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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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rightol the socially not one showers not enough philadelphia really doesn't show whole lot of widespread rainfall as a clerk of her is picked with a strong south when north olmsted at 56 member will be timbers are 57 that's the cluster of showers us developing on the leading edge of another low though chocolate good northern northern indiana and eventually probably early evening is thee way this is going to go now. showers and thunderstorms for the most put the afternoon is looking much dryer..
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commute. little foggy south of a sociallyso that when in a moment. they had been down since thursday the pattern have good to go b to foxing cleared up for parking to give them. let's take a look this is no problems there is you approach the in about bridge is 77 down by 21 south of us it is a little foggy. it will be resurfaced that westbound traffic will be
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wayne and kristi pack to you. let's go live to jessica dill and they are bringing up this drawn pipe. those trump and case a car packed in ohio today governor kaisch will be here at 2:00 p.m. first stopping into kaisch will be joinedt by met romney tours open at that 1:30 p.m. she stopped in strongsville for townhall meetingop his message
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and houseom he wants to help small businesses grow. but this does is policies regulationb she's a small business over there has beenal that most recent poll they do have case pickup by about fivey or six percentage points we was see millions of high-paying jobs
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rising for everyone be hosted a rally at a performing arts center in columbus yesterday he took shots at donald trump saying as trump is the nominee than hillary clinton will win the white house republicans need to come together and stand as one.ary donald trump is planning to return to ohio today after campaigning in florida yesterday he willda lead rally at 6:00 p.m. we will:0 have a crew there and bring you coverage at heavy campaigning on ohio on the east of the winner take all primary in the buckeye state. they were both in ohio last night with stacy fry has more on the democratic side of the race. bernie sanders will be here for 01:00 rally.bobo focusing a lot of attention is
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to mobilize voters it appears that hillary clinton has in ohio last night in columbus they were not attacked that they were not focused on her. aimed at donald trumpllllth of course were going to trade. clinton and sanders both going after trump for inciting violence at his campaign event event. both democrats making the case has the best candidate to take onst trump in the fall. pull show himhe leading the billionaire national visibility to bring young people into the political process can counteract thee ability to win in voter turnout is low. he'll social cleansing and it showed up with trump. she reminded the audience that throughout the primary processce she has won more votes any other
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i want to be hired to beat the president because i think at this t moment and our country's history bring the combination of skills andat understanding and experience that can really be put to work immediately to do all parts of the job. sanders alley is at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon we will be covering that in carrying it life the tomorrow is that bernie sanders can call off an upset ohio or michigan and womenn illinois it's not going to change this families but it will show thatan stacy fry is life in akron today is the last chance to vote early before tomorrow's ohio primary if you are registered to vote youou can cast your ballot your local board of elections between 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. bid that's also the deadline to mail him
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fox 8 will have all of your election results state with us forat real-time results as soon as the polls close love plenty of reaction on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead. an update on what has happened straight ahead. the man accused of intentionally driving into two teamsd time with the dogs tough side of the the weather will start to cooperate for his big drop fog and a good amount of cloud cover forud the most part the showers for rehab suspect oregon. new line see what any redevelopment until well after 6:00 p.m.
