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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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snowfall also along i-90 m into lake county there are more pieces as close to solid amounts . so for coming through ashland to sell and wayne county and a versus snowfall from within the east of tribe falls . a quick burst along 77 . you drive into oni of the she will notice reduced visibility and maybe use your hazards . this ability has improved the
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mansfield .lo crystal denn is all it takes to reduce the visibility, this will continuee to set up shop tonight, lake effect snow warning until 4:00 p.m. . . pearl lake and ashtabula county also until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow . the wind is also blowing and drifting that snowfall . hard for the smokers to keep up . as the windchills fall tonight hitting below zero . >> both directions directions of my manner closed after a series of crashes onir vrooman road.
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has the latest. >> we are in on the the westbound lane of i-90, half-mile west of vrooman road it is still a very active seat with multiple emergency vehicles here, tow trucks removing some wreckage,huc i-90 westbound remains close between state route 528 and 44es i-90 snow plows between 615 and vrooman road . look at some pictures that viewers have sent us today who have been stuck in traffic, lake county sheriff daniel dunlap says at least 50 people injured one in serious conditionon after that accident involving several large trucks and tractor trailers and multiple vehicles, romig road,
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cars are coming east or west with whiteout blizzard conditions believed to be the cause of the accident . smaller cars . underneath larger vehicles at least one person was ejected and pinned underneath a cara not sure if that victim is in the one who is the most seriously injured . this area expected to be shut downt until about 7:00 p.m. tonight people are urged to find alternate routes . mosul iraq itcher has been removed sher says they expect us to be cleaned up already but it is still a large master. whiteout conditions today grandma told a.
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with more. >> about half-hour snow plows came through here on 271 they treated the road and snow plows you can seea . has been like that all day as the snowfall moves throughd dumping lots of snowfall here especially on the east side . o people here know that you have to respect that. >> snow can be nice to look at are you can be stuck on the side of the roaduc.
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with blowing snow that looks like an alaskan landscape or they can be relatively clear withhe the road script almost down to the pavement by plow crews .ip yet a careful, even four-wheel-drive . she has learned to be more careful the next tacoma shoreway? >> ,ac i don't go on the freeway because it just makes me nervous .ou >> with wind gusting about 23 you can get whiteout conditions quicklyan but just a little bit down the road andst you will not have this that is the lake effect you can be bad in a distant. >> there was a spin-out on the
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soou you have to respect that. >> we were on lecture it was really bad, it usually is, . >> we cannot get out of the o driveway over there it had been not plow didn't. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news . we know the drill, how bad this t can be and has been such a mild
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again back i spoke to some folks who were reminiscing about last week with some 40s and 50s, some people say that they feel like they they have or do you beat the through novembert december and most of january lots of heavy snowfall. matt wright is in groundfox how does it look good state route 44 northbound into barrett township, geauga county just passed route 87 intersection snowing pretty heavily, and low though snow squalls it has been hit hard here today .h as has much of the county, the roadway
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some parts of 44 that was still covered had here, it's good news it that has been insulted . the 422 here auburn township and bainbridge and earlier it was very slow moving there was a snow squall that time it is very much hit or miss some stretches it is clear and other stretches it is more snow-covered . the weather plays a big role in the commute so gabe spiegel keeps an eye on all of itg. >> depends on where you are, some live traffic cams take a quick look at the bottom-line issueue need to slow down, the
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damage with reduced visibility to believe this is route 8 northbound and east glenville . heading northbound on route 8 get off the east glenwood avenue headed towards akron high school . the roads here are pretty nice . cease to be some snag there on the left side of the road but not slowing it down here at route eight and east cleveland . traffic still pretty heavy in both directionsl, with conditions completely different you can see a squall florida . under a sun visor into 4:00 p.m. for northeast ohio .4: you have to go slowyo lots of people heading downtown tonight for the cavaliers game with tipoff at 8:00 p.m. so be aware of
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the just take it easy, fox 8, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. the only morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m.,h the i-team has found a state trooper punished for lying in courta to get out of a traffic ticket. >> and evidence that was caught on video as ed gallek ed gallek has the latest. >> today a trooper is suspended after as traffic ticket was this distressed and the start asking questions. a state trooper walked out of court last year after beating aed traffic ticket found against him
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christopher brock bended days of the ticket, and the drivers are not at traffic court reacted. >> to do the job he should they should have suspended in. >> he should be treated like any other pedestrians on the street. >> highway patrol investigated internally after we raise questions last yeared he went to court to face traffic charged after a minor accident with a bus,f they patrolled in a patrol that wrote the ticket, take a hard look, was on the case was dismissed, the city prosecutor indicated that trooper who wrote the ticket was not their. >> patrol found that starter brock lied in courtol finding that he knew the lieutenant wrote the ticket was in the courthouse, yet he never told the judge . the report says that he stated he was not trying to be dishonest but he also do did not tell the courttt that the lieutenant was present.
