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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jonathan: right now, a quiet lunch hour, then a crash. a closer look at the moment a car came through the wall of a local restaurant. plus -- >> i just wanted to help people. it's worth it. alison: they are triplets, blind, and tonight they are making boy scout history. their message to others as they all become eagle scouts. jonathan: and an important deadline for airport security. what it will mean for you the next time you travel. news at 11:00 am on your side. >> i hope they get the guys soon, like now. combing: the police are for answers as a woman was attacked in the middle of the day. take a good look at this video, showing a man the police are calling a person of interest. alison:
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police were out in full force, hoping to find whatever clues they can to close the case before whoever is responsible can strike again. tom roussey is live with the investigation happening right now. tom? tom: alison, we are in the collington station neighborhood. this is six miles outside of the beltway. folks say they don't experience this kind of crime and they are scared. but they are hoping that an image captured can help catch the man who did it. bowie george's county and police walked to the collington station neighborhood, 40 eight hours after a day late sexual assault has set people on edge. >> we have a lot of children around here. i have four little girls. tom: the police put up video of a heavyset man on a bicycle. the crime happened around
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monday afternoon. an 18-year-old high school student was jogging when a man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her at a neighborhood playground. she broke free and he ran away. the police say this is disturbing at any time. in the afternoon, broad daylight, is especially disturbing. tom: it has stolen their sense of safety. >> i just hope they get the guys soon. like now. countyince george's police are really looking for help to find whoever did this. if you have any information that could help them, no matter how insignificant it may seem, please give them a call. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. that scenario is one we find ourselves reporting on more and more. that got us thinking, what can you do to better protect yourself?
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story she has been working on in hopes of answering that question. nancy: so many women do this, including myself, going for a run to exercise or below off steam. but there are very real dangers, especially including during daylight hours. we got some lessons on how to protect yourself and get away. they call this to escape and evade. mese are moves they taught at the police training academy outi tried them during a simulation. that is tomorrow night at 11:00. we hope that you will join us for that. alison: we look forward to that nancy, thank you. theoser look into the steps las vegas gunman took to cover his tracks. the hard drives from the laptop computer found in stephen paddock's hotel room is missing. the authorities think he may have destroyed or intentionally hid
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drive to keep law-enforcement enforcement guessing about how or why he carried out the attack. jonathan: the numbers may say that crime is down in the district, but one d.c. councilmember says he is not seeing less crime in his community. councilmember trayon white says he is responding to a shooting in ward eight almost every day. anna-lysa gayle joins us from police headquarters with what he had to say. what did he have to say? anna-lysa: jonathan, councilman trayon white vented his frustrations on instagram last night. he said in the first line of the caption, we are living in a war zone. numbers simply do not reflect what he is sitting in his community in ward eight. people keep saying crime is down and innocent people are getting hurt. we had a young lady shot in the head who died saturday. anna-lysa: councilmember trayon white said he has seen cr
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>> the neighborhoods are taped off. was-lysa: one of the latest where around 35 shots were heard 9:00 tuesday night. nobody was hurt. >> i feel like at the end of the day, what if somebody lost their life? anna-lysa: based on crime statistics for most of ward 8, the numbers are about the same as this time last year, with 34 homicides to date in the district. number of assaults with a dangerous weapon has decreased, white does not believe it reflects the trendy is witnessing. he has called for a meeting of community leaders. >> a lot of people are still getting shot. anna-lysa: that meeting is scheduled for friday afternoon at 4:30 at city hall. councilman trayon white
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anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. arrest andight, an in unbelievable crime come a man accused of befriending a 22-year-old with autism so that he can steal money from his back account. the police finally caught up with the guy they say is responsible. kim profit also posed as the victim, depositing forged checks and depositing hundreds of dollars. investigators caught him thanks to tips from the public. serious warning about a growing problem, a skimming device found on an atm in hyattsville. the police a that it was spotted sunday night at the 7-eleven on hamilton street in hyattsville by off-duty officer, attached to a citibank atm. a similar skimming device was found a couple blocks away and a few weeks ago. the police say it's an important reminder to always double check for inserting your card into those machines. bill:
