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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 8, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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deadlock in dc. >> the eighth day of a shutdown and another important deadline is approaching. >> arors any closer to a deal? i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >> as we enter the eighth day of the government shutdown congress is no closer to a solution. fears over the looming debt ceiling are rising. just moments ago president obama urged speaker john boehner to hold a vote on a senate democratic plan to raise the debt cap. susan mcged innes has the latest from washington. >> reporter: house republicans will meet behind closed doors this morning to strategize about how they will handle the government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling crisis. >> over the last 10 days we've been through quite a bit. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says the president has the power to end the stalemate. >> the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting our
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economy and putting our country at risk. >> reporter: but the president says only congress can approve funding bills. and is calling on boehner to allow a vote on a no strings attached bill the president believes has enough support to pass. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is he apparently doesn't want to see the shutdown end at the moment. >> reporter: it's not just the shutdown they are debating. the government is expected to run out of money to pay its bills on october 17th unless congress votes to raise the country's debt limit. china, america's largest creditor, is calling on the u.s. to resolve the political stalemate in order to protect its investment and avoid hurting the global economy. work with us to bring about stability around the world. >> reporter: the senate had begun work on a new bill to raise the debt ceiling. the first vote could come as early as friday. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness
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news. >> some republicans said they would support a bill to raise the debt ceiling without attachments but senate democrats may not have the 60 votes needed to block a filibuster. the supreme court will hear arguments today to roll back lijts on political contributions. it's to limit the cap on what individuals can give in one election cycle. currently an individual can donate a max of $48,600 to a candidate and $74,600 to packs and parties. supporters say the current law limits free speech while the government argues the overall limit helps prevent political corruption. in baltimore city homicide detectives are investigating a body floating near harbor east. "the baltimore sun" is reporting it was spotted after 10:00 this morning near the docks along lancaster street close to where it intersects with south central avenue. the water there is largely separated from the inner harbor by pearce where boats are docked. more on this story at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00.
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the navy is charging four sailors in connection with the training accident deaths of two navy divers at the aberdeen proving grounds superpond. ron matz in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the four members of the elite diving team will be court-martialed on charges stemming from the deaths last february. navy diver first class gyms ryer of ohio and ryan harris of missouri drowned after their breathing units failed and tether line became entangled. arraignments for the sailors facing charges are scheduled for tomorrow and thursday. the specific charges they face as well as their identities will not be made public until they are arraigned. back to you. a trial likely won't take place until november or december. a couple from arkansas is telling a story of survival after their day hike in texas turns into a harrowing five-day ordeal. a>> reporter: kathy and rick
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mcfarland wanted to hike at big bend national park in texas but told to leave because of the government shutdown. instead they decided to go to a state park they never hiked. by nightfall they were lost. >> we discovered there had been quite a bit of rain, and flash flooding that had knocked a lot of the trail markers out of the way. >> reporter: the experienced hikers spent three days in the blistering heat. kathy could barely walk so they decided to separate. >> i couldn't push on. we were in pretty dire straits at that point. >> one of us has to go. because if we stay there we're going to die. there was no way around it. we said our i love yous and she -- wanted me to tell the kids make sure to -- that she tried. >> reporter: mcfarland, a news photographer saw something in his camera lens. it was a reflection from a war windshield. using a zoom lens he followed
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the reflection and reached rescuers. it took two more days to find kathy, she was only about a mile from where the couple had started their hike. >> we stopped and we just listened and heard a faint sound. we looked down and there was kathy. >> reporter: incoherent from the heat and lack of water he had taken her clothes off. she was severely dehydrated, sunburned and bruises but no serious injuries. in new york, wbz, eyewitness news. >> frye is an award winning reporter. mcfarland is a photographer. a seasonably cool october afternoon in our area. taking a live look outside, mostly sunny skies, a brisk wind out there today. wjz's live with the first warning weather coverage. marty is enjoying the weather in the outback. and chelsea ingram is in the first warning weather center. >> temperatures certainly on the more seasonable side. currently across the region we're in the 60s for the most part.
