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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, breakthrough talks. north and south korea come together overnight for the first time in years. this morning, the unexpected move by kim jong-un's regime and the decision just announced about the olympics. on alert. tens of thousands rushed to evacuate as a major storm slams california today. this morning, the risk for mudslides and the record that could be broken. plus, the shocking cost of disasters like this. and breaking overnight, lost in space. the concern about a u.s. spy satellite reportedly worth billions of dollars surviving this launch but now missing.
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sweatshirt shocker. the fallout this morning after the retailer h&m advertises what some are calling a racist hoodie. the celebrities saying enough. and stunning comeback. >> nick saban back on the summit. >> the late night heroics and final big play. >> fires in the end zone. touchdown, alabama wins. >> sending the crimson tide rolling late to capture college football's crown. they're celebrating in atlanta all the way to tuscaloosa this morning as we say good morning on this tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. we begin with breaking news from the korean peninsula. the first talks between the rival nations have resulted in a deal. >> the north will send a delegation across the border for the upcoming winter olympics and that could
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talks amid rising tensions over kim jong-un's growing nuclear arsenal. abc's lana sank has been following the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, maggie and kendis. you know, the olympic games are expected to begin in exactly one month now and it looks increasingly likely that for the first time in 12 years the north and south may, in fact, march together possibly even under one flag. north korea has agreed to send their athletes, officials and cheerleaders to the olympic games. north korea's top delegate called it a new year's gift to the korean people, a sentiment echoed by south korea's reunification minister. after a year of increasingly worrisome missile tests by the hermit kingdom and increasing rhetoric between kim jong-un and president trump, the possible steps towards olympic cooperation is being hierled as a symbolic step. joohee cho in south
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>> the reaction is full of optimism to make this work out since they hope this could lead to a groundbreaking momentum towards peace on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: even president trump who had begun the new year by taunting north korea's leader on twitter writing his nuclear button is a much bigger and more powerful one than kim's has expressed cautious optimism. >> if something can happen and something can come out of those talks that would be a great thing for all of humanity. >> reporter: but the talks continuing today have not resolved any of the north's nuclear issues and when the issue of denuclearization was raised it was not acknowledged. what's expected to be on the agenda for talks today, though, include the logistics of the north's participation in the olympics as well as the possibility of family reunification visits and, maggie and kendis, although military talks may not be actively debated they are at the top of everyone's minds. >> at least they're talking for
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lana zak there in washington. thank you. we turn to the russia investigation and word this morning that president trump may be called in for questioning. abc news has confirmed that special counsel robert mueller's office will likely request an interview with the president. sources say mueller himself raised the possibility at a meeting with trump's attorneys last month. but so far no details on the scope of the questions or time frame. the president has not ruled out an interview. over the weekend he said, quote, when you've done nothing wrong let's be open and get it over with. a state of emergency has been declared in more than 70,000 people are now under evacuation warnings in southern california. it's a storm threatening to unleash mudslides in areas devastated by the recent wildfires. this is the first major rainstorm in nearly a year and it's already setting records. take a look at this radar. it is making for an anxious morning up and down the state. in
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started and so has the concern. wet weather is now saturating the hillsides left blackened and bare by last year's historic wildfires. this morning, mandatory and voluntary evacuations are in effect for parts of los angeles and ventura counties including this neighborhood east of l.a. where heavy rains caused these mudslides a year ago. today's downpour could cause a similar scene with soil washing away from the bedrock since there's no vegetation left to hold it in place. some schools just re-opened for the first time since last month's fires and now families are forced to hit the road again. >> i mean, look at the hills. nothing is slowing it down. >> reporter: people are getting ready by filling up sandbags. >> water will come down my street and my fear is it coming up and over the sidewalk into my front yard and into my front door. >> reporter: it all comes as the cost for weather-related disasters reaches a record high,
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$306 billion in the u.s. in 2017. in the east, frigid temperatures making it dangerous for drivers on the road in georgia where one person was killed in a four-car crash. and in tennessee. >> boom. >> slick roads forcing cars to bounce uncontrollably off barriers and even other vehicles. and in north carolina, this is how alligators survive freezing water. patiently waiting for the thaw. there is some good news, temperatures are rising today. at least a little bit. let's take a close look at your forecast for this tuesday. >> good morning. looks like too much of a good thing is happening for the west coast. we're looking for stormy weather all day long. it's going to cause burn scar flooding throughout southern california with debris flowing and because of the winds increasing as well looks like it may cause problems with
