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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to officially be out of hospitals. the most painful part has actually been nerve damage, to not have sensation on the right side of my body can be really painful sometimes. i would much rather have a surgery every other week than have to feel the survivor's guilt. >> i would go over to the cemetery, and there would be the sweetest notes and little things on zach's grave from yvette, and i could read her pain, that she felt so guilty for having survived. i didn't want to intrude. i didn't want to force her to be part of our lives. i thought maybe it was too painful for her, but i really wanted her in my life, and my whole family felt this bond towards her. whenever i'm with her, i think...
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you were with my son, and he was happy that night with you. >> today, sy is the most consistently loving person that i could ever ask for in my life. and she's a person that knows how i feel. i feel selfish about it, but i really value when she tells me that she's happy that i'm here. i don't deserve it, but i appreciate it a lot.
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i tried for so long to be that girl i was when i was 18. and it was actually my mom who finally one day said, "you know, you're going to just need to mourn the yvette you were. she's gone, and you won't ever be her again. but you have the chance to be someone a lot different and a lot better." speaking of baseball, speaking of baseball... i went to college to be a news anchor. are you still recording? and i thought that was going to be my "happy ever after." but after the shooting and going through the court process, i realized that the law is where a lot of good can happen for people, and i decided to go to law school and am now able to help people in the law side of the criminal justice system.
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i work entirely with victims of crime, and while i don't tell my story with them and they don't know what's happened to me, i do feel like i'm able to give them a sense of compassion that maybe other people can't, and that means the world to me. today i'm 32 years old. i have a darling seven-year-old daughter. i was married at one point, and my ex-husband and i tried really hard to have that work, and it didn't, unfortunately, but he is the father of my daughter, and together i think we're raising a pretty good kid. so i feel really lucky in my life. >> i miss zach, and i think
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about him all the time, all the time. i don't dwell on his death any more. i dwell on his life. i have three children. my oldest is zachary taylor davis. i wanted to name him after zach. sometimes it just brings tears to my eyes because, you know, not only is he named after him but i think he looks a lot like him. >> every time i look at the moon i think of zachary. he's the man in the moon to me, and i can never look at the full moon without thinking of that night that he saw the beauty in that full moon. >> it's been 14 years since i was with zach last, and i think of him every single day.
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i can imagine his laugh. i would love to see him again and just run to him and hug him. and it's interesting, i think--i want to say, "wasn't that night so scary?" and have him look at me and say, "yeah, it was." and he would know what i was talking about. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> our attacker gagged us. i fought him. that's when he stabbed me in my neck, and i was saying my last prayer and thinking i'm going to die. >> he was nicknamed by the media as the "railroad killer." >> it became a national manhunt. >> i was afraid. i thought he would come back and get me. >> on television, online and on the go-- cbs news, the most powerful reporting anywhere. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail:
11:07 pm family tragedy. two college students trapped in a burning apartment. tonight, a maryland family shares their pain in an emotional interview. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. a college campus in mourning after two students are killed in an apartment fire. tonight, the family is speaking out about the loss. wjz is live on the story. suzanne collins says the policeman tried to save the couple but couldn't reach them in time. >> reporter: that's right, adam. the first on the scene got smoke inhalation and then the female victim was inside the victim open the phone with 911 while the fire department was outside but they could not break through that wall of fire. as the fire swept through the building above the pizza shop in frostburg fry, evan colbert and alyssa were trapped.
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the families are devastated. >> we lost our dad a few years ago, and evan being the youngest stepped up as almost like a father figure, which at fists with annoying, but as time passed, he really took care of us. >> reporter: evan was part owner of the pizza shop and full-time student. his girlfriend grew up in the annapolis area. >> it's unthinkable to lose a child. >> reporter: firefighters are investigating the cause but it's not believed to be arsep. they suspect the fire may have started in a wood stove. >> a police officer from the town called me. it was very difficult to hear but it was an accident so that gives us solace. >> he was just a really good kid. he would never let anything happen to her. he was going for her, too. i know he was because every room had a window.
