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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 3, 2018 2:37am-3:00am EST

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he said before that he would like to include a daca resolution in that process. and we hope to be able to work with members of congress to get that done. >> reporter: the packed legislative agenda comes as republicans look to defend their majority in the midterm elections. >> they have things to get done, but the difficulty the republicans face is they're in a very bad year. >> reporter: and that majority officially narrows in the senate today. vice president mike pence will swear in two democrats. al franken's replacement, tina smith and alabama's doug jones. that makes it 51 republicans, 49 democrats. and now to a major pay equality law overseas. it is now illegal to pay men more than women in ice land. iceland is the first country in the world to legalize equal pay. it applies to companies with 25 or more employees. companies that fail to flo
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the tiny country is looking to elame nate the wage gap by 2020. amazon says there are about 100 million items eligible for free shipping through prime. amazon revealed the most-purchased items of 2017. the top product was fire stick streaming service, dot and bananas. i can see it. they expect to set a record with returns. the shipping company expects to handle 1.4 million of them today which ups calls national returns day. more than a fourth of online purchases are sent back. three times the rate for items bought in stores. overall, consumers are expected to take or send back $90 billion worth of gifts this year. i promise i'll keep yours. >> oh, thank you. >> oh, wait, you didn't get me one. >> there is that.
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that. >> deals and steals right here. i was on that beat for quite a while. $90 billion in returns, though. >> i'm sure you know the detail. in the meantime, there's a so-called porch pirate in orange county, california who seems to have had a change of heart. so the person was concealing their face, caught on surveillance camera stealing two packages. >> inside the boxes were pictures from a family wedding last fall. fast forward to new year's day, why don't we. >> she comes in the house and says, mom, we got a package, and i said well, that's odd, it's new year's day, nobody delivers packages on new year's. >> so that same surveillance camera caught the robber returning the boxes. they weren't happy with the loot. the family says they are ov overwhelmed with gratitude that they brought back the photos.
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so you've heard of snakes on a plane. some flyers in oakland had to contend with a rat. >> uh. >> passengers were boarding the flight heading to portland when the rat ran into the plane as well. passengers were pulled off the jet and booked onto another flight to portland. the plane is out of service. you see this actually could be a serious thing. mechanics need to make sure the rodent cause any damage to any electronics. we have new information on a deadly am bu deadly ambush in colorado. >> the gunman streamed the whole thing before he was killed in that shootout with the s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: we are learning more about the moments just before a gunman ambushed colorado deputies. in social media live streams obtained by kcnc, matthew
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is soon making incoherent rants to 911 dispatchers, at one point wearing a gas mask. we are only showing shots. this is where it happened? >> yes. >> reporter: faruk patel was shot in his bedroom when he opened fire. >> it's not one shot. >> reporter: several shots breaking windows and blinds. the bullet still lodged in his shoulder, and three of the four officers who were also shot and wounded are now out of the hospital. but now a community is mourning 29-year-old zachary parish. none more than his wife and two daughters. >> it means so much to hear your stories, because that's what i'm clinging onto right now. i want to hear about him, and i want to soak it
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>> it's okay. >> reporter: the sheriff's department understand play has asked that those live stream videos be taken offline. they were. but the detectives have them and are reviewing them as evidence. clayton sandell, highlands ranch, colorado. we're going too go inside one of the media outlets feeling the #me too movement. >> how "teen vogue" is firing up america's younger generation.
