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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tapped on the car window. kimberly: investigators in italy spent much of their day scouring the scene in milan after a man accused of driving a truck through holiday market was shot and killed. >> it would have been better if they caught him alive but he got his punish. kimberly: the death of anis amri brought europe-wide manhunt to an end but it has not ended the police investigation or the terror threat. he was shot and killed after he was spotted by chance. they found fingerprints inside the truck that plowed through the christmas market in
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berlin. german authorities want to know how he got to milan and who may have helped him along the way. it's about uncovering networks to discover more of the background with everything in connection. amri penalled allegiance to the leader of isis. there was a list of 549 names long. >> the worry is that there are other people connected to the attack still at large. kimberly: authorities in malta are questioning two libyan men who they say hijacked a jetliner. the plane made unscheduled landing in malta after the men threatened to blow it up. they surrendered after they
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true. the demands included asylum in europe and creation of a political party in honor of the former lib ran dictator muammar gaddafi. alison: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story out of arkansas where police say they have now arrested the man accused of killing that 3-year-old boy in a road rage incident. q mccray is at the "live desk" with the latest. q? q: we are talking about 33-year-old gary holmes. he was in court this morning. he entered a not guilty plea to call tap murder charges and he is facing two charges of committing a terrorist act. here is what we know. police say holmes fired in a car last saturday. the car is driven by 3-year-old acen king's grandmother. she says holmes thought she was driving too slowly. holmes turned himself into police last night. a judge ordered him to be held without bond. when it comes to holmes, he is due back in court on february 22. we will keep you posted with details unti
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at the "live desk," q mccray. back to you. kimberly: thank you for the report. a woman is dead, her husband is facing charges after a crash in centreville. police say carlos was drunk as he rolled around a curve. the car rolled and a 22-year-old was killed. >> we should be able to lick this problem. this isn't a problem with inherent danger or a genetic predisposition or environmental factors. this is 100% preventable and we should do this. alison: tonight investigators are working to connect clues between two murders in fairfax county. a man's body found night in silver spring. a woman's body was found 6 middlesbrough away in
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jeff: we have breaking news. in the last ten minutes, the fairfax county police releasing the identity of the woman on courtwood court. simena, 22 years of age in springfield. two 22-year-olds were found murdered in the last 24 hours. man and a woman. the crime scenes two miles apart. we don't know how they are connected but they are. on the air and from the ground they gather the information. >> i didn't see nothing. jeff: on the suspicious death of 22-year-old woman in burke.
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woman. they determine the woman who police say did not live nearby was dead from upper body trauma. >> it's connected in some way to the murder of henok yohannes found dead last night after 8:00 also of upper body trauma inside his townhome in springfield. five-minute drive from the crime scene in burke. >> he was alarmed at what he heard last night around 6:00. >> i heard several loud. thud, thud, thud. five or six times. what it was he does not know. >> i am sad. tonight she has lived down from yohannes for three years.
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>> this afternoon, the university of mary washington in fredericksburg confirming that yohannes played soccer at the school as a freshman in 2012 but he only remained at the university for one year. fairfax police have no suspects in this case. they are urging anyone with information to come forward. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: after being light for much of the day. kimberly: holiday travel hit a rough patch in the last hour because of an accident near dumpfries. other part of the country, the issue is weather. callista reports, and -- lauren lyster reports it's long lines and delays at airports. lauren: a record number of travelers on record and on one of the busiest days to fly. people lining up from new york to philadelphia to chicago, orlando and los angeles.
