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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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park feet from his home. accosted, police say by 19-year-old sequan gillis two was trying to rob him. >> the 16-year-old tried to defend himself with a pocket knife he had in his possession. during the course of the struggle, the suspect produced a handgun and fired the gun one time striking and killing the 16-year-old. sam: at the school he attended thurgood marshall, former teachers came back this afternoon to express condolences. he was a popular student there and a track athlete. he is the shorter one on the right who announced his plans to go to sam u. last night. >> i'm zaire with thurgood marshall. sam: his father, of course told us the video was taken literally hours before his son was killed. next his son was coming home from that program when he was killed in this park. his
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got a good citizens award from the d.c. attorney general racine that he had round in junior olympics. for the suspect in this case, he was also killed. 19-year-old sequan gillis. court records show he had a court date in d.c. superior september 27. that is next week. for unauthorized use of a vehicle. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: so sad, sam. thank you. now to devastation in mexico. rescuers desperately searching for survivors there. at least 250 people died after the massive quake struck earlier this week. the country now in three days of mourning. it leveled homes, schools and churches. and now we are getting word that a young girl, people had been searching for may not be trapped in the rubble. but the crews haven't given up on the hope of finding people alive. >> my brother is alive.
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reaching him where he is. we can't just say he is here and take him out. alison: volunteers removed quick and pieces of concrete by hand. in mexico city, more than 2,000 public schools have been damaged. this private elementary school simply folded in on itself. several trapped children have been pulled alive from the debris. this is the second major earthquake to hit the area in two weeks. larry: from earthquakes to hurricanes, first responders rushing to disasters in the face of the danger to save others. today, jeff goldberg paid a visit to virginia's task force one to get a closer look at what responders in mexico are facing now. jeff: for those who responded thedy sasts like mexico -- disasters like mexico city, seeing damage is painful. >> your heart goes out to them. after seeing it first hand you know the devastation. assistant fire chief leads the elite search and rescue team. he respon
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nepal, haiti and turkey and he knows crews in mexico are in a race against time. >> the sense of urgency rises with each passing day. jeff: k9 units are critical in the search for trapped victims as are sonar devices and cameras. sometimes responders will try to locate victims by calling out or making noise. >> yell, whatever. jeff: at other times will ask for quiet in hopes a victim responds. >> earlier in year, abc7 traveled with virginia task force one to california as it trained for missions just like the one unfolding in mexico. >> all you want to do is rescue that person. jeff: chief ryan knows fellow first responders in mexico will search for survivors until they are told to stop. >> we will to do the greatest good for the greatest number. we can help you if you let us work longer if it's safe for the crews to do so. jeff: he
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concern is the possibility of the secondary collapses from the aftershocks that could endanger the victims and the first responders alike. virginia task force one counterpart team from los angeles with dispatch to mexico city yesterday to help with the recovery efforts. at the "live desk"; jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. we will continue to bring you updates of the developing situation in mexico on air and online at alison: meanwhile, we continue to track the tropics at this hour as well. hurricane maria leaves puerto rico completely in the dark. the storm also bringing severe flooding there. the recovery will take months if not years. karenwe have the latest. reporter: looking at punishing rains as harvey were over houston. the power grid deavor stated. already -- deavor stated. plagued by financial troubles before the storm, part of puerto rico could be in
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>> it's been hard in the last 24 hours to determine what has happened from the voice of other people because we haven't had any communication. plus, there is a lot of destruction in the road. >> president trump in new york for the u.n. general assembly acknowledged the u.s. territory's dire situation. >> puerto rico was absolutely obliterated. puerto rico got hit with winds. they say they have never seen winds like this anywhere. >> the san juan airport reopened for military and rescue flights. the government said some commercial flights could resume friday. puerto rico is not if only island crippled by maria. u.s. virgin islands. 24-hour emergency situations in place and communication is spotty. >> there are people in the streets going to check ontary families. it's a community. there are guys out there with the chainsaws trying to clear the roads. >> dominican republic saturated from hurricane irma's rain. getting soaked again by
