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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  March 13, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is 8:00 o'clock and thed sun is finally up. when we got up it was dark outside but the sun is coming up. it is kind of gray but you can see some sun son over there. >> just a tiny bit and a little bit of a breeze out there. it is a little bit rainy.ez >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. around. >> he is he's ready. he's on his game. >> his coffee is kicked in and
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>> that's because at 7:00 a.m. >> that's right. it just took an extra hour.ur. >> we don't want to confuse matters even more so. going to need a cup of you know what to get things going and most likely we will see rain on andlikely off throughout the day. that's too bad because the sun site sunset is at 73200 organized would be nice to have be sunny skies to enjoy that sunset. at payoff for getting to have the son sun shower's sunshine little earlier. no lightning were thunder in the area but that could change as we go through the afternoon hours today. right now 47 degrees and in the fifties as you head south of akron canton down to dover new philly. otherwise the coolest temperatures 43 f in ashtabula.the look at akron canton youngstown
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20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago and the wind continued to blow with some vigorthe here today and there is the moisture you can see all of the rain all the way down to knoxville and atlanta. down there is a couple of weather systems, a warm and a cold front that have combined or joined forces and willo keep the potential for ring going at least for r the next 36 hours during the rainy periods. mid- sixties today and we will have ad look at the eight day coming upk a shortly to see where we are live for saint patrick's coming up.p. to ohio and hillary clinton was alsoy cl trying to round up more votes ahead of the ohio primary.tryin brittney harris tells us hillary
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across the buckeye state. >> ladies and gentlemen, families members a big round of applause for secretary hillary rodham clinton. >> democratic candidate hillary clinton spent saturday on the campaignn trail making stops all around northeast ohio before visiting with voters here at mount olivesitin that international church in cleveland. >> as you know today is a big day in ohio. i hope everyone turns out to vote because there is a lot at stake for our families and our country. >> the town hall meeting gave clinton arthe chance to step away from the podium and answer questions from theth audience. >> as president how would you use executive power to streamline the process for those who have been imprisonedne for far too long and do not deserve to be there in the first place?
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further and provide more clemency to larger numbers of people. i know the president is working very hard on this.w i expect he will see more clemency requests granted during the last year of his presidency. >> clinton addressed a number of issues while on stage like a plan to create more jobs and keep companies in the us. >> i tell youuk what i believe, if a corporation walks out on america, they are going to have toa, pay an exit tax and we will take back all of the tax breaks they gotax from a city, county, a state or our country. >> she also talked about police corruption and gun t violence and how she wants kids to get a quality education no matter their background. >> i'm going to do everything i can too try to make our education system childe centered and provide the resources so a child in clevelandsou gets as much of an educationals opportunity as a
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anywhere else in the area. >> meanwhile former president bill fo clinton made an appearance in northeast ohio as well campaigning for his wife. he was at the national undergroundhe railroad freedomr center in akron sang hillary is the best candidate to wait breeze wages and incomes. president clinton also making an appearance. >> and our next half hour our own stefanie schaeffer sits downr s for an exclusive one-on-one interview with hillary clinton and ovie that is coming up at 8:30 a.m. ohio governor and presidential hopeful john kasichjoh is also making a final push for tuesday's ohio primary. last night people in mansfieldans engaged in during a town hall meeting.g. >>'s message was clear, the race for president is not over.
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you to know o i will never take the low road to the highest office in t the land. i will run a positive campaign. >> no personal jabs at this town hall meeting saturday were kasich saidn sa he is sticking to the issues that affect all h americans, keeping taxes low, growth. >> all of my political career has been p to fight, frankly, for those who don't have any power. >> the presidential hopefuls spend some time in hopeful spent some time ine p mansfield. >> the spirit of our country is what we believe. >> not once did he speak of his competitors by name but he did give reference to recent debates.eren i will never create a toxic atmosphere were people show up at political events and fight with one another. poli >> people said those words had a big impact on people in this crowd. >> he is not bad mouthing any of o this
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it's like they're bullying each ea other. >> governor kasich is known as the quiet r. one but they saya that's not back. >> i would've voted for trump but i'm going to change and vote for kasich. >> his supporters say it is far from over at this point. we're only at we are only at half-point and the reset button is tuesday. >> everythingi he has said isai going to work. we've just got to put it into i play. >> supporters say he's just not concerned about the drama. >> he said you know what i'm not i' going to stand here and look like an idiot like the rest of these people who are running. let them throw the mad at each other. >> he believes that actions speak louder than words. >> kasich says he has made his voice heard and as president he says he would bridge the gap between republicans and democrats and make those
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>> meanwhile supporters and protesters clashing outside the ifn to this weekend for the donald trump the rally one day after the candidate was forced to postpone a performance in chicago after security concerns their. >> thousands came up for donald f trump's rally in cleveland and we showed that protesters remained largely peaceful. >> they came amid rising r tensions. >> he is going to say what is on his is mind. >> lining up before donald trump's be cleveland rally. >> once ben carson endorsed him i was on board forar sure. >> of isolated a lot of the th country. you can't come to the country for me it took me nearly three years to get my legal n immigration.
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alert asce a vocal group off protesters gathered outside the i -letter. >> people do that during campaign time, it will be chaos int august when you have two reach to reach so manyhen people. >> are we going to win ohio? [cheering] >> inside he did his usual talking points on immigratione and. >> we are going to be the brilliant country. we are going to be so smart. >> he also hit his to opponents hard, especially john kasich, trump holdingjon a slim lead over kasich on his home turf. >> his he is weak on immigration.. he wants people to come in. he is in favor of amnesty and can't be president. >> trump was interrupted president. >> trump was interrupted over and over byt. >> protesters.ste >> that's a birdie person it's a birdie person. what a crowd.d. >> the crowd of 10,000 told not to harm but to surround them
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threw them out to get held up a sign and i told everyone there that they had to remember what happened the last time we elected someone like donald rehapp trump. >> we're proud to work beside a lot of incredible physicians were muslims or immigrants. >> trump supporters came face-to-face with protesters after the rally. >> he is calling me a communist. >> anger palpable on both sides. >> vote vote vote to keep fromm here donald trump traveled to t kansas city for anotherr rally, the final push on for boats this set your clocks. it is a 10:00 a.m. and still more to come. itmor could be a breakthrough for the seeing impaired. >> they may be able to live a more independent life. pull out your pocket books.