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61 at bwi marshall. oakland is the exception, 52 degrees. dew point 44. a big temperature change for a lot of us. 24 hours ago we were 13 degrees warmer than we are now. and nearly 20 degrees warmer there in patuxent. on the visible satellite we can see just mainly high clouds. this is a foreshadowing though for what is heading our way. now to marty. let's go to first warning doppler weather radar and look to the south. at one point that was called karen. the remnants of what was that tropical storm. now migrated over to the coast, over the carolinas, and are going to be re-forming as a coastal low. not a nor'easter, not a storm that is going to get named but there's going to be enough action that we're going to see cloudy skies and those
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conditions over a three-day period. when was the last time that happened? i'll tell you this, one of the problems is the blue skies we have over us now. there's force being exerted and the low just can't get out of its own way. so enjoy what we have right now because as we move into the week's end and weekend it's going to be a little gray and damp. first warning details coming up shortly. back to you. >> thank you very much. today is the grand opening for the shops at canton crossing. the $100 million shopping center has space for 30 retailers and restaurants, opening with a target, harris teeter, old navy, mission barbecue and chick-fil-a among others with more to come. the official ribbon-cutting will take place later this afternoon. >> would have been nice to have that when i lived there. still to come -- more
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bodies found following a migrant shipwreck. >> the nobel prize in physics awarded >> it's feeling like fall today. chelsea will be back with the updated forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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partly cloudy and 61 degrees but a whole lot nicer than yesterday. your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. in italy divers recover more bodies from the wreck of a makeshift passenger ferry that burned and capsized near sicily last week. the death toll is now 250. we're told 18 bodies were recovered today from within the ship's hold. one found floating a distance away by helicopter. just 155 migrants, most if not all from africa survived the shep -- shipwreck last
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thursday. this noon a fourth motorcyclist is under arrest in connection can the motorcycle road rage attack in new york. police say the biker was arrested last night on charges of gang assault. they say the biker stopped the suv on the highway. then attacked the vehicle pulling the driver from his car after he plowed over a motorcyclist while trying to escape the confrontation. three other bikers have been charged in the incident. the nobel prize in physics went to physicist peter hages and francois today. >> reporter: judges awarded this year's nobel prize to two men for their discovery of the so-called "god part -- part ankle. particle. they won in a majority vote. >> a mechanism that contributes
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to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles. >> reporter: scientists say the universe as we know it may have never been formed if it were not for an invisible miracle of physics. in the 1960s he herized that tiny particles existed giving weightless atoms mass but not until last year a multinational team confirmed their existence using an 18-mile long super collider near geneva. the royal swedish academy of sciences awarded the prize after a highly unusual one-hour delay. the academy called the discovery a triumph for theoretical physics and research. >> the royal swedish academy of sciences didn't explain the delay in its announcement. the group tweeted its committee was still in session when the original announcement time came and went. >>
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still ahead -- a brisk you a -- autumn day coupled with clouds. the forecast coming up. ,,,,,
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enjoy the little bit of sunshine while you can because we'll have more cloud cover headed our way and even some rainfall in the forecast. we'll get to that in a minute. for the meanwhile we're cooler than we were yesterday. sitting at 62 degrees at bwi marshall. all of us in the 60s with the exception of oakland at 52 degrees. dew point 44. and locally seeing temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 51 westminster. 63 degrees in bel air. winds from the north and we've got some breezy conditions particularly among the bay. we have a small craft advisory in effect through 6:00 p.m. tonight. winds 12 miles per hour out of the north at bwi marshall. helping to pull in a drier canadian air. and that cooler air. so here's the big picture of what is going on, on satellite and radar. that rainfall now moving off into the maritimes. that rainfall we had yesterday. now we're focusing more on a system located off the coast of the carolinas and off the coast of georgia. this is going to be our next rainmaker bringing us cloud cover at first.
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potentially some shower activity for southern maryland as we head into wednesday. with the bulk of us being dry. the thing is this system isn't going to go anywhere very fast because high pressure located to the north. is going to block it from moving out of the way and getting back into the mainstream of things. so we'll expect to see several crummy days in the forecast starting late tomorrow. through thursday low pressure continues to creep up the shore bringing us a better chance of rain wednesday night into thursday. your bay temperature now 71 degrees. small craft advisory again in effect for breezy conditions until 6:00 p.m. tonight. the rest of today, highs around 69 degrees. less humid with times of clouds and sun. 48 degrees overnight. mostly cloudy skies. and increasing clouds for tomorrow with shower possible in the afternoon and evening, particularly for southern maryland with temperatures around normal, 68 degrees. >> thank you. once again it's going to be a big weekend of college football on wjz. you can see the midshipmen
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taking on the blue devils at noon. still to come on eyewitness news at noon -- a good economy may actually be bad for your health. details coming up in health watch. >> remember, wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories we're following on the web site at this hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's wjz "health watch" -- a study in a british journal looked at higher death rates. looking at 19 countries the past 60 years and found more people died when the economy was actually doing well. they say traffic accidents increased and lifestyles as well but doesn't fully explain the increase. a rising number of women with breast cancer having both breasts removed as a precaution. but study shows it didn't seem to provide a major benefit. it did not include patients with a strong family history of the disease. doctors say a double mastectomy may still be the best option for the ones who carry the mutation known as brca.
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join us at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for the latest on the shutdown stalemate as the war of words continues in washington. is there any progress in the effort to avoid another looming economic disaster? diana nyad takes on a new challenge a month after her record swim from cuba to florida. join us for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 4:00 after "dr. phil." stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we had cloud cover ahead of the next storm. marty has more. >> we were talking about this, this morning. with yesterday's rain and the ground being wet you can actually smell fall. >> smells crisp. >> it does. looks like some more rain coming our way. a damp potentially gray period wednesday through friday. slow clearing saturday. pretty good weather for game day sunday. anywhere from the upper 60s to upper 50s, it's fall temperature roller coaster. welcome to the new season, folks. back inside. >> thank you. don't miss tonight's primetime line-up. 10:00, "person of interest" followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. he may only be 10 weeks old but prince george is already receiving an unprecedented honor. the first royal baby whose christening will be celebrated with a coin from the royal mint. the design has already been approved by his parents and his great grandmother, queen elizabeth ii.
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prices range from $21 for a simple one to $80,000 for an almost pure gold version. >> interesting. thank you for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they say no good deed goes unpunished.
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