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while models show maria moving further out to sea, forecasters say it's still too early to rule out a path that would impact the east coast. karen caifa, abc7 news. alison: reminder that abc7 and newschannel8 keeping a close eyes on the tropics statement up to day on hurricane maria and tropical storm jose with the stormwatch7 app. larry: maria is taking out to marina lately. turning now to the local weather at home. taking a live look outside. it does not feel like fall. meteorologist josh knight has a check of the local forecast. josh: we are talking about the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80's. this trend will stick around for the middle of next week. it's closer to 85 degrees. take yaw here and start out with what we are dealing with. temperatures are around 80 degrees. still 70 at 10:00. as you let out the dog one last
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outside. by tomorrow morning we will start off with more cloud cover. temperatures are in the mid-60's to get the day going. we work our way throughout friday. 81 by lunchtime. i think with the extra clouds we are a little slower to warm up. so lunchtime outside should feel nice. 86 degrees around 5:00. another really nice everything with the temperatures working the way in the 70's. as we head to the weekend, the heat will stick around and so does the sunshine. we look at that and fun stuff going on around town in a bit. alison: okay. thank you very much. maryland governor made a huge announcement today to change the way you drive on three of the area busiest roads. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in college park with what it will take to carry out grand plans. brad? brad: it will take $9 billion but the governor has a plan for that. the problem is obvious. most of us have experienced it. you can see it happening live right now. inne
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route one. you can see the traffic backing up. the governor says we can ease the problem. if you just add four lanes to three big roads. it will be the biggest highway project in maryland in years. governor larry hogan proposing to add four express toll lanes, two in each direction. to the entire maryland portion of the beltway. the full length of i-270. after a transfer the b.w. parkway. >> the projects will substantially and dramatically improve our state highway system and traffic throughout the region. brad: hogan says the entire $9 billion project will be paid for with a public-private partnership as virginia has done with the beltway and i-95 hot lanes. under the governor's plan private companies will build the lane. in exchange for futre
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revenue. drivers we spoke to supported the project. as long as the numbers make sense. >> to me anything would help. so whether or not this is too costly i don't know. >> getting around is difficult. so there are ways to do it, financially are responsible. that is the it can call question. brad: hogan admits many questions are unanswered including land acquisition and the toll cost but he says the plan will work. >> the projects will generate billions of dollars. it won't cost tax dollars. >> one of the questions we asked the governor is do they have to buy more land, where can they find the space? looking at this stretch of the road the governor and the people say they can easily squeeze another couple lanes out of here by narrowing down the existing lanes and claiming part of the shoulder. that is part of the idea here. they want to expand this. no time frame yet. this is probably going to be a year and a half of study before t
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and thinking about contracts. a very big proposal indeed. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: lloyd welch, the man who pleaded guilty in killing lyons sisters admitted to other crimes against young girl. this morning he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two young girls in separate incidents in prince william in 1996. last week he pleaded guilty to the murder of sheila and kathryn lyon in 1975. he has been sentenced to 48 years in prison. >> coming up at 5:00, president trump imposing new sanctions. the new order against north korea and how it is going after the communist country. >> after a messy morning commuted on metro. riderrers say it was made -- riders say it was made worse by a look of communication about what was happening. mike
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up, response from wmata. alison: also coming up, hurricane irma claims another victim. >> plus how the police believe social media played a factor in kidnapping and rape of a local teenager. that's still ahead at " your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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alison: new information in the aftermath of hurricane irma. another person has died after the nursing home when the air conditioning went out. the family of a patient who survived is now suing the home and three agencies launched investigations. back at home, covering metro now, safety concern caused big delays in the morning rush. a number of the new 7,000-series rail cars were pulled out of service. mike carter-conneen joins us live from union station to explain what happened and how things are going tonight. mike? mike: riders say they completely understand. emergencies happen. safety is the priority. this morning at union station and many other stations especially with the red line, riders say there should have
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happened today. >> i was late for my pintment for one thing. >> it's low and very crowded. >> a metro mechanic was shocked on an inspection of the new 7,000 series rail cars and the labor union raised concerns about the electrical components, wmata says a safety standdown resulted in longer waits. >> after the third train came. i bailed. >> riders gathered. >> a couple of times they were asking to push back. it was a large group. >> couldability move. >> close to the edge. >> overnight the transit agency initiated a safety standdown. if that decision ca
