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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 16, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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pepsi pyrotechnics. never-before-seen video of one of michael jackson's dark days. >> the severe burns that led to the singer's abuse of painkillers. >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about. >> new today, videos of michael jackson's scalp burns. >> reporter: well, kai, those burns he suffered required several surgeries and painful skin grafts. also marks the first time jackson started using painkillers. >> reporter: this shows the moment michael jackson's life changed. he was filming a pepsi commercial in 1984. in the first take, everything goes smoothly. but watch the sixth take. the pyrotechnics ignite while
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he's still at the top of the stairs. incredibly, he continues to dance for a full 10 seconds, each as flames burn away his hair and scalp. j. randy berely was in the audience that night. >> michael went down. and then people started saying, he's been burned, he's been burned. >> reporter: the severity of the burns are visible at the top of his head as he's being rushed off stage. it's believed the second and third-being burns on his scalp and face led to his addiction to painkillers. >> this was when he decided it was not only okay, but necessary to take pain medication. >> reporter: almost a decade later, the pop star acknowledged his drug addiction. >> this medication was initially prescribed for pain that i received on my scalp. detectives removed bottles of
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anesthesia, propofol, also known as diprivan, from his home. dr. conrad murray was with jackson if he died. if police can establish that dr. murray or any other doctor provided michael jackson diprivan, inside his home, outside of a hospital capacity, the crime would be negligent homicide. >> reporter: 25 years ago, fans were not informed of the severity of the accident. instead, the most famous image is michael waving from a gurney. it's only now that michael's injuries can be fully grasped. >> reporter: and pepsi gave michael jackson $1.5 million, which he then donated to a burn center named after him. >> toxicology tests confirming jackson's cause of death are expected to be complete at any time. five new jersey police officers are shot. two of them are critically wounded. denise has more on the dramatic gunfight. >> reporter: officers were on a
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stakeout of two armed robbery suspects. roofs approached the man and woman as they were about to pull away. the man pulled out a pump shotgun. the two suspects ran into a nearby apartment building and continued shooting. when the shooting stopped, both suspects were dead. and a total of five officers were wounded. the most seriously injured officer was shot in the face. another officer hit in the neck is critical but stable. sally? >> thanks, denise. police were staked out in an armed robbery last month. >> bullets fly during a drug deal in baltimore county. and when the dust settles, both men involved in that deal are injured. it happened in the 3700 block of white pines road in ethics. police say a 27-year-old and 32- year-old 32-year-old meant to do a drug exchange when the fighting started. a jogger came across a parked car with a body inside.
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it's unclear how the person died or how long the body was there before it was discovered. when nature delivers its worst disasters, will maryland be ready? a new plan says we will if maryland pitches in. the concept is called civic guard. alex demetrick has details on who joined and what to do in the event of a disaster. >> reporter: whether at the jones falls or a major flu pandemic, anyone who can lend a helping hand is being urged to do so. >> reporter: it was after hurricane katrina that they started looking for better ways to bring help. and it might be in our own backyard. >> the assets that already exist every day in times of relative peace, to make sure they're lined up and ready to go, in the event of an emergency or disaster. >> reporter: some of the people who could supply that help met in baltimore, where governor o'malley announced the formation of a civic guard. he's not asking for volunteers to rush into burning buildings.