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♪ ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ whoa, oh, >> so speaking of the kids in america right now. there is a new survey that shows among first-year college students, interest in political issues is actually at its highest level in
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>> people are really engaged. and this morning we're going inside one of the media outlets giving voice to america's youngest generation. we're up all "nightline" with deborah roberts. >> reporter: you might think this hip young crowd is gearing up for a concert. or to meet a hot youtube star. but guess again. these folks are all about changing the world, at the first-ever teen vogue summit. >> 2044! >> reporter: it's a gathering of game changers. >> amazing. >> so inspirational. >> reporter: from ceos. >> when you give, you really receive so much more. you feel like you're helping someone, and you are. >> reporter: to celebrities. >> this is such a powerful movement happening with women. >> i didn't know what was going on with the world. >> reporter: to ordinary teens fighting for social
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social activism may be the last thing some may expect from a fashion magazine like "teen vogue", once a junior fashion bible, "teen vogue" is evolving, seriously, on issues from immigration, the muslim ban and climate change, even taking on president trump. 31-year-old elaine welteroff is getting a lot of credit for the success, as the youngest and first-ever black editor in chief. finish this sentence for me. "teen vogue is" -- >> a movement. it has become socially conscious, politically active, curious, ambitious young people who crave the truth. who aren't afraid to speak truth. >> reporter: but some question whether it could be too edgy, after this racy column. you've talked about all kinds of hot button
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going a little too far? >> we don't. i think that "teen vogue" is here to push the envelope as truth tellers. we are here to be a resource to an audience that may not get this information anywhere else. >> reporter: but it's the blunt political commentary cit advertising president trump, suggesting that he manipulated the american electorate that's gotten the most notice, even bit likes of fox news. >> i'm trying to ask what you mean about him committing psychological abuse on you. >> a woman can love ariana grande and her thigh-high boots and still -- >> as of today. >> and those things are not mutually exclusive. >> the interesting thing about trump is gaslighting america piece is tonally it was so sharp. it captured what so many people were thinking, and i don't think
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journalism to come from a place like "teen vogue." >> reporter: recently, "teen vogue" said it was folding its pages. back at the "teen vogue" summit -- >> hi, i'm riley from seattle. >> reporter: and these young leaders are make new-found friends. >> i'm also riley, and i'm also from seattle. i'm interested in women in business and changing the world. >> reporter: all part of a generation striving to make a difference. >> teen vogue is so much more than a magazine. so much more than just a website, southern more than just social. it's about the audience. so we're going to continue to voe innovate and find new ways of reaching this audience in
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meaningful ways. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts. >> i remember when it was fashion for teens. >> it's what's fashionable? >> serious topics discussed there.
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these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. ♪ more than 5 million women in america have what medical professionals call alcohol use disorder. >> this woman talks about how she became dependent on her nightly glass of chardonnay. >> reporter: whether it's a casual drink with friends. or a bad m-
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there's no doubt many women love, even crave their so-called mommy juice. that drink or two that takes the edge off after a long, hectic day. >> you feel like you deserve something. and so wine becomes that something. >> reporter: for 39-year-old annie grace, that drinking habit started at work. >> i actually got taken aside one day, and told the bar's kind of like the golf course. that's where the deals happen. >> reporter: in her book, "this naked mind", the mother of three describes how her relationship with alcohol got to a point where there was never a reason not to drink about four glasses of wine a night. >> it was 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon saying, okay, it's almost 5:00, and then i'll be able to pour that glass of wine. >> reporter: grace didn't consider herself an alcoholic but says she was tired offive willing with the guilt she felt. >> i thought of every reason i had to drink, and it was as
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my unconscious king around alcohol had gone away. >> reporter: about 5.3 million women in the u.s. have alcohol use disorder or aud. women who consume more than three drinks a day or more than seven a week are at higher risk for aud. but grace says she was able to take back that control and kick her emotional dependence on alcohol once she realized she didn't need it to relax, work or socialize. while she hasn't had a sip in three years, she doesn't like to say she doesn't drink. >> i like to say i drink as much as i want whenever i want, best of all, when my kids come up and ask for a sip of whatever's in my glass, i can always give it to them. >> thanks to robin roberts. there are different reasons why well and men drink. women try to dull some
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>> men drink to black out. >> that's you.
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this morning on "world news now," president trump's new taunts for north korea. >> the president answers the latest aggression from kim jong un with a tweet about nuclear weapons. are tensions escalating again? and breaking overnight, we're tracking the ice and snow bracing for the east coast. it could resemble a hurricane. >> it might be time to stock up on all the chocolate you can find. how long we have before, uh, this plant could become extinct. >> and if you find yourself hanging out at the gym more than you work out, don't worry, because there are now nude fitness


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