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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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screeching halt. is there any hope of a deal. >> the impact in maryland and across the country. >> hi, , everyone. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's people are talking about. >> more than 400 national parks are closed. it's just a small impact of a partial government shutdown. wjz has complete coverage. danielle nottingham has the latest on the possibility of a deal. derpec valcourt on the -- derek valcourt on the maryland impact. and vic carter, with people sounding off on the shutdown. we begin our coverage with danielle nottingham, want letting live -- reporting live from the capital. >> 800,000 federal workers were sent home today. and that's just the beginning. president obama warned the effects will only get worse as the shutdowning dras on. >> reporter: car -- shutdown dragged on. >> reporter: the reality of a
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government shutdown began. >> they're more interested in playing politics than doing what's right. >> democratic leaders in congress finally have their prize, a government shutdown that no one seems to want but them. >> they're obsessed with the healthcare law. and they're obsessed with hurting this president. >> reporter: for a fourth time, this senate removed language, weakening the president's healthcare law from a temporary spending bill and sent it back to the house. >> reporter: house republicans wanted senators to come to the negotiating table and work out their differences. the senate refused. >> i won't even have people sit down with the negotiators. i mean, for heaven's sake. >> reporter: now, the house is working on another proposal, one that would fund the veterans administration, park service, and d.c. city government. president obama accused house republicans of holding the economy hostage. >> reopen the government. restart the services americans depend on. >> reporter: in a letter to federal workers, the president
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said they had become punching bags in a partisan fight. >> reporter: the defense department announced it is putting the brakes on sports competitions at the service academies and the national institutes of health estimates it will turn away hundreds of patients each week the government is closed. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham. >> complete coverage continues with derek valcourt, live with the impact the shutdown is having here in maryland. >> reporter: hi, kai. the locked gates here at fort mchenry. just the tip of the iceberg, when you consider this is one of the states with the highest percentages of federal workers. >> hey, hey, what do you say? >> reporter: the workers at the perry point v.a. hospital are not subject to a government shutdown. they are protesting nonetheless. >> this is not how you run a country. >> reporter: a sign of solidarity for tens of thousands of marylanders who are now without work and
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without the paycheck that comes with it. joining the from test, pulla. she says john winger berd, also among those waiting for word from congress. >> it's crazy that a relatively small group of people can have a big impact because they can't come to an agreement. >> reporter: all of that means as much as $5 million in lost tax revenues for the state for each day closed down. 937 civilian faculty and staff have been furloughed. even the weekend's navy-air force football game is in jeopardy if an agreement isn't reached. and at fort mchenry, it's quiet. gates are padlocked. trips are canceled. but rangers say like all things, this, too, shall pass. >> there was i time in our history where our capitol was burned. we saw ourselves threw a great
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depression, civil war. and we'll see ourselves through had. >> reporter: some say in addition to their furlough notices, they were also given paperwork to help them file unemployment. live at fort mchenry, wjz eyewitness news. >> and complete coverage continues with vic in the newsroom with more on what people are saying about the shutdown. vic? >> reporter: many people are angry. others disappointed. today, wjz hit the streets to ask you, what would you say to your member of congress or senator about the shutdown if they were here right now? >> it's kind of a disgrace to those people who get up and go to work today and don't have a job because the government doesn't want them to go to work. i think that's bad. >> i would tell my senators and my representative. and i would say, ms. mikulski, mr. cardin, and mr. cummings, help the republicans understand, it's time to get my husband and son back to work. >> i think it's very troubling that our congress can't make a decision to keep our government working. that's a basic responsibility that they have.
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>> i would tell them that it's not fair to lay off these people and you still get a paycheck. if the federal government workers don't get a paycheck because of the shuts down, you should not be able to also. >> and the people we spoke with felt that the affordable healthcare act is the law and should not be used as a bargaining chip by congress. >> stay with wjz. for complete coverage of the shutdown. we will keep you updated on deal negotiations and the impact here in maryland. it is hard to believe that it's the beginning of october outside. it's warm and the sun is out with a few clouds around. athletes are taking full advantage of this opportunity to train and work out. people were out today in swarms, enjoying the warm weather. not only playing d dick golf -- disk golf, but playing and rung. in harford county, some inects is -- inscects -- insects were playing in the sunshine.
