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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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it is wednesday and we will cook a little bit if you call making a salad cooking but could be fun for folks with those little tomatoes in the garden or growing some thot lettuce. we will put some corn and beans in the solid and this came to me from a company called the smoked
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pork a tenderloin. this lady has a company in sonoma that makes this smoked olive oil and smoke brownwn sugr and she got wind of the fact that we used it on theo show and found out from people e-mailing her and foundf out about the product and theh reality is we have more responders in the new day cleveland audience than they had with the today show audience is week or she was all excited about that and sent us more stuff to experiment a recipe called the grows and company and is a pretty nice little recipe. the salad dressing is unique and pretty cool and startup with a little lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. there is one, two. i don't need that.
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and put it upside down so you don't have anyan sees. and we have about tablespoons of lemon juice and is a big squirt of hot sauce, any kind to my. this is a smoked chipotle salad is what it will be in a big pinch of coriander. my hands are a little wet. sticking to my hands, for ever. there ism we'll put in some chipotle barbecue sauce, pretty cool. made famous on tv and will put them to tablespoons in here. i like my generous tablespoons and then we bring out the smoked olive oil in sonoma and sell
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the smoked brown sugar she had wasww great comes with a whiskey flavor and news the whiskey flavor one on salmon the other night and is great coming from the smoked allni of and have a chilly version of this and have all of our ingredients and will mix itit up and set it aside foa minute and start throwing together a am solid. lead letters and wash all of this so it should be in good l shape with the spring mix washed three times, they said. it is the rinsing and drying part that is hard and have one of those spinners ap that reall helps. i have a couple tomatoes that i cut in half and was pretty simple to do, right? i have half a cup of black beans
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these if you make them from scratch. make sure they arere tender. i have about quarter cup of red onion. i chop this up then. starting to look like something here and put on some roasted corn. everyone likes roasted corn,, right? i love that trick. the other day we use the bdt i will cheat and put too much in because i think it is a goodut idea. that is pretty good,d, right? r put that in our salad. how does that look over there, like it is starting to happen and put some salt and pepperis also.
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would put some avocado. >> i could not find one and sometimes i look behind where they a are. we go earlier and it will be perfect and perfectly ripened and since it was so hard, you know what i did? i got a bag and found three old bananas around the house like that and if you put it in a bag with fruit that is already ripe like an apple or will soften up in a day or so. i was so excited i had to tell you. this is no longer as hard as the hopea diamond and is not so musy it will fallan apart. and see if i can do this without cutting my handoff. there you go, pretty cool. nowoo we are going to find a
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rascal without cutting my hand. this knife is very sharp and should have got a dollar one. now, i have is stone and just have two scoop it out and comes out insco pieces. pretty good, not unhappy with that result. i w i will mix up the salad a little bit and give it a toss or two and try it after the break.
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>> i will try to keep this off today.ess >> it works, it smells so good. >> that was the thing about this smoked all of company, everything taste so great and small sof stone here they go just for fun one of these is chilly and what is whiskey, brownse sugar and te whiskey one i used on salmon the other day and the chilly one we used on the pork tenderloin. see what you think. which one should i go for? >> a mix of both? >> you can see which one you like. >> is that tasty, or what.
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they won a whole bunch of awards in sonoma. we used to do that napa show. maybe we should go to sonoma. >> they are both delicious but i would go with> this one. i am not a huge whiskey girl, that a is the only reason. >> okay, you would have been good in those old wild west the new --go saloons. ihi petticoats-- >> see how thick that god. we will toss that one out and give it a little toss. >> that looks so good and so
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i will make sure to have a full plate of it so i don't feel so bad. >> will we have smoked cupcakes today? >> i don't think so, but it is an interesting twist. >> here is a napkin and here is-- >> okay. i am excited to try distressing. >> i did not try this >> you picked the best tomatoes, those are the best cherry tomatoes. >> you put the corn in their and the tomatoes are inexpensive and would mix the lettuce some are soft and some are crispy and get a littleso crunch. it is delicious.
