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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, going free. o.j. simpson will walk out of prison in a matter of months. new reactionover night from nicole brown simpson's sister plus details on where o.j. is expected to live. new this morning the reports saying the president asked his advisers about who he can pardon. plus, how attorney general jeff sessions is reacting after the president expressed regret about nominating him for the job and the shake-up revealed among the president's legal team. breaking overnight a deadly earthquake causing damage in two countries. tourists among the dead. the new video coming in showing the moment the quake struck during a birthday party.
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we do say good friday morning. o.j. simpson's days behind bars now numbered after he successfully made his case for freedom. >> simpson outlined the reasons he should go free saying he's done everything asked of him and insisting he's going to stay out of trouble. >> clearly thrilled. his hand in the air smiling much like he did after the not guilty verdict for the murders of his ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman and begin with emily rau. >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> reporter: almost nine years behind bars and now freedom in sight for o.j. simpson. visibly relieved simpson thanked the parole board after all four members voted in favor. >> do you think you can be successful with the terms of parole. >> i'm not a guy that
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criminal life. i'm a pretty straight shooter. i've basically spent a conflict-free life. >> reporter: the now 70-year-old inmate apologetic when asked about the vegas kidnapping and robbery that landed him behind bars but at one point defensive. >> so you believe the property was yours. >> it's been ruled legally by the state of california that it was my property and they've given it to me. >> reporter: just like that day reaction to the ruling came quickly. >> everything he said happened 20 some odd years ago is irrelevant. >> i figure he deserved nine years. >> reporter: speaking is simpson's oldest daughter and one of his victims. >> this is a good man. he made a mistake. and if he called me tomorrow and said, bruce, i'm getting out, will you pick me up, juice, i'll be here tomorrow for you. >> reporter: a tearful simpson sitting nearby and
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for life on the outside. >> when o.j. simpson went to prison smartphones didn't exist. really so the world is going to be watching the most famous parolee in america very closely. >> reporter: emily rau, abc news, washington. >> simpson's future plans include moving to florida. that's where his youngest kids are, a request that still needs approval from nevada parole officials. >> why florida? his two younger children live there along with plenty of his friends and victor oquendo explains. >> reporter: the state of florida is preparing for the possible return of o.j. simpson if he's allowed to relocate. his former manager telling abc news he thinks simpson wants to live near those closest to him. >> i think he'll come to the tampa area. a lot of his friends are in tampa. i'm in tampa. his kids are here. >> reporter: he's no stranger to the sunshine state. he lived here for about ten years spending a lot of time on the links but his attorney wouldn't comment. >> mr. simpson has plenty of options. >> reporter: in order to qualify
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would first have to establish that he has a support system in the area wherever o.j. ends up he'll have a nice cushion. his nfl pension has been growing in an account and there's a retirement account with the screen actors guild that could be worth millions. victor oquendo, abc news, st. petersburg, florida. >> o.j.'s parole hearing opened old wounds for the family of nicole brown simpson. >> her younger sister tanya watching yesterday's decision on tv says it brought back a rush of memories from 1994 when she was in the courtroom for o.j.'s acquittal in her sister's murder. >> when i saw him today and i experienced those -- the physical reactions of the sweaty hands and just kind of -- i was breathing my way through it and, you know, but then again when it was read, i just turned off the tv and my life went on. >> tanya brown says she openly laughed when o.j. said that he's lived a,
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life. >> o.j. saying he wants to get back to his family, get back to his life. he said, oh, god, oh, after he won the approval of the parole board for him to go free. could be as soon as october 1st. >> motioning to his former victim who then testified on his behalf yesterday saying, i'll call you. basically making the motion showing everyone there they've reunited. >> guess what, a lot of people will be there in locklock, nevada come the first week of october. other major headlines from washington, d.c. and president trump's lawyers are reportedly seeking to discredit the russia probe. they are going after the team hired by the special counsel robert mueller. >> they're said to be taking a deeper look at the investigators trying to find potential conflicts of interest. sources tell "the washington post" the president is asking about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself. >> speaking to one of those, donald trump jr. and the former campaign chief paul manafort have a deadline today to say if they will
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congress next week. the chair of the senate judiciary committee says they will be subpoenaed if they don't cooperate. >> attorney general jeff sessions is not planning to resign even after a blistering public rebuke by president trump for recusing himself from the russia investigation. the white house insisting the president still has confidence in jeff sessions. sessions says he'll continue to run the justice department in an effective way. >> we love this job. we love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> and there's a shake-up within the president's legal team handling the russia probe. the spokesman for that group has reportedly resigned. he had privately vented about not being able to rein in the president's tweet. >> there's word the white house is getting a new communications director. sean spicer has been doing the job in addition to his regular duties as press secretary. but the president is now expected to give the position to wall street financier anthony
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scaramouc scaramouche and senator john mccain is showing no signs of slowing down. in a tweet he expressed appreciation for the outpouring of support and promised his sparring partners in congress, quote, i'll be back soon so stand by. that legendary mccain spirit also on display as he told his friend and fellow senator lindsey graham to buck up. california firefighters are making progress on a wildfire that has doubled in size every day it's been burning. the detwiler fire near yosemite national park has destroyed at least 50 hopes and damaged 11 others. entire towns have been evacuated including areas usually flooded with tourists during this time of year. this blaze has burned more than 70,000 acres. let's take a look now at your weather. an unusual sight in the buffalo area. two tornadoes touching down south of buffalo. the first in more than 11 years.
