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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> we brush our teeth with bottled water. we use it to cooka, to drink. jenna: a community forced to live and cook with bottled water for a year, finally gets the all clear from the state their water is safe, but why are they second guessing it. >> one grouch group said some don't feel safe in bathrooms. why they want that rule overturned. >> charlotte continues to be a great job creation center for businesses from throughout country and the world. and this announcement continues that incredible trend we've it. thanks to a new technology company expanding its roots, the latest is next. >> i am jenna caiazzo, thnchsthanks for joining us.
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mopt hasbelmonthas not been able to drink its water for about a year, today they received a notice from department of healthy and human services that their running water is now safe to use, but this neighborhood does not believe it, ashlee mcgeehan is joining us live in the studio. reporter: well homeowners say, they had to live in fear of their water, for far too long. this new note should come as a relief, people in the area say, they are still going to refriendrefrain from drinking the water until more done. >> how does this letter help us?
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how do you expect us to erase a year about fear of our water. reporter: about a year ago, they received a note, telling them they should not drink water all of the levels because of high levels of chemicals. >> i received my letter, telling me not to drink, or do anything where me my water e-- except wash dishes and clothes. reporter: they have had to boil their water or use bottled water for all they do. >> we brush our teeth, we use bottled water to cook with, to drink, when we turn on the faucet, we turn on fear. >> we have found hundreds of time the aim of chromium in the people's wells here. than we have found in the public water system. reporter: we reached out to duke energy who said in a statement, it is unfortunate
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much confusing information but science has shown ash basins have not influenced neighbor's wells, the water is just as safe or better than public water supply that millions of people rely on in the nation. people who live near the plant say, no one has come to test their water. >> we're not going to drink this water. i want someone to come back and test my water. i want somebody to call me. i want somebody to tell me that you know, these are your levels now. it is safe to drink. reporter: duke energy officials say that company remains focused on closing ash basins to put safety first, and to protect of environment. jenna. jenna: ashlee thank you. >> a meeting on issue will be held tuesday at gaston college.
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mccrory shut down the coal ash management commission in january state supreme court ruled that create a commission controlled by appointment from top lawmakers was unconstitutional. the division will not be in charge of clean up. >> all new, multiple animal -- 25-year-old derrick scott weatherly with two counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals, possession of marijuana. authorities say that this started on march 9, when animal care and enforcement went to his home on pepper try drive in mount holly, they found a dog that appeared thin, but whetherly was given a warning. on march 11 the group was
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for another complaint. authorities continue the investigation, and charged him, he did sunder the 3 other dogs on the property. jenna: and a man is in jail after deputies say he tried to carjack a woman who was dropping her daughter off at a bus stop this morning in hickory, the their they hopped onboard a school bus to escape the suspect, chang said she was frozen with fear when the suspect started barking orders at her and her daughter while in the car, chang's daughter urged her to hit the gas, so she did. >> he was right there. what am i going to do, drive or what? i don't know, i was scared. my daughter said, mommy, just drive ! just drive, okay. i don't know, so, i drove down to the neighbor. jenna: chang said after she made it out of the driveway,
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two got onboard, with 15 other kids, the bus driver called 911, went an hour, sheriff deputies have the suspect wesley wright jr. in custody, they discovered he had an air soft gun when he tried to carjack chang and her daughter. jenna: all new at 10:00, authorities say they cracked the case, after a couple was arrested for breaking into a local convenient store, lincoln county deputies charged 21-year-old adam mcnichol and 23-year-old leslie nicole boone with breaking and entering among other charges, at food country store in veil, where boone was a former employee. on march 7 one of the suspects climbed through the window, by removing air-conditioning unit then
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they were released after posting as there are 5,000 bond, their first appearances are scheduled for monday. jenna: we learned that belmont mother accused of keeping her children out of school for more than 3 years is still in jail, 36-year-old jenniffer elam is held in gaston county jail on $50,000 bond. her knock next court appearance is scheduled april 21, she filled out correct paperwork to take her children out of school in 2012. but she was not home schooling them like she said she would, they rage in age from 13 to 16. jenna: now to a fox 46 follow-up, a belmont home burns to the ground, killing a family cat, but everyone else made it out safe. thanks to their first grader, this is before 6 p.m. on clay street yesterday, the boy heard the fire alarm while his grandmother was sleeping and his mom in the bathroom, he
