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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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"the patuxent river naval air station near d.c. was commissioned in 1943 by john mccain's grandfather." i'm thinking of going hang gliding. pax river is, like, completely flat. think that's why they tested the v-22 osprey there. i like naval stuff. i like their oranges and lint. what looks like kidney disease, but isn't? and where's chase? root canal and berger's. the first one was regarding chase. root canal, if done correctly, doesn't look like kidney disease.
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got a case for you. smells funny. patient had an idiopathic anaphylactic reaction. it stumped two e.r. docs and an immunologist from johns hopkins. patient went from asymptomatic to fried kidneys in less than a year. stumped three internists and a department chair from harvard. 14-year-old girl, intermittent attacks. four-year-old boy, consistently at death's door. [blows] this patient died five years ago. i didn't say which side of the door he was on. the fact that he's dead makes it more interesting. four-year-olds do not die of berger's. i thought it was relevant. death is a consequence, not a symptom. if it's not a symptom, it's not relevant. shouldn't we be trying to maximize what we can save here?
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14-year-old, your freedom, our asses? right... save your asses. [massive attack's teardrop] ♪ she was in a car accident when she was two. she only had minor injuries, but her father died. that was 12 years ago. you think that's pertinent? no, i think it's sad. she got sick in the middle of her 14th birthday party. which is sad and pertinent. maybe she was opening a present
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that triggered the reaction. where's house? pissing contest with foreman. last thing she ate was strawberry cake, but allergy tests for everything were negative. do you like your dentist? i'm still going to my pediatric one. what's your dentist's name? williams. what if it's not an allergic reaction? hereditary angioedema or systemic mastocytosis could mimic anaphylaxis. you're not sure of his name? you just saw him this morning. his assistant's name is angie. her home number is-- normal complement studies. no skin lesions. you had a manicure. this is fresh! you weren't at the dentist. why would you lie about that? to avoid having this conversation. (adams) elevated bp. what about pheochromocytoma? or an anaphylactoid reaction, which could be triggered by certain opioids. you've had your hair cut three times since i've met you. you can't be embarrassed about a manicure. there's gotta be a deeper reason. did house give you homework? she's not on any meds. haven't you heard? everybody lies. and the tox screen was clean. feel free to jump in at any time. we'll check catecholamines for pheo and run an expanded opioid panel. you see what the patient says about drug use
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when her mother's out of the room. no, never. nobody's here to bust you, iris. we just need to know if-- no, i already told you. i just take vitamin c sometimes. what exactly were you doing when you had your reaction? opening a birthday present. the magic 8 ball. the joke gift, not the cocaine. is that it? certain drugs could explain her reaction. what kind of drugs? what kind did you have in mind? iris has always been a moody girl. and now that she's a teenager, it's gotten worse. so for the past few months i've been... giving something to relax her. diazepam. i tell her it's vitamin c. being normal is very important to iris. she couldn't handle the thought of being on meds. anti-anxiety medications would explain it.
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if we keep her off, she'll be moody, but healthy. [vomiting] or it's something else. i need to ddx a patient with you. i thought you had a team for that. according to foreman, they're only for ddxing people who are still alive. you have a dead patient? bigotry is boring when we add modifiers. i don't see creed, color, pulse. foreman will find out you're taking this case, and he'll bust you. but you know that, which means... you want to go back to jail... because it's the one place you're unable to indulge your self-destructive habits. yeah, it's much more likely that i'm taking this case because i miss showering with cro-magnons than that i actually happen to find it interesting. four-year-old kid. his kidneys died, they transfused.
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his lungs died. he died. have you seen bride of the monster? i just got the ed wood box set. what if the chicken was the egg? what if the lung involvement came first? i don't really care about the movie. i just don't want to indulge your-- lupus. because this is a bad idea, house. if the kid had a rash or some circulation issue... damn! i just realized i'm late for my anger management class. (man) traffic, for sure. taxes. definitely taxes. spoiled grandchildren. platitudes. any others? and i lose my temper when someone suggests that a handful of pop-psych catch phrases can control our most seminal, intractable, and natural reaction to a dead child. am i right, emory?
