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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tragic accident, a soldier stationed in aberdine drowns in a local park. tonight how it happens and the efforts to save his life. hello everyone i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. a few hours of fun and relaxation ends in horror for soldiers stationed in aberdine town. one of them went under water but never came down. kelly mcpherson explains this isn't the first time there's been a drowning in that very
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same spot. >> reporter: people who live around the park were not surprised to hear that there was a drowning and they knew the exact spot where it happened. rescue teams searched for the body of a soldier for three hours. the 19-year-old soldier was swimming with five other friends who were all staying at aberdine for army training. the fellow soldiers were so distraught they were difficult to interview after the drowning. the soldiers swam down the rapids, went under water and got his foot stuck between rocks. >> i live near the falls, i know there's been other drownings. >> reporter: it is dangerous, a
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year ago this week someone died in the same spot in the same way. >> it's all rocks underneath there. it's very likely that someone would get stuck. >> reporter: tom eater has gone down the rapids before. it's a popular spot to go tubing and white water rafting. >> you have to be able to hold yourself and push back out a bit but there's a lot of water pressure pushing down on you. >> reporter: another soldier in the group also injured his leg while trying to save his friend. the soldier who died, his identity is not being released until 24 hours after next of kin is notified. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> kelly, thank you. the department of natural resources is handling the investigation. the soldiers body is at the medical examiners office in baltimore. a seventh grader is dead after someone opens fire on him
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outside his home. mike schuh reports, the shooting is sparking outrage and calls for change across the city. >> reporter: look closely at maryland pernel's house, here is one of the bullets that missed and outside blood that hasn't washed away and in her son, memories of johnson. >> i was stunned, i was mad. you know. he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: her perspective is like none other. her son 19-year-old towson student tutored seventh grade sean johnson. since the shooting, more police have been stationed in this neighborhood. the same corner is where this morning maryland stood behind carl stokes who faults how the city deploys police in our neighborhoods. >> i think they are handcuffed. i think they are not allowed to do their jobs the way they know they can do them. >> reporter: he claims if officers walked the beat, they
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would be trusted and they would get more leads after tragedies like these. at city hall, i asked the mayor about the councilman's concerns following the day we find out about the passing of sean johnson. >> this is a horrible tragedy that we're doing. making sure we're bringing these individuals to justice and i'm going to do everything for the young men, the young men who we lost to make sure his death is not in vain. >> with sean's killer on the lose, his family, police, the mayor and all who want to be want one thing, the tip that puts his killer behind bars. mike schuh, back to you on tv hill. >> if you have any information on this crime, you are surged to call city police or metro crime stoppers. the number of dead is still rising tonight following a series of powerful tornadoes. 132 are known dead but more are
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still missing. other families are returning to their homes trying to salvage whatever is left. demanding answers, tonight families of the victims of that deadly 2009 air france flight want to know how and why this happened. the plane plunged into the atlantic ocean off the coast of brazil killing everyone on board. candyce gibson reports on wjz on the new evidence. >> reporter: black boxes recently recovered from the ocean floor paint a terrifying picture. french investigators say pilots wrestles with the controls of air france flight 447 for about 3.5 minutes. the trouble began when the plane passed through rough weather. the cockpit displays showed inconsistent speed readings that could suggest the external speed sensors were malfunctions or had iced over. >> what we've seen in this
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cockpit ice recorder is two pilots extremely confused about what's happening on their flight deck. what's happening to their instrumentation. >> reporter: the captain who had been on a scheduled rest break returned to the cockpit about one minute into the ordeal. the jet climbed to 3,800 feet but stalled and began to fall. >> all they could do was try to get the speed up because they were losing speed and losing altitude. >> reporter: the plane plunged into the atlantic at the rate of 11,000 feet per minute. >> the aircraft was rolling. the aircraft was descending at a high rate of speed. tremendous g force. it was horrific. >> reporter: victim's families say they just want answers from the french government. the families are already worn out from suffering he says. air france is facing manslaughter charges for the people on board. a full report on the crash isn't due out until next year.