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knocked down. outdoor furniture and even vehicles were thrown around like toys. you see that there. the high winds reaching 105 miles an hour. amazingly no major injuries. when it comes to the heat today the numbers are alarmingment over 100 degrees from kansas to washington, d.c. hot spots, 111 in st. louis and springfield, illinois. well, still ahead right here, the coffee being recalled for giving men a little too much of a boost. plus, a powerful earthquake rocks two countries overnight. the new video coming in as the damage assessments get under way this morning. one big bite. a man comes face-to-face with a great white. his story and the damage to his kayak.
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[ applause ] [ speaking a foreign language ] >> just like that, you're looking at the moment an earthquake rattles a turkish resort as a group is celebrating a birthday. that deadly 6.5 magnitude earthquake rattling parts of greece. the greek island of kos, a popular tourist attraction this time of year appears to be the hardest hit. authorities say a wall collapsed on a building dating back to the 1930s crushing people who were at the bar in the building's lower level. at least two tourists from turkey and sweden died in that collapse. several hotels were also damaged sending panicked tourists rushing into the streets.
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. >> it was the banging and shaking it felt like you were on a vibration plate. >> a small tsunami has been reported. thousands of tourists in greece and turkey were forced to sleep on the beaches. rescuers are now searching for anyone who may be trapped inside buildings. laptops are now allowed in the cabins of planes flying from the middle east into the u.s. they were banned due to fears that terrorists could hide bombs in the computers and the faa says it's now safer to bring such devices into the cabins where crews can handle any fires from the batteries. a new partnership with amazon could be important for sears. it will begin selling kenmore appliances on amazon and integrate smart appliances with their alexa voice activated assistant. that means in the near future a kenmore washing machine may be able to order more detergent from amazon for you. >> wow. impressive. >> amazg.
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musk says he has the green light to get you from new york city to washington, d.c. in less than a half hour. musk, of course, is the man behind some revolutionary technology these days including tesla and spacex. well now planning to build a hyper loop underground tunnel and said he had verbal approval from the government. amtrak's fastest train handles it in a whopping three hours. the minneapolis police chief is talking about the police involved shooting of a woman who called 911. why she says -- what she says about the officer's body cameras and why they should have been turned on. plus, the music world losing another talented singer at a very young age. the reactions coming in overnight including from his bandmates. for linkin park front man chester benninger. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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a biker in los angeles caught his very own, whoa, close call on his gopro camera. an oncoming car spun out of control and across his lane. he was able to stwefshg and avoid the car and still keep control of his bike and, get this, he then came back to check on the car's driver. not bad. now for a look at morning road conditions. drivers should watch out for flooding in the southwest. up to colorado. roads also wet along the gulf coast and in florida. if you're flying airport delays are most likely in minneapolis and chicago. speaking of minneapolis, the police chief there is criticizing the officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman. a bride-to-be who had called 911 to report an assault. >> justine damond was shot last weekend as she approached the police car outside her home. the police chief said the officers' actions go against the values of the department and said the officers' body cameras should have been turned on. >> based on the publicly released information from the
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vca, this should not have happened. on our squad cars you would find the words to protect with courage, and serve with compassion. this did not happen. >> the chief said she apologized to damond's fiance for her death. she's assuring the family and the community that justice will be served. the music world is reeling this morning over the death of linkin park front man chester bennington. the two-time grammy award winner was found yesterday in his southern california home. suicide suspected in his death. yesterday incidentally was the birthday of close friend singer chris cornell who killed himself in may. now, bennington leaves behind his second wife and six children. social media filled with plenty of reaction. bandmaid mike shinoda tweeting, shocked and heartbroken but it's true. and this tweet from jimmy kimmel. chester was one of the kindest men i've had on my show. my heart breaks for his family and his friends.
