's healthwatch, researchers in britain and brazil say it could dramatically improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant through ivf. tina kraus has the story.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: 36-year-old joe cummings is hearing the heartbeat of her first child. after struggling to get pregnant for 3 1/2 years. >> dark days. you think it's never going it happen. >> reporter: joe says a simple procedure before her ivf treatment did the trick. doctors used a technique called endometrial scratching. >> we put a device through. and take it in small samples. so it's straightforward. painless. >> reporter: british and brazilian scientists now say the optimal time to have the scratch is one month before ivf treatment. they studied 158 women who had undergone unsuccessful procedures. 77 received a scratch. in the women who had the procedure, the pregnancy rate jumped to 49% from 23%.
6:43 pm
and nearly doubled the live births 42% from 23%. doctors are not sure why the scratch works, but one theory is, it wakes up the womb. >> by causing a little damage, the womb sort- to regenerate and fix itself. >> reporter: jo says the scratch was a bit painful but well worth it as she waitsacious anxiously for the birth of her baby boy. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> researchers in britain say they will keep studying the scratch with trials on more women until their final study is released next year. this afternoon, president obama nominates federal vice chairman janet yellen. if confirmed, yellen will be the first woman to head any country's major bank anywhere in the world. yellen who was 67, previously worked as the ceo of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. and as governor of the board. bernanke's last day is january
6:44 pm
31st. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. a charity has stepped in to pay death benefits for fallen troops that the government cut off. we're going to have the latest on this government shutdown. and we'll speak with ken chenault. tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at how tonight's closing numbers are on wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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we could be in store for a couple of wet days ahead. just a dreary october evening. a little chilly. bob it s in the center with the five-day forecast. >> i always say jury is in the eye of the beholder. i love rain. rain is good. for the trees and the grass. let's take a look at radar. some rain in here. some of us would call it dreary. some of us call it wonderful. you can see the rain moving up toward the region, as we speak. just south of the city, it will probably be around the beltway about the next hour or two. so looks like the wet night coming up. and wet day tomorrow. most of the day, just going to feature rain, drizzle and a breeze. upper 50s. and it doesn't change a whole lot, as we head into friday. saturday may just be a little
6:48 pm
spotty drizzle. and hopefully sunday and monday, just clouds. maybe a little sun. it does warm up, 68 and 70 by monday. vic? >> okay, bob. thank you. week 5 of the nfl season is in the books and it remains a tight race at the top of the wjz pro football challenge. jessica kartalija is at to update this week's standings. >> hi, everyone. a square leader is starting to emerge on the bobblehead leader board. that person is our own don scott, with 53 points through week 5. tied for second with 50 points, mary bubala and mark viviano. rounding out our second panel i'm tied with kai jackson with 49 points. and meteorologist chelsea ingram has 48 points. and the season may already be under way, but you can still sign up for the 2013 pro football challenge. just go to, click on the link at the top of the home page. you must be over 18 to play. our contest runs through the regular football season. it's just one entry per person. and you're competing with people nationally for prizes. come here to
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and sign up right now. back to you. for the last time, the packers won a game here in baltimore in 1974. let's hope the streak continues. >> i hear that. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. ravens face a test from one of the best. the green bay backers -- packers are coming to town. i'm mark viviano in owings mills. latest preparations ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
mark is live at the training complex. mark, vic just said, almost 40 years since the packers won here. >> been a long time. packers are coming to town with their potent offense. earlier, we heard joe flacco talk about what he sees as a steady improvement in the ravens offense. part of that has been the play in the receivers, in particular, most recently, tight end, ed dixon. now, dixon byes his own admission has struggled most of this season. last win, he had a couple of big pass catches, including one for 43 yards. now, dixon had dropped a number of passes prior to the last game. and he had heard about it from his head coach. john harbaugh. but the tight end tells me today, he has not let his
6:53 pm
struggles slow him down. >> i go there and try to be calm, cool collected and continue to practice the way i've been practicing. i said it once i'll say it again. if i continue to practice the way i've been practicing again, there's no way i'll show up in games. >> that can change around very easily. i mean, still very much involved in this offense. in the blocking game, in the passing game. i'm going to go out and continue practicing the way i'm practicing. we'll see how it goes this week. >> ravens had only three wide receivers healthy. they hope to have more for this game. jacoby jones practiced today. so did stokley and brown. all coming back from injuries. all missed that game at miami. the college football game schedule includes navy playing at duke. and you can see the midshipmen, battling the blue devils here on wjz. coverage kicks off saturday, at noon. the baseball play-offs will soon be down to the final four. one of those final four to be
6:54 pm
determined tonight. pittsburgh plays at st. louis at about an hour. winner of that game advances to the national league championship series in a meeting with the los angeles dodgers. in themen league, the bost -- the american league, the boston red sox have moved on to the league championship series after clinching their divisional series with tampa bay. shane victorino brings home the go ahead run with the in-field single. and that made it 2-1 red sox. they would add another run after that. and once they did, they brought in former oriole pitcher koji ueharra. he would finish off the race. koji gets the strikeout to win it. it's a 3-1 win for the sox. they take the series, three games to one. oh, my goodness. >> that's one for you. loosead thatment >> in next month.
6:55 pm
winner of the detroit oakland series. tigers and a's play a decisive game 5 in oakland tomorrow. no play-offs for the yankees, but new york will keep their manager around. joe girardi has agreed to a four-year contract being after much speculation he might choose to leave the yankees to manage the chicago cubs. girardi has managed the yankees for six seasons. he won the world series with them in 2009. much more for the ravens coming up tonight at 11:00. that will wrap it up for now, here in owings ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight. >> for bob and mark in owings mills, i'm denise. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news. including will president obama's nomination make janet yellen the mo >> pelley: tonight, she could be the most powerful woman in the world.
6:59 pm
janet yellen is nominated to head the federal reserve. anthony mason on what this could mean to growth and jobs. a charity steps in to pay death benefits for fallen troops that the government cut off. david martin and nancy cordes have the latest on the government shutdown. while ken chenault, one of america's top financial executives, tells us what's at stake in washington. >> if the u.s. defaults, the system literally unwinds. >> pelley: and a prescription for disaster. jim axelrod on a veteran who survived the gulf war only to die while being treated by v.a. doctors. >> reporter: when he came home, did he continue to take all the medication? >> he followed the doctor's orders. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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