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candyce gibson, cbs news. air france replaced the tubes on its fleet of planes. the carrier is also checking to see if their pilots are checking to deal with stalls in these type of circumstances. an emotional farewell for a trooper killed in the line of duty. hundreds gathered today some as far away as texas and vermont to honor the 39-year-old trooper. he was an 11-year-old veteran of the force. >> i got called at 5:15 in the morning by one of the classmates. it was devastating. i went to class with him, he would help other classmates when they were down. that's the kind of person he was, he would bring you up when you were down. >> trooper hunter was buried with full honors.
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constalation refused to give its ceo a pay raise. at the same time shadoxx compensation package increased by more than $5 million. shadox now makes 15.7 million a year. growing problem, the feds raid a storage shed in maryland and uncover an illegal bath salts operation. weijia jiang explains what bath salts are and how easy it is for your children to get their hands on them. >> reporter: police say they not only found the drug, they found it being packaged. then we found it right here in baltimore. inside a unit at this new market storage facility, federal drug agents find a market of bath salts. the drug can pack the same
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impact as cocaine. >> it brings panic attacks and even potentially heart attacks. >> if you're doing the stuff, stop it. if you haven't done it, don't. that's all i can say about that bath salt. it's bad, it killed my boy. >> reporter: it's police are also concerned about how easy it is to get bath salts. we walked into this smoke shop, they are selling it for $38 a pack. wjz even found it cheaper on the internet. last year there were 302 cases and so far this year more than 2,200 have been reported. for now the ingredients used to make bath salts is illegal. and some are pushing to change that. >> i think the government needs to move on this and pass it so it's against the law. >> reporter: and police say the man who was arrested for having that storage unit -- i'm sorry
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has not been arrested even though he was running that operation in his storage unit. we also know from court document that is the seizure is part of an investigation throughout baltimore. >> bath salt chemicals have been banned in several states. getting out of town, marylanders are rolling out for the holiday weekends that means a lot of traffic. you probably ran into it if you were driving around town today. aaa is predicting 11% more people are taking trips this memorial day weekends, that's despite the high gas prices. swimmers beware. they sting, they often sneak up on you and they are invading certain parts of east coast beaches. just minutes away, where hundreds of jelly fish are
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taking over. hopkins student hit, the driver in the accident is slapped with a fine but only she -- she only paid half the original ticket. find out why next. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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it is 68 degrees and muggy in central maryland right now.
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the complete warning forecast is coming up. life guards in coco beach report that there were 140 jelly fish stinging in one day. most of them are of the cannon ball variety which are not as dangerous. prosecutors are trying to establish the fact that anthony used the card to transport her daughter's body. >> i said to myself, that's the smell of decomposition that i've been exposed to in the past. i didn't say anything about it. >> the defense countered that the smell came from a bag of trash. kaylee anthony's body was found
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two years after she was reported missing in 2008. nathan kesslerpolar remains in critical condition after being hit. actor jeff conway who starred in the sitcom taxi and grease has died. he was placed in the medical induced coma while being treated for pneumonia. he was found unconscious in his home on may 11. conway waged a battle with addiction on a number of sitcom shows. the commander officer of the blue angels has resigned.
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the departure of commander hass was voluntary. graduation at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, jessica cartalia was there as commander gates delivered the commercement. >> reporter: it's the day they've been waiting for. >> i have so much anticipation right now. excitement to finally graduate. >> it's been four years and it's nice to move on to the next big thing. >> reporter: the blue angels on stand down, the fly over performed by a squadron out of virginia. >> the world famous puking dogs. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates preparing to retire is the commencement speaker. >> by your service you will have a chance to leave your mark on history. >> gates talked about being leaders in american society. >> everything you do you must make sure you live up to the
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highest personal and professional standards of duty, service and honor. the values of the navy, the values of the american armed forces, the values of the best traditions of our country. >> reporter: 1,006 students will graduate becoming commissioned officers in the marine and the navy. >> jennifer e.gauz. >> brandon t. dell. >> the class gave a standing ovation to honorary graduate -- who died of coronary disease. her father was in attendance.
