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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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car. we are told a mother in her 20's standing in the roadway and she was putting her young instant child in the car or taking the child out. the child described to be around a year old. if you look beyond the crash there is a postal van in the roadway. i spoke to the postman and he says he witnessed the crash and says the her sids was driving -- mercedes was driving erratically. ten minutes before we came live, the montgomery county police were helping the postman move packageage and the letters to another vehicle. his vehicle is in the middle of the crash investigation. the postman was too concerned to talk on camera. we also spoke to the homeowner next to the house where this all happened. they said they were inside. they heard a loud bang. they ran out and s
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she was talking. her child they said had more minor superficial injuries. that child is only one years old. the mother air lifted by maryland state police to baltimore shock trauma. the child taken to children's hospital in d.c. we are told the driver of the benz who witnesses, not the police but the witnesses say was driving erratically on scene. the police are talking to the man now. live in aspen hill. i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. more breaking news now in a story you saw first last night on newschannel8 at 10:00. a man now criminally charged after being found driving a missing woman's car. her body was inside. tonight, police are piecing together the case while friends and family are mourning tricia mccauley's death. we have team coverage of the investigation going on right now as we speak. brianne carter is outside the yoga studio where mccauley worked. jeff goldberg at d.c. superior court. start with jeff.
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jeff: the police putting out a release to make the announcement. that adrian dwayne johnson has been arrested and challenged with first-degree murder in killing of 46-year-old tricia mccauley. charged with theft and assault. that came in moments ago. there are still so many unanswered questions. including how in fact johnson, the suspect came in contact with tricia mccauley. shortly after they arrested the person this morning at 22nd and m, horrific discovery. tricia mccauley found murdered in the trunk of her car. >> so distraught. >> last night after 1:00, jonathan padgett who had seen the man's face and car on social media walking the car in northwest -- when he spotted the man in the car
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music. >> the man spoke to padgett. hello, sir. how are you? he seemed aggressive or out of it or something. the person of interest drove off. the tip that led to the arrest. >> tricia mccauley last heard from 4:30 on christmas day. she did not show up for christmas dinner at a friend's house and not at a flight monday morning. police say monday morning after 9:00, he robbed c.v.s. and assaulted the clerk. >> this investigation is proceeding rapidly. jeff: the d.c. police do not believe the person of interest and that tricia mccauley knew one another prior to the
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incident. >> let me express on behalf of all of us in washington, d.c. condolences to her family. the cause of death was asphyxia due to strangulation with blunt force trauma. the d.c. police made an arrest. 29-year-old adrian dwayne johnson of upper marlboro, maryland. they are asking with information on the case to come forward. we will keep following this. until then jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: tricia mccauley was a popular yoga instructor and an actress. a vigil is set to begin in 15 minutes where brianne
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coverage. >> we have sean a lot of hugs and crying. emotion filled everything for many people telling us this was a woman filled with light and love. >> a special person. you it makes this horribly painful. brianne: she was a beloved member of the community. she has known her for two decades. norton says mccauley brought enthusiasm to every role she played. film and the stage where she starred in numerous local productions including 15
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>> she was good at acting. front of house. she could do other things. help with the sets. that sort of thing. when called upon. >> friends and colleagues say the passion she had on stage carried through every aspect of her life. she was also a licensed nutritionists and she loved to garden. >> an inspiring person. i feel like she lived her best life. >> the vigil in a few moments. this is the same time that tricia mccauley would have taught a class at the district. it will wrap up and they will have a candlelight walk to a nearby park. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: we are following the developments in the northwest d.c. where a woman was hit and killed by a car this morning. it happened on 14th veet at parkwood place. we don't know if the woman was in a crosswalk
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driver of the car did not stop. more on this at 5:30. jonathan: friday night we learned carrie fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. this afternoon her daughter confirmed that the actress best known for princess leia in the "star wars" films passed away this morning. mike carter-conneen joining us live in silver spring, where fans seeing the newest "star wars" movie are reacting to her death. mike? mike: this afternoon, we spoke with several fans of "star wars" heading into or coming out of the afternoon showings of "rogue one" in silver spring. many are just finding out about her passing. not justice the "star wars" role. she is being remembered and celebrated destigmatizing and being open about the offscreen struggles with mental illness and substance abuse. in addition to acting she produced film and work uncredited as a scrt
