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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 1:00am-1:59am EST

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rki >> it's just tricky. navigating through the snow squalls. >> sure. >> the road there snow covered.
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on 480 east. you can't even see the lines. people driving with their hazards on. >> . 4 minutes or so left in the cavs game. so all of those people will be piling out onto the roadways. 480 and 71. >> oh boy. >> . give them a heads up. >> that would be a good thing. and take your time. leave everybody plenty of room. and let's dive right in. where we left off. we'll show you. we have a lake effect snow warning. inland. and advisory for the blue areas. particularly are the where the snow bands persist. when all is said and done. 8 to 14 inches. but it quickly drops off from there. 3 to 7. from lorain. down to. a trace to two inches total. around sugar creek. and places like wooster.
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near the lake shore. where the action is. with the lakes still pretty much wide open. as you can see. we have one band. particularly strong. let's take a look at it. it's bounded essentially by a u.s. route 422. and the interstate. the ohio turnpike. from twinsburg to. to coming down in a good clip right now. elsewhere. it has lightened up. these bands will shift around through the night. temperatures continue on their downward spiral. end up at ten. with more lake effect snow. flurries well west and south. and then for tomorrow. lake effect. will begin to simmer down. 18. with late day sun. especially away from the lake. around two. is coming. it's going to be here friday and saturday. i'll have your 8 day coming up. >> . the race for the nomination moves south. >> fresh off second place finish in new hampshire. john caseic may have more than south carolina on his mine.
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expected to sign.
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two maryland deputies killed
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in a restaurant. investigators say the first deputy was responding to a call. when the suspect fired shots hitting him the the suspect ran out of the restaurant. shot another deputy. responding to the same scene. both r-r rushed to the hospital. where they did die. the suspect was shot and killed by law enforcement. >> . city of ferguson appears to be headed towards a legal battle with the feds. today the justice department filed a federal lawsuit against the city. that is after city officials voted to aepld an agreement to reform ferguson police. city leaders say they don't have the money. to make the settlement work. >> . governor caseic is expected to sign a bill stripping government money from planned parenthood. here in ohio. it's a move that might help the gop presidential candidate with conservatives. this targets more than a million dollars in grant funding. which supports initiatives for hiv testing. breast and cervical cancer screenings and prevention of
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he's fresh off a second place fin finish in last nights new hampshire primary. >> the presidential hopefuls moved onto south carolina. that is everyone except christy. and. they both pulled out of the race today. following poor showings in new hampshire. meantime donald trump celebrating his big victory. he had twice as many votes as the second place caseic. >> . meantime. senator sanders celebrate his dominant win in new hampshire. by heading to meet with reverend al sharp ton to talk about minority issues. >>
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>> how a local company found a way to put a summertime tool to very good use. in the winter.
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it's no fun having to get out the shovel. exhausting. especially when it's hard to keep up. >> it's tough. a company is created way to make moving all that snow a blast. they gave us a demonstration. >> . >> cleaning up after old man winter. this is no fun. but this is. i want the biggest baddest snow blower. broom. whatever it is. i can get for my driveway. and my neighbors. >> discovered by taking the tractors they make to groom landscapes in the summer. and out fit them for snow. they can brush.
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into the next zip code. >> you can launch it. well above any fence or tree. >> . they ship the mighty tractors to the snowiest areas of the country and around the globe.
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completely e rat kateing snow >> it's if it's there. its it's gone. farewell. byron >> . it's a cool machine. we make it in ohio. >> built in america. made to last. >> >> that is really neat. >> everybody wants one. >> still to come. a trail of twisted medal. along i 90. >> blast of winter weather making for dangerous driving today. keep it here for an update on
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>> glad you're with us on this snowy night. treacherous trafl travel in northeast ohio. we're keeping very close watch. lake effect snow warnings and now. >> i 90 is back open. in lake county. following the chain reaction crash that left multiple people in critical condition. >> for the latest on the conditions. fox. >> all right she's having problems hearing us. with the technology. that didn't look too bad. we had pictures of 480 before. near baggily. that was a mess. >> . people just going real slow with
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>> we'll start right out of the starting block. with a look at radar. that's the number one interest. show me what's happening oult there. and we have that one band. >> we were able to dis-earn from the video we were getting. more on the band in a bit. let's take a look at the web cam time lapse. from the five mile crib. a at first you saw nothing. and then the city began to light up. as that band began to push away. of course we're looking south here. and here's that band right now. it is snowing. and snowing very heavily. right around. over to twinsburg. and bounded by 422. and the ohio turnpike.
