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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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spending bill without any strings attached. republicans want a delay in the president's healthcare law to be part of the deal. >> hundreds of thousands of federal workers spent another day at home without pay. the director of national intelligence told lawmakers that includes about 70% of his civilian work force. >> this is extremely damaging. and it will increase, though, as this shutdown drags on. >> reporter: director clapper says employees not receiving a paycheck are prime targets for foreign governments wanting to gain state secrets. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> well, there's been much made of the closing of the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c., as veterans travel to the city to visit it. the republican national committee announced this afternoon, it would pay to keep that monument open for the next 30 days. the. the government shutdown may force the cancellation of this saturday's highly-anticipated naval-air force game in anap
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08iss. -- annapolis. complete coverage continues now. derek valcourt has more on the game many are talk about. >> reporter: rumors were flying that the game on saturday was a go. but navy officials say those rumors just were not true. they say the decision to play has not been made yet. but that decision is expected by noon tomorrow. >> reporter: tents are already going up outside of navy marine memorial stadium. even though the fate of the game hangs in limbo, no one more surprised than the players. >> well, that would be crushing. i mean, it's a huge game that we all look forward to very much. >> i watched the video. and i never thought it would, you know, get anywhere near football. >> reporter: it's not just football or any navy sport. but the entire naval academy, impacted by the shutdown, with 933 million.
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classes where military instructors aren't able to substitute have been canceled. >> some of us have showed up and studied. others were told to not go to class. >> reporter: tickets to saturday's game have sold out. more than 40,000 people expected here in this stadium. thousands of them coming from out the of town. and that means a lot to the local economy here in annapolis. >> reporter: hotels and restaurants like bella italian near the stadium, were banking on the business, anticipating huge crowds before and after the game. >> we lose a lot. >> reporter: for now, the team and their coach say all they can do is practice and wait to see if the show will go on. >> at this point, he said, it's not going to happen. but we gotta compare it. >> reporter: this game, a huge deal for the naval academy. a lot of people anxiously awaiting news of whether they will play or not. officials say if they do not play, this coming saturday, they will look into the
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possibility of rescheduling that game for december 7th. we're live in annapolis. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. the announcement on the game is expected to come by noon tomorrow. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the government shutdown. we'll bring you the latest on the negotiations and the impact here in maryland. baltimore county police are investigating an attempted -- someone trying to lure someone at a high school. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene of catonsville high school. the school principal says an adult male tried to lure a female student into the woods on bloomberry avenue. officials say the girl ran toward an apartment complex and got away. today, counselors and teachers talked to students about the incident, making sure every student is vigilant and aware when walking to and from school. we have breaking news. baltimore city police announce a new public enemy number 1. wjz is live at city police headquarters.
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meghan mccorkell has more on the latest on who police are looking for. meghan? >> kai. christopher troi good has now been named baltimore city's new public enemy number 1. police say on september 12th, he stamped his child-- stabbed his child's mother three times in the 2200 block of sydney. investigators going so far. that woman did manage to survive her injuries. now he's also wanted in a case in ohio, where police say he held his estranged wife hostage. and viciously beat her. investigators say goode is believed to be in south baltimore. and he is believed to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: he is a violent, dangerous, vicious, predator, who needs to be taken off the streets. >> reporter: and christopher goode is now wanted for attempted murder and domestic violence. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact police. live at city police headquarters, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> megan, thank you.
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this is the fourth public enemy named by baltimore city police. some surprising and sad news about one of the world's best selling authors. tom clancy who was born and lived here in baltimore, died tuesday at johns hopkins hospital, after a brief illness. his fans across the nation and here at home are mourning the loss of this literary giant. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: as one of the most successful writers of military and political writers of all times, tom clancy kept readers on the edge of their seats. news of his death at just 66 years old, has shocked fans around the world and particularly here at home. >> it's a huge shock. i think fans are going to feel a real sense of sadness. >> reporter: clancy was a minority owner in the orioles, throwing out the first pitch in 1994. >> when i get involved in something, i get involved in it. that's my team now. i gotta go there and watch and make sure they do it right. >> reporter: orioles owner
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peter angelos said, tom, a praud baltimorean, was a devoted marylander, a treasured friend and owner of the group. he will be missed. but long am remembered. >> what an honor really it is for us to have this literary icon. >> reporter: then loyola college, where he was commencement speaker in 1986. he was a former insurance agent, who went on to write 28 novels. >> the whole point of any kind of art work is to make people think. >> reporter: we sail into history. >> reporter: clancy's books were transformed into blockbuster films, including "the hunt for red october." he also made his mark in the video game world, with games like ghost recon and well before that, politika. clancy said in 1997, it was the project he was most proud of. >> what we're trying to do here has never been done before.