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improving screen plays like "sister act" and "hook." fisher would say she was the product of hollywood. daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. the feature film debut was in the hit "shampoo." she was in "blues brothers" and "when harry met sally." but she will be known for princess leia, iconic buns and beauty and the toughness. >> i remember her best from princess leia. you will make me cry. it's sad. >> it was a perfect fit for her. the role. elegance, simplicity. graceful. >> she died today after suffering a heart attack last week on a flight from london to los angeles. she was just 60 years old. now to lindsey mastis in the newsroom with reaction from hollywood. lindsey: there has been an outpouring
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i want to share some of the posts from you. william shatner saying -- and others saying -- one other tweet, this is from bob sagat saying could everyone please hold off on dying until 2017. unfortunately another notable death today. if you look at this. richard adams the author, very, very popular author for children's books. kirstie alley saying my favorite book of all time. "water shi
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know what it means. two notable deaths today in the world of celebrity. and they were both authors as well. back to you. jonathan: thanks. today investigators did release how zsa zsa gabor and gary handling died. zsa zsa gabor passed away after a heart attack. handling had a blood clot in his heart. michelle: it's sunny and warm outside this afternoon. how long will this nice weather last? stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the forecast. i bet it's not long, doug. doug: not much longer at all. the temperatures are turning cooler this everything. we will hit 68 in washington today. that is 24 above average. that a big deal for december. it won't be that mild. it could return to lower 50's by thursday. that is when we have 61 in college park. 54 in warrenton. 57 in gaithersburg. 63 in fredericksburg. the skies
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it's mostly clear. the temperatures will take a while. but they will drop through the 50's and the 40's. by early tomorrow, between 32 and 38 degrees. that is what we look for. the extended outlook for the rest of the week is fine tomorrow. chilly but sunny and 46. rain likely on thursday. it's sunny, windy and colder near 40 near friday. the wind chill is colder than that. if you're away from the set, download the weather app on the app store or on google play. we will see what is happening around the area now traffic wise. jonathan: we'll get to that in a second. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the steps d.c. police now are taking after somebody opened fire on cars along georgia avenue. michelle: plus -- >> you can barely move. it's hard to breathe even. michelle: taking a toll.
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winter storm across if plains. jonathan: later for us -- shoppers are scrambling for cover as after-christmas return rush gets violent at several malls across the country. michelle: right now, president obama at the pearl harbor memorial with japan's prime minister. we will tell you what makes i really like that about bassett.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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jonathan: breaking news. out of new york city. trump tower has been evacuated from a suspicious package they found there. we don't know where they found it or the kind of package. but out of an abundance of caution they found the package. new york police and the fire departments are responding to the call. the complete tower evacuated because thai want not to take any chances. president-elect trump is in florida where he has been on hall day with the family. you can see the traffic backed up. they have closed down the whole area of the tower on all sides. michelle: a moment 75 years in the making is playing out in hawaii. that is where president obama
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shinzo abe are making remarks at the memorial. q mccray, shinzo abe is the first prime minister to visit the memorial. what has he said so far in q: the visit comes seven months after president obama visited hir reshowma -- hiroshima. he was the first u.s. president to be there. shinzo abe is not the first to visit pearl harbor but he is the first to go to the memorial. you can only use a boat to go there. an hour ago they laid a wreath at the memorial. bookend to obama's presidency. eight years ago president obama invited abe's predecessor to be the first world leader he hosted at the white house. abe is not expected to apologize for the attack on pearl harbor but in the last five minutes he offered ever lasting condolences to the
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fallen u.s. troops. 2,300 died in 1941 in the attack. 200,000 people died immediately as the u.s. attacked hiroshima and nagasaki four years later. president obama did not apologize for the retaliation in the visit to hiroshima earlier this year but the visits are a sure sign that 75 years later relations between the two bitter enemies have healed. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm q mccray. back to you. jonathan: thank you. in missouri, a world war ii veteran who loves his music. it just might not be the music you expect. [singing] jonathan: see the guy rocking in the hat on the right side. that is the veteran we talked about. on the left with the guitar is taylor swift.
