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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ad on 14 men answered it. by coming to the motel. the item discovered not all 14 were treated the same way by p.g. police. it all went down at the red roof inn on college park on may 23. montgomery county firefighter according to court documents answered a ad for texting the detective posting as a prostitute. the texts include "out of the shower. ready when you are. can be there ten minutes." he entered the hotel room. handed over 60 bucks and took off all of his clothes. maryland state correctional officer also caught in the sting. charging documents state a detective texted him the rates. $60 for 15-minute stay. he texed back saying can you do it for $40? he entered the room and used a finger to poke at the undercover cop's breast. 14 were handcuffed and taken to district one for
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that's where it gets weird. the firefighter and the correctional officer unlike the other 12 suspects were released and police notified their employers of their arrests. there is more. remember this all went down may 23 on smolinsky charging documents the date may 24 is crossed off and may 26 is written in. charging documents for the correctional officer has a date of june 6. p.g. police tell us an internal affairs investigation is now underway. a spokesperson for department says the firefighter was charged 72 hours after his arrest. and the correctional officer was charged the following week. the supervisor's officer's decision to release and charge two of the suspects at later dates is under investigation by our internal affairs division. the firefighter is still on active duty. the maryland correctional officer is actually on administrative leave with pay. both charged with two counts of prostitution and i reached out to both o
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scott taylor, abc7 news. jonathan: we continue to follow the breaking news out of the south bronx in new york city. former employee of bronx lebanon hospital center entered the center with a rifle that was hidden under a lab coat. he then opened fire killing a woman and hurting six others. wounding them before taking his own life. he reportedly tried to set himself on fire which then set off the building's fire alarms. it drew a heavy police presence to the area as you imagine. officers with the guns drawn told people to hide as they went floor to floor, room to room at the hospital looking for the gunman. police believe the shooter is exemployee of the hospital doctor henry bello. a doctor. a half hour ago there was a news confluence about the shooting. >> this was a horrific situation unfolding in the middle of a place that people associate with care and comfort.
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a situation that came out of nowhere. but even in midst of horror there were many acts of heroism. jonathan: this is a very active investigation. as we learn more we will pass it along to you. alison: new surveillance video released of a brutal attack that took place in montgomery county. a man stabbed by an ms-13 gang member for wearing the wrong colors used to identify the gang. the attacker was convicted of several assault charges and gang participation. he faces 63 years in jail. and will be sentenced next month. right now the district is gearing up fur the fourth of july hol -- for the fourth of july holiday. today mayor bowser laid out what you need to know and do to stay safe. sam ford breaking it all down for us. hi, sam. sam: hello, alison. well, with a four-day weekend for the fourth this year, there will be hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city. while in the
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grilling, personal fireworks and who knows what. police and fire expect to be busy. the mayor and her chief met at the engine 3 fire house on capitol hill with a backdrop of fire and police recruits to announce the first responders will be ready for the fourth. they had plenty of advice. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. we want to make sure that you keep your pets safe. that you are checking on the elderly. >> the fire department demonstrated proper use of grills. never on balconies, at least ten feet from buildings. they showed fireworks that are illegal in d.c. they shoot skyward or explode. legal if they fizz. but even sparklers can the dangerous. >> sparklers burn at 2,000 degrees. hotter than a blow torch. >> they have a search for legal fireworks. but they have competition. >> we have a
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here selling illegal fireworks. that is what most of the people want. they don't want the kid stuff. >> fearing a repeat of last weekend, police launch ad campaign against illegal a.t.v. and dirt bike riders. offering $250 reward to identify this folks. >> we will release the pictures of the 54 people of interest. sam: that was police chief peter newsham who said there will be a full contingent of police for the fourth of july weekend. he added that the members of the m.p.d. take pride in sacrificing their holiday for the best 4th of july celebration in the usa. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. the hunt is on for the guys driving around in the a.t.v.'s and the dirt bikes tearing through the street of prince george's county
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weekend. today police reveal the faces of some of those wanted for the reckless riding. the photos captured by the gas station surveillance. police are asking for your help. $250 for identifying the men as they increase patrols in area. i wish we had the pictures to show to you. hold on a second. >> fortunate we dedicate the resources we take them from some place else. jonathan: police right now are stepping paup trolls for outlaw bikers in suitland and hyattsville. you can find all the pictures. we put them on the website at alison: meanwhile, president trump back at it again. taking aim at msnbc's "morning joe" for the second day in a row. president calling the program low rated and fake news. this is after yesterday's tweet storm calling out the co-host mika brzezinski and joe scarborough. both responded this morning on "morning joe." just as kellyanne conway defended the president's
