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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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summerwind circle. richard reeve is there now. what are police saying happened there? richard: a complicated story. we will get to the narrative in a minute. we want to show you what scene looks like. you can see where the car left the road and drifted here. over the sidewalk. and cashed into that tree. here is what police are saying now. this happen around 1:00 in the afternoon. we have video to show you. this is along summerwind circle here in laurel off the sandy spring road. one woman as you mentioned was killed in this crash. she was the passenger, 58-year-old sonya smith of baltimore. the male driver is now in critical condition at prince george's hospital center. now, this was an incredible crash. the boom heard all over the neighborhood. there were reports that it was coming from something else,
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there was chatter it might have been a shooting. the police emphatically saying that was not the case. but this is an unusual crash. a dry, straight road. medical emergency? was it something else? we just don't know at this point. we talked to one guy, his mother-in-law saw the car sale by her kitchen win -- sail by her kitchen window. >> the kitchen window is where the car. is it comes frying through the yard. imagine you were preparing dinner and the car comes flying through the yard and hits a tree. >> there were reports of other injuries sustained at the accident. we now believe and it is still under investigation that the other injuries reported earlier were as a result of the car accident. richard: this is worth noting the car is an nissan altima between 2013-2016 is the focus of
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we don't know if it was involved. anything like that involved in a crash. it's worth noting that in the crashes injuries in those accidents can appear to look like gunshot wounds. coming up at 5:00, we hear from witnesses in the neighborhood. one woman thought an explosion happened down the street. live in laurel, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> we have an update on a story we have been following since it broke yesterday. a deadly police-involved shooting in northeast d.c. police say they were confronted by gerald hall. they say he had a knife. officers were wearing body camera. the footage will be reviewed as part of the investigation. >> a virginia lawmaker filed a bill with limited exceptions would prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. it's being reported that a democratic senator filed the bill. he said he is passionate about the bill because he spends a lot of time on
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other drivers "stare at the phone in their hands." >> with the feds recognizing today is a holiday, a lot of people who stayed in town have been searching for things to do. the smithsonian museums were open today and they will be open until 5:00. it's not a bad day to enjoy getting outside. doug has the forecast. doug: it was a good day. 43 in baltimore and annapolis. it's 46 in the capital. the key thing we're watching are the southerly winds developing that will cause the temperatures rise tonight and overnight. something that happens now and then but not a frequent feature in wintertime. cold front is on the way to deliver showers before sunrise. they should get out of here quickly and back to sunshine for the balance of the day. it's a front where the air behind the front is warmer than ahead of the fro.
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but it will make for a nice day. for the rest of this day, the cloudy skies. temperatures will rise through the 40's. tonight is a nice everything for the zoo lights. the forecast tomorrow the morning showers will end quickly. the sun will break out. we will see the temperatures in the 60's. we will talk about the rest of the week. we will talk about ten days in the outlook coming up. back to you. >> see you soon, doug. thank you. president-elect donald trump is one day closer to taking office and the work continues to fill his cabinet. but he is already trying to put out potential fires on the domestic and the international front. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. kentucky -- kenneth: this week is back to work for trump. after a christmas church service standing ovation, he is celebrating the holidays in south florida. not even sworn in yet and he is already weighing in on foreign policy. trump and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu upset over the white house's decisi
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unresolution condemning israel's expansion of settlements. >> i look forward to working with the new administration when they take office next month. kenneth: the obama administration pushed back on cnn. >> after january 20 he will be responsible for the conduct of the foreign policy but until then it's barack obama. that's how it worked. >> but he walks with a popularity low. trump is at 42%. he continues to deal with the business interest and the family foundation which he promised to dissolve. the new york attorney general says it won't happen since the office is investigating concerns about how the foundation collected and gave out money. >> they understand what would anchor trump with the problems is the association with the