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about to start but just how much mu are americans expected to spend this year?r?a >> first let's take another livei look outside this cloudy sunday morning. if you are headed out and about this morning you may run into some rain showers here or there and aj will be back with a full look at the forecast after the
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>> there's just something about seeing the word bootylicious written s out but at least macy put it inbu quotes destiny's child and we are de now in eastern daylight's time. eastern standard time left us at 2:00 a.m. so sunset tonight at 7:32 a.m. 7:32 p.m. but
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a mantle of the mantle of cloud cover. it is raining rain now. doppler radar ra showing showers headed to the north and east stand up around ashtabula geneva madison of course painesville getting some rain right now along with mentor.. there is a break in the action th from twinsburg and hudson village, stowe and akron getting a break in the rainfalle currently, but there is more where that came from. more showery weather and some decent rain down there.wer a rumble off thunder as we go through the afternoon hourss and every once in a while we will see an arc of precipitation that is more substantial but it is nice to to have a break every once in a while in precipitation. it won't rain all day but it is extensive. da all the way up to the twin cities and back down to the south where low pressure is
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about away st. louis, and it is a warm front that will be movingv into our neck of the woods later ono ou tonight. eventually that will tug our temperatures into the sixties, but not until tomorrow. right now 43 at the u lakefront and a bit of a wind chill, 47 atat hopkins and it feels like 44 across northeast ohio. the dover new philly's 52 is 52 degrees ph already as the leading edge of the warmer air is heading northward.wa forecast today cloudy skies and mild with rainy periods. take your umbrella. showers continue tonight brisk and breezy as wind moved 10 to 15 miles an y as hour and tomorrow 54, continued soggy and may be maybe some thunder.4, cont there is also some upper-level weather associated with that but eventually this low moves
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that will be rain for monday that is on the r way and the transition over the cooler air won't happen until later in the week.. in the next eight days you can see the step down and temperatures here. for highs. little ripple out of here by tuesday and there is the deeper trough that we were talking about yesterday. displaced a little bit farther to the north so that should mean the colder t airh that we forecast yesterday for st. patrick's dayri and beyond will be held at bay. temperatures in the fifties for highs on st. patrick's day and a chance for rain.hig no flakes in the forecast snowflakes in the forecast there.hehe cooler friday and saturday and cooler temperatures on the ways we say goodbye to winter and
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46 degrees. 9,000 plus mile flight to taking about 18 and a half hours, that is a long time on the they're there will use a 747 to make the trip and it will become the worlds live longest routes world's lot longest route when it launches in december.t toyota has developed wearable technology for the blind called the blade. visually impaired work around their neck andd the automaker says it fills in the gap left by keynes, dogs and basic gps devices. it will help them identify thingsgs like restroom signs doorways and it tells the person pe what they see and help them navigate to a doorway. help the company says the device will go into testing soon. so this week we could supposedly restaurant closed temporarily after a.m. employee was diagnosed with norovirus.
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suspected of having it as well. customers. this after a nearby nearby chipotleom closed after 150 of its0 customers were diagnosed with norovirus in december. chipotle is still dealing with blowback at several of its locations. craft removed artificial preservatives a and dies from its macaroni cheese recipe late lastnd year and replaced them with wit newer sort of less artificial ones. the company has sold more than 50 million boxes of the mac & cheese. the national retail federation says americans plan to spend sa about $35 on st. patrick's day this year, ye according to those surveyed more
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spent on food andone beverages and the remaining will be spent on buying apparel, accessories and decorations. >> you have to get green hair. >> i don't think anybody really buys st. patrick's day a gifts. >> unless it's maybe a guinness or something like that. >> for sure. >> youth hope. 8:20 a.m. and still to come, change your clocks. >> changer batteries as well. we will let you know why it is so important to make sure your smoke alarm is workingport properly and why now is the perfect time
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welcome back at 8:23 a.m. change your clocks and changer batteries. that is what you need to do when the time changes.hat we have a display out here to give you ans idea of how important to that is. th
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most people have s in their homes but it is not necessarily always the bestr thing. >> bat is correct. a lot of these alarms are failing in people's a homes so it is time to as you change your clock changer ch batteries, change the alarm to a photoelectric type alarm.t >> these are really intense and will reallyy pick up a lot quicker thaniy p that one did. >> anymore timely fashion and give you more escape time for you andre e let your loved ones to get out. >> how important is the placement of these two? you need to have been them in certain spots. hav you really want to have a smoke alarm, atou least one on every home in your basement.. have one outsiders sleeping area and a lot of people in northern ignore their alarms of it goes
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something. you've got to make sure at least one person pays attention when it goesn p off. >> absolutely. you don't have a lot of time. the number one thing we hear ase i never thought it would happen towo us. when you you need to have a plan in place.ace practice it so if it does takeo place in your home you're more likely to get out if you think fast. >> as you said, practice practice practice. you used in that analogy when you talk aboutn sports peak as if you're playing a musical instrument or sports you practice so you can improve. same thing with a fire safety plan. you need to practice it so you can p respondr without really thinking about its. >> and if you have that plan down even though you have a plan, you need to make sure everybody knows because that's a big key of it you know that like if you guys are trying tovey get out the house you go out theu back door you go out the front
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>> it is so important to critic communicate between the man and woman in the house or whatever family structure, especially when you have littletruc kids so we s know that we don't believe leave any child behind. get them out, get out your meetingl place, account for heads and called 911 from call 911 from a safe location. >> and we've got not only smoke detectors but co detectors as well. so you need to make sure the batteries are in that detector as well. >> you do and you should test that periodically as well. give the button on it a push a once a month to make sure it's working.e a make sure you have your carbon monoxide alarm in the proper location ass well and you should really have one on every level but if you're only going to install one it should be somewhere in the area where you sleep see you can hear it at night because that is when your mosttn vulnerable. >> and v we have to not only make sure we check these but this is also a good time to make sure
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and ready to go as toe i well. >> you can quickly check it by looking at the gauge. as long as that the valero is in the green zone it's ready for you in the event of a fire. >> if you need any fire prevention tips go to to that will put you in touch with these guys and also check with your local fire department. if you need a smoke detector or something a s like that a lot of fire departments have those for free so check withde them. 7:23 a.m. stay with us.
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>> that's your wake-up call. it's 8:30 a.m. >> not 730.8: >> that is correct. in case you forgot to change your clock and bringou forward. >> we have some spring showers this morning. g >> how we will have some spring sp flowers as well. >> that would bee nice. it is going to fill us a sin and all the midstil of this. >> how're you doing.. >> it looks like the showers havethe stopped a bit. >> they have really wound down.
