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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it is at night they of november, 2016. it is 8:00 o'clock. thank you for joining usus will check in with scotthe it is windy out there. >> and angry lake ot going nowhere may fluctuate a little butter but that's about that but that's about it the northwind starts to shift out of the westlake last night and the when start to dieak down. we kp the clouds around with the stud showers finally moving south daytime highs today into the upper 40s and lower 50s over
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middle and h igh 50s tomorrow on thursdayid the eight day forecast in just a minute traffic time with patty. >> we've had our share of accidents this morning, but they are starting to clear up in some spots we still have this left on the jennings freeway a little slow in that areaa slower in tht area and then down in independents from 77 and southbound we also have the accident rate south always has been 40 overbite warrensvillee crowded more so as you head eastbound and westbound. wdad we were getting reports of an accident on for 22 westbound beforeid i to 71. ths
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keep it in mind if you travel the overnight hours or early early morning 77 northbound scheduled to close and i 90 eastbound azure alternate. once again it will be open tomorrow morning by six. wayne, christie, stephanie, back to you. >> donald trump shocks the world becoming the presidentyo. >> he defeated hillary clinton and the race laste night. >> it tookst them 289 electoral votes hillary clinton 218 the water only m up taking the crucial state of pennsylvania, florida, north carolina and ohio. in the buckeye state he defeated his democratic challenger 52 ?- 43 to win the state of 18 electoral votes. >> is the 45th president of the united states of america, donald trump says he has a lot of plansttte of our future. trp is no time to unite america.
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shocked with the way the polls month. >> there we go along tough battle by both candidates but we haves a winner. trump sweet smoltsmp of the top battleground states. >> ladies and gentlemen, the nextnd president of the united states, donald trumpxt. >> donald trump is victorious president obama calling them this> morning topr congratulatem and inviting him to the white house one thursday. the billionaire claimed victory in thesdir battleground states p state but hise appeal across the industril midwest help health and helping seal the win.l he won ohio, florida went ohio, florida and north carolina and also had victories in pennsylvania and wisconsinia states that is not supported a republican presidential candidate since the 80s. donald trump address the nation earlyre this morning sayg he is honored and he looks forward to being president. he is also going to unify a deeply
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find the wounds of division and get together.un so all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> house speaker paul ryan also called trump to congratulate him on his incredible victories and they abre eager to work hand-in-handto with the new administration. and trumps victory party gracious towards hillary clinton and call for unity he saidd we also are major of gratitude to her for her service for our country now it is time for them to come together they are really goingy to try to make it. so yu wonder now it is next for her and you wonder i if he could tao advantage of her expertise and use it and politics. >> right we will see a what happens.
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to the entire democratic party. we got now with reaction from hr campaign. >> we are still waiting her concession speech at this. >> good morning we are. we are just getting word she will be
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midnight it was looking like she was going to lose supporters off the sometimes violentrs. >> where voices and your enthusiasm me so much to her and to all of us. we are so proud of you of her.we she's done an amazig job and she is not done yet. >> she has been secretary of state and senator twice> she is set to speak at 930 this mornig and i'll tell30 new york city we
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of course also all those pollsters clearly it was way. >> yes and all those predictions noic doubt. stacy, thank you. >> it was a big night for a high out ohio and comments as well. so now for the 13th time since the delano roosevelt era you have a president, the senate, the house all at the same party survey monkey is a service they use and how things wrapped up.