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he figured that out. >> and transition spokesman jason miller dropped out of the job saying he needs to put his family first. reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc news. kellye: ticket scalpers are trying to cash in on the inauguration. free tickets are going online. chris papst tells us what he found. is this legal? chris: there is legislation proposed to make it illegal but never passed and never signed by the president. so it's legal to get free inauguration ticket from your senator or congressman, congresswoman and sell it for thousands of dollars online. some websites in the past have not taken it because ethically some argue it's not the right thing to do because you are getting them for free. but there are some sites to put it on and ma
4:07 pm you scroll down. there are things people want to go to. masters. tokyo summer games. super bowl 20137 and the presidential inauguration 2017. you click on that. theoretically it would come up or you can go here. there are some websites that give a disclaimer saying that the tickets can be purchased for free. this doesn't but it says if you are not able to secure tickets from your local congressman and congresswoman we can help get you premier tickets to the 2017 presidential inauguration. starting at $525 a piece going up to $9,000. this is the swearing-in ceremony the best seats you can get to see donald trump become the next president and take the oath of office. we did compare this with 2008 with president obama. they are similar pricing for the tickets so this is something that has been going on fo
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if you scroll down farther and you can see the tickets that are available from the inaugural ball to the swearing in to the committees that will be hosting then for a ten-day period starting january 15. if you go online you can spend a lot of money. if you have the tickets some people were hoping that hillary clinton would win. they are putting the tickets on here saying, "my girl didn't win so i'm trying to sell these." you have an option to go this route if you don't want to contact your congressman or congresswoman. at 6:00 we will show you another website that puts the $9,000 tickets to shame. again, that is coming up at 6:00. live in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: my gosh. the numbers are crazy. thank you. kellye: more than $9,000? that is hard to believe. michelle: you can watch it on our station for free. we have the camera angles. kellye: that is a great choice. michelle: still ahead for us next at 4:00, when you are too sick to work out.
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michelle: the world is reeling reacting to the news of the death of george michael. kellye: the
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legend found dead in his home in england on christmas day. elizabeth hur has the latest on the 53-year-old's lasting legacy. >> pop super star george michael. whose iconic voice was behind the holiday classic. >> ♪ last christmas, i gave you my heart ♪ elizabeth: in a career that lasted three decades, michael scored hit after hit. >> ♪ freedom ♪ hold on to my freedom >> michael died of heart failure on sunday. his publicist telling abc news he passed away peacefully at home over the christmas period but offering no further details. police saying his death was unexplained but not suspicious. >> the reason they are saying it's unexplained and doing an autopsy is because i don't think they know. >> an autopsy is pending while his fans and friends pay tribute to a man who shot to name in the 1980's.
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wham -- >> ♪ wake me up before you go-go ♪ >> then achieving even greater success as a solo artist. coming out as gay in the 1990's. his public victories and struggles including arrest for lewd behavior and drug possession. his powerful voice captivated million of fans selling more than 100 million records. >> what is it about me that women ignore the fact i'm gay? >> i think women really get the feeling that i understand them. i write from the heart. this morning the music world is celebrating a pop legend. >> he was on the money. he made such tremendous contribution musically. it's a huge loss. >> the celebrity tributes to michael are still coming in. ellen is calling her friend a brilliant talent. madonna posted online farewell, my friend. another great artist leaves
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york. kellye: abc7's kidd o'shea is joining us now from wash f.m. in their studios. he is in rockville now. the news is coming at a shock to so many people. we know fans have been calling in all day requesting george michael hits. what are they asking for? kidd: this is the radio station that plays it every day and this is the station that people turned on right away. we have been getting calls to play more george michael. but they are calling for everything. you think of the hits ehad. wham, "wake me up before you go-go," "careless whisper" "freedom," "father figurement" we forget about the duets. he did one with aretha franklin and elton john. one quote that stuck with me. george michael said i still believe music is one of the greatest gifts that god gave to man. i couldn't agree
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he started in the pop group and you would think he was a face of a pop group like many pop artists are. but he was more than that. after he broke away he went on to a successful solo career. he wrote and produced songs. he played every instrument on songs he created. this is the logs -- loss of a greet musician. it has been a day of people calling in. they say the first place they discovered george michael and heard george michael. they want to pay tribute. something special that wash-fm does this weekend. they have the best of the 1980's weekend but this weekend is special. they will feature and highlight the great music of george michael. his influence on the 1980's. that is all this weekend. best of the 1980's weekend on wash-fm. michelle: forsure that is a sign of a true