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>> reporter: all of this made clancy a very wealthy man. but he was very private. he lived in the ritz carlton on key highway, combining six condos into one. and he continued to write. his latest novel is planned for release december 3rd. and the newest jack ryan movie is scheduled for release on christmas. clancy was also involved in several charities in baltimore, including raising millions of dollars for johns hopkins pediatric oncology. we have breaking news in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. let's go to captain jeff long with more. jeff? >> reporter: good evening. crime scene tape is in place. and baltimore county police are on scene, investigating what came out at about 4:45, as a shooting. at least one victim involved in this and this is in middle river. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you posted on this. reporting live from sky eye
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choppier 13, i'm captain jeff long. >> stay with us for continuing updates on this story. the only winner of the mega millions jackpot is sold in maryland. kristy aleto has more on the excitement of the winning. >> reporter: the winner has yet to come forward and claim his or her prize. so we have a mystery winner. but it's no mystery where this winning ticket was sold. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of tickets printed. but only one winner is a winner wednesday. it sold at the dash inn. >> this isn't the first time someone won the lottery in my store. i'm so excited and happy to see who hit the lottery. >> reporter: the store walks away with $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. but the winner remains unknown. >> i could have kicked myself. i didn't play.
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>> we obviously don't one those winner or winners is. but there there say lot of morny to be won by someone. >> reporter: the $189 million jackpot is worth about $130 million in cash. $86 million after taxes. >> i wish i had played, though. [ laughter ] >> i checked my convict. -- ticket. so no winner, you know? >> reporter: mega millions tickets are sold in 44 states. and the odds of winning, 175 million to 1. >> i play my numbers every day. >> when the -- with the number you you just got, you think you'll win? >> i hope so. >> reporter: tons of people are lining up to be just like you. storeand the state is also cashing in on will wig win. they get $11 million in taxes. >> the winner has 182 days to claim the prize. feels more lick august than october outside. people are taking advantage of
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this great weather. this is a fruit stand in catonsville. and in the inner harbor, a great day for a bike ride on the promenade. taking a live look outside right now. how much longer will we hold onto this summer-like weather. that is the big question. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is in the inner harbor, with the wjz mobile weather lab. and bob turk is updating our temperatures. we'll start with bob. pretty amazing. stuck in the mid-80s. last couple of hours, still at 85 degrees here. after 5:00 here in october, pretty amazing. 73 in oakland. 87 in washington. and 80 down in ocean city. and locally, temperatures ranging from 82 to 85 degrees around the region. these are running 10 to 12 degrees, 13 degrees above average for this time of year. right now, we're 6 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this same hour in the afternoon. 2 degrees warmer in cumberland. and 6 degrees warmer also down in pax river. let's send it out to chelsea with the mobile weather lab at
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the inner harbor. chelsea? >> thank,s, bob. one of the guys just walking by, said that this reminds him of a bermuda-like day. if this is the way ber mude is like every day, and he said it was. i think i'd like to did see what bermuda is like. we're looking at temperatures out here around 85 degree. now take a look at this graphic. we forecast around 86 for the high. here at the mobile weather lab, we got to 87 degrees. 72 is the normal for this time of year. 30-year average. of course, the record, not going to make it there. around 89. we were very close. set back in 1986. as we head into your thursday, we'll have high pressure right down to our south, as that spins clockwise. that's going to continue filtering in warmer temperatures for your thursday. and actually, that's going to take us all the way into the weekend. bob will have more coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast for now. i'm live with the wjz mobile weather lab at baltimore's inner harbor. let's go back inside to you guys. >> the ravens are back on the
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practice field, getting ready to take on the dolphins and looking for their first win of the year. wjz is live at the ravens training facility. mark viviano has more on today's practice. hi, mark? >> reporter: the big guys who block on the ravens' offensive line have had to shoulder some heavy criticism lately. ray rice and the ravens running game have gone nowhere so far. and quarterback joe flacco has been hit and hurried. sacked four times in 12 games. so the ravens went out and acquired a new offensive lineman in a trade with jacksonville. eugene monroe, a starter at left tackle, come comes to baltimore in exchange for draft picks. >> he's going to bring us a high-quality football player. a guy that we've had great respect for, throughout. his career so far in the nfl, very highly rated on our board. we're all very excited about it. >> we just put our head down every day and go to work. i don't know what kind of
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message it can send. but like i said, we just get to work and try to get things corrected. >> flacco is reserving judgment on the trade, instead of focusing on the offensive line. the quarterback says he's the one to blame. his five interceptions at buffalo were the most he's ever thrown in a game. >> i don't have a problem with anybody looking at me and putting losses on me, when something like that happens. i feel like that's the way we should be trying to win football games when we need to. and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. and you can have a great reason to come to me. and i can say yeah. come to me. and you should come to me. >> that was mark viviano reporting. ravens are looking for their first win on the road. see the ravens take on the miami dolphins, sunday at 1:00 on wjz. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. new details emerge on the terror attack in kenya. how many suspects are really involved? bumps in the road and bottlenecks. i'm pat warren.