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enough to give you a whole differenten feeling. we probably need to get some of this. when you taste that dressing and how good ithe is-- >> it is really good. you are going to be planning a trip to amherst because there is a shop that helps you create items like lights, chandeliers -- >> anything smoked glass. >> it is a unique parts and supplies store in amherst, ohio
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make your own light or lamb and can restore or design your l ow. my husband was restoring an old stand and didn't want to put plastic wire on an old stand and started looking into covers and was able to findst it and thoug, i bet there are other people wanting this also and from there is steamrolled our kitchen table and a few years later, here we are. >> we like to encourage people to do itt themselves and have brackets and wires and specializeth in the cross cover wire and you can design and create your ownw piece. we need to know what length of wire you wouldo need and what color you would need and how
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of something, we can help you from there. we like toe. specialize in the w old look with s vintage becauset takes youvin back but is not, necessarily, old. usually, when people walk in off the street they are overwhelmed and never knew it could be you likeke this. they want that with a twist and can change out theh color or ata different ballc before something like that. it basic lifeo is wire and your socket and always helpful in way and can walk them through what they need ton do. we started out with the parts and supplies for thee lighting but wanted to meet the needs of all of our customers and are offering the some home decor and
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a lot of people like to use those to redo their dressers or at the kitchen cabinet and have finished product and can buy it off the shelf or make that for you,lf o specifically. everybody is up cycling, repurpose thing, doing stuff withh everything. they like to put their own twist to it and makeha lights out of anything, t is really neat. >> vintage wire and supplies is in downtown amherst and are closed on sunday. make that trip go on saturday and make a weekendke getaway.
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>> welcome back to new day cleveland and want to keep our kids and grandkids save and here are a simple a guidelines to hep you do just that, author and internet safety expert with us, always good to have you on the show. >> it is also scary to have you on the show.
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because we need to be when it comes to our kids and the internet. >> parents are still in that, it can happen to me or don't even know what could happen to me. it is willful ignorance and don't want to w know about that and some, parents just don't know beam at the reality is it is happening and just reported on an attempted abduction and an abduction where police believe that they were linked with social media. >> the thought is so far, we don't know for thought is this same person had the abduction and attempted abduction anddu found them by social media somehow and is yet to be determined how that was workeded out. >> to keep our kids safe, where do we begin a when are they allowed to be usinga it? >> never. they should notot have smart phones under the age of 14, a freshman in high school and say
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we open it up as a parent you need to monitor and do all bc. >> back to school, if you do three things but actually do them, you actually have to do these things, not just listen to me. the first thing is portion control and is an issue of how much are you using the device or allowing them to use the device, no more than one hour of non- academic time perh day and depends on the child w more than 15 minutes and come - them can have more eco- portion control is huge because you are lowering thehe risk of all of these things, all of that stuff. linkages devices a ton there is cognitive load which means it you just get exhausted and people don't realize that happens with kidss exhibiting symptoms of anxiety when they don't, necessarily have those
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item. when they come homers from school thatt h is one of the fit things they want to do is get on the internet and play their games. that becomes, when is it okay and how long can they be? >> it depends on the parents speak out some kids do better winding down when they get home some,ing homework and everything later and you want themy to do their homework first and that is a kid by kids discussion become the next thing is where? it is useful to cordon off portionsor of the house where devices are never allowed and the kitchen is a great one and they can only go through the kitchen and never stop in the kitchen and, certainly, in the bedroom and ish a classic thing regardless of the age and device in theg veteran. >> we talk about the where and .
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there and the things they are getting onto that parents are nott realizing that they can get access to. >> ay time and have had visits before. my data when i go and gather these data i presented to about 70,000 students and the pornographyy consumption and pon addiction is 11 years old and they are sexting starting and theth device always in the pockt and that is where you get into trouble of raising the risk or the rising risk of being a victim or predator, sexual creation and sexting when they said they picture even at it is of his own body, they are creating child pornography. certainly, the issues with the
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it runs the gamut from things you wish your child hadn't seen all the way to the people you wish your child would not have access to and the bottom line is what you started with because you say it is 100% the parents jobar and if as a parent you are saying they just have it all the time dashes table is it? whose kitchen table iss it? kids do not own anything until they are out of your house and even then if you are paying their colge of own everythingk i do not see thes hemming and hein from parents because they do not have any privacy and you have to check in and snoop. >> you want your kids to love you. >> i don't care if my kids lovey me. >> if they don't, that is what there appears for, i am not worried. therapists have to be kept in business.