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tweets on "good morning america." >> i endorsed the president's right to fight back when he is being mercilessly attacked and the airwaves are filled with raw sewage about him and the fitness for office. alison: op-ed in the "washington post" -- >> whether they are personally aimed at me or aimed at me in some way doesn't bother me. it worries me about the country. richard hoss is with us. he appears to have a fragile, impech louse child-like ego we have seen over and over again. alison: so in this op-ed in the "washington post" the co-host said the president's tweets represent a continued mistreatment of women. jonathan: given credible video out of santa ana, california. a cessna in trouble as soon as a it took off. the pilot declared an emergenc
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around the airport. but did not make it. crashed on one of the busiest interstates in the country. the 405. only one car was clipped. nobody on the ground was hurt. as for the two people on board they were seriously hurt. they are in the hospital right now. the condition is that they suffered major trauma. but again, the fire crews got on the scene quickly. a lot of folks stopped their cars and ran to try to help the people in the plane. alison: remember this. this was in april. five-alarm fire that ripped through an apartment building under construction in college park. this fire was so massive it's now on record as the largest fire response in prince george's county ever. today, crews began demolishing what is left of the site. this is on berwyn height road. the fire was found to be accidental and caused $oh million in damage -- $40 million in damage. the owners say they will rebuild. coming up next at 6:00, the bone-chilling video just relse
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of police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. the newest details on the gunman's plot. >> an area in p.g. county well known for cash crashes claimed three more lives. doug: showers and the thunderstorms from hagerstown through the mountains will stay north of the metro area. this region will keep an eye on that as it heads closer to metro washington. the complete weekend forecast minutes away on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: baton rouge police releasing shocking video from last summer when a military vet went on a shooting rampage ambushing officers in a deadly attack. the graphic video shows the gunman gavin long seeking out the officers and then opening fire. three officers were killed in the shootout. three others were wounded before officers were finally able to take him down. >> you read the letters he makes the motive clear. he was prepared to be stopped on this day. jonathan: report on the shootout says the officer's actions to stop the shooter saved a lot of lives. alison: a crime alert tonight. a.n.c. commissioners in one crime ridden d.c. neighborhood are calling
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muriel bowser, to organize a town meeting to stop the violence. flanked by the police officers, commission jordan red off a list of shootings. this is near 4th and atlantic street in southeast during may and june. he cited the news reports calling the neighborhood the 25 most dangerous in the entire country. jonathan: still to come for us at 6:00, a purse snatcher that is leading police on a wild chase through schools and a corn field. it does not get end well -- does not end well. alison: imagine waking up to this. outside your front window! are you kidding me? how the circus came stomping to dozens of doorsteps in one
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z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y jonathan: a deadly 24 hours on prince george's county roads. three crashes in an 18-mile area. alison: none of the crashes are related. melissa dipane is in brandywine now with more on the wrecks. melissa: it was a busy 14 hours for the first responders in this part of prince george's county is well known for the crashes. a fatal moto
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route 5 north of brandywine road in accokeek. police say the rider gerald rashad stockton lost control of the motorcycle, drove on to a grassy median and flew off the bike. stockton was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. ten minutes later and nine miles away, 67-year-old james hill was turning his minivan to indian head highway when he was hit and killed by a speeding ford. a third car hit the ford. the driver of ford suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> there were some witnesses who say there were three or four vehicles driving at high rate of speed and driving recklessly. melissa: the third faye central crash happened this morning in brandywine. >> a single vehicle left the road and burst in flames. an officer was on the scene in a minute and he attempted to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher with good samaritans that stopped. they were mildly
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until the fire department showed up to put out the flames and at that point unfortunately the occupant was declared dead. melissa: so many crashes in an area known for the crashes. >> we are constantly there writing citations. melissa: despite the recent fatalities, the car crash deaths are down by 35% from 2015 new january of 2017. in brandywine, melissa dipane, abc7 news. jonathan: just in the newsroom, crazy video out of indiana. check this out. police chasing this guy for 45 minutes. then went across two states. it started in louisville, kentucky and ended in indiana where he was weaving through a college campus. look at this. that is a corn field. yep. he went into the corn field in his truck thinking i will get away from the guys. that didn't go well at all. not only did they pin him in with the cars, a dozen of them, then they get out with the guns drawn. this is the time you want to think about what you are doing carefully. look at the guy getting out of the car there.
