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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. presidential hopefuls descend on northeast ohio on the eve of the primaries hoping to make an impression before people head to the polls know they have to make it count donald trump john kasich bernie sanders all spending part of their day to day in northeast ohio we begin with trump as he remains in a very
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stratford joins us for more with the trump of them in trumbull county late this
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as the businessman arrives with all the fanfare of a hollywood movie been introduced by new jersey governor chris christie. >> i stayed here i worked here and i love the people of ohio the crowd well over 1,000 people seem to be loving him although some say they're still undecided to you when do you want to believe and the democrats he remember this evening and tomorrow when you vote and we are going to say it was the single greatest boat that you have ever cast the strongest scent and bring
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home we are behind him 100 percent people here say whether you're for trump or not they feel that is excited to be part of history. >> it's amazing to see somebody who speaks his mind is so much and often will be a part of it be mac and so with that that was a trump spoke again in 45 minutes and heading back to florida where he will be tomorrow for the primary an interesting night exciting night in trumbull county as the push goes on the primary tomorrow everybody gets out and boats. >> after tonight's rally are on the magglio caught up with mr. trump had a chance to ask him a few questions that don't miss that interview coming up in just a little bit the ohio vote is crucial for both trump and john kasich the ohio governor could find his campaign at them and if he doesn't take home first place tomorrow today case it made a last-minute push dave mathers
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in green governor kasich picking up the endorsement of former massachusetts governor, republican presidential candidate mitt romney my kids are watching this your kids or your grandkids are watching what's happening here in america is lost we spoke with a number of people who came here today claiming they had not yet made up their mind those are likely the people who will make the difference on tuesday and after delivering his message today it's possible that case it is saying enough to make it happen from says a lot of
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with him as you see the nation agrees with but he scares me higher i originally look the trump what he had to say i think they're taking it does not appeal to me the governor makes much more sense hillary clinton a reporter matt wright has more from akron tonight. >> earlier today a crowd of about 2,000 people filled the akron civic theatre to see bernie sanders is gaining
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tuesday's primary lasted tuesday we won and michigan and the state people said we couldn't win and if you don't tell anybody let me mention to you i think we are going to win and ohio tomorrow sanders is making last-minute campaign stops today and four of the five states that bill tuesday many of those at today's rally were younger and college-age. >> i think he is a good person to bring about change its
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the only candidate i've seen that as honest who really tells people how he feels he doesn't mince words i feel the burn burning is awesome. >> he wants to open up free public universities i think it's a great idea in the factory worker against the trade deals i'm all for it as well. >> i like the fact that he's always been honest and essentially his issues of the lineup more. >> from here sanders travel to north carolina missouri and illinois hillary clinton campaign today and a parrot key states that she began the day and illinois meeting with union leaders taking part in immigration workshop tonight she dropped by north carolina in between she took part in to
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trump to be here in the state capitol in this realm where abraham lincoln gave that speech about a house divided in to see against all kinds of people i think is so dangerous and it's wrong it's offensive it's also dangerous folks they will have all your election results tomorrow night tracy and i will be here your stay with us for real-time results as soon as the polls close and have all the results plenty of action take a look at some
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police finally trapped >> and just right away a straight a student graduate from high school anticipating attending college or hernandes will be sentenced next month and could face up to 54 years and knew at 10 a man accused of lake county crime spree pleading guilty to all charges want to to marry while raza was indicted on 16 counts in december police say he killed a 60 -year-old peggy kosta
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he shot another women in return for prosecutors taking the death penalty off the board will be sentenced next month the police are hoping accused of breaking into concessions area a lot free parking akron they also see the floor of the kitchen had just been painted and at least one of the suspects left footprints anyone with information as to call akron police t. >> there stealing stuff that are most likely smaller than them police want to know who's been targeting children for their hoverboards in a local community a new look at a terrifying crash see what an officer did to save a man from an oncoming train drama at the
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with this driver will hear his fox hat plus a foggy night in northeast ohio andra has a first look at the forecast and an update on when the sunshine
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hnl american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> that initial--of thunderstorms tonight pretty impressive nothing severe certainly got your attention that's another springtime is here let's take a closer look at that initial line essentially falling apart will be moving through later on earlier tonight this was cluttered with pretty decent lightning strikes up to 1,000 for 30 minutes now 430 minutes now there are two left and