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to know why wmata waited to explain the service disruption until before 9:00. >> that is not acceptable. you typically get the text alert if there is a delay or emergency on the line. >> it would have been he -- helpful. maybe an alert. >> they defended the communication to the riders today saying that earlier in the morning this was a nonissue. the safety review is complete. inspections are resuming now. ongoing. >> a d.c. councilmember wants
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appropriate. highest earning camera on i-295 in southwest exit 1. k-street in northwest by the tunnel under the washington circle, paid my freight on that one. raked in $11 million. it brought in 77 million last year alone. alison: we know that k-street one. >> i have gotten 295. >> yeah. alison: man, it's tough. let's talk about the weather. we are stuck in summer. >> exactly. >> the mid-80's. some places are in the upper 80's today. the trend will continue through the weekend. the saddest part is you see pools that are closed and drained. we have a perfect summertime weekend. we are looking at 60 miles per hour sustained wind in the
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reach the new england coast. so most of us are doing fine with the jose in the ocean. extra clouds for us as we have gone throughout the day. more and more going in the everything. they will break down to partly cloudy and mostly clear skies tonight. check out the temperatures. 85 in d.c. we are at 88 in frederick. 84 for culpeper. annapolis is 83 degrees. that is the berkry on what it says. if you factor in the mugginess some of us are closer to 87 or 88. we work our way throughout the erg we'll fall in upper 70's. again turning mostly clear. light breeze. it makes for a comfortable sort of summer like everything. that is the trend to carry to tomorrow as well. for friday we start off around 71. making our way to 85 or 86 degrees for the highs. hanging on to the same humidity we have today. it's not july or august mugginess.
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of place for september. i want to sew you jose stays in the atlantic ocean. if you plan to get to the beaches. we have more from jose. this is clear at saturday in 6:30 to the everything. working our way to sunday. predominantly staying on the sunny side as well. a lot of sunshine. tomorrow is when we have the clouds around. 87 on friday and saturday. 88 on sunday. you notice sunshine. get out to enjoy the stuff. 5k and 10k we have that going on. we will continue a warm-up. there is a taste of georgetown for sunday morning. again, more like a su
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afternoon. get out there and taste a bunch of food but drink water with the heat sticking around. the max winds with maria are making at it category three storm of 120 miles per hour. this takes the track to turks and caicos. it will go ultimately to the northeast but i want to point out where the cone is. not that far from the outer banks. this is something we are watching closely. it's still five days out. if we learned anything this year we really can't count on the five-day cones to be just perfect. watching that closely. 87 friday. 87 on saturday. again a lot of sun for the weekend. great for d.c. united game as well as redskins game. to next week, back to work and back to school. hanging on to
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feel until we work to next weekend. that is when it will cool off. we will get back closer to normal with the temperatures in the mid-70's. alison: look out at the pumpkin patches! josh: right. alison: max exodus. josh: people will stay away because it's too warm. larry: then you can't get a parking spot. alison: thank you. larry: still ahead, president trump takes action against north korea. what did previous administrations do? we take a closer look. alison: this time sean spicer speaking out to abc and what he has to say to the critics. larry: coming coming up tonight -- larry: but first, here is what "good morning washington" team is working on for tomorrow morning. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," are you getting stashed in the warning signs that you may be the victim f
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a new dating dilemma and what you can do to stop it is i sit down with jake gyllenhall on a new movie "strong earn." >> and keep it
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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larry: president trump authorized stiff new sanctions against north korea for retaliation of the nuclear ambition. he made that decision after meeting
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united states with south korea and japan, the two nations most threatened by north korea's nuclear advances. today he said that north korea needs to scrap the nuclear program. president trump: i must tell you that this is a complete denuclearization of north korea that we seek. we cannot have this as a world body any longer. larry: the president said china president ordered banks to stop doing business with north korea. alison: today's announcement for president trump was another attempt; of course, to put north korea on notice. the back and forth threats are nothing new. kristine frazao takes a look back. kristine: the combative dictator of north korea warned again from washington. president trump: if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no cois but to totally destroy north korea.