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one that can connect to generations young and old. what are the top two songs? >> a lot of people saying, "wake me up before you go-go" but winning the race is "faith" and then "father figure." every hour all day long we are playing a george michael song. if you hop in the ca driving home and going to get something. turn on wash-fm and you will hear george michael. michelle: thank you. in other entertainment news britney spears is alive despite a hoax reporting her death today. sony music's twitter account that was apparently hacked posted tweets that she had died but they have been deleted. >> church goers at christmas carol service in sri lanka given the rap
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mary" from tupac shakur. kellye: this is not a song that appropriate for church. it gets graphic with plenty of curse words. once they figured out the mistake they gave the programs back but they took picture first. michelle: the only appropriate is chorus, three or four lanes. it's not safe for work or kids. kellye: god is mention in the this but it's not a religious song. michelle: how did it happen? kellye: i don't know. that is a no-no. michelle: abc7 on traffic watch. trenice bishop is in the traffic center. i hope you had a good holiday. a lot of folks are coming home from the christmas vacation tonight. how are the roads looking? trenice: absolutely. i had a great holiday. i
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afternoon, ladies. we have delays. mostly volume for folks around the shopping centers in various places. as you make your way looking at the map, the beltway is in great shape. the vol judgment is light. no issue on the prince george's county side. volume on the virginia tide, with le get to the live picture in a second. we go to a live look at 950 southbound at lorton. the heavy delays we have an accident that blocks a right shoulder. you can see the flashing lights. in the southbound slowdown from newington to d.c. area. the fairfax county parkway to past plank road to fredericksburg. stop and go the entire way. slow to spotsylvania and garrison. the issue on the beltway near virginia 7. first of all, a lot of volume to get the tysons corner. outside of that, we have report of a police activity ongoing
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tollston road. they are blocking westbound lanes causing a tieup on the beltway to make the exit to virginia 7 to possibly get to the mall. if you are making a ride on the b.w. parkway, southbound due to a stall. back to you. michelle: thank you. look at this. this is snow in north dakota that made it difficult to get around. naver gaiting the streets was tricky -- navigating the streets was difficult and dangerous. they expect it to drop to 2 degrees. kellye: i have to tell you. i am excited about 60 degrees tomorrow. doug: the temperature will rise tonight. the storm is headed to canada but the colder air will modify a bit. the colder air will arrive on friday behind the same system that went through the dakotas. the crazy thing we rise through the 50's and be in
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even with a cold front passing through. good enough. get you started started with a e lapse from the german school of washington in potomac. 44 there. this deck of cloudiness is not showing signs of moving. it's a warm front with the warmer temperatures. it will do a number on the clouds. the sun will break through. sometimes between late morning and early afternoon in the metro area. the best we can call it at the moment. as far as what is happening around the area. temperature wise we are pinned in the 40's across the entire area. there is not much difference from reporting station to reporting station. 46 at reagan national. the winds are out of the south at 7 miles per hour. that will help boost the temperatures. overnight the temperatures will rise through the 40's. high of 55 by tomorrow morning. and early tomorrow morning showers will move in. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. southwesterly winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour.
4:21 pm
move out quickly. we will start the future cast tomorrow morning at 6:30. this model has it moving in at 8:00. others have them sooner but there is not that many. watch how quickly it gets out of here. by 1:00 we are pretty much sunshine. and we will get in the 60's even after the cold front passes through with plenty of sunshine through the day. it will be cooler on wednesday and thursday another chance of rain. we give you a look ahead for ten days. look at the numbers. 60's, 40's, 50's up and down.
4:22 pm
the big weekend for new year's, it's going to lower in the 40's. maybe some rain late saturday and then at times for sunday. settle down to the partly cloudy and typical january weather. kellye: in the holidays memories are made at the dinner table. help us to set a place at the table by dominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. go to to nominate a deserving veteran. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an outer place experience without any leaving the planet. >> one day i might live on one. we'll show you how the next group of exp
4:23 pm
will explore other worlds next. michelle: this is a federal holiday since christmas came on a sunday. we have ideas for you if you have cabin fever and want to get out and about. we'll let you know what is open today.