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living room. the star showed up at his house monds after hearing he was a huge fan. not a little fan. not a medium fan. a huge fan. the 96-year-old porter says he has seen swift in concert several times and he has driven to memphis and even st. louis to catch her shows. he says he is looking forward to trying to see her again on the next tour. well, now that she knows, he doesn't have to drive anywhere. she will just come to the living room and put the show on. michelle: at 96, he is shaking it off. jonathan: good stuff. bring in doug to talk about what is happening. i can't get over. 22, 23 states bracing for crazy cold. people in short sleeves here. doug: sooner or later it will even out went will get our share but there is nothing in the next 10, 12 days that is bitterly cold or threatening. michelle: we are not complaining. doug: neither am i. tell the weather story this everything. in good shape. all day long we have been enjoying the sunshine. after the front went through.
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this is the view from this morning. in the late morning and the mid-day it cleared out. spectacular day. 68 is the high in washington. 24 above average. at this moment, continues to be 59 in northwest. the values are way above where they normally are at the end of december. 55 in winchester. 55 in gaithersburg, joint base andrews at 61. 63 in fredericksburg. tonight it will turn colder but a slow drop in temperatures and mainly clear skies. early morning the range across the viewing area between 30-40 degrees. the highs tomorrow are going to make a comeback. but we start at a slower level. this morning we were in the 50's. 33 for hagerstown. i wish i had this for a hand of cards.
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milder south and east of the city. upper marlboro is 35. 36 in clinton. low of 32 in gaithersburg. there is the cold front depicted on the satellite. that moved out. skies clear and the highs move in. the high pressure will give lake effect snow. late wednesday night and thursday, what happens when the high moves out and the next system moves in. mid-40's and a typical late december day. a cold front will sweep in thursday. at the same time that happens an area of low pressure develops. it will move north and over new england a winter storm watch is in effect for measurable snow there. we won't see that. but clearing skies and the colder temperatures and the gusty winds on friday. big changes coming our way. for new
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morning. increasing cloudiness in day. chance of sprinkles at midnight. the larger system has a better chance as the period of the rain develops on sunday. especially sunday afternoon and sunday night. new year's eve, cloudy and sprinkles midnight time. we look ahead to sunday at fedex field, 4:25 game time. the giants are in town. temperatures in the 40's. there could be showers or light rain and winds are light. 46 tomorrow. 50 as we head to thursday. 40 on friday with the gusty winds. we find the new year's eve forecast not terrible. 40's. chance of showers on monday. more rain chances monday. next week settles down after the temperatures in the 50's. cold weather for early january.
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michelle: after the break news in trump tower, the all clear has been given. the suspicious packages was a bag of children's toys. jonathan: i hate when that happens. michelle: i know. all the people that live there. not just office space. jonathan: they are fire drills. i'm sure they are used to evacuate but this was a pain. there you go. michelle: that spike in the healthcare prices sent a shock through the system earlier this month. jonathan: it did. find out why a group thinks it will be short-lived. >> ♪ dragon breathing fire michelle: later, a look back at the year in entertainment. jonathan: now a look at what is coming count on "20/20" including a special "20/20" to look back at
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michelle: we are following a developing story if police look into whether there are links at brawls at malls across america. fights broke out to send shoppers running for the exit. police in colorado say the fights that occurred there in their mall was organized on social media. >> there was something going on around social media about a fight that was going to take place here at the town center of aurora which is what drew all the people up to no good to the mall. michelle: police in other cities including newport news, virginia, say t
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investigating to see if social media is to blame in those instances. dozens were arrested across the country but there were no serious injuries. jonathan: well, the navy is taking delivery of the uss gabriel giffords. the literal combat shift named after the congresswoman. she survived a gunshot to the head in 2011. the navy said it named the ship after her because of the per verence she showed -- perseverance she showed after the shooting. the gifford is is it to join the fleet next year. memories made at the dinner table. we'd like to help set a place at the table for those who sacrifice and serve for us by nominating a veteran to win dining room set at $3,000. go to and nominate one today. nominations are accepted through tomorrow. good luck to all nominated. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a look at the security
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celebration. jonathan: a d.c. police investigate suspected case of road rage along georgia avenue. abc7 taking closer look at the cases of the road rage around the country and why we seem to be seeing a bunch more of the kind of cases. >> a woman was struck and killed in a hit-and-run in northwest this morning. i'm amy aubert with the latest on that i.