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ago now for ashtabula essentially the lightning and all of this the lightning show is over while the 24 hour rainfall in most of it coming in the last four hours has been three quarters of an inch almost an inch this was a pretty significant with that line of thunderstorms coming through but i hasn't really done a whole lot to call this off scattered rain showers were in the morning they will end up pretty quick and mixed clouds and sun and the nice
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the buckeye state 65 degrees on the eve of our big primary and the heading code on a child's 20 what a mother discovered in the message behind it that has herself upset. >> later on in sports of the need to get some solid timely
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as polls showed donald trump losing ohio, he attacked our john kasich with unhinged, bold-faced lies. but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
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national weather service is saying a tornado touched on a western ohio today you can see the tornado captured on camera on montgomery county he wasn't home at the time and let his family is okay. >> is hard to take it all in feeling pretty dress less to that of structural damage it's not people and not animals. >> and thankfully so far no reports of any injuries a russian president vladimir putin has ordered his country's military to withdraw
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to an informed the president obama of his mood than a phone call his order coincides with the start of syrian peace talks russia has been conducting airstrikes for more than five months the war in syria is approaching the five-year mark. >> serving authorities are investigating a cargo package found by a police dog is said to be containing missiles the missiles were on a passenger flight to lebanon to serbia and the final destination was reportedly the united states financial reports say the missiles had explosive warheads but the us official says it is not true the lebanese army has not yet set how the dog was able to detect them shira palin's husband from a snowmobile accident on master that left him hospitalized a relative said todd palin suffered a
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crowd her husband is recovering in the intensive care unit still to come tonight it's a victory for ohio's youngest voters it was not in favor of that and it's enough to make anyone lose
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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hears extra people will be eligible to vote in tomorrow's ohio primary thanks to a judge's ruling some 17 -year-olds are able to cast a ballot in ohio secretary of state says he doesn't agree with the decision but says he will abide by it kevin at kevin freeman has more from columbus 17 -year-old votes will be counted in the presidential primary he will follow a judge's ruling handed down last week that will allow a 17 -year-old voters to cast a ballot in the state's presidential primary election as long as they turn 18 by the general election in november. >> we decided not to appeal that ruling because it was going to come so late in the boards of elections at
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>> eligible of 17 -year-olds have always been a lot of though and ohio primaries just not for certain items like issues at levees in the election of delegates i'm excited to 17 -year-olds we went to welcome the political process that's great i'm glad they're engaged the dem there engaged that them vote however they vote is great chairman david pepper agrees with the decision state republican chairman matt borges says he wishes the issue had been decided earlier in the election cycle but accepts the ruling. >> i guess there's a couple of bernie sanders high school kids who will be excited about the opportunity to do that and maybe some 17 -year-olds looking forward to voting in the republican primary. >> people around the world from china europe all across the globe south america are interested in what's going on in ohio because they know the outcome of this race will affect their countries the outcome in the buckeye state is important for both sides but even more so for
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>> we never sent a republican to the white house without carrying ohio's advocated it that gives us the best chance to do that as someone who has shown he can win big here and has one day care and that's john k-6 be met one person will win by some, but the way our society works is is proportional it will be pretty even. >> kevin think you still to come kids on wheels become targets for tonight police are investigating a pair of violent robberies here from the children who were robbed
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>> a popular toy has become the latest target of deeds in akron to boys were robbed of their hoverboards within a few hours of each other melissa reid spoke to both of them very scary indeed scary situation for both boys sing their only nine in 12 years old the robberies happened within six hours of each other in different parts of town but police believe both were crimes of opportunity and one of them had a gun to his head. >> i came home and did my homework is. >> twelve -year-old michael
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onto his brand-new hoverboards among holiday go avenue friday afternoon when. >> a guy comes up behind me and says hey can i write it and i say no so pushes me off of it and then steals it while him on the ground getting a p hits me on the head with that. >> the suspect ran off michael was treated for minor injuries and will be okay his mom not so much. >> i was worried about my kids in just a few hours later nine -year-old ivory maccoll who asked that we did not show his face was writing his hover board on bishop street. >> i agree immediately handed over his hover board to the suspects he wasn't hurt his mom is shaken.