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outside now, the sun is still shining and it's still warm for the first day of october. how long will the nice weather stick around? let's go to bob turk. you bet it's warm. temperatures running about 8 or 9 anythings above normal this time of year. 71 in oakland. upper 70s to low 80s. couple of places in mid70s as you can see right now, running 3 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. it's goodbye to it ever employ room this whoosh into will windshieldch as that front to the north of us weakens. not really looking at anything big to cool us down.
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as's highs expected to be with us. you can see the records, 89, 90, 92. quite a ways from that. but normals were only around 72 degrees. so running 10 to 15 degrees above normal. the future is still unclear building 197 suffered major damage when aaron alexis killed 12 people. the navy has awarded a $12 million contract to a colorado firm to repair the damage. two up, two down. a federal district judge denies request for temporary restraining orders to delay the new laws.
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>> now laws took heak today. >> reporter: gun control opponents who frail to make their case. today, a judge delay the law from taking eak. >> had is not a ruling on the merit of the argument. the fat lady hasn't sung. she recent even can't the stage yet. >> they a waste of everybody's time. but the good news sthey are not at all affecting with the fearlessness of the law. >> reporter: he said he expects the law to withstand the challenge. >> our bill passes constitutional mutter. >> gun advocates aren't finished yet. >> we now have a framefor how to move forward. >> reporter: the plaintiffs are suing the government, the attorney general and the state
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police plaintiffs are arguing that the new gun laws that took effect today violate the second amendment right in the fact that they banned certain assault-type weapons. and they also have a problem with the new licensing and regulations because the state doesn't have a plan in place yet or a program in place yet. so effectively, right now, marylanders captain -- cannot buy a handgun. i'm pat warren, reporting from the federal courthouse, now back to you on tv hill. >> state police are trying to clear a backlog of applications submitted before the new laws took effect. in baltimore county, three women are under arrest, charged with robbing a bank in essex. police say alexis chandler, zakia flood and ashley fits, robbed the baltimore county savings bank on eastern boulevard on friday. they say two of the women passed a note to the teller, imploying they had a bomb.
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the women were then given an undisclosed amount of cash. officers caught up with them later. all three are now charged with armed robbery and are being held on $350,000 bail. he has a super bowl ring. the heart of ravens fans. and now, a ravens' wide receiver is about to be a father. wjz is live at the inner harbor. christie ileto has more on how the happy couple made the announcement. christie, some people may not know who we're talking about. >> well, obviously we're talking about tory smith and his new wife chanel. they made the announcement online through chanel's instagram. and their photos and big news spread quickly. >> reporter: the announcement went viral. torrey smith and his wife chanel, a schoolteacher, announced online they're expecting. >> i saw it online because i'm facebook friends with him. so cute, the prego thing. >> reporter: the pair scarfing down pasta and the word, "we're ," with the pasta jar, prego.
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>> i think brag a life -- bringing a life, it's a beautiful thing. >> i feel like he'll be a great father. >> reporter: arthur brown, marlon brown, and matt elam chimed in on their teammate's big news. >> i was at a radio station when i heard the news. all the women were excited. i was surprised. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the pair are taking the social media in a creative way. earlier this year, they came up with a rap video to get the students ready for a standardized test. the college sweethearts married in june. >> best thing you did in the off season? >> i guess i'd get in trouble if i didn't say, it wasn't getting married. >> reporter: tory talked about preparing for fatherhood. his mother worked two jobs. >> i said, i know everything about being a parent except having a kid. >> and that time is now, with his own baby raven on the way. >> and no word on the baby's gender or when it's due.
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but of course, baltimore is sending their congratulations. >> thank you. the ravens are on the road again sunday in miami. you can see the game sunday at 1:00, live on wjz. and kai, what i said when i saw that. chanel is -- i love her. because -- >> she's real. >> she's real. what woman would like take picture, with spagety -- spagettingy -- spaghetti coming out of her mouth. >> she's a guyy girl. >> -- guy's girl. >> totally fun way to do it. violent road rage. new va video is -- 92 new video is sparking shot shock and fear after a group of motor vehiclists beat-- motorcyclists beat another driver. what led to the violence? tens of thousands of sewage, spilling into a waterway. coming up, the latest on the
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spill and the cleanup. drivers, beware. what they're doing could lead to a convict. the new laws in effect for motorists today. what you need to know. plus, just a gorgeous day out there for october 1st. your first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,, when you have diabetes like i do,
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mostly sunny, 81 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. people who live near marley creek in anne arundel county are being warned on stay away from the water. wjz is live. monique griego has more on a sewage spill, sending thousands of gallons of waste into that water. >> right now, the pumping station is undergoing construction. and the county says the spill happened after a temporary system failed.
