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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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accused of the unthinkable. nancy: this is as the search continues. jonathan: richard reeve in rockville with the new developments. what is going on? richard: this is the indictment here that accuses simon hoggart holing first-degree murder charges in connection with the two young children. -- accuses catherine hoggle of first-degree murder charges in connection with the two young children. there was also a sadness here. we have been following this since the children went missing in 2014. police say hoggle was the last person to see them alive and she said she left the youngsters with a care-giver or an old friend and they have never been found. hoggle has been charged with child neglect, obstruction and hindering days after the disappearance. the doctors continue to say she is incompetent to stand trial so now a murder
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she can be held without bond at a state psychiatric facility for five years. the hope by prosecutors is she will be restored to competency to stand trial. the father now acknowledging the worst. >> i hope sarah and jacob get the justice they deserved. i have hold out hope that something else had happened as i think any parent would. but it's always been a faint hope. i know now with the passage of time that she killed my babies. >> we would not have sought an indictment if we do not believe the children are dead. ultimately whether catherine hoggle is guilty is not for me to say here today. richard: hoggle is in jail and will return to the facility in the next day or so. the prosecutors are not talking specifics about the evidence but coming up tonight at 5:00 we
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family members. there are disagreement whether the children are alive or not. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. it has been more than three years that abc7 has been following the search for sarah and jacob hoggle. you can see the original reporting online at just search "hoggle." jonathan: breaking a short time ago police-involved shooting in prince william. we are learning it has turned deadly. it happened in the 6800 block of hartzell hill lane. a teen was shot and killed. jeff goldberg is there with what happened. jeff? jeff: a 15-year-old male shot and killed this morning. the police are not releasing information about what led up to the fatal shooting. you are looking at a live scene on hartzell hill lane. active police presence from prince william county, police and detectives on what is typically we are told a quiet street in a quiet
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neighborhood. multiple officers arrived on hartzell hill lane. we don't know why the officers were called in the first place. there was some encounter with the 15-year-old man in the street outside of his home. then at one point a prince william county police officer fired multiple shots at the teenager killing him on scene. police say the entire interaction was brief. all of it happened on the street. >> there were several shots fired by the officer. we are still trying to determine how the incident came about and the interaction between the officer and the 15-year-old male. jeff: we have spoken to family and friends of the 15-year-old boy who said he is a nice young man and he usually kept to himself. we are still wondering. a lot of questions about the details regarding the shooting, the incident and the moments that led up to the shooting. again, the police have not
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they have not released identity of the 15-year-old young man. wednesday will have more at 5:00. until then live in haymarket, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: they. now we know that the police were looking at tyler tessier as a murder suspect while he made a play for laura wallen's safe return. she was dead. but detectives were looking closely and brad bell spoke with the lead investigator. brad? brad: the action is moving to the montgomery county circuit court building. the police say they have a mountain of evidence they will be able to give to the jury in the courtroom here. among the evidence will be the video they gather from the press conference featuring tessier this past monday. >> it was something that still defies belief. asking the parents of a missing woman to appear at a
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believed to have murdered their child. now the strategy was to poke holes in the theory. >> we wanted to put him in front of the cameras to see if he would stutter. >> it worked. the parents looked on repeatedly. seemed at a loss for words. >> it's a complete shock. >> 48 hours later the focus led to the discovery of laura wallen's body in a shallow grave. her father saying appearing with tessier was a nightmare but finding laura was the only goal. >> if your child is missing and someone has the child we were sure it was tyler. we didn't know where sh
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a missing persons. he needed his daughter's body for his own closure and a murder prosecution. we have been working hard all day long. we reported yesterday that one of the potential motives in the case may have been that tessier was engaged to another woman. brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: don't miss this or any other breaking news. go to and subscribe to have texts sent from the newsroom to your phone. alison: it's not clear that congressional compromise with the president on daca has been reached. the president outlined his thoughts on twitter and he tweeted chain migration cannot be allowed to be part of an