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starts to track colder died saturday. sounds good. we do have a little fog south of us i'll let you know if that's affecting your morning commute in just a moment.ect oreg l bout t
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st. patrick's day forecast check it out we lost a couple of showers developing on thursday. i know it's a couple days apples live look at some breaks of sunshine i don't think the rain on thursday will be all that heavyt in those chances will steadily climbed throughout the day were not anticipating anything much moree than just a couple of on-again off-again showers kind of like what we have again that the coverages very light. and then all of a sudden at themem the last 10 inches zero. the morning is looking relatively quiet. couple seduces local fog south winds will get much stronger this afternoon by lunchtime
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strongsville and brunswick at 58 river 59 and beachwood and mentor currently at 54. cuyahoga falls and akron also 50 for a here's the forecast for some morning berger cluster of prettyet good rain developing and kentucky pushing into mansfield and ashland and eventually cleveland avenue between seven and 8:00g begin to fade away with a low of 50 tomorrow partly
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her r friend will develop plaintiff that with the front will go it's going to blow here early in the month thunderstorms early we clear out and look at the light snow developing on the tail friththt end of the system that's going to come here over the weekend. any the way this is going most of were false will be in the form of frank as the temperatures fall below normal the train saturday and sunday with the next chance of raintr sometime this evening another chance of strong early on wednesday it looks as if we was see some rain and maybe a touch weekend. school closing station. overall we have a nice start on our morning commute will check out look at some of those drive timesng comingve star through so far the speed limit are doing well
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going little faster than the spin them so far no problems. we are seen some fog in this area but it's not affecting your speed limits over let's look at the in about bridge starting tomorrow this is supposed to begin along the more north marginal on theeup will be detoured onto the south marginal. and developing story out of kansas risk of her people are hurt after an aim track train derailed overnight. five trains were on their side one dozen people have been reported hurt but none of them
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angeles to chicago one passenger says it was going about 75 miles per are when it started shaking. crews are still on the scene. mayor police officer is dead after someone opened fire on his police stationon st the 28 -year-old is dead this morning officers returned fire hitting the suspect is under arrest and is expected to survive the second suspect was also cockpit know where this morning motor motive. i couldn't believe when it happened.. dogs struggled in pain with broken he had to injured darks one
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come forward he admits he wassu driving blackout drunk when he struck the sled dogs. w i turned around because i was concerned i just so much adrenaline he did not stop he kept going he said it was too scared he said he was trying to hurt and he went askedyi he faces two counts of third-degree assault one count of reckless endangerment when capss of reckless driving five counts ofap fifth degree mischief. stay with us an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. who was of that jumped a barricade and caused the scared out of donald rally and did trump fall for it and an at a
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have you had to hide some of their facebook friends because they won't stop talking about politics todd meany is listening to your horror stories in this
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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and springlike storms perhaps. thank you,, sir. with some new information about the protester who were rushed the stage at us donald trump rally. trump of peers to fall enough forldld the hoax about who the man us. todd meany is here to explain. the secret service agent circled donald trump and someone jumps in there and rents for the station of that man who did that speaking out. i was thinking i think it up on stage take his podium away from hit and take his microwave and send a message to all people out of the country. in there and re inke he's a student at wright state
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he has been active in several and typefaces and futures with disorderly conduct reallyer this man's fist ties to isis and should be to jailst apparently that video was a doctored clip of a demonstration western had nothing to do with isis trump was asked about this yesterday on meet the press.s he was playing arabic music he was dragon the flag on the ground and had internet chatter with isis and about i i don't know what he was not what we did is put at people are looking at it very seriously they have to check it before that we have checked that's my point there's no ties to isis to the smiths no
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state appears to be a host he was dragon if i go along for grants and he was certain type of music and supposedly their visit all i know is what's on and they picked up a lot of steen sought after appearing on a right-wing website that has another's note that also turned out tod be a hoax. a foot going on. okay. 6:24 a.m. with an update on your weather andyo traffic. primary debate is tomorrow. that means a lot of candidates are in our area once again today to find out who is here and where you can see them straight ahead.
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murder heor did not commit. will announce the winning school on thursday and feature that schoolur next week right here of the morning show. we are back in two minutes. stay with us. but too many barriers hold back our families. instead of affordable college we have skyrocketing debt. paychecks barely budge, but ceo pay keeps rising. and instead of good paying jobs, millions of americans are stuck.
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along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies. the indifference, the negligence. s what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers, because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approved this message. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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over in the morning we will keep the clouds around will will see some weight this sunshine it might be a little warmer tomorrow there's another front that comes in on wednesday no would trigger more rain and storms we could see a shower redevelop thursday st. patrick's day half-inch of three quarters of an inch culminating of them do a weekend i think cricket a break friday and saturday with
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sundayurur for trying to time each one of these systems here. the second onto our night early wednesdayr morning third one on thursday in the fourth one over the next eight days will be sunday into early monday of next week it is nice seeing the
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they are good to go if i had been shot down since thursday and now they are up and run website is not affected. wayne and kristi back to you. that's where we find our jessica dillll wayne and kristi good at morninggo everyone. it is met romney will be joining him today both john kasich and
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for some finals votes before the all-important winner take all. they will both be here at the museum. john kaisch had a busy weekend today said that he will be joined by that ramp from it has been officially endorsed a candidate that he e did publicly take aim second donald trump. as for kaisch she center his message around the economy and how he wants to smalliim businesses grow after his speech and strongsville's supporters were invitedor to ask questions one man suggested he make marco rubio his running mate kaisch says it is too soon for that.