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warning signs after a pumping station failure sent at least 50,000 gallons of untreated sewage, flowing out of the water. >> last week, it was really bad. a really strong smell. >> jane waller is used to catching a whiff of waste. but monday, the smell was unbearable. that's when the at any point of possible works first noticed the problem. >> we were notified of a manhole overflowing into the system. >> reporter: crews located the source of the backup to this manhole at the pumping station at norman avenue. the station is undergoing major renovation. and during construction is using a temporary system. >> the bypass had failed. >> reporter: once the sewage pops the top on the manhole, the only way it can go is downhill. and in this case, it flowed right into this area and into the creek. >> we had about a three-hour event, where water -- sewage was flowing into the creek.
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>> reporter: the county is now warning people to stay out of the water, avoiding any direct contact until otherwise notified. they have already started treating the ground with lime. neighbors say they'd like more than just warning signs. >> we would have liked to know exactly what happened, rather than just having this smell and just like, oh. >> reporter: the county says the temporary alert system also failed. so the response took longer than normal. kai, back to you. >> monique. thank you. while early estimates suggested 50,000 gallons has spilled, it could end up being more. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on traffic. >> couple of slow areas out there, starting with northbound 95 on the southwest side. watch for some brake lights as you approach 32, going past route 100. minor slowdown as you make your way past 70. different situation on the top side inner loop. just bumper to bumper there,
5:19 pm
from greenspring avenue to perring parkway. as far as accidents go, plenty of them popping up. bel air road at putty hill in the nottingham area. north holiday at east lexington street. erdmann avenue at sinclaire lane. east preston at brentwood. let's take a live look. you can see, things have gotten heavier there. this traffic report brought to you by dr. paul miller. going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary or painful. talk to dr. miller about sedation dentistry. back to you. police are warning drivers to put the cell phones away and buckle up. several new laws are in effect statewide today. talking on a handheld cell phone while driving is now a primary offense. which means you can be pulled over if a police officer sees you talking on your phone. also today are a new seat belt
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law hits the books, requiring everyone in the car to be strapped in. and maryland's tough gun laws go into effect, banning 45 assault type weapons and requiring fingerprints from buyers. >> wow. all right. feels like summer out there. almost. almost. maybe more tomorrow. we have been talking about how warm it's going to get. humidity did drop to 81%. barometer holding steady. come balk and take a look at the warmup after this. ,,,,,,,,,
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live look from sky eye chopper 13 at the aquarium there. at power plant live. >> is it opened or closed? >> it's open, i believe. >> i think it's probably closed. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> federal government. >> i don't know. we'll have to find out for you. >> it's open. great day to be outside. let's take a look at temps now around the region. a lot of sunshine. still at 81 degrees. 80 in ocean city. 79 to the north and west of us. as you can see, dew point still low at for.
5:24 pm
may come up a little over the next day or so. but nothing humid. west/northwest winds. nice little breeze. in the shade, it's pretty comfortable. out in the sun, it does feel like summer afternoon. north of us, a lot of clouds. because this is really the boundary between much cooler air in canada and and milder air. it does dip a little in the west. but they have pretty chilly temperatures. clouds up across eastern new england now. but that's moving out. our region now, almost totally cloud-free for the time being. may see a few clouds from time to time. but generally, high pressure in control of the region. started here with a chilly air. and now moving off the east coast. and behind it, you have circulation out of the south and southwest. this front as it crosses the
5:25 pm
great lakes will kind of weaksen. may drop temperatures here thursday, two or three degrees. apart from that, we're going to stay well above average. and any shower activity will weaken. maybe sunday night and monday. might so a shower with another frontal system. but looks like generally, the next four to five days remain well above normal and pretty much dry. aread, not ranging much. hasn't moved in fact, it's stationary. winds with hardly any circulation. and it's stuck in the middle of the atlantic. and not going to change. 1200 miles west of the azors. so it's directly in the middle of the atlantic ocean. west winds, 5 to 10 knots. sunrise, 7:04 in thasm. and sets at 6:48.