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night. good evening. leesburg, 52 right nowin d.c. we will drop down a little bit come into the 40's. we are for the most part cloud-free. one area to the northwest were we have the possibility of a little bit of light snowflakes in the higher elevations. otherwise, it is dry tonight. the rest of the evening, 49 is where we are going. grabbed a light jacket in the morning. a change in the weather coming up. alison: bill, thank you. new information after a dramatic scene at a restaurant in prince george's county. this was the heart of the busy lunch hour when this happened. this video shows the moment of impact as customers were literally knocked off their se
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restaurant in upper marlboro. 10 of them were hurt at all are expected to recover. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. jonathan: few americans even knew that u.s. troops were operating in niger. are dead and everyone knows they are operating in africa, but the details of the ambush remains murky. president trump said he did not directly approve this mission. >> it's a dangerous business, i have to say, it's a dangerous business. i have generals that are great generals, these are great fighters -- these are warriors. i gave them authority to do what's right so we win. jonathan: they say the u.s. special forces unit was gathering intelligence and may have been set up in a sneak attack. the authorities are taking a close look at the video hoping to identify some of the militants. alison: emo
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moments as sentencing continued for bowe bergdahl, who admitted to walking off his post in afghanistan. fellow soldiers testified about searching for him. when abc over down in tears as he recalled the career-ending injury that he sustained during the search -- one navy seals broke down in tears as he recalled the injury. and tomorrow the document dump decades in the making, president trump twinning today that he will allow the release of classified documents about the assassination of jfk, calling it "so interesting." legislation mandates without action from the president the documents will become public. what is not clear is if parts of the files could be blocked. jonathan: new details nearly a year after the california supermodel was reported missing and then found. the fbi is releasing sketches of two women the person said abducted her. she said she only had contact with these women.
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hearing the 911 call from her husband. >> i found her phone. it has hair ripped outcome in the headphones. i'm freaking out. jonathan: investigators are have not certain who could held her hostage before leaving her at the side of the road last thanksgiving. alison: 7 on your side with important deadline for airport security. tomorrow, stricter screening roles going to place. the changes are part of enhanced measures ordered by the department of homeland security, including security interviews for travelers and u.s. citizens who are coming home. how you are question depends on which airline you are flying. forms, others have employees question people. jonathan: american airlines is hoping to meet with the naacp about a so-called travel advisory the organization issued for travelers on that airline. the civil rights organization sa
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of discriminatory actions against minority passengers. >> there have been examples of people physically and violently removed from airplanes on one side of the equation. the other side of the equation, we want american airlines to change the way they are this jonathan: american airlines says it serves customers of all backgrounds and is looking for to addressing the issues and concerns. a new service from amazon, the entire premise letting people into your home when you are not there. alison: we will tell you why the online giant says it will help protect you and your purchases. plus -- triplets making history. the incredible moment these blind brothers found out they wore all becoming eagle scouts. jonathan: and twirling on the tarmac.
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jonathan: you talk about inspiring, three brothers from alexandria are making history tonight. alison: they joined an elite group,
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first in scouting history. richard reeve was there as they joined the ranks. richard: it was the moment they had worked tirelessly for. >> congratulations. >> i'm extremely excited about this. richard: leo, nick and steven cantos, blind from birth, are now eagle scouts. 21 merit badges, six years of work. >> i feel like i'm the proudest dad on the face of the europe. richard: their father, who was also blind, adopted the 18-year-olds in 2010. does not have to limit us in terms of what is possible for success. richard: each had to do an eagle scout project. >> i helped a lot of people, which is really important. richard: as a surprise, they will all have a year-long loan of a software. >> it's a video
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time and they describe verbally to the user everything they see. richard: learning about life with no limits >>. >>that is my goal, to keep a good character. richard: all three guys have college plans. leotalk about career goals, wants to be an attorney for microsoft, and nick wants to keep the family business in amway going. lofty goals, but i think they will make it. richard reeve, abc 7 news. [applause] news, amore uplifting moment months in the making for a d.c. firefighter and his family. three months after being hurt on smothers wasy dane released from the hospital and made his way home. smothers was seriously hurt after being trapped between two fire trucks at a scene in august. he says he is not afraid of burng
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challenges ahead of him. >> i'm not scared to run into a burning building, still not scared, still not afraid of a challenge. i definitely would like to return to the house. alison: he says he is getting better everyday and plans to return to firefighting as soon as he can. jonathan: so nice to see him smile and up and around the we wish him the best. tesla is at the center of four lawsuits claiming discrimination. former employee cited a culture of racism, hostility, and sexual harassment. some say they faced retaliation after coming forward. takes all of the complaint seriously but there has never been a case in its history. alison: a suspected burglar making it easy for police to catch up with them after living officers on a chase and calling 911 for help. the police say that he called dispatchers for help ho
