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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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area. builting in from fauquier county to spotsylvania and fredericksburg. we'll continue to watch progression. some of the models disagree how much gets here and when. we will watch the potential for heavy rain. the heavy rain could impact your evening plans. temperatures 60 to 70. a little fog in the morning and then it burns off. weekend is hot and humid saturday and sunday. but there is an afternoon storm threat in the next few days. michelle: see you soonch update tonight on the status of congressman steve scalise. he is in critical condition after wednesday's shooting. jonathan: the park is closed at this hour as the fbi continues
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out there. richard reeve joining us outside the hospital center. they gave an update on congressman's condition. we understand it is getting abetted better -- getting a bit better. richard they say the congressman's condition is improving. we will get to that. first, show you images we just got these in from the f.b.i. these are the kind of the weapons they believe the gunman on wednesday carrying when he opened fire. one is a .9-millimeter handgun. the other a rifle. they were purchased legally according to the federal authorities. >> congressman scalise hit by a rifle round. the bullet entered his left hip and went out the other side, damaging internal organs, bones and blood russells. the biggest concern was the loss of blood. the bullet and the hundreds of fragmenteds are still inside
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mr. scalise. the doctors say he is still critical. but his risk of death is now substantially lower. we controlled the internal bleeding and the vital signs are stabilize. >> it's enclosed by crime scene tape. evidence teams spent much of friday combing over the ball field to look for clues. where gunshots rang out are now notes of love and understanding. we understand they need to do a thorough investigation. richard: the f.b.i. hopes to return control of simpson field back to alexandria officials by monday perhaps.
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they have put out thanks to those who stopped the gunman in the park on wednesday. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. montgomery county police asking for help to find killers of two high school students gunned down a night before graduation. investigators say one victim was shot ten times and the other four. one of teens appears to have some kind of debt and they are urging anyone with information to come forward. >> our belief for the community and we know they have been upset by this event and they should be, should not happen many montgomery county. >> this is not a random event. we believe that the suspect and the victims knew eh
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other. more importantly we believe there are people out there that have not come forward yet. have not given us information they know about the case. michelle: there is a reward for information leading to the arrest. jonathan: president trump made changes to the american-cuba policy. he says they will not lift sanctions on cuba until it releases all political prisoners, regulation spects the citizens -- respects the citizens' right and holds free and fair elections. he wants to restrict travel to cuba by u.s. citizens and stop flow of dollars to the military and intelligence services. >> i am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. >> he does not plan to close the u.s. embassy in havana. it reopened two years ago under the obama administration
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years. michelle: president trump tweeted today he is under federal investigation. he said, "i am being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director" by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. that is in reference to rosenstein who wrote a memo raising concerns about james comey and rosenstein later appointed robert mueller as the prosecutor. we are tracking breaking news from japan where a u.s. navy destroyer was involved in a collision with a merchantship. cnn is reporting the uss fitzgerald is taking on water after the collision. the navy has asked japan's coast guard for assistance. so far there is no word on any injuries or the extent of the damage to either ship. we will continue to track it for you. jonathan: a mill grimmage to mecca is -- pilgrimage to mecca. journey of a lifetime. but two dozen people are facing a nightmare. michelle: they tell "7 on
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side" the travel agent ran off with $40,000 in cash. they turn to consumer investigator kimberly suiters to try to get it back. kimberly: you paid him $7,350 and what did you get? >> nothing. kimberly: two northern virginia men among confirmed list of 26 travelers who paid cash for a pricy package, round trip tickets to saudi arabia, hotels, meals and a pilgrimage to mecca. the most holy city for muslims. when they arrived at the dulles international airport on monday -- >> the counter guy said no, you don't have a seat with us. kimberly: what was that like going to the airport and feigning out you didn't have a ticket? >> our dream is gone. i'm disappointed. the husband told "7 on your side" she was determined to go anyway. >> we have bad apple in the community. this is a
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this is a photo of the person they say took the cash. this week posters appeared at a northern virginia mosque warning against doing business with him. >> my message to the community, muslim community, when you encounter these situations report to the authority. call "7 on your side." you are doing amazing job as well. don't pay cash. never. pay by the credit card. >> some travel earls say they reported the crime to police and the virginia attorney general. we tried to talk to muhammad ourselves. at his office where no one answered. it appeared to be a home address in lorton printed on one of the flyers. a family member told us muhammad is not trying to scam anyone but he is not home. he made it to mecca himself. kimberly suiters, abc7 news. michelle: coming up, man versus wild.