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>> i am a career programmer and clients would ask me years ago, i want to get my kids this device and i would tell them that is a really bad idea. i have traveled and spoken and written. >> it is always great information and she is an author of the boogie man exists and is in your child's backts pocket. she hopes to make it safer. you listen and then act on you have to actually do stuff. >> it is what it is. still to come, big renegesen to make something really sweet and will be back.
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welcome back to new day cleveland with n a great half hours starting with homemadema tomato sauce and the best partde is you don't even have to cook it. the ultimateco summer sweet. they have a line waiting out the door for these milkshakes made with cupcakes. she has been worried about getting her secret to this
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we will share with you. >> i was kidding her about tasty cakes in philadelphia and sell that i in one of the parks and e said it is not like mike milkshake. i have had it. you have a couple of these for summer and can probably gain a couplesu pounds. >> i have a helper that will help me out in a little bit. how about grilling and want to talk more about food and grilling? you are the grill >> always an excuse to fire up the grill. we will not just make dinner but we will have breakfast and maybe a little dessert. thank you and. we have all kind of gas grills and the big reneges.
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cooking and saw some ingredients out here. what is s happening? >> we have a breakfast damage for you guys this morning and also going to do someu desserts. >> lets see what we have going out ?-dash it is almost like an omelette right inside the-d bread. how do you put this together? >> we take the bread and cut it up anda will hollow it out for you and will butter the backside oforou >> it is almost like the nest of eight things, egg in a mess. it is big reneges style. >> after you hollow it out, what is the first thing you put a? >> we put in the me because it puts the egg mixture i in. we put in the egg mixture and then on top put cheese and thrw it into the eighth for about 2 0-30 minutes depending on the temperature and then is ready to eat.
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things. you did not know how hot the stone was. had to figure out what that this is ourt infrared. >> the big reneges. we will picket of what you do is press the button and has a laser pointer that will show up and will give you theasin temperatu. >> 350 degrees, roughly. that gets us a temperature of the stone and allows it to cook a little bitt better. what we did over here, this is the medium. you can do some pretty big stuff like-- >> we are doing monkeyy bread. >> it is pull apart bread. i will need some hot gloves over there. >> the big green egg. i will need one more. >> how about this one? >> that onere> works.
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then casey, an old 10 -- tv show. wed have been cooking this for about half an hour ande the reason why we have to doho thiss there are a couple things in here that turn into a, saws and flip this over and see if thes out nice. >> that is terrible and will see what ite turned out to be. you started that with buttermilk biscuits and pillsrt very. we quarter in cinnamon sugar and from there though it into the c pan and tae the butter and mix it with brown sugar melted and pour it all over and bake s it. it is it little bit of a sauce. >> exactly. you use a nice irish butter. if you want to have fingers--
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>> seven differentt sizes. there are 14-15. >> 15. >> 14 in ohio. >> ito is so good they needed oe inis pennsylvania. .com in a kind of eggs? >> and seven total. >> and out how many accessories. >> you are so cold you do not register on the infrared temperature gauge. thank you. >> they have several locations in northeast ohio and to finally close to you visit white house. com. back in the kitchen with natalie. so, i am going to make fun of myself for a second and is even a recipe that i can handle withve homemade tomato sauce wih no cooking involved and when you see this finished product you will be doingro it in a couple f minutes. and amazing restaurant and
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>> we wanted it very casual and laid-back and what this dishe is an approach local farmers markets and showh you how you cn take stuff in your pantry and turn it into an easy -- this is a quick thing. what is the first stop? >> i have air blender and will take this and put a couple cloves of garlic and no rhyme or reason. a tablespoon of put as much local product as possible and take a couple of heirloompos tomatoes. any tomato will work and have some cherrya ones and at some more sweetness to them. >> anything you like you can put in there. >> pretty much. >> what are those little guys. >> those will be a garnish. it is like a cucumber. >> very cool. we will squeeze in a little bit
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about half of a fresh lemon. it little bit of salt and p epper. quick and painless. >> pretty e much. it is something really cool because it does it a lot of things for you and is fast andi easy and can replace a lot of famous and can turn it into a mayonnaise, almost. it is a condiment. >> i use it instead of is fresherer and more healthy ad we start blending our tomatoes up a littlele bit. we start emulsifying some oil into that. >> so, basically, it is like making a vinaigrette, almost and want tond emulsify it to a point where the blender stopssi movin.