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-dash shot my board over a hover board akron police say these burglaries are not related despite the fact they both have been the same day in both the mold hoverboards police say they happened on different sides of town and are looking for two different suspects both hoverboards retail for about $500 meantime both the moms say the gifts can be replaced but their boys can't. >> we work hard to buy our kids what we want them to have him than for someone to just take it get up get a job. >> because they're stealing stuff from little kids that are most likely smaller than him and the little boy this is probably has first time seeing a real gun so he was probably scared out of his mind. >> of these suspects are males between 14 and 18 years old akron police asking anyone with information on his robberies just like that
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situation especially the nine -year-old with a gun to his head it's unbelievable over a hover board. >> take a look at our other top stories that 10 men accused of killing a cleveland heights business man has lost his appeal brandon jones was convicted in the shooting death of james granite back in 2014 he pled guilty and was sentenced to 40 years in prison his lawyers argued the punishment was too severe court upheld the sentence today former fugitive to see treasure hunter must remain behind bars in ohio federal court says tommy thompson must answer questions about the location 500 missing gold coins before he can go free mr. thompson agreed in a plea deal to talk about the coins but never has destination cleveland says of the city's resurgence continues convention and visitors bureau says 65,000 people will come to town for the summer's republican national convention the new convention center hotel will help bring more big gatherings to cleveland and
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trump goes all out as he tries to top governor k-6 and when the ohio primary from scheduled an 11th hour stop outside of youngstown tonight in the magglio was the only cleveland reporter got the chance to ask mr. trump a few questions it will come back been a long day. >> it's a very interesting as you both know he is in a tough battle be with tom k sick right now according to most polls if you can squeeze out a victory here in a win in florida tomorrow he'll be in the high-speed lanes with the nomination he made no attempts to lower expectations or diminish what ohio could mean. >> mr. trump how important is ohio how bad do you want it i really would ohio that's why i'm here i've been to ohio a lot i used to work year i worked here for a long time had great success and gave me a lot of competence and light because i was really young when this took place ohio is important to me the governor
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too high you just losing your you're losing so many industries and we would turn around i'm bringing countries back on billing all these companies not all but many of them are coming back are they going to come back into ohio but winning ohio to me would be so important is can it be so great and you see the enthusiasm we had with this crowd it's been amazing you win ohio u win florida is it over. >> if i win ohio and florida together as a very big lead you have to see what happens but florida mess when i guess we are tied with member that k-6 wanted not very much and he voted in favor of nafta it to the businesses out of ohio they were devastating for ohio and now he's going ppp and not skin to be worse than that you're going to lose your car industry you will lose the rest of your steel industry most of it is gone already. >> him from cleveland at the sight of the convention what are your concerns about a contested or brokered convention i guess i could happen but if i went ohio and
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won't happen and it would be a bad thing because it would be really good to start focusing on hillary clinton i much rather focus now we have a big lead but i would much rather focus on hillary and ohio will be the case in case it has not done a good job if you weren't sitting on oil ohio would be a disaster your budget went up more than any other state in the union 35 percent now the problem is your price is so low that you could have massive problems now and already started where do you bring your job stacking coming into ohio governor kasich has an entirely different interpretation of his leadership of the state of ohio could be a big day for donald trump the real prize would be ohio when it 66 delegates to combine that with 99 from florida and trumpets the political daily double after all these months so much hinges on just one day tomorrow you start looking at