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to vote and men obviously supporting's donald donald trump 380 the 31 when it came to the electoral college when it came were supposed to break down with the majority for hillary clintn onlycl about 67 electoral votes going to donald trump when you get a married man, pretty much a donald trump wash all across when it comes to married women though,h, quite a split. marrid women to 85 to donald trumps people had to be a little older and can devote moore republican when you get to just man ?- single m man this is how it broe down with a lot of folks for hillary clinton and this was single women only eight electoral votes for donald trump. that is how it was supposed to break down voter turnout was a huge factor in the summer pollsters were run as
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hillary clinton to win. the assignment senate was 51 ?- 47 dowell be a big thing with two in the the next 20 minutes we don't know if a cousin the next day or two if we have itow like the year 2,000 main market is going to be quite volatile but it came back up around acceptance speech as of 45 minutes ago it is still down about 300,000.l now we will see how things go in the next 15 minutes or so and find out how our markets react to that we will keep an eye on thatt as well. that is how we are seeing it with donald trump making the presidential speechch very calm did not criticize was not out there attacking anyone these
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will see how things go in the next 45 minuteses now is not running his own campaign is in it for the country you c would think you would take a different tone when giving an acceptance speech. >> of cover all the promises are made we will see if theom action can be taken. >> fox eight is your home for. up-to-date of the collection information in northeast ohio for continuing coverage and four results stay with us on online at >> already ten minutes after 8:00 o'clock still have on this. wednesday morning the day after election day reaction from the election. >> are you happy with the outcome? will you support donald trump is or 45th president of the united states? right now we want to hear from scott to see whatt is happening weather wise.h >> the rains are moving off keeping the cloud cover pretty
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will check it out a couple of changese you see ourselves collaborating on the dishes they are making for the signature shots happening this monday at the benefits benefit. we will
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the conduct cope with my good tiny slivers of sunshine maybe later insh the day but it does t look like it will be anything thathi widespread with the rain showers moving out temperatures upper 40s lower 50s is where the temperatures will stay all day long. look at the showers nowg. living out of alliance raining themselves out training themselves out with the temperaturescece will be at 51 e have bedford at 561 on our
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we've not had this for a while at least the rain will shut down and stay right around 50 degrees we cannot rule out a couple of sprinkles later todayy noticing the streets of rain this is not going to be a major rain had later today and the temperatures temperatures will fall backnn to the lower 40s late friday middle and high 30s friday evening cold enoughnd for some rain like affect raini mixed in with light snow temperatures s are on the borderline this is a quick burst of cold air nothing arctic but something we've not seen all whole lot of the wind of her this is very small only about a four ?- six art wind up not as
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week next week's away was pointing out temperatures state year average on the eight-day 5n ?- 55 sunday, monday, tuesday sunday probably the pick of the two weekend days saturday's high 55 and all in all, no major sign upl, any arctic outbreaks. back to you guys.b >> it is a presidential forecast and you do the presidential. >> yo forfeit up a little bit more. 8:15 a.m. >> we are talking with todd everybody wants to talk about all of those know what happened so what happened yesterday anywhere next president is.h >> i feel optimistic it is whether thiss if got a clean slate and that persona can do i. >> talk radio use a metaphor like an etch-a-sketch you shake and everything disappears everything disappears and start
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campaign that donald one.s >> give us a lot of things thorough and then you have the toes with filibusters here are the things evolve and talking aboute today one sayst working people we know the president pictures about us and we'll work hard for. >> i just hopek trump keeps his promises. another texture it's a great victory people have spoken when you look at the map indicating the states state counter, you see how united it is. and one texture was talking about the i don't understand itl they electoralta the electoral college when youct because hilly clinton is leading by 100,000
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flawed system this is it is a veteran as though my service was a waste of time but that is how it is it is these winner takes all statesr them all states except nebraska and a maine winr takes all electoral votes if they did not have that you may seeot her with the wind today, t that t is just south the systems going with sin them like that since the constitution was founded. 2,000 there were three others in the 18 hundreds were presidential where presidential candidate across the18 vote. >> al gore won the popular george bush by one went about 500 votess 17 minutes after 8:00 o'clock it is wednesday morning in the city. coming up taking you inside one cleveland indians traditional giveawayid that fans flocked to really
