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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we are still in the middle of deep-freeze. a winter weather advisory will go into effect this afternoon for the majority of the d.c. area. many schools in our area are closed or releasing kids early. you can see a complete list at the bottom of your screen. if you are traveling out there, be sure to take some precautions as there is a chance for freezing rain. a warm-up is on the
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meteorologist steve rudin is here with the forecast. steve: we are going to be dealing with freezing rain across the area, and the timing this afternoon and into the rush-hour commute. winter weather advisory is set to go into effect for the entire area, moving from the afternoon into the evening. extendsd.c. metro, it until 9:00 tonight. for southern maryland, no advisory. take it slow on the roads. i will show you what is going on in terms of the precipitation, where it is located. on stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, a mix in north montgomery county and into frederick. we will head in just a little a tremendousot amount reaching the ground, and this will all move our way as we had to the afternoon hours before changing to all rain.
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mark at reagan national, and temperatures will continue to increase as we move into the evening hours. we will talk about the storm impact in a few minutes, plus milder air later this week. how warm? i will give you a hint. temperatures in the 50's to near 60 degrees. adriana: crews are preparing the roads for this latest toast of -- dose of winter weather. suzanne kennedy has more on what they are doing to make you safe. snowdomei am at the and forests bill where the department of transportation has been mobilizing for the winter weather we are receiving. jones joined by pol let who is going to talk about what this entails. what are you doing to make sure the roads are safe? >> we have mobilized a complement of over 200 vehicles and 250 personnel, and we will be working 12-hour shifts around the clock to treat the roadways. suzanne:
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winter event is posing for your department. >> the challenge is the fact that the pavement will remain below freezing. is a lot of salt on the roadways from all the various events we have had prior to this, it is still a bit of a challenge to help to melt the precip when the pavement on the roadways is that cold. suzanne: we appreciate your time today. one thing to keep in mind is the timing of this event. it will impact the afternoon rush hour, so if possible, stay off the roadways. howard university students should be in class today, but they are not thanks to pipes and electrical outages. they will have to wait another week. sam ford is live at howard with more on this. sam: as you say, beca
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of weather issues, howard university will not start until tuesday of next week for undergraduate and graduate students. let's take a look. this is frederick douglas hall. there are icicles hanging off the windows. this is one of the buildings that suffered busted pipes and other issues because of the cold weather. the interior buildings like douglas hall and annexes one and two were so heavily damaged by burst pipes that no one is permitted into the buildings. a statement from the university advises faculty and staff in the buildings to work from home or take liberal leave. undergraduate and graduate students are urged to stay home, although some are already here, and some dorms have heat. because of weather issues, some others do not. >> my dorm is kind of warm. thank god for that. i know people who are in freezing cold temperatures.
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>> are they staying anywhere? >> i guess. bundle up in a coat. sam: we are looking again at some icicles off frederick douglas hall at howard university. for graduate and undergraduate students that there would be no class until next tuesday. however, for the professional schools, law school, dentistry, there willivinity, be class today and in many cases, they are not here in the main campus, but scattered about the city. sam ford, abc 7 news. adrianna: you can get your alerts when your kid is out of school or school is delayed by signing up for the cold weather is delaying the opening of beach drive until next week. the national park service says the stretch will reopen next monday. it was supposed to reopen
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today. the closure is part of a three-year improvement project. we are following new clues in the search for the brother of a retired montgomery county firefighter. police believe daniel may have been dropped off in game. he was last seen last tuesday morning on a security camera and bell stowe. take a look at this mess at jfk airport, a terminal flooded with three inches of water after a frozen pipe burst. it caused nightmares for flyers. overall, 143 flights were canceled because of this break. 32 flights were international, and 38 were delta. luckily, that terminal has since we opened. it was a very busy morning for d.c. firefighters at the james creek marina in