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grandma to tell her to get out of the house, someone smoking on the porch accidentally dropped a cigarette. >> construction on controversial toll lane project is going on 4 months now, barriers have been up since december, eliminating left shoulder the highway. yet the speed limit has stayed the same, huntersville police have seen two semis run into the barrier, because of accidents like, that drivers are culling for state to lower the -- calling for the state to lower speed limit. >> if changes are not made, i would say that dot, would have blood on their hands if there was a serious accident. >> people use the emergency lane this is again the law it is blocking emergency vehicle access that could cause serious injury or a life. jenna: the speed limit the be lowers from 65 miles an hour to 55 when the lanes
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for couldn't struck, accord -- construction according to dot, and they say that constructed area will soon have higher finds ifs for speeding after the signs are posted. >> major pot bust in carolinas. results in arrest of two people, in iredell county this unfolding on bradley farm road in statesville, a search of home detectives found what they describe as a significant amount of pot. matthew franklin ward was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday, charged with drug charges and placed under a $15,000 bond, nicholas alan turned himself in last night, and also faces multiple drug charges. >> some tense moments today, at a local elementary
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kids were evict e-- evacuated and sent home at byers. fire crews telling fox 46 they believe that fire was intentionally set due to evidence they found in one of the school bathrooms this morning fire crews were reportedly talking with a few students, along with their parents. >> we gave cms advice, the school had smoke in it we advised them it would be best toly the cms clean the school, and let air handlers clean the filters. jenna: classes to resume on monday, keep if on fox 46, we'll bring you more information as it released as to the cause of the fire. jenna: update, to fire investigation taking place
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the fire that started around 3:30 a.m. thursday morning was intentionally set, when cfd dispatchers pulled up, they saw heavy smoke in the area, crews got the flames under control in 18 minutes. damage estimates about $120,000, as investigation continues, anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers. police or the char charlotte fire department. jenna: hundreds of new jobs will come to charlotte thanks to a worldwide technology company headquarters in california, governor mccrory making that big announcement today. kevin has the details. >> north carolina is on fire right now.
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million in mec len mecklenburg county by en of 2017. >> welcome to paypal and your company you are now part of us. reporter: the company is bringing 400 new jobs to the area. >> they will be software engineers, risk managers, complaint specialists, we're so excited. reporter: this will be paypal a 11th global operation center, it could add more jobs in the future. >> like all of operation centers that we have, we look to grow them. hopefully that will happen here as well. reporter: governor mccrory touted the 9 billion in revenue last year. >> paypal's new center
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payroll impact 20.4 million a year in our area, bringing these jobs here may be a boost for other businesses. >> en may enabled a lot of small companies and nonprofits empowers growth of so many of our nimble, and quick small business nonprofits that are filling up the areas that we knownese need that support. jenna: new center will be in an existing building, they are expecting to move in by the summer, start training the new employees by fall, and fully operating by the end of october. jenna: as rote to white house heats up there have been a few reports of signs being trashed or displaced. this video, is unbelievable. from wilmington. it takes a new extreme, it has gone viral, the man behind it now faces charges, the driver is running over
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he captioned it with, i love having a jeep sometimes. they tracked down the 20-year-old driver, he is charged with reckless driving and damaging campaign signs. >> the bathroom at a private place of business should be safe. >> to stop protects ni need.% jenna: charlotte business owners want changes, we have reacted from both sides coming up. >> we talk to latest idol. brian: as we head to weekend, we have some rain chances, pretty good at that
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brian: good evening welcome back. i know you have been doing grilling, it will change tomorrow. we have cool and rainy conditions coming your way. as we check your headlines here, and as we head to weekend we have an opportunity for mountain snow showers as well. keep in mind, monday is first day of spring. here is good news, the temps after taking a break this weekend, cooling off. will rebound we'll have a nice workweek for you next
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reverse that get rain during week and nice over weekend but not the case for us this weekend, we are sitting at 62, and it is late night, if you are still hading out weather is great. we're partly cloudy, we'll see increasing clouds as the night goes on. and i do want to track rain chances for you, to tomorrow. if you are headed to the parade, think umbrella. this is almost 9:00 for those folks setting up, an opportunity for rain to build up at this point. 50 to 60% chance of rain at 9:00. we could see periods of heavy rain, falling in the area, perhaps a thunderstorm or two. that will take us through afternoon hours, we stop at 12:30. in tonight we will see scattered showers but not as the day, as we get to sunday morning this clears out.
