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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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day trippers from the region as destination d.c. puts it. not a big event from d.c. premier hotels and a great time to find a bargain if you choose to come. >> occupantsy won't be that great but for those thinking about what they want to do over the fourth of july they can consider coming in the city and find great rates. on our website, or looking on their own to find a way to enjoy the city. >> they are ready. tell you the list of no-noes. five only them. no alcohol, no glass bottles, no personal fireworks, no grills. do your own cooking and no drones for taking pictures. bring food and water because of the temperature here. they urge you not to bring pets also because of the temperature. and a number of them tend to freak out in fireworks of the reporting live from the national mall i'm
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alison: no streaking out -- no freaking out. skytrak7 is live over the chesapeake bay bridge. look at that. this is on the annapolis side of the bridge. he has a look at the best times to leave. hi, kevin. >> i don't know if there is a best time. it took 75 minutes alone to drive from downtown silver spring to the location at the sanity point state park due to triple-a saying there are a record number of the travelers this weekend. in the washington metro area alone. 87% will travel by car. the rest will be flying or riding by rail. they credit the surge of the
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economy, cheap gas and good weather forecast. according to google map the drive time from downtown d.c. to ocean city right now is around three and a half hours. it will take you four hours no matter where you are heading this holiday weekend it's wise to pack your patience. alison: that looks nice. thank you. if you are hitting the road for the holiday you will pay the lowest prices at the pump in years. the national average is down to $2.24 nationwide. in d.c. we pay $2.21 a gallon. so throughout the newscast we show you the cheapest places to fill up. heading east, north, west or south. jonathan: we have travel, check. gas prices, check. time to talk about the weather. the heat is creeping back in the weather situation today with the humidity.
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doug: this is taking its sweet time. this is a little incremental increase today. over the weekend you will feel it. the key is we look at the temperatures now. it's not dramatically above average. the average high is 88. right now is 90 in washington and leesburg. 8 at quantico. it's 90 to 92. today is pleasant. we have been watching storms out west to cross interstate 81. those watching in the places like middle way or even east of martins burg. closer to frederick you may see an isolated shower. overnight is 65 to
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tomorrow and in the weekend is hot and humid. we could be thunderstorms on saturday. 60% chance. check out the weather for the fourth when i join you in studio in 12 minutes. jonathan: thank you. you can download the stormwatch7 app on your tablet to have it at your fingertips. alison: her family says she was filled with hope and promise. we are learning more about a 13-year-old girl hit and killed by a train while hiking with her brother and a cousin. you spoke with the family today, jeff goldberg. it's heartbreaking. jeff: it's horrific.
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this happened farther down this line. reyhan safoglu and her cousin and her brother were hiking and reyhan and her cousin started to walk on the train tracks and that is when it turned tragic. >> i love you guys. i lost my beautiful daughter. >> she reminds them that her daughter 13-year-old would want smiles after the tears. >> i don't want people to mourn. or be sad. that is is not what she would want. i want people to celebrate how awesome she was. she was awesome. jeff: yesterday she was hiking near bull run ridge and clifton with her brother and her 13-year-old cousin. >> we start walking and we just hear
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so i was like run! she starts running. jeff: michael jumped over the small space to the other train tracks but she did not. she was struck and killed by a v.r.e. train. >> i was in shock. i was screaming. this is somebody's fault. it's god's will. >> singing in the world children's choir was one of the many passions of reyhan who was heading to eighth grade in burke. >> whether it was music, school or sports, she embraced life with energy and optimist. >> i had the perfect daughter but i only got to have her for 13 years. jeff: her mother is planning the funeral and she wants it to be a celebration filled with song and laughter. she along w
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county police want this to be a serious reminder to everyone just how dangerous it can be to walk on traintracks at any time. live in manassas park, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we know the name of the csx railroad worker killed when hit by an amtrak train tuesday. the victims are 20-year-old stephen deal of meyersdale, pennsylvania, and 25-year-old jake lafave of cumberland, maryland. they were on the tracks inspecting a train when they were hit by a southbound passenger train. the national transportation safety board investigating the incident. also update on a fatal beltway accident fairfax county on monday. a 23-year-old was walking near van dorn street when she was hit by a car. minutes earlier another vehicle hit her, which then stopped on the interstate. it's not known why the car was stopped.