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cruz not only had to fight flames, but also icy conditions. john gonzalez is there as investigators try to pinpoint what sparked this fire. that this couple tells us were here new year's day and everything was fine. now they are sick to see this. it was a second home to them. >> we just got a phone call about an hour and a half ago. john: trevor johnson's boat was also destroyed. anti-freeze was in the system. the batteries were off. john: it was a violent fire, massive flames shooting out of the river into the sky. on a very frigid morning, it posed several challenges for firefighters. >> we initiated a foam operation to extinguish the flames. john: you can really see how devastating this fire was. take a look at the vessels. no longer do they look like boats. they are partially some urged, covered in the foam, and as you can see, the
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>> firefighters had to stretch long lines of the hose down the pier, a very icy pier. john: the fire was first reported shortly before 6:00 morning. other boats also sustained damage, but fortunately, no injuries were reported. >> i heard a bang. john: peter mcqueen who lives on his boat was drinking coffee in his pajamas and flip-flops a few feet away. >> i saw the flames, and i didn't think of nothing else but to get out of there. john: john gonzalez, abc seven news. adrianna: a reminder that starting today you can no longer carry a negative balance on your smarttrip card. if you don't have enough to finish your trip, you won't be able to get out of the gate without reloading your card. negative balances have cost the agency over $25 million over a 17-year period. the next time a metro
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makes you late for work, you could be getting a refund. the program would provide a full refund credits to peak hour riders who encounter delays of 15 minutes or more. the refund program will cost between $2 million and $3.5 million. now to the blackout at the golden globes -- actresses and actors, dressing in all black and support of the times up and #metoo movements. george pennacchio has a look back at the powerful moments as award season kicks off. >> we see you. george: producer reese witherspoon won a golden globe for best television limited lies."for "big little she's one of the women behind the times that movement, which encouraged people to wear black to the awards ceremony. th
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important issues. >> we felt there was a collective feeling that it wouldn't be business as usual. we have to be forever changed in this moment. ralliedoprah winfrey the room with a battle cry for the future. >> a new day is on the horizon! wearing black in solidarity is one step. i think that what times up is doing with the legal defense fund is a major step. films featuring strong female characters did well. "lady bird" won best comedy or musical. the leading ladies of those films also won. added a janney supporting actress award to her collection. >> i never thought we would be having this conversation in my lifetime. abuse of power has been around since the beginning of time,
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maybe it will never go away, but maybe now, people will be held accountable. on the red carpet outside the beverly hilton hotel, there seemed to be a genuine feeling of hope. >> it feels like the more we can actually start claiming things and saying them out loud, that is the beginning of real dialogue. >> i think it's great. the fact that there is an awareness and people are talking about it, that is the first step. >> if we can shed some light, that is a good thing. more importantly, if it sticks, not just tonight, but a year from now, 10 years from now. in fullhollywood now is force awards mode. we have the critics choice awards on thursday, the oscar nominations. in beverly hills, george pennacchio for abc news. adrianna: coming up on abc seven news, on the verge of a major explosion. an oil tanker crashes in china, and right now, the search is on for survivors.
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wild scene. we are keeping a close eye on the weather. tonight's commute could get very nasty. what you need to know to stay safe. here's a quick check on our roads in the area with eric smith. eric: it is going to be a little bit busy on i-270 northbound headed out of clarksburg. lanes narrow down pass to the scales. a likely crash up this way. we will keep an i out for any lane info. roadwork has returned in downtown silver spring. we are looking northbound with lanes taken away, southbound traffic down to one lane. this is a typical works zone, but it did take some time off with the cold weather. 95 in virginia, that is looking very good at the moment. past route 123 in woodbridge, this is a bottleneck , but so far, so go.
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southbound at 95 traffic, looking at the northbound side, this is northbound between centerpoint parkway and courthouse road. the right lane is blocked for roadwork.
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adrianna: back now at 12:15 with you.see video for an oil tanker collided with a freighter off china's east coast saturday. the search is on for at least 30 missing crewmembers from the tanker. so far, one body has been recovered. the tanker is still on fire, and it may explode. if it spills, its entire load is run 42 million gallons of oil.