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he is reiterating his plan for emphasis on merit and skill on immigration, not just family connections. jonathan: right now a high ranking priest working in the vatican embassy in washington is under investigation suspected of having child pornography. nancy: the prosecutors are asking him to be charged and face trial. the vatican said he is in vatican city and they launched their own investigation. jonathan: we are getting a look at the explosive device on board a tube commuter train in london. just now the islamic state is coming forward to claim responsibility for the attack. 20 people were injured. some burn and others hurt. serve expected to be okay. as they report, the london police are on the hunt for a terrorist. >> this shows the bomb
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still burning. you can hear metro police ording the -- ordering the people on the platform to evacuate. according to eyewitnesses most escaped even before the police arrived. >> people getting crush and trampling each other. every man for themselves. >> there was a sheet of orange flame. everyone scream and ran off. >> it happened off 8:00 a.m. in london. at the tube station. they sent dozens to hospital. most from the flash burns. >> the pregnant, scary. >> they call it a mutually launched search for the attack or the attackers. the device did not explode fully. president trump weighed in from the white house. >> we have to be smart and
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>> it's not helpful to speculate on ongoing situation. >> we learned an increased police presence at the commuter rail stations across the u.s. cities as a precaution. the u.k. raised the threat level to critical the highest possible to indicate an attack is expected imminently. abc news, london. jonathan: this is now the fifth terror attack in london this year. the police believe they have four to six other major plots alone in 2017. they said the terror let will remain to severe. but they upped it to critical. fears that another attack is expected. alison: sirens flaring ov
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japan. north korea fired a missile for the second time in a matter of weeks over the island of the u.s. ally. it landed in the ocean but roughly 2300 moil flying distance is enough to reach qualm. nancy: south korean military show of force in response. these are pictures launched as a warning shot that are capable of take out the site in the north with the fire power over japan came from. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the cassini space probe mission ends. the moment mission control lost contact. nancy: ohio police officer under investigation not for what he did but what the audio captured. alison: more from this recording. you won't believe what else he says. >> this is getting off nicely enough with the sunshine the warm temperatures.
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in the forecast coming up soon at "abc7 news at 4:00". >> doug, today is all about you. we celebrate your retirement after over 30 years forecasting the weather for the d.m.v. you touched so many lives in the community. including mine. in 1995, you hired me to come work with you. and without you, i would not be here today. i wish you all the best in your retirement and good health and happiness for many years to come. i'm going to miss you so much.
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>> must see video from columbus, ohio. the police chief is admitting she is embarrassed, not by what you end up watching here but what is said. take a listen for yourself. on the audio recorded from the officer's body cam. >> why won't we just choke the life out of him? good. good. head up? >> i can't breathe. >> you can breathe. you are talking. >> i can't breathe, sir. >> i'm a little aroused by this, davis. just so you know. jonathan: yeah. the police department internal affairs division is investigating that. the local police union
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was inappropriate but just words. nancy: the end of an era for nasa's cassini space craft. two decades after launch the spacecraft ended today. >> the signal is gone. in the next 45 seconds so will be the spacecraft. i will call this end of mission. >> the end of mission. >> they spent 13 years exploring saturn and the moon. >> we are monitoring the damage caused by a typhoon. 62,000 homes are damaged. it is expected to weaken tomorrow morning. alison: a tough day for us at abc7. today is stormwatch7's chief
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day. he has been with us at abc7 for 17 years. he has been part of the community for longer. a look back at career. >> stormwatch7 at its best. >> for more than three decades washingtonians turned to doug hill for the weather forecast. come rain, shine, hail, wind. >> he relates to the viewer, the audience. doug: if you are west of washington now -- alison: if you meet him, it feels the same way. he is the real deal. genuine, down to earth. funny and always looking to help others. [laughter] >> direct me to the path and it got me back to school. once he came from channel 9 to channel 7, he put me in his contact. >> i still have to kind of pinch myself because it's so surreal that i'm working with this legendary meteorologist. >> show you the numbers -- >> doug is more li
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the person that formed me to what i've become. >> doug is a great mentor and he has a way to tell you to do things different. to improve yourself without putting you down. alison: after decades of preparing the region for every weather emergency, doug deserves a nice and relaxing retirement. >> i know he has been working toward it. know he is excited for it. i know he will have a fantastic time retired. >> looking forward to the first snowstorm when he can sit at home and relax and enjoy it. >> without a doubt. the newsroom and the washington community will truly miss him. it's not just not having him in the weather center but not in the market. he is an institution here. >> absolutely. >> you can't have a goodbye party without the best friends together.
