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tv   ABC 7 News 11  ABC  June 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: their daughter is accused and an international scandal. >> i'm terrified for her right now. she was afraid that she would disappear. alison: the family of a suspected leaker speaking up. jonathan: fake news causing a conflict? alison: preparing for the worst. >> they need to understand they
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terrorism. >> why would somebody kill my boy? jonathan: a haunting tragedy lingering over graduation celebrations tonight, two northwest high school students murdered. alison: honor roll students found in a neighborhood not close to home, and nobody seems to explain why they were there. jonathan: tom roussey has an update on the heartbreaking investigation. drove by moments ago, 24 hours after the homicide happened. you can still see glass from the windows. the two teenagers were inside when they were shot and killed. we still do not know who did this or why. residents of gallery court are baffled how the teenagers welled --on the dead-end street wound up on the dead in straight. >> i don't know what they were doing at that time of th
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tom: 17-year-old shadi najjar and 18-year-old artem ziberov were about 17 miles from their high school and homes. people down, gunshot wounds to the head. tom: they were shot and killed inside of shadi najjar's vehicle monday night. audio from a surveillance system indicated well over a dozen shots. [gunshots] >> they were very good kids. tom: shadi najjar's father does not know why they were in montgomery village, but his son and artem ziberov were bright and took ap classes. >> why would somebody kill my boy, my beautiful boy? tom: the graduation went on as scheduled at constitution hall. >> very sad day, very emotional
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father said that his son said he had a next her ticket to graduation and planned to sell it. -- that he had a next her ticket to graduation and plan to sell it. again, he does not know why he came all the way to germantown. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jay: nancy chen -- nancy: nancy chen with breaking news, we are hearing from the parents of the 25-year-old government contractor accused of leaking a nsa confidential document about possible russian election tampering and sending it to an online news agency. tonight her mother and stepfather voicing support for her when they spoke to cnn's anderson cooper. i know that she served her country, she was a veteran in
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distinction for six years, the patriot. >> i know she did something wrong, she has always come clean with it. she has always been willing to accept the consequences. but i'm terrified for her right now. nancy: reality winner lived and worked in fort meade before going to georgia for stop she is facing a decade in prison. alison: meanwhile, a change in local policies that may have been triggered by fake news. cnn is reporting russian hackers infiltrated a news agency in qatar and posted a false story. anna-lysa gayle has what happened next. anna-lysa: based on the cnn news exclusive, the reports may be 's to cutng qatar economic and political ties, leading to a much bigger crisis. investigators are
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into claims that russian hackers may have breached qatar;'s state nes agency and planted a fake new story. according to cnn, the fbi sent a team of investigators to help qatar's government to investigate the claims. whatever is being thrown as an accusation is an accusation. anna-lysa: the accusation comes a week after the friendly meeting between qatar's leader and a president trump. hours after his tone shifted in tuesday, saying, "so good to see the saudi arabians visit with the king and 50 countries paying off. they said they would take a hard line on funding extremism."
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qatar's foreign minister said they will reveal the results of their investigation at a later time. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: important things to know about the nation of qatar. it is a key u.s. ally, home to more than 10,000 u.s. troops. the u.s. conducts air operations out of a base there and runs in operation coordinating all air combat missions over iraq and syria. jonathan: president trump he wishes james lamy bass james comey luck when he testifies thursday as part of the senate intelligence committee's russian probe. those close to him said he will refute the claim that president trump said he was never under investigation. watch the testimony 10 a.m. thursday. alison: attorney general jeff sessions recently offered to resign
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president trump reportedly deteriorating after sessions recused himself from all matters having to do with the trump campaign and russia. today the white house refused to answer if the president still has faith in sessions. keep track lot to of, so be the first to know by signing up for breaking news alerts that steve: the first fou -forecast, clouds increasing, mostly cloudy skies early tomorrow morning. the biggest change will be the temperatures tomorrow. highs only in the upper 60's by the afternoon. we will see a glimmer of sun and patchy drizzle. it will not be a washout. if you like the heat and humidity, the five day temperature trend shows temperatures 95 sunday, and that is just the beginning of a heat wave. alison: a big e
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response near bethesda high school tonight. sky track 7 flying overhead as police responded to heavy smoke from a storm drain. two people were taken to the hospital, one with smoke inhalation and the minor burns. jonathan: the war on terror, panic in paris and a famous tourist site, a man attacking a police officer outside of notre dame cathedral. he runs up with a hammer and tries to hit the officer. both officers back off, one pulls a gun, and fires two shots. the man was screaming, "this is for syria." gunshots,d the two and at that point my wife and i grabbed each other and ran to the corner. we turned back around and saw the police officers pointing their guns at the guy on the ground in the other coming out. jonathan: he was taken to the hospital. people were forced to run. inside of the anci