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10th largest oil spill in history. >> report of a fire in a three-story apartment. adrianna: incredible video coming out of boston, crews battling -20 degree wind chills during a dangerous firefight that left an entire block frozen and 14 people displaced. passengers aboard a cruise want answers after their ship sailed into the winter storm p or the norwegian breakaway left the bahamas for new york tuesday board.00 on by wednesday, passengers reported hurricane force winds and heavy rains. the flooding that came next left the guests feeling unsafe. >> terrified. they were all crying. >> i knew if we had to get those lifejackets on and a vacuous the ship there was no way -- evacuate the ship, there was no way we were going to make it. to the latest ball up from the current state of the white
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is the number one best seller on amazon, but now president trump's former top strategist steve bannon is apologizing over some explosive comments reported in the book. kenneth moton has details. kenneth: "fire and theory" fallout. it,man heavily quoted in steve bannon, under attack by the white house. it reads like an angry vindictive person spouting off to a highly describable author. kenneth: stephen miller on cnn, waging an all out war on steve bannon since the uncovering of the details in the book. >> sloppy steve brought him into the white house. that is why sloppy steve is looking for a job. kenneth: bannon is expressing regret, only over what he said about the president's son.
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to wolff thated the trump tower meeting trump junior set up with jared kushner to get dirt on hillary clinton was treasonous and unpatriotic. the president tweeting president is, as you watch him, his behavior has only confirmed what all of those people on the record and off the record said in the book. kenneth: trumps personal legal team sent a cease and desist later to the publisher of "fire and fury." kenneth moton, abc news, washington. adrianna: the trump administration is ending special protections for immigrants from el salvador. this will force nearly 200,000 people to leave the
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face deportation. el salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have lost temporary protected status under trump.they have been the largest beneficiaries of the program, which provides you military relief for foreigners whose countries are hit with nash -- natural disasters. meanwhile, firefighters were busy putting out flames on the rooftop of the trump tower in new york. spewing frome seen the top of the building, but the fire was put out quickly. president trump was in dcf the time of the fire. president trump will be in atlanta to watch the college football national championship. georgia takes on alabama in an all-sec title game. for the bulldogs, this is a chance decades in the making. won a championship in 1980. the crimson tide will be playing in their third sai
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championship, and kickoff is at 8:00 tonight. the weather isn't going to be good, so best to be inside watching the game. steve: the worst of our weather is going to come later this afternoon into evening for the rush-hour commute, and a little bit of sleet or freezing rain could cause some problems, especially considering how cold it has been. head out to western maryland, not the clearer shot, but you get the point -- not a lot of snow. you would hope they would get some snow and some better skiing on the way. let's show you our temperatures around the area. this is over in cumberland where there is not much falling from the sky, but it is cloudy. our temperature is 32 degrees. the feels-like temperature, now in the middle 20's. but notld out there, nearly as cold as it has been. 29, gaithersburg. winchester right n
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stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, here we are in d.c., and the precip off to the north and west of us, although most of northern montgomery county, what is falling from the sky, not making it to the ground. it will likely look a lot different. a winter weather advisory will go into effect depending on your location for the immediate metro area. that is going to continue for the district and prince george's county until 9:00 tonight. we are expecting the warmer temperatures and the sleet to change over to all rain. this is what it looks like in terms of what is going on this hour. hagerstown, looking at light rain, mixing in a with the sleet. we are going to see that continue through the afternoon hours and into early evening.