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shape on sunday afternoon. it still is expected to be cloudy in the area. again, st. paddy's day parade, temperatures 53 for starters, warming slowly in afternoon to 57 at 2 p.m. and 50% chance of rain. then tonight, fairly mile still at -- mild still at 50 degrees. then let's check next 3 days for you, temperatures are cooling, we'll be down to 60 saturday for high, 57 on sunday. then we look at rain chance on sunday morning hours. monday coming in at 55, by the way? jenna, starting monday at 34, near freezing. we'll show you when we'll warm up again. jenna: i just cleaned out my closet, i took my spring
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>> pollen levels are almost at peak levels in north carolina, between march and april the levels are higher when the trees are flower flowering. >> those pollen levels in raleigh thursday reached highest so far in 2016. jenna: people in charlotte are asking state to change the city's nondiscrimination ord nants,ordinance, city leaders passed a bathroom bill that allows transgender people to use the bathroom that best fits their gender identity. debate. >> bathrooms at our private places of business, should be safe.
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cry for those against charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance, they want to keep transgender wim, women, out of the women's bathroom, they want the state to step in. >> to act now. reporter: have spoken out against the ordinance, the governor said there is no-fly for -- there is no need for a special session, but they want act now. >> how can i know that someone pretending to be a man will be in there. reporter: not everyone wants it changed. >> these people here do not like lgbt people explain and simple, they want to stop the protects that we need in city of charlotte. reporter: scott bishop showed up at this rally to voice his opinion.
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to discriminate next because it is against your faith. >> people go to hotels and restaurants are discriminated all of the time in charlotte. reporter: people in favor insist it is not based on a dislike for anyone in a lgbt community. >> everyone american private business owner in north carolina should have freedom to live and work according to their beliefs, without fear of unjust punishment by the government. reporter: sam smith, fox 46, wjzy. jenna: those in favor of changing ordinance say more than 12,000 people have signed a petition to call for a special session. jenna: "american idol" fans, if you were disappointed to
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jenna: another week, another idol contestant voted off, fox 46's brian blakely caught up with the latest contestant to get voted off last night. reporter: then there were 5, "american idol" down to final 5, in the farewell season after triston macintosh was voted off, the 15-year-old. what a great run it has been for you, watch you development but i am sure you are exhausted right now? >> it has been a great experience. i feel like it is so, mading to have been through this. -- amazing to have been through this. you are always moving but it is amazing and fun, i have enjoyed myself so much. reporter: it has been great to watch you, judges loved you, but you were going up
10:26 pm
jennifer lopez said maybe you should try different things, did you feel that way anything into the performance. >> no. the previous weeks they told me to stay. do what i'm comfortable with. which was -- and they really praised me for being on the piano. i was comfortable with it, i feel like, i thought it was a good song choice for me. i think it was just a great thing to go out on, something i am comfortable with. reporter: martina mcbride's independence day you did a great job on that. and also, one thin, harry connick jr., talking about, you are 14 years old, he said you sing from a place of pain, where does that come from at 15 years old? >> um, honestly, um, i read like a lot.