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entire we expected rainy periods andnd that is what we will have with occasional showers and maybe even some thunder this th afternoon. there will be enough instability around for that.oug let's have a look at storm fox doppler radar. you can see we are in the middle of the doughnutt you hole of dry weather. it is still raining pretty steadily up around ashtabula and kingsville, up along 990, and also some rain down around pierpont as we head to the south dry in the medina but brunswickns area stowe, fairlawn, everyone seem dry weather there forfa now, but we are about to be inundated with showery weather. so here is webcam time lapse. lap
8:32 am
areey but this moisture is very extensive originating from the gulf of or mexico, and they make that connection along the high front. a cool front coming out ofmi monday will bring potential fort rain and thunder as well. here's a look at our planner today. rain lan likely. fifties and mid- fifties and perhaps some thunder. it will be very localized, but don't be surprised to hear a rumble or to. >> that is always a sign of spring also. >> exactly. >> lightning is very good. it adds kind of a fertilizer in the air. its releases nitrogen nitrogens thatni get washed out of the air into the ground. >> interesting. >> it's
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suppose. >> i will take it. the humane society and mentor's death desperately in need after rescuing 70 animals and brittney harris tellsres us many of these animals have medical issues.of th >> and just two weeks the humane society and mentor rescue close to 70and animals from three different homes. >> two of the cases the owners voluntarily surrendered theas animals which is great. there were a lot of cats and those houses. twenty plus in one house and about 20 in the other.e and there is currently an investigation and there was 25 animals in thattig house. >> leeann is a humane officer for the shelter. she says they are not used toot taking in this many animals atal once and are little overwhelmed. >> there was the few pregnant cats thath are ready to pop at this pointe so when they havey their babies we will once again our population will just keep
8:34 am
that is why spay and neuter is so important. we can't say it enough. >> some of the animals need medical care like the six -year-old german shepherd who shepherd was malnourished and has lost a lot of herershe hair.hai >> she is not available for adoption just to give you and the watch is an idea of some of the medical conditions that can be easilye prevented. >> this person is the executive director who says they desperately need donations. >> we ared not a huge shelter soer when you get 70 animals and in such a short period of time it really taxes the staff. staffing.f we don't have a lot of individuals who workha here though i am proud to say that all of the individuals, staff and volunteers, have teamed together to makev sure these animals have the loving care they need and deserve.ser >> they definitely deserve it.
8:35 am
pledged to match every dollar the shelter receives and donations. if you would like to donate to the shelter had to and click on seen on tv. the men's mac championship game brought down to ma the finalth seconds bute that couldn't pulll it off.t akron was looking for the fifth tripo to the ncaa tournament last night buffalo sinks a three withth fiver seconds to go and bulls take the lead but akron with one last chance a with their inbound pass.p but it is intercepted and buffalo is headed back to the big and dance for the second timedan beating thece for the second six the zips 54 64 / 51. >> / we battled back three different times fromatt the dead.the that says a lot about our guys. it's just an unfortunate ending. >> then gig event tournament the
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theen same way with buffalo getting another buzzer beater over centralting michigan. 8:35 a.m. and still to come >> we are taking a look at the ralston northeast ohio community in an inside look at history comingi up. making way for a new generation.r the surprise announcement from a record-breaking astronaut fresh from a trip to outerer space. but first another live look outside on a cloudy sunday morning.g. aj will fill us in on what theha week has in store for us, including your st. patrick's day
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hopefully you will be on time for daylight savings b time which has begun. remove the clocks ahead an hour. we lost an hour ofocks sleep was some gray skies on this sunday morning. >> we are highly caffeinated this c morning. >> we're trying to were trying to sit still.>> a new series on our sister stationour wgn america follows a group of courageous men and women fighting for their freedom on the undergroundght railroad. >> this show shows a major part of american history and not an ohio played a major role. when dawson shows how loraine county was a key stop in the underground railroad.ilr >> as long as we are together we can do anything. >> the undergroundd railroad, a dangerous network of secret routes for slaves to flee to the north, free states and canada. many fled through ohio.
8:41 am
to the city's contribution to the underground railroad.ty's there are a lot of reasons this was a popular stop. first there was a largea population of abolitionist here andd secondly the town was and still is very liberal. >> we estimate up to 3,000 people actually came 3,000 freedom seekers came through here and up to 3161 year alone. >> amanda is with the oberland heritagei center. >> underground railroad, i think a lot of people think it is actually underground and there were some hiding spaces that could be inw basements. >> how brave or these freedom seekers for these freedom seekers?w br >> they still had to do most oft their traveling by foot. they had to be out in the wilderness, they could get sick or injured very easily, youa didn'tsi know who you could trust. >> between 1830 and 1860 and estimated 130,000 slaves traveled the underground railroad. some remained in states like in
8:42 am
canada, which is why cleveland was a popular passageway, sittingpopu conveniently on the shores of lake erie. >> because you have passagess through waterways essentially so late gary you coulder find awai captain to take you across to canada.d >> churches like st. john's episcopal one cleveland's near west side became safe havens or so-called way stations for runawayy slaves and looking for free labor seeking captains toa sneakp them across lake erie but theys l were also breaking the law, law , risking their lives toes t help slaves. >> if you were a free citizen and did not report this person to the authorities, or if you assisted this person in anyorit way, a freedom seeker in any way, you yo could be fined up to $6,000 are spent six months in jail.a >> but thousands of sympathizers tookousa that chance. >> if t you go down in the basement, it's a very low.