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>> police confirm 54-year-old jacqueline cole was struck and killed in a hit-and-run this morning. they are looking for a dark-colored s.u.v. with front headlight damage. releasing this photo this afternoon. >> immediately i went to her aid. i was angry. i knew i couldn't do anything about him driving off so i turned my attention to her. >> the woman who lived in the area is deaf. >> if you couldn't understand what she was trying to tell you, she would write it down. >> she was a nice person. she would give you anything she had. it was sad it happened. >> i can't understand why people who hit somebody will keep going. amy: it happened on 14th street near parkwood place northwest. the call in around 6:25 this morning. >> a sad thing that happens. sad thing. amy: ferguson says not long after it happened he saw what he calls a sign. >> i looked up at the sky and i seen a rainbow across the gas station over
5:32 pm
immediately i felt relief that god was tried to tell me she was all right. -and-the victim had a hear -- amy: the police tell me the victim had hearing aim pairment. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: an update that you saw last night first at 5:00. d.c. police are increasing patrols avenue someone opened fire for the second night in a week. >> -- no one was hurt. this happened at the motel 6 north of piney branch road. over the weekend another driver reported having a car damaged after someone fired at it in what the police believe was a case of road rage. jonathan: while we talk about road rage the incident of the road rage is way up. some say it is getting
5:33 pm
effect as people travel the holiday season. jeff what ticks you off most behind the wheel? >> people who don't use the blinkers. >> impatient. >> i see them drive past the line to try to get their spot up in front. >> all normal drivers have feelings of anger. all normal drivers have thought o retribution like they'd like to get back at the person. >> sometimes there are deadly consequences. in little rock a 3-year-old boy was shot and killed a week before christmas. days later in portland, oregon, an 8-year-old girl was shot and i juried on an interstate. reports point to road rage as a motive in each case. >> if you think road rage incidents are on the rise, the national highway traffic safety administration says you are correct. citing a record number of cars on the road. >> in fact, more than 200 million people in the united states have a driver's license. young male drivers are most prone to having road rage due to
5:34 pm
clinical psychologist dr. david cooper lists two other factors confronting drivers. entitlement. >> they take it personally. they feel the person who changes lanes in front of them is doing it in order to wreck their day? >> programmable features such as the phone connectivity and the music apps that make a car seem more like home. >> you see the car as your personal space, as your private space. you forget you are sharing a public road with other people. >> the best way to overcome anger behind the wheel -- >> give the driver permission to drive exactly the way they are driving. let go of the need you feel to control how others drive. jeff: sage advice as we near the end of the holiday travel season. in washington, jeff barnd reporting. michelle: two weeks after being reinstated, a west virginia non-profit has fired its director for racist facebook post about the first lady. pamela taylor was removed following an
5:35 pm
development corporation. taylor resumed her job earlier in month after being suspended for calling michelle obama a "ape in heels." jonathan: they find recent increase under the affordable care act were a one-time pricing correction. that is according to standard & poor's. it's a one time deal but they are not 100% sure. analysis expects significantly smaller rate changes for 2018. but they can't predict what will happen if the healthcare law is repealed and replaced. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- making the debut. where the twins are meeting an eager public for the first time. adoreable. >> we love our devices. now there is a plan for super wi-fi expansion in metro. we'll explain in a live report coming up. michelle: as fns
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details about the singer's secret charitable giving including the organization he gave millions to. that is
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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michelle: covering metro tonight. after years from police and passengers word that wi-fi is coming to all the systems under underground station.
5:40 pm
stations. now look around at any metro station underground and you will see people on their devices. here is the trouble. it chews up a lot of data. a lot of people burn through the plans while commuting. there is free wi-fi already at metro center, union station, judiciary square, gally place, archives and l'enfant plaz stations. now in mid-2017, metro is planning to install infrastructure like transponders and wiring to go system wide at the end of 2017. they say 60% of the underground will be covered and the rest by early 2018. the cost is $5 million. metro already planned this wi-fi extension to support its digital signs. you might see those around the system to try to keep the signs powered up. the customers, meanwhile, say they are ecstatic. >> it's great to have wi-fi. data costs a lot.
