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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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6:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. temperatures are in the low 20s. sounds good right about now. things are waking up with my name is kristi capel.ow thank you for being here we wantnt to check in with scott sabol's who been talking about the storms town south and east were okay so far.a it his cloudy in the temperatures are a little bit warm as we look at the immense i amount of cloud cover we was see aco few peaks of sun later today for the culture with a condo start to thicken up ahead of that next system wt the windchill those a 15-20 to little while
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18th we are at 25 and willoughby cuyahoga falls at 20 to our day planner looks like this relatively quiet.e i can 8020 clouds son max any break of sent the be early onon before rico completely overcast this morning give you an update to on the system here historic blizzard conditions not here for dc but by sundown tonight we will certainly see that t it's stuck on coventry right outside they're winking lizard are out there earlier where police on the same document one lane to have called a truck for that will not tow truck does arrive
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may find more lane close that's a long coventry just outside of their winking lizard. right now traffic is flowing well weaf don't have any issues and 7120 fifth moving well. the rotaries are in good shape are not doing with any big problem so we will take that. trite times look good. jessica dill standing by at life with what we know so far about this. good at morning everyone. this scene is clear at the archer complex we do know that
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here last night. one person was dead already been they got air and another person died later at the hospital. we do need a key five into the
6:04 am the two male suspects stick with us for any updates. if you put it into flight anywhere we didn't have babies. georgia and virginia and new state along the eastern seaboard. in there facing potentially winter weather potentially breakfast.
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his authority frozen air travels as soon as the snow started to fall biggest there is no treatment on the road it immediately throws. they've apologized for donald traffic. it's sure to cause a domino effect no matter where you might be fine. in other news police report says a man accused of killing a police officer speak to do the same thing treatment second they
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outside is under arrest just before the jones is girlfriend had called police when you he was planning to kill an officer we learn thatan my kids charges were dropped when she changed her story officer could show will be laid to rests tomorrow. it can status as a professor under investigation is speaking out about the case if there's been looking at the allegation thate he is associated with our recruiting for ices. he spoke with the mute after his class yesterday. chris these claims. i would like toss stay for the record that none of these allegations have any foundation whatsoever have no ties to any
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of islam or any other political organization with the students with the faculty for anyone else on campus.s. he's not been charged with thee crimes he is a tenured professor so the university is in doing anything to remove him from theom classroom. the woman hit by a driver equipment intersection is not recovery nowhi tino lows spoke exclusively with fox 8 about the woman behind the effort shocked me the most how she peeked around the suv watcheduv me lay that you could come check on me. i want to thank everyone who did come the her hips and left any l are pretty bad after the accident she was hit while in the crosswalk there the driver pulled into new pack gas stations have been left police are asking for your help fight is over.
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this is going to be a scary sight where this little boy came from willits help you the will of the charges be because of it. no snow here. the ice on lake erie because of lack of significant cold. question willol we see any snow between now and mentor will talka about that and look at the major storm to hit dc in a few minutes
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good at morning. the lake is pretty quite right now. they're starting to ceasety to offer a streak of lake affect most of this all short it's actually drifting east to west once it starts i to hit the thicker right notice how is just fades away mostly cloudy here
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close to 20 should not be a big hit really a lot of uniform temperature readings with mostly cloudy skiesafo temperatures lower 20s also had 22 is a future post a fortress with some breaks of sun this afternoonwill be an increase in cloud cover temperatures the procedures through degrees regionwide. this is not nor'easter develops here along the gulf coast this
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this are very different it's going to pull the snow through west virginia in the dc in the into new england.d. the northern fringe of the snow will make it very close to central ohio nge much more than a wind shift with some high clouds and just a west virginia pittsburgh boston heavy snowfall third ten state senator winter weather watches right now hwf winter
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new york city in the mountains of maryland this is widespread. tos put this into historical perspective dc has only had a couple of instances with more than 20 inches of snow since record-keeping began with an hundred and 40 years ago. pittsburgh about five does it in new york city and boston the agreement you will see some accumulating snow temperatures rose 20 and 30s next chance of snow tuesday of20 next week and another clipper comes in thursday andno friday each one of those has f a chance of producing some accumulation. fox 8 news is your official school closing station. dodging a bullet with this one.
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galaxy coming on a weekend it's a wet panties. time to check traffic with thursdayti looks good for everybody. we gf have this disabled senate a long coventry along the winkingi lizard. they were covering the whole on the road and i got stuck that they i have called for a tow truck willw keep you updated all they do get this this is 77. actually this is 77. at the interchange things look good here. things are picking up in the volume department gas prices continue to take a nosedive.