8:43 am
trees at the park still on it. imagine trying to stand up down here if you're over 5-foot five. >> they cabin painesville was all way station sitting on the shores of lake erie. >>ke if you come over here i will show you were slaves came indoors s but this is where they would come in, through this door. th th you can see when they put the dining room on in 1920, you look in there 19 and can see the vestiges of the little path that went down. th >> they would burn a lantern in the upstairs window facing south of alerting freedom seekers that was a wayof al station. >> these are people, and one, two, maybe three and aople group because you couldn't protect them. >> elayne ydn is the resident historian and current th innkeeper here. >> from about the 18inr fifties, this whole area of lake countyun joins the underground railroadd movement and the slaves as they came
8:44 am
canada by volunteer sailors who would take theml across to canada through route of the bay. >> but as underground will show,how not every story had a happy ending. >> they were families that were wereh separated. there were people who basically many ofre p them didn't make it.'t a lot of people died trying to make this journey. >> it is an interesting series. >> let's toss it over to aj for a looks to at the weather. i see all the blues and greens behind th you so that looks like a soggy day. >> it does. i was thinking that these showers will likely there will be breaks in the showerer so the good news is here we will not have an all-day rain but it does not really
8:45 am
breakr or just temporary alone in the action. we still got back into get back into some showery weather.gob next doppler radar indicating some of that rain beginning just around midnight for most of us. this came through pretty much as expected.e now there is interestingly enough kind of a hole in the in rainfall from parts of lorain county down into medina county, summit and over into portage county. some of the elements of those rain showers are breaking down a bit, but there is more to be had.t these yellow and orange colors you seee y downstate stay to the south but they will eventually rain on us.ut not expecting widespread minor w flooding, especially under a very heavy burst of rain. that is always the biggest concern. right now temperatures forties to right now temperatures
8:46 am
akron canton is 50. fifty-two dover new philly currently and mansfield checkingche in at 49. we will hit 55 today and we will have some rainy periods and in there as well. a when does the northeast at five to 15. nort eventually there they are swinging around to the east. it will be a brisk breeze he denied and use the ride aroundnd midnight you will start to see some of these showers fizzle out. s s tomorrow morning, once rush hour begins, i think we will start by late tomorrow morning and into theby l afternoon we will likely get another round of showers and thunderstorms. it could be a rumble or two with a high of 60 degrees. this of course is the surfaceurf map and does not reflect the upper levels which really i think play a larger role in our weather here at the surface. r upstairs there are couple of
8:47 am
that will add an an impact to what we find the surface and we could have some thunder with this and perhaps periods of heavy rain so that will have to be watched. we're looking upstairs at about 18,000 feet and here's another one.8,0 it promises to change our weather over to a overtook cooler pattern for the end of the week. computer models are having aing tough time latching onto what may be on to what may be a tough. ti to forecast over the weekend. here is a look at the entire package put together here with here wit temperatures in the mid- sixties both monday andhmp tuesday. there could be some strongro thunderstorms in the area tuesdayy evening.. that is definitely something to watch.fin 65. it certainly would be as conservative gas on highs.
8:48 am
the seventies if the sun comes back. once more with highs in the mid- fifties.on it looks like we will be able to yank the chance of snow or a wintry mix for st. patrick's day so that is a good sign.good once we get beyond thursday the rest of it as aon ?-question-mark but we ? will go middle-of-the-road with highs in the upper forties friday, mid- forties saturday and made seeade some rain and snow mix saturday night as we head down to 30.nd s sunday is the first day of spring with highs in the midund forties but scattered rain showers. i don't think we will need that
8:49 am
delays, no hot water, no power that kind of stuff. you will find it here first and fast. h astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his space suit. he plans to retire april 1st. he returned to earth earlier this month after a 340 day journey in space. after retiring he will continue to participate in ongoing research related to his nearly one year mission. he holds the american record for them most time spent in space. a canadian musician notan happy with our recent trip to egyptt ended after seeing one off his prized possessions. brian adamsms said egyptians defaced a vintage six string. he posted a picture vin on social media where you can see green markings on the guitarrmedia wh but he posted on facebook thinking his fans and assuring them his guitar will be fixed. he also said he had amazing time
8:50 am
markers. one place he won't find issue with the color green the chicago. th the windy city held its annual paraded and colored the chicago green. the annual tradition dates back tol 1962 when members of the a local plumbers union inme chicago dumped and orange colored powder into the river. you can see with the chemical reaction, chemistry is one of those things you'veio got to study, it turned the river a bright green just as soon as the orange powder hits the water but it is safe for the environment and only last a day or so and accept those clocks. it issc in our fast so make sure you sprung forward this morning. >> iforw have a terrible cold that is not sitting well so i'm going to let you take the rest ofting this. >> i will finish ittthis off. >> not everyone is happy about things being switched around.. the latest efforts to do away with what is being called an outdated tradition.
8:54 am
>> after a long night at the at rocky horror picture show right now. n it is 8:53 a.m. if you have 7:53 a.m. you are late this morning. >> spring forward means gray skies on this sunday f but love it or hated it is spring and time to move your clocks one hourme t forward. >> some states want up to put ano end to his daylight savings time.s here is a report from new york. yor >> as most americans brace themselves for losing an hour of sleep thisves weekend, some corners
8:55 am
daylight savings time. alllld in all 13 states are considering 22l 1 bills ors resolutions want to just change daylight savings time but there is no consensus ass ti to how. >> half want to establish permanent standard time and thee other half wants to establish permanent daylight savings time. california has a bill to vote to abolish changing clocks twice a if passed it could join hawaii and most of arizona to observe not tof observe daylight savings time.ser >> atlantic time is that we would stay in a perpetual state of daylight savings. we would be equal with new york approximately eight months ofh the year and one month of the year we would be in our head.m >> daylight savings time was
8:56 am
bartlett to reduce the need i for experts say contrary to popular belief it has not seen electricity and in fact it is bad for ourtrici health. >> the idea of taking new england and moving it off of new yorkrk time seems to me like one of the worst ideas we have come up with in the long a long long time. >> more heart attacks more strokes, more workplace accidents all because we're getting 30 million people jet lag of the at the sameon time and there's not enough compensatory benefit in the fall to make up for eto it more than 81,000 people have sent petitions to congress to the website and daylight savings time demanding an end to theema time times which. still another hour ahead at
8:59 am
good sunday morning to you. it is march 13th and.