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sweeting up a storm as most of us started the day. some say the tone was mean-spirited today. he was taking aim at the host of the show on msnbc called "morning joe." melissa dipane live in the satellite center. reaction is just pouring in to the tweets. what are you hearing? melissa: the white house is saying trump's twitter feud was in response to a mean tweet sent by mika brzezinski. some of both sides of the aisle begged him to stop and condemned the sweet saying it's beneath the dignity of his office. >> another day, another tweet. today president trump tweeted out negative tweet about anchors joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. he called scarborough "psycho joe" and called brzezinski "crazy" saying she has a low i.q. and he commented at her appearance on a new year's eve event at mar-a-largo. it's not sitting well with lawmakers from nancy
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and lindsey graham. officials responding in all kind of ways saying the president is a bad role model to another tweet from a u.s. senator asking the president to please stop saying this is not normal. the folks we talk to also say enough is enough. >> this is what we have seen so far. everything is fair game. it seems like a hypocrisy. i don't find it surprising. >> parents say the name-calling sends a message to kids like her young son. >> i know trump is kind of mean. >> the president of the united states can be a bully why shouldn't my 6-year-old boy be. >> he gets in trouble over it. he will sent to the principal's office but the president can say or do whatever he wants. >> hours ago in the daily press briefing the white house pushed back saying the president was only defending himself. >> did the president go too far with the tweet in the deeply personal nature? >> i don't think so. i think that the president has been attacked mercilessly with the personal
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members on the program. he has been clear when he gets attacked he will hit back. >> this comes as melania trump pledges to fight cyber bullying. the spokesperson said she stated when the husband gets attacked he will punch back ten times harder. melissa dipane, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up the clock is ticking for president's travel ban to go back into effect. we look at the impact. alison: later, a dangerous find near the zone of the explosion in baltimore two weeks ago. jonathan: the changes five years after the storm that left the region powerless and introduced us to the term derecho. steve: i'm at the folklife festival. the theme is circus. they are struggling all around me.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" before you hit the road for the holiday getaway if you are heading to the eastern shore. gas buddy says the cheapest place to fill up along route 50 is the crown on dorchester avenue on cambridge. look at this. $1.96 a ga
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unloaded. under $2.00. you can find the lowest prices for your route at that is our website. $1.97. if you are staying in town, then there is plenty to do for the holiday weekend. alison: one option is the smithsonian folklife festival that opened today on the national mall and meteorologist steve rudin is there live. i know they moved the festival back to the usual location this year, right? steve: they did. because of the turf. look behind me. the turf is as green as i have ever seen it. this started this afternoon in the 50th year that they have done it. this year is the theme circus arts. they have a big tent set up. jugglers and clown booths and everything you can imagine about the history of clowns. it's free. it started
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this is a lot of fun and food to enjoy. the temperatures here are not so bad. lower 90's. the heat index value. comfortable at this point. things change moving to the upcoming weekend. it felt different just five years ago. a lot of you remember the dure ray owe. and chief meteorologist doug hill has a look back at the significant event across the d.m.v. doug: five years ago this everything the worst wind storm in recent memory hit the washington area. widespread winds of 70 to 80 miles per hour were reported across the region. the derecho left over 1 million people in the area without power heading into that weekend. the damaging winds knocked out 9/11 call operations in part of the area and power disruptions resulted in water restrictions in montgomery and prince george's counties. earlier that day the
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setting 104 degrees in washington. meanwhile, a line of severe thunderstorms rapidly developed along atmospheric boundary west of chicago. that line maintained or increased the strength as it raced toward the east coast. it got even stronger as it encountered the hot, the humid and unstable air over our area. after sunset it surged across the washington area. the storms claimed 22 lives, six in virginia and two in maryland. the highest wind gust along the derecho recorded in fort wayne, indiana, at 91 miles per hour. derechos typically develop in the summer. occur roughly once every four years in the mid-atlantic states. having derecho is seen as, you know, not commonplace but to have one