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i don't think emory wants to share right now. they blew it, didn't they? they missed your son's rash. a faint one, on his cheek. he didn't have a rash. i think we should talk about lena's grandchildren. they're alive. was he sensitive to sunlight? no. greg... cold fingers and toes? no! wegener's granulomatosis. i need to examine your son. you're a bit late for ass. with you and your wife's consent, we can get an exhumation order. find out what killed him. ex-wife. and you'll never get her consent. she's moved on-- new hub, new kid. she wants nothing to do with drew's death. or me. you're angry because your kid died. more than that,
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because you don't have an answer. people need answers. he's in a crypt at st. jude's cemetery. (adams) you feeling any pain or cramping here? a bit. but not just there, um... here. breast tenderness. have you been having regular periods, iris? not really. what is it? i think we should run a pregnancy test. iris isn't sexually active. she doesn't even have a boyfriend. pregnancy would explain all of her symptoms. can even cause some unpredictable allergic reactions. how can i be pregnant if i've never even had sex? we just need a drop of blood. what's the matter? my-- my arms.
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i think they got the cause of death wrong. and if i find a hole in the cartilage of his nose, right about here, then it means i'm right. please be respectful. i prepared the sarcophagus for you. thank you, igor. it's milton.
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[cell phone rings loudly] you owe me a new pair of pants. [beep] [adams, on speaker] she is pregnant. test came back positive. so...she lost the use of her arms and her innocence. a vengeful god? or... (taub) cerebral tumor. (adams) vasculitis. (park) ms. i gather from the silence that chase isn't there. nope, i'm here. where are you? "nowhere"... he said cryptically. i assume you concur with the diagnosis. absolutely.
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even though there are three diagnoses? and ms and vasculitis usually get better with pregnancy. yeah, i was saying i agreed with the other one. he's had his eyebrows waxed. (chase) i met a woman who likes her men well groomed. all over? i assume, from the silence, that chase has had a brazilian. cool. interesting. ouch. question is... is this really about a woman? or is it about something more profound? another question is, could the paresthesia be caused by an std? hiv-related mononeuritis multiplex. i gather from the silence that either you all agree with chase or you're just staring at his emasculated brow. in either case, test for hiv and do an mri to rule out tumors.
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and check chase for testosterone. [beep beep] [loud banging] (taub) blood work was negative for hiv. all the money's on tumor. how was the brazilian? it was fine. hurt a bit. what about house's theory? why'd you really do it? 'cause i'm vain and shallow. and you weren't before? the girl i was seeing wasn't. there's nothing profound here. no tumor, either. it's not her brain. everything looks good. what's the matter? my arm, it's... still nothing? no, now they're sore. paresthesia's gone.
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new age perfect glow renewal facial oil from l'oreal paris. you're glowing, and you're worth it. could the bruising be caused by a physical trauma? you think she fell out of bed, repeatedly? a blood disorder. maybe thrombocytopenia. a vitamin k deficiency or scurvy could explain bleeding problems, and pregnancy could exacerbate it. boys, do a home search. girls, do lab tests. i'm pretty sure that's not sexist. where have you been? picking up dry cleaning. filling up the tank. violating the dead. if you don't believe me, call the monitoring company. i did. unfortunately, the patuxent river naval air station was gps testing and disrupted the signal, at the exact, same 45 minutes you weren't here. well, if i'd known i had 45 minutes of freedom, i'd have gone hang gliding. i admire the creativity. what happens when the stunt doesn't work? think you're gonna have to pay off a bet? think i'm gonna triple your clinic hours? i'm gonna call your p.o.,
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and you're gonna go back to jail. (house) there are mees' lines on his fingernails, so now i'm thinking heavy metal poisoning. you're an addict. and i'm an idiot for thinking that your addictions were limited to pills, anti-social behavior, and sarcasm. [burps] sorry. vicodin repeating on me. you're also addicted to puzzles. you show all the classic behaviors. lying, neglecting responsibilities, and you can't stop, no matter how devastating the consequences. working on a medical case is not a parole violation. it's my job description. your job description is doing what foreman tells you to do. never mind bride of the monster. you need to watch norma rae. (house) before we get started, i just want to thank you all for agreeing to relocate. um, i had an appointment in this part of town, and i absolutely didn't want to miss this meeting. but, uh, thank you. i'm buying. not literally.
