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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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disturbing scene of the heroin epidemic, this time broadcast on facebook dram talk to the man who shot the video drama
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>> we are preparing for a dramatic change in the weather to transition from gorgeous friday to snowy blustering saturday, hard to believe that it is just a few days before thanksgiving. >> this is not happened, with temperatures this warm, this weight very often, we will have some stats coming up, but talk about the wintery weather after this gorgeous day we have snow watch is for western new york, but nothing here yet. getting pounded by blizzard conditions inou parts of the dakotas in western minnesota,o talking about that for a couple
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will be moving out by that same system, we will not help blizzard conditions but there will be a dramatic change in t temperatures as we will have some scattered showers ahead of him after midnight tonight. and then transition fromm rome to snowfall potentially as early a three or 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon which couldhr highest amounts of northwest flag between 12 and 18 inches of there. downwind of the great lakes, detail that war. the cold air that roseanne over the great lakes,, everythi
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lead in water and faucets at cleveland metropolitan school district? >> stacey frey joins us l with the details. they turned off the faucets and dozens of buildings the
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and took until now to get the test results backck that was a small percentage with elevated lead levelste they replaced about an fountains and 40 faucets systemwide. the damage can cause to the growth and development of young minds, remember the crisis of flint michigan in sebring ohio .-porcoco that'll keep water coolers in place until that work is done place are searching for the fourth suspect in early morning police involved shooting? jessica dill joins us with the
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there were no injuries, there were four suspects involved, on of them was shott and taken to the hospital, two were arrested there is a fourth at large. >> the detectives, will be interviewing the officers and the suspects and then try to identify the fourth individual event to get a warrant out for that person's arrest.. around 2:00 a.m. the police recalled to be part of a breaking andnd entering at the first energy center they found four suspects tried to steal scrap metal becomeente as they running one of the suspects sho at officers, two police officers returned fire hitting one suspect, first energy says they
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operator saw the suspects and called the police, remained on call to tell them the lives of the suspects to track them down spokesman says that their security apparatus worked perfectly. it is not worth it to come here because we will see you, and withwoco there is a good chance you will get caught andgo whate you can get for that is not worth your lifefe if you get sh by the policeif or if you try to cut our wires and you electrocute yourselfou. the two officers involved are onon paid administrative hearin there were also wearing body cameras, weapon was recovered, they believe that when the suspect fired it may have malfunctioned and he dropped it
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the suspect in the hospital is 18 the other two are 17. facebook user lifestream's disturbing scene as h please all across here say it i coming to retain. >> two people unconscious from a drug overdose and needed help, there was a nurse thereby. u-stream this live on facebook, is two people passed out, one of them was in the
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song called 911 the ambulance arrived within minutes the driver had regained consciousness with the other ma regained use unconscious the heroin epidemic running rampant here, the sandusky fraud department has administered narcan more than d 170 times th year, an increase from1 80 last year. police say 46-year-old andrew kubrick's car broke down on the side of road and he was crossin i-90ade drone rush road happene the bus i just left the triscui bus garage to begin its route, there were no passengers on boardrd , the driver was not injured, rta said that their prayers areer with the man and his family along with their employee, i-90 was closed from
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for several hours with the incident is unde investigation.n. hundreds expect to be downtown tonight to protestp donald trump, as them another demonstration held in akron to begin with a rally a public square at 5:00 p.m. that le mars to cleveland state back in and around 11, one of the organizer says that it is to protest hisn rhetoric during the campaign. keep the pressure on to remind them the administration that we are here, even in the newly red state of ohio, we're still here and expect us to mak some noise. >> as of last night the group's facebook page indicated nearly 900 peoplerl plan to attend and 2600 were interested, the protest march during rush hour is people are going homeh to the q for the cavaliers and pistons
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adjudged as end of the probation of ohio college student who triedro to rush the stage at a donald trump rally dayton in march, thomas dimassimo was sentenced to one year probation but the judgege it short based on a recommendation by his probation officer, us attorney's office ey not object, is also find $250. looking mike west is in akron, the skating rink at lo lock 3 open at 11:00 a.m. the reindeer run to blog or she good to go.. and there will be time to light
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donald trump past us selected jeff sessions, from alabama to be the attorney general, according to officials as andrew spencer reports there may be another surprising appointment coming. >> the prime minister of japan, briefly spoke to reporters afte his meeting with donald trump. the meeting at trump tower was unofficial as mr. trump is still just the president-elect,