9:00 am
are running: late. get out of bed. >> spring followed. change forward. change your > clocks. >> wake-up.> get your coffee. good ge morning.. >> of course aj is always around bright and sunny with kind of aof great forecast below. >> it located it is a littlea f bit a little bit cloudy, a little rain. we hate to bring that kind of stuff on the weekend especiallyr but there will be a break in the action from time to time.k i downturn in precipitation in cleveland and toward akronn i butut there is more on the way. all of this stuff really assembled after midnight. you can see that arc into ashtabula lake county as well. medina got a bit of aa break but here we go with some heavier
9:01 am
perhaps even load i. the rain is coming down heavilyly where you see the yellows and even a few patches of orange. ye those colors are indicating more steady rain. 49 at hopkins, 50 and akron canton, dover new philly at 51. we are headed for the mid fifties today with rainy. likely, clouds around at ninene and temperature 54. here is a look at the time lapse and it is tough to find the sign fun in that. n lots of rain down state. fifty in cincinnati huntington southpointe 56 at parkersburg and aut wider view showing the gulf of mexico and even the wi atlantic ocean getting in on the action. more rain to speak up as you see that winding up. a couple of systems shows shows another low coming in from the southwest monday.y. tuesday looks dry. if there will be any sunshine we
9:02 am
the mid- sixties mainlys seventies and perhaps severe weather potential. and we will talk about that in the eight day forecast taking us into st. patrick's day and beyond.. the battle for ohio hitting its full momentum this weekend with our primaries only two days th away.. >> ohio is historically an important when inst the generalo election but there is extra tension during this nominations process because we are now a winner take all state. >> that opens the possibility of ohio 66 delegates being one of the biggest halls of the primary solee far so who wouldn't want that come convention time? >> we begin our report of ohio governor john kasich who has the most to lose. lo he has stated publicly that he would drop out of the race if he does not win his home state. his latest stop in the buckeye state was mansfield were a la ben allison brown tells us his us
9:03 am
the race for president is not over. >> i represent ohio. i want you to know i will never take the low road to the highest office th in the land. i will run a positive campaign. >> no personal jabs at this town hall meeting saturday. kasich says he is sticking to issues that affect all americans keeping taxes low, improved healthcare access to health care andcces jobs. >> i want to fight for those who don't have figh any power.n >> the republican governor and presidential hopeful spent some time inn mansfield. >> the spirit of our country is what we believe. >> not once did he speak of his but he did give reference to recentt >> i will never create a toxic atmosphere where people show up at political events and fight with oneitica another. >> with his wife at their side >> he is i
9:04 am
the other candidates which isic awesome. it's kind of like they're bullying each other. >> governor kasich known to many in this crowd is the quiet onet but they say that is alright. >> i would have voted for trump but i'm going to change and votend for kasich. >> when it comes to thisis presidential race, his supporters say it is far from over at this point. we're only at halftime and the reset button is onha tuesday. >> everything he has said is going to work. we've just got put into play. >> supporters say he is not concerned about theo drama.ama >> he stood back and said you know what? i'm not going to stand her here and look likeo an idiot like these rest of the people. at each o other. >> they believe actions speak louder than words.e >> governor kasich will be inll strongsville today at 1:00 p.m. doors open at the recreation center at at 12:30 p.m. the event is free but you do need to register
9:05 am
most formidable competition in ohio, donald trump. thousands of people came out to thetho i accepted this weekend both in support and to protest the republican party's front runner. run matt wright tells us thiss t morning while there were some clashes and opposing views,i things remained largely peaceful. for mac they came four they came amid risingthey tensions. >> he is going to say what is on his to s mind. >> lining up before donald trump's cleveland rally. b >> once been carson endorsed him i was on board foror sure. >> you cannot come to the country just to campaign because it took me three years to get my legalh immigration. >> police were on alert as a local group we of local group ofou protesters gathered outside the iraq center. >> if you will do that during du
9:06 am
initi august when you have to reach so many people. >> are we goingng to win ohio? [cheering] >> inside trumpp had his usuals talking points on immigration and trade.ade >> we are going to be the brilliant country. we are goingant to be so smart. >> also hit his opponents hard, especially governor kasich with trump holding a slim lead over him on hisg a home turf.u >> kasich cannot be president.t. he is weak on immigration and wants people to come in. he is in favor of amnesty and can't be president.nt >> trump was interrupted over and over bys protesters. >> what a crowd. >> the crowd of 10,000 were told not tod10 harm but to surround him chanting b trump until police threw them out. >> i held up a sign and told to everyone there they had to
9:07 am
time we elected someone likepp donald trump. >> we are proud we're proud to work alongside a lot>> of positions were muslims,li >> riled were immigrants. >> riled up after thehe rally, trump supporters came face-to-face withth protesters. >> he is calling me a communist. sides. >> you are the problem. >> vote vote t vote. [buzzer] >> trump traveled for another rally the final push for votes this tuesday.lly t >> also visiting ohio today, tedd cruz will be at the performing arts center in columbus at 7:30 p.m. tonight. doors open at 6:30 p.m. the event is free but you must register if you wish to attend. >> hill or clinton also made her second stop in cleveland this week trying to round up more c
9:08 am
while she is campaigning all across ohio shows that the elevated to traditional baptist church friday night and brittney tr harris was also there. >> ladies and gentlemenal families members and in cleveland ohio at big round of applause for secretary hillary rodham clinton!or [cheering] >> democratic candidate hillary clinton spent saturday on the campaign trail makingrd stops all around northeast ohio before visiting with votersrs here at theh cleveland. >> as you know, tuesday is a big day in ohio. i hope everyone turns out to vote because there is a lot at country. >> the town hall meeting gave clinton the chance to step awayy from the podium and answer questions from the audience. >> as president president, how would president, how would you use executiveese power to streamline the process for those who have been in prison far too long and did not deserve to berv
9:09 am
>> i very much think we have got to go further and provide more clemency to larger numbers ofnd p people. i know the president is working very hard on this.det i expect you will see more clemency requests granted during his last year of his presidency. >> clinton addressed a number of hi issues while on stage like a plan to create more jobs and keep companies in the us. >> i tell you what i believe. if a corporation walks wh out on america, they will have to then exit tax that we are want too take back all of the tax breaks they got from a city, county, a state, or our country. >> she also talked about police corruption and gun violence and how she wants kids to get a quality education regardless of their background. >> i'm going to try to do everything i can to make our system child centered and provide resources so a child in
9:10 am
an educationalch opportunity as a child in shaker heights ore anywhere else in the area. >> hillary and bernie sanders will be in columbus an today. >> both democratic candidates will headline and speak at the at party's legacy we will have cruz in columbus bringingcr you the latest at and tonight on fox eight news at 10:00 p.m. keep it right here. coming up in our next half hour, stefanie schaeffer sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview withexcl hillary clinton. that is at hi 9:30 a.m. >> we will have all of your election results tuesday nights.ight check for real-time results as as the polls close and we will have all of these a results and plenty of reaction on fox eight news at 10:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. tragedy on the iditarod trail. >> to sled dog teams struck by a
9:11 am
admission from the driver's boy and lawyer and what witnesses say theyla saw. could there finally be a big break in the search for missing malaysian airline airliner mh 370?mis how a piece of debris found last week is turning up a lot more. a state title on its way to northeast ohio. ti see how wadsworth pulled off a victory. tj has it in your sunday morning sports. gray skies over cleveland and aj says it is going to be a little soggyit outside maybe for the first part of the week anyway. he has a complete look at the
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome back to fox eight news. on the sunday morning we are glad you could bee s here.