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around the capital beltway, rockville over towards college park, old town alexandria, springfield and tysons, nothing, at least not right now. afternoon,s for this hovering around that freezing mark. this evening, we could run into some problems. our computer models have a forecast of 35 around downtown d.c. here's our brand-new updated futurecast. 2:00 this afternoon, summary county into upper northwest d.c., by 5:00, it begins to change over to rain. finally, we get all of this out , 11:00 tonight. nighttime lows, 24-30 degrees. be on the lookout for slick roadways. highs tomorrow, looking a lot better. you will still need a warm coat. temperatures will be in the
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adrianna: back now with a push to hold apple accountable for your kids, two big-name investors say the iphone is children, andg they want apple to be more socially responsible, so they ha
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adrianna: we have some potential problems arising because of cold weather. thee: the timing with rush-hour commute, temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, but keep in mind how cold it was. temperatures are
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cold. be extra careful later this evening. download our app. , that is it for our high. mid 50's to around 60 degrees. brenda futurecast just coming in, i will show it to you in a few.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at new and -- on your side. adrianna: much of the northeast is still dealing with the lingering effects of this cold spell. the weather caused a travel nightmare for those flying in and out of jfk airport after a frozen pipe burst. dozens of flights were canceled or delayed, and here is erielle reshef with the very latest. elle: the brutal deep freeze that gripped much of america, slowly beginning to thaw, but
12:32 pm
lows. weather, causing a frozen pipe to burst at jfk airport, inches of water gushing from the ceiling and covering the floor, more than 100 flights canceled and some diver did. >> it is like the hunger games over here. erielle: compounding problems are plaguing one of the nation's largest airport after a turbulent weekend, planes waiting for hours on the tarmac, luggage piling up. >> the overall performance in terms of getting passengers to gates, getting them unloaded in a timely fashion, was completely unacceptable. erielle: in parts of the southwest and midwest, preparations overnight for freezing rain fears of ice in driving conditions, closing schools from atlanta to the carolinas to new jersey. lake michigan in chicago, a sea of slush. new hampshire's mount washington was the second coldest place on earth this weekend at -90,
12:33 pm
affecting people across the country. from los angeles to san francisco, heavy rains are expected in the next 24 hours, bringing an end to the drought and possible flash flooding. places from the south all the way up the east coast could experience an icy mix, including sleet and snow before tomorrow. here at home, a winter weather advisory is set to go into effect soon for the d.c. metro area as a wintry mix heads our way. meteorologist steve rudin has a look at the forecast. steve: it depends on your location whether you are under the winter weather advisory. for the rough to the west of us, it starts at 1:00. for the d.c. area, it starts at 3:00 and extends until 9:00. rain, alreadyzing beginning to move into northern montgomery county, up into frederick. a very light coating at this
12:34 pm
slowly rising above freezing. keep in mind it was cold over the weekend, so we may see slick conditions on untreated roadways. once this change is to rain, we are going to look for improving conditions. us, off to the west of already in the middle 30's in elkins, west virginia. talking about the storm impact later today, plus milder temperatures later in the week. how about 50's to near 60 degrees. more on that in just a few minutes. adrianna: families in prince george's county, left with a mess after a water main broke, spilling raw sewage inside their home. has been plagued with breaks over the last 10 days because of this deep freeze. suzanne kennedy caught up with some of those homeowners. a look over here are this
12:35 pm
that ruptured sunday, sending raw sewage into basements in this neighborhood. some homes in the 7000 block of box road, downhill from the with a sea ofp water in their basements. this resulted in the loss of major appliances, furniture, and in teak's. in some cases, the electricity sunday.e turned off residents in this community say they have seen several water main breaks recently, including this one last week that continues to cause problems. >> they fixed the water main break, but they left a sheet of a high-speed are they did not fix it. a couple times, they forgot about the neighborhood. we live here. we have to drive over this every day to get to our destinations. adrianna: crews continue to work here as they did through the night to fill the whole. the water came back for some customers around 6:00 this morning.
12:36 pm
in fort washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. adrianna: students at howard university are getting an extra week of winter break because several buildings on campus or damaged from the bitter cold temperatures. classes for undergrads were supposed to begin today, but the start date has been pushed back to next tuesday. classes for students in howard's professional schools and colleges will begin today. freezing temperatures caused several steam pipes to crack, and there is concern that could lead to mold. thehas been a big issue on chesapeake bay, and a special boat was used to clean it up. brad bell shows us how this was done. brad: a beautiful icy sunrise in annapolis. the harbor is frozen over, and all is
12:37 pm
state of maryland icebreaker john c widen. , and itsecial boat crew was summoned by the indianapolis -- annapolis harbormaster. they got to work bright and early. >> we have had a hard brees -- freeze. brad: boats including this police boat are frozen in place, but the wyden pushes through. >> you can feel vibration through the boat. the thicker the ice, the more it shakes, and at times, you wonder how the boat stays together. brad: the captain rolls the boat up against this gas dock. believe it or not, they are trying to sell some fuel and gasoline through the winter. if you take a look over here, there is a workgroup that needs to get around. they need the icebreaker, as well. at this gas stopped, the operator waves. the widener motors on.