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fox. all caught on camera. you won't want to miss how it ends. jonathan: wow! after nearly two days of deliberating, still no verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. what jurors are asking for to help them come
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♪ announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: now to a story we
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at 4:00. the minnesota police officer accused of killing a black driver has been acquitted. officer younes pulled fernando castile over last summer for a broken taillight. in the video filmed by castile's girlfriend posted on facebook life you can hear them tell the officer he was carrying a gun and a gun he had a permit to carry. the prosecutor argued officer overreacted shooting him. jonathan: now the latest for the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the defense's motion for the mistrial, two of them, have been rejected as the jury is deadlocked. the judge rejectedded all the motion for the mistrial and sent the jurors back to deliberate. now the jurors are asking for part of andrea constand's and her mother's testimony to be reread to them. now they have asked for the exact definition of "reasonable doubt." the judge says he will act if they remain deadlocked. michelle: the london police
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week's apartment fire. 70 others remain unaccounted for. today, angry residents march to the local town hall chanting, "we want justice." they tried to meet with local officials to demand criminal charges as a result of the fire. police haven't determined the cause but have ruled out arson. >> especially the investigators and the experts examined what we believe is the original location where the fire started. based on what we know, there is nothing to suggest at this time that the fire was started deliberately. michelle: also today queen elizabeth and prince william met with volunteers that are gathering supplies to help fire victims. coming up at 6:00, amazon sticks its fork in the food business. >> we'll have the whole story you could say. still ahead. jonathan: speaking of shopping, a driver in china giving a new
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jonathan: a fox attacked a guy. so to defend himself he grabbed it and threw it. but that made the fox madder. he comes back and habited the guy. then he throws him. the fox gets up and goes really? not that easy big fellow. he goes right after him. bites him. jonathan: he was taken to the hospital. he is having to undergoing rabies shots. the fox, short time later, it was run down by a car and killed by somebody that saw it as it was trying to attack something else. there you go. michelle: that's they don't worry about that anymore. if you thought that was wild. how about this? from china, the man taking the term "drive-through" to new
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then he honks inside the convenience store. he parked and had the cashier grab items for him. he wanted to save time looking for a parking spot. jonathan: just walk in. michelle: it is a small car. jonathan: that is a small store, too. all right. now to this big buy everybody talking about. amazon is making a meal out of whole foods for the $13 billion price tag. michelle: a lot of cash. the deal is expected to close by the year's end.
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existing brand and the austin, texas, headquarters. by mid-afternoon today the news of the deal sent whole foods stock soaring 30%. all the while other major grocers including wal-mart, target, coastco and kroger watched as their stock plunged up by to 12%. customers theorizing what founder jeff bezos is plotting. >> he is adding to his empire. >> i don't it will change. i don't think people will let it. i will stay the same. >> as long as they keep up the high quality it will be fine. >> it's strategic. it makes sense. it could automate the shopping process. that could be interesting in a couple of years. >> so far, jeff bezos who also owns the "washington post" is keeping quiet about his grandiose plans but there is plenty of speculation that amazon fresh will partner in
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400-plus stores. live in arlington. i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. >> thanks. caught on camera, a guyn't whatted for kidnapping in california led police on a slow speed chase that ended up here. that is the roof of somebody's house. the guy ran to a home, knocked on the door. the homeowner says i'm not letting you in. so he climbs on the roof. six hours he faces back andford. sometimes he sat down. before deciding to come down. when he did he was quickly arrested. michelle: he must have thought he was a superhero or something. jonathan: not so smart. michelle: a special day at the library of congress. people got a chance the talk to the original superhero wonder woman herself lynda carter. the 65-year-old about res famously played "wonder woman" in the tv series.