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strong put it in a class bits. well, in short-term we have no weather worries at all. it's absolutely gorgeous out there now. look at nats park. 88 degrees there now with a few clouds in the area. muggy side but not apressively so. through the evening we will stay warm. it's more humid later tonight. mostly clear skies the temperatures will hold in the 80's, as late as 9:00. hold in the 70's in the city overnight as well. we have been watching a few storms develop out across the mountains and interstate 81. this is ground clutter on radar. south of front royal and south of frederick and southeast of martinsburg, a few showers. i think they will dissipate before they reach metro. but for the viewers north and west the darker skies you may yet get a light shower out of the deal. by tomorrow morning we will be in the 60's and the low 70's. partly cloudy and you will feel the mugginess. southerly and the southwesterly winds continue to bump up humidity levels to yield hot and h
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isolated thunderstorm is not impossible tomorrow. the best chances again will be west of the metro washington area. things change as we get to saturday. we have a 60% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. it's partly cloudy. it's muggy. 92 for a high. but humidity levels make it people like 95. on sunday hot and humid again. isolated afternoon thunderstorm is possible. monday we will get a break from humidity. brief turn of the wind direction. still 90 in the sun. but pleasant. we get to the fourth of july. same forecast. 90. it will feel 95. humidity, partly cloudy skies. 30% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. we are still confident that the thunderstorm chances will really bottom out here before we get to the fireworks time about 9:00. as far as the forecast goes, here is what we have. warm and muggy. the temperatures in the 80's for the fireworks time at 9:00 across the area.
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notice the temperatures so much cooler than west of the chesapeake bay. the next ten days, one, two, three, four, five, six in a row, around 90 somewhere so. close to that on thursday with the showers and the storms. through the end of next week and next weekend it will be at or below average. at average. 88 is the average high this time of the year. we are close to it. alison: like you said with the derecho part of the big issue is the aftermath. so many people didn't have power and it was so hot. >> 104 when it hit and then 97 and later that week over 100 again. dube ray chos are not unheard of but something of that magnitude is something you don't see often. alison: it also knocked out
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jonathan: still to come for us we look at the changes the power and the phone companies made to make sure it never happens again. alison: plus, metro tells passengers we appreciate you. nancy: congress breaks tomorrow and we are monitoring developments from the "live desk." alison: a look it at what is coming up tonight on abc -- jonathan: and kidd o'shea with a look at tomorrow's "good morning washington." kidd: tomorrow on "good morning washington," whether you are busting out the barbecue or heading for the fireworks we have you geared up for the best fourth of july weekend ever. >> plus the hidden dangers of artificial sweeteners you probably don't know about and the safer ways to satisfy the sweet tooth. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25
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jonathan: something we are just getting in now. the leesburg man accused of selling classified documents to china is now freed on bond. kevin mallory arrested and found with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash in carry on when he came back from china earlier this year. prosecutors argued that he is a flight risk and asked he be held until the trial. but the magistrate released him on the unsecured bond with the home detection an
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we're foal the story -- follow the story. alison: now the republicans hope to have a new version of the healthcare plan in hands of the lawmakers before leaving for july 4th recess. nancy chen is at the "live desk" and is monitoring the new developments for this? nancy: there are new developments. nine republican lawmakers oppose the plan as it stands and a fox news poll shows approval for it at just 27%. three other polls don't have it with any more of 17% approval. vice president pence is confident there will be a plan that can pass. >> before the summer is out, president trump will work with the congress and we'll keep a promise to the american people. we will repeal and replace obamacare. >> i said mr. president i would love to help you on healthcare. i cannot go down the repeal process. can you work with us and be the mr. fix it president and let's repair it? nancy: another blow to the republican congress today as the congressional budget office
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the federal deficit to spike to $693 billion this year. that is $134 million more than it originally predicted in january. lawmakers have until early or mid-october to increase the amount the governor can borrow before it hits the debt ceiling and starts defaults on the loan. at the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. alison: thank you. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00", we are hours away from part of president's travel ban going back in to effect. we look at what could happen once it does. >> later for us, ten years to the day the iphone first hit the market. "7 on your side" taking a closer look at whether cell phone insurance is worth getting. >> we will show you what dominion energy is doing to make sure when the next derecho hits the power poles don't snap. alison: "7 on your side" tracking gas prices for the holiday getaway. if you are heading north for weekend fill up in aberdeen, maryland. there is an exxon and a royal farms
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unleaded. if you wait until the jersey turnpike you will pay $2.32 a gallon. we'll be right back.