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but he is asking individuals to think about what they could bring to help in a disaster. during isabel, for example, water evacuations were carried out by neighbors as firefighters and everything from tree trimmers to heavy equipment operators could be used in a coordinated response. >> it's experience, it's material. it's citizens who are willing to give of their own time, in advance of an emergency to say hey, i'm ready to go. these are my skills. these are the things i can do to deputy. >> reporter: anyone interested is being urged to contact maryland's emergency management website, which will coordinate information. back to you on tv hill. >> disaster planning covers a broad range, everything from severe weather to flu pandemibs. for the second time this year, customs agents at bwi marshalls seized an unusual passenger. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: they found a soap of encrested severed bird's
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head from the luggage of a passenger. the head is contained in homemade black soap and confiscated tuesday. the traveler was fined $200. they say this poses a significant threat to the poultry industry. and in april of this year, customs agents confiscated another soapy bird head from another traveler, coming from nigeria. he was also fined $900. >> as for agriculture specialists on staff, along with travelers, checking for prohibited items. the grilling is nearly over for supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. >> among them, a connecticut firefighter who lost his job as a result of a sotomayor ruling. >> reporter: a white, new haven
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firefighter who judge sonia sotomayor ruled against in a reverse discrimination case was among the first to testify. >> achievement is neither limited nor determined by one's race. but by one's skills, dedication, commitment, and character. >> reporter: but on the judge's side are new york mayor michael bloomberg and a former boss in the new york d.a.'s office, robert morganthal. no matter what witnesses say, they say there is little doubt for confirmation. >> you have come a long way. >> you have worked very hard. >> i think you're walking, talking example of the best part of the united states of america. >> reporter: like she's done all week, judge sotomayor sidestepped hot-button issues and refused to reveal how she'd vote on controversial issues, like abortion or gun control. >> would you want a judge or a nominee who came in here and
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said, i agree with you, this is unconstitutional, before i had a case before me? >> reporter: before wrapping up her testimony, sotomayor said she would not rule out allowing television cameras in the high court. she seems to have few obstacles left in her way. joel brown, cbs news, the supreme court. >> president obama homes to have sotomayor confirmed in october. healthcare reform continues to pick up momentum on capitol hill. they vow to fight a democratic plan to impose a surcharge on families making more than $350,000. the house ways and means committee is expected to work through the day and perhaps friday, voting on amendment to the $1.5 trillion healthcare plan. for the 19th year in a row, johns hopkins hospital is ranked number 1 by the nation in u.s. news and world report.
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it also places first for a number of specialties. other hospitals rank well. shepherd pratt was 6th in the nagged. and university of maryland ranked 33rd in cancer. sinai is 38th. mostly sunny and very warm with higher humidity. eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. bob turk is here with an updated forecast. >> hottest day of the year. yes. 93 degrees, believe it or not. it hasn't been that hot since last summer. we finally got above the 90-ing degree mark. -- 90-degree mark. there is activity to our north and northeast. one little tiny shower up by oxford, pa. most of the action looks like it's going to be well to our north this afternoon and evening. we'll be probably quiet. but more stuff going eastern pa, new jersey. nothing around the baltimore
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region. to our west, it's quiet. we've got dryer air moving aloft. so our chances of showers are pretty slim. still possible there may be a pop-up shower. most of the activity we're talking about will come tomorrow night into early saturday. we'll have that forecast in a few minutes. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. well, we do have one problem on a major roadway. we have an accident, even though it's on the shoulder, it's causing quite a delay. the accident 295 southbound, causing a backup to the beltway. meanwhile, watch for a wreck. one in brooklyn, involving a motorcycle. richie highway. another at owings mills, reisterstown road. watch for slight delays on 95 northbound. between 895. the merge there, and the top side of the beltway. there is a live look at that 295 delay that i mentioned again. again, 295, there is an accident on the shoulder. top side inner loop, running slow from green spring to falls.
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then another slight delay between york and providence. on the west side, we're pretty much clear, except you might tap some brakes. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or call cochran still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. missing businessman. the owner of a string of popular regional restaurants vanishes. what's left behind that is giving police clues to a disappearance. a day of text messaging. sent one new york girl to the hospital. lucky to be alive. an atlantic minivan caught on tape. and the dramatic rescue caught on tape. this is a july humidity we've all been missing. bob is yub dating your -- updating your first warning forecast.