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nancy: d.c. mayor muriel bowser declaring today september 15 doug hill day. what an honor. jonathan: you saw there the d.c. sports team even sent over doug hill jerseys. legitimate jerseys from the teams. they heard you were hanging it up they got you a jersey with your name. alison: doug's wife marianne is here and your kids are here. the family is together. sorry to see you go but happy to take the next step. >> a great day. i knew it was coming. but the last four days and the last of it here is like it's a mix of emotions. >> i miss people i worked with. it will be in
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when there is a big snowstorm am i going to want to -- drive my neighbors crazy and knock on door. there is a category two hurricane coming. jonathan: telling everything happening. >> it's all good. a little sad but to be expected. let me put on my work hat to tell you what is happening now. beautiful. sunshine, a few clouds. comfortable temperatures. we have warmer than usual weekend. we are starting to make up for the cool airs. the temperatures are getting back to the near average. 80 in college park. 82 in fredericksburg. we are looking for the clouds and shower chances.
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most of the area most of the night is partly cloudy and muggy. the dodgers are in town to start a series. 77 at first pitch. holding in the 70's. the weekend is fine as well. plenty of sunshine. but in this warm and humid air mass there is a stray somehow every of now and then. the average high is 80. warmer than average but not a heatwave. some of the warm weather will continue next week. this is from trap call storm jose -- tropical storm jose. i will weak an bit through wednesday. but saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday that the push of water will cause us issues along the north carolina beaches through the midatlantic and southern new england.
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that is something to watch. we look for breezy conditions warming up from the 70's to the 80's. we will see the temperatures fall and we will report back later. jonathan: thank you. coming up us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- talk about a good day for yardwork. the boy who lived out his dream tending to the grounds on the white house. look who showed up? donald trump. is that a straight line, kid? >> emmy weekend. nominees from the shows that you love are opening up. >> it's a humbling experience. >> if you work hard and are proud of what
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wonderful thing. >> kidd o'shea goes one-on-one with a trio of he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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jonathan: the emmys are sunday. some of the most nominated shows are on abc7. alison: the stars are opening up about what it means to them. nancy: kidd o'shea goes one-on-one with the stars of "blackish" and "how to get
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kidd: nomination has to feel good. >> it does. it feels good. i was a kid with a dream in compton at 9 years old wanting to do what i do now. to do it and to be recognized for it is a humbling experience. >> if there were to be a statue made of me, it would look like this. >> she already has a golden globe but will she add an emmy on sunday? she again is up for best actress in a comedy. >> it's been an exciting couple of years. since we started it has been fun because we love what we have been doing and we enjoy each other and we have a good time at work. but if you work hard and you are proud of what you do it's a wonderful thing for the acknowledgment and the show is acknowledged. it's great. >> viola davis up for best actress in a drama which she won two years ago. but she realizes her career isn't defined by that. >> i know four facts. it's definitely a fact that the
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absolutely is not the key to joy and happiness. >> do you think a lot of people spend a lot of their years -- we all do -- get to thislem and get to that -- this level and that award and be happy. >> absolutely. i always said i sat next to a life strategist at a party. he said, you know, everyone wants success. we work for it. we get there and we are disillusioned because we forget about the last step which is significant. jonathan: she is a fantastic actress. she won the golden globe and oscar for the performance in a movie but it translates her on the small screen as well. she is gifted. fun to watch. nancy: absolutely. great season and great award show on sunday. all right. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- [laughter] alison: cute. nancy: getting the yard work done at the white house. we
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from falls church who got to live out his dream tending to the grounds at the white house with the president. jonathan: look at that concentration. >> if you like planes and you are looking for entertainment we will tell you where you should go this weekend. alison: coming up new at 5:00, protesters take to the street. the verdict they are speaking out against when i join you here tonight at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: a great story. frank, an 1-year-old boy who likes to -- an 11-year-old boy who likes to get yard work done so much he started his own business. it will be booming now. he first mowed the neighbor's lawn but now he is mowing the white house lawn for the president. he took his talents to the big house. brianne: working hard in the rose garden, a dream come true today for 11-year-old frank. >> with the ear plugs in he worked alongside the white house grounds crew to mow the white house lawn. something he offered to do when he wrote president trump this letter earlier this year. >> h
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what he said. >> an even bigger dream come true. when the president surprised the focused 11-year-old on the ground. the sixth grader telling the president he wants to be a navy seal when he grows up. >> i want to do a job to get me around and high charge. >> not only was frank here to work he got the opportunity to go into the oval office. coming up tonight at 6:00, what he has to say about the president's office and what surprised him the most about it. nancy: great to see that. a beautiful day for it. doug: very nice day. muggy but still summertime. next friday at this time turns into fall. not bad. the temperatures are in the upper 70's near 80. 81. good stuff. weekend plans to be outside? nancy: with weather like this, absolutely. doug: my job is to let you know what to expect. i will feel like it should for the late
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temperatures lower 80's in afternoon and tomorrow and sunday, isolated shower threat here and there but not that much stuff going on weather wise. a nice evening. but the way the weather is, isolated shower here and there. the temperatures drop in the 70's overnight. low 70's. the dodgers are in town to take on the nationals. satellite and radar together shows clouds and little in the way of showers. a couple more to the west. when we get to the weekend there are ripples in the atmosphere here and there with the temperatures in the low to mid-80's and the sunshine. don't be surprised if you don't see a shower here or there. that the way it's working. it's good for the outdoor events planned over the weekend. meanwhile, temperatures in the morning range from mid-to-upper 60's. 63 in fairfax. 65 in aspen hill and 68 in downtown washington. the weekend outlook is 84 tomorrow and saturday.