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jonathan: i had a crush on her. she looks phenom no. brian: it's the wonder woman -- jonathan: it's the superhero d.n.a. brian: all right. michelle: we were looking at this weekend. father's day. a big weekend. i am going to the festival at r.f.k. stadium. jonathan: and then the warriors game. brian: no pressure! this weather is not my call. i just tell you about it. the weekend, saturday is the storm chances and they are lessened, 40%. then sunday they are even decrease what to 30%. that just means smattering of people may see a few storms fire off. but on the pop-up storms you can't pinpoint where they will be. i don't think you should cancel plans. you may have to duck inside briefly. 84 was the number today. the rain flooding south and west. flood watch up to fauquier,
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paige. heaviest still to the south and southwest of fredericksburg. east of culpeper, orange, near fredericksburg. we are watching the heavy bands of rain because we could make a beeline to our area. that is what we are watching deeper in the everything. heavier pocketeds of rain could push through here. there are periods of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. if you are heading to the truckaroo there could be showers. the weekend, the jazz-fest at the river front. 40% chance on saturday. only 30% by father's day. big story this weekend is the heat and the humidity. it building both days. the good news is after you get through the weekend, maybe take a dip in the pool early next week big showers and the storms on monday. drop temperatures back and cooler for middle of next week. temperatures in the mid-80's for first day of summer wednesday. next chance of rain on friday. look at sports with erin. erin: sounds good. thankou
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mound and a little leaguer pulls out the stops to score. the umpire's ruling when we come back. giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey. bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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erin: the nationals continue their four-game set with the mets tonight in new
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max scherzer will get the start for washington. scherzer has been nothing short of spectacular. in the last four starts. 48 strikeouts and just 32 innings of work with an e.r.a. just over 1.0. he has held opponents to a batting average well under .200 this season. the mets will counter with steven matts making just his second start of the season for new york. i want to show you an 11-year-old from san diego. you see he motor homes from third base and flies over the catcher to tag home plate for the run. look at that. jonathan: unreal. erin: amazing leap. so really a good day at the office for this kid. but a bad day for the next man. >> stupid, stupid, stupid. >> game, set and match. erin: this australian
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player was given unsportsman like conduct penalty yesterday for calling himself a stupid person. after he dumped that shot in the net. the penalty gave his opponent the game, set and match. but a double whammy all for being too hard on himself. bummer! finally round two of the u.s. open and ricky fowler is still your leader at 8-under. jonathan: if that was a rule and it applied to golf, i would get it every time. erin: he was saying it about himself. jonathan: i have called myself every name in book. there you go. that is horrible. michelle: no names for brian even though the -- brian: not the perfect weekend. showers could move in later tonight. the weekend are hit and miss. mainly in the afternoon. you may have to duck inside briefly. jonathan: if you mess up our softball game saturday night i'll call you names. michelle: uh-oh. happy father's day. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. reports of a collision. a u.s. navy destroyer colliding with a vessel off japan. the first pictures coming in. and the condition of u.s. sailors. there is also word the u.s. destroyer is now taking on water. also tonight, the verdict, the outrage at this hour. the police officer who fatally shot philando castile during a traffic stop, the aftermath on facebook live, is acquitted on manslaughter charges. was there a list? a source now telling abc news the gunman had a list of names when he showed up to that baseball field. as new surveillance now emerges of the moments the gunfire erupted. president trump tonight, his own tweet about firing james comey. has the pr


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