5:41 pm
good to connect to people why you don't have service. it's good. richard: to be clear. this is not for emergencies. if you have an emergency in the metro system use 911. they use the regular system underground to do it for you. but the wi-fi, look for the action to be starting by early next year. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead, a university of maryland basketball player battle through injury to make it back to the court. michelle: shoveling out. if nightmare a white christmas
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jonathan: a turbulent year in the world of entertainment. michelle: david daniel has a look back. >> ♪ i'm in heaven reporter: the year began with the shocking death of david bowie. few had known the 69-year-old music pioneer was ill. no one was prepared when prince died in april of an accidental opioid overdose at age
5:45 pm
actor yelchin was 27 when he died in a freak accident and we lost beloved figures as gene wilder, gary handling and florence henderson. it also saw the most famous couple de-couple. branjelina broke up. angelina jolie filed for divorce of brad pitt. they are still negotiating custody of the six kids. another star couple with a star-crossed year. kanye west was hospitalized for exhaustion after delivering a bizarre on-stage rant and then canceling tour dates. earlier, his wife kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in paris. >> on the brighter side with another big year for "hamilton." the broadway smash won 11 tony awards and stepped into present day politics when the star read a
5:46 pm
president elect mike pence. >> we have a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> that prompted calls for a boycott. after which the sold-out show had its best week ever. >> beyoncé remained the queen. she won for lemonade and performed wherever from the super bowl to the country music association awards. >> it all feels incredibly surreal. >> leonardo dicaprio finally won ons a cor taking best actor for unbearable conditions in the "revenant." and disney had three of the top films. bob dillon won nobel prize for literature and said he wouldn't show up in stockholm for the ceremony. as a laureate he'd supposed to give a lecture in six months. we'll see if h
5:47 pm
i'm david daniel in hollywood. michelle: gosh, if you look back you find yourself say hog, yeah, that happened. michelle: for the past two months the cubs and the mom were in the care of the breeders. they are nameless. campaign is underway. it takes a while to figure out the gender. they are so cute. jonathan: you can see how tranquil they are. jonathan: time for a check of
5:48 pm
trenice bishop is out there. trenice: tranquil for some part of the area but not on the beltway. part of montgomery county we have a few issues happening. look at the traffic line cameras. the volume is picking up. new hampshire report of an accident near oakview. it is slowing the ride through the montgomery county. this is on georgia avenue. northbound we have report of an earlier vehicle fire. you can see the flashing lights here on the left of the northbound span. for you travelers through the city. if you are making your way out of d.c. to the memorial bridge. an accident is reported at ohio drive. that will slow the trip from the district to virginia. in virginia the travel continues to make it back and to the d.m.v. it's slow here. 95 southbound at
5:49 pm
from lorton to the stafford county border. northbound is jam packed from courthouse to the beltway. back to you in the studio. jonathan: thank you. seven on storm watch, the dream for the white christmas is a nightmare for folks in the neighborhood. they were hit with a winter storm on the 25th. although the storm weakened, thousands remain without power. 13,700 powerless to stop. more than 17,000 in the dark in michigan. doug is joining us. we have short sleeve shirts. then you have people skiing. doug: winter green is over 1,300 in elevation.