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just like summer should be. jonathan: thank you. maryland governor hogan rejecting the state's plan to help low performing schools and is blaming a state law. accordtology the baltimore sun he -- according to the "baltimore sun" hogan yet letter to betsy devos saying that he doesn't believe maryland can participate in the federal every student succeeds act because a state law prevents how the state can help low-performing schools. nancy: google facing a new lawsuit that accuses the company of gender-based pay discrimination. three women who worked at google filed the lawsuit accusing the company paying the women at all levels less than men with comparable skills and experience. they also say google promotes women slower and less frequentenly than -- frequently than men. >> she was applied and the request was denied and she was told you haven't been here long enough to be promoted. she started behind and stayed behind. nancy: her attorney wants i
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lawsuit so potentially thousands of female employees would benefit. google disagrees with the allegation. jonathan: the annual air show at joint base andrews. my goodness. we got so many calls about people saying there is a low flying jet and plane over the houses. they have been practicing all week. don't be alarmed. and stephen tschida off the base with a preview of what to expect. a lot of fun out there. beautiful planes, too. >> sky was filled with jets. it was loud and overwhelming. boy did the crowd and the ground like it. >> this left those on the ground dazzled.
4:35 pm
witness. >> they know what they are doing. >> a busy rally around d.c. it's more like the h street festival. it's happening and helping us to navigate it is the d.c. bureau chief sam ford. >> the festival extends from 4th to 14 and
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made a big comeback since the 1968 riots. in downtown d.c., they will be filled with the music of the festival d.c. annual hispanic festival. >> you will feel the culture and the dresses. then nice food and music. >> there is more on the national mall with the first amendment rallies. group called the jugalos who dress like clowns and like their own brand of music say they are persecuted since the f.b.i. labeled them again. a pro trump rally called "the mother of all rallies" in support of president trump. >> protest, a thousand protrumpers and they end up with 40,000 left wing people.
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>> the motivation is let russia know we care about anyone that disturbing the elections. and we won't tolerate it. >> police put out tweets and there are many roads that will be closed around the city. perhaps a good time to stay away from the central part of d.c. if that is not your destination. we said so many events that people at the park service told us today we told you about a couple of them. they have 20 permits. 20 permits for events in the national space on saturday alone. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: a busy weekend indeed. thank you. "7 on your side" consumer alert. americans cutting back on spending last month. in the biggest drop in the slide of auto sales. jonathan: the future appears to be electric. that is t
4:38 pm
the renault nissan alliance ramping up production of the vehicles. a third of the overall production will be electric. they told more cars than any other manufacturer in the first six months of the year. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the bigger the car, the bigger the cost of ownership. that is after you drive off the lot. it's no myth. nancy: the two new phones on sale today and the eye-popping price
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nancy: preorders for apple's new iphone 8 and 8-plus are now available. very exciting. they will be released in stores next friday. jonathan: you know people will be camped out to buy the phone. the starting price is $699. the big one is closer to over $1,000. they will be the most advanced iphones on the market, so they tell us. until six weeks from now when the iphone 10 is rolled out november 3. that is the big one i was talking about. that one will cost $300 more and it's between under $1,000 to over $1,000 depending on the memory. nancy: it's fancy. so many features. jonathan: can't land a plane. nancy: it might. jonathan: can it drive my car? clean my dishs? j we'll see. jonathan: sam sung is taking the next step. gally note 8 on sale.