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the speedway and someone 47 go to our website go to the gas tracker tab sure when you click on that you'll see very low gas prices in your neighborhood. this is the news that nobody wanted to hear. found dead. he disappeared.en during a hike about a week ago they a have worked around-the-clock synthetic moremo than 1,000 acres his body wasis found only about a mile from the southt no fault play is. though showing this-cam video is v a scare incident. you can say to a boy bring along this set right the boy had apparently slipped away with his parents were cleaning up near back there frantically searches
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very released this as a warning to parents and distracted drivers.e this a triple murder case going on down there they may key witness in the caseon is married most of the thing girlfriend she witnesses good issues going to be for this and the testimony and she married him last month and under missouri law they can't can refuse to testify against each other.ey some legal experts is also privilege might l not work in this case and davises statements could be useded so she could face murder charges of her own.
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suspect who killed a recent lottery during a home invasion police say that men plaster through the victim's front door money. anyone more than $400,000 last month she says that he you some of this lottery went to buy christmas gets for people in need. ceric some bizarre video out of new york shows a woman for streets of harm them. this woman's boyfriend that she was cheating so he punched and choked are then forced her to take off all her clothes and walk down the street naked. police arrested hime after he posted this is an apology i'm instagram. to wipe away a tear maybe it was a mistake of the people would've done something crazier if they went for what i did.eo
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have not been recalled because it was sold and chinese groceryin stores morphine is not listed on this label it could lead to life-threatening breathing problems in children that's taken without medical supervision 61 -year-old man glanced if you're around the area fell 20 feet inside. video shows the search rescue true -- he may have a broken like they were secured in the sleep here at thep time when rescue pulling him out so at least he was in
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page you can like thathe and check that out and digest it and check it out here because of o inadequate to see anything that's a good thing. minutes fox series making a murder evan snyder that everyone'sn tigers see stephen avery after he was released he was arrested and convicted of murder he says he's innocent of the cupid went as he think of how the document are per trade hands ted. he asked him if he just got this response. stephen avery's response came in threens pages the first written in interview if we to an investigation and that he called survivors to most of it
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behind closed doors is a monster. in a separate interview with 10 feet she says that shackled her much in the same wayhe prosecutors say it's hubris trained to use a halt she said she wasa scared of them but his letter to mince avery said she had no reason to the threats against her family are and her family hard for the untrue she must of them pressure pay the state tosu change her starts heedless on to say she never would have said anything to the fact fish to wanted to marry me because he threatened to kill me and my family and the friend of mine my cousin of the back
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able to get area that.he why would she make accusation controverted she said on my ten documented unless she was threatened in some w ways by the state of wisconsin. avery end the letter primary i'm innocent of this case and that is the truth this is from the truth will set me free. the documentary is true and accurate in his had access to her in prison because they cannotse watch netflix there it is 6:28 a.m. they have an update on your weather and traffic everyer eight minutes. two people are dead issued in the warehouse district jessica dill is there with a report.rt a local man is thrown from his car after her back and he's left stranded in the cold.
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this is a heads up to dc we have someme extremely strong went dc is under a blizzard warning ten statec under a winter warning.w this is a major systems has really cannot snowfall amounts they adopted myriad us even charleston west virginia hit with a foot and a half post
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couple of inches it's going to shut down the whole lot of trouble her husband on the east coast were not going to o see much aside from some flurries.s couple of weaker system monday night into tuesday the little thursday into friday. will shut down trouble for more than a couple of days we appreciate it. thank you. 6:35 a.m. is your time let's check in with patty harkin she has an update on traffic for
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it's so far been a very nice the southern portion of 70 went you can seent you doing nearly 70 miles per hour if you are expecting someone or maybe taking off he may be want to check ahead with your airline to see if anything is running on time. the westbound to jim's as you head out the door's 70 eastbound on 77 westbound after for maybe a 50 minute ridesfo todd and kristi. 6:36 a.m. is your time. there's the shooting i was night street downtown cleveland with jessica dill has more on both
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here's what we knowe they're part had to this building.n according to police two men were shot and one of them died on the scene the second victim died later at the hospital. i imagine it'd be easier if someone wanted to get in there and commit a crime just by hanging out or letting them in are missing a security guard or
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that man did tell if the peak i had a steady police were all are writing keeping him back they were here on scene i did speak with someone who visit this apartment by theth time he got help at 10:30 p.m. they were allowing him back in. there's a lot of people here walking their dogs they went this area to be fun and encourage people to come down here six it's unfortunate this happened last night.o he remarkable story of survival and make gets into an accident his throat from his car and knocked unconscious this also comes with an important message from others. for others. kevin freeman has more. >> they have to put a routes in pens and screws in an artificial ankle. this 24 -year-old of that
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up in a lot of pain, but hed is a lie. s have a broken wrist and three broken fingers in this hand was also had really bad frostbite. he's being treated at summa akron city hospital after he was involved in a serious accident tuesday he was called into work early he was making them more than one hour drive from his fiance e's home to hiss job and ashland that he was scheduled to clock in at 4:30 a.m. i was maybe five hours from work i fell asleep behind the wheeli and went off the side of the road and without the driver side window. he was s knocked out he has no idea how long you've unconsciouson but according to the national weather service the temperature with temperatures 5 degrees with the windchill ofhe eight below.