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destroy north korea. kristine: but they still seem emboldened. how did we get here? this week president trump blamed the clintons for allowing north korea to research and build nuclear weapons. >> what the clinton administration did, basically, allow north korea to keep certain elements of the program and to reward it with billions of dollars in order to stop conducting other behaviors. >> behaviors which never stop said michael ruben who added the george w. bush administration is to blame as well for taking north korea off the state sponsor of terrorism list. >> it's always disastrous. we look at the diplomacy with certainer isty and the -- with sincerity. kristine: in 2013 in the obama administration, defensive agency report revealed what we know to be true. >> t n
5:27 pm
ballistic missiles. >> the reality is north korea has been pursuing the nuclear weapons capabilities for four decades. experts say really ever since the korean war ended it has been living fear of a u.s. invasion. >> we often forget how deavor stating the korean war was. they are indoctrinated from birth to hate the united states. where you can see school textbooks of children, by byonetting children. >> i'm kristine: reporting -- i'm kristine frazao reporting. larry: there is a deal to help stop outsiders interfering in future elections. facebook saying they will release thousands of ads purchased by russians to influence the 2016 campaign. meanwhile, house and senate democrats plan to send letter to the federal election commission asking them to consider new rules on the social mia
5:28 pm
alison: now to the, collusive with sean spicer -- exclusive with sean spicer. he is speaking out coming off the controversial appearance at the emmys. soft thought it was fun -- some thought it was funny. others were laughing at all. >> people have hard feelings and they feel like you lied to the american people. have you ever lied to the american people? >> i don't think so. >> unequivocally you say no? >> again. you want to find something. i have not knowingly done anything to do that. no. alison: spicer says if president trump asked him to return to the white house it would be difficult to say no to the president because he does not anticipate that call. larry: coming up, new details about the case against a massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting clients. >> new details coming in within the hour in the brutal rape of a teenage girl in frederick. i'm amy aubert with the latest on th
5:29 pm
>> a sign of hate at georgetown university reappearing. the message from the school's president tonight.
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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alison: tonight two suspects remain behind bars for the kidnapping and the rape of a frederick teenager. police continued the search for a third man who was reported to have taken video of the attack. r
5:32 pm
in frederick with new details she just learned about one of the suspects. amy? amy: well those new details are coming in just within the hour. i.c.e. releasing a statement saying they lodged immigration detainer on one of the suspects. they lodge detainers on aliens that have been arrested on local criminal charges. when agency has probable cause to believe an alien is removable from the u.s. the area is quiet on thursday, weeks after a teen was allegedly assaulted, kidnapped and raped. >> the males approached her with a knife and took her to a nearby vehicle and drove her to an apartment. amy: two of the males are now arrested. the victim knows 17-year-old edgar chicas-hernandez and 19-year-old victor gutierres from school. >> it's pretty shocking. heartbreaking because i have a
5:33 pm
>> diana gomez lives in the area and says it is usually pretty quiet. >> very nerve-wracking. i'm definitely going to check my surroundings more. >> a known acquaintance of the victim sent messages on social media referencing and planning the attack. >> this is happening more in cases now where they are using social media, instagram, snapchat. not to plan them out but talk about the plans they are committing. >> social media is there but it will haunt you in the long run. >> the acquaintance repeatedly denied any involvement in what happened but have not been charged. they don't know of connections to any gang but are looking to all leads.