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it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: as we have been talkin
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struck the area. derecho winds killed 22 people from the midwest to the midatlantic. it knocked out power to millions. the stormwatch7 team says derechos occur on average every four years in the d.c. area. are we prepared for the next one? nathan baca live in vienna with what is being done to keep your family safe. nathan? nathan: power poles like these snap when trees came crashing down so dominion energy learned valuable lessons that we are showing what is being done to keep the families safe. power line worker keith recalls the derecho storm. >> everything in great falls is torn up. just destruction. all around. no matter what job you went to, you know, the poles and everything, the trees are tore all up. >> the power is out. you can't take a shower, a hot shower. the kis
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and your life has been turned upside down. you want to know when your power is going to be retored. >> that is the point of dominion energy control center in herndon. with automation and new technology they can spot the worst power outages quicker than before. >> we can now have a very firm grip on what our damage is to a storm in four hours. >> just like this control center, customers can now see real-time updates on where crews are and when power will be restored. and the best way to avoid storm topped trees taking power lines underground. >> we have put lines underground for over 600 miles. there is a lot more to come in the future. >> utilities are doing a lot more than that to protect against the next derecho. telephone companies are working to make sure that 911 lines are secure when the winds come. but we'll have more on that
5:31 pm reporting live in vienna, nathan baca, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. developing right now, michigan's attorney general wants to shut down a pair of underwater oil pipelines. this move follows a consultant's suggestion of ecofriendly options because the five-mile pipeline return under the waterway. the company that runs the pipeline insist they are in good shape with no environmental threat. alison: we are following new information out of baltimore where asbestos was found on a wall of a holiday inn. that is the same hotel where the steam pipe exploded last week. the company that owns the pipeline is leading the clean-up effort after asbestos was found around the act wall pipes. now -- actual pipes. experts want to know if it will have any effect on people who recently stayed there. >> justice like when the ince -- just like when the incident happened on september 11 and all the debris came up. then they were finding out later all the people
5:32 pm
getting sick. alison: so far no asbestos in the air. jonathan: rally underway at the metro station against the latest hike in the wmata fares as the metro employees fan out to thank riders for the patience on the rider appreciation day. the metro workers union doesn't want you to drink the kool-aid on that one. we'll explain why coming up at 6:00. alison: well, with the president's controversial travel ban kicking in, in two and a half hours the questions are will it stand? and what challenges will it face before the supreme court can hear the case? our chief political correspondent scott thuman has some answers. scott: new limits on who can come into the country may be defined but also may be defended. the supreme court won't take up the travel
5:33 pm
until october. and in the meantime, arguing is sure to abound. >> anyone who thinks we are just going to have smooth sailing and no major developments between now and october would be short-sighted. >> i think they might be in for a surprise. scott: brianne of the constitutional accountability center advises more than 100 democratic members of congress. >> this is what happens is the supreme court provides some guidance but the lower courts are left to further interpret and apply it in particular cases. scott: expect challenges over the administration guidelines limiting entry from the six effected countries for the most part only from spouses, children, siblings. >> if you are a grandmother whose foreign national grandchild is supposed to come over and they are barred it's difficult do say it doesn't harm you. there will be questions and litigation. >> when someone wants to come from somalia, there is no infrastructure in the country of somalia for them to vet the people before they get here. all we ask, all the president asks in the travel ban is we want extrem