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coming up, that's how experts are describing the rush for obama care. cancer patients in harford county, no longer have to go to baltimore. $61 million of state of the art treatment comes to bel air. i'm mike schuh. the story up next. summer in october. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened.
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it is sunny, 85 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. breaking news to tell you about. a jury reaches a verdict in the wrongful death trial of michael jackson. the verdict is expected to be read in court at 6:30, eastern time. jackson's family sued concert promoter aeg, saying the company hired dr. conrad murray, the man convicted in jackson's death. and that makes the company
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responsible. aeg contends, jackson hired dr. murray by himself. we'll bring you the verdict when it happens again at 6:30. well, marylanders try to create accounts on healthcare website, still seeing delays today. wjz is live. political reporter pat warren reports, there's no reason to rush. pat? >> reporter: that's right. but in the meantime, the maryland health connection appears to be a victim of its own success. >> reporter: all the tv ads. ♪ [ music ] as all the seminars. >> and the personal enlistment of the commander in chief. >> maryland, i'm asking for your help. i need your help. >> tell your friends, tell your family. get coverage. get on that website. >> all created as a club.
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our repeated efforts to connect to the health connection failed to let us create an account. there are website warnings that you may experience delays. and the ceo of access maryland says they're working on it. >> but what's important is people have six months to do this. so there's no urgency, necessarily to do it today or tomorrow. people have time. right now, there's unexpected bottlenecks and delays. >> they saw thousands of hits when it went online yesterday. and those who were running the website say between fixing the glitches and the time period of 6 months that you have to sign in, things should be smoothing out in the next weeks. i'm pat warren, reporting. now, back to you, mary. >> thank you, pat. and anyone who already has health insurance is not affected by obama care. >> if you're waiting for smng to get home from work, let's
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check on the roads with kristy breslin. a lot of activity out there. traveling on 70 westbound. watch for delays there from again 29 to marriottsville road. northbound 95, continues to run slowly there from route 32 to 895. if you're traveling on the top side inner loop, we have a couple of accidents just coming in that are contributing to the delay. very slow from reisterstown road to harford road. watch for the accident at falls road and also dulaney valley, each is blocking two lanes. as far as your accidents go, baltimore annapolis boulevard. liberty heights at elmont. and east northern parkway at bel air road. you can see, plenty of slowing on the beltway. inner loop, particularly, at providence road. this traffic report is brought to you by dr. paul miller. going to the dentist does not have to be painful or scary. you can talk to dr. miller about sedation therapy. back to you. christy, thank you.
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while week 5 of the nfl season is almost here, and the picks are coming in for the wjz pro football challenge, jessica kartalija is at to update this week's standings. our bobblehead leader board remains a very tight race. don scott is still on top, with 43 points. mark vivionio in second -- viviano in second place. i'm in third. you can still sign up to play. just go to click on the links, about halfway down the home page. you must be over 18 to play. our contest runs through the regular football season. it's just one entry per person. and you're competing with people nationally for prizes. come right here to and sign up. i'm jessica cartal. cartallia. byes, gak -- back to you. >> see the ranks take on the dolphins, sunday at 1:00 chghts here on wjz.