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the patrol pulls offas for aiding in brook park report says internal investigators asked if the gay shedsrn an unfavorable light on the patrol and he said it does not look good.a >> not have been would not have been a basis to dismiss if it went for prosecution in. >> judge pinkey carr head of the case and sees more than a simple ticketet. >> it is an integrity issue this is our criminal justice system, and here to make sure that justice is fair and impartial. nd >> the three-day suspension starting today, we reached out for commentntay through the patrol, a spokesman said that he was unavailable what about the prosecutor, why did he not speak out? >> that's a good question, and investigators tried to reach that prosecutor,s they did, and he refused to give a formal interview, the lieutenant wrote the ticket said in court papers, that he spoke to the the
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was not needed.. >> cameras rolling as police chased armed robbers who held up a young woman at gunpoint here's peggy gallek. >> police chase starting at 1:40 a.m. wednesday after a world she was robbed at gunpoint . they were told that there were for suspects in two different cars then learnedtw that when carr was dumped and all four were in a black kia. >> the police spotted it on east 89th begin the pursuit, our cares for the chase chase but we stayed back of the police tried
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>> police lost sight of the suspect vehicle a few times and then spotted again. >> this very shaker square,, with, with a place turn a place of internment that chase after twopla cruisers bumped into each other causing minor damage.ui >> carlo spotted again at noon wednesday are still searching for the suspects in asking for help. sdsd >> who say that it is a partnership if you see something to say something is something that we rely on we need citizens eyes on this if you have information we would appreciate itve. >> working out the possibility that the suspects were involved inins the theft of an suv monday night taken from a gas station backti , she was let out a short distance away and not injured back just give the dispatcher call and we will get that out of the caro and get somebody on that we do not want anybody to approach them becaused they are thought to be armed and
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>> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> lorain police wants you to be on the lookout for ats car after woman was attacked at a motel, m the 70-year-old woman who is the manager at the parkview motel woke to the awoke to the sounds of someonet in her room just before 4:00 a.m. that's when a man feature demanded her money that eventually tied her up and escaped in her 2,006 toyota camryal that looks much like this one. i think the suspect may have known hi 's name is is never falter in his post until he lost the ability to walk, the dog that gets
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overall, things are not in too bads a great job keeping treated you can so watch out for the outside lines . picture that you make sure that you stay inside the lines . today 25 around midnight since the between 20 and 22 . sunset at 5:54 p.m. . daylight
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looking at some unorganized activity . the southern tier between 271 and i-90 route 2 split toward 422 . and you can also see along 480 including the bridge for ds logo . to the west , a few pockets of snowfall here for a walk, sandusky and london farther south, southern
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you can see what happens, you head downtown and his about one quarter mile visibility akron-canton less than of less than 1 mile downtown cleveland .viak put on your lights lines and slow down . even in daylight . look at the lake effect activity all five great lakes are busy cranking out the lake effect . at this point about zero ice carver job lake erie .t the advisory is in effect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow by 2 degrees
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between 10 and 20 mph, and makes it feel like it is closer to 0 degrees . it has really taken the cold air and the great lakes and as you look lake effect snow bands will be occurring by midday tomorrow . tonight 10 degrees with flurries and tomorrow, in the morning, snowbands stay tuned fox 8 studio at 4:00 a.m. . by four afternoon, between eight and 14 inches and for most of the
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inches .t the coldest day of the year will be on saturday about 9 degreesb and then on sunday, highsan in the teams and then next thursday, maybe in the 40s. >> for walter makes a stop in cleveland is kobe bryant places
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it is hardly the disney swan song in cleveland for the legendary kobe bryant. >> this will be his final appearance at the q. during his farewell tour,tttat a winner of multiple indie titles, one of the fiercest competitors in the game,ti won final time to face lebron james, he reflected back to what he toldhe highschooler lebron james in 2,002 when he saw him play and alsoo. >> advice i gave him, was to stay focused on the game to stay
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else will sort itself out . that was the most important piece of advice i could give it back has been going at it for years, one-on-one battles .b we were watched them for a while and >> it'll be fun to watch tonight and cavaliers coachch ty lue has a history with kobe bryant.l >> he played onto title teams in los angeles, he remembered the intensity thath he would bring to practice that translate into games translated two games, he also recalled i facing kobe bryant and practice. >> he drove the baseline and pentagon can i block them and he
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>> is we will have highlights five at 10:00 p.m. the final game in cleveland with tipoff at atm. >> today, felony counts directed at the the browns'. >> it stems from an arrest on christmas day,es armonty bryant and guided onto counts of drug possession . also de'ante saunders stemming from a traffic stop on christmas morning he was in possession of adderall and oxycodone, saunders had a loaded handgun,ad bryant could face discipline from nfl under the drug policy, the wnba naming formern coca-cola executive lives borders as its new president.