10:27 pm
literally read books over and over again, the sad parts, i guess i really connection to them more, i really feel books. reporter: what has this experience taught you since being on the show, starting from where you did to where you are right now. >> this experience, honestly has taught me to trust myself, and what i choose, and to be more confident. and to just to have fun, you will never have another experience like this. brian: tristan thank you for joining us, we wish you the best, a long career, thank you. >> thank you so much. reporter: a lot more of her, and tune in for "american idol," on fox 46, wjzy. jenna: still to come, would you like it if your car could brake for you? that function may becoming
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jenna: recapping our top stories, a neighborhood in belmont near coal ash plan gets a notice today that their running water is now safe to use, neighbors have been living and cooking with bottled water for the last year, they do not believe
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concerned about high levels of chemicals of the well water, which they say has not been tested recently, duke energy said that science has shown that ash basins have not influences the wells. jenna: a man is in jail after deputies say high tried to carjack a woman who was driving her daughter to school in hickory, the suspect, approached her car armed and started yanking on the door handle, the woman drove away, and hopped on a school bus with her daughter, sheriff deputies surrounded the area, and within an hour could they captured that suspect. >> wesley wright jr. is held is catawba county jail. >> a big day for state and stay of charlotte, governor mccrory was announcing big news paypal will make
10:32 pm
the global trading center. along with it will come 400 additional jobs, including customer service professionals software initials and manager -- software engineers and managers, they will takeover the build buying early summer train new employees by fall, and start new full operation by the end of october. jenna: a pep rally performance had more flash than intended, a stun performer, sent him and 7 students to the hospital. the performer shares his story. reporter: a fire breathing portfoliogone -- performance gone wrong in florida, the flames got out of control. >> i do the flame, the it is
10:33 pm
and caught my face, i say the this is new. reporter: he tried a new lighter fluid, it got out of control, the flames spread to the rest of his body. he ran off a giant inflate inside. >> he has second degree burns on his face, ears and his head. >> 7 students were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and other injuries, 20 treated at scene, the doctors say it will take several weeks for his burns to heal. >> i'm lucky. like being burned alive. and the audience is watching. it happened so fast. you have to thank god for
10:34 pm
i'm lucky to be here. reporter: charle has been performing this show for more than a dozen years and knows what he is doing, this was a case was not practicing enough with new material. jenna: my heartbreaks for that guy, really, you could not see that coming, i feel so bad for him. chief meteorologist brian basham is here in our weather center. we have beautiful weather so far, now we may have rain to deal with. before that weather recoups. brian: we're were full pledge in spring mode here. we'll see temperatures near freezing, several areas will hit freezing for a couple morning. then we have rain in between. talk about right now, dropped to 43 in boone, 50 to areas north and south of
10:35 pm
in charlotte, at 62. chances for rain tomorrow is next best chance 70%, to 30% sunday. we'll take a break on monday, tuesday bay, wednesday. then another chance creeping in to the end of next workweek, tomorrow, the most rain, let's track this for you. plus some chances in a bit. we have low pressure system to the south, we have a system to the north. that will generate some. in afternoon and evening hours, as well. the biggest rain probably from about 10:30 11:00 in morning to 3:00 in afternoon. the best rain chances that cold front will move otemperatures dipping behind
10:36 pm
opportunities for snow. snow chances sticking around early monday. then it clears out, a slow rebound to monday. as far as how much rain? by 11:00 in morning, we could see up to a third of an inch in charlotte. if you are in shelby over a half inch, it spreads this particular model to an inch, i think we could pick up 3/4 of an inch, maybe an inch for saturday. that significant rainfall for the area, it may be some heaviest rain in mecklenburg county in charlotte. tomorrow is the big day, then it will be find after this, tonight, temperatures 30s, 40s, 50. then, after that down maybe 10 degrees, temperatures,
10:37 pm
monday, there are those near freezing temperatures for you, monday and tuesday morning. we'll warm up back to 7 70s by wednesday. jenna: remember, i will give you my umbrella for your parade event tomorrow. jenna: some scary moments for north carolina passengers coming their way. >> a flash of light, and big explosion. plane dipped about 100 feet. i don't know it felt like i was on a roller coaster. >> out of nowhere. jenna: american airline flight out of raleigh, had to make an emergency landing at jfk after it was struck by lightning, it was headed to laguardia, thank fully no one was hurt. jenna: journey continue fors two dozen members of