9:15 am
ay look at what is happeninga right now in the entire state prettyty much, inundated with rain right now.inu some of the yellows oranges reds, these colors that use the embeddedl are rain. that's delaware perhaps and toward columbus proper but there are a little bit of breaks in the action in terms of the precipitation. in according to commute computer models, how much could fall? we are looking at quite a bit of of water falling, an inch and a half even 2 inches of rain in somev backyards, 2 inches in ohio and this is the focal point of that precipitation. f rain will be with us on and off through the night tonight. there will be a break in the action tomorrow morning and another round of rain expected through the day monday.owoun later tonight there could be around the area
9:16 am
surprised if you hear those the evening. storm fox doppler radar shown a drive swath riot in here from cleveland down to thein southeast and just about the turnpike. moves in so this morning if you have a so break like they did around medina over toke hudson you guys will be getting a break in the rain but don't think we're dried out for the rest of the day. fifty-five today. temperature wise 50 in akron canton 49 in cleveland 48 worcester c and dover new philly checks in at 51 degrees. another model over northern ohio and this is more focused into our neck of the woods picking up on some higher amounts near mansfield and desirous.e those folks could pick up an inch and a half of rain by tuesday morning.and tonight showers will continue.
9:17 am
overnight low 49 and wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. pull out the maps and show you monday morning tomorrowt morning's rush hour begins drive.. some scattered showers but that's just about it. winds that brisk and breezy wind brisk and breezy for tomorrow. when does south and west but continued soggy. perhaps a rundle rumble of thunder tomorrow. a better chance for tuesday. most of tuesday should be drive. our next surge of moisture comes monday and rain showers are possible with this as well, as we said. as the winds aloft showing the waves of pressure. the trough slips away setting the stage for a decent tuesday even as our next wedge of cold begins to drop down for later in the week.o right now computer models have have
9:18 am
we will not get enough cold air around for even a wintry mix on st. patrick's day. we will change that over to plain rain. 55 degrees, cooler for friday and saturday, upper forties and as we get intoup sunday the first day of spring.s the vernal equinox. 46 and scattered showers possible. s fox eight to is your official school closings station and you can get those on-air and online and on yourose o mobile. >> it doesn't look like there t will be anything of that sort. >> i don't think so. from texas to tennessee thousands of people are trying to survive this historic rainfall.. at least three deaths have been reported in the rain in louisiana because of the ddn flooding including a six-year-old child. one person also killed in texas
9:19 am
in the national weather serviceer se says the flash flooding warnings will persist through the weekend.d and intoxicated snowmobile driver plowed through to sled dog teams on the historic iditarod trail killing one dog. his attorney admits the 26 old yield wast drunk but says he diday not intentionally hit thes dogs but witnesses said was no accident. race officials say the snowmobiler appeared to make repeated attempts to go after aof female racer and her team. two other dogs were also injured likely ending the race for ther four-time championship team. airplane debris has been found along the the south african coast. aviation experts will take aer closerts look to determine if it came from malaysian airline airline flight a teenager found the piece back in december and took it home. the family to thought little of it until another piece of debris was found in the same area last week. p
9:20 am
ago with 239 people on board. 9:20 a.m. if it is a 20 comment you are late.a 20 still to come, sunday morning m sports. >> akron makes a grab for the mac championship and it comes down to the final seconds, but did they make it to the next round?d money men's l-letter may find himself in mo the bread line. an update on his free-agent
9:23 am
pages a little wet.itt >> he is a little wet this morning. some spotty showers. >> always on his head. spotty showers on his head. he will have the complete
9:24 am
>> welcome back everyone. sunday morning ba sports and a lot going on. the latest on akron's run for anr ncaa championship. >> and a live look at the girls basketball team playing for a statee highway state championship and here's aj with a look at how to do wi sports. >> good sunday morning. johnny manziel is officially a free agent. he is free to sign with any team.e he became a free agent at at 4:00 p.m. saturday afternoon and no one put in a request to claim his two-year $2 million contract. he waswo-lion waived by the browns browns on friday morning after two eventful f seasons. welcome to march madness which is officially underway. saturday night the conference crowned its current champions. akron zips were lookingren to get a
9:25 am
second half but the logos on it 16 / two run in server 14-point lead with se over 14 minutes under 1414 minutes to play in the game. mcadams buries the three and akron climbs within one. jackson steps up well beyond the three-point line. we're 14 with akron at the lead but with five seconds to play, there's the shot of the game, the three-pointer puts in 14 for the game and buffalo leads. last time for and b akron and the bulls are dancing. sixty-four / 51. they have beat the akron zips for their second ncaa tournament. >> all of a sudden we're playing guys a lot of minutesen which still had it, still had have the game one.ill playing the game they had to throwlaying being two bombs into beat us really so. >> regional hoops garfield heights taking on saintal
9:26 am
rebound the outlook pass ahead to jimmy berger who misses the easyjimmy way and wildcat's cut the lead to two. they went four minutes without a point and marion jackson hit the three to give the bulldogs a four-point and jackson beats the horn with a floater. garfield up five at the break at five at the break.e third-quarter the bucket and the foul in this game goes into in double overtime and bronco heights takes it out 70 / 69 and they are headed to columbus next week. and saint mary boys get another trip to the a final four in in columbus saint benedict canton regional and the akron regional final canton falls to lima. bay village beach ottawa and punch their ticket to columbus nexte week. and in the divisional three regionala finals they beat st. thomas aquinas 5436 and they're looking for their first
9:27 am
ast new champion in divisions i girls basketball. the trophy is headed home to northeast ohio as wadsworth took on macon. a great start forr that team on a 10 / zero run. judy johnson gets the bucket and they finishh j with 28 points. johnson drives the lane, gets the bacon and wadsworth comes off 16 at up 16 at the break. wadsworth closes it out and they bring itit home.. their second state title in school history.i and in all northeast ohio that's a hockey tournament in columbus c congratulations to the saint ignatius wildcats are when their win their second championship in two years four / three on saturday afternoon. f indians five day on spring training and a cup a home opener with the boston red sox and saturday afternoon continues against padres.