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than lines. they are reporting hundreds of delays. perfect storm of more passengers, rain and the runway construction with a travel nightmare earlier this week. >> you have to come early and mentally prepared to stand in line. >> in san francisco, stormy weather causing 3 dozen cancellations and long delays. >> delayed two hours. >> it's not all bad. the airport misery is not totally lacking in the holiday spirit. >> ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ lauren: that may prove wishful thinking with two storms causing winter weather alerts across the country which could impact trips. that could affect the 93.6 million drivers expected to road trip this holiday season. some heartening news overall flight delay
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records relatively speaking. they are marginally above an average day. lauren lyster, los angeles. alison: check in now with doug hill to find out how the weather is shaping up for the weekend. doug: rain tomorrow in the midday and then ending. sunshine for christmas day maybe. tonight the cloudy skies continue to thick and lower. we expect the rain to mauve in around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. we may have a touch of clearing through tomorrow night. tomorrow, the rain will be experiencing and found at the i-59 corridor through the first part of the day. it will move offshore. farther west they will improve a bit. there could be lingering snowshowers across the great lakes. south is fine shape with the dry weather to gulf coast and key west. 80's in florida th
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southern plains. fine weather conditions. above average temperatures for most of the country. we could see a few snowflakes but that is it in tu -- utah. good travel day for christmas eve. alison: thank you. sounds good. thank you very much. still ahead you may have the gift and the goodies but do you have the groceries? still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the rush to get the tables set for christmas and honda. >> later -- >> you don't have nowhere to go. sleeping on people's porches. abandon cars, buildings and laying down. the kindnesses of traingers to give this man a home for the holidays and a lesson we could learn from. alison: plus -- >> i am so touched. >> calling at it career. abc7 cameras were there when diane rhymes signed off from the last live show. coming up, find out which celebrities called in to surprise her today. >> the bells are ringing in
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i'm chris papst and why it needs to be renovated and how much
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kimberly: in spring it's
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bloom and a popular place to watch fireworks over the city on the fourth of july. today the in in it's in need of major repairs. chris papst ms. or on how much d -- has more on what it will cost. chris: $5.8 million. $4 million of that is paid by the taxpayers. the paint is chipping off. we are getting rust. over here you can see that this gate not allowing people to walk up to the top. this has been closed for years. between two of arlington's most famous sight, the marine corps memorial and the li
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lies a less familiar monumented. this 127-foot tall bell tower was a gift from the netherlands' government to thank the united states for liberating the country in world war ii. it's going off right now. but now it needs a $5.8 million restoration. a national park service committed $4 million for the structural and safety repairs. it's been closed to visitors for years. the royal netherlands embassy is seeking at $1.8 million in donations to complete the upgrade. the dutch ambassador said it is worth the investment because of what it symbolizes. >> this is part of the story that has to be told. one peak come to the aid of another people and they he each other. this celebrates the
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renovated but it's improved. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you the additions that are coming to the tower that will make it unique in the world. in arlington, chris papst. alison: the u.s. department of agriculture wants to rid pollution in the chesapeake bay. they awarded $1 million to the chesapeake bay foundation and the partners to cut back on the farm-based and the run off. it will help 20 livestock farmers in maryland. the hope is they convert the crop land to the pastures to adopt the new posture management practices. q: president-elect trump threatened to withdraw from a new world agreement to aim to slow down warmbier. that is fire-slow down global warming. that is firing up the ongoing
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indian tribe with the land sinking. they suffer every time there is a storm. $40,000 will be spent to move 60 people to establish a new community. in this case the culprit may not be climate change. >> do you see climb change as a bigger factor to the change in the way of life or the oil companies? >> i see the oil company as a bigger factor. the destruction of the community. that is because they don't -- allow saltwater to come in and go out faster. q: this weekend on "full measure" with sharyl attkisson. a look at the refugees and how the tax dollars are spent to relocate them. alison: it's warm today. the kids are skating in the short sleeves. doug: upper 40's many-years. it's not terribly cold but we have rain. not much to do about it. narrow down the t