5:34 pm
sure that people that want to harm america are vetted in the countries before they get here. scott: the white house insists that is the point of the ban. a pause for homeland security and other agencies to improve vetting. until then they will prepare for any lower court challenges they might face on the new guidelines and find tune the arguments for this fall. >> it's a comprehensive review of the whole system. whether they have ties or not we will make it water tight. >> on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: update tonight now -- >> when healthcare is under attack. what do we do that? >> that was a protest. jonathan: but after a big money fundraiseer that drew the protest outside the trump hotel, the president was attending the $35,000 a plate evented. a campaign fundraiser for the re-election in 2020. the spokesperson said he
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re-election campaign. alison: "7 on your side" to save you money at the pump if you are traveling for july 4. if you are driving to the south, the ruther glen exit on i-95 is a good place to fill up. says there are exxon and gulf stations there charging $1.93 for a gallon of regular unleaded. you can find the best gas prices wherever you are going at still ahead here at 5:00, colors if the cloud. what you were seeing in the skies if you were up early this morning. jonathan: wow! coming up at 6:00, these aren't the beverly hillbillies. not so much. why did the family pack up so much on the roof of their car? find out where they
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steve: i'm steve rudin at the folklife festival. it goes on until 9. a lot going on now. it's quieter right now. there are the acrobats up there. we are waiting for them to do something but they are taking a bit of break right now and hopefully they will get going. talk about the weather for you as we move through the next four days. the long holiday weekend. daytime highs are in the lower 90's. we will see the temperatures going to be fairly warm for this time of year but not terribly hot. the added heat and the humidity. we will see the temperatures for the fourth of july in the lower 90's. chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. here is your ten-day outlook from the stormwatch7. it shows daytime high temperatures around 90 degrees. as we move through the next ten days with a chance for isolated showers throughout each of the days. back now live and we are at the smithsonian folklife festival that stays open this everything. you can see the acrobats there, testing out everything. there is a big top down here. a lot to do. this year's theme is
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stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". we are back after
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hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys e next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. jonathan: this is r2d2 that sold for $750,000 for an auction on wednesday. the name of the person who boug
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other things like lieu skywalker's light sabre and darth vader's helmet sold at auction but not as much as the droid. it would be cool if it worked. alison: but still, to have the real r2d2 at your house is pretty cool. >> three, two, one. alison: after weeks, i mean weeks of delays this rocket lifted off this morning. the weather scrubbed that launch at least ten times before it was finally age to take off from the virginia facility. this happened just before 4:30 this morning. jonathan: by the way that is your tv. nasa's feed. i broke up. it's nasa. how does their tv break up? alison: that does not instill confidence. jonathan: these are the smartest guys in the world. if you were up to see it you may have not only seen that rocketed streak across the sky but also the mission payoff. nasa had to release colors to track wind patterns. the
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that was a mini northern lights. pretty. nothing to see but green in t.p.c. in potomac today. beautiful golf course and beautiful day to be out there. alison: a nice day. how are you doing, scott? scott: hey, guys. a lot of green. a lot of birdies. we'll explain why there is a military presence on the court. >> i'm leaving. i'm leaving and i see all the people. what is going on? jonathan: this is a great story. find out what a group of strangers did to help this man who used to walk