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lasher broke amounts he tried to get back in his car to call from crews arrived and took him to the hospital for his family has remained biocides is created at go find me a page in his fiance e in his three -year-old son -- her three -year-old son this helpful because he's going to be out of work for a while john hasi a message to get across he almost alwayso with this e-book tuesday morning he did not. it only takes one time not to wearta always remember to buckle up in akron kevin freeman kevin freeman fox 8 news he will have to go through extensive for help when he is released from the
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any pressure on his feet for 12 weeks t writing davis had them to houston they're going to meet his new partner. people was that jethro saved his life. he google to 14 weeks of trying to get ready for active duty. and emotionally it's tough it's we see that came named as one of our officers. this is a member of his family. that's really hard on him. there's a flood of emotionth officer davis in his new k-9 partner should start training on
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they should patrolled the streets in late may. an update on weather and traffic. m breakout escapes from the slaughterhouse in the goes on ines a victory lap because of that.t. pushing the next three coming
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the north when developing late tonight into tomorrow. as we tracked that nor easter as we up the east coast.or new philadelphia into new england. a couple of quick walk from the snow system nothing in cleveland along the ohio river 9-10th the contrast in west virginia could w have 20 inches of snow the world sections of richmond virginia that more than 25 inches of snow. the advancing the snow like this in dc that's never happened and it'sne in the major help with a lot of traffic is huge population center we mentioned
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through sunday eight-day forecast here's temperatures in the upper 20s a lower 30s mostly sunny 35 slight chance of rain and snow monday night into tuesday accumulations ato this point can be be pretty small of the same with the next clipper coming in thursday and friday of next week. thank you scott, good morning overall it has that been a very easy rush hour starting to see more volume as you come up 70 went northbound and for 90 as you exit there. we all have to suffer stop because stop it.
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you are headed. overall just a nice easy start. enough of 77 that ramp is still closeded completion date is this fall. todd and kristi back over to you. >> one rapper in new york state is has a lot of stories to tell he's about toto tell a live stories it makes in the oldest by route 105 years old and he's got no intention of stoppingi anytime soon. every barbershop or salon is a
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has an outer you just a few weeks you will turn 105. from their work. his mind and is still sharp his smile still wide. his hands still study. he'sud a master barber. his work is wonderful. he's got a heart of gold. he cares about clientele. that gives anthony purpose in peace. it's hard to believe he's still going he's in better shape than i did his artie been recognized by the state in the guinness book of world records as the world's oldest barber.tahe still cut this out there.
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how is it. the few generations of customers he has relied on his hands. the styles and tools of the traits have all change. anthony simple grace that keeps you young has amazing. the great story. 6:49 a.m. a cow did not want to become a burger he broke broke out of the slaughterhouse and then ran around to his season is going to miss is the monsters from headed to the east coast cuts still
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see why would we come back. for information on this and other jobs click the jobs tab at
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and even relic unit under an inch of accumulation upper 30s breezy monday moving into to teach these systems week not
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temperatures now cold as a 33-34 will talk more about this coming up in a little bit. it's because the health if you look online if you have a habit after the first is the scale of hotness. with recently his the classes this question there was ath brand-new pepper. it was of the classified as the
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homework further questions us how much hotterrt is the hottest pepperch can. to jalapeno is this ten times better 80 times had at 200 or 800-foot but is kristi would eat it.t. i would have to see if they hundred this because it's a hotif what's try to cover is as many
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here's your holdout. not really.he it wasn't as bad as that laterth it was much much worse thanks for sharing this did you chase it with ravages of gatorade now the sugari jason chaser might've been the problem nighttime my time was on fire. my tongue was on fire. i love you share personal storieses think you have a great day. we'll talkd to you later.