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kellye: students in prince george's county are expanding their understanding of sci
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simulating a trip to space. tonight abc7 is putting the "spotlight on education." >> faces full of delight as the students from beltsville step in a world of space travel. >> we do a launch and the kids do a countdown. >> three. two. one. lift off! >> they see the tiny space that the astronauts work in. they are engaging in on board simulation similar to the pros. >> it's like being astronaut in space. they explore over planets. they lenger other stuff. >> the program at the howard b. owens science center allows the students to explore a range of topics from micro
4:27 pm
gravity to meteorites and the insect world. >> i want to be an astronaut and discover all the planets. one day i might live on one. >> tiny trackers! kellye: you can see the story with the spotlight on education features online at coming up next at 4:00, a question you ask every year, whether to work out when you get sick? ahead the new reports answers the question. a post holiday hustle and bustle downtown. a look at how fo
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you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. kellye: michelle, although we are hard at work today a lot of people out there have the day off. so, if you are not shopping, what is there to do? michelle: we sent brianne carter to find out. she is at
4:31 pm
we are working hard. how are people keeping busy out there? brianne: well, judging by the crowds here, look at the number of the folks who filed down here. i would say that people are finding fun here throughout the city. for some today it was a chance to kick back and relax. for others it was a chance to squeeze in a little bit of extra exercise. at the ice rink we found out from folks that they said was a wait to get in on the ice. there was a wait to get in the popular museums here as well. there were lines at the natural history museum and the air and space museum. they were both on thompskins must-see list in the visit to d.c. so she got downtown early to try to avoid the crowd. >> i wanted to sigh the monuments and
4:32 pm
it fascinates me. brianne: talk about the weather as well as saying it was a relatively nice day to get out and about. but for some it's a relaxing post holiday afternoon. there are things you need to know about the parking and transportation and we'll have more about that at 5:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. she mentioned ice skating. it's not a bad night to take it up. temperatures are mild. doug: they are going to ride. but it will probably be closed by the time it gets to 50. 55 is what it will do overnight. it's interesting now. we are in the chilly weather. look west. charleston west virginia is 71. we are talking about the temperatures rising overnight tonight.
4:33 pm
look at chicago, it's 50. 55 in detroit. it's going to get chilly by wednesday. it is cloudy and calm. live at the country club in bethesda. the clouds will hang in through the overnight. rain ahead of the front. that is going to come in later tonight. overnight the southwesterly winds increase the temperatures will climb in 50's by the morning. the winds will change direction and the suns will break out with highs of 61 in the afternoon. the forecast is out for the next ten days. 46
4:34 pm
developing thursday afternoon and 502. it's colder on friday. a chance of rain late friday night. on sunday it's temperatures in the 40's. shower that lingers into monday. system temperatures through the middle of next week. michelle: thank you. tonight is the first night of kwanzaa. the 50th year of the holiday celebrating african-american culture that is being recognized but a lot of just now learning about the holiday. cheryl conner is in northeast where a celebration will begin shortly. cheryl: that is right. hello to you. the kwanzaa events begin tonight. the setup underway. they are focusing on the stage. there are dancers, drummers and the african marketplace. this morning the culture queen from the c
4:35 pm
in takoma park. she was informing the kids and the parents about the seven-day celebration meant to reaffirm the african-americans with the african heritage. this is a time to reflect on yourself. this year, kwanzaa marks 50 year since the celebration began. be mindful about the way you want to develop and grow and provide for the children a cultural base. chyles each day has a new meaning for the year. like purpose, faith and today represents unity. you can come here for the community center four walls education center. that begins tonight a
4:36 pm
cheryl conner, abc7 news. kellye: developing overseas the search crews spotted part of a russian plane that crashed shortly after taking off from sochi yesterday. 92 passengers and the crew members were aboard the military plane. they are all presumed dead. terror is being ruled out. it included members of the read army military choir that were headed to a russian base in syria. the choir was going to perform for new years. michelle: tension is bubbling between china and taiwan. china's aircraft carrier flanked by other warships in the contested china sea. china is calling this a routine exercise but they do consider taiwan part of if territory. you might recall that president-elect trump sparked controversy with the call to the taiwan president a couple weeks ago. we are getting new video after a super typhoon made christmas