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hey, emory, should we, uh, powder our noses? hey, did you know your ex-wife still lives right behind this place? she finishes work at 4:00. picks up her new kid at 4:15. gives us about 20 minutes. i made some calls. it's amazing what people will tell you if you ask brutally enough. was that table here? some kinds of pressure-treated wood can contain arsenic. we shouldn't be here. we don't have a choice. this is the only way you're gonna get your answer. does your ex leave a spare key anywhere? how did he look?
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peaceful. vitamin k deficiency's a bust. fridge has more spinach and broccoli than a farmer's market. the brazilian... you said it hurt "a bit." you've had one? more than one, and you haven't. they hurt all your bits. that's my dark secret. what's yours? i had the nails and eyebrows done, but that's it. i just needed to create a distraction, though. i met a tv producer at a dinner. she asked me to appear on the medical segment. screen tested it yesterday and shot it today. you're a tv doctor? it's a one-off. when's it air? two hours ago. otherwise, i'd still be lying. this is what she was opening when she had her attack. will anyone believe chase is an actual doctor? "don't count on it."
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huh. she does have a boyfriend. love letters. porn. the nasty kind. torture, rape... animals. sweet kid. [door unlatches] [creak] [sighs]
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this is all that's left. one box in the bottom of a closet. ohh. he used to wear those stupid things all the time. used to have to pretend i was scared. made in the people's republic of lead paint. [car pulls up outside] back door. let's get out of here first. we need to catch the end of our class.
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i met him at school. he was the only boy that liked me. it's a little more than like. we haven't had sex. oh, come on, iris. you're pregnant. so i'm just lying about everything? well, you lied about the boyfriend. you obviously lied about sex and this...garbage. they're his. he can't keep them at his place. well, i'm glad we could be so accommodating. what else don't i know? honey... what is it? he came here last night. and he told me i should leave. [crying] but i didn't want to, and he got mad.
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he hit you? physical trauma. explains the negatives of the blood disorder. we should call the police. i won't tell them anything. that's ridiculous. he beat you! what is it? it's getting hard to see. what the hell is happening to me? are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories. [ male announcer ] with reddi wip, fruit never sounded more delicious. mmm. [ male announcer ] with 15 calories per serving and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. chauncey can't lather like this, man. you can't, either.
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rubbing alcohol, vinegar. not sure what this is. aren't there actual medical tests? dead patients usually get a lower standard of care. pink means lead. orange means mercury. and rust means arsenic. and what's brown mean? scotch. [scoffs] [glasses clinking on glass table] [sighs] [chuckles] he used to call him "deezer."
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he couldn't say "zebra." he'd have his own words for everything. we called 'em "drewisms." how does your ex-wife do it? how come she's not... angry and miserable? she treated it like it never happened. she never even cried. not even at his funeral. i was a mess, and she just sat there like... a statue. we have a problem. does it limp? [elevator bell dings] why do you care if he works on two cases?
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'cause next, it'll be three cases, then four. then animal cases and ghost cases. then animal ghost cases. assuming, of course, we are talking about house. you're just setting yourself up to fail. he has a lot more to lose than i do, and he knows that. he's rational. no, he's not. he's the most rational man i've ever met. annoyingly so. he isn't gonna put himself back in jail over a dead kid. he's an addict, and he will put himself back in jail over a puzzle. he'll back down. halfway through the perimetry exam, her tunnel vision went away. she can see perfectly. tia. the word "transient" is right there in the name. [house chuckling] ah, here we go. chesa, after giving the pics an eye or two, i can confirm that lauren's surgeries cost her some big bikkies. not only was there a gut tuck,


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