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he could have jumped out the window but he didn't. >> reporter: there will be a vigil tomorrow at frost university at physical university arena. >> reporter: ten others escaped and are offering grief counseling to the students. in baltimore, trying to ease tensions after a jewish man is accused of beatingp a black teenager. he is a member of the jewish community patrol group. police say he broke a teenager's wrist after attacking him in park eights. today african-american members met to talk about the problem. the mayor calls it an unfortunate incident. >> it shouldn't overshadow the work of the many good organizations and the history they have and the community. >> members of the black and jewish communities are planning to meet on wednesday to talk about the issue. a killer on the loose
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tonight in anne arundel county after a shooting outside a bar. it happened overnight in glen burnie. when police got there they say they found kelly fisher shot several times in the chest with a rifle. police think he may have known his killer. homicide detectives in baltimore city looking for the person who shot a man in north east baltimore late last night on east 30th street. someone apparently drove him to the hospital but he died there a few minutes later. police have not released the victim's identity yet. a horrible mistake. a baltimore hunter accidentally shot when his friend mistakes him for a deer. he was out hunting near toddville on the eastern shore. merkel thought his friend was a deer and shot him. he was wearing familiar notch but didn't have any safety gear on. we're still waiting to find out if there are going to be any
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criminal charges. right now, crews are dealing with a big water main and gas line leak in catonsville. when workers went out to fix it, that's where they noticed the gas did, too. crews are out there working on the problem and told 60 customers have been affected by the broken water main. there's a showdown in the senate today over the bush era tax cuts. republicans rejected two proposals that would have extended tax cuts for the middle class. if congress does not act soon, we'll all start paying more taxes next month. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: senate republicans blocked legislation that would have allowed taxes to rise for americans in upper income brackets. they say now isn't the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> according to the strange logic of democratic leaders in congress, the best way to show middle class americans that they care about creating jobs is to slam some of america's
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top job creators with a massive tax hike. >> reporter: if congress can't compromise, taxes will increase for all americans january 1st. president obama says he's disappointed. >> it makes no sense to hold tax cuts for the middle class hostage to permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> the nays are 36. >> reporter: senators voted twice. the first was to extend tax cuts for those making $200,000 a year and married couples making less than $250,000. the other would have allowed taxes to rise for those making more than $1 million a year. republicans struck down both proposals. they failed by seven votes. >> it is a most astounding theory about how to create jobs that i've ever seen. raise taxes to create jobs. >> reporter: president obama says he's ready to cut a deal with republicans. the agreement will likely extend tax cuts to all levels but also includes democratic
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priorities such as renewing jobless benefits for the long term unemployed that just expired. >> we need to get this resolved. >> reporter: terrell brown, wjz "eyewitness news." the house of representative has already passed a similar bill. >> three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >> getting in the holiday spirit, a dazzling display of lights in towson tonight. the baltimore county tree was officially lit in olympian park. look at the cute costumes there. santa claus is out there you can see entertaining the kids and having a good time. this is the last official duty for jim smith. he leaves office on monday. a lot of businesses depend on the highways. one industry can't live without it. christmas tree farm as cross the state are raking it in this weekend and now getting a boost from maryland's first family.
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are good for many families it is a holiday tradition searching for rows of pine looking for the perfect christmas tree. >> i would say we'll probably sell maybe a couple thousand trees a day. >> reporter: among the long lines and big crowd at pine valley farms in sykesville. >> that is a pretty tree. >> what do you think? >> it's good, nice and full. >> reporter: good. it's the first one. >> reporter: it's the second year in a row they cut their own for the governor's mansion. >> there's so many good farmers throughout the state of maryland. if you buy your live christmas tree locally, you help our farmers and help our economy and help protect agricultural land. it is a good thing to do. >> reporter: maryland has more than 200 tree farm as cross the state. some with more than 100,000 fresh trees. farmers say there is a big difference. >> on most of the retail lots, trees have been cut up to a month before they get there. if they are sitting on asphalt, on a warm day it is like an
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oven and will dry out the needles. >> reporter: everyone agrees it's better to shake it out here than have that mess inside your home. >> last year, americans spend more than $1 billion open real christmas trees and the average price was over $40. you can find a tree farm near your home by logging on to and click on seen on tv. it's also a special night for jews around the baltimore area. they lit the city's tallet menorah celebrating hanukkah. they needed a bucket truck to get to the top. there was the mayor. before that people drove around with menorahs all the way from park heights to the inner harbor. tonight is the fourth of eight nights for the holiday. the holiday season is one of the seasons, the time when you shop until you drop. one group of children are getting extra help. tonight, gigi barnett reports on the shop with a cop program. >> reporter: a toy story movie? >> yeah. >> anything else? >> reporter: the holiday list