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urs after he accidentally locked himself in a church boiler room. officers say he ran into the church to try to hide out after officers tried to pull them over in connection with a string of burglaries. tonight he is facing those charges and more. jonathan: sometimes their job is easy. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. would you let amazon deliver inside of your home when you are not home? that is what the company wants you to do with its new amazon key service. if you want at home, the delivery person uses a smart lock on your front door to leave the package inside. they said it is especially useful during the holiday shopping season when theives steel packages. alison: from chardonnay to chh n ionti, an international one group says production is about to fall to its lowest level in 50 years because of bad weather around the world. they point t
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o temperature swings in italy, france, and spain in the past year. it does not take into account the losses from recent wildfires in california. bill: that's not good news at all. we have some good news around our area. live tonight, national harbor, currentlyl wheel, 52 at reagan, the wind out of the northwest at 13. we will be cooler tomorrow morning than we were this morning. the skies are mostly clear. a couple of areas in the northwest with a little bit of snow. nothing crazy, nothing accumulating, just a sign that rings are changing. write to the futurecast, through the overnight tonight, like last night, not talking about anything you need to be aware of. tomorrow morning, a few clouds. though start to clear. as we roll into the
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see sunshine in the afternoon and it will be below normal temperatures. home, it is the coolest day we have had so far this week. the forecast high tomorrow, right around 60. a normal high this time of year is mid 60's. a little below that, but nothing major. 7 in the morning, 55 by noon, 60 at 4:00. sunset at 6:15. we warm up friday, saturday. not extreme, mid and upper 60's. the next weather system late saturday night may potentially bring showers overnight into sunday morning. rain, possibly thunderstorms, and rainfall measured in 1, 2 inch range. halloween is lookingo
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out, 50's, partly cloudy, a good halloween evening. dress up in whatever it is. you like that? he is new this year. jonathan: that is frankenstein with a lot of sugar. alison: i've never seen that guy before. jonathan: bill is creative. alison: and how about dancing, must-see video of an air traffic worker trying to make sure that everyone's flight starts with a smile. the flight and rochester, new york, record at this awesome video. the tarmac worker showing off his best moves, ending with a bow, and getting a chuckle from the people on board. jonathan: that's a guy who loves his job. although if you're on the plane you are wondering if he's ok. all right, it is one of the top
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now there is big work plan at the air and space museum.
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jonathan: it really is the most popular museum in america and it's getting a new facelift. the smithsonian air and space museum is gearing up for a seven-year renovation project. we are talking everything from fresh paint on the outside to
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it will be done in several stages to make sure the museum is open through the process. work will begin next summer. jonathan: if you have never been there, check it out. it is such a great museum. alison: robert is here now. what's going on? robert: back in the spotlight, for the wrong reasons. one of the nfl's most charismatic players. why did he give the media the silent treatment? z2ktqz z5yz y2ktqy y5yy
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oh, you yeah!ht butch. (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup.
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butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: right now the redskins east with the nfc another division matchup coming against the cowboys. must-win? seems like it. the offense has to get going. they hit a wall against the eagles, but vernon davis says they are getting their. >> i feel like we are getting better, i really do. i feel like we have the pieces we need to win games. robert: once again, panthers aarterback cam newton heard question he did not like, so he left the press conference. it was after a reporter asked if the
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>> next question. thank you. it was john wall versus lonzo ball. wall with a little shake and bake. right now the wiz
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alison: the chill is in the air. bill: it is. did you guys like the dancing frankenstein? jonathan: he was grooving. robert: whoa! deal you wear the little and it registers your movement. then it puts it into
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jonathan: without robert burton, i would be lost. he helps me with all that. bill: the other thing i want to point out, we have some rain coming in sunday, but two saturdays from now, setting the clocks back.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kenneth branagh -- from "thank you for your service," haley bennett -- and comedian neel nanda. and now by all means, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. that's very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. for those who are visiting us, welcome to los angeles. home of the dodgers who are i


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