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he will be missed terribly. he was only 41 years old. a coffee imported from malaysia being recalled because of side effects, if you can call it that. the fda says it has an ingredient similar to the active ingredient in viagra. best herbs coffee in texas says it hasn't imported that roast in a year but doesn't see what the big deal is available all over malaysia and there haven't been any complaints. a kayaker survived a shark attack in santa barbara, california. the shark sunk its teeth into the kayaker's board leaving bite marks. brett jackson says the shark was just inches away from chomping down on his torso and flipped over his kayak. he managed to get back on board and paddled his way to safety. the beach was closed and signs posted about a shark sighting. >> time for sports and round two of the british open. it's under way right now. >> at tee off three americans are tied for first. they include this
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open winner, brooks cokoepka an jordan spieth. good morning, good morning, people. he's stan, i'm neil. i can smell the farmer's john's hot dog from here. >> dodger stadium not too far away from here. dodgers taking on the braves. dodgers came in on an 11-game win streak. suzuki is like what's your point. >> he's from maui, stan. >> knocks that out. laptsz, 5-1. later up 6-3. last chance for the dodgers in the ninth. look at johan camargo. win streak all done, braves take it 6-3. the yankees were up in the great northwest and aaron judge was making friends with a little mariner fan. felix hernandez has been good as of late. brett gardner was good as a
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present. gardner in a 0-0 game in the sixth goes yard. if you look at the numbers, gardner who has been very good against felix hernandez. you're not the only one who can do research. aaron judge went 1 for 3. still hasn't hit a home run since the all-star break. hugh freeze steps down from the football program. back to you. up next in "the pulse," was a parole board member trolling o.j. simpson with something he was wearing at the hearing. and why this bag of dust sold for more than $1 million. on our facebook page, the royal race on the water between prince william and duchess kate on howl whimper yap yap yap yip is your dog trying to tell you something? allergic itch in dogs is a medical condition that's more common and treatable than you think. that's why there's prescription apoquel: the revolutionary medicine that's giving millions of dogs the relief they deserve.
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"pulse" and starting with one of the lighter moments from o.j. simpson's parole hearing. >> talking about this kansas city chiefs tie sported by parole board commissioner adam and it was a fashion choice that exploded over social media. was he trying to send some kind of message, a subtle message to simpson who played for the buffalo bills and san francisco 49ers but never for the chiefs. >> okay, so the truth is far less complicated. he grew up near kansas city and tells the kansas city star newspaper he wore the tie hoping his buddies back home would see hit. >> he knew it would be televised. a bag of dust if you can believe it was sold at auction but a cool one. >> not just any dust. neil armstrong personally filled it on the moon 1969, a chicago woman bought it two years ago in a government auction for about a thousand dollars. it sold yesterday at sotheby's auction house for 1.8 million. not a b
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well, today we inhale the salty stuff. this is a really big day. >> bring it on. >> there you go. >> it is national junk food day and we have plenty to go on. a day to forgo worries about calories and consuming anything healthy. >> they're being urged to consume their favorite snacks and post on social media at national dunk food day. enjoy the day with family and friends. we' we'll be over here eating popcorn. >> we got a start on th lawmakers expressing outrage this morning after the washington post reports that president donald trump is asking advisers abt
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members -- and even himself. this comes amid the growing investigation into connections between the trump campaign and russia. the president has called the investigation a partisan witch hunt. after 9 years in prison-- o-j simpson is getting paroled. simpson was serving time for a kidnapping and armed robbery in las vegas back in 2007. after he is released in october-- simpson reportedly plans to move to his home in florida. good morning washington. toss to eileen - heat advisory 10am through 8 pm - feels 105+ - code orange air quality alert - remaining oppressively hot and humid through the weekend - tracking storm chances (strong/severe poss. this weekend) - heat wave breaks tuesday today: hot and very humid. heat advisory 10am to 8pm. feels 105+, at times. pm thunderstorm possible. highs: 94-98 winds: wnw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and very humid.
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saturday: still hot and humid. pm thunderstorms more likely. some strong to severe. highs: 91-97 winds: sw 5 mph a warning from fairfax county a warning from fairfax county
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officers arrested a handyman... accused of molesting children -- while he was on the job. and they're concerned there may be more victims. take a good look at this man. his name is "jerberth palma." police tell us, he worked in the county for 11 years. if your kids had contact with him - police want to talk to you right away. an update now on an illness outbreak at a chipotle in sterling. one person who got sick after eating there has been diagnosed with norovirus. the restaurant closed on monday for cleaning and re-opened wednesday. in all-- about 60 people got sick after eating there. norovirus is not a food-borne virus. health department officials are not ready to say this is why everyone else got sick. what if you could get from d-c - to new york city - in 29 minutes? well that
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elon musk tweeted today that he has verbal government approval to build an underground hyperloop between the two cities. how it works - sounds like science fiction. the hyperloop vacuums the air out of a tube - and then uses magnets to levitate a pod at high speeds. we will keep you posted! it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking overnignt. a seriors car crash-- sends several teens to the emergency room. what we are hearing from police. also breaking plus, could president trump use "pardons" to end the investigation into his presidential campaign? the latest on a shocking report. good morning washington. - heat a
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- code orange air quality alert - remaining oppressively hot and humid through the weekend - tracking storm chances (strong/severe poss. this weekend) - heat wave breaks tuesday today: hot and very humid. heat advisory 10am to 8pm. feels 105+, at times. pm thunderstorm possible. highs: 94-98 winds: wnw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and very humid. lows: 71-79 winds: n 5 mph saturday: still hot and humid. pm thunderstorms more likely. some strong to severe. highs: 91-97 winds: sw 5 mph


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