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bar changes its look, it and the people of britain was a. find out what has them up in arms. >> and almost time for the 2016 turkey bowl. we are looking for bowlers. you can through can'tf turkey excuse me frozen turkeys in kansas cranberry sauce. >> center is not happy center is not happy with you right now c upon or a picture or anything you can do we've been doing this foret how many years now? fifteen years 16 years? >> we have the details at we will be right
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switching is easy. get our exclusive 1-hour arrival window, a money-back guarantee with no contract to sign. plus get free installation, tv equiment and epix included. really? say yes to more. call now. happy wednesday to your. halfway through the work week already. eady. feels like friday. it's been a long week. we have a brand-new president elect. donald trump going to be the 45th president of the united states and he'll be taking the oath off office on the 20th of 0
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ill he'll be welcoming the cavaliers tomorrow. the exciting news. i'm happy about and donald trump will stop by and talk to him as well. what an incredible opportunity and moment you'll be reporting for us for tomorrow.rtunity i'll be at the white house. with the cavaliers in barack obamaat h maybe hang around and donald trump will show up. do you think they'll give him a jersey that says potus on the backa for president of the unitd states? and a lot of times teams do that.. what would your jers in the house. that is so cool.col breathing the same air.r. pack us in your bags. i wish i could. all right. a.j. colby. that's impressive going to the white house. that is really cool. ng think of all the little people when lt you're there please. here storm fox doppler radar more widespreadd shower pattern earlier this morning about four
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as expected.ed. tightening pretty much worked out on this is dome. may have started to rain an little bit earlier than expected for configuring threet or 4:00 ended up being like 1:30. now it's cloud cover for the most part a few scattered showers in other areas coming in now.w. 49 inn cleveland we may add ad another degree to that or so.o. hovering around 40-degree mark. look at the winds blowing out of the north. they have been fairly strongtrng wins. 20 miles an hour sustained. we've got gusts close to 30 miles a that will mess up your hair if you don't have it matted down somehow. cooler drier air coming in. high-pressure wedgingg for tonight and tomorrow. clearing our skies. the next front is more potent that's for sure. 50 degrees will do it for a high today. rain southeesil and definitely a shower possible a but that will dry out fortunate.out it will be chilly. ci
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and slightly milder.r. just a tad. 58 the fox eight day forecast we are still calling for thatr second front to come in on friday it may kick off a littlt lake effect snow or rain. temperatures low 50s.50s. mid- 40s on saturday at least the second half of the weekend looking good. and seasonal temps l coming up next week. we'll sendomg that back your w. okay. thank you so much. veterans day on friday. here's the big story today. donald trump is the president elects the president of the united states after defeating hillary clintonrente in this rey stunning upset.r before his big when he spoke with fox8 last night. jessica dill joining us from the control room with more on that in lll more on his newest socil media comment. trump taking to twitter. good morning. good morning everyone. president-elect take into social media this t te in morning liked throughout the entire campaign. he tweeted quoteninlike te such a beautiful and important evening.
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never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before.ever be fain.n. trump also spoke exclusively to fox 8 last night before his win. here's a snippet of what he had to say.. we have a great country.count it need help, it needsryt needs leadership, it needs help. our team from the beginning was make america great again. from the beginning. from the beginning to right now. make america great again. that's what we're going to do. was historic and extremely tense over the past year and a half.ei but after hours of close vote counts republican nominee donald trump was victorious. trump took several key battleground states considered essential for him winning ohio,d florida, and north carolina. nail biter races continued early this morning with thin margins in pennsylvania and new
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were at one point separated by just 18 votes. fox news called the race just before 3a.m. here ththd by his family,, one p president elect donald trump took the stage at his headquarters in new york city to give the first speech since winning the election. pre trumpe sta athey call, an historic event, but to be really historic, we have to do a great job and i promise you that iu ti will not let you down. we will do a great job.t t we will do a great job. pre-election polls suggesteds sg trump was the least popularge presidential nominee in the modern era..preside yet there were signs that republica never to support trump were willing to give him a chance moving forward. president obama will speak later today about election results. he called donald trump this morning to congratulate him and invited him to the white house tomorrow they will discuss this transition process.he vice vice president busy day tomorrow. jessica dill reporting from the