5:34 pm
>> a local paper reported this yesterday. amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: thank you. checking the other top story, searchers sifting through the rubble 24 hours after a massive earthquake in mexico. the mex owe city there are no children reported missing at the school that collapsed. >> however, an adult who works at the school may be buried under the rubble. larry: parts of puerto rico may be in the dark for months as a result of hurricane maria which knocked out the entire island power grid. the san juan airport is now back open for military and the rescue flights. commercial flights could resume tomorrow. alison: maryland governor larry hogan is proposing the biggest highway project in years. it would expand and add hot lanes to the beltway, i-270 and the parkway. to add lanes the government would have to transfer control over to the state. larr
5:35 pm
the georgetown university campus. for the third time in three weeks a swastika was found inside a bathroom at a residence hall. discovery was made as the campus marks the jewish holiday of rosh hashanah. >> it's really sad. the campus doesn't have a climate like that. if you look at red square this morning there are sidewalks drawings everywhere giving support to the jewish students. >> i don't think the campus climate is anything represented by. it's usually inclusive. larry: the suspect is still on the loose. georgetown's president says this type of hatred will not be tolerated. alison: meanwhile after several nights of protest in st. louis, white only signs found outside of a restaurant. the owner says he found the puzzling stickers on his door. >> i'm proud to say this. i am employing african-americans
5:36 pm
caucasian-americans, from all part of life from all over the world. alison: several other restaurants found the same sticker and it's just not clear who is behind them. larry: new details a about a many saj therapist acause for many saj therapist accused of assaulting two women. a third woman has come forward. the therapist is held without bail as the police search for more potential victims. all three of the women say the assaults happened in the massage session. alison: still to come at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- will it stay or does it have to go? the ruling about a huge confederate flag in northern virginia. larry: a report released new information about an incident involving mike pence's plane during the campaign. plus this -- >> i'm nathan baca. the d.c. auditor says the district simply forgot about the dozen of vacant
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josh: we starting off
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fall-fest. this starts this friday and carries to halloween. we can expect real summertime feel out there for you. officially tomorrow also the beginning of fall. 86 degrees at 4:00. we are hanging still in the low 80's as we get to 5:00. for the weekend, high of 87 on saturday. 88 on sunday. your average for this time of the year is 77 degrees. so putting us ten if not more above average for this time of the year. as we work to sunday evening, excuse me sunday morning, the clarendon day run will be a little on the warm side. but still overall very nice weather for just about whatever you have planned. news at 5:30
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larry: we have an update on a stafford county's man right to fly the flag on his own property. they say they can't prevent him from displaying the flag. it's 30 feet by 22 feet and hangs from a 90-foot high flag pole along i-95. you can see it there. at this week's county board of supervisors meeting residents urged the board to remove the flag or limit its size. alison: meanwhile, facebook is apologizing for letting antisemitic ads appear on the site. the coo is disgusted by the ads. in some cases they placed the antisemitic lines in the profile. they were
5:41 pm
discovering them last week. she says they are adding people to oversee the ad content. larry: securities and exchange commission says the hackers broke in a system and may have used the information to profit from illegal trading. the s.e.c. says they targeted a system that contains information about publicly traded companies. that system processes more than 1.7 million electronic filings. the breach didn't expose personal information they say but gave hackers an edge that may have provided the basis for illegal trading. alison: coming up next, the healthcare showdown on the hill. larry: the latest effort to replace obamacare and when a vote is expected. plus this. >> national stage for prince george's county dance students. coming up, we will show you the moves and when you can catch them live this weekend.
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama.