12:38 pm
too. their boat arrived in annapolis last night. all will be battling the cold until the ice thaws. brad bell, abc seven news. adrianna: an update on a bizarre story out of houston, texas. a sports journalist reported missing over the weekend is safe and sound. courtney rowland was spotted at chick-fil-a restaurant near the mall.ia a customer at the restaurant recognized her from the news reports and called 911. texted her she roommates saturday to say a suspicious man was following her in a blue truck. she and her friend intended to meet up later that day, but rowland never appeared. we're following clues in the search for a brother of a retired montgomery firefighter. police believe 65-year-old daniel dehaven may have been dropped off in the game burrell. he is nonverbal and does
12:39 pm
now to the story developing out west, search crews are out in full force looking for a student who vanished during winter break. gio bonita's has the details on this. io: 19-year-old ivy league student blaise bernstein, suddenly missing while home for winter break. >> he left our house that night with no wallet, no money, no identification, no credit card, no keys. this is someone that needs to wear eyeglasses. gio: it was late tuesday night when police say he was chatting with a friend on snapchat, leaving his house without his parents knowing, the friend going investigators they went to break apart, but when the friend went to use the bathroom, blaze walked off, his parents trying to understand what happened. >> he didn't respond to phone calls. we saw he wasn't in the
12:40 pm
it took a while for us to realize that he left the night before. gio: police searching by ground and with helicopters, no sign of the university of pennsylvania premed student. clothing, wef him, are hoping he is just incapacitated and in need of medical assistance. his parents, even turning to private drone operators, hoping they can cover more ground. >> you do want to get up in the air if in fact the environment is conducive for that. gio: the parents who started say thatbook group blaise would love to be home cooking with the family this weekend and taking his brother shopping for a new suit. >> i've never seen him this happy. he had a new apartment. he was looking forward to being the managing editor of "pen appe tit." adrianna: a lot of people are
12:41 pm
sexual harassment. oprah winfrey gave an empowering speech as she expected -- accepted the sessile b demille lifetime achievement award. >> speaking your truth is the ,ost powerful tool we all have and i am especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories, but it is not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. it is one that transcends any culture or geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace. nottoo long, women have been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but their time is up. [applause]
12:42 pm
their time is up. adrianna: it was not all jokes for host seth meyers. he addressed the need -- the #m etoo and times up movements had on. >> this is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name read out loud. harvey weinstein isn't here tonight. don't worry. he will be back in 20 years when he becomes the first ever person booed during the in memorial. hbo's limited series "big little lies" won four awards. sterling k. brown became the first black actor to be named best actor in a tv drama. coming up on abc seven news, this one is for all the marbles. bama and georgia will battle for the national title with both teams looking to m
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>> you are watching abc seven news at new -- on your side. adrianna: tonight, a new king of college football will be crowned. alabama and georgia will battle for the national championship, and these teams nearly mirror one another. rob marciano is in atlanta with a preview. many havea matchup been waiting for all season long. the alabama crimson tide and the georgia bulldogs. elledge football rivals, fighting for this hunk of bronze, and steel and the coveted chance to reign supreme in the sec, alabama claiming it spot last week in a 24-6 win over
12:46 pm
was georgia that wowed college football fans, securing its birth with this overtime win over the oklahoma sooners. despite the burning rivalry, alabama fans seem comfortable in georgia. of twohe fathers alabama players, one making a hopeful prediction. >> alabama, 28. georgia, 13. >> i don't care if it is only by one point. rob: i ran into canada peyton. >> it's been too long. go, dogs! rob: young georgia fans, hanging around the hotel. it's a battle between master and apprentice. it's the first time bama and the since the 2015 regular season when georgia head coach kirby smart was still in assistant to alabama legend nick sabin. then there's the tale of the 19-year-old quarterback, all eyes on fr