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pleasantly cool, 56, with clear skies for the most part. tomorrow, we warm up again. today being we were 83. tomorrow, sunshine back up to maybe 86 degrees. not a record, but getting close. >> the aquarium in baltimore is open. it is a private, nonprofit institution. >> thank you for clearing that up. >> all right. the national video in washington is closed, though. >> very good to know that. i wasn't sure. >> i know that's a good question. >> okay. still ahead at 5:00, everybody. shut down. day 1. the impact it's already having. especially at some of the country's most known tourist deft nation -- destinations. month of september ends with a bang after a man is murdered in northeast baltimore. i'm rochelle ritchie. just how many people have been murdered in the city alone? that answer is next. from jimmy rend rix's -- jimi hendrix's amp to amy winehouse's dress, the baltimore house is undergoing a renovation. i'll tell you how can be a vip at the grand opening tonight.
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and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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it is 5:29. 81 degrees and mostly sunny in central maryland right now. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz, eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. 177 murders and counting. two men killed in the final hours of september make the month the second deadliest this
5:30 pm
year for homicides in the city. wjz is live. rochelle ritchie talks to baltimore's mayor about the upsetting numbers. rochelle? >> hi, mary. you know, the numbers are very unsettling. baltimore police have their hands full with murder investigations. >> a distraught woman breaks down in tears after a man and shot and killed in northeast baltimore. >> he's a real good friend of mine. he's like a nephew to me. >> had shooting just a short distance from where another male is shot and killed this week. >> we've had a number of officers out here in this area because we thought the tension was high. >> reporter: in the violetville neighborhood, another man is shot to death the same day after getting into a fight with his -- estranged wife's boyfriend. the total of homicides now to 177. >> very startling.
5:31 pm
freight ning-- frightening actually. >> we're focused, like a laser othe small number of people in the city who are causing the large part of the damage, the homicides and nonfatal shootings. >> reporter: some people do blame baltimore city police. others blame the mayor for the violence. but there are some residents who say the community is part of the problem. >> last year, we had a meeting with citizens and tried to get people out to talk to law enforcement. and maybe five people showed up. >> reporter: with the end. year approaching and the number of murders still growing, the mayor says they'll continue to be aggressive in pursuing and prosecuting. >> it's clear, by the amount of vitals we had in september that our work is not doneful. >> reporter: and this year, the mayor already added additional prosecutors to the state's attorney's office, in response to the crime. i'm rochelle ritchie, live tonight, at wjz eyewitness news. >> rochelle, thank you. june was the only month that had more murders than september. u.n. inspectors cross the
5:32 pm
lebanon border into syria to oversee the destruction of the country's arsenal of chemical weapons. the team has five months to dismantle and eliminate the arsenal. >> a second group is set to arrive within a week. a chemical attack killed at least 1400 people in damascus. the federal shutdown is shuttering all national parks. it's taking a toll then on the tourism industry. but one group of veterans still manages to get inside the world war ii memorial today. susan mcginnis reports for wjz from washington. >> reporter: bus loads of veterans came from mississippi to see the world war ii memorial and found barricades keeping them away. >> thank you for your service and welcome to your memorial. >> reporter: from the national air and space museum to the lincoln memorial, the government shutdown is forcing the closure of the nation's treasures. >> pretty disappointing. hope they can fix it up pretty soon. >> reporter: but the veterans
5:33 pm
entered the memorial anyway, after some members of congress came and removed the barricades. >> i've been looking forward to seeing this ever since they put it up. >> reporter: more than 3 million have visit the world war ii memorial so far this year. but now, tourists can't get close. >> expensive trip for nothing. >> reporter: most are disappointed with the closing. but more disappointed with the government. >> i think our politics -- politicians need to work together. >> reporter: this family came from costa rica to see the sites. >> we're looking forward to seeing the museums. and we are not going to see anything. we are very disappointed. >> even panda mom mejing and newborn are affected. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage. government shutdown continues now. denise is live at with more. >> reporter: maryland is home,
5:34 pm
of course, to tens of thousands of federal government workers. we would like to know how the government shutdown will affect you. it won't impact you at all? you will be financially impacted by furloughs? or it will influence your vote in the future? or it will affect you in a variety of different ways. so far, those of you who responded to our polls, 36% of you taking the poll say it will not impact them at all. 34% say it will influence the way they vote in the next election. back to you, mary. >> all right, denise. thank you. and stay with wjz for complete coverage of the government shutdown. we will keep you updated on deal negotiations and the impact here in maryland. while much of the focus is on the government shutdown, today is also the first day you can sign up for the healthcare act. the president spoke this afternoon, calling on republicans who opposed the healthcare plan.