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>> mary asked me where i was. i'm with the broom, pushing the confetti off the field. that's what i'm doing right now. >> that's when you gotta show yourself in this contest. >> feels a little more like miami down here. except a lot more humid right now. but temperatures aren't that far from what we have in florida right now. 85 degrees. 56. dew point. humidity, 37%. pretty dry still. west/northwest winds at 8. barometer just dropped a little bit. come back and take a look at the end of the week and into the weekend forecast after this. @yo⌟] woman: we had been called up for the first time. wildfires were getting close to homes. at that moment, i got my first taste of just how important the guard is.
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it's a beautiful day out here at the baltimore harbor. bob, a look at your updated forecast. >> pretty amazing stuff. still mid-80s, most places. and a lot of sunshine still. 73 at oakland. the cool spot. 80 in ocean city. we're still at 85. and d.c., at 87. we have a nice little breeze that has been a nice feature today, and west/northwest. 8, 10, 15, almost 20 miles an hour. this afternoon, we're stad standing at the inner harbor. nice breeze coming off the water now. and that will continue for at least a little while longer. still moisture in mississippi. shower activity down there. that could increase
5:26 pm
substantially over the next few days. area of low pressure, south of cuba, could become a tropical depression. ine a tropical storm the next three to four days. as it heads just north of the yucatan area. may end up somewhere around louisiana, texas. could cause rain down there. most likely by the end of the weekend. for our area, look at the front to the northwest. may bring us showers here. finally, on monday, slightly cooler temperatures. meanwhile, lots of sunshine. no weather issues at all. slightly cooler tomorrow. and warms up again. back in the mid-80s for friday and saturday. slightly cooler. clouds coming our way sunday. jerry now moving away from the area in the central atlantic. no impact. and that's the way we like to keep it. but we'll keep looking at the gulf. that could become something that we'll have to check on. east winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp around sefntz degrees still. 70 degrees still. clear to partly cloudy skies. some clouds will come back in later on. in the low to mid-80s again.
5:27 pm
sunshine and a few high clouds. 84 tomorrow. so maybe two degrees cooler than today. >> oh, my goodness. >> not much of a difference. >> okay. i'm not going to complain. still ahead. appeal denied. what is next for a convicted sex offender and former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky. a man is under arrest in connection with a bomb scare atta i florida airport. what happened in -- when the bomb squad rushed in. it's a bad time to be a tourist in d.c. i'm monique griego. coming up, what attractions in maryland are seeing. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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auto 5:30. 85 degrees and sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. we have more breaking news to report to you right now. there's been an horrific accident in tennessee. this is video into our newsroom from dandridge. look at this. this is the northeastern part of the state. at least eight people are dead. more than a dozen injured. this is what police are telling us at this time. police say a church bus blew a tire, across the median, and hit an suv and tractor-trailer. the tractor-trailer then burst into flames. eyewitness news will keep you updated and give you more information on this breaking story out of tennessee as it
5:31 pm
becomes available. scary moments at a jacksonville airport, after a man tells security screeners he has a bomb. now, officials are saying the entire situation was a hoax. and he's being held on $1 million bond. wjz is live. rochelle ritchie has the latest. rochelle? >> reporter: investigators have not determined why the man played this hoax. and right now, the jacksonville international airport is back open. >> reporter: tense moments at the jacksonville airport, after someone claims to have a bomb. >> he came right through the line. doesn't check in with security. and one of the tsa agents asked him to please come back over and check in. and he didn't want to do that. >> reporter: within minutes, authorities had the man in custody, as the bomb squad moved in to investigate. >> bomb squad did find a device that needed to be rendered safe. they're in the process of doing that. they have removed it from the area. >> reporter: two suspicious packages were found. neither of them explosive.