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everything works kind of tried to rise everywhere. we're going to head to the east coast and we're going to go fast. today so that going to be a cold one. first open at 1:30 p.m. with we there's tons to do i got a little step on what's to comee jessica, thank you. from what could be the most important dayy in the candidates
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sunday night with campaigning as it last night in columbus he and hillary clan headlines ready for a fire although that going after each other last night it was entirely donald trump t he is running as cynical campaign ofmp hate and fear for one reason to get both he's encouraging violence and chaosos ticket he's
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other to the states of primaries tomorrow heather he spent a lot of time here in ohio she was at at a town hall meeting with an emotional question from the familiar face utilities you about ricky jackson decent 38
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not commit. last night check says hillary clinton has she could support the death penalty. n i came close to my phone execution in light of the fact that there are documentedl cases of innocent people who have been executed in our countryav how can use to build think you stand on the death penaltyta in light of
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given the challenges we face in paris activity primarily in our country the end up in federal jurisdictiontr are very limited purposes i think it can still be held in reserve for those. against town and they went down the ravine. it was at least a 30-foot drop bay village police have not
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6:38 a.m. is your time. have you head any of your friends are even unfriend event because of it. todd wants to hear about in
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good at morning. eighteen minutes until slowly p.m. we are generally in the 50s it's the humid and the humidity will continue to stay pretty harmful also have some fog and someav isolated drizzle here and there is no widespread rain until sometime early evening there's aed quick rain developing that's going to start to lift north into the northeast and that will make it in here early evening showers his should
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again, it's pretty humid. i would say between the over the next 12-15 hoursve there might be some clouds and drizzle early that's pretty much where they will stay through the middle of the week. coffee quiz and they eight-day coming up in just a few minutes.ofof right now we do have a couple things happening off the freeways that's just west of cutthroat they are on the scene in the other issue is coming up route eight. we other vehicles off to the left inside his causing for
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moving i camera they do have the vehicle affect causing for delays at the turnpike. secondly here's another look at route 8.303 slow right coming up wayne and kristi back to you. 6:44 a.m. a little politics and social made if you're on facebook or twitter you're likely ato going to see some political comments if you haven't seen them already. today you may want to avoid facebook and if you do want to see a lot of stuff that's going on. we're asking today have few unfriended for unfollowed or
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constant politics that are coming wan t're and applefrng i like to see different viewpoints a beer artie said in your ways i'm voting for this person so i don't need to sees this. if you say something and they immediately get on you and they argue with you about it irish her supporting candidate and they've got to come back at you.
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the facebook page. do you want to see that person's opinion over and over and over again. as we get ready for the ohio primary. your thoughts and comments for today's plugged in. hit us up on facebook. we will play the coffee quiz when we come back right now it's
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of the day. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system
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to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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good morning. welcome back.. we have a couple things happening we can't tell if it's an accident or disabled but it is affecting the swiftly 90 east river atwi west 25th the other issue we have this coming up
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stalled vehicle. plenty of slow traffic there here is 90 overbite west 25th a lot of flashing lightsaf they did eastbound at that west 25th street exitit scott's here on our day and uk's are predictable. my daughter wasn't too happy about that. let's take a look at the forecast it's pretty humid move temperatures in the middle and upper 50s really were not anticipating any additional rain be out of here by midnight
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early wednesday we get a break with a couple showers thursday a few wet snow showers thursday night and it next sunday.w maybe some rain and wet snow. just get it out of the way. i'll do what i can. coffee quiz time. it's pride. 3.1 for its one of favorite holidays.
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quick good how are you guys. she was a little gun shy should know she was but here okay right. we arty notice the question. the question is this. he question is this. it has to do with which shape. the square or triangle or a rhombus or circle.. we're you think of a pot you think of a shape. do you want to go first. no will i think i was going to follow your lead. i would think a circle. i don't know i'm in a folly early because i don't know that
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it's a circle.e.rl that's two circles that we will go circle. we will go circle.rc i think. she's with she's going circle as well. the correct answer is would actually be a circle. yes. it's a ratio of the sir, part of the diameter. there you go. there you go. think of a pipe. be measured the distance around the pie you divided by the day manner and it's a nonrepeatingti decimal. how it would take you to memorize. it was like good news.ou we had to do it for extra credit. there are many people better than me. that's beside the point. you've got for tickets to the cleveland home and remodeling shall also thee auto grandma instantly doubled stuff on top of all that.