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they live look anthony rhodes, it isth much clearer than a short time ago, as we we we saw olde 8 it can change quickly . he school closings at the bottom of the screen also delays ..
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looking from the crib-cam, 3 miles north of voinovich park courtesy of city of cleveland water department . mother nature can be so fickle,mo it is her prerogative . at times you just do not know, this has become more disorganized . expect the snowbands to become more organized .e as the wind shifts northwest . taking a lot more look more closely at the snowbelt,nre the few flurries also you could get in some it is
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bainbridge and orange township . you follow 480, 277 going to run into some snowfall . to the west, there is not so much with a coda to an inch maximum . . stretch of 77 looks pretty good visibility has approved in
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but that face bands with no ice carver job lake erie there's lots of moisture to work with .er the advisory until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow . the main clincher is the windchill feels like about five aboveee than expected to fill below zero at times . . why the cover tonight and tomorrow morning and also have
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school closings and delays tomorrowsc highs in the teens . anna tomorrow, conditions improve after middayay for the entire event between eight and 14 inches and then farther west and southd about an inch or two . on saturday will be the coldest day of the yearw and then on sunday, climb into the 30s and then next thursday rainfall with low 40s possible to that of even four drivers all over. >> there is still some lanes of i-90 shut down after a series of crashes in lake county as jennifer jordan is a groundfox.
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, we are and in the westbound lane of route 2 and 44 which isnd an alternate route due to the shutdown of i-90e here is the latest we have received the lake county sheriff the eastbound lanes which were shut down will be open ou in a matter of minutes,in and expect to open one westbound lane between 7:38 p.m. they say they're still saw wreckage wreckage there because of that large crash we have seen tow trucks hauling away wreckage . ks as that cleanup continues . sheriff daniel dunlap says at least 15 people injured, but you are sent down the photos of the
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few hours ago, when person is in serious condition of 15 injured, three were taken to metro, life-flight not flying because of the weather they had to be transported byy ambulance to metrohealth . the sheriff says that they have zero fatalities . as of now, there is nobody deceased there is no one person in very serious condition the acts involving several large trucks and supplies and other vehicles caused by whiteout conditions, 15 people taken to area hospitals with no fatalities based they eastbound lanes that were shut down on i-90 it is reopened, and expect
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lanes between 730 and 8:00 p.m. . so that's good news for those t drivers in that area's. deposit is no fun to shovel it back especially cannot keep up, northeast ohio companyp made a gave dave nethers a demonstration.. >> clean up after old man winter is no fun but this is. >> i want the biggest baddest snowblower, whenever i can get for my driveway, my neighbors and this is what they get. >> orrville based ventrac discovered by taking the tractors they make too groomed landscapes and outfit them for
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snowfall into the next zip code. >> the family-owned company ships the tractors to some of the snowiest areas around the globe. >> i have been disappointed this yearth that my house and not is not able to playou them up and and get in my not because it has been a >> can use these in the driveways and sidewalks but then you have to brush the snow off your car if there was just a way to do that and have fun doing itdo . >> and there is a way. >> the turbine blower issues forum blowing leaves or were on the golf course, got the idea to try this and we had a day when we had an interest on some cars in the parking lot and were found
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phenomenal job, completely eradicating snow on the ground. >> it is a cool machine that we make right and made to last. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. and winterstorm event hitting tt everybody hard and causing problems, and . >> many of you for sharing your photos at fox and gabe spiegel has a look. >> we enjoy the photos as long as you do not compromise your safety to take the photos, this was i-271 north and brainard not a good scene, but has since been cleared.,