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good morning, everyone. straight up 7:00 o'clock on this friday morning. twenty-four degrees outside. >> we have a look at your forecast today. >> very quiet there is ice cover on lake erie within a couple of miles offshore in the lake is still wide open that is why we have a couple of the lake driven snow showers not really affecting too many people here. cloudy skies temperatures ranging with the wind chill the vial generally in the teens regionwide. does it look ahead south of mansfield we will see
6:43 am
seeing it noww we will go overcast a couple of spots may make a run in the 30s. we will look at that northeastern and see a how it will affect us indirectly. >> if you are traveling for 80 westbound we have an accidentf and they say the ramp as spicy as well. a couple of lanes for 80 it was fun to see a very good backup over the broadway you are averaging about 23 as you head through the zone. let's take a peek at 480 about right on the right hand of your screen you see traffic is definitely backed up then you see all the vehicles this is the traffic heading westbound they are doing to rubbernecking thing as we call
6:44 am
forty westbound at 77 is an 18 minute commute 14 minutes between broadway and 77 chopping up headlines this morning to people are dead after shooting at an apartment complex in the warehouse district last night. we go live on west ninth street with what we know so far. >> here is what we know so far we know one person was pronounced dead heree and the other later pronounced dead a they were out here this all happened around 830. t the suspects had person already deceased when they arrived the other day down
6:45 am
night police were telling him he could not come into his building. >> it is pretty quiet in the car talk to people who lived in there as well case that they had no idea it was going on when it was occurring. allegedly crime is in the is a need i keep out from getting into the building around 1030 last night someone said they were able to get it.0 we knowt the suspects are male. they see people walking dogs this morning nothing to be concerned about. >> the other big storm is that
6:46 am
east coast it will mess us but withowt it could cause problems if you are planning to fly anywhere we have the latest. >> the winner has finally arrived in north carolina and south carolinaol and virginia virginia maryland new york and virtually every other state along the seaboard several others between mississippian maintete are facing weather breaking conditions the massive storm has already frozen air travel with more than 4,000 flights canceled so far united airlines are is suspending all flights starting friday afternoon. >> i think it could be disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town the nation's capital is still recovering from this year's first winter toast.
6:47 am
to fall we immediately froze. >> washington's mayor apologize for the snow traffic playing out in this week's first bigg's one. this was headed for dc today we will treat this is the us a homeland security emergency management event. >> now pay problems but as more flights will be there that will affect the tamar and a man accused of killing a police officer outside of columbus this week threatened to do the same thing three monthsam ago he was shot and killed sunday night. he is under arrest and just before the murder his girlfriend called police warning he was
6:48 am
we weren't she made a similar call back in october m in that case charges were dropped when she dropped her story. the officer will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> alleged ties to isis is picking are around about the case after he returned to class. he returned to campus yesterday for us history class you see in the middle. the fbi looking into allegations he is associated with their recruiting for isis pretty spoke with the media after class and address the claims. >> i would like to say for the record c one of these allegations of any conditions whatsoever i have no ties to any political organizations here in the united states or abroad tic i have never discussed at the politics of islam or any other political organization with the stored students or faculty and no one else on campus. a >> he has not been charged of the economy time he is a ten
6:49 am
sentence doing everything from the classroom we hope you are having a great day so far how about the stars were taught there is running right in the middle of the road. where did this little boy come from? >> plus just married they key witness so far, it is good nothing dramatic as the winds are really light indirectly affect us a look at the snowfall projection system just a minute we are having trouble on for 80 and just a moment find your way to the best care in the best
6:50 am
noah chamberlain a missing toddler has been founds dead in he disappeared for he disappeared for a hikeun with his grandmother and sister they covered more thanh 1,000 acres trying to find them. yesterday, his body was found about a mile from us all.. police in oregon found a toddler running down the middle r of a busy highway. ahw scary incident you can see a two -year-old boy running along the
6:51 am
got out and scooped up the child she just married the suspect prosecutors say he shot and killed two teenagers and a one -year-old boy back in september. nelson's then girlfriend saiden she witnessed the clinic killings but since then, she married nelson last month. a m missouri law married couples can refuse to testify against each otherte it. >> she needs to be charged with the same time she was there when it happened. >> some legal experts say that is the case for me not work and the statements she made earlier could be used she admittedmi picking up showcases at the