5:50 pm
the snow guns come on later tonight when it drops below freezing. they are still able to make snow. if it was 68 every day, we would be in san diego. we are not. it will get colder. it's not like what we had a couple of weeks ago that is an instant freeze. we drop from the 50's to the 40's. by morning we will settle down in the lower to the mid-30's. thursday with the rain likely in the morning and it should taper off with the afternoon clearing. the holiday weekend, partly cloudy, 46. showers on sunday. especially through the afternoon and the everything. highs of 48. rainy monday. extended outlook for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. it will settle down and the temperatures will turn
5:51 pm
new year's eve. temperatures are in the lower 40's. a stray sprinkle is possible at midnight. the best chance of rain will come in the day on sunday. in january 1, 2017. now pli pleasure to turn -- my pleasure to turn it back to you. michelle: michelle and the boys. jonathan: in holiday mode. if we want inspiration we go to robert burton. you have the inspiration. robert: scott abraham has the rising stars. he is the genius here. not me. last season maryland basketball team missed a big piece. a highly touted guard went from a player with expectations to a cheerleader on the berm with a knee injury. but he is back this year and he is making a difference for the terps. scott abraham takes us to college park for this weak's rising star. scott: a basketball roller coaster. >> i haven't been playing for ahi
5:52 pm
i haven't played in a while. >> he suffered a torn meniscus. >> i was devastated. >> he needed surgery. the season was over before it started. >> i need to get water and use the bathroom. i need help to get out of bed. >> the high school grad used the time away from the court to get in the best shape of his life. >> he has done an amazing job with his body. he weighed in at 202 the other day. the first time he weighed in was 241. that is amazing. >> he is poised for a big season with the terps hoping to make an impact to resonate through college park. >> i'm looking forward to winning. >> playing defense, whatever he wants out of me. you can look forward to me just playing my best game every night. >> he is good. we expect him to have a great year. we want him to get back to feeling comfortable. >> overcoming adversity and growing as a player and a person. >> i learned i am
5:53 pm
strong enough. i know if i can get through this. if i get through this, i can do anything. >> he is back with a smile on his face. i'm scott abraham. with our rising star. robert: scott, thanks. do you know someone in the d.m.v. overcoming adversity to star and excel in athletic arena? e-mail us. that person could be featured in an upcoming story. by the way, maryland playing illinois right now. we have an update at 6:00. i this i they are up in the -- i think they are up in the first half. jonathan: ready to ring in the new year? michelle: a look at the security for america's high profile ce
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i'm captain jones at bagram airfield. i want to say hey to my friends and family in virginia and tell them happy holidays. michelle: thank you for your service. u.n. secre
5:57 pm
is a -- secretary general ban ki-moon will push the button to drop the ball in times square. he is just one of the big names to head the event this year. elizabeth hur looks at how the city is preparing security. elizabeth: new york city's times square is usually paneled with tourists year-round is about to get bezzier with the giant -- busier with the giant ball in position for the big party days away. nypd is gearing up for the main evented. >> in light of what we experience in this country and the attacks we witnessover seas, law enforcement has to take every situation seriously. elizabeth: this comes a week after a jointed security bulletin expressed concern noting there is no specific credible threat of time square near the celebration. but the presence of a large number of spectators represent opportunities for a mass casualty event. >> even a person wit
5:58 pm
organization can present a threat to the country. elizabeth: law enforcement are still on high alert after the trunk attack in berlin last week that killed 12 and injured dozens more. the trucks used in the thanksgiving day parade are expected to make a return, as well as tactical gear and rifles and other layers of protection that the public will not see. police are asking their referralers to do their part. not just in new york city but at celebration -- revelers to do their part in new york city at the celebration but around the country. pay attention. michelle: in southwest china, they are already starting to usher in the new year. the chinese lunar new year. the lunar new year doesn't happen until late next month but the light show will continue until february 16. the light show has eight paths allowing you to choose
5:59 pm
bring in the new year. that is all for us at 5:00. now at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a mother getting her baby out of the car is struck by another car. what a mailman nearby says he saw. breaking news in the case of a local actress and yoga teacher found murdered in the trunk of her own car. the person police say is responsible. we are live with "star wars" fans remembering the life and the legacy of carrie fisher. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: we begin with breaking news because in the past hour this man, adrian duane johnson was taken into custody last night in d.c. he is now charged with the murder of tricia mccauley. mccauley was last heard from on christmas day. tonight her friends are honoring her life and her talents. we have team coverage for you tonight. we start off with jeff goldberg who has details on how the police caught up with this
6:00 pm
>> a tip last night in the police that led to the arrest. this is adrian johnson also known as duane johnson. he was arrested last night. charged with first degree murder in the killing of 46-year-old tricia mccauley. tricia mccauley pound murdered in the trunk -- found murdered in the trunk of her car. >> we know this will be painful from the family and friends. >> she was last heard from 4:30 on christmas day but did know show up for dinner at a friend's house and was not on a flight out of town from the reagan airport. that same morning johnson robbed a c.v.s. in southwest d.c. and assaulted employees. later they


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