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a rude awakeining for two tourists in romania. the father and son were camping in the wild when the bear came right into their tent. the two were taken to the hospital. their injury -- cause of their injuries are not known. a new york teenager is recovering after falling into a man manhole while texting. she was walking and reading a text message when she tumbled into raw sewage. workers on the scene they they left the manhole unattended for just a couple of minutes. a family road trip nearly ends in tragedy. the family of four were riding in a minivan when it caught fire. >> reporter: the king family was traveling in their minivan last week in the atlanta area, when a tire blew. sparks flew and the van burst into flames. it was all caught by a police dash cam, as the kings struggled to make it to the shoulder. two of the four family members
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gotute. -- got out. but as officers pull up, you can hear the anguished cries of sisters stephanie and michelle king, trying to rescue their disabled mother, trapped between the burning minivan and the guardrail. >> when we got there, there was no waiting. we can't wait for the fire guys to show up and do their thing. >> reporter: well here you see the officers pulling the woman to safety. >> we picked her up and dragged her a little further away from the fire to get her -- i could feel it on my back, the flames, the heat on my back. >> reporter: in the end, everyone maid it out alive-- made it out alive. >> ii thank all of them. i thank the lord for getting them there. >> reporter: two people are still hospitalized, but will be okay. all are grateful. susan roberts, cbs news, washington. very close. very religious family. they retrieved three bibles from their van that were burned on the outside, but inside, you
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could still read every word. another very strong day on wall street. [ applause ] and once again, it is tech stocks leading the way. dow ends up 96 points to close this day at 8712. the s&p is up 8. and nasdaq up 22. let's go right to new york. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. jp morgan chase blew past wall street's profit expectations. the company posted a second- quarter profit of $2.7 billion. that's up 36% from a year ago. fueled by record fees in the investment banking area. when the banking crisis was at its worst, former treasury secretary henry paulson helped orchestrate bank of america's buyout of merrill lynch. today, he admitted that he pressured them to complete that deal, even hinting the administrator could lose his job if he backed out.
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also, lender cit group. its stock dropped more than 70%, after the government said no to emergency funding. c.i.t. lends to thousands of small and midsized businesses. it could become the fourth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. also on the down side today was nokia. it plummeted 67%. recession or not, chicago pulled out all of the stops, unveiling a new name for the country's tallest skyscraper. the sears tower is now the willis tower. the willis group insurance company negotiated naming rights, since its leasing three floors in the building. and for more money watch, you can check out cbs news new coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. historic lunar landing. nasa releases new video of the landing. as we approach the 40t inn easier -- fourth anniversary of
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the landing. don scott's 35th year. and it's much more humid than it has been lately. i'm sure you've noticed. bob is updating the first warning forecast. and for first warning weather all the time, click
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okay. well, it's time. it is time. >> it's summer. >> it is mid-july. we've got finally warm temperatures. and relatively more humid conditions. all things considered. really not that bad. although it's the warmest day this summer, the warmest day we've had this year. it did get up to 93 this last hour. take a look at temperatures at bwi marshall. 93. and the dew point is really not all that high. but it's 63, compared to the upper 30s and 40s two days ago. that's a big increase. although humidity is 36%. we've seen it much, much worse. west winds at 10. actually brought some dryer air in aloft. it's put a squash on any thunderstorms developing. the barometer, 29.78 inches now. it's holding steady.
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around the state now. hot spots, d.c. at 95. 94 in hagerstown. oakland up to 81. cumberland to 91. ocean city on the beach there, 90. it's a great beach afternoon. the coolest spot, the winds coming off the bay there. elkton, it's 83 degrees. around the baltimore region, upper 80s to low 90s. it's finally a warm and rather humid summer afternoon. got a west wind now. the west winds come down the mountains to heat up a little bit. that's why it's 95 in d.c. and 93 here. temperatures really running a few degrees above normal, which is 87, 88. not unusual. that west wind will continue to help to dry things out a little bit, until tomorrow. now, during the day, we've had clouds and sun mixture. some showers down to our south. and off to our north and northeast right now. we've got right now, a good deal of sunshine coming in. looks like it will stay dry this evening. the chances of showers for us are very, very slim. but tomorrow night, as a system down to our south gips gips to -- begins to evolve, low pressure gips to move across
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the front. that will give us the chance of enhanced showers and thundery rain, tomorrow night into saturday. so we really need that. and let's keep our fingers crossed. it's been so dry this month. chance of showers and thunder tomorrow night. it should all end by saturday, with cooler and yes, dryer air coming in. for the second half of the weekend. north winds in the bay. a small craft advisory, tomorrow night into saturday morning. the bay temp, around 78 degrees. tonight, chance of showers, very very slim. we'll call it partly cloudy. warm and humid. 68. and tomorrow, hot, humid again. 90. afternoon thunderstorm, a good chance. and tomorrow night, showery rains with thunder into early saturday. heading down the beach. looks like a chance of showers and thundershowers, late tomorrow. again on saturday. but if we're out in the afternoon and sunday, sunny to partly cloudy skies. 78 for the weekend. 80 on friday. >> water temperature, mid-70s, nice. >> and bring on the rain. >> yes, we do need it.