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show prejudice are awesome. you guys are great. thank you. he's half-million he's when the teachere that was not me you beat me a pipe.t there are a lot of people the word went to the risks of her he goes like 250 a soon know it up 200 and not up to about 75 .-dot i my wife take that that's all that. as bloggers should do it.
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honey i recited heights that i. which candidates are installed ors what were they be ready .-dot all of the experiences straight
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between case it cases and trump against each other making stops with k-6 rallying. >> good good morning. good morning, everyone. john kasich will be here todayay at the air
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will have companym this all takes place around 2:00 o'clock today the appear will be fighting hard to go for k-6 over donald trump. it is a close fight. a recent cbs poll has k-6 governor k-6 and trump tied. trump took the shop saying you could not be an absolute. >> under his watch the game 400,000 private sector jobse been taken in 8 billion deficit turning it into a $2 billion surplus of making sure people who live in the shadows come along with us and are not left
7:04 am
>> and if you come out today there is a bunch of stuff at the museum you can check out. i am at the american first helicopter doors open at 1:32 p.m. this one. it takes off he will be joined inhe youngstown and that will make in the army will be here. absolutely. and it is in not mere so we the mirror so we are good.. it is very important thank you so much we will check back in with you atch the bottom of the hour. >> a rally in columbus. >> we will see millions of hype
7:05 am
see young people with two or three or five job opportunities. >> he had a rally in columbus yesterday saying trump is that nominee he will win the white house he says republicans need to come together and stand as one. c >> and gop front runner good morning boast both in columbus last night m with the legacy genter dinner and a townhall meeting the candidates making the case says the best one to
7:06 am
fall. hillary has a double lead ahead of the primary tomorrow he says he creates and inevitable. >> i think whoever close up against donald trump better be ready and i feel i am the best prepared d d. >> this is a guy who is a billionaire who doesn't think wegu should raise the minimum raise about someone dollars $7.25 an
7:07 am
america are too low try tried immobilizes money as they possibly can pulling off an upset tomorrowng and not change it too much hillary clinton is half the delegates she needs to secure the nomination bernieer sanders was searching we collared the democratic formnind and eight were so lopsided with the leader of error put out a gun she ended up with more delicates
7:08 am
a few separating them she stop ended up with more votes in michigan. >> pari. stacy fry thank you very much. meanwhile today is the last chance to vote for the ohio primary you can cast two ballots in your ballot in person between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. today is also the deadline was 2 miles with two males in an absentee ballot.h we will have all of the results tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. what started as a routine stop at our convenience store started with one man being hailed a hero. we will let you know why. anded ahy. man is caught urinating, just the worst part it could have
7:09 am
you ate.te >> rain redeveloping again this evening we will talk about that for their primary day tomorrow
7:12 am
>> will come back police believe alcohol may be to blame for 31 -year-old driver was heading west on an elevated highway when they crashed around the crash around 3:00 o'clock tomorrow morning saturdayund the deputy director of being died after being rushed to the hospitalc he has also recognized for saving a
7:13 am
drive last year. >> the mass drivers for the hatchet at the customer and then it then ran afterus the concealed carrier shot the suspect investigators say the summer will not face any charges. >> massive underway clean up with thousandsn of homes damaged in that widespread flooding louisiana and mississippi are the hardest hit flood warnings remain in several states us workers remain high. more rain is possible today but it won't be like what the area has seen recently.h >> an investigation found the
7:14 am
rice crispy treats serial and more. they say the company is outraged outrage the fda has said an acquittal investigation. >> we start with patty for an update. >> unfortunately not a good book as you come in from the side know here at west 25th all at the scene the other problem we haveen is route eight northbound. family i have this route 8433 this is the peak 90 eastbound at west 25th you see the flashing lights on the left side website of your screen once again to
7:15 am
want to take a look w we are getting a better advantage.error a couple of miles off shore with all the rain we've had over the weekend it will really be with us o this kind of how we feel this morning is how it will go. daytime highs will climb back into the 60s some sprinkles
7:16 am