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conceded the race yet. we are awaiting that speech from her at some point this morning.. ot plinceded expecting it around 9:30.0. but she did call donald trump early this morning to congratulate him.m.early that conversation took place and fox 8's stacey frey has reaction from democrats who were feeling very confident up until lastst night.nigh stacey. good morning. goo speaking at 9:30 this mornin new york city. rk carrying that on air live and online as well. yi big question moving forward will beue how did the pollsters and pundits get it so wrong?id o wr? it was early this morning when hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta addressed a somber crowd of clinton supporters.arlyhhhillarignir several states are too close to call so we're not going to have anything more to say tonight.cas they were gathered under glass a ceiling ready for a big party celebrating the first womang r w president in the u.s. instead they watched in
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and became increasing apparentas that hillary clinton was not going to win.g app around 9 she tweeted this team has so much to be proud of. areted t happens tonight, thankk you for everything. at the democratic watch party in columbus, crowds started clearing out around midnight, hours before the race officially was called. ohio democratic party chair david pepper had very little to say. o t arnre thr tonight is aicatch dav p reflection of some large forces that obviously the country going to be thinking about for a long obvuntry g we will come to terms withs w tonight in terms of ohio politics and national politics and we will certainly strive to do much much better in the d nly trycles. what this comes down to is, hillary clinton couldn't hold oo to black, latino and young voters. they failed to show up at the polls like they did for president obama.ult heo sw she is expected to speak this morning. we'll carry that live for you. yes we will. all right stacey frey reporting. thanks so much. a number of important local issues were also on the ballot.i
8:37 am
cleveland schools issue 108 passed.d. it's a renewal of issue 107, dubbed the cleveland plan, which passed in 2012. since the plan was enacted, school leaders say graduationdun rates have gone up 17 percent,e, while enrollment is also up. cleveland voters also approved issue 32.. it's the city's first income ta' increase since 1981, raising the rate from two percent to two and a half.s fit easeom two p the mayor says the money wouldhm improve city services, including street repairs and the public health department.t rai and parma voters passed a school levy renewal, by a solid 63 to 37 percent majority. it will provide more than eight million dollars for the school district which is currently t thaemilliork out of a 155 million dollar budget deficit. fox8 is your home for up to date election information in ctrtheast ohio. for continuing coverage and full results stay with us on air andn online at
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city council members are being exposed by iteam undercover cameras.osed eras tonight on fox eight news at ten.n. the iteam's ed gallek takes his hidden camera to cleveland city council meetings. look at this. who was paying attention? who was texting?ho w p and who was watching a baseball game?aho was council caught on camera, a fox eight news iteam exclusive, tonight at ten.a still ahead on fox8 news in the morning.g. giving back to loyal fans. less than a week since the world series loss a cleveland indians second baseman is doing what he can to keep the pride alive. that story is coming up.ondsewhc but first let's kick it withmi kenny. good morning you guys. all rightht you can see where in the test kitchen chef anthony is putting the finishing touches og his dish that he will premiere at the signatureoh chefs event this monday when we come back we'll see what it's like.cs mo
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only fox8 cameras rolling when jason kipnis thanked fans forhak all their support. the cleveland indians second baseman passed out some pretty uppt
8:43 am
fox8's peggy gallek has the details.. there were cheers. when number 22 walked outside to greet his fans. nube and then when jason kipnis handed out 11 pairs of cleats. haede were the tears. dozens of cleveland indians fans stood outside the gates to the players parking lot tuesday afternoon, to get a chance to meet kipnis, and a chance to get one of his size 11 cleats. p lot t i got my jersey signed that i've been trying to get for a year and then i got his cleat and the hat, yeah. eget foat and om jason kipniss because i was yelling april 3, we share the same birthday.e i y kipnis signed the cleats, and a few bats, he said he does it to
8:44 am
show appreciation for them and have a fun time, done this theii past couple of years, it's a good time, we get a bunch so it means for to them then to us, wo g get a lot. some people said they drove more than an hour for the chance to thank the second baseman for a fantastic season. han r the cthe ot came down here were not disappointed, if they didn't get a bat or a cleat they hey something signed and say they are ready for 2017. we brought the kids down to com down a before the year is up and it turnedh out to be in our favor.v the kids got something. we appreciate kip . definitely. thank you so much. thanks.defi in cleveland, peggy gallek fox 8 iews.. that is awesome. what a nice guy. he is a hero. he is a hero. not all athletes are but he is. taking the time to take pictures meeting those young kids. nice guy. he is done it every year.