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>> thanks, bob. coming up on wjz 13, don't miss the hit drama, "the mentalist." airs here at 10:00. and katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. a crucial life lesson for kids on how to manage their money. we'll show you the innovative mon -- lessons that are teaching them. it's on the cbs evening news. launch damage. the space shuttle astronauts are inspecting their ship for damage from flying debris during liftoff. more anguished families in chicago, forced to relive the pain of losing a loved one. the latest on the ghoulish cemetery scam. critical clues. police in florida find weapons and a safe. how they play into the double murder of a pensacola couple.
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it is 4:29.
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93 degrees. and mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off. and here's what people are talking about. >> police make another arrest, linked to the well-known florida couple. they were shot to death in the home they filled with over a dozen adopted special needs children. federal drug alleges join the investigation. >> i have no knowledge of any dea investigation involving the billings' murders. >> the sheriff disavowed knowledge. but the dea confirmed they are working the case and had been from the start. their interest? possible drugs and money laundering. they won't say who may have been involved. >> the complexity of this case is staggering. >> reporter: five of the seven male suspects from prior records, with convictions ranging from misdemeanors to drugs. the 8th suspect, pamela long wiggins, arrested yesterday in alabama. she is the first woman charged and the only one not on the billings' property the day of
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the robbery-murder. she may have personal ties to the alleged mastermind of the attack, leonard gonzalez junior. cbs news found this marriage license from december. the bride's name, pamela long. and one of the witnesses, patrick gonzalez. >> i know that the mortgage company is also foreclosing on her condominium unit. >> reporter: and this morning, a new picture of the victims and their own financial situation is emerging. >> reporter: court documents show in 2008, the couple sued their own son, michael, for child support, after they took in their granddaughter, his daughter. they also took out life insurance on the then-18-year- old girl, putting themselves as the beneficiaries. >> i get the idea that they
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were living well above their means. a well-known business man from virginia has disappeared, leaving behind millions of dollars in debt. sally has more. >> reporter: police say odam -- osama l. atari owned four original steakhouse and theaters here in maryland and also in virginia. court documents show the 30- year-old used nonexistent life insurance policies to get millions of dollars in loans. creditors have been asking him to repay nearly $42 million. police realized he was missing when he department show up to -- didn't show up to a court hearing. his home also sits empty. denise? >> reporter: thank you, sally. a d.c. attorney say its accounts for his company are empty. new information about the police shootout shootout near the capital. police say a 35-year-old man
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sped away from a routine traffic stop, striking two officers with his car. the man also crashed into a police cruiser, before finally firing shots at officers. the officers say he refused to put down his weapon, forcing him to return fire. the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the fallout from a grave- digging scandal at a chicago area cemetery continues tonight. county workers say the task of figuring out what really happened is costing them lots of money and manpower. kristen hartman has the latest from burr oaks cemetery. >> people who are looking for information for loved ones. >> reporter: the number of people who have questions makes for an awfully long paper trail that someone has to follow. we found folks from multiple county departments doing just that at a room at 69 west washington. they're archiving information the sheriff's office has gathered. it is just one way cook county's emergency management agency is assisting.