5:32 pm
charged with making a false report about planting a bomb, and presenting a hoax bomb. but no one is laughing. >> they're stuck in the plains. and they move further and further away from the airport. >> reporter: passengers are immediately evacuated from the airport and taken to nearby hotels as an aggressive sweep is conducted. >> going up about 11:00 last night. and fire engines and ambulances. >> little is known. his threat shut down the airport for five hours, delaying hundreds of flights and leaving hundreds of passengers to wait. >> reporter: and flights from jacksonville here to baltimore landed today without any problems. i'm rochelle ritchie. live tonight. wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, rochelle. thank you. the fbi is investigating. jerry sandusky is just about out of chances to get his child's sex abuse conviction overturned. linh bui is live in the newsroom to explain this for
5:33 pm
us. linh? >> a pennsylvania court says sandusky does not deserve a new trial. he argued his attorneys did not have enough time to prepare for the trial. sandusky's case led to the downfall of hall of fame coach, joe paterno. sandusky's attorney says he will ask the supreme court to review the case. mary? back to you. >> all right, linh. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60- year prison sentence. tourism in washington, d.c. tick takes a big hit. mo monique griego has more on how that is bringing a boost to business in baltimore. >> it's a bad time to be a tourist in d.c. national parks, monuments and the museums remain closed up and blocked off for day 2 of the government shutdown. >> pretty disappointing.
5:34 pm
hope they can fix it up pretty soon. >> expensive trip for nothing. >> with tours being turned away from the nation's capital, some baltimore attractions are expecting a boost in customers. >> see if they can explore something different with all of the facilities shut down in d.c. >> jane valentine from the maryland zoo in baltimore says she's being inundated with calls from maryland and are the states that planned to go to the national zoo but are coming to the baltimore zoo instead. >> rather than cancel the trip, they're looking for another venue. >> the zoo has already seen a boost in visitors because of all of the federal workers out of work. >> fun. but the lack of pay may not be fun. so hopefully we get back to work soon. >> i needed to get away from the tv. i've been watching it nonstop. and it's too much. >> reporter: it's too soon to tell how many visitors may head north because of the shutdown. but with lawmakers going in circles and the weekend looming, local attractions are getting ready. >> places like the science
5:35 pm
center, the baltimore aquarium, we all could potentially see folks who are looking for an activity to do. >> reporter: now, there was a bill to reopen parts of the government, including national parks. but it failed. kai, back to you. >> monique, thank you. the statue of liberty, and mount rush more are some of the other big attractions now closed to the public. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. more on the death of best- selling baltimore-born author tom clancy. a run of bike races and festivals this fall. and analysis. ravens trade for help. for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. baltimore has some of the most respected hospitals in the country. but with such resources and talent centered in one place. patients often drive an hour or more to get to life-saving
5:36 pm
treatment. now, mike schuh reports, cancer patients in harford county might not have to make that long trip. >> reporter: 84-year-old renee lambert feared this day might never come. >> series of treatments from cancer. and i feel great. >> reporter: 6 months ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. five times a week from havre de grace, he traveled downtown. >> living in harford county, how was that on you? >> rough. like i said, to mary, the treatment is not going to kill us, the travel will. >> carolyn ackers' husband bill was on the board at the hospital in belle air. >> he just decided that harford county needed an oncology department. >> bill developed cancer and like renee, made many trips downtown. >> it it was just too stressful for older people, children, to have to go down i-95 and sit and wait to be taken care of. >> bill died earlier this year.
5:37 pm
now, the place he helped to build, the state of the art, kaufman cancer center in belle air has opened. one of its first patients. >> i am here because i have uterine cancer. >> reporter: the director here now expects some 20,000 patients will no longer have to make that trek downtown. >> when you think about in the first year, a patient might have to take up to 100 visits in the first year of cancer treatment, it's a significant commitment. not just from the patient but their families and support system to go downtown. >> reporter: all of the equipment here is new and state of the art. but university of maryland is justifiably proud that some of their physicists helped to design and develop this particular equipment. >> the patients feel such a high-tech, beautiful camp us. and no commute is helping to heal. >> now, all we have to do is drive to here. >> good luck, renee. >> the university of maryland owns about half of upper chesapeake health. and it's expected that it will buy out the other half within
5:38 pm
the year. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. so scary. chain reaction crash. all the details on this accident, involving two school buses and a pickup truck. a town in mourning. five die in a rock slide. and now we're learning about a girl's father's, heroic efforts to save her. i'm live with the wjz mobile weather lab here at baltimore's inner harbor. bob and i will have a look at your thursday and five-day your thursday and five-day foreca,,,,
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a look ahead for tomorrow. chelsea? >> hey, thanks, bob. it is beautiful out here. feels great, too. take a look at what you can expect for tomorrow. temperatures are going to start out around 60 degrees by morning. mostly sunny skies. we'll see increasing clouds into the afternoon and evening. partly cloudy skies. 84 by midday. and then 75 degrees by around dinnertime.