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stability and wireless charging. you have to dig deep in the pocket for the device as well. prices start at $930. you think you want to go back to flip phones. jonathan: i want to go back to flip phones. still ahead the cost of owning a car is going up. we explain why the bigger the car, the bigger the cost. not a myth. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen outside the national archives where a special naturalization ceremony was held. coming up; a message about tolerance from the acting d.h.s. secretary. nancy: a first look how to start next week with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington" -- the price of gas, oil changes, tires, insurance. we broke it down to show how much the car is costing you in the long run. >> with a shortage of local school bus drivers i get behind the wheel to find out what it takes to drive a yellow
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>> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morn
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jonathan: working in partnership with the parent company sinclair broadcast group we believe it's a privilege and responsibility to bring you stories of health and healing. in this case it's to help those facing the physical and the psychological challenges of getting older. in tonight's sinclair cares we look at aging with grace. >> arms out. inhail. reach up. reporter: from a distance it might seem like a routine chair exercise class but it's far from it. >> how about the accordion? move. you've got to move. move it or lose it, right? reporter: suzanne leads a group through ageless grace, a program with certified instructors around the world from large classes at senior communities to small ones like this at henderson county, nares. -- henderson county, north carolina. >> to move different body parts and be
4:47 pm
reporter: the national institute of health show studies show exercise has a powerful effect on the human brain. many indicate physical activity appears to reduce the ips dense of depression -- incidence of depressions and can delay or prevent alzheimer's disease and ease symptoms in people that have the disorders. there are 21 physical moves covered in ageless grace. >> get into it, girl. >> five aspects deal with psychological skills. 66-year-old kathryn has parkinson's. >> it helps slow the progression of the disease. exercise in any form is one of the most important thing i can do. >> combination of the physical movement and creative thought. 69-year-old cathy hudson loves coming here. >> it makes it hard to
4:48 pm
so she keeps me moving. i like that. >> shake it up, shake it up, baby. >> there is no right or wrong answer. we let them be there. >> for sinclair cares, i'm frank crocker. nancy: former prosecutor you may know from a serial podcast wants to be baltimore's top lawyer. he is going to run in next year's democratic primary for the state attorney. he handle it would state opposition for new trial for said -- adnan syed. jonathan: can you believe hockey season begins today. caps hit the ice for the first practice. caps face the devils in the preseason opener monday in jersey. the caps regular season starts october
4:49 pm
what for the second straight year they were eliminated by pittsburgh in the second round. we are trying to eliminate that from our memory. the first time they meet wednesday october 11. better luck this time. go live desk now. larry smith has a look at what is coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: tonight we are gearing up for friday night lights. scott abraham live for the game of the week. plus, how a local police department plans to use drones to protect the oldest and the youngest residents. and parking spaces turned into parks and we explain why at 5:00. nancy: see you then. thank you. large programs are breaking out in a speech by ben shapiro. the groups clashed and they are accused of carrying banned weapons.
4:50 pm
constitution and citizenship day on sunday, they hosted a special naturalization ceremony this morning. as meij mike reports one of the individuals who took the oath today is a prominent d.c. playwright. >> i hereby declare -- >> just steps away from the charters of freedom. declaration, the constitution and the bill of rights. 30 naturalization candidates from 22 countries around the world took the oath of allegiance. >> congratulations. >> this is really, really, amazing wonderful experience. >> in the ceremony, acting d.h.s. secretary elaine duke addressed the u.s. citizens saying diversity makes the nation better. >> i believe in tolerance. i believe in inclusion. >> those remarks were welcomed by karen who says even though at age 10, she and her parents came here from mexico on visas. she has empathy for so-called "dreamers" with the daca program currently in limbo. >> i think people need to educate the young people that come here
4:51 pm
americans in every way except on paper. >> tonight, she is not just celebrating her new american citizenship, she is celebrating opening night of the new play at the arena play called "native gardens." >> it is set in washington, d.c. a comedy. >> it explores the cultural clash between the young latino couple and the older white neighbors. >> they are examining the issues that are going on right now in the society. but with humor. >> she is also the founder of the young playwright theater, organization teaching playwrighting in d.c. public schools. now she can add another line. naturalized american. at the national archives, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. steve: all right. the weekend weather forecast. the last one i do with doug. nice way to end the newscast. doug: absolutely. steve: take it away for the weekend. doug: am i supposed to point at these?