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once that starts, you are pretty much there. we will stop it and is pretty much or saws and can add more and build it more, whatever. >> how quick was that? >> i have a niceui pasta and wil throw it into the water and just want to get that warm dot. we are just trying to heat up '-apostrophe and will take that quickly' out and had this aea precooked and if you are doing itoo straight, all you want is a little bit of a heat so it heats up your sauce just a touch. >> we should be able to. take a little bit of that and looks like a nice tomato sauceo >> i have a little bit of fresh basil and adding in some pasta
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>> is this something we could clouds.the menu >> it is something i do on my own but at brunch at little features. it is the same field, the same type thing. >> you can guard us with whatever you want with extrat tomatoes and parmesan cheese, roads and little melons and throw those on top. ino no cook tomato sauce that is quick and easy. >> you get all the flavors and is super fresh. i am shocked at how flavorful it is and is all from your local farmers market and finish it o ut. it is important square. >> west 76 and have anotherno restaurant that is in--
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i t. looking for something to do labor day weekend, you can head tod graffiti is a pretty good screening from the wildlife, and island adventure for the entire family to f enjoy and have a family four pack of passes right now. desert is coming up, next and don't want to misse this turning cupcakes i sounds delicious.
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bigger is better, especially when it comes tobi cupcakes. we have with us the owner of colossal cupcakes and must say, i have heard so many great things abouthe what we are going to do today we dare cupcakes so well known and everyone loves colossal cupcakes but another goodve reason is the cupcake s hake. >> and a cupcake and to about 30 flavors a day and will put it in our blender and turn it into a cupcake. >> is so simple and easy. should we go over some of the great delicious flavors you have quite. >> we have your basic confetti
10:41 am
monster oreo. >> which one is,, outline? >> a peanut butter cup and in the center is our strawberry french toast which is a maple french coast topping and strawberry jam and the center. >> who comes up with these? >> we all will brainstorm a new flavor, but in the beginning i did most of them. what is that? >> that is lemon raspberry. over h this he cut it reminded me of luckyt charms. you cannot go wrong with some of thesean flavors and if i had to pick which one i would do the redck velvet. i hope my taste tester likes the red velvete also. >> we will try it. i am trying to think of which one she would like theth most. we just throw the cupcake
10:42 am
>> you just have a little lender? >> several blunders. we are now serving softserve ice cream also we shake some floats with a whole ice cream menu. are these just as big as the cupcake sales? >> wee sell almost as many pastries as we do pc easy. when it taste that good, sometimes it doesn't matter. >> you need it. is a little bit of cake with the
10:43 am
thickte straws and are even colr changing now. they color change? >> the kids absolutely love t his. we get just as excited. >> a little whipped cream on top that. >> really, i know you have been worried because this has been years now asking us to show how to make theseow things. you are safe because the secret is in the ingredients in your wonderful cupcakes. >> all right, so, i have helene over here and one of my lovely coworkers and have to try one. and you want to do it real q uick?
10:44 am
is it good? just give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. we can taste the pieces of the cake. we also have a location at crocker park. >> we had a boutique cupcake shop and an array of su sending in for one ofge those. thank you. david, you are getting a little kinky over their. you must save one for our next guest. the big kid on broadway and now spending some time in cleveland back at playhouse squarecl and welcome one of the stars of the show. thank you for coming.
10:45 am
>> i imagine those things have some calories in them but you dance and move around so i much you could burn off of those in a minute. >> one of the dance numbers i i converted one of those off, easily. >> to you ever have problems with nosebleeds getting up in those altitudes? >> i am pretty good. >> how do you like doing the show? >> ith is so much fun and singig to cyndi lauper's music ever audiences really love hearing the music and dance along and is a bigan party. >> have you ever had a chance to meet harvey? >> i have. he is the best. >> he has that crazy voice. this show has some energy and if you have not seen the show before and for those who have not seen the show, everyone should know about this. >> it is about a man's shoe factory thatm is failing and
10:46 am
and runs into my character andnd come up with this game to save the factory by making boots for drag queens and along the way, there are fathers son struggles that they come to terms with to gather and a lot of heart and warmth to thelo show. >> do you feel like now that you have performed it that it is made for you. >> i have been doing it for six years now and it's very close to homeit's with my father north carolina. dad say when he discovered your great skills and talents? >> he was very s shocked. you in the makeup and wigs and all of that?an i tell him i have fun entertaining and doing things lies. >> a lot of music. >> i grew up in the church singing and is what i have always done and all supportive and very proud and happy. >> you wrap your arms right around it and turn it into
10:47 am
>> terrific. you discovered thisis skill or t it together more or less with disney in tokyo. >> i started exploring it when i was working at tokyog disney. >> that is where it all began o n. from their week came to this place. >> what other characters have you design dataa devised and was not always the show and had to be i have a personal drag name and had been doing shows in new york city and around thedo world wita cruise a ship and all that jazz and is fun exploring that worldl and being creative and beingd completely b in control of that. >> what do c you think the big attraction is to drag shows? what gets the crowd excited? >> it takes you out of the norm and makes you think and laugh.