norwalk with some drizzle d nothing ordinary southwind is pretty lightth and now we are at 51n this is cuyahoga falls down into canton highlighted mostly cloudy skieso without the rain developing nowit getting in the air by early evening i would say between six and 7:00 o'clock and canton in mansfield later. they could bent heavier as they drift up north tonight with the low l around 50 showers sped away tonight and early tomorrow highs in the 60s are strong storm that could develop early
7:17 am
quick hitter as we start to clear out thursday temperatures begin to dropth back to the low 40s wet snow showers possible with a touch of light snow maybe on sunday to temperatures will bees normal w heading into next weekex could we see slushy accumulation? there is a chance. we go into the middle and end of marchan nothing we've not seen remember they went in march of 93?mb >> you don't remember that? how about that a photographic memory
7:18 am
nows good morning we are talking about social media and politics we are tired of it or or have your unfunded people are made of people on twitter or avoided it
7:19 am
randall size not unfriended but i have muted plenty of people. jim says it is not so much the voicing your opinion it is someoneu aur forcing it down your y well. >> when it starts to get hateful the thank you i really want toa have to listen to this person? theys don't know. here are the ways to get a hold of usw have you decided to unfollowed or
7:20 am
twitter and instagram. >> we will let you know why this japanese robot kicking it with
7:21 am
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7:23 a.m. is your time right noww 1,000 board games and two. a tabletop born-again cafe has a cool model thank you, model. we
7:24 am
the game l there it is they build these b structures, pars and once i get to 15 you are doingst okay, start playing, you guys. so weo will see them playing. so tell everybody about the concept of tabletop what cafe .e >> the idea is to come into the thousand cables with people who want to thank and laughing itu and other friends butter. you pay $5 for as many games as you want to play. want to get yourr
7:25 am
aroundink and suggest games we can even actually work you through the game you've ever seen or heard of we want to make it as accessible as possible. anyib gamer or non- gamer in any way. >> and then you have a thousand games and people come in h. >> usually the way i do it as we see what kind of games i game silly to play w. if they like to play something like monopoly or ticket monopoly or ticket to ride or g one of those i know a good place to start. it is like that but something new and differentt. for them what do you want and who do you pick you like?do we cater to their interest always what is your
7:26 am
>> it is all over the place we have some that want to experience something newve to play all those games it is the family is. >> oh boy. how big do they get? >> they do really well. a very good. very good they do really well. we are all winners here. you all they games are the big t versions like this. >> as may be for us street s possible we have a hot rain a event where we do things for our members who commandhi we have a halloween event. >> we are here at tabletop wargame cafe on west 25th
7:27 am
and his crew. >> we are open on weekdays they are not open mondays but weekdays 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. friday and saturday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and friday. >> a lot of places to play a thousand board all right, there will do the white house is eating at. it is coming straight from ohio coming at in a live report. >> and a learning curve - - a woman learning to drive makes a mistake. find out what happens when she was took the gas for the brakes. >> and
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7:30 am
7:31 am
exactly 730 right now we have fog a very cap feeling in the air than some drizzle in fact they are already in the upper 50s with spots to the west there are your temperatures with everybody pretty much in the middle 50ss that is beginning
7:32 am
eveningt a showers develop late we talk more about the eight-day and just a little bit. traffic time with patty it is 7:32 a.m. aren't lanes are open but the backup certainly affected it there is a stalled truck causing for delays. this is i 90 it is starting to wake it up this is a t peek at route eight if you
7:33 am
to 490 bc most of the delays between columbia and have a stop and go as you head towards the '90s and it has the republicans fighting hard between the gop front runner donald trump and our own john kasich. >> take a look behind me authorities to those set up underway at that master museumma governor kasich will be here around 2:00 p.m. he will be joined by former governor of
7:34 am
governor is on a missiony. for ohio's primary he stopped sunday for a townhall meeting every time they pile on another regulation she things about quitting. it is hard. so we can respect that and we need to have some regulations obviously but was shot him are these people into the ground with a a lot of stupid thingsut as you can
7:35 am
to vote tomorrow. >> meanwhile it will be back in northeast ohio wi the rally begins at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon and we will have all of the election results w with real-time