5:35 pm
people can now shop for healthcare plans. there are already some glitches in the system. >> wouldn't let me do this. >> reporter: wanda young tried for two hours to sign up for health care this morning. but enrolling still wasn't easy. >> the system was just overloaded. there was no way. we tried four or five times. >> reporter: the 63-year-old suffers from bone and liver disease and hasn't been able to afford health insurance since losing her job nine months ago. >> how -- often do you feel the pain? >> my pain is constant. >> reporter: california is one of several states having technical issues online. and call centers are overloaded with people calling for help. the obama administration hopes to enroll 7 million people by next spring. dr. baguette, an obgyn for 25 years believes that this will make patient records available to the government and compromise care. >> seems that policy is much more important than medical
5:36 pm
care. >> reporter: but for wanda, having insurance could be a life saver. >> the world just doesn't see the type of person i am. they don't see the people who fall between the cracks. >> reporter: wanda hopes to pay somewhere around $75 a month with the help of subsidies. she has until the 15th to sign up in order to have insurance for the new year. >> open enrollment ends march 31st. you can access the exchanges by logging onto and -- and clicking on health. school's superintendent. three navy midshipman, accused of raping a female midshipman. the alleged victim in the case has falled -- filed a lawsuit, arguing miller is likely to be biased as superintendent of the school and should recuse himself from the case. two men suspected in a string of armed robberies are
5:37 pm
arrested. they are accused of multiple robberies in the glen burnie area. they both face several charges in the case. police also found two handguns and marijuana packaged to sell when they were arrested. >> reporter: one person is arrested in the caught on tape motorcycle gang beating of a new york city driver. alison harmelin reports for wjz with the latest from new york. >> reporter: police say they've arrested the biker who caused an accident that led to the caught-on-video attack of a new york city driver. the man was riding in his suv with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, when police say a mob of bikers surrounded him. one suddenly slowed down, causing the driver to clip him. the video, shot on a biker's helmet camera and posted on the internet, shows the suv mowing down a motorcyclist and taking off. but police say the driver was only trying to get away, after the bikers swerved in front of his car and slashed his tires. then a swarm of bikers chased the suv. one of them tried to pull the
5:38 pm
driver from his range rover, before he escaped again. >> reporter: finally, the suv came to a stop. and the bikers smashed the window. after the camera was turned off, a witness says the bikers dragged the driver out. range rover and beat him. he received stitches at a hospital and was released. the biker who was run over suffered two broken legs and is oned a ventalator. >> my husband got off his bike to help the guy. and whatever he did, he got scared, he went and peeled off. and he pirl -- paralyzed my husband on the way. >> reporter: police say many motorcycle groups come to the city every year. they apply for permits and don't cause problems. but commissioner ray kelly said the group involved in this incident has caused trouble before. >> last year, they came in with over 1,000 psyche lifts to -- cyclists to be somewhat disruptive. they rode on the sidewalk. that sort of thing. >> reporter: the driver of the suv has not been charged and his wife and child were not injured n. new york, ali
5:39 pm
guesson-- alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the biker hit by the suv suffered two broken legs. in louisiana, police say a man shot and killed a pastor during a church service after his wife alleged the pastor raped her. officers say the woman filed a rape change against the pastor, two days before herself her husband walked into the lake charles church and killed him, while he was delivering a sermon. the man saw inappropriate text messages from his wife to the pastor, suggesting they had a nonconsensual relationship. noz time for a quick look at some of stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's ecigz of the -- edition. baltimore sun. will randy edsel's pay off. and a look at the grade for the 2013 orioles for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun and remember to look for wjz's first warning weather team.