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by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. it could save your life. ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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larry: we now know the cause of the runway incident involving mike pence's plane in the campaign. the national transportation safety board blamed pilot error for the hard landing. nathan baca is at the "n.f.l. live"wi
5:45 pm
nathan: the flight captain showed a look of command authority. that is the ntsb's way of saying the pilot and the first officer weren't working together to land the plane. leaving then candidate mike pence's plane to roll off the runway. the scary landing happened in the final days of the presidential campaign. the flight captain should have stopped the landing and go around the airport because the plane was losing speed and floating above the runway. the captain did not tell the first officer he was taking control of the plane in the landing so both of them were giving different directions. the report says after the plane came to a stop the captain said, "my career just ended" and the first officer was heard saying, "mine too." alison: but they were alive. thank you.
5:46 pm
the senate plans to vote next week on the bill. will the measure have votes to pass? we explain. it's a hail mary. they are hope to feel repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> obamacare is not affordable and it's not credible. >> they plan to hold a vote and raise questions about whether it has support to pass. president trump says yes. the vote tally is sulting otherwise. the republicans can only afford to lose two votes and already rand paul says he is a no and others are wavering and concerned. one of the big concerns is if it includes coverage for people with the preexisting conditions. >> we mandate that every state shall cover preexisting illnesses with affordable and credible care. there are 50 approaches how to deal with preexisting illnesses. >> but it offered no guarantees so som
5:47 pm
preexisting conditions could pay more. jimmy kimmel is taking the lawmaker to task. >> what is your response? >> i'm sorry he does not understand. >> or the part where the american college of the physicians and the academy of the pediatrics and the march of dimes among many others oppose your bill. which part of that am i not understanding? >> next week the congressional budget office plans to release preliminary report showing how much the bill will cost. but it won't show how many americans will lose coverage because the office needs more time. larry: former acting u.s. attorney general sally yates has a new job in district. she is joining georgetown law as distinguished lectureer f
5:48 pm
the university program brings former officials who left the public service to campus. alison: ahead at 6:00 tonight a chilling confession from a woman who admits she shot a trooper and why she insists she shouldn't be charged with attempted murder. watch out. the crash that sent sparks flying and what the driver did afterwards. the oversight that may have cost the d.c. government millions of dollars. what the "7 on your side" watchdog team found ahead at 6:00. larry: now to a viral facebook post that shows the police officers helping a man with a tie before the job interview. 20 years of experience on the job and he thought back to his childhood and the early training on tying a tie. >> that was the cool thing. my stepfather died in 2009. i thought about him doing this. thank you. thank you for showing me how to
5:49 pm
larry: the gentleman aced the interview. alison: nice! that is great. check this out. from summer to winter. it's in the 80's here but snow is falling in one part of california. this is not video from last seen. the snow is coming down north of lake tahoe. it's still september but more snow on the way. for that area of cali. what do you think about that? larry: i'm not ready. [laughter] to be honest. alison: we still have a little warmth ahead of us, right, josh? josh: that is right. it's hard to believe but we are looking at blue on the map for that part of the country. nevada and idaho getting the snow flakes to show up. we switch to the east coast and it's opposite. dome of warm air hanging out with us to keep temperatures in the 80's. we will stay mild throughout the weekend and on the hot side throughout the week
5:50 pm
temperature in d.c. 88 for frederick. 84 in warrenton. keep in mind the average is around 78 degrees. so we go throughout the everything. dropping to 73 by 9:00. again, really comfortable numbers if you want to get out for a nice long walk or eat dinner on the deck. good night for that. we get into tomorrow, starting off closer to the 70-degree mark for the morning. low 80's by the time we get to the lunchtime. around the mid-to-upper 80's for the high again. the big difference tomorrow is we will see extra clouds. that is all expecting to change. we work to friday evening and if you have plans to go to dinner, comfortable again. we will stay quiet. partly cloudy skies. mild and dry with the temperatures in the 70's. try to get a seat outside if you are dining out or anything like that. enjoy the weekend. the heat will roll on. take a closer look at that coming up in a bit. alison: okay. thank you. larry: erin is here with sports. erin: it's time