10:38 pm
jim cliburn and john liu -- lewis, members of visiting sightsite of orange burg massacre. where students were killed at a bowling alley in 1968. organize are say that pill this is an exercise in forgiveness and strength. jenna: also, the senate in south carolina is considering a bill to make dashcam video of police shootings avail into the public. for to be kept private a judge would have to rule it would damage a case or jeopardize police procedure. lawmaker say that delays led to speculation and this bill would keep an important check on law enforcement. jenna: tonight numbers are in. news is not good. new research suggestionses
10:39 pm
cause of death among children, ages 1-19. >> while numbers are grim first responders stress to booster seats have been shown to cut number of% serious injuries in half, when used properly, in addition to making sure car seats are installed properly, county officials also have that advice. >> wintertime, parents keep their jackets on the kids,. when they put them in the car seat. you need to take that jacket off, that restraint system has to be close to their body, there have been tests done that see kids come out of those jackets and out of their seats. jenna: officials say that is why events like these today promoting car seat safety and proper use, are so important. jenna: seniors get ready to get your game face-off, cabarrus county calling all senior athletes this hit the
10:40 pm
register is monday march 21. county residents age 50 and older are eligible to put their skills to the tests, we're told there are a few coed, vines, so, here -- coed events, you have to be 50 or older by december 31, 2016, live in cabear us count -- or live in a county where an event is not offered, show prove of north carolina residency, minimum of 3 consecutive months of the year, and submit a registration form by 2 p.m. march 21. jenna: car enthusiasts may not be feeling. in next few years, you may not have have to. >> braking equipment will
10:41 pm
sensor on see objects in the way, according to data, automatic braking can cut down on rear end crashes by 40%. >> chrysler, gm and toyota are some of the carmakers that have agreed to the timeline. jenna: bumble bee foods is walling 3 types of chunk light tuna, the 5 ounce chunk light turna in in -- water, oil, and 4 back of the chunk light in water, company said that there were problems in the sterilization process that could result in contamination in more than 30,000 cans produced in february, look for a t mark on the cans. jenna: samsung expanding galaxy, cosystem with windows 10 with a kickoff in sales of tab pro s tablet. it runs windows when
10:42 pm
use it as a laptop, it is dined to work with samsung gallery circumstance-7 -- s-7 smartphones. jenna: things are getting revved up on at concord speedway that week, they are holding first summer sizzler, a number of local drivers will compete in stock cars and modified race cars, this is a big deal the first time in 7 years that a nascar sanctioned race will be at the speedway. >> it is a really unique racetrack, modifies a eunique race car, and super late models, they are fast, and loud. if you like that thing, concord speedway will be where you want to be this weekend. jenna: they kickoff 4:30 p.m. tomorrow, don't miss it, you can head to concord
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>> harlem globe-trotters are coming back to charlotte, we have your tickets, you just log on to our facebook page, and enter to win a package, itens march 26, log on to our facebook page now to win, josh? >> you know, i think i'm convinced best way to fill out your bracket is flip a coin, the more you know the less you do -- well you know for me. i did terrible today. we have results from a wild
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>> that's it, the blue raiders of middle, tennessee, a 15 seed has won it. josh: upset after upset, today in college hoops biggest of day 15 seed middle tennessee, upsetting michigan state, a team many had winning the whole thing. third seeded west virginia, falling to 14 seed steven f austin. and cal sunk by hawaii. in college hoops, i could rip up by bracket, it is not how you start but how you finish. those star heels they took -- tar heels they took care of business against florida
10:46 pm
next up for unc, providence who won on a last second buzzer beater over usc, the story going into this game, start time, carolina and providence play last game of day tomorrow with the tip at 9:30 p.m., the coach is not pleased. >> very disappointed. jiminy christmas, you know. what can you say. 9:45, for a start time. don't we have a east, south, midwest, west, some games out there we can show on tv, you know, it's like spitting in i wind, it is stupid, because you can't do anything about it i despise it, i have to sit on deck of my motel room, and don't get to go to work until frickin' 9:third at night. jenna: really? josh: duke game was a tale of second halves.