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and on into pennsylvania. this is just one band. there are a couple of them floating around. this is the main one. they'll be floating in and out through the night. let's talk snowfall days. now. and let's do some comparison. because it feels winter out there. like we're catching up. are we really. the number of snowfall days. two inches or more. this winter. has been 3. that's it. and two of them were monday tuesday. and we might add a fourth one. tonight at midnight. if we get more than two. that's possible. >> last winter we had 12 days with more than two inches of snow. and two winters ago we had 18. just to kind of put things in perspective. here's another thing. let's see if we're catching up. so far. at hopkins airport. 5.6 inches.
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>> the answer is no way. andre. should we be catching up. not even with the snow now. it will take a lot more than what we're seeing here. to catch up to that big deficit. >> it's going to hold there for about 18 hours before it eases up. just a reut little. there's another one upstream. that we'll talk about. lake effect snow tonight. ten the average low. most of the snow and this is going to be the total through tomorrow now. 8 to 14. where bands persist. it quickly drops off. to trace to two. well south. and west.
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snow warning for. and advisories all the way out. mostly on the east side. the snow lets up tomorrow. 18 degrees. late day sun west. but then we have another clipper coming. and that's going to be on friday. that opens up the gate way to the coldest of the air. that will be saturday. and saturday night. saturday night low temperature of 0. on sunday at least the snow quits. it's cold. at 19. once we get to monday we turn the corner. look -ts like a clipper monday. we'll keep our eyes on that. over all temperatures will recover. maybe to 43. thursday. of next week. with a few rain showers. instead of snow showers. >> it's still very difficult travel out there.
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>> you can actually see the pavement. we have been unable to see the pavement for the entire journey. from cleveland down 77 south. we headed 480 east. now back. we spun around and we're going this direction. we heard 422 i guess just atrocious. as you head towards solen. you can't see the pavement. white out conditions and slick conditions. it's been that way all night. cars crawling. 20 miles per hour. right now it feel -ts like we're going really fast. we're actually able to go over 30. we have seen hazard lights everywhere. tires just spinning. one poor guy tphr south carolina is tires just spinning sp spinning. on the valley view bridge. so treacherous conditions. driving conditions this evening. we know the salt trucks and plows are out there. we haven't run across a bunch. but the traffic is it still heavy. people are trying to make their way home. if you have to travel. this evening. and i'm guessing tomorrow morning too. you need extra time.
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be careful out there. >> it happened at east 93rd. and carton this morning. officers call -td off the chase after two cruisers collided. authorities believe the suspects are armed. >> police in lorain looking for the suspect after a 70 year-old woman. is attacked outside of a motel. manmade his way into her room. and the early morning hours. beat her in the head. demanding money. police are looking for a gray 2006 toyota cam reu. >> . two browns players arrested on christmas day. facing charges. bryant. has been indicted on felony drug possession charges. prosecutors say bryant had prescription medicine that didn't belong to him. sanders is charged with felony for improperly handling a firearm in the motor vehicle. >> . u.s. marshalls in cleveland are asking for the publics help in
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who is known for impersonating an nfl quarter back. federal authorities say there have been more than dozen cases in which 38 year-old pitman was pretending that he was former university of texas and sreupbs young. >> marshalls say he has left a trail of theft and fraud victims across the country. he was convicted of rape in texas in 20 09. after moving to cleveland he failed to register his new address with the sheriffs office.
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45 hundred passengers. and 16 hundred crew members. when it departed saturday. on a 7 day cruise. the ship sailed into some major winter weather. a look at this storm here. powerful winds and waves as high as 30 feet. tossing the vessel around. officials say 4 passengers reported minor injury. the ship sustained damage to its public areas. and state rooms. first thick >> ship arrived back in port
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passengers are getting a full refund. and will be offered half off a future cruise. >> airlines putting a squeeze on passengers. one tennessee congressman is making a push for steve sanders. representative wants a new law to establish minimum standards. limiting how small and how close together seats on passenger jets can be. he says it's not just about comfort. but safety. saying it's not clear if crowded planes can be evacuated efficiently. some argue more seats on airplanes help lower the fares. others argue more seats just mean higher airline profit margin. >> . san francisco girl scout has come up with quite a unique approach. to selling cookies. setting up in front of a pot dispensary. this is the third year she's set up shop. in front of the green cross. last year she sold 208 boxes. in just two hours. >> this year. the business even promoted her stand. on their facebook page.