7:36 am
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it is 7:39 a.m. donald trump and it ships jobs overseas sos that you us will make them give back trump giving a speech in october said he will never in another oreo again. >> this book says it has received more than 1 million reports of users violating rules every single day. the reports include allegations of face speech they say it can be tricky from free speech today but it's
7:41 am
individual characteristics. their individual characteristics. pay facebook says physical violenceic is the worst but they are reviewed by employees. >> pint represents a constant the ratio of the circumference of a circumference of a circlele to its diameter. he to get that? which is about 3.14. pi day is celebrated on march 14 or 314. many will be celebrating with actual pie today in honor of the day. >> it may be a good day togo snuggle up for a nap. after daylight savings time so to makeak
7:42 am
longer naps can cause >> 7:41 a.m. is our time right now and st. patrick's day and the start of spring both in the eight dayhe forecast scott has a look when f we come back and scott
7:44 am
7:45 am
there is the cloud cover if
7:46 am
thatos maybe us up later on. note now the showers that are n developing between four and 6:00 o'clock this afternoon rain and thunder during the early evening a break tomorrow tuesday night into early wednesday some of these could be pretty heavy. a couple of showers nothing widespread a break friday and saturday may we rain and a touch of what snow early sunday traffic time with patty. >> we have had our share of problems the good news is the accident on west 45th we are plenty of slowdowns as you head
7:47 am
youo do have to go the barrier isr now running. a truck out there with the turnpike blocking that really did a number on our o commute this is west 44th with the stop and go along i 90 in the accident is long gone. this isth the look at route eight is sent to all the way at past the turnpike a few drive times before you do step out coming in from 83 about a o 13 minute commute was 77 turning the turnpike with a 21 minute drive. >> robots really could be taking
7:48 am
the rage there he are she is. >> look at that. that sparked s an emotional engine and crowd based artificial intelligence and they are finding that pepper the sales assistant in many appliance stores. it was launched by a japanese company so who knows - -dash a qb cominga to a store near you. >> what would you say to pepper? >> i will ignore pepper p is that wrong of me i want to talk to a human? >> she's taking a lot of folks fo
7:49 am
>> of a former cavaliers great. >> while yes. coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour, coach fratello will be here he has something's heating up. the key here. it is dynamite. >> good morning weaning christie. 1,000 board games and one spot the tabletop board game spot when we come back strategy and old-school they have it if you name it. kicking it with
7:52 am
will will come back it ist eight minutes until 8:00 o'clock 8 right now time to kick it with kenny crumpton. >> good morning wayne and christie mp 1,000 board games from when you were a kid right here
7:53 am
of a complex came from a. >> this is a game that is kind of goofy g
7:54 am
or chassis is something like it every time they part of these on here. if they are trying to chop i think it has that picture he has two job at everything from the fact that guy is wearing hats h to the left. >> that is what is he is prescribing there. how close is it? we will get out here on the wall here. and then this one
7:55 am
>> this is a light shining game with the international gaming award.d. you are punching each other and shooting each other and running around. the goal of the game plays out like a little story as you go along but not huge learning curve a huge learning curve on it.. this is also something with a little bit of you only have to pay five bucks to come in? >> five dollars uppers and you pay as long as you wantt you grab
7:56 am
on friday and saturday are a good. there we go. we will double that ass. all right, don't go anywhere we have more coming up on fox eight news in the morning. good morning. >> good morning. it is all out in ohio counting down to tomorrow's primary hillary clinton and bernie sanders . >> good morning i am here at the air museum work governor johnn kasich will make an appearance later today.h >> good morning. the cloud cover andnd pretty thick the question is when will we see
7:57 am
rain arrivede. >> we are talking in today's plugged in with social media how manygg are on your facebook social media right nowy hammering the politics out maybe you that maybe you don't like it we will take your thoughts and comments later in the show. >> and it may still be a thing of the past but we have new technology to tell you all about. >> and talking cavaliers mike fratello will bring us up to
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, cleveland and northeast ohio monday morning in the cityty the 14th day of march 2016. >> happy monday. happy friday to. >> a lot of kids are celebratingti


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