4:37 pm
landfall over philippines. hundreds of thousands were evacuated. you can see why. air and sea ports were shut down. no word on injuries now. next for us at abc7 news she is demanding her money back. the bad toe malis -- bad tomales blamed for ruining christmas dinner out west. the owner responds. next. >> they are drowning. kellye: boat capsizes and witnesses jump to action. we show you how many people were on the small boat when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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kellye: tamale, a christmas staple ruining christmas. michelle: those from a market in southern california were bad and some got really sick. angry customers lined up outside the stores. some with pots full of the ruined toe malis -- tamales. others posted picture online of the holiday disaster. the company admits they were getting complaints from customers at all four
4:41 pm
>> they are not made right. i got them sick, too. >> this is all over again. this is disgusting. we are processing refunds all day long. kellye: the company has been in business 55 years stopped making them on the 23rd. but the damage was done. michelle: by the 3rd a lot of people have the ingredients ready to go. kellye: it's true. if you have a good tamale can't it being being on christm? my goodness. michelle: you feel for the folks. kellye: you do. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> you have to see the story. good samaritans rush in before
4:42 pm
boat capsizes on christmas. how many people were packed on the boat next. kellye: plus, incredible year in sports. highs and lows from the protest and a major embarrassment in rio part of 2016. next.
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible.
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michelle: this time of year you reflect on the year that was. it was amazing in sports. 'em locally. kellye: it was. the skins hope to continue the postseason into 2017. but there were no bigger headlines than the curse is crash and the olympic highs and lows. michelle: we have a look at the year in sports. >> the cubs win. for long-suffering chicago fans it was the party of the century. they beat cleveland to win the world series for the first time in 1908. ending the longest drought in se
4:46 pm
>> i'm covered with beers and tears. >> cleveland celebrated in 2016 as well. >> my mission was to bring a championship back to ohio. back to cleveland and akron. peyton manning went out on top. he retired after leaving the broncos to a super bowl win. >> it's a neat thing. >> san francisco 49er colin kaepernick made headlines for not standing for anthem. the rams return to the as
4:47 pm
-- to the west coast. >> fans took sides. >> they never should have left. they belong to los angeles. >> we have given them all we have. >> the rio olympics saw record highs and record lows. swimmer michael phelps already the most decorated olympian of all time pushed the career medal count to 28. usain bolt sailed through the 400, 200 and 4 x 100 relays. teenage sensation biles won stunning medals in gymnastic and the team took home nine medals. in a bizarre trip, ryan lochte made headlines after he competed claiming he and other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. police say there was no robbery so they were confronted after they vandalized a bathroom.
4:48 pm
exaggerating the story and was charged with falsely reporting a crime. kellye: biles was voted "associated press" female athlete of the year after the golden run in rio. michelle: who will close 2016 and ring in the new year? ban ki-moon will push the button to start the ball drop in new york city. december 31 is his last day in office. he was selected as the unsecretary general in 2006. -- u.n. secretary general in 2006. in health matters some people think the best remedy for illness is sweat it out. a new report says exercising while you are sick isn't a good idea. if your symptoms are above the neck, stuffy nose or mild cold, you should be fine. but if they are below the neck
4:49 pm
or nausea exercising could make it worse. kellye: now a must-see video out of florida. it was a dramatic and a dangerous christmas for 14 people after their boat capsized in biscayne bay. it hit a wave and it flipped over and sent all the people in the water. a woman was trapped under the boat. by the time she was rescued she didn't have a pulse. >> they were trying to resuscitate her. the police came and pulled us out. kellye: her condition is unknown. she was hospitalized. they say they have rarely seen an accident this bad. it's under investigation. michelle: talk about a bad holiday weekend. a trip to the grand canyon nearly turned deadly for a family of three. a mother's love got them through it.