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there but the pacific northwest going to catch a lot of precipitation and the mix turpining to snow and then by wednesday we're looking for widespread snow throughout the passes causing delays there. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. the trump administration is ending temporary protection status for 200,000 immigrants from el mofty virginia salvador. parents fear of being separated from their american born children and sent back to their native country in central america. that country plagued by poverty and violence. salvadorians will have until september of next year to get permanent status, leave the u.s. or face deportation. a federal judge has dismissed all charges against the nevada rancher accused of leading an armed standoff to try to prevent federal agents from rounding up his cattle. the judge in the case of
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prosecutors calling them reckless and saying, quote, the sense of justice had been violated. this is the fourth time the bundy family and its allies have beaten the federal government in court on the issue of local use of federal land. a dramatic rescue in northern maine. a woman came across a baby moose trapped in the deep snow. within minutes eight other people were by her side digging to free the animal. eventually wrapping the moose in a pink blanket. the woman said, we're mainers. this is what we do. that moose is now back on the loose. >> ah, there you go. all right. speaking of being out on the loose, coming up lost in space, the mystery surround a top secret government spacecraft. new details on the sonic attacks targeting americans in cuba. even reportedly causing brain damage. this morning investigators taped it. the suitcase that uses
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we're back with a developing story. reports that a secret government spacecraft that was supposed to launched into orbit by spacex sunday night has been lost. the spacecraft with the code name zuma is believed to be a spy satellite. an engineer fired from google along with a former software engineer have filed a class action lawsuit claiming the company discriminates against white men and conservatives. james demore was fired after saying gentlem saying genetic differenc
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underrepresented. they cite the mocking of men at meetings. congress is holding a hearing today about the mysterious health attacks on diplomats in cuba. a new fabulous report obtained by the associated press found no evidence that so-called sonic attacks are to blame for health issues that prompted the state department to pull u.s. personnel from that country. the secretary of state rex tillerson said diplomats would be in harm's way if they returned to cuba. a recording star has cut ties with h&m over a controversial clothing ad. it showed a black boy in a hoodie that said coolest monkey in the jungle. h&m has apologized. the weeknd responded by tweeting woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i'm deeply offended and will not be working with h and mm anymore. imagine not having to lug around your suitcase.
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suitcase that can follow its owner around by using facial recognition and the same technology used in self-driving cars. it comes with a wristband to alert you if you wander too far away or if someone tries to steal it. it's on display at the consumer electronics show in vegas. no word on the price. >> i want that suitcase. coming up, the possible link between eibuprofen and fertilit. a mother demanding answers days after visiting the dentist's office. roll tide. coach nick saban's gutsy call to replace his quarterback pays off. reaction from alabama up next. bl chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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is slamming the upcoming tv series. he was the object of obsession of andrew cunanan. he then turned the gun on himself. 21st century fox is defending the series saying it's based on maureen orth's heavily researched nonfiction best-seller. we stand by the meticulous reporting of ms. orth. two arizona preschoolers died after visiting the same dentist office. a 4-year-old developed a fever after visiting the cool smiles office in yuma for what's described as a tee teen tooth extraction. she died just days later after suffering an infection. last month a 2-year-old boy had trouble breathing during his appointment and also died a few days later. the toddler's death is under investigation but the little girl's mother is suing the dental chain looking for
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>> they took half of my heart. they took something from me that never come back. i'm not in it for the money. i'm in it because i want them to pay attention to what they're doing. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims the dentist failed to meet the standard of care. a spokesperson denies those allegations. kool smiles has offices in 15 states. flee former fraternity brothers are facing time behind bars. michael deng attended baruch college and collapsed while attending a retreat. three members that have frat could serve up to two years in prison. the fraternity has been banned from pennsylvania for ten years now. doctors say former presidential candidate mitt romney's prognosis is good after his battle with prostate cancer. romney was diagnosed with a slow growing form of the disease last summer. it was removed surgically and aides say the cancer did not spread. the news comes amid speculation that romney is about to run for the u.s. senate in utah.