5:40 pm
ever since an obsolete general electric facility, next to the aquarium was turned into the power plant, people have flocked to its bars and its restaurants. here's a live look at the hard rock downtown. from sky eye chopper 13. mike schuh reports, it has the goen a rock and roll facelift. >> reporter: now, this is a ribbon cutting. >> reporter: no ribbon. a lot of splintered guitars. a fitting way to reopen a remodeled hard rock cafe. >> so today is actually a huge celebration of the -- what's called the grand reopening. >> reporter: hard to believe it's been 16 years since new. now a multimillion dollar renovation make its lighter and brighter. >> it's a washburn guitar that belonged to paul stanley of kiss, the star child. >> it was a little german-made flask that belonged to jimi hendrix. >> the jimi hendrix. >> the jimi hendrix.
5:41 pm
>> he drank out of this? >> i'm convinced that some sort of voodoo child will come out and bestow us with magical guitar powers. it f there's one artist renowned for crazy, over-the- top fashion as he is for his amazing music itself, it's elseon john. -- elton john. also, concert by imagine dragon. >> radioactive, radioactive. >> reporter: not bad really. but the band prefers this version. ♪ [ music ] ♪ radioactive, radioactive >> reporter: get this. only 300 vips get to see the show. and you may be a vip and not yet even know it. >> tonight, there will be a party from 5:00 to 8:00, with music and food and the opportunity for lucky consumers to win their way into the exclusive vip performance of imagine dragons. >> so from madonna's sequin undies to the guitar-shaped bar. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness
5:42 pm
news. >> the party tonight is also raising money for the casey cares foundation and local guitar maker paul reed smith has donated 17 gitashes to the frederick douglas high school music department. paul reed smith makes santana's guitars. so that's a big deal. >> he's had some success at playing guitar. a hiking trip leaves five people dead and one person fighting for their life. what triggered that tragedy. plus, looking for answers. a crash in chicago leaves many wondering how an unmanned train left the station. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. warm october continues. i'll have the exclusive first warning fike. we'll be right -- five-day forecast. we'll be ri,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these are the hands of a surgeon.
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a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. all righty. look at that. almost like a summer sunset around the area. sun sets in about an hour or so. so we got one more hour to enjoy this beautiful day. tomorrow morning, starts in the upper 50s to low 60s. eventually getting up to the low, each mid-80s before it's all said and done. may get up to about 86 degrees tomorrow. not a record, but awfully,
5:46 pm
awfully warm for october. 84, thursday. 86 again on friday and saturday. some clouds, 82 on sunday. nighttime lows, getting up in the near 60-degree range. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. heavy smog continues to blanket northern china. and it's going to get worse before it gets better. the beijing center put the levels at critical levels. people are being advised to wear mouth mufflers outdoors. meteorologists say cold air in the region is preventing pollutants from dispersing. in southern chine arescuers are -- chine arescuers are finding fishermen in boats. 58 remain missing. ships and airplanes are combing that area for the missing men. storm affecting the area made landfall in central vietnam late naft night. well, the bodies of five hikers are pulled from a massive pile of rock in colorado. as bigad shaban reports, they were hiking on an easy trail in
5:47 pm
the san isabel national forest when the rock slide began. >> reporter: search crews carried stretchers up the trail to the agnes vail water fall in south central colorado. witnesses say the bodies of five people are bury under the rocks the size of cars. >> we have rock bars and shovels. and it will all be handiwork. >> reporter: rescuers rescued gracie johnson monday. they airlifted her to denver. local sheriff says her leg is broken. gracie told the sheriff, her father shielded her from the rocks. she died, along with her mother, brother, and two cousins visiting from missouri. crews say it could take several days to recover the bodies. because the rock slide is not stable. no helicopters are allowed overhead because of what the vibrations could do to the 100- ton boulders. and there are three different crews on the ground, keeping
5:48 pm
watch for rock movement. the johnson teens both attended a nearby high school and their patients were coaches there. -- parents were coaches there. today, the community has gathered on campus. it has now become a memorial to the victims. >> as we heard, a fifth hiker, a 13-year-old girl, sheshe remains hospitalized with that broken leg. the youngest victim was 10 years old. rescued with seconds to spare. a police officer in el segundo, california, risked his life to save a woman from a burning car. >> step back. get away from the car. i need paramedics over here. need paramedics over here. >> reporter: just in time as the officer pulled the driver to safety, that car was enwonderful good in -- engulfed in flames. the 22-year-old is expected to survive. the officer suffered some burns and smoke inhalation. two trains collide in chicago. it happened monday morning during rush hour. officials say the camera at the building where the first train was parked were not working. it left the yard, heading