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morning in rocky riverer at i-90. >> this was from i-77 and i-490 . >> and then, in the gainesville area, where they have any big pile of, you cannot tell where the snow starts on the road ends . this is very difficult to navigate those big rigs in these conditions, thank you for thoser photos and keep them coming as long as you do not compromise your safety. om >> you can share your photos on fox . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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remember we are the only clue e the morning news show that starts at 4:00 a.m..m >> us marshals in cleveland asking for help toto find a con artist who is notorious for impersonating nfl quarterback as jack shea has the story. >> us marshals service says a con artist named stephan pittman has been impersonating grebeck vince young, he had a short stint with the browns in 2014. >> for the past year marshals in cleveland have been trying to find the 30-year-old pittman 8 -year-old pittman a dozen cases where he30tm pretended to be then shut leaving a trail of victims across the country including theft and fraudac he was convicted of of rape in texas in 2,009. >> people , use whatever they can to get what they want, and sees that he wants sexual encounters
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been known to defraud people. >> investigators say that he moved into the cleveland area and initially registered with the church department as a sex offender but then he moved and failed to assure his new address . >> been known to hang out in lakewood claiming to be then shown, the marshals service is placed a priority to capture him because he is not registered as >> now they do not know his history and what he has done andn what he could do again and it is a risk and danger that we are worried about.a >> the marshals service is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of stephan pittman,n,are you can remain anonymous, jack shea fox 8 news. >> brushoff hampshire, to gop candidates are dropping out of
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chris christie found out today, she made official in facebook said that she would continue to fight for americans who refused to settle for the status quo and chris christie did the same thing at arco that he said he of the campaign and neither has endorsed another candidate. >> hiding in plain sight, the tour of the notorious speed
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this week we were profiling some of the areas most notoriously traps, as lorrie taylor texas to avon.
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along i-90ee in avon. >> and so are radar guns and hand-held lasers. >> it is no stranger to what some consider a popular westside speed trap. >> she crosses the 5-mile stretch between westlake and sheffield every day on her way
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he says that the presence of c officers cuts down on aggressive driving and slows traffic to say for speed. >> the higher the speed the greaterer severity of accidents. >> this record show that i-90 is avon lady crash . five other locations other locations routinely top the list and attract intense scrutiny they areve detroit road, to try road, center road, colorado wrote, chester and o nagel road. >> would've issue citations when we believe that it is warranted nt but not always the purpose of the stop.h >> he says that nobody is hiding place in the fact that they can be seen in thee medium of i-90 f where the suv can be spotted from either side of the freeway. >> how colozza for people to come down the road and i see you .. >> it is not uncommon, because nothing attention and you know
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there i am. >> the old dole lettuce traffic survey report shows that city 5,000 cars travel the section here of i-90 each day he says that slow them down slim-down increases the odds of surviving the trip switch back -d their silly to focus on in the hope that through these stories we can get out the message.. >> he added to start but now things are looking up forto an abused and abandoned pitbull
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abuse to the point that he could barely walk,, a rescue group is not given up giving up on a pitbull named walter. >> try to find him a forever home ast regular joe's is he cannot be more deserving. >> still cannot believe that anybody could be so cruel to this ve pitbull named walter he was abandoned by his owners had a vets office a couple weeks ago and now the 2-year-old is in desperate need of a home. >> is sad because he could e probably greet the person who did this two him with a smile, dogs can be amazing that we can they can't live the moment and they don't hold grudges. >> is founder ofth cleveland dog rescue and rehab center is caring for him with the help of thece
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orange he has trouble walking andtege uses a makeshift wheelchair his abusive owners are to blame, because it would damage to his >> there is nothing broken no broken bones it is a nerve injury.hi >> whoever adopts will have to be patient, his not lost control of his bladderot that is really the only issue otherwise he is of others. e >> if you want to adopt him can meet him in person at the barkley pet hotel and a spot on wednesdayho is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for his se medical bills and rescue group . >> that it is also almost a training exercise for walter i want people to come in and want wa to show him that people aren't
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>> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> to know more about walter or to make a donation, go to fox
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