6:52 am
charges of our own. >> police dammam bus to blasted through the d man's front door withoo a shotgun and demanded money. he won more than $400,000 last month's conference is the suspects shot at 20 did not give get found his wallet. his moderate lottery winnings to buye s christmas four people in need. police say the mail man thought she was cheating you not only punched her in character but took off her close and fortunate a lot portrait of october sure. police arrested aa man after he posted an apology and instagram of them kind of wiping away a tear. he says it may of been a mistake, but others would've done something crazier if they want through what i did. he is now facing
6:53 am
>> morphine is not listed on the label the fda says they could go to children in medical conditions they should return it to the store wherere they bought it.g >> a los angeles they recovered this morning after following falling into a karen outn perennial guerrilla guerrilla possibly a broken femur to the guerrillas were secured while rescuers pulled them out. o >> well. just a broken mic that is amazing. obscured. it is 7:14 a.m. look let's check in
6:54 am
traffic. for 80 westbound along for 80 westbound and i first accident two accidents are now there with five cars parked in that. you can see plenty of slow traffic westbound p as you head towards westbound. not a good time along for 80 used to eastern westbound the spine is 271 around a 42 minute commute. we will fully willfully indirect effects of that tomorrow with
6:55 am
north we will have the southeast wind today beginning to push the like affect out of here wind it chills in the teens are ready looking at mostly cloudy skies currently aea with a lower and middle 20s and madison at 21 and then up to arrive between 20 to ten route eight between akron lower 20s first canton in north olmsteded out into elyria and north olmsted and where is the nor'easter? what were is these things it brings in severe weather was and severe weather
6:56 am
alabama plate last night cincinnati in southern ohio it is not going to go north will shift they will see ones in the dc gusting dc gusting at 50 miles per hourn for us, all we will get out is an isolated snow shower over night into early tomorrow morning i don't think it will amount to a whole lot here. it may produce upwards of maybe an inch if anything a few flurries north winds gusting 20 - - 25 it will stay cloudy
6:57 am
storm warnings cleveland no store no snowr and by the time to reach marietta easy temperatures of snow way we manchester dc as though bull's-eyes so to speak on that is a blizzard warning. it could take three -
6:58 am
by monday and tuesday with rain and wet snow that is thursday and friday as temperatures remainre a couple of degrees above average which is pretty much in the lower ve to mid 30s. foxing is is your official school closing station.. let's talk a lot about this storm but it's not impacting us. again, b just like 2010, we saw a couple of these01 impact the ohio valley. we will see what happens when one of these does reach a few in march why is it called this one is coming from the south? >> it develops from a southwest the southwest and you will seeee you have a system from the west with that that turned into a northeast are let's not one down
6:59 am
atlanticic it is kind of initially
7:00 am
will come back. cover am calling it is called the buffalo bill which we i talked about yesterday it is absurd. >> cleveland radio host sending shockwaves across the area. she has been hired as a our quality
7:01 am
coach no place for a woman in professional sports and football coaching men it is that will be more willing under their breath
7:02 am
the issues qualified why one in shape be. a number with the claim as myhe open in a woman does not have the same opportunity in advancing in thet opportunity that hiring her and giving her the impression she does is disingenuous. the problem is
7:03 am
people talking. o they are not really doing that well anyway. birth control on demand - -dash is your phone to get up the lead line never see your dr..p astronomers peering down on the east coast we let you know how it affects our travel plans when
7:04 am
on a friday. it is a pretty good when coming out. cloud temperatures o not that bad upper teens will most of us in the low to mid teens here from painesville two sheridane at about 18 - took 1921 currently in middleburg heights. again mostly cloudy skies y a few pics of sun upper 20s to mid 30s there its is right there. the panhandle was slow that will develop into the nor'easter again, this thing will store your steer clear of us every back to dc and west virginia skimming portions of southern
7:05 am
that time the thing will born into our major system with wind gusts of 50 miles per hour with portions of dc along the east coast participating cloud covers and there is your area. i will post all the maps in new england and up-and-down the east coast if your evening forecast as well coming up in about 40 minutes. traffic time with patty. >> trouble if you will be traveling along for 80 westbound it is actually backing folks up along for 80ly and you are
7:06 am
7:07 am
the apartment building on west might that is where we are according to police two men were shot one died on the scene the second bedroom died at thehe hospital it originally came in as a robbery when they arrived at the two male suspects fled when they found the victims we spoke with one man is in the complex o he rarely sees people working in the hallways. >> i imagine it could be tricky if someone wanted great if someone wanted to get there just by hanging out on the door those we talked do this morning say