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way to go peggy.peg she was the only one that i had it. it. the only station there. all right peggy. l ago a home run for sure any i team report.. check in with kenny crumpton. mister crumpton. hi kenny. ny good morning you guys. hello. d.llo. in the test kitchen our headquarters this morning and previewing that march of dimes signature chefs event happening this monday ng just a few tabless left if you're going to check it out you weoid have a link to their webw last year theyebs raised 100 ovr $100,000 for the march of dimes that's awesome. some of the cool items to be able to bid on mar your recordf package at canterbury golf club. michael simon dinner experience. dinner and a show downtown. e breckenridge package for all of you skiers out there.ecke a plane ride a backyard barbecue
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my goodness. go just to name a few there are plenty of the. onenty of the 40 chefs that wie there monday you'll give us somm tasty morsels to sample. what do we have? a preview ofm the dish that willth bet doing the pumpkin gnocchi e are making before and we have the apple we were cutting up. butternut squash.. kale and then we have braised porkb cheeks braise apple cideri goes right on there. really cool seasonald some of our own homemade chicken stock and reduce the braising liquid. it kind of makes a nice sauce here when it reduces. you can tell you guys work in this kitchen.e we make our own catch up. fresh is people don't know hard it is to make it.. so we've been partnering with march of dimes for a whale and
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lucky enough to have two of my own healthy young children and god bless you. we like to help them out as well.le are going to go ahead and throw this over here.o g look at that. and then we top it off we use lake erie creameries some goat cheesese .. okay. these are actually my career rude omission bulls. and it adds a nice little flavor profile for the whole dish.ho that's it get a sample of that.e the march of dimes. that's awesome. now wet' want to thank anthony d everybody that came out with the march of dimes sarah come on over want to thank you sarah.a d thank come on over here. a lot of support. come on you guys everybody who helped us out this morning.sco
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monday. moat's right monday very good. wayne and kristi they're going to anger you guys going to anchor as well. s e we willl anger that show. this show and then dot event. everybody wave. okay. march of dimes. it's fun. that food is delicious. the food isde incredible.ible a great personal star you share every year with your daughter danielle. preemie with march of dimes.f great event.. coming upgrea ox morning the case of the shrinkingn th chocolate bar. oh no. when you have perfection, keep whethat way.y. boy. find out the move a popular uk candy bar made that has brits up in the arms. i vote no. shrinking and chocolate don't go together in the same as if that was all people had ta get upset about.bou that would be nice people are upset about the way the electioc went. we are taking your thoughts and
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. the world health organization it introducing a new set of guidelines for the care of pregnant women. among the recommendations women should get health care servicest at least eight times duringh pregnancy with five of the visits taking place in the last trimester. that's double the agency'sency's the who says about 300 thousand mothers die while pregnant or in child birth and believe simple interventions with trained health care workers could help bring those numbers down. more trouble for the blood testing startup company ieveimiminterv ld lp theranos. walgreens is suing the company for 140 million dollars to try to recover its investments.alg
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more efficient alternatives, to traditional blood tests. but a scathing wallstreet journal report called the company's testing methods into question. since then, the company has been od ttbut sl repor banned from owning or operating b lab.. if you're in the market for an iphone and don't need the latest one now is the time to get it. apple has started selling eedh refurbished iphones through its online store again. while it's been offering rehabbed computers, tablets the le last time it offered phones inin its online refurb store was in 07 you can now buy a refurbished iphone 6s at $449 or a 6s plus iph $529.9. that's 15 percent less than thee price of a new device and it comes with a 1 year warranty.rce go for it. nice. all right. toblerone has shrunk and reconfigured two of its iconictc milk chocolate bars and it's
8:53 am
the uk now has narrowernow triangles and a larger gaphaap between peaks. toblerone says they made the changes to save money although the different looking bars still cost the same.chas ey people have been lighting uplign social media with photos, showing fewer wedges in each pack.. a wipack. they say it looks like a bike rack and some are even blaming it on brexit.ack d many say they would have happily paid more for the sweet treattms had it remained the same. a spokesperson says the change was not a result the uk'spokesr' decision to leave the european union.. what a disappointment. i've never had it. world market and stuff. so good. they melt in your mouth. crispys. it's chocolate.ate. it's a good. it is what it is. it's chocolate. what a difference it really taking quite a bit out. awful. wonder how much it cost.