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is wrong. >> something that you use to bake with. >> reporter: and sometimes help is needed to collect it all. >> the little kids know what they want. >> reporter: they are part ever a program called shop with a cop. they receive a $100 gift card from wal-mart and personal shopper who is also a state trooper to help check off the holiday shopping lists. >> when you watch them check out, most of the stuff they buy isn't for themselves. so they are helping out with the families. >> reporter: there are big item tickets in the carts and thing these want and need like shoes for school. >> i can get a lot of stuff. >> reporter: this is the fourth year wal-mart teamed up with the state police to give the kids a happy holiday. >> give the kids a chance to get out and about, meet the police and let 'em know we're not all bad people and they don't have to be afraid of us. >> reporter: when the shopping is complete, each child gets a picture with santa and holiday memory. i'm gigi barnett, wjz "eyewitness news." >> after the shopping trip, the
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children and troopers wrapped the gifts. they also had lunch at eastern tech high school. a daring rescue caught on tape. check this out. see what happens after the man on the back of the screen falls right on the subway tracks and the train's barreling down on him. i started walking back because i got scared. then i said well, i could save my pastor's life, too. >> that guy is a young hero. the incredible action he took to save his grandfather's life. and the important warning that could mean the ravens might not have games next year. we'll update that coming up. in annapolis, encouraging the state to speed up their policies which will encourage offshore wind generation. the story when "eyewitness news" continues. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. the cold air is taking over. we'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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it is a cold 34 degrees out there and mostly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a sick crime. a 9-year-old girl in california opens the door of her home and is shot by a stranger. the girl was simply answering a knock at the door on friday night.
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she was rushed to the hospital with back and neck injuries. no arrests have been made but police say there have been similar cases in the area recently. two people are dead, 83 others injured after a plane shoots off the runway in moscow. all three of the engines failed right after takeoff forcing the crew to make a crash landing at a nearby airport. survivors say the plane rolled off the runway and literally split in half. an investigation is under way. a drunk man falls onto the tracks of a subway station of madrid and is rescued with seconds to spare. there he is falling. police say the man was under the influence of alcohols when he stumbled off the platform luckily, an offduty police officer was able to pull the man from the path of the train in just the nick of time. you'll see him pull the man off and there goes the train with seconds to spare. a road trip takes a turn for the worse for college
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students in vermont. a bus carrying students in the university of massachusetts rolled over on the highway near the border of vermont and new hampshire. the bus flipped over and slid down an embankment while they were on the way to a ski trip. >> it was frightening. it is a lot of confusion at first because i don't know what's going on. >> police say 31 people were hurt including the about us driver. he may have suffered a heart attack before the accident. a heart attack prompts a 10-year-old boy to take the wheel of pennsylvania. michael bennett suffered a heart attack while hunting with his grandson. he couldn't make the trek so it was up to lane to drive his grandfather's jeep up the hill and between some trees. >> i turned around and halfway to the jeep and started walking back because i got scared. then i thought, i could save my pap's life, too. so i went out, got the jeep, started it up, went back and
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got him. >> michael was able to take over and his wife drove him to the hospital. had he to have three stents put in but thanks to lane, doctors say he's going to be all right. going green but not going fast enough. that's what supporters of wind energy are saying about the plan to build a wind farm off the coast of maryland. tonight, mike schuh reports the enthusiasts want the government to speed up their plans. >> reporter: getting wind power plants built in the atlantic off ocean city is off track. this standing room only crowd is pushing the state to work faster. pushing a new technology that allows it to be out from the sea. not visible from the beach. his company wants to build the electric cable from new jersey to virginia linking the farms together. >> that has the effect of smoothing out the variability
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of wind. >> reporter: which makes wind more reliable. steel turbine parts mean one thing to this union official. >> it's jobs. it's protecting current jobs and creating new jobs. >> reporter: here's where the state comes in, to encourage the bankers to lend the money to build offshore farms, utilities and other states are required to purchase a certain amount of wind power. >> you need the permits and you also need the financing. >> reporter: from here, the attendees hope to use what they learned to enjudge the state to speed up their policies to make the wind generating farms a reality. mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you. >> the government says offshore wind farms need to be built so maryland can have its goal to have 20% of its energy from renewable sources. some cities in the midwest have already been hit by snow and it's not even winter yet. folks in minneapolis were dusting off shovels minnesota state police say 200 crashes