7:08 am
last nighter the cuyahoga grand jury processed under scrutiny from the, police court the judgesa n will lead a newly formed grand jury committee to take a closer look a at the grand jury processed to determine if there are more ways to make itit a facial. they say it is not associated with any recent grand jury decisions. >> and watch other speed after an ambulance driver recently had to answer to their boss for going over the speed limit well answering their call while answering their call it requires ambulance drivers with the speed limit on call. they say there is no question drivers must be safe but m they go through intense training and also have passenger partners in the passenger seat keeping an eye out. they say
7:09 am
patient'so and everyone on the streets. >> street. >> police in cantonhehe they knew shot and killed in the line of duty of cooper canines for cops is donating a new k-9. he is heading down to houstons they believe he saved his life yesterday at wilco for 14 years of training to get ready for active dutyg. >> an emotional tough spot we and officer davis has helped his partner that is also a member of the family. >> there is a flood of emotions the biggest one is nervousness obviously i'm not going to find jethro and it begins that healing process. >> the officer davis started
7:10 am
bebe training some time to gather sometime in may. >> how birth control is getting easier to get than ever before. >> and - - a one-on-one sitdown with the man running the rnc here in cleveland. >> and an automaker giving birth and more i want for their money. >> log on to to
7:11 am
i felt good. i knew that i would now, i feel good i knew that i would so good i got you. they will be at the
7:12 am
well. good energy this morning 740 the republican nominee for president president will make his acceptance speech in cleveland for her. she sat down for a one-on-one interview with the man in charge. >> whatever happens on the state's gop convention cleveland wants to make sure 150,000 people to do stand on the city of cleveland is ready to host
7:13 am
take it for which we are planning and look at ithi as a thought having a representative nominee. and what we have our what we need to do to have a plan b nd. >> part of that plan b is to let all of the hotels including the new elton phrasing next to the convention center with another is a chanceco at the convention could run the along. it may also mean more will show up in the cleveland already at the 50,000 visitors are expectedea to spend $250 million for the city. >> security ran around the field will be really tight but not in that area it should not discourage people from coming around town. >> i like it when the cavaliers
7:14 am
just came downtowna just so they could be around and before. i think that b is the same kind of atmosphere. >> the improvements will be w hotel will be done either for a traditional convention or perhaps won that is unconventional. >> it is so most likely than the nominee will be known as more of a coronation giving as sneak peeks of the super bowl that is only a few weeks away. ando hoping to wind up - - >> on demand for control which idea i you about about the new serviceso coming up with the doctors delivering the polls for it to your door. and scott has a look at the forecast when we
7:15 am
police and fire man. i'm too hard. make the i dragon want to retire am ont to say might be might you know who i am they will be out in the hudson in hudson in the middle of february and then he continued this seven
7:16 am
that will bypass northern ohio maybe less than an inch of accumulation later this evening. late monday night in two tuesday with the like affect early wednesday all thet way are anticipating several systems not anticipating major amounts of snow fox eight news is your official school closing station. >> it has been a tough commute with for 80 westbound we have
7:17 am
accident over by grangerb now along for 22 westbound a few car accidents and a two-car accident at 422 with big delays out here. this is granger and then this is the backup and it is it is seeing delays as you at out across the valleyview bridge.t for 80 westbound it is over an hour long coming out.t for 80 west todd, back to you. and we
7:18 am
they expect to look at other major cities this week t and then you read the gm vehicle and it would also o'clock the vehicle for you to get in. that is >> and getting birth control pills as much simplend you don't need a previous prescription to use it. arept you all you have to do is answer a few questions on the app. it is sent to a partner doctor who will write a prescriptionpa that those will arrive in about two days and they will schedule refills. they spent more than two weeks
7:19 am
gettingn away. >> a man seth rogen and pj miller who who is apparently with silicone valley. the bad light party is coming and everybody should just throw aside their political differencess and drink bud light.
7:20 am
rta more frequently round that will accommodate our needs with the cap lanes wednesday the dayth away when the extra precaution and then that will start to help about the holder of units. >> rta is seeking $800 for downtown businesses organizations to cover the daily operative costs as well.
7:21 am
tub is gorgeous being built by cleveland custom homes. >> saint jude children's research hospital. good to fox eight .com for all the information. will head into new england are both? plus a us to
7:22 am
north korea p a lot coming your
7:23 am
a great friday morning to you just about 8:00 o'clock february excuse me january 22 not really
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friday i am stephanie schaefer.
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