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build trust with the man who would become president world leaders wanted one that presents he will look like from the outside, the transition tea is still trying to figure outut what it will look like from within. the off the job of security advisor toto general michael flynn, a trump surrogate during the campaign, this weekend he meets with one of hisfgn fierce critics, presidential nom ronnie do not speak kindly abou him earlier this trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway said that they would be willing to set asideid the rhetoric in the interest o cooperate in the future, andrew spencer recording. within a week after the election, results in the north carolinaw governor's race shoul be ready by the end of the day
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challenger would cooper head of governor pat mccrory by about 5,000 votes, the republican party demanded the 90,000 ballots be recounted by hand, pat mccrory claiming voter fraud, absentee and other ballots are being certified and counted with the final vote coming today. maps of the louisiana shoreline continue to receive after the deepwater horizon oil spill in 2010, the louisiana marshland lost a lot of land over the last several years,, the maps from nasa and the us geological survey show much of that camech after the oil spill then gulf, they say that the oi can kill or we can vegetation along sure that happens the soi is more prone to erosion.lo looks like will cut about 30,000 jobs to recover after the mission's scandal.s most will be coming from
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american jobs may also be lost after they were found to cheat on admission test,at compensation payments added up to tens of billions, they say the job cuts are necessary to reduce the most recognized mouse is celebrating her birthday and mickey mouse turnst 88 euros olde 8 plans to celebr style. are going to be parades and one-of-a-kind parties the disney parks if you can't make it to one of the parks kee your eye out for the release of the new music video, he made hi first appearance in the khartou
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what a beautiful day out there, it is
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are some closer to the horizon, when it is this nice, it can change just like that.. kia watches in effect. but we could have those of 30 watts not be encouraged tomorrow. on the satellite, we see nothin but sunshine will start that tomorrow, in alaska, tomorrow, will see the sun go below the horizon. and then stay to not be seen again for 65 days in alaska.a on january 23, next year, the
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briefly, and then it is all uphill from their. we have tied the record for this date, according to scott sabol, only happened four times it has been at or above 73 degrees, on or after the state then december 3 of 1982 it was 77. it does not happen that often this born this way. we tied our record today alread and there is more to come. here is the system causing
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taking off to the northeast. watch cold air hour winds out o the south this evening, tomorro morning the land well start to come around and see that saturday evening northwest wind sustained 30, up to 40 early snowfall estimates of one-3 inches east, southeast, i ashtabula county, a bit more possibly today low 70s a record high, showers after midnight, will be 46 degrees, any rain showers tonight and
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in transition to wet snow and lake effect, saturday night 29 degrees, stay tuned for more accumulation details, mid- 40s on tuesday, rainfall wednesday on thanksgiving may be wet snow with near 40 degrees , andre bernier and melissa myers will have much more coming up in 4:0c talking that in the span of 24 hours ago is from summer to
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art has been a passion his entire life, he graduated from kent state with a fine arts degree, so good that while disney studios offered him a job,
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california,s, got a response they said to come on out in that sam week i had an offer from channe 3830 we contract. >> the rest is tv history or current eat a lot for two is artistic abilities at the beginning of his weather career he useded chalk intake worker there is the weather calendar h designs filled with hundreds of illustrations. >> in 1998 he authored a weathe guide the continues to sell to this day are many cartoons of illustrations demonstrating his talent and went. >> for several years he would publish a weather almanac, it shows off his talent, where thankful that he did, he continues to use his talents ,
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by hundreds of thousands, you truly are a one-of-a-kind. are the countdown to his final forecast comes up on tuesday, we will have some fun surprises, the ctv. >> coming up, police asking for stolen memorabilia to be returneds after a trainer home
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cleveland metropolitan school district. stacey frey, has the details, there were no students or staff exposed to high lead levels because it was shut off in dozens of buildings the summer program replacement with watercolors an to get back a test result a small percentage of outlet said elevated levels because replaced any faucets and 40 pounds systemwide. we remember the flint michigan and sebring ohio crisis this summer. schools already have taken step
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faucets are fountains and now receiving the financial systems there were no threat to student or stafff they have been shut off until testing completed. i-team trying to get justice for a teacher, saint ignatius high school sports trainer, the broke into his home and stole what is priceless as ed gallek reports.. soccer, football and more, saint ignatius is winning championships earning more temperature range. for 30 years hank gaughan has been collecting them as athleti trainer on wednesday, broke into his home still in 25 temperatur brings.