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alison: if you are heading west to i-81 the best bet fill up at front royal where the royal auto center is. it's charging $1.92. for a gallon of unleaded. you can't beat that. track the best chances when and wherever you
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jonathan: "7 on your side" now with health matters. 'tis the season to add amazing super foods to your diet. among the seasonal foods available this summer are orangettis. spaghetti squash orange inside. white peaches. home grown heirloom tomatoes. tomato. sugar babies, round watermelons with no seeds. all the fruit has super good nutrition and are only available in tern times of the year. alison: sugar babies. jonathan: absolutely. alison: exciting and an emotional day at the naval academy as the new class of plebes took their oath of office this morning. the newest class arrived in annapolis and they sent part of the day getting the signature buzz cut. this is the beginning of the four-year journey to become mid-ship men. more than 1200 men and women were there today. jonathan: we wish them the best of lu
5:46 pm
can be amazing. david goines introduces us to a young man whose life changed after he accepted a ride from a complete stranger on a hot day. >> for justin, walking to work is part of a job. until a few weeks ago. >> pull up and you need a ride. finally, please. get a raid. >> a stranger, a ride to work. air conditioning. it may not seem like much. >> so blessed. >> imagine how this recent high school grad felt on friday. >> the man who had given him is a rockwall business owner that shared the commute story online. the donation came in and enough to own the first car. >> i wouldn't think it would happen to me. it
5:47 pm
behind the act of the generosity told me they would rather stay in background. but posted the moment to facebook live. >> they are inspired to help hardworking neighbor they may not know yet. >> social media did the rest. >> we saw a live feed yesterday and it almost brought me to tears. >> crystal says it is a moment that rockwall is talk and sharing thousands of times over. >> to be so loving and giving in a world today is rare. >> this is the first time. >> shows how beautiful people are. this is the first time he watched the life that changed him forever. >> i want to pass it on to everybody.
5:48 pm
saved up for a car but had many long walks to work ahead. walks he no longer has to take. >> keep your head up. >> rockwall, david goins. >> the cool part of the story he takes a ride from a stranger. the stranger tells a few folks gets on social media. competitive restaurant, fast food restaurant starts to put a cup out. they raised $1,100 in a matter of hours. the owner of the car company said wait. what are we doing here? they found a toyota to reduce the price for. alison: but it started with a guy offering a ride. so touching. >> it is. coming up for this, a former redskin pushed to the limit finding out what was running through the mind of star running back clinton portis when his fortune was wiped out in front of his eyes. plus more on the white house reaction to the newest firestorm of tweets for president trump. that and more coming up in a
5:49 pm
alison: but first, we will talk more about the weather today. jonathan: let's get back to the stormwatch7 weather center to get an idea of what to expect. doug: you can see the numbers rise for the humidity and the temperatures. at this moment it's looking good at the national harbor. temperatures in the upper 80's. look at the rest of the numbers. we hit 90 at reagan national airport. it's 87 at quantico. it's cooler breeze in annapolis where it is 82. get used to the number. what will change is the temperature will go up two or three degrees. the humidity will increase. update on the showers and the storms for 81 and 15. northern and the western suburbs may see a sprinkle. other than that it is muggy tonight. most areas in the
5:50 pm
metro washington 70 to 72 to start the day. through the day we will hit 92. humidity levels make it feel like 94 or 95. 60% chance of thunderstorms. sunday isolated storms and 91. monday looks good. looks like a dry day. looking ahead to the fourth. partly cloudy, hot and humid. 90. feeling closer to 95. most of the active is done or out of area before fireworks after 9:00. back to you. jonathan: thanks. jonathan: perfect weather. every weather is perfect for golf. alison: it's a nice day to be out and about. that is where scott is in potomac. how is it going? scott: a perfect day for a round of golf here at t.p.c. potomac.