9:28 am
and indians take a one / nothing lead. in the seventh inning padres were offhe one that ties the game at three. padres blow open the game in the eighth and it's a real week two run single and san diego wins the game six / three and the ashland men and women's basketball teams both lose and their postseason sports. that doesn't. have a great sunday. 9:28 a.m. and up next hillary won a one. democratic front-runner for an exclusive interview as she tries to win more votes in ohio munich the crowds tuesday we have details on how you can vote in this year's primary ahead of
9:31 am
soggy roads outside. >> a littleog bit. >> gray skies and then the clocks that get moved forward. >> it has been tough to take this morning but we are hoping these are the spring showers that are going to bring those
9:32 am
always want beautiful flowers and aj of course is out inof the garden and i see behind him. >> they are starting tog er come up. >> a couple of things.f t >> a couple of the bulbs. >> as it looks like some tulips. right write back your? s >> i think so.k daffodils may be? >> there's all kinds of good stuff coming up.ere we've got the gardens that are going to start to become activee g and you probably don't want to stick anything in the ground too early but i think this is t definitelyh going to be an earlier season for the 61 degrees, especially with temperatures like that and it esp is it still winter for another week. 45 is the average high. record high as 76 on this date. we won't get anywhere close too that especially with these rain showers coming in dover new philly there was some heavier rain down port mansfield
9:33 am
losing their punch.hoe 49 at hopkins, 61 currently in that is the air that is moving i slowlys but surely in our direction.tion we're 14 degrees warmer than 24h hours ago here in cleveland. there is more rain to be had. satellite radar compositempo showing some showery weather extending all the way into atlanta and maybe even myrtle beach heading toward raleigh. ma anyone who is on vacation at the beach is getting some cool wet weather so so much for them.ome lots of motion, a couple of areas of low pressure.ion, the first one will pivot out of here tonight setting the stage for a dry start tomorrow but here comes the next surge and a complex weather pattern that will sport more showery weather for mondaywi then drier weather
9:34 am
tuesday we could have some strong storms in the area. not widespread but something to watch.t rainfall amounts half an inch or more, even 1 inch down toward youngstown. eve mansfield close to that level as well.. winds aloft showing the area of disturbed weather moving into newon england and eventually this next more important system late in thee week will transition our nice mild temperatures back over to something a bit more seasonal.tback how about today? our planner is showing rain and rainyuplann periods going into theto t afternoon and night time hours. clouds, rain, when will we transition over to a bit more dry weather? maybe an extended period. we will look at that on the day forecast in just a few minutes. with the ohio primary two days away, hillary clinton
9:35 am
weekend. >> afterwards she sat down with our anchor stefanie schaeffer ins an exclusive one-on-one interview where she talked about her chances of winning in ohio, gun violence and the recent trump rally clashes.nd t >> it is getting crazy and out of hand. >> i think it is very distressing and disturbing. as i have tried to point out, we can disagree, we can have big differences of opinions, but no one should be encouraging violence and be aggression. what i have seen over the last week has demonstrated that as part ofde his performance, his presentation, donald trump does doe incite his followers, his voters ifo guess i just really have to speak out against it. i hope more people do.
9:36 am
epidemic in america.en we have so many deaths that are unnecessary, senseless that, gun violence is the number one cause ofhem death for young african-american men, more than the next nine causes combined. so i do say we need comprehensive background checks and we need to close the gun show an loophole, the online loophole. day. how do you ab win ohio? >> i'm going to keep working as hard as i can. i've got a great group of supporters here who have been covering the state..sup my husband has been my daughter has been here.en tomorrow and reach out the best i can doing interviews at the church and having as muchg i time to communicate with ohio voters as i possibly can and eventually encourage people to come out and all ifl people don't come out and
9:37 am
right to complain and there is a lotht to complain about in america and we need to start working together. that can only come with new leadership. >> don't forget you can head to the polls before ohio's tuesday primary toef cast her ballot int person at your local board of elections board of electionsrs today from one until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow is the last day for early voting 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and is also the last day you can mail in your absentee ballot.. election days tuesday march 15thth . >> we will have all of your y election results tuesday night. check for real time debates results as soon as the polls close. 9:37 a.m. and much muchu more coming up on fox eight news in the morning. still i had.ti >> tuesday maybe election dayel but tomorrow is piec day.
9:38 am
this math centric holiday without adding the arithmetic. who doesn't have travel problems? bryan adams had a problem withh some people after opening one ofof his vintage guitar cases. first let's take a live lookt le outside this morning. a bit of a breeze and some showers lingering.a e will they stick around for the the start of your workweek? aj has that answer when we
9:41 am
>> this sign along with the view no a few no anything aboutign math three.1-415-926-5357. >> you keep going.
9:42 am
because it's written rightreas there and it's pi day coming up tomorrow. >> what better way to celebrate than with pies. be we are getting mad celebration rolling. >> thanks for joining us.ttie >> thanks for having me. >>a we were talking in the break pi day has become a big thing. >> it is actually one of our busiest days of the year now. >> is it because people love pie or is it because they're trying toto get pi. >> i think people want any excuse to eat someth pie. >> you've been in the high business for a while so tell us aboutut that. >> we wanted to be in it will be for be years in shaker heights this year. >> let's talk about the pies. we have everything from dessert pies to breakfast pies. this one is very intriguing. >> this is our bacon apple
9:43 am
that is one of our savory pies so a little bit of sweet with a savory is a nice combination. >> and we have this one here. >> that is our new broccoli cheddaro quiche and that's more of an individual portions a you canndi get one serving. >> i like get that idea. pi. >> >> why not write? yourself. >> that would be the whole thing itself. that is our chicken pot pie which is our most popular c item. >> it's got a lot of good stuff cheese carrots corn g and green beans. we make the gravy from scratch. it's all handmade. >> you and your sister. >> yes.s.> >> desire all family recipes? >> they're all developed by me and our store so we've been working on it forndou a long time. >> is it just trial and error taste tester what? >> we try different things. weiff like to keep a traditional.
9:44 am
pies so there classic traditional recipes. >> what's the secret to your crust? >> we use all butter crust. a lot of bu people think adding shortening is the secret butk it's a secret but it's all butter. we.. >> you want that fluffiness and the flakinessluf also and that isd what t people really really like as well.ll. >> don't overmix it is the key.ey. >> really? >> that's good to know if you're making pies at home. fruit pies is so delicious. >> apple is our most popular fruit pie hands down. all of our fruit pies are filled just with fruit. it's not a cannedd filling or anything. it's all real fruit. >> so it's not overly sugary or s anything like that. >> right. perfect condition.t >> outside of pi day i imagine thanksgiving and everything else people are banging on the door ev d to get in their.