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you look at them you remember certain things about each championship gamere the kids wh played. >> it happened in the west park neighborhood, is hoping that someone has a conscience, or someone on a snuff out there to say that these are some of his rains, let's return them. t >> it happened at the side door wall and found the door opened and called findd anyone inside but hours earlier a neighbor had seen a stranger nearby. local pawn shop is on the lookout atat odyssey jewelers they say that before we showed up th place called s the pawn shop would like to help catch a thief and return those rains. is going to be valuable if it is gold and less so if it is
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>> he has a message for anybody involved, that justice would be simple. >> please return them, no questions asked. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. if you have information, call the cleveland police 4th district detectors. >> avenge last night to remembe victims ofio 100 unsolved murdes in cleveland they attended the vigil at thee 3rd district poli station to honor those open cases, an ornament was hung on a tree,e, bearing the name of a loved one and date of death, t they say they want to remind all the families that they are not alone especially now during the holidays..he >> to let them know that we hav not forgotten about them, the case is not just on someone's
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and investigate and let them know that they have support. >> homicide unit was there as they could receive an update on their particular individual cases. tomorrow, they get you into the christmas sir skies and cold windy rainy. this is a live look from the roof-camam. tomorrow some areas that will likely see some accumulation, most likely ashtabula county an portage county.a stay up on the latest show you
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look at all of this sunshine today. just a few high clouds from the storm system off to the west where they have rain showers will stop you can see the showers go through overnight into tomorrow transitioning to snowfall most likely after three or 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon to goly sheil a snowband band off lake huron moving to lake erie that would be something to consider.. west side will not see anything, it will be asi ta of two worlds with completely different amounts. show that maybe a trace of 21-inch just south of the lake shore including those areas south of i-90, west of
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a bull's-eye in western pennsylvania that could get it inches of snowfall but not expecting that your, eastern ashtabula county will be on the cusp of those higher amounts so could see some localized six-inch amounts by monday afternoon. currently 71 degrees, we have tied the record high. and then it will be dropping into the 20s tomorrow night at he rain showers after midnight tonighto and then we transition over to snowfall by three or 4:00 o'clock with lake-effect persisting into monday morning. the thanksgiving forecast is fo a few warning flags afterer rai showers wednesday night , and then highs around 40 degrees, w will continue to watch the snow
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stay tuned. the buckeyes are back on the hardwood in columbus. >> which browns quarterback wil get ready for the pittsburgh steelers on sunday, here's john telich . the browns wrapping up preparations for the steelers o sunday, cody kessler, has renewed confidence that he can succeed when he is back and while he has been efficient, they see him a few chances, if they are there, as they go up against the steelers defense. we could see this guy later in ther season, rg3. the just want to take care of
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it is important to bring the franchise back to national relevance , we know that it wil have local and regional relevance, we want to be competitive and to have a shot for the division championship and we think that will come in short order. mike trout the american league mvp angels outfielder get more votes than and he is the sax-player history to have two mvp before 26. never finished lower than second frank lindor day get some votes. to the surprise of no one,
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national league mvp he got all but one, he had 39 homers and 132 rbi, he is the cubs first mvp since sammy sosa in 1998 he is one of only four players to get rookie of the year and then next year to be the mvp. g anthony rizzo was fourth. >> buckeyes in columbus, they provided the opposition. a tight game. until the buckeyes got some distance on providence in the second half. then the buckeyes were up by three points then they were on the live, watch as you see the