5:51 pm
the season a lot of guys are suffering and dealing with injuries. and the list of redskins injuries has been lengthy this week. however, some of the players who are banged up did participate in practice today. so that is a good sign. tight end jordan reed got limited practice. that is better than yesterday when he was held out due to chest injury. rounding out the injury list were cornerback norman and foster with shoulder issues. rob kelly got in limited work again recovering from a rib injury. one of the redskins brought spots on offense has been running back chris thompson. he has come up with the highlight reel runs. three touchdowns in two games. robert burton was at redskins park today and he has more on thompson who emerged as the little engine that could. robert: chris thompson always had a chip on his shoulder but the chip is bigger. >> i have little man
5:52 pm
robert: he made a big splash. >> touchdown! robert: for kirk cousins it is no shocker that thompson got a two-year extension. he says the talent has been there but it has to blossom. >> it's not like he showed up as a rookie and was an all-pro. it took time to develop. that is the case with so many guys in the league. they write the book quickly. >> a lot of things we do we wouldn't do without him. >> if it's in game plan he will have another chance to show the stuff. sunday night football against the raiders. >> everybody is watching. a chance to show the nation what we can do. we have to continue to prepare this week or try to have the perfect practices. once the game day comes it's
5:53 pm
burton, abc7 sports. erin: i talked to robert yesterday and chris thompson also emerged as one of the leaders on the team. he was quiet the first two years but know like our go-to guy in locker room. well spoken. on the field making plays. so happy to watch someone grow and develop. larry: you need that. quarterback is a leader but you need someone else to step up. yeah. alison: good stuff. erin: he is not a mean guy. you think of little man syndrome, that is what i think of. he is not a mean guy. alison: seems like a good guy. larry: exactly. alison: thank you. still to come, a group of local dancers getting a once in a lifetime chance. larry: unique place they will perform and how quickly they learn moves coming up.
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larry: well, get ready to move. local dance students are taking the talents to the national stage. cheryl conner got a preview of the performance you can see on abc7 on sunday. >> i never expected it to come this early. cheryl: this is opportunity. this performance will happen in front of a nationally televised audience on sunday that will air on abc7. >> a lot of people used to tell me you are not good enough. you are not technically trained. cheryl: she is proving them wrong. she joined the center for visually and performing arts at suitland high school. now she and her classmates will be on stage with the pop group d.n.c.e. the students will dance to the hit song "cake by the ocean" in the closing ceremonies for the cup soccer tournament in ne
5:58 pm
>> just because we're underprivileged doesn't mean anything. we're just as talented. cheryl: they are sending 165 students from three schools. you might be thinking school just started and it did. the students have less than a week to learn more both dance numbers. >> it's extracurricular commitment. they stay from 5:00 to 7:00 and the parents pick them up from all over the county. cheryl: the arts coordinator hope sunday is another step for students to figure out if performing is your passion. >> if you are happy, dance it out. if you you're sad and frustrated, all the emotions i feel i can convey it through dance, tell story. cheryl: oh, what a story it will be when the students see themselves on national television. in suitland, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: right now at 6:00, a proposal to speed up rush hour in maryland but it won't come cheap or without a big catch for
5:59 pm
nancy: silence in the desperate search for survivors in mexico. the big revelation we learn the challenges that rescuers face. michelle: islands deavor -- devastated. we get upclose look and where the storm is headed next. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side." >> this could be the most daring plan in decades and we could see changes to the beltway, i-270 and the b.w. parkway but the improvements would come with a serious price tag and a catch. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us from along the beltway to explain. brad? brad: yeah, well, the price tag is $9 billion.
6:00 pm
going to have to pay the tolls if you ride in the two new lanes that are added in each direction. the governor says look, this is a daily problem for so many people. it just has to be tackled. governor larry hogan says traffic is a d.c. region eats up too much time. costs too much money. >> today we are finally going to do something about it. >> after a transfer of ownership from the department of interior to the state, i-295. following the virginia beltway hot lanes model all of it is to be built and paid for through the public-private partnership with the companies which will finance $9 billion cost in exchange for future toll revenue.


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