10:48 am
that is what people love about low loves so much and get to see this character though through the struggle and journey and lifed and have all of that the emotions and get to connect with lola and love her forct that. you will be there dancing up a storm that. >> come join the party we are having at the palace. don't forget to get a cupcake over here. >> i won't. >> more>> fun.
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it. and being able to be confident and happy, that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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welcome back to new day cleveland. what's for lunch? i am thinkingg pizza. see what we discovered in c anton. >> in million pizza places and people thought we were crazy to open up a pizzale shop with already 15-20 n-letter intent. to open up a pizza place it better be unique in some way. we really like the new york
10:52 am
lot of new york stylea pizza ad thought it was something we could perfect and bringg in and at such a diverse community, we thought there would be a lot of people who would really appreciate it, and we were right. >> we've got a little crazy, try this and try that for about a month but all settled and in to, once again, a real tasty pizza and have pesto pizza in plain pizza and what we have what we call white pizza. my maternal grandmother's name,. her has been's last name -- we thought it was probably a little bit easier to pronounceit and wt with that. >> it took us almost a year to get this place looking the way
10:53 am
it was very small and to have tables and chairs in an establishment of this size woulw be veryou difficult. we are very happy with the way thingsgs are going now and if we had a bigger space, we might do tables and chairs. they dot like the pizza and that is what is important. >> not the easiest thing in the world but overall it is great and get along and all love each other and kitchen sometimes things get stressful and might be bickering but at the ends of the day everything ist good. i worked at other places and ia have always been a hard worker, but when it is your own plays, you i pay attention to detail ad make sure everything is clean and that you have a positive encounter with the customer.
10:54 am
>> located in kent on east main streetet opening in just minutes at 11:00. thank you. you go to the zoo to see the animals, but due to know it is the perfect place to learn something new and have a little fun at the same time. >> in the cleveland metroparks is a great partnershipp because we are working with families every and our motto and philosophy is learning toand play. when you walk through the main doors, -- you can pick the pamphlet at that location and other locations, about seven locations doing different exhibits. they have activities that parents can engage their children in an are different
10:55 am
activities and mathematical skill activities in different activities depending on the area of learning. with the activity by the flamingo -- children are looking at the flamingos and saying can you stand on 1 foot like the flamingos do? that is a motor activity and by the elephant exhibits counting how many elements they can see and is, of cours activity and can expand from that and is a starter for the parent and can take ann experience already fun and enjoyable and build on it just by asking a simple question or askingng a child to do an activy and might create a relationship athat might strike interest in the child and might be setting the foundation for a future veterinarian or world researcher
10:56 am
10:57 am
imagination of your child. >> looks great. >> i liked that idea. coming up tomorrow we have a sweet tongue twister a better bit of butter, and deliciously made cookies that you are going to love. there is more string then he and will have a garlic farmer join us in the studios. >> it is going to smell really good. stay away from us after the show. it perfect place to spend an entire afternoon and could join me at the grand pacific junction and shop for antiques together and indulge. i make it a rule to never put pickup and dog in the same sentence. >> i get she likes the cupcake. >> she loves it. >> what is better, the cupcake or milkshake? ed inpues tdo you like better? >> i love it. she can decide. we will talk resurrection tomorrow. if you like action we will have
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mall food courts. who -- what we're about to find out could literally make you sick. >> rat dropples -- droppings are everywhere the might make you rethink wrur -- your next trip to the malt >> the results are in. dr. oz: wonderlic save lives today! you guys ready to get healthy?


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