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kim williams gets it done in th buckeyes winning 72-67. defended calder cup champion monsters had a tough time and think you last night as they wereig blinded by the admirals, the eighth loss in 14 games the are in seventh place in the central division. high school football coach is not happy with the big ten attem the association, released a statement thursday that said that they are opposed to the actionsns that infringes on a great american tradition of hig school football and not in the best interest of student athletes, cripple small high school athletic budgets and disrupts relationships between high schools and big ten coache
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dontcha playoff action in high school football that we will cover a 10:00 p.m. tonight so stay tuned. today's health minute hour
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the surgeon general lease the first ever report on addiction, nearly 21 million deal with substance addiction only 10 percent get treatment estate and someone in the us dies from an opioid or heroin overdose every 90 minutes substance use disorders cost over $442 billio
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paul's addiction and underappreciated andrndd undertreated public-health crisis. a new study underway to see if gene therapy may help stop alzheimer's,o it triggers the body's immune system to break a plaque in the brain which destroys memory, it would be the first drug to stopbe the declin oflz been an effective alzheimer's drug in over a decade,zh, they could be available in the next ten years. >> guidelines suggest people between 50 and 60 should take a low-dose aspirin to ward off cardiovascular disease reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack to healthy blood flowow addition you should stay active exercise drinkwater
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stress the most common side effect from the daily doses are excess bleeding and acid reflux changing the look of of your holiday decorations has never been
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decorating your home is going high-tech. lies that you control with your phone for a different colo and movement each night as rich video explains in the tech report. >> new holiday lights that are controlled through your phone using bluetooth you can change
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hanning lights is a unification this time you might want to go high-tech. departing manager helps me to hate decorations, apple lights. they make small, big balls and icicles that swirl. let you control the led lights from your phone. there are various colors and movements. you might even have an excuse to leave them off the entire year thanks to special holiday things work thanksgiving, halloween, valentines, and more. changing the colors is really cool but you never had to set a
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turn them on and off from your phone, they're more expensive than typical, about $60 per strand that the control only te at a time, so if you have an extreme set up, my take of it t toggle them off and on. will appreciate the ever-changing light show, your neighbors might wonder how you did ityo. are those that we exclusive to home depot, but no doubt you will see similar productss at various retailers, they're more expensive than the normal strands for more info to , i'm rich demuro, that's your tech report. $60 per strand is a little steep but he says they last longer so they might be worth the
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if you dread the christmas decorations, one man is going t help.p. >> he's going to have his neighbors get into the holiday spirit, i love christmas, my favorite holiday i love looking at the christmas lights, all systems are go. >> michael battles has an impression that displays and he turned into a small business if you don't want to decorate your
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he goes by the name of the lake and like i
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"the real." >> she made it through the week. >> can monica handle "the real" claw. we're hosting up one of our favorite news anchors and dropping her in for a charity drive. and for girl chat, we're talking about tamera's sexy paris night. >> i dropped it like it was hot at the club too. >> then, why women aren't aloud to be angry. >> my neck starts going crazy, my hands join. i'm offending you and i look like i want to fight. >> mai's solution makes its season dayebut. >> nice to do something for me. >> "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now right now ?


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