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fear and confusion, the police searching everything and everyone. >> it was scary because people thought there might be an attacker inside the church. jonathan: the attacker is in the hospital tonight. the authorities say he had a hammer and several kitchen knives. he has not yet been identified. new tonight, preparing for the worst. in light of terror attacks, we got a glimpse of tragedies with new video at the pulse nightclub in orlando. with pride weekend coming up, d.c. bars are doing specialized training to get ready for anything. jeff goldberg joins us with the training they got. jeff? jonathan, on 14th street, they are getting ready for the big pride festival this weekend. while terrorism may not be a top three are already for area bars and restaurants, a security analyst says it should be. if there is one thing robert
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remember them it's that terrorism happens where they work. >> clubs are soft targets. the altar bar at in d.c., advising bouncers on how to deal with a variety of threats at bars and clubs, including terrorism may cost a concern following the nightlife related attacks in london, orlando, and paris. smith wants bouncers to look for people who may be on their own or are trying to avoid being noticed. they are all potential targets for a door guard to stop them. street, crowds are expected for the pride festival. while people say they're always aware of potential threats, they plan to celebrate. >> there will be some level of concern or threat, but i don't think that is a reason to stop doing things you
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that will be having extra security this weekend for the pride festival, but that is because of the big crowds expected, not related to any specific concerns about terror. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. unanimouslyhouse condemned last month's attack on protesters. this was at the turkish ambassador's residence. calling fore vote, members of the turkish security detail to be brought to justice. at least 11 people were seriously injured as bodyguards beat, kicked, and choked demonstrators while the turkish president was nearby. still to come, reliving a night ar, the accuser at bill cosby's trial takes the stand. and
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kiosk. jonathan: and controversy over chicken, a chick-fil-a location.
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starting on the wrong foot, new zealand heading to the starting line and flips over. the boat capsized before they even got into the race. everyone is ok. jonathan: an investigation after a dog attack on a delta flight. a passenger injured by an emotional support dog. witnesses say the victim was sitting by the window, the dog was in the middle seat with its owner. >> completely covered in blood. they sanitize the area and replaced the seat. jonathan: delta said the dog and its owner were put on a later flight and the dog was actually put in a candle at that point. still questions about the circumstances of the attack. alison: a prosecutor says a massachusetts woman used text messages to play a sick game with her boyfriend upon
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manslaughter. she sent text messages urging her boyfriend to kill himself, and he did so. the prosecutor read several of the messages in court today. >> he says i don't understand why i'm so hesitant. she replies, you just need to do it, conrad. the more you push it off, the more it will eat at you. alison: carter was 17 when her boyfriend filled his car with carbon monoxide. after trying to get the message is excluded from the trial, defense attorneys now say carter was depressed and researched suicide on. jonathan: the woman accusing bill cosby of sexual assault took the stand in pennsylvania today. she told her version of the story. she said she went to cosby's on severalnner occasions and on the fifth visit she was given pills and wine. she said i got
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he led me to the couch, my vision was impaired. she said she was not able to tell him to stop. cosby's lawyer will argue the sexual contact was consensual. stay with us for updates as we get them. fired more than 20 workers amid accusations of sexual harassment. if or engineer accused company of systemic sexism. -- in engineer accused company of systemic sexism. a law firm investigated. jonathan: chick-fil-a is bringing in big business. alison: residence and nearby stores say that is an issue. it is on maryland avenue and a steady stream of customers is leading to traffic tieups. so many people complained that ddot came out today to change the traffic pattern. >> we got in touch with the owner and chick-fil-a and we will continue m
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understand operational changes have to come in for the long term. alison: instead of cars coming in from both maryland avenue and g street, cars now enter from maryland and exit on two g street. jonathan: how about walmart anytime that you want? kioskre testing a 24 hour to pick up online grocery orders , no parking or waiting. just enter the code and the groceries come to you. it is seen as walmart's latest move to one up amazon. outdone, isto be making an announcement to offer a discount on prime memberships for people who have government assistance. if you have an ebt card you will pay less per month for prime shipping and streaming. alison: the mayor can institute and the brookings institution released a proposal with bipartisan support calling for eight weeks of parental leave for new mothers and fathers.