5:49 pm
eastbound on the westbound track. right now, the ntsb isn't offering any other possibilities, other than it was a runaway train. the train made it through several safety locks without stopping. an operator described what he saw to officials. he actually opened his motor cab door, steps onto the platform and is looking and looking and looking. as the train is coming closer, he realizes there is no one operating that train. he turns, sticks his head back into the train and tells everybody to brace themselves. which, thank god he did that. this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the investigation is still in its very early stages, as officials try to determine how the train left the station and got through those safety locks. well, delta airlines is lightening the load for its 11,000 pilots. the airline is buying all of them microsoft surface 2 tablets. they will replace the heavy paper-based flight kits pilots
5:50 pm
currently use. delta says the move will save the airline about $13 million a year in fuel and other costs. pilots flying the boeing 757 and boeing 767 fleets will receive the tablets first. the rest will get them by the end of 2014. vic is standing by with a preview. >> government shutdown. finger pointing continues with neither party accepting the blame. how long the closure could last. and the impact it's having around the country and here in maryland. and extreme road rage. a new york city driver is attacked by a motorcycle gang. and it's all caught on tape. the latest on an arrest made in the case. check in for more on these stories and the breaking news coming up at 6:00. it is one of nature's most spectacular sites. the annual migration of the monarch butterflies. usually, this weekend, it's time to celebrate. but not this year.
5:51 pm
the monarch butterfly celebration is declining. the insect numbers have been in freefall for the past 30 years. and this season is apparently the worst. the monarch butterfly is near extinction because of deforestation, if you can believe that. my daughters have grown these from those little chrisalis that you get in the mail. and they migrate to mexico. they have made documentaries. probably in the millions when they gather. >> do the girls release them? >> hay release them after they grow. but just like with ghees, this is a critical part of our environment. >> the food chain. and the web. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. the ravens face another road game on sunday. so what is the coach saying about the state of his team? >> mark has the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
what changes will the ravens make for their game coming up in miami? sports director mark viviano joins us with more on what coach harbaugh is saying about the team today. mark? >> reporter: well, mary, the ravens hit the practice field in owings mills tomorrow. they'll try on put their last
5:55 pm
game behind them. that loss at buffalo, serving as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the football league. coach john harbaugh has had great success as a head coach. but every year, there are those games against spoiz supposedly inferior opponents that end up as defeat. joe flacco, part of a bad day against the pills. -- bills. but just four weeks into a season, teams are figuring out howho they are, evolving week to week. >> you know, we're not the same team we were two months ago. and we're going to be a different team two months from now. i'm most interested in what kind of team we are six month fros now when we go to miami. you look around the league. there are things you expect to struggle with and things that crop up on you that you have to deal with. >> ravens looking for that first road win. see them battle the dolphins, here on wjz. kickoff comes your way, sunday at 1:00. ravens head south. so do the unbeaten maryland
5:56 pm
tera pains, taking on florida state in tallahassee. we'll hear from randy edsel coming up. that's ahead in sports. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. i'm derek valcourt, at fort mchenry, with how the government shutdown is impacting maryland from the naval academy to the impant on federal workers. that story when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
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coming up on eyewitness
5:59 pm
news at 6:00. the federal government shutdown. will a deal be reached any time soon in wjz is live with complete coverage. efforts to delay new gun laws fail. i'm patarren. coming -- pat warep. coming up, opponent says they not done yet. desire he has a super bowl ring, and now he's expected ing a baby. i'm christie ileto with more on how torrey smith and his wife are becoming parents. a warm start to october. will the trend continue? find out in the first warning weather forecast. check in for the forecast and the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. out of service. the u.s. government s


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