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close to 3:00 in the morning to the start. by noon the rain will move out. that's it. alison: are you done? doug: no. this is country club in bethesda. 41 degrees. slowing increasing. we have sun throughout the day. but it will turn out to be a cloudy night. right now the temperatures are continuing steady off in the low to the mid-40's. wi will drop in 30's. we are not getting into the freezing. it's not an issue for us. but in some of the highest elevations of the blue ridge, of the appalachians, the farther south you go. maybe briefly overnight there could be a touch of ice at the highest elevation. but generally rain. on radar we have a patch of rain. most is evaporating before it hits the ground. overhead the winds out of the southwest, we have
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and high overhead overrunning the surface. a setup in front of the front to get the rain in the area. it shows up across west virginia and indiana. farther north. in the form of snow. there are pockets and heavier snow. most of it is light and progressive. again, by the wisconsin standards, not much snow. a little bit. chicago area, we don't see anything heavy enough to disrupt the air travel tonight or tomorrow. the outlook for most of the region the cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40's. dropping in the 30's by morning. sometimes 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning the rain will begin. we will have the period of rain likely through the morning tomorrow. if you are out and about. ending around midday. remaining cloudy through the afternoon. the winds will turn north and the front will pass through the area to stay cloudy through tomorrow night. traveling away from the washington area tomorrow. there will be rain in the morning along the i-95 corridor from richmond through
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to new york city it will push offshore. we will be in good shape. most of the snow and everything we see with the rain it will move out of the picture in the western section of ontario in canada. the future cast, we can track timing. set at 1:30 the way it may look. area of rain with the front moving eastward. by 7:00, fair amount of rain. it's ended through chicago land. by noon most should move through. cloudy in the afternoon. interesting forecast for sunday. that regard whether or not we will see the sunshine. a lot to do with the wind direction from the high pressure building in. too much from the northeast it could keep us locks in the clouds for a good portion of the day. there is a chance that we see sunshine. fingers crossed for sunday sunshine for christmas day. the rain will come to an ends. 50 for a high. on sunday, maybe sun. farther north and east
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sunshine and the highs to 48. extended outlook to jump to monday. the first day of kwanzaa. we will see sunshine and 53. the scattered showers and the mild. 60 on tuesday. colder on wednesday. warming up thursday. colder friday. that is the roller coaster we are on. looking ahead to new new year's, partly cloudy and system temperatures. q: don't we wish tomorrow's -- kimberly: don't we wish tomorrow's rain was a little snow? a tiny bit? doug: no. maybe tomorrow night. not going to happen. alison: not this year. thank you. well, i think we could all do with adventure in our lives. >> there you go. alison: still to come on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- you are going to see the adventure this little bear had before returning to his rightful owner. >> shoppers are getting last-minute gifts by staying local. knead d.c. hosting
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in d.c. hosting a pop-up to support small businesses. i'm ryan hughes. i will take you inside coming up. kimberly: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on a
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kimberly: if you are thinking of heading on the roads we want to update you on an accident slowing traffic on 95 in virginia. tom roussey is l
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mobiletrak7. what is going on? tom: hey, kimberly. overall even though there is a lot of holiday travelers this rush hour is better than normal. but it's not where we are right now. we are stopped right now. you can see that the traffic is not moving at all at the moment. northbound is a little better but it is bad in spots, too. you might see through the trees. those are the express lanes. you have to pay money but you move faster. that is how it's moving now on 95 north in this area. slow going. this is one of the worst spots on what is a busy travel day. look at that. that is the story on 95 south. reporting live, i'm tom roussey. back to you.
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kimberly: those are not the christmas lights you want to see. stay ahead of traffic with text alerts from the abc7 team. alison: the end of an era. after 37 years diane ream had her last show. broadcast heard by millions on 200 m. p.r. station -- n.p.r. stations. we were allowed in the station as she said farewell. >> sings her debut in 1979, diane has been celebrated for fostering civil discourse about a range of important topics. >> she brought a directness with the people in power. empathy for people who don't have power. >> for the final hour her son david joined her and she reminisced. >> you never know what will happen on live radio. >> a staple calls from the listeners. with no exception a few su
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>> hi, this is john dickerson calling. >> hello, this is julie andrews. >> she was praised by elected officials and serenaded by julie collins. >> ♪ there are places i remember ♪ >> after four decades on the air, she has made a lot of friends. collected many more fans. >> i just love you! >> one young fan showed up outside the studio. >> kind of grun up hearing die -- grown up hearing diane. >> in the new year it will feature a new slow 1a hosted by joshua johnson. meanwhile at 80, diane plans to start a podcast soon and insists she is not retiring. >> i am simply stepping away from the daily microphone because it's time. >> as the clock ticked closer to 12:00 noon. her final live broadcast ended with a prerecorded message. >> it's not goodbye. it's just