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into the air hundreds of kids charged the field hoping to get their hands on. 33,000 people were in attendance today. today's graduation ceremony was the 161st at the naval academy. >> beautiful day for it. >> it was a great day for it. >> a warm one but a beautiful day. especially in those uniforms. we're going to hang on to this summer like weather as we head to this unofficial day of summer. we're going to take you back to doppler radar to what we had tonight. at this point a couple of showers out west. we had a few round of thunderstorms coming through the west. we had wind damage, trees down in washington county. but all of those strong thunderstorms are now moving off to the northeast. here's another wrap up, earlier today sunshine out there most of the day.
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then the clouds started to build up and here came those thunderstorms from the southwest. another thing though, out west there was so much rain under some of these storms that a flood flash watch is still in effect in another hour that will then expire. as we head into the weekend there are still varying chances for thunderstorms but less than what we saw today. temperature wise 68 degrees. that's what we got back down with those storms coming through but it's still very muggy outside. we did manage a high of 85 degrees today. above the average, we've been above the average for a few days now and we're going to be for this entire forecast. wait till you see some of the numbers coming in on that five day. here's another look at the storm. it does extend pretty far down to the southwest. so we do still have the chance for a shower or thunderstorm as we head through the night. not what we saw earlier. then tomorrow, even though the storm weakens and pulls off to the north. it's close enough that we could see a shower or thunderstorms once again. but less coverage than what we saw today. and by sunday, this storm is
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gone, the moisture could linger and the heat starts to build. isolated late day shower thunderstorms is not completely out of the question. these are not all day rain events. these are not anything to cancel your plans for. just something to be aware of in the next few days. tonight's forecast down to 66 degrees. it's going to be a muggy one, then tomorrow we go up to 84. chance for a shower or thunderstorms and take a look at the next few days here. look how those temperatures build up into the 90s. monday, tuesday the next storm system comes our way and we could still be at 90 degrees. vic. >> thank you so much bernadette. the orioles start a road trip out west in california trying to extend a winning streak. mark has the highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [house] wow! i feel like a new house
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thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. mark is here now with the
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wjz13 fan sports report. the o's roar and they're at the west coast. >> the o's were hot at home. tonight it's off to cool northern california. the o's have a history of struggles when they play there. the oakland coliseum, the o's have lost eight straight at this place. it's 1-0 a's by the o's respond. and gio gonzalez losing some control. ball four to reynolds. oakland has the lead. and youkilis drives one off to center field. that scores two run. the red sox offense now living
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to its promise. they scored 21 runs in the last three games. crawford adds a run here. they move into first place now with 10 wins in their last 12 games. it is a big weekend for lacrosse. the men's college final four expected to draw record breaking attendance. semi finals tomorrow start with virginia against denver then maryland meets duke. great rivalry game. maryland and duke going head to head in the women's final four in stony brook new york today. the turks are the defending champs. christie black to schwartzman, maryland defeats duke. they will face north western who beat north carolina by a goal in the other semi full- time. tennis grand slam at the open. another upset in the women's seed, battling great point as she reachs to get her shot to drop but her opponent was
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better. that opponent daniela mornicova. this is the first time in the open era a top two seeds fail to reach the round of 16. four ladies will be behind the wheel in the running of the 500. danica patrick one of them. patrick's best run at indy a fourth place finish one year ago. enjoy some lacrosse for all visiting town this week. >> thank you so much, mark. exploding into the record ,,,,,[ male announcer ] there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg --
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>> off the coast of north carolina a piece of pirate history is raised to the coast. this is the anchor of what is believed to be black beard ship. it is estimated to weigh 3,000 pounds. the artifacts will be put on display at an museum. the formula is pretty simple. just throw a mentos into a soda bottle. the geysers arrested all over the place. the students got the idea ,,,,,,
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