5:51 pm
the p.g.a. tour making the annual stop for the quicken loans national. the fabric of the tournament has been about honoring the military. this week, the men and women that serve and protect the country are the real stars out there on the course. teaming off for round one. special voice greeting golfers. >> welcome to the quicken loans national. scott: 18 marines as honorary starters. >> it's amazing to see the pga tours up front and shaking the hands. under the bright spotlight. >> troy. >> what was the most nerve-racking part? >> the first time are you loud enough. you think you want to be loud and you hear guys on tv that
5:52 pm
>> with old glory and the backdrop, they are showing the gratitude. >> people recognize the uniform. that means the most. people recognize the uniform for what it is. >> it's humbling for someone to stop and say thanks. >> this is the 8:43 start time. >> unforgettable moment. >> chris stroud. >> for the marines. >> how will this experience rank? >> top five. scott: a special day for everybody involved. a great scene here with the service members in uniform. each day the tournament is honoring a different military branch. doing great stuff on the course. for golf, american daniel summer hayes and david
5:53 pm
lenmurth atop the leaderboard at six under par. the fun is just starting at quicken loans national. alison: a great d.c. tradition. to have everyone honoring each other there. jonathan: the perfect, the drill instructors are out there. they don't need a microphone. bark out the names perfectly. alison: coming up next at 5:00, is it worth it? jonathan: "7 on your side." we are taking a closer look at the cell phone insurance to
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with the consumer alert as iphone celebrates its tenth birthday. it revolutionized the industry. ultimately it gave rise to things like the ipad and some other tablets. alison: yep. if you pick up your cell phone enough times thans are you will drop it or if you have toddlers like me, they will drop it. when you drop it or lose it, then what? how about buying insurance for your cell phone? that has "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes
5:57 pm
horace: americans have undying love for their cell phones. >> is it worth it to buy cell phone insurance? >> i think so. i have dropped my phone in the it to so many times. horace: insurance for your cell phone? >> i have had insurance on all of my phones for a few years now. horace: sounds like a great idea but before you sign up consider sarah's story. >> supposed to cover accidental damage, stuff like that. so like i said you are paying $12 a month. >> she paid $12 a month faithedfully for years she says. one day recently she needed to cash in. she dropped her phone and the screen smashed. not only that, soon after the phone went down she smashed the face of her iwatch. >> i just happened to knock it against the wall. >> the watch was still under warranty. the phone, no problem. remember, she has insurance. when she filed the claim to get the phone
5:58 pm
$175 deductible. i asked the woman on the phone why is it going to be so much? it's just a screen. she said well, we don't just replace the screen. we replace the entire phone. >> this is jamie from consumers checkbook. the folks at checkbook are not big fans of insurance pomsies or extend -- policies or extended warranties on cell phone. >> unless it's financially catastrophic for you, like you couldn't pay to get it fixed out of pocket it's a good idea not to get insurance coverage. horace: sarah had the phone's screen replaced for under $100. the iwatch that was under warranty -- >> i'm not able to get it fixed unless i pay $250 for them to just send me a new one. horace: cell phone insurance, some people hate it and others wouldn't do it without it. is it worth it? for most of us no. unless you are prone to dropping your phone a lo
5:59 pm
that you can get it replaced or fixed. again, experts warn make sure you read the fine print of the insurance policy before you sign on the dotted line. i'm horace holmes, abc7 news. nancy: now at 6:00, president trump's twitter fingers back at it again. who he is taking aim at and the reaction from the white house. jonathan: the 13-year-old killed from the v.r.e. train identified and how the family is remembering her tonight. nancy: plus, do not mess with a pregnant woman. a story behind this wild scene. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: right now president trump's tweet setting social media on fire. nancy: the president taking aim at "morning joe" and the appearance of one of the anchors. trump slammed anchors joe scarborough and mika brzezinski calling "morning joe" poorly rated. he went on to say she insisted on joining him at mar-a-largo around new year's and
6:00 pm
she was bleeding from a facelift. the tweets rubbed quite a few the wrong way. the abc7 instapoll tonight how would you describe the president's tweets? self-defense or online bullying? go to to weigh in. take a listen to how some in our area are reacting to this. >> it's what we have seen in this presidency. everything is fair game. it seems like a total hypocrisy and i don't find it surprising. >> i think people should ignore this. this is a distraction from looking at the underlying issues. nancy: the white house reacting to trump's tweets a few hours ago. jonathan: there are so many issues on the table people are discussing. this is taking everyone's attention. scott thuman is breaking it all down for us. secretary ofscott: yeah, well, e white house is firmly defending the president's tweets saying he is taking heat from all si


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