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>> we have three generating light powers. 4,200 feet of 8-foot privacy fencing, daily garbage pickup, tractors, mowers to cut weed and high grass that's in the investigation area. >> we are deploying actually a 25-station call center. >> reporter: and the list goes on. it made me wonder about two things. >> how much money is that all costing? >> that's a very good question. at this particular time, we don't have those answers. >> if you're diverting resources to burr oaks cemetery, are there other places in the county that are suffering as a result of those resources to them. >> we're not supplying all resources from one particular department. we're not falling behind in any way, shape, or form. >> reporter: the lewises, who we met at burr oaks gate. >> we have his mother, my mom, father and grandfather here. >> the four employees are charged with digging up graves
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and burying other people in those plots. they also want to know where their loved ones are. >> had they continue -- should they continue to spend on this, no matter what it takes? >> i think they should continue, no matter what it takes. it's just the right thing to do. >> police have not ruled out suing the cemetery's owner for expenses incurred. police have arrested the man wanted in a carjacking and abduction of a toddler in virginia virginia beach. police say 24-year-old matthew nash pushed a woman out of the way, as she pumped gas in virginia and stole her minivan with her 1-year-old daughter inside. naomi hillel was found hours later in a hotel parking lot. nash was arrested around 4:30 this morning, in syracuse, new york. well, the space shuttle endeavour finally got off the ground. but not without a hitch. astronauts are inspecting their ships today. they broke off debris.
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drew levinson has the latest from wjz from the kennedy space center. it was a long time in coming. but the clouds finally parted. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: allowing the space shuttle endeavour to blast off from the kennedy space center. >> and liftoff of endeavour. >> just under two minutes into the flight, several pieces of foam insulation fell off. it will take time to determine whether the shuttle's fragile heat shield suffered any damage. endeavour was scheduled to go june 16th, but was scrubbed twice because of hydrogen leaks. and then three more times because of weather. >> lightning within 20 nautical miles. >> reporter: the five delays were one shy of the record. two missions, one in 1986. the other in 1995, were scrubbed six times. they made it up on the 7th attempt.
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for nasa, this is a complex mission to the international space station. the astronauts will replace several vital parts and add even more, including the last stage forecast japanese space lab. the seven astronauts will join the six already there, marking the most people ever in the space station at one time. at the kennedy space center, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the shuttle is expected to link up with the international space station tomorrow. once there, the astronauts will use zoom lenses to look for additional damage. 40 years after man first stepped foot on the moon, hollywood and nasa have teamed up to release improved video of the apollo 11 mission. kai is in the newsroom with detail. >> reporter: nasa unveiled the refurbished video today. and those historic grainy images have never looked better. the project has only been under way for with three weeks. and 40% of the improvements are done.
4:37 pm
here you see the astronauts planting a flag on the move. there are also clips the neil armstrong and buzz aldron, walking down a ladder and leaving a plaque that they left on the moon. lowry digital has also refurbished star wars and james bond films. >> it will cost about $230,000 and is expected to take months. well, it's a hot day in baltimore. take a live look outside at our mix of clouds and sun. can we expect some thunderstorms as we expect things to heat up? we have weather and traffic together here. >> normally, you would think that. but there are lots of elements involved to get thunderstorms. one of them is moist air aloft. we don't have that today. we have a layer of dry air that's coming around 5,000 to 10,000 feet. all of the showers showers and storms are forming well to our north and northeast. take a look at radar. we just don't have anything in the baltimore region at all. there is one shower to the northeast of us. to the northeast -- to the
4:38 pm
northwest of wilmington. that's headed across northern sections of delaware. and another one, there's a complex approaching the atlantic city area there. around the baltimore region, there's just nothing going on at this point. looks like it will probably stay that way, until tomorrow night. and that's when we have the good chance of maybe even steady rain and some thunder, some much-needed rain by tomorrow night. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> hi, denise. good afternoon, everyone. well, a few accidents, but nothing too major. that accident on 295 southbound. at west nursery road. still on the shoulder there. the delays starting to ease a bit there. as far as other problems, an accident involving a bus. that one in towson. loch raven boulevard. another in brooklyn involving a motorcycle in the clearing stages. and a few more in the city. you're looking at them on green mount at east 20th, west reed at lyndon. and north pines at west baltimore. as far as other issues, 95 northbound, just a little bit
4:39 pm
slow. from 895 to the beltway. a four-minute set back there, with an average speed of 29 miles per hour. there's a look at route 50. eastbound lanes are slow from west street all the way to the severn river bridge. there's a look at the top side. no issues on the top side, at green spring avenue. but you'll find about a three- minute setback between york and providence. there's a look at the west side inner loop delay there at security. this traffic report is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 or more. we are celebrating a very special anniversary today, here at wjz. don scott has now been with the station for 35 years. ron matz has a look back at don's time on television hill. >> hello again. i'm don scott. >> reporter: don scott is the face thousands of marylanders trust and wake up to every morning. >> rise and shine. with don scott. and marty bass.