12:47 pm
now to the nfl playoffs. wild cardexciting weekend, the buffalo bills. lengthyms ended a playoff droughts, but the jaguars defense dominated. jacksonville goes on to face the steelers in pittsburgh on sunday. on theolina panthers, road against drew brees and the new orleans saints. carolina would make it interesting late, but the saints would hold on to win 31-26. they go to minnesota to face the vikings sunday. steve: we are geared up for a little bit of winter weather later on this afternoon, and depending on where you are going, we may see more delays. hagerstown into frederick, looking for sleet and a
12:48 pm
bit of a little bit of ice. we've got you covered. harbor, a thin layer of ice out there. a few people are enjoying themselves. like temperatures, in the middle 20's. windsor out of the south southwest at seven miles per hour. temperatures across the area, depending on your location, already close to 40 degrees. look at petersburg west virginia. they are at 47 degrees. milder air is going to try to work its way into our area over the next 24-48 hours. most of montgomery county into frederick county, if we widen the view out, i will show you where we have the winter weather at this time. garrett, allegheny, washington s, a winter weather advisory set to go into effect west of the d.c. metro.
12:49 pm
frederick county, your divisor he extends until 7:00. location, youour will eventually see everything switch over to reign later this evening. this is what it looks like on live doppler radar. looking at sleet and freezing rain at this time. around the capital beltway, head over towards rockville and tysons, a lot of this not reaching the ground, at least not until now. evening rush-hour commute, big impact. temperatures will be in the low to mid 20's. 3:00 this afternoon, wintry weather. , still just a little bit above freezing. notice what happens on this model. most of the action is to the north of us. evening, it all moves out of here with temperatures in the
12:50 pm
at least early on. nighttime lows range from 24-30 degrees. temperatures tomorrow look good, around 45 degrees, near average for this time of year. don't forget the sunglasses. here's your seven-day outlook from stormwatch 7. upper 40's tuesday, 45 wednesday, and moving into the end of the week, look at thursday and friday. that looks really nice. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50's, to around 60 degrees. unfortunately, we have to dodge a few raindrops friday. at 4:00, andin he's going to give you a fresh update on all the new information coming in. this is more of a nuisance. drive slowly. take your time. you shouldn't have any problems. adrianna: coming up on abc seven news at noon, the flu season is biking early.
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adrianna:adrianna: back now with a helpful at for you, flu cases are spiking. out west, california is one of the hardest hit states. tonya woodworth has the story of one man fighting for his life after catching the virus. a: 48-year-old sean burrow, fighting for his life. >> he was severely, critically basically, knocking on deaths door. tonya: the southern california man, one of many suffering from the nations flu crisis. nearly 42,000 in the
12:54 pm
u.s., and california, among the hardest hit states. the er here at the ucla medical center in santa monica, bringing in extra staff. partially behind the spike, the cdc estimate in this year's flu vaccine is only 32% effective strain,the common h2-n3 but still, doctors suggest getting one. adrianna: next at noon, we are in winter weather alert mode. a wintry mix is headed our way.
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adrianna: the timing of this wintry mix? steve: it is already here in frederick county, north montgomery county. as we head through the later afternoon hours, it winter weather advisory for the district in arlington and alexandria, that goes into effect at 3:00, northern montgomery county and frederick at 1:00. temperatures will be in the lower to mid 30's. 45 on wednesday. look at thursday and friday. we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, around 60 degrees. a good time to download your stormwatch 7 weather app. watch everything move on in and move on out. bill
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forget fast food, because we're showing you how to make gourmet grab and go meals in your very own kitchen. i am hanging with the star of "nashville," charles esten. >> the things you learn on these cooking shows! >> announcer: then skip the drive-thru because michael is making a take out classic you'll feel good eating. plus, clinton's teaming up with nutrition ncaa joy bauer to cut the cals in your favorite


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