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they drag him out of the truck. they do arrest him. they arrest him. 20 cops there. what did they want him for? he stole purses. alison: goodness. jonathan: all this for stolen purses. alison: he was outnumbered. jonathan: a little bit. alison: it's not every day you see this. an elephant in your neighborhood. at 5:00 in the morning. jonathan: mom, there is an elephant in the yard. alison: a person snapped pictures early today. this is in barbaru, wisconsin. the elephant got out of a nearby circus museum. ate leaves and the plants and didn't do damage. a trainer was called in and took the elephant back home. jonathan: imagine the 911 call. don't you know there is an elephant. a big one, too. alison: we see animals on the loose but rarely do we see that. jonathan: he so cute. drew, the floor director says, "mom, can we keep him?" alison: hilarious. doug is here now to talk about the extended
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we have ahead of us. four days. doug: it will be hot and pretty humid tonight and tomorrow but we get a break sunday and monday and back on fourth. we have thunderstorm chances. take a look at the radar now. we have some in the viewing area. hagerstown, extending to the eastern panhandle. watching us in berkeley county. there are showers in your neighborhood. we have an area monitoring south and west from charlottesville. headed north east to the southern blue ridge. if they hold together, they should diminish. it could make it to the portions of culpeper county. they will dissipate later tonight. the hole area tomorrow has better chance of the storms in the afternoon. late in afternoon a line of storms will come through.
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the winds are out of the south before the front arrives but we could get rain and heavy downpours. after it blows through the skies will clear out and that will set the stage for sunny and hot weather sunday and monday and less humidity. as far as the storms go. there is a chance that some could be severe. marginal risk in the area. north and west, better chance that it could happen as well. talk about the fourth of july weekend across the area with the temperatures around 90 each day. high humidity tomorrow. 60% chance of storms. no real storm expectations sunday and monday. but tuesday the humidity is back up. it should clear out for fire works. the beaches look fine. late day storm on saturday. otherwise it's 80. much more comfortable weather. a quick look at the next ten days, no major changes. stay up in the upper 80's to near 90 with daily thunderstorm chances through the end of the week. "abc7 news at 6:00" returns
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erin: i am erin hawksworth live at quicken loans national where david linkmurth started the day as a leader. he had another strong start today. bogey-free round which is hard to do. they say this course is very
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par four. he drains a 15-foot putt to go to eight under. he was adon -- atop the leaderboard all day. on the par four 18th he sticks approach shot six feet from the pin. nice work. he matches his opening round 65 with another today. as he birdies 18th to get to ten under. two shots ahead of jeff ogleby. meanwhile, rickie fowler entered the tournament as the favorite. he has his work cut out for him if he wants to climb up the leaderboard. this is fun to watch. 23-foot bunker shot, gets an assist from the flag stick. then he forced it in for a par save. fowler, though, finished the day two over after he bogeyed 18. now billy hurley iii who was last -- >> 18 is not necessarily with the back pin location, not necessarily one you want to be aggressive w
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iron. i was happy to see it come down where i was looking. bit of a bonus to not get that close on 18. happy to finish with a birdie, honestly. erin: billy hurley iii finished the day four over but he is expected to make the cut. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. wonderful day for golf. it looks like the course is if great shape. doug: a little muggy. tomorrow is really uncomfortable. the heat and the humidity. good chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. keep an eye on that. talk about the weekend forecast. around 90 for several days. definitely hot and humid with the storms tomorrow. isolated sunday. no rain monday. showers back for 4th of july but steve is tracking all you need to know tonight at 11:00. alison: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. the deadly hospital rampage in new york city. the gunman, a doctor, walking in with an assault rifle under his lab coat. killing another doctor, wounding others. the chaos inside. doctors refusing to evacuate, treating their colleagues in the middle of a crime scene. also breaking tonight, the fiery plane crash on the nation's busiest highway. >> mayday, mayday. >> the moment of impact caught on camera. eyewitnesses rushing to help. the pilot and passenger pulled out alive. intimidation tactics? the tv hosts firing back after president trump's controversial facelift tweet. now, the accusation against the west wing about threatening behavior. >>


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