4:40 pm
>> july, 1974. >> don walks in the doors of wjz tv. he didn't expect to be here quite this long. >> no. came for 2. >> stayed for 35. and around the 10-year mark, i had to fight like that. i never thought i'd be here this long. but this is a heck of a place to live. >> don scott is standing by for a live, instant report. >> this has been adjourned about 10 minutes now. >> reporter: coming from dayton, ohio, don hits the streets, as a general assignment reporter. getting to know the people of baltimore. >> get to be all kinds of people and cover all kinds of situations. it's the best education in the world. whether or not you're going to anchor. whether or not you're just going to be a person. >> hello. >> reporter: in 1984, don takes the anchor chair and joins marty on eyewitness news morning edition. >> 6:46. [ laughter ] >> reporter: chemistry is immediate. >> you can tell by, you know -- he's over here trying to read a
4:41 pm
straight news story. and i'm going -- and meanwhile, the camera comes on, well, don, look what i just found. >> i knew when i started working with marty in the mornings, that we had a chemistry, that we somehow fit ask that it was going to be big things. >> reporter: through the years, don's look may have changed. but the respect he's earned from his cleepgs -- colleagues remains a constant. >> don, you're wonderful to work with always and to watch. and sorry we don't see more of you. we're on different shifts. but we offer you our best congratulations. >> most definitely. and he is mr. unflappable. one of the coolest guys i've ever seen. his name goes up in lights for the movie "random hearts." he's also appeared in an opera and interviewed some of the biggest stars around. >> i want to ask you a question. do you take a bath or dry clean? >> that is so funny, mr. don
4:42 pm
scott. >> it's always been, for the audience, for the viewer. two completely different people, going in the same direction. >> reporter: and no matter what direction, he may be going, baltimore loves don. >> he is the iron man of wjz. >> happy 35th anniversary, don scott. we love you. [ blowing a kiss ] >> happy anniversary, don. >> thank you very much. this is fun. maybe i will do 40. [ laughter ] >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and remember, wjz is always on. for extra video of don, a slide show, a web poll and to send in your well wishes. right now, we have breaking news. captain mike perry is live over a fire. >> reporter: pretty smoky. we are over a fire at north point and wise boulevard. where apparently a salvage yard has a fire. we have one vehicle burning. it appears to be a salvaged vehicle. it has caught some tires in the
4:43 pm
salvage yard on fire. as you can see, it's putting off really, really thick, dark black smoke. and that is drifting down to the edgemere area. firefighters put it out just a few minutes ago. if you see smoke drifting across the area in northpoint, that's going to be the reason. back to you. >> thank you, captain mike perry, in sky eye chopper 13. peterson appeal. the convicted murderer tries again to get out of jail. how he's asking the public for help. and the weekend is in sight. will the humidity stick around? bob is updating the first warning forecast coming up.
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three people escape an explosion. fire eventuals -- officials. the adult suffered burn injuries while the 3-year-old
4:47 pm
child escaped unharmed. also near detroit. new cell phone video shows the aftermath of a tanker truck explosion, as flames and smoke shoot high into the air. police say it happened when a car spun out of control on a highway, forcing the tanker, carrying 13,000 gallons of gas to crash into a bridge. the overpass also collapsed in the chaos. three people also suffered minor injuries. he made national headlines for months. and was eventually convicted for murdering his wife and their unborn child. now, scott peterson is back in the scotlight as-- spotlight as his family launches an a -- appeal to clear his name. his family says new information proves his innocence. the family has sent out an e- mail, asking people to pay money for traditional appeals. the first is where they argue mistakes in the trial. the second is a habeas corpus. lawyers say it would be like
4:48 pm
doing it again, reengineering it. it could cost $100,000. scott peterson was convicted in 2004 of killing his wife laci and their unborn son conner. >> he has continued to profess his innocence, through a blog he writes in prison. a person working for madonna has collapses. the cause of the collapse is unclear. it fell on top of several of the workers. the area has been investigated. madonna is scheduled to perform there sunday. a coast guard helicopter had to rescue the 23-year-old man when he got stuck on little james island in washington state. he went there to scope out a site, where twilight's main character, bella, goes cliff diving. but he ended up tranded on a cliff. he went to the doctor as a
4:49 pm
precaution. an 89-year-old north dakota man finds a new way to keep his mind sharp as a needle. elmer has spent the past three decades, making more stitches than you could ever count. he has created more than 200 needlepoint works of art, all from his wheelchair, using one good eye and limited use of one good hand. he also gives away most of his work for free. it's a warmer day than we've seen so far this july. bob turk has more.