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>> there was plenty of emotion and applause as the public radio pioneer and the signature voice hung up her head phones after a legendary career. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: wow! what a career. kimberly: one thing about her is the way she had to speak slowly because of her vocal chord issues. we didn't mind. we let her take her time. alison: classy lady. we wish her all the best. kimberly: awesome. join us this sunday at 12:30 for "abc7 stories." we are featuring captivating and intriguing stories you want to share with your family and friends. that is coming sunday at 12:30 on abc7 coming up next, what two strangers did. >> best christmas i ever had in life. kimberly: thanks to two strangers you will find out what they did for this man that will warm any heart ahead of the home days -- ahead of
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>> shoppers are coming in to get the last minute holiday meal essentials checked off the
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presents under the trees. there is also the shopping for holiday meal. amy aubert is live in rockville where there is a last-minute rush for groceries. how long are the lines, amy? amy: right now they are not too bad but they expect it to grow as the night continues. they are making sure the last-minute cooks have everything they need. for workers at the dawson market in rockville, it has been nonstop all week. >> the last meant shoppers stuffing the basket and the cart with holiday essentials. i do a little bit. >> the stores doubled up on the crews this week. packing the shelves, fimming the jars to make sure the lines run smoothly. >> you don't have the crazy lies
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we're prepared. amy: behind the scenes as well. >> filling special orders and baking holiday dessert in time for the big day. >> i like the christmas spirit. people getting ash, excuse me, can i get over here. sorry! i like that. >> the top-selling item. >> beer is a big one. a lot of beer and wipe. it covers both holidays well. amy: both holidays featuring signature dishes which they focus to keep packed full. >> you don't usually see the turkey and the ham and brisket but this year since they're back-to-back that is what we have to do. >> you do what you got to do. >> crews expect tomorrow to be the biggest dale of the week but they expect the crowds to pick up after everyone gets home from work. live in rockville, amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: we are getting hungry now. thank you. if yu
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in person you only have 30 hours until most of the brick and mortar stores will be closed. ryan hughes is going to bring to us a holiday market. >> it's filling the artist gallery in northwest as the shoppers pick up the last minute gifts staying local. >> this is an opportunity for people to push the brand and push the new businesses. >> what better time than two days before christmas? >> i can't possibly make two of the same of anything. >> selling off the bottle openers, and bracelets from bicycle trash. >> i still have a day job. it's moving in the direction of becoming a
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they would like to open up their own store but they can't do it without the event like this. >> made in d.c. program is hoping to pop up the showcase products created, manufactured and assembled in the district. >> to get product out there and get it known. >> to help them buy something unique you wouldn't find in the big box store. >> it's not main stream. so when you find it, it's usually a one in a kind product rather than something everybody has. >> whether it's sweet preserves or the therapeutic candles. they hope you are shopping small this christmas. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: this is the last day for the downtown holiday market in d.c. the annual event along f-street near the verizon center will be open until 8:00. kimberly: we are two days away
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people are still working on putting up the christmas light. this company will bring the lights and decorate for you. he is swamped. he came up with the idea for the king of christmas when the painting company collapsed in the recession. with little time to go business is booming. >> when you think about it, it a's the best job in the world. you turn the lights on, somebody will drive by and slow the car down. take a look, smile at the face. amazing. >> the king of christmas covers five states with the projects in price from $800 to $15,000. they are still taking orders two days away from christmas. i wonder if there is an extra charge for that. kimberly: you wonder what he does the rest of the year. maybe he doesn't need to work the rest of the year. alison: that is a good point. i h
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coming up here at 5:00 -- >> how does a cigar box make beautiful music? when it falls in the hands of this man. see how he does it. kimberly: later, "7 on your side" to help you stay healthy this holiday season. alison: new at 6:00, new information on a tasing incident involving a fairfax police officer. what the man taseded by the officer is saying about his own health
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steve: here it is friday. looking forward to the big weekend with the christmas celebrations. 45 tomorrow. a look at area of rain in the morning. upper 40's to near 50 on christmas day. we are back right after this.
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hello. i'm mario. i am here in germany. i'd like to greet and this goes to my father and mother.