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were reported during the storm. 26 had injuries. snow blanketed parts of chicago forcing airlines to cancel more than 325 flights. that's why they call it minne- snow-ta. >> is that what they call it. it is. they have a song but i will spare you that song. >> also buffalo got a lot of snow downwind of the lake. this is just the beginning. >> yes it is. >> this we want to show you on first warning doppler radar. not only areas to the north getting snow but to the south. there's snow in norfolk, richmond and virginia beach right now. that's a clipper system that's by passing us. we have a little bit of light snow. very light more so in the form of flurries for a lot of people. we'll switch it over and show what you we've been dealing with for most of the state. we started out with sunshine and then clouds in the afternoon. here comes the clipper system. a little bit of light snow and
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flurries throughout the south here as it passes by. what all of us will feel is the cold air getting reinforced and the winds starting to pick up. just a bit of a breeze out there right now. the winds will increase tonight and tomorrow and keep in some cold air. 34 degrees right now in baltimore. 30s for most of the state. 20s in the mountains. we topped out at 42 degrees below the average of 50. we'll be way below for this entire forecast. here's the storm that came out of the midwest with all of the snow in the photos right there. there is goes by us through the mountains down through the south and virginia and the carolinas. then it will head out to sea. what it's going to do for us is keep the clouds around during the day tomorrow. also the winds are really going to be gusting. talking 30 to 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts straight through the entire week. we're going to pull down the jet stream allowing all of the
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cold air to come to the north and keep that lake effect snow fan going. winter storm watches go into effect later tomorrow and continue through monday night with the snow piling up for the rest of us. flurries are possible from time to time otherwise mixed clouds and sunshine. forecast looks like this out on the waters. gail warnings go into effect tomorrow as the winds start to pick up tonight. very breezy out there. just a little bit of light snow and flurries in the mainly southern areas. we get to 41 for a high. if you are lucky enough to go to the game this is what you can expect. temperatures kick off around 33 degrees. it will be cold and undery so the windchill will be feeling like it's in the 20s. for the next five days, we get locked into the entire weather pattern. highs in the 30s every day after tomorrow. adam? >> break out the snuggie, bern. we'll be back with gigi barnett tomorrow morning. first, coming up next, ravens, steelers just hour as
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way from the big game. we'll a preview of the division showdown next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, when i saw all the jobs disappearing,
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bad new today are football fans. if you believe the players union, there could be a lockout next season. the union told players to start saving money in case there's no football next year. play errands owners have been negotiating a deal for the last few months. without a contract by march, the players could be locked out. what's at likelihood of that happening? >> very likely. nba, too. you ready for tomorrow? >> yeah. >> you'd better be. the steelers and ravens will weather each other with only one standing victoriously. with both teams 8-3 and tied for first place in the afc north, the winner will have a tight grip on first place. the ravens beat the steelers in week number 4 when a then
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suspended ben roethlisberger didn't play. >> we never want to disrespect. that's first and foremost about playing the steelers. you respect them. >> you are at that part of the season, i talked about it all year. weathering the storm. now you get team as top the division. for us to be home, our fans will be crazy. >> we step on the field and try to kill each other. so i think it is more of a mutual respect. there's some guys you don't like. there's guys on every team you don't like. >> reporter: whether you like them or not, ravens are favored by three. nonetheless now, high school state championship class 1-a championship baltimore trailed havre de grace. there's heppy with 115 yards today. 20-12 dunbar leading after being behind the whole game
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practically. they are now 13-1 after winning the seventh state title today. that's since 2003. that could have national implications, seven state championships. class aa championships today. >> it's a big deal to dunbar to leave with a banner on the wall. so that's what it was. >> reporter: congratulations to lawrence smith. also downtown today, mcdonough of charles county. class aa championship leading middletown high 14-0. look at this pass. devonte gray. great catch. watch it right here as he's the new state class aa champion winning 21-14. local baltimore college hoop intracity crosstown rivals. coppin state taking on coach todd. watch this baseline drive. on the other end, number 32
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from morgan, dwayne jackson and with help from the trifecta. morgan wins 70-64. they are now 3-4. coppin drops to two wins and three losses. i don't know if you heard, ravens favored by three. you know what that means basically? even games. >> the weather's an unknown factor. that cold climate. >> this is what they play for. it's cold in baltimore as well as pittsburgh. should be a good one. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, it's all fun and games like they say until someone gets hurt. a big mistake this mascot made that got him in trouble with police. ,, ggúg


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