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could send him to downtown if there is a split mathematically becomes very difficult for any one candidate a little dicey if he doesn't win ohio he has to take 54 percent of the delegates from remaining faith and that will be virtually tough so much at stake tomorrow stay with for real-time results as soon as the polls close tomorrow night will have the most up-to-date information plenty of reaction here on fox eight fox eight news at 10:00 o'clock wildlife are some people got for some people got some thunder boomers willing through and this was an image that the five-mile crypt captured exactly three hours ago that was the shelf cloud: the outflow boundary of a line of thunderstorms and you can see
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producing a deluge if you would like to see a big panoramic that i shot from the record to our website into mexico, whether page in the forecast discussion page and you will see it in the meantime check this out from norman reid he was recording this from his--cam and it was along state route 61 near norwalk and captured a lightning bolt striking near the side of the road and there's that line of showers and thunderstorms is essentially falling apart will zoom out there is the back edge of the rain and so we've got a few lingering rain showers for the next couple of hours after that there could be a little ground fault but aside from that should it should be a fairly quiet night we actually hit 70 degrees to the top of this graph to the 24 hour graft everything is well above normal eventually that will change there's the
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is nowhere near the record and snowball deficit just keeps growing we are not done with snowfall i don't think but will we see anything big at this point probably not it's looking slim the deeper and deeper we go into march and april but we can put all the lights on snow just yet lingering showers will come to an end quality local ground fault otherwise quiet 50 degrees overnight low morning clouds may be a local sports as the system pulls away we will be in this zone for tomorrow a lot of clouds to start we will see some breaks hopefully you can see it later than sooner eventually this cold front will come through and it's a part of the general called on a general cool down the first cooldown will be very modest but as we go deeper and deeper into the week you see the atmosphere getting colder and colder we go from 50s on thursdays to 40s on friday saturday and sunday notice we
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could easily mix and with some snow on sunday sunday night and monday you see were not done with the snow just yet but it looks hope it's just in the air we will fine tune and tweak is warm enough at least it will melt quickly still to come a near disaster on the track by tonight we are getting a look at the heart stopping collision from a different perspective fox fight one man's battle to wear
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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as polls showed donald he attacked our john kasich with unhinged, bold-faced lies. but, guess what donald? thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. responsible for the content
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>> it is the shocking video captured by a fox apo or a train obliterates a bancroft on the tracks and brook park no one was hurt here because the driver made it out in the our first look at the--cam video of a police officer coming to his aid. >> brook park police patrolman harold duncan says he knew time was of the essence when he realized the driver of an at&t work van was stuck on the railroad tracks on eastland road near route 237 with the freight train barreling for the crossing the driver of the van was remaining personal items from the vehicle when patrolman duncan pulled up and yelled for him to get out of the way with a train coming in with that vehicle they that vehicle it will pretty much exploded.