9:45 am
that one of sweet potato. that is all fresh sweet potatoes. we hand roast that and hand peela them and roast them in the oven so it's all made from scratch. >> thank you so much. of course for more information headre over to you guys w are in shaker? >> that's right. shaker heights on the road. >> am going to take a fork and go off to the side for a while. >> that cherry pie is long gone. we are going to send things over to aj who w am sure. >> we're going to eat it all aj before you come over here. >> i've got to tell you something. tomorrow is really cool, pi day because scott sable is going to recite high out to elect ao e hundred digits. >> no he's not.h >> he doesn't he is an aeronautical do engineer and a meteorologist but it's really cool. it if you have not seen that, fox eight news in the morning
9:46 am
i wish i could tell you the exact time but i can't. it's pi day and just for your edification and amusement, scott sable is doing that for now let's have a look at storm fox doppler radar.ok most of that rain is out overt the lake at this point. strongsville even downtown cleveland all the way to brunswick and medinaeve but now the rain is back. hopefully you didn't put your ring gear away rain gear away just yet. it will spill briefly and then you putie it back and there will be rainy periods through the afternoon.t bainy we have some areas that were showing visibility under a quarter of a a mile earlier. that has improved. m a better chance for much lowerer visibility and fog downstate closer to the frontlit itself where the wind's are really light andi the air is extremely moist. there is a big slug of showery
9:47 am
daylight savings time where we set our clocks forward. this morning 2:00 a.m. became 3:00 a.m. so sunrise was at 7:42 a.m., a late sunrise but sunset tonight 7:32 p.m. if only we could a joke it to enjoy it. we co too many clouds for that but there are soggy days ahead upwards of an inch and a half of rain not out of the question for someme backyards. not as chilly chile is initially projected. the latest computer models are showing temperatures in the mid- fifties on st. patrick's atmpra day as opposed to a rain snow mix and temperatures in the low forties. fo we were able to boost those highs. forty-nine in boost t cleveland 50 akron canton and speaking of a boost, b low fifties job or new philly and that air is headed our way. mid- fifties for highs today.
9:48 am
that is pretty mild today. showers will continue, a brisk brisket breezy night with brisk breezy night with an east wind comingsgh in as the warm front moves north and we should see highs in the mid sixties an tomorrow. that is even with rain. we will start off of the day dry with the day dryl st tomorrow and a then increase the profit probability that we will get rained on.bili we will be dodging raindrops through tomorrow evening and we get a break in the action.. tuesday looks good right now. tuesday could have a round of strong storms c late in the day. that is something to watch. we show you the map says we gosa out into the rest of the week. there is an upper-level ripple heading off to the east monday night anduff tuesday. they there we go. we turn those upper wind is a briefly to theos southwest, and there is something called thea virginsl aloft where these wind speed up.of
9:49 am
neighborhood et tuesday and some of the ingredients are coming together for strong thunderstorms, perhaps even, p later in the week this low if you remember yesterday this low was farther to thembe south cutting in some of the colder temperatures later in the weekend even st. patrick's day.ature you can see on the fox eight dayt outlook we have a couple of rumbles of thunder here monday and again on tuesday. 60 wednesday than for st. patrick's daydne expects somets rain, expect some rain, 55 degrees and cooler air coming in later in the week. spotty showers and limited sunshine. we officially say goodbye to winter and hello to spring on sunday vernal equinox which means equal minutes, incidentally.
9:50 am
day of spring, 46 degrees as the green stuff starts coming out ofc theo ground and a whole heck of a lot showers. latest forecast and of te course we station. a astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his space suit the record-breaking spaceman plans to retire april 1st. he returned to earth earlier this month after ea a 340 340 day journey in space. after retiring, he will continue to participate in the ongoing research related to his wife mission.ate he holds the american record for the most time spent in space. in a canadian magician unhappy about how a recent trip to egypt ended after seeing one of hisg prized possessions.o
9:51 am
customs defaced at vintage six string of his peer you can see green markings on the side of his guitar. gre it doesn't look like he is holdingsn a grudge though. he g posted on facebook thinking his fans f they there and assuring them that his car his guitaru will be fixed and cleaned plain that he says he had an amazing time in egypt but next time he says no green markers please.t b one place he won't find an issue with greenish sank his chicago where the st. patrick'sgr day parade was held and the chicago river colored the annual tradition dates back to 1962 when members of the local plumbers union dumped an orange powder into the river and you can see it turns bright green as soon as it hits the watern but don't worry. it is safe for the environment and only lasts for one day. 9:51 a.m. and still to come,. >> find out why title to highland sacred animal is used forim an annual polo match in that
9:52 am
the species from hunters and
9:55 am
the elephant is going to have a rainypha trip if he is coming to theif america circus today. but nothing will stop the guys and ladies who go out andill fish out there as well. in thailand some athletes are little bigger than others. >> the annual kings cup polo match.. that is right. polo on elephants. the kings cup has been held every year since 2001 tou h raise awareness and money for elephant for elep conservation programs.hant while the elephant is a national
9:56 am
faces dangers from poachers and habitat this year's king cup raised $400,000 to help our pachyderm friends. >> pachyderm polo. >> who would rather be p eating then be being there pretty the. >> they don't seem to mind. >> they're pretty good out there pretty good out there. feast yourselves on some rain. we've got plenty of that and maybe some thunder asve go well with temperatures in the mid- sixties tomorrow and tuesday.e wednesday around 60 and we are getting ready to head to st. patrick's dayetng festivities. rain showers not snow even though it is cooler for the weekend was were seeing someome snow some rain. >> hopefully it looks like a decent day for election day and hopefully will have a good turnout. >> a good turn out no matter we will see you at
9:57 am
the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america only one has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
9:58 am
american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels
9:59 am
her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
10:00 am
i'm chris wallace. growing violence at trump rallies amid accusations the role. today we'll ask donald trump if he's responsible. boos ]. >> trump is forced to cancel a rally chicago after hundreds of protesters show up to disrupt it. >> when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. >> and trump's rivals pin some of the blame on him. >> last night in chicago, we saw images to make america look like a third world country. starts at the top. >> we'll sit down with troump ump to discuss the violence and what


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