10:47 pm
to the mask, he had a big second half. for the time, after delivering a halftime speech he put up 19, in that second half, a career high 23 points in the game, duke gets win 93-85 over unc wilmington, here is plumlee. >> looking at first half, there is no excuse for myplay, face mask or not. i think that of the more mind set, but coming into the game we have a great training staff i feel confident whatever bumps and bruises i take. there is something i will stay to the floor. josh: here is your school tomorrow. -- schedule tomorrow, yale and duke. then. trip to sweet 16 on the line for both. josh: nascar sprint cup
10:48 pm
>> how about austin dillon with fastest time during practice he turned it to a pole win during qualifying, last week's winner harvick will start next to dillon on the 41 line, ham -- >> it mines everything. this is just not a daytona 500 poll sitter now have to poll somewhere el to do it in fontana means a lot to me, i knew anything into third session if i didn't make a mistake i would have a shot, i stayed with it. i kept my locker locked. but gas keeping as much fuel to car as i could it worked out. josh: brad cas low ski is defending race winner in
10:49 pm
harvick, and carl edwards, they dueled it out for checkered flag last week. harvick just winning by a nose. >> we've been looking forward to this racetrack, the tires fall off a bunch here, there are multiple grooves, the new package should provide for great racing, we saw it last week. this is what is fun. it should be a good race. josh: and auto club 400 goes green 3:30 sunday, can be
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and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. jenna: hitting theaters for first week not your regular religious milker fill mill -- film they talk about their new.
10:53 pm
experience of a texas family. >> there is a huge audience that has been under served for so long, this film called miracles from heaven but not just a faith-based movie it is a real movie. it will not succeed in it is preachy. reporter: high talks about how important faith can be, now. >> so many things are going on across america that upset us. we need to be reminded to have faith and be encouraged. we have withstood tough times before. >> how long have you been married. reporter: having a sense of humor helps. >> helping me get through this very day. i think if you can laugh through things, and you know some darkest situations in our life.
10:54 pm
give us a little little breath. reporter: they hope their story, inspires. >> everyone has struggles, it doesn't matter if you are 4 or 40. you are going to struggle in life. reporter: adam housely fox news. jenna: we're getting a look at fox tv coming live musical the passion, let's look, because here are stars on set, filming ahead. two-hour television special. chris daughtry add judas, the story of crist's last hours on earth. catch the two hour even sunday march 20 on fox starts 8:00. jenna: we'll be right back
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weather. jenna: temperatures this week may be a touch cooler than what we have enjoyed all week, but it great to have a slurpee into 7-eleven.
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want for $150, the company -- $1.50, they celebrate their 50 anniversary vi tomorrow and sunday bridge sunbridge your own cup, from sand buckets. whatever you want. there is one catch. your cup must fit up right through a 10 inch hole. brian: that is the trick, i had my bithlo's 5 gallon -- big, lowe's 5 gal an gam gallon bucket. jenna: why not just drink what they give you. brian: rain chances tomorrow, 70%, could get to an inch of rain. bit cooler out there temperatures dropping off, look for near freezing temperatures to start the week, but looking good next week.
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