5:42 pm
bob. so look at the next five days. bob. >> all righty. still warm and still well above normal. 84, 86 again friday and saturday. the front approaches on sunday. some more clouds. 82. a better chance may see some shower activity. 78, 62 here monday. probably some showers tuesday as well. mary? >> bob, thank you. well, nearly two weeks have passed since the kenya mall massacre. the mall where dozens were killed is still in shambles. residents and business owners are trying to pick up the pieces, literally and figuratively. zane burgey reports. >> reporter: this the rooftop parking deck of westgate mall. standing here for the first time is emotional. >> i can't believe my eyes. i worked here pretty much every day i was in nairobi. feels unbelievable that this is the neighborhood grocery store and westgate was the pride of nairobi.
5:43 pm
and the glass around me. you can see exactly where the children had their cooking classes. >> reporter: where they were gunned down. the stench of burned metal and ash lingers, along with the smell of decomposing flesh. early tuesday, two more bodies were found under the rubble. inside, glass crunches under my feet, as we pass what was a child's swing. walking past shops like jabba house or planet yogurt, nirobe's newest craze. store owners clearing out what was left of their wares. among them, rashida zaid. we met her outside the pet store she sewns -- owns. but there is little for her and her staff to salvage. >> they say whether the shops were vandalized or terrorized, we have no idea. >> reporter: but you lost everything? >> but we've lost everything. >> reporter: it's been the most devastating for those who lost
5:44 pm
loved ones. this was an attack that stole something from everyone. >> it's a strange juxtaposition of everything that is normal and everything that is desperately not. >> reporter: for nairobi residents, the normal they knew no longer exists. >> nine people are now in custody in connection with the mass shootings. authorities say surveillance video from inside the mall leave -- leads them to believe there are not as many attackers as initially thought. violent chain reaction crash, involving school buses is caught on camera in washington. really tough to watch. two school buses and a truck were involved in the crash in tacoma. this is footage from the bus's camera. police say a driver, female driver, hit a pickup truck and another with us before coming to a stop. here it is right there. that's from the other bus. the female driver was ticketed
5:45 pm
for driving negative. a small colorado town is in mourning following a rock slide. the only survivor, a 13-year- old girl, lost her parents, sister and two cousins. now we're hearing more of the heroic efforts of her father to save her from the falling rocks. kyung lah has more. >> reporter: hundreds filled the high school football stadium, to remember the coaches who guided them and young friends lost. [ singing ] >> reporter: five members of the same family, all crushed under boulders the size of cars. the only survivor, 13-year-old gracie faith johnson. her leg broken, but pulled out alive by a first responder. >> he didn't see gracie at first, but he heard somebody screaming. and he was able to start digging. >> reporter: gracie's
5:46 pm
miraculous survival, celebrated at this high scoog school, as they mourned the loss. duane johnson, an legislation, -- an electrician, coached part time. his wife dawn helped coach the track team. sister keela was a senior here. and the two nephews were visiting from missouri. the family decided to go hiking monday morning on this popular trail, recommended in guidebooks for children. the sheriff's department says recent heavy rain and freezing temperatures loosened the massive boulders and triggered the slide. the reason gracie is alive? her father saw the boulders coming. >> gracie told the rescuing deputy that her father shielded her from the boulders and pushed her out of the way. >> doesn't surprise me one bit. duane. he would have done that for you. not knowing you.
5:47 pm
if you would have been close enough to you and see haw it coming, he would have done the same thing for you. >> the trail where the rock slide -7d remains closed. a close call for a biker in britain. you can see him going through a barrier a a railway crossing 60 miles north of london. the unidentified cyclist is nearly hit by that passing train. the conductor did apply his brakes. fortunately, nobody was hurt. but authorities are actively searching for the cyclist tonight. in tonight's healthwatch, a new study shows many intensive care patients who survive a life-threatening illness may leave the hospital with cognitive problems, similar to alzheimer's. marlie hall reports for wjz. >> at just 46, lisa aribe struggles with memory. her problem started after a long stay in intensive care, after developing sepsis.