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want to greet you, merry christmas and happen by new year. thank you! alison: you may have heard about the teddy bear picnic. what about the teddy bear adventure? eleanor left the beloved teddy bear at the airport as her family traveled back home to michigan. her mother posted about it on facebook. it turns out a high school friend of hers works at the airport. saw the post and found the bear. then he made a decision. >> we are having fun with it. she said she hoped someone would find it. take him on an adventure. >> he took the bear all over the airport. he took pictures of it all over the place. now teddy is back home with eleanor.
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fun. >> you can tell a well-loveed bear. it's ratty. that is awesome. alison: clever. >> in utah a man of science using it to help him sing the blues. >> this is a treble string. a bigger box. >> this one is d.a.d. that will give you a lower growlier tone. >> he built a shop in his garage to build guitars out of cigar boxes. he made 19 in six months. >> study the science of motion and energy. in the guitar you have those things. >> he worked at the
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in salt lake city and he uses the tools to clean cigar boxes an then makes beautiful guitars. it sounded for a minute like the theme song from "breaking bad." if you call it a theme song. creepy banjo music. alison: think of his creativity for that. kimberly: cool. alison: coming up here at 5:00 -- >> last week we came and delivered toys. this week we are giving you $20,000. >> don't you love the reaction? >> holiday surprise today at the children national. former redskins were there to help spread cheer, too. it's a heart-warming story you will see only on abc7. kimberly: but first what the couple decided to do instead of buy presents this year making all the difference in one
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kimberly: in holiday memories are made at the dinner take. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrifice so much by dominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000.
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nominate deserving veteran today. nominations accepted through december 28. in time for the holidays a story about giving back and paying it forward. alison: sam sweeney has a story with a great ending. sam: for three years floyd carter has been homeless. >> how are you? >> bad luck struck me. >> he fell on hard times and he joined the ranks of the d.c. homeless. >> you don't have nowhere to go. you sleep on peak's porches and the abandon cars and the buildings and laying down. sam: he always found a place to sleep at night. but during the day it's a different story. he spends majority of the time outside whole foods in northwest, becoming a common sight for the residents. >> out here, every day i can rest my
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>> until this -- >> angels in the sky. >> how is it going, man? >> all right. >> hey. >> i was on my last leg. about to give up. the two special people came in. >> rachel and erik cox are two d.c. lawyers. unlike most people who smile and nod they struck up a conversation with lloyd. >> he told us he had a housing voucher and he had it for months but was unable to get the foot in the door or get respect when he tried to get an apartment we said that is not right. let's see what we can do. >> he has become a ghost in a bureaucratic system. first, the trio had to confront a large obstacle. they needed $1,300. >> we decided instead of giving christmas presents this year we would cover it for him to move in. >> fast forward and it's move-in day. >> thank you so much. >> they see something in me that nobody else. they dug deep in my heart. >> christmas present for e
5:48 pm
in my life. alison: changed his life. sam says that floyd tells him now that he has an address he has an i.d., and he already has job offers on the table. he says ultimately he wants to be a chef at a hotel. kimberly: isn't that amazing? the key to one door opens so many more. alison: the kindness of the couple. inspiring. kimberly: great idea. all right. tame for a check of the roads. trenice bishop is on the traffic watch tonight. not so inspiring. trenice: no. not so much. that was a wonderful story. i don't have the best news for folks trying to make their way out. if you are headed out for the holiday get-away or doing last-minute shopping you may have the delays to contend with. overall we are in decent shape. we have new things. start with the beltway in prince george's. the outer loop. the accident activity to the right of the roadway.
5:49 pm
delay for forsburg. we have a crash on 66 moved to the shoulder after nutley street to cedar lane. it slows the ride. delays from 123 at this hour. 95 southbound in virginia that has been the sore spot. for most folks this evening. southbound delays are jam packed from quantico to plank road passing fredericksburg. we are thankful for dry pavement but it doesn't look like we'll fare well overnight. doug: you are right. at 3:00 or 4:00 the rain moves in ahead of a frontal system. for rest of the friday everything and friday night it's dry. we seeing west of interstate 81. indication of the rain. there is more where that comes from. back west and the colder air that is north of
5:50 pm
the systemed should move out. we are looking to now and sunday night. anticipated snowfall. part of the rockies and the far west, the higher elevation s a light coating there. snow through the upper midwest fairly light. nothing heavy. snow and the interior section of new england. rain overnight. the highs of 49 degrees. tomorrow afternoon is mostly cloudy. look at future cast to see what happens. the clouds will move through midday. it's either/or depending on the computer model. it's either cool and sunny or cool and cloudy depending on the wind direction. there are good driving conditions. a look at the christmas weekend.