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to a higher risk of infertility in men. researchers found long-term regular use of the painkiller can disrupt the production of hormones involved in making testosterone. experts admit for research is needed. all right, let's turn to the stunning late night comeback, the alabama crimson tide are the national champions this morning after what was a roller coaster of a game and take a look at the scene overnight in tuscaloosa. the party in full force there. practically everybody out. the game was dominated early by georgia until alabama's backup quarterback, a freshman no less shocked everyone. a night no football fan will soon forget. the night starting with the president taking the field to a mix of cheers and boos flanked by rotc students from both schools and sang a few words of the national anthem performed by zac brown band and with people still waiting outside in
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rain someone projected a vulgar design directed at the president on the arena wall. inside, despite a leaky roof, kickoff. >> straight back. >> reporter: alabama with an early wild interception, but after that, with their bulldog looking on, georgia dominated the first half with plays by sony michel. >> into alabama territory. >> reporter: the president watching it all with the owners of the ant falcons, also in the stands, samuel l. jackson working on his selfie game. the dogs end the half with the game's first touchdown. second half, tua time. backup quarterback tua tagovailoa replacing jalen hurts meaning both teams are led by guys in high school last year. within minutes the tide on the board. georgia responds with an 80-yard touchdown reception but alabama's offense is parked tying the game 20-20 with less than four minutes to go. it's the final drive and alabama with all the momentum, a field goal to win the game -- but
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wide. overtime. georgia with the first chance to score, hot rod nailing it but seconds later alabama with the ball, a 41-yard pass from true freshman to true freshman. >> alabama wins! >> reporter: final score, 26-23, alabama. >> great competitors on this team, great mental toughness an i'm really, really proud of this team. >> i'd like to thank my te teammates. it was a team effort and without it it couldn't have been done. >> a good thing that alabama senate race isn't today. i think nick saban would have won most of the votes as a write-in. coming up, the debate over whether to stop tipping in restaurants. >> also ivanka trump responds for the first time to oprah's big speech at the golden globes. the backlash overnight. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works.
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time for your tuesday "pulse" starting with growing speculation about oprah winfrey, will she run for the white house? >> well, after oprah's speech at the golden globes where she offered an emotional commentary on sexual harassment and she said social media on fire, even first daughter ivanka trump now weighed in. tweeting, just saw oprah's empowering and inspiring speech at last night's golden globes. let's all come together, women and men and say time's up. but that prompted backlash online. actress alyssa milano, great, you can make a lofty donation to the time's up legal defense fund that's available to support your father's accusers. >> that's a little ouch. pizza delivered to your house will take a futuristic turn. >> self-driving vehicles that can deliver your pizza and possibly even make it while en route. >> what. >> they could begin testing it in just a few years. who brings the pie to your door?
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>> they have to figure it that out. prefer to eat in a restaurant turns out tipping is going out of style in new survey found 43% of people would rather see higher prices on the menu instead of paying a tip. people in new orleans hate tipping the most. >> the average american tips 18%? walmart is out with a list of the most popular purchases by state in 2017. >> let's call it the map. the top selling product in louisiana was root beer extract. north carolina, mayonnaise, in wisconsin, green bay packers bath mats, of course. >> of course. >> dogup with good morning washington. a couple of school districts already delayed. but there is plenty to like in the forecast coming up in just a moment. first-- lets look at some other top stories. if you didn't stay up
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late to watch the national title-- you missed an instant classic. nick saban and the alabama crimson tide come back in overtime to beat the georgia bulldogs 26-23. the win gives alabama their 5th national title in 9 years! and breaking overnight-- a major decision about the upcoming winter olympic games. north korea agreeing this morning to send a delegation to the games, including officials, athletes, cheerleaders, and journalists. the two nations are discussing ways to cooperate in the olympics and improve their long-strained ties. good morning washington. toss to eileen watch for ice & patchy fog early this morning - first day above 40 since christmas - warming late week; 60 by friday - much needed rain thursday through saturday morning - back to the cold by sunday
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sunny. seasonable. highs: 43-49 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. cold. lows: 22-26 winds: n 5 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 42-47 winds: se 5 mph now to the latest in our i-team investigation... "faking the grade." investigation... "faking the grade."
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grade-fixing scandal at a d-c high school will cost taxpayers nearly 400-thousand dollars. the first report on grade-fixing at ballou high school is expected by this friday. the budgeted cost for the audit of ballou -- set at 390-thousand dollars. the superintendent's office will review policies following that audit. an arrest, after a man was found beaten and tied up in his burning apartment in southeast. shawn parker is charged with assault with intent to kill. the victim survived -- and he's out of the hospital tonight. no word yet on a motive -- but police believe parker knew the man. a social media threat against a school in virginia-- puts officials in eit
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the threat was posted on snapchat over the weekend, threatening a school with the initials "m-h-s." that caused a response at eight different schools, from new york to wisconsin. it was targeting "monticello" high school in charlottesville. but police say it was a hoax. charges are now pending against the teen who posted it. a two-story treehouse... along the beach in florida may have to be torn down -- after the u-s supreme court refused to intervene. a couple built the treehouse in 20-11 after a city official incorrectly told them - they didn't need a permit. it cost 30-thousand dollars to build -- but the couple says -- they've spent five times that trying to defend it. the city says it's located in an area where building is prohibited. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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coming up-- a late night crash coming up-- a late night crash forces an apartment building evacuation. more on what happened, and the people inside. good morning washington. watch for ice & patchy fog early this morning - first day above 40 since christmas - warming late week; 60 by friday - much needed rain thursday through saturday morning - back to the cold by sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. seasonable. highs: 43-49 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. cold. lows: 22-26 winds: n 5 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 42-47 winds: se 5 mph


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