5:48 pm
>> the confusion. the getting lost. being somewhere and not knowing why you're there. >> reporter: new research shows many patients like lisa, with no history of memory problems, can leave the hospital with long-term cognitive impairment. researchers at vanderbilt university looked at about 800icu patients. they found 74% developed delirium in the hospital, which made them more likely to develop a dementia-like disease after discharge. >> what nobody has ever shown before is that in a general medical and general surgical, that three out of four people are leaving the hospital with profound cognitive impairment that looks a lot like asheimer's disease or traumatic brain injury. >> delirium is common in patients who are critically ill and confused. researchers say patients may benefit from rehabilitation that exercises the brain. and they suggest a change in icu care, including weaning off sedatives earlier. >> have patients more alert in
5:49 pm
the icu and walking. >> reporter: it's been more than a year and a half since lisa left the hospital. >> the hardest for part for me is the expectations i have upon myself. every day, i wake up, thinking, this is the day i'm going to go back to ply old life. >> reporter: the mother and grandmother say the scrapbooks have been a life saver to help her hold onto her memories. in new york, marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> and doctors are recommending cognitive rehabilitation for lisa. they've even prescribed a drug used to treat alzheimer's, to protect what brain function she has. vic is standing by where a preview. shooting in broad daylight. home invasion in baltimore county. an update on the investigation coming up. blockbuster novels and books. reaction to the passing of baltimore native tom clancy. check in for there are on these stories and the day's breaking news, coming up all new at 6:00.
5:50 pm
northern lights dance across the night sky in st. cloud, minnesota. the aurora borealis put on quite a stunning show with its autumn colors. lock at that. wow. bright red, green, purple. delighted stargazers who took to social media. northern lights are caused by particles from the earth's atmosphere. hitting particles from the sun's atmosphere. >> it's always beautiful when we see it. looks surreal. unreal. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. motorcycle mob attack. one of the bikers involved in the incident appears before a judge. as police investigate whether the suv driver was also at fault. and when you get up -- can i play?
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[ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack defying, satisfying mmm. totino's pizza rolls. mm-hmm. hmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. now in two bold new flavors! motorcycle road rage caught on tape. two vikers are arrested in the beating of a new york driver, appear in court. now, there are questions about who actually started the incident. alison harmelin reports for wjz from new york. >> reporter: 28-year-old christopher cruz was charged
5:54 pm
with reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment. >> my client had nothing to do with what happened to this gentleman. and he does not know the people who beat this gentleman up. >> another biker recorded the incident on his helmet camera and post today on the internet. police say cruz purposely went down in front of the range rover. >> i wouldn't say he did it to block the car. >> moments later, motorcyclists started pounding on the driver. that's when the driver gunned it and ran over a biker, breaking both of his legs, and possibly paralyzing him. the driver's wife and daughter were not injured. >> police were concerned members of the motorcycle gang might show up to support cruz. but only his mother and girlfriend showed up for his arraignment. prosecutors decided not to charge another biker, who is
5:55 pm
seen punching windows of the suv. the biker is said to be cooperating with the investigation. it's believed the bikers were on a stunt ride, like this one shot in california. riders blocked traffic so they can perform stunts. police say on the day of the attacks, they received more than 200 calls about the bikers driving recklessly. alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> the driver of the suv needed stitches and has not been charged. still to come on eyewitness news. >> will they or won't they play? i'm derek valcourt at navy memorial stadium, with the big cloud, hanging over this saturday's navy-air force game. saturday's navy-air force game. we'll have that ,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. a literary legend. best-selling author and native, tom clancy passes away. remembering his blockbuster achievements. >> shutdown standoff. the partial government closures enters its second day with lawmakers, still unable to agree. see what happens. >> it might be a mystery, who the mega millions winner is of the lottery ticket. but it's no mystery where the winning ticket was sold. i'm christie ileto. that story is next. our run of gorgeous weather. well, it continues. but how long will it stick around. find out in the updated first warning forecast. stay tuned for these stories and all the day's breaking
5:59 pm
news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. remembering tom clancy. the baltimore-born author, known for his military thrillers has died. >> his books, movies, and strong ties to maryland. >> reporter: hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of baltimore county. we'll get to tom clancy in just a moment. but first, there has been a shooting in middle river. captain jeff long is in sky eye chopper 13 with the latest. captain jeff? >> reporter: the call came out about 4:45 today. thshooting in middle river.


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