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he was pretty much talking about how scared he was i just a disconnect of but never do that again's statement was you got that right there's a video of the collision was shot by middleburg heights city councilman's ability to father a fox eight intertidal meanie beanie spoke to the train engineer after the crash and is among those impressed by harold duncan's grace under fire it wasn't about the crash that they had it was about the police officer in his training kick in and it was about the engineer and his concern that no one was hurt we spoke to the driver of the van 47 -year-old which will be a bit of a leery that he says he is is not allowed to talk about the accident he's really grateful to patrolman document for his life-saving efforts duncan's supervisor was not surprised he was in the middle of the action they plan to
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went right to the heart of the issue and saw that he got the person out of there safely and he wonders what would've happened if a family and a minivan was stuck on the tracks. >> that could've been somebody with two babies strapped in a car seat in the backseat. >> jack shea fox eight news and brook park. >> still to calm my mother makes a shocking discovery tonight she wants to know how a 20 she bought for her daughter ended up with a secret code on it inside its chilling hidden meaning also the investigation into cereal that might turn your stomach with a man decide inside a kellogg's plant that's
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ltp r if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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we're learning more about the bluebird driver charged with a killing spree in michigan new--cam video shows tonight jason bell and was arrested following the rampage that left six people dead police say he shot and injured a woman and four hours later shot and killed two people at a car dealership 15 minutes later police say he shot and killed for others all while working as an uber driver cooper driver in picking up customers in between this document showed he told investigators he was being controlled by the cooper appetite has opened to all in a space in a number of charges
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in florida mother is outraged after making a disturbing discovery and her on her child's stuffed and her child to stuff the totally cool kelly was at a monster truck show in new york and bought the stuffed months after investigating and further she found that the double heart on the toy was pink toy was actually a simple for pedophiles immediately i wanted to mama bear mode this particular symbol reportedly stands for relationship between an adult and a child the 20 has since been pulled from the shallows and the company says it's investigating to determine if it was an accident oversight or intentional still to come controversy at the dmv one man's fight to wear a fox said
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an oregon man has won a battle over his license photo but it didn't come easy. >> , and practitioner of the practitioner of the seven drums religion one of the no space religions where we all have a mic am >> the man says his fox had as part of his faith but the dmv didn't see it that way his photo was denied and had to go without a drivers license for nine months of doing the appeals process his lawyer said religious freedoms were violated but a spokesperson at the dmv said they were following protocol. >> a facial recognition to work we need people to remove any kind of had or official gear it scares your face it shouldn't matter if if it's a llama, or a head shop or quote a silly foxtrot with the man with the dmv wants to collect. >> driver says he spoke out to
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for their rights. >> hi every body contact but it remains the 40 niner world reports suggest the broncos and browns remain interested according to the sacramento bee he's not thrilled to be potentially joining a team that lost a 40 percent of the starting offense of line has contract has to be restructured or no deal by all accounts the bounds of not made any kind of graphic compensation package. >> linebacker kirk robertson visiting the saints according to reports the second team that he's checked out that's the checked out personally as well he also went to seattle to visit the seahawks the browns lost five unrestricted free agents in robinson's apart and gently could be the sixth veteran linebacker james r knight is released by the los angeles rams last month also visited the saints along with six other teams the indians beat the rangers pour into in goodyear corey kluger attacked for more scoreless
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nine at yangon homered and one of the new indians mike napoli stroked an rbi single from the try that napoli is one of those great teammates that ate a winning clubhouse he knew the men on the hill would be one strong reason for him to sign with the tribe is kind of the timber situation when a timber situation when i was a free agent i looked at the pictures and they had being able to win and have a good pitching staff and had some good position and felt i'd be able to put myself into this monitor. >> tomorrow is play and for the ncaa tournament also in state hoops take the three points and shooting down i 71 to face the ohio state buckeyes in columbus and run one of the end it tournament
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from the big ten tournament by michigan state. >> in america the end it opening-round game gets up at 7:00 o'clock done in the capital city it looks like lebron has another high-profile talent joining the clutch sports group and he runs for much paul then simmons of the talented freshman at lsu has agreed to be represented by clutch according to reports he is one and done for the tigers to area teams are reaching columbus for the first time the bay bay rockets in the cornerstone christian academy in will it be the patriots are heading to columbus after reading the regional encampment and kudos to sophomore guard who is one of three boys to be named in the division for player of the year to the associated press they averaged 20 points a game the patriots will play friday
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wellington and good luck to those kids there and they certainly deserve it good luck to all always appreciate your time very big day tomorrow we will be covering the results at 10:00 o'clock for use as thank a thank you for being here tonight at 10
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850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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