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the peaks were in.s i price didn't go down with a chocolate. talking about the election wrapping up our thoughts here talking about this today. a few comments came in so far. leah writes i will respect trump as a president, just like people showed obama respect for his leah a priwed oba reme sharon says i think he is going to do great things for us giveth the man the chance to prove rockefeller_cynthia says it may not be what the outcome you wanted but it is here and we the people can help with that change. p @shappy1978 today we are all winners no more political ads. that is true. a message to all americans get ready to thehe long ride. so happy trump one maybe have l someone on our service people change the world make it a better place. very encouraging to see the school levies that passed the
8:55 am
down in or the. we'll talk about this throughout the morning as we take your election thoughtss on our facebook and social media. thank you. thank you for your comments. still ahead the entire seasonon leaked. howle a game of thrones season ended up onlinee and why fans of the shownd may be to blame. and remember to head over to to vote for cuyahoga heights, shaw, or rocky river h cool school. we'll announce the winning school tomorrow and feature that school next week on fox8 news in g the neing.g.higr rocc
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tonight, my parents voted for trump. myare but you know what?at?
8:58 am
and this is the moment we need to remember that we all love our parents, and we all love our parldren.. and i can rest easy knowing that both of my young nieces at home will never see themselves less than equal. katy perry putting things into perspective after a gruelingg campaign season. but other celebs have been quite vocal about moving out of the country if trump wins. so now what? actor bryan crantson, comedians amy schumer, chelesa handler, lena dunham and singer neyo made their plans to move public months ago but are so far silent on social media after trump'sr u election.'s i don't think i would move out of the country. that's prettynk ild mov radical. should have things lined up in orderr if you're planning to do that. all if you're desperate to find out what happens next on game of l ou'rdind ok a widely reported reddit post contains what appears to be a plot summary for the entire
8:59 am
hbo show. it's confirmed the new seasonon will be the first one not based on george rr martin's books so some fans are eager for ther t details. so far hbo has not commented on the leak..sf want to ring in 2017 with justin bieber?ng n eine a bieber fan. you and scott sabol.b according to tmz, a ritzy miami beach resort is offering one fan an exclusive vip experience to s package, including chartered yacht service, private escorts to nightclubs and front stagendn seating at the pop prince's new years eve concert.t. the night will only cost you got some chump change. how much is that? $500 thousand..e chp c i will pass. i wouldn't pay that on anythingt but ahi house. that's the news at eight.
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my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. ialin that is now what i want to do for our country. n forget about those polls donald trump will be our nation's next president.sident. we expecting to hear concessionc speech from hillary clintono about 9:30. we will be carrying it life for you right here on fox8 news stay with us that will happen in about 30 minutes.oxwith she's already0 mut trump to congratulate him. good morning everyone a lot to talk about this morning we're going to get all to it right no after we check in with a.j. colby for a look at our forecas on this day after election day. itt did rain may have affected turnout might be. the afternoon saw some showers in s the area it was drier if yu voted earlier you know that. storm fox 12 for radar you can see diminishing returns they are


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