4:50 pm
10-year-old son were visiting the national park when the g.p.s. stopped working and the car ran off the road. another problem, though, the park was also closed. so she decided to hike to the nearest highway. the only trouble it was also closed. >> what kept her going is she didn't want the mother to bury her daughter. she didn't want her son to be without a mother and she kept going. michelle: can't imagine what went through her mind. when she didn't return, her husband walked until he had cell phone service and called 911. karen made her way to seasonal cabin and was rescued after hiking 30 straight hours. >> it's amazing what will can do for you whe
4:51 pm
horrible situation. >> survival instincts. glad it worked out. listen about the health thing. listening to you, i think you can go to the gym tonight. kellye: she does not want to hear that. doug: it's all above the neck stuff. michelle: i have all the excuses in the world and feeling under the water. doug: i hope you feel better. michelle: thank you. doug: talk about what is happening here today. it's 45 now in falls church. most under the same cloud cover. 45 at largo and potomac at this hour. the everything hourses, we have this and it's widespread but we extend to the west to see the rain developing ahead of a cold front. there is increasing push of the winds at the surface and overhead from the
4:52 pm
so many areas will have showers but it should end quickly. we climb to the mid-to-upper 50. the showers will come and go. they are breaking quickly. there are no headlines expected. the skies brighten by the midday. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and the day on wednesday. new year's sunshine on saturday morning. there are showers on sunday. they could start late, late saturday night. but that is why you need to stay in touch with us all week. showers are likely and high of 45. is there a rush hour out there? let's get the traffic situation and the latest with trenice bishop. >> this afternoon there is not much of a rush for the folks on the beltway. looki
4:53 pm
volume is light on 495 through maryland and virginia. one spot there may be small congestion. we will get to that in a second. but go to the big picture of the map. you can see all green. all good. but not on southbound virginia. it's near lorton. the accident is blocking a right lane making your way southbound. heavy delays will take you most of the way to fredericksburg. you can see that this is south. heavy volume on north and southbound stretch of 95. folks trying to get to the mall in tysons corner. back to you. kellye: thank you so much. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- avenue all of the gifts were delivered you
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john: if you're short on cash after the holiday shopping a quick loan for $1,000 or more can be heaven-sent. but s
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be true. i introduce you to a family that fell victim to a loan scam so you know the warning signs. she is a new mom that wanted a memorable first christmas with her baby. >> christmastime. we need money. >> so her husband richard who says he can't work due to a bad back googled for online loans. found a site promising loans even if you have a bad credit. >> two or three hours later i got a phone call from guys that said i was preapproved for a $5,000 loan. john: the caller told him he had to send in a few hundred dollars in fees. >> i just needed $375 on a green dot money pack card. john: after he sent the money through the card the caller said he needed another $3030. so he forwarded more money. at which point the lender stopped taking his calls. >> i lost all the money. $711. john: so i
4:58 pm
lender from my cell phone. >> i'm a tv reporter calling on behalf of nice people who say they have sent you $700 and they haven't gotten any loan. he hung up on my, too. they filed a police report. but they suspect the chicago phone number may be forwarded outside the country. the f.d.c. says never wire or send money in advance to get a loan. if it says bad credit okay, be suspicious. it cost them a happy christmas. they last told me they were doing okay but they have learned a painful lesson. bottom line, never send or wire money to get a loan. try your family first and local lenders with a store front office so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: new "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. kellye: 7 is on storm watch tonight as a system heads to the area that will be bringing more warmth and
4:59 pm
is here with the forecast. doug: an unusual situation from time to time. a warm front is going to push through ahead of a cold front. the air behind the cold front is warmer than the air ahead of the cold front. it's a crazy situation. it will stay cloudy. cloudy and dry. 46 in washington. the timing of the front. we think that the skies will stay cloudy through the evening. the temperatures holding steady. 16 degrees at least tomorrow. then we do a roller coaster thing up and down with the temperatures. coming up, we check weather for the new year's weekend and beyond
5:00 pm
kellye: in laurel the police are investigating a deadly car crash. richard reeve is live on the scene with the latest. rich? richard: these orange markings show where it began. the car went off the road. this knocked off the power line and kept going along the sidewalk until it crashed in the tree. there was some question whether the injuries were from the accident. or not. here is what happened, folks. a nissan altima after is:00 this afternoon. i crashed into that tree -- it crashed in the tree.


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