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48 degrees on christmas day. sunday. quick look ahead into monday. new year's eve and new year's day will be seasonable. kimberly: a little football? scott: you mentioned it felt like a happy hour today. i have another inspiring, heartwarming story for you. nice touch today at children's hospital. the holiday season about giving. we went to the children national today where quinton portis and the other former redskins were spreading holiday year. little did we know the hospital was in for a sur praise they will never forget. >> this is a chance to reflect. >> make you understand what the holidays is.
5:52 pm
>> the prayers were there to support lisa and the foundation. lisa lost her son malik to a rare muscular disease. >> 11 years ago he was hospital for christmas and upset the kids didn't receive gifts. >> the former redskins visited the issuec.u. downstairs in the at it trium there was a surprise in the making. >> they don't know yet. courtesy of the maggio family. >> in 2004 our son mason was born prematurely. he passed away the day of christmas. >> what we started to do the year after he passedway, we started to do a toy drive. >> for 12 years they have been fundra
5:53 pm
give back to the hospital each christmas. is there for me, it helps to keep the memory live. he helps million of kids. >> he is doing big things from heaven. >> today the biggest gift yet. >> the big sur praise this year. we are lucky enough to have seven here. abc7 on our side. we came and we delivered toys. this week we are coming to give you $20,000. >> my gosh! >> it's hard not to get emotional watching that story. it's what it's all about. >> do they raise the money over all the years? or just this year? >> over the course of a
5:54 pm
>> a great story. >> that many will go a long way. >> thank you. >> still to come, if song says there is no place like home for the holidays. >> when we come back, how you can protect yourself before heading out of the house so you don't get
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kimberly: scott taylor shows us how
5:58 pm
put people at risk and how to stay healthy. >> the contact person we are seeing is the cost and the congestion and the through like symptoms. respiratory things. >> one of the causes is shopping. we are all getting sick from what good old doc calls holiday hands. >> if you touch something, touch something at this store. you put your little pin number in. guess what? the pad is contaminated. the hands have the bacteria or the virus on them. if you touch your nose, eyes you inoculate yourself and you will catch whatever it was. >> how to ward off the germs? hand sanitizers don't have the job. >> the viruses don't have moisture in it so it doesn't get rid of it. >> the best way to keep germs away is advice from mom. wash your hands with soap and water. that way you can enjoy the holiday with the family and
5:59 pm
sick in bed. >> doctors say drinking plenty of fluid, the water kind, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are important during the holidays to keep from getting sick. announcer: this is a breaking news alert. maureen: breaking news story is what we follow for the past hour. "star wars" star and author carrie fisher has suffered a heart attack. the "l.a. times" reports fisher went in cardiac arrest flying from london to los angeles. she is in critical condition. tmz reports that fisher is on a ventilator and was without a pulse for 15 minutes. fisher is known around the world for her role as princess leia is 60 years old. she admitted to battle substance and alcohol abuse much of her life. we will continue to track the story for you. federal authorities are sending out a terror wni
6:00 pm
hanukkah. bulletin sent to law enforcement warns isis sympathizers may target holiday gathering including those at churches. the warning comes as we learn the man blamed for monday's deadly truck attack in germany has been killed in a shootout with police in italy. we also learned anis amri made a video before monday's attack. q: anis amri was shot and killed in itly but the death did not end the terror threat in germany. they are still lacking for accomplices. the death of 234-year-old anis amri brought a europe-wide manhunt to an end but not ended the police investigation or the terror threat. >> the success of the manhunt means that the alert threat in germany has not been changed. it remains high. >> amri was shot and killed after police spotted him b


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