4:52 pm
steve: sure! doug: i get nervous on tv. it's summary, the last weekend of summer. weekend of the summer. about 84. stray shower saturday and sunday but most is fine. >> moving to the next ten days we have a chance we could see effect from jose, mainly the east coast. delmarva beaches. >> after that it's beautiful. >> looks good. nothing to do those days. >> i'll find something to do. trust me. steve: many of you might not know when i was younger and i said this earlier i used to watch doug on tv in detroit on channel 4 and channel 7. another individual who we used to work with in detroit was able to send over this message just for you. doug: oh, my. >> doug, merrill here from colorado. it's just over 37 years ago that we met and started working together wdiv in detroit. back then you were trying to teach me how to do television and i was sharing with you the wonders of forecasting. i seemed
4:53 pm
to be the better student. congratulations on a long and a distinguished career in d.c. edie and i wish you the best in your retirement. doug: thank you! steve: bring memories back. sent him a note and connecting you together. doug: he was a college professor and taught university level meteorology and he worked on the radio and he was well known throughout southeast michigan. the gnaws brought him in and we worked together and he taught me meteorology and i taught him tv. worked out well. he is living colorado selling real estate. steve: good stuff! doug: thank you. steve: what are you planning on doing this weekend? doug: whatever marianne says. steve: come here. this is doug's wife. if you haven't seen her yet. introduce her. doug: my wonderful wife. the line she tells people when sh
4:54 pm
around him all the time i? married him for better or worse. we'll see. steve: all right. back after this.
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some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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john: a new report by a.a.a. is an eye-opener for car owners. we think the ride costs us $200 to $300 a month but some vehicles are more expensive to own than others. >> when it comes to the cars, some are expensive. >> it's like $3,000 to repair it. >> a new study finds a cost of owning a new car is $8,500 a year when you factor in depreciation, insurance, gas, maintenance cost. a.a.a. says a major mistake that people make is buying a car based on emotion. all they are looking at is the monthly payment. they don't stop to consider the cost over the long haul. >> even if it is a new car. they have maintenance. >> bobby says many people add to the costs by
4:58 pm
maintenance. for instance, he sees them wait for brakes to wear down to metal requiring costly new rotors. >> all the manufacturing recommended maintenance saves money in long run. john: meantime, a.a.a. says some vehicles cost more to operate than others. small cars average $6,300 annually. mid-size sedans $8,100. small s.u.v.'s $7,600. large s.u.v.'s and full-size pickups $10,000 a year. why? they cost more, need twice as much gas and have expensive tires. keep that in mind the next time you buy a car. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, more questions than answers after a deadly confrontation between police officers and a teenager. abc7 is there to wait for explanation. the father of two children missing for three years makes a statement about his wife one day after she was indicted for murder. bitter-sweet day at abc7 because
4:59 pm
farewell to the chief. alison: breaking news from haymarket today where a police officer shot and killed a 15 -year-old this morning. it happened on hartzell hill lane. that is where northern bureau chief jeff goldberg is right now. what is the latest? jeff: an active police scene behind me. we got new information. the initial call, 911 call came in at 10:30 in regard to possible hostage situation with an individual who had a bomb strapped to his chest. the call came in at 10:30 to the prince william county police. the call coming in. hartzell hill lane. to investigate the possibility that a family member holding another individual hostage. again, had a bomb strapped to his chest. officers arrived on the s
5:00 pm
15-year-old male outside the home. they begin speaking and communicating in some way shape or form. the 15-year-old apparently was holding a crowbar. that is according to police. the police say that officers told him to drop the crowbar and then they say the 15-year-old male came at them. at that point one of the officers on the scene fired multiple shots at this 15-year-old male. >> the officers gave him several commands to stop and put down the crowbar and he did not obey them. he approached the officer. at that point he fired the service weapon at the vehicle. >> he kept to himself. he was quiet.


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