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well, now, it's summer. and those people don't really care. because it's air conditioned all inside that gorgeous ship. and they're going somewhere beautiful. >> that's a nice shot. they're heading out this time of the day. they're probably een either going down to the ca-- either going down to the caribbean, ber mudia, -- bermuda, where it's nice. around here, the hottest day of the year, the warmest day of this month. and on the second time this month, we go to 90 or higher. right now, it's at 93 degrees.
4:53 pm
can you believe it? in june, we've got maybe to 90. that's where we are. the dew point has come up. but it's not oppressive at all. at 63, that's pretty nice, actually. it's sticky, compared to what we've seen. 36% humidity. west winds at 10. barometer, 29.78 inches now. and it's falling a little bit. 95 in washington. 90, easton, ocean city. 81, nice and really pleasant out at oakland now. around the baltimore region, 93, closer to the 90-degree mark most places and upper 80s. as we're starting to see a west wind there. has dried things out aloft. that's what kind of put a squash. on the showers and thundershowers. clouds start to grow. and you hit that dry air. and stop growing. we've seen a few showers. and much of the activities well up to the north and northeast. that will continue until tomorrow night. that's when we expect to see showers. right now, we have pretty much cleared out here.
4:54 pm
one little shower southwest of washington. from baltimore, washington, annapolis, north, it's really pretty clear. as you can see. not much going on there at all. looks like it stayed away tonight. much of the day tomorrow. that's when we can see a shower and thundershower. tomorrow night, areas of low pressure down to the southwest here. this is going to head up toward our region. bring us an enhanced chance of showers and maybe thundershowers. maybe each -- even steady rain with thunder tomorrow night. we have a pretty good shot of getting that rain and thundershower activity tomorrow night. we need that rain. it's been so dry this month. and saturday, this front is off the coast already. clearing, cooler, and dryer conditions. really much of the weekend. looks really nice right now. north winds on the bay. 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, nice and warm. watch out, after 4:00, for those thunderstorms if you happen to go out on the bay tomorrow. tonight, partly cloudy. warm and rather humid. 68 tonight. tomorrow, getting back up close to 90 once again.
4:55 pm
mixture of clouds and sun. we'll call it hot and humid. normal high tomorrow is about 87, 88. and after 4:00, look for scattered thunderstorms. and tomorrow night, the clouds build in. steady -- some steady rain, maybe thunder involved as well. we could see several hours of decent rain tomorrow night. clears out. lower humidity and cooler temps. >> perfect. get some rain. >> beautiful shang rilaforecast. well done, bob. what went wrong? two weeks ago, little raven wyatt was shot in the head. police say a teenager fired the bullet. a teenager who should never have been on the street.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
a case is that is causing outrage. missing businessman. the owner of the original steakhouse and theater restaurants has disappeared. u.s. news and world report comes out with the hospitals in the country. hear where johns hopkins falls on that list, straight ahead. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now.
4:59 pm
demands for reform. the case of a 5-year-old, shot by a teenager. >> today, investigation as to why he was on the street. state police look at reaction of why the juvenile system failed. >> hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about today. >> 17-year-old lamont davis had been arrested more than a dozen times. sources say he cut off his home monitoring bracelet. this raises scrutiny of how young, violent offenders are handled. mike hellgren investigates what some are calling a broken system. mike? >> reporter: the governor said today he was satisfied with the response time for when juvenile services noticed that ankle brank -- bracelet was cut and issued a warrant. but right now, a severely injured little girl is fighting for her life.


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