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come from spending cuts in payroll tax, similar to those for social security and medicare. steve: it felt great today, the high today 79 degrees at reagan national, just a little below average this time of year. tomorrow, big changes on the way. 63 at this hour martinsburg, 69 at the airport. satellite and radar, stormwatch 7, clouds beginning to increase a little bit. we may see some stray showers later tonight, a few pockets of drizzle. other than that, mainly dry into the early morning tomorrow and through the day, with the exception of a few showers here and there. 58 bethesda in the morning, upper 50's manassas, fairfax, and woodbridge. grab the umbrella just in case tomorrow if you are outdoors for a prolonged time, especially in the morning. notice what
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at skies that will be mostly cloudy, a few glimmers of sunshine to the west. cloudy day, pockets of drizzle, but mainly dry otherwise. clout still with us tomorrow evening, but changes on the way after that. we are looking at a gradual warming trend. because of the cloud cover tomorrow and the wind out of the northeast, daytime highs only in the upper 60's, near 70 degrees. fast forward, the weekend, 85 saturday. fantastic sunday, 90 degrees. hotter humid come even as we move into next week. the beach forecast, ocean city, rehobeth beach, upper 70's, near 80 degrees, picture-perfect, comfortable weather. the capital pride parade this saturday, starting at 4:30, 85 degrees to
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the 10 day outlook, celebrate fairfax friday, 80 degrees. warmer saturday, near 90 on sunday. and look at next week, monday through thursday, we are in the lower to middle 90's. the heat index values upper 90's, and 100 degrees. alison: steve, thank you. how about climbing this. it looks hard. jonathan: this is probably one of the most technical climbs in the world, and this guy did it with no ropes or safety gear. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder.
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i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. alison: some are calling this the athletic feat of the century. is 4000: el capitan feet high, granite, vertical and in some cases past vertical. a young climbers scaled the famous wall w
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and he did more than 60 practice climbs to get ready for the moment. the whole thing took less than four hours. he finished that and was like, ok, let's go have lunch. jonathan: most people who climb come it takes about two days. alison: he said he passed some people who were sleeping. jonathan: he did not stop. alison: that is unreal. robert: you know who else has a hill to climb -- the mystics going for five wins in a row, and can lebron james do it again question mark
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the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. z2e2hz z1a2z y2e2hy y1a2y >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. 2-0rt: lebron james down heading to cleveland against the golden state warriors, but he has been here before. last year, the cavs were down 3-1, the family cavaliers came back to win the title. lebron was asked about his mindset last year. >> i don't know. i don't know how i felt last year being down
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i'm just mentally strengthening my mind, getting ready for what tomorrow will bring, and i look forward to it. is your home for the nba finals, game three tomorrow night in cleveland. the mystics in dallas taking on the wings. third quarter, 70-63, elena delle donne down low with a shot inside, the foul. she led washington with 23 points. the mystics win 101-89. camden yards, 0's-high rates. mark trumbo with the single up the middle. adam jones scores the game-winning run. orioles beat the pirates in walkoff fashion,
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right now the nationals lead the dodgers, 2-1 in the fourth. jonathan: lebron does not remember last year, huh? robert: he does. jonathan: he would like to forget this year so far.
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and he won't let donald trump stop us. alison: today was great. steve: it was very nice. tomorrow a little downer of a day with clouds and temperatures, near 70. look what happens closer to the weekend. next week everyone will be wishing we have a cooler day with heat index values near 100. summer is getting here, i promise. jonathan: it is here. nice for watching for stop jimmy kimmel's next. alison: have a great night.
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who wants to play the telephone game? >> i do. >> me! >> let's do it. >> jimmy: this is what i'm going to whisper into guillermo's ear. okay? got it? all right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: lil yachty? what did we say? >> please smack me in a sand dish with tomato sauce tonight? >> jimmy: that's exactly right. >> guillermo: that was close, we almost got it. >> jimmy: we did really good. start


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