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the name girl scout cookies is also the name for a marijuana strain popular in san francisco. >> . munchies going on. >> . >> would it work for you. >> how cold is it now. degrees now. at ten. how cool is this. stef goes inside the chambers to test the feel good powers of many athletes and celebrities swear by. stefny on stephanie on ice. tomorrow at ten.
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>> at least a handful. as long as the bands continue to develop. here's a pretty strong one now. drifting south and away from the main source. lake erie. it looks like more could develop. lake effect snow especially in
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flurries and cold elsewhere. this is what we're thinking. total snow accumulation, from the start of the event. to tomorrow afternoon. 8 to 14. where snow showers persist. 3 to 7. places like akron and fair lawn. and maybe lorain. and much less to the south. slowly. 18. we'll go through this again one more time. friday and saturday. >> . thanks so much. gone in an instant. from purebreds to mutts. dogs are disappears. at an alarming rate. and the united states. >> . tonight we have more on what's behind the dog napping trend. >> 1234679 they're everything to me.
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>> >> arthur is like our child. he's my life and my heart. >> . as much as dogs bond with humans. now thieves are gravitating towards them. dog nap efrs stole an estimated two million pets last year. up 32 percent according to to the acc. in cities and suburbs. >> . it's upsetting. it's ridiculous. >> . his dog vanished from his front porch. >> it's like losing your best friend. >> that was another victim named ride rider was taken by an estranged family member. >> we were denied permission to look for the dog. he kept the dog for himself. >> they called the sheriff department. but now have been forced to take the relative to court. >> he came out and said i micro
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and i was totally lost for words. >> if your dog is taken. time is critical. just like with children. and the amber alert system. now in ohio based organization. reacts quickly. and reuniting pets with their owners. >> an organization that is so brilliant. and it's grass roots mission to reunite pets and their owners. >> no connection to the real fb. but just as tenacious. the nonprofit group started tph-d columbus is nationwide. with senior high volunteers. sko uring the internet. like secret agents. says spokesperson kelly. >> . a little dog like this. maybe stolen here. but may turn up in another state. many states away. >> 40 percent of missing pets in ohio. have already been found by the pet fbi. with over 60 thousand reports in their data base.
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are the york shire terror. french bulldog. lab. german shepherd. and pit bull. pets. dog fighting. fixed. >> breeding purposes.
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>> dna identified two of 4 puppies. stolen during a 2014 home invasion. later found in akron. >> while the dna may sound extreme. that's another level of protection. >> the best safeguard is to avoid the situation. altogether. >> by never leaving your dog unsecured. or unattended. >> . people go it's just a dog. just a cat. no. >> we love him to death. >> country music fans it will be a big summer for you. the tkeubgs seu chicks are back on the road. and coming to blossom music center. friday june 3. and this is your chance to win
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will get two tickets to see them in action. and if you miss out don't worry. tickets are on sale right now. >>
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forget the chocolates and diamonds. people are trading sweet for
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>> behold doritos long stem roses. formed into flower petal shapes. they insist it's not ao joke. some. you're out of luck. for now the limited time offer is only available in canada. and it's sold out within just a few hours. >> they are catch up flavored. which is apparently popular up north. still.
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most important piece of advice i could have given. >> . what an introduction for that man. lebron james and bryant embrace before the festivities begin. and then the cavaliers and the lakers go at it. koeb. popping from about 17 feet. gets the first bucket for the visitors. nice feed from lebron james. to tristan thompson. great ball movement tonight. from the cavs. watch as james scores right there. underneath. and just one word for kyrie irving. >> . he did it so much tonight. he had a big night. bryant took a 3. down off. and into the bucket. kyrie irving and james teaming
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the good stuff just kept coming. kevin love filling up from the outside. but. he banged his shoulder. left with a shoulder contusion. the team said. and they are going to be no timetable for when he returns. we will just wait. second half. what was going on with your cleveland cavaliers. highlights keep oncoming. >> then. there. is bryant. with a 3. the hug the ovation from the fans. what a nice exit for the visiting. bryant. and the cavaliers win 120 to 111. kyrie irving loves how his game
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>> one quick note. john carol lost for the first time. their rival bet beat them tonight. >> . classy city. >> . nice job cavs fans.
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