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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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soldiers of the islamic state. >> obviously this was place was not protected enough. tom: amris documents were found in the cab of the truck that crashed through a christmas market in berlin monday. 12 people died. 48 others were hurt. today we learned amri was put under surveillance in march due to fears he would commit a terrorist attack. he wasn't even supposed to be in germany. authorities rejected his asylum request in july and he is should have -- he should have been deported before the attack. many other christmas markets in berlin reopened today. here in the u.s., the president-elect weighed in. >> wondering how this might affect -- >> attack on humanity. that is what it is. an attack on humanity. it has got to be stopped. tom: tonight there are reports that the suspect in germany amri was
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while heading to italy with forged documents but instead of holding him for deportation a judge let him go. jonathan: thanks, tom. d.c. police and the federal agencies are not saying what security changes they have made or plan to make in the wake of what happened in berlin. one thing they can guarantee, the already constant police presence around the city will only grow in the weeks to come. >> you are going to see a lot of law enforcement activity in washington, d.c., stepped up law enforcement activity in washington, d.c. just because of the mere fact on january 20 we are going to have the inauguration of the president of the united states. jonathan: terrorism experts admit police can only do so much. they say one of the best ways to stay safe is know your surroundings. and if you see something, if something doesn't feel right, say something. maureen: now to the latest humanitarian crisis in aleppo. the red cross says it evacuated the last hospital patients left in the eastern part of the city. the organization is supervising the mass
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small bid of good news. all people who need urgent medical care have been moved to safety. 25,000 people have been bused out of east aleppo since last week. jonathan: this just in the newsroom. these are the two new images to show age progression for two missing children. jacob and sarah disappeared from montgomery county two years ago. now jacob would be 4. sara would be 6. the mother is charged in the disappearance but she is and has been deemed unfit to stand trial. in a bizarre scene in oxon hill, a dump truck crashing in a townhouse on owens road. there were no life threatening injuries. but residents of the townhouse now have been displaced because they have condemned it. it is possible the crash happened on the road before the truck veered off and slammed into the home. police are still investigating this. stay with abc7 and for updates. maureen: a new study shows how busy the local airports are.
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there is more traffic at them than ever. brianne carter joins us live at reagan national airport with the latest information and how it could be used. brianne: they are going to take the numbers and look forward to the future in planning for our 30 area airports. take a look here at the reagan national airport. not looking busy tonight. but in fact, they are busier than ever. if it feels like you are seeing more people at the airports in our region, you are right. according to a new study the number of the people boarding planes at all three of the d.c. area airports is the highest it has been in a decade. >> it's a positive for the region. we want to see all three airports behaving, a strong presence. benefits the region and the economy. >> the transportation planning board study shows b.w.i. is a dominant airport in the area. with reagan national coming in a close second. kenneth always chooses reagan national to travel. >> closer to my house.
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choose particular airport. flight times and better access to parking are factors. >> convenient. so i'm here in time for my flight. >> how people get to their flight is changing. mile most folks still drive, more are relying on uber or lift. >> i took the metro. >> but the number of people riding the rails like preston krenshaw is actually decrease ing. the transportation planners say reliability issues are going or testimony time. they expect it to drop off but not significantly as it has. they will take the numbers to continue to look forward. once the silver line goes on track they expect to see similar growth. jonathan: new at 6:00,
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arlington woman will spend 30 months in prison. for running fraud script scheme. she has to pay back $800,000. she bought new purses and returned the counterfeit purses to stores. this happened at department stores all over the country. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- serious damage to apartment complex in greenbelt after a fire overnight. the investigation is happening now. maureen: plus the bold thieves got a hole in a roof in target store in georgia. tonight police say it wasn't their first time. jonathan: new tonight a schedule of the upcoming presidential inauguration. we will reveal the big events. that is up next. steve: i'm steve rudin live in vienna. this is a beautiful, beautiful evening out here. i hope you can come out and take a look at the thousands and thousands of the holiday lights. here is your forecast for this everything.
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40's at 7:00. falling in the 30's. in a few minutes, chief meteorologist doug hill will be back with the forecast and a look at the travel outlook and the christmas holiday weekend. stay with us.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: investigators are looking at the cause of an early morning fire in greenbelt just before christmas. they believe it started in a third floor unit. no one was hurt but smoke and flames forced more than 30 eople to escape the condominium building on hanover parkway. a number of pets were also rescued from the fire. families were able to go back home this afternoon but others will have to find new places to live. jonathan: developing right now, north carolina senators appear unable to reach an agreement on repealing house bill 2. this is a much-talked about bill. they were going to take a ten-minute recess to discuss the repeal. it's lasted two hours. at issue it appears to be a provision placing a six-month ban on antidiscrimination ordinances at the local level. house bill 2 viewed by many as discrim matory toward t
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willing lt -- discriminatory to the lgbt community. it led to millions in lost business. maureen: we are getting a look at the schedule of events for the presidential inauguration on january 20. the day will officially begin when president-elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery. there is also a make america great again welcome celebration at the lincoln memorial. that is all before the official swearing in. now to see the full schedule of events, you can go to jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- [singing] jonathan: she is amazing. an otherwise gloomy metro ride brightened by a beautiful voice. we spoke to the singer about the struggles that helped her find her voice. maureen: and we are looking ahead to a busy holiday weekend of travel and events. will the weather cooperate? doug is b
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storm watch forecast after this. robert: i'm robert burton coming up in sports. it won't be easy for the caps as they play the flyers. that's when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues. jonathan: during the holidays, memories are made at the dinner table. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrifice so much for all of us by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set worth $3,000. go to nominate a deserving veteran. tell us why. you can do it today. nominations are accepted through december
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jonathan: you talk about a bold burglary at a target store in georgia. they cut a hole in roof and lowered themselves inside, through the women's restroom where they came in and they made off with thousands of dollars of electronics and cash. clearly not the first time. investigators believe they have been targeting stores in two other states. maureen: the salvation army red kettles are a common sight this time of year.
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donations, volunteers in frederick county, maryland, are changing things. [trumpet music] maureen: james michels traded in the signature bell for his trumpet in hopes of getting people to open their wallet. fighting last week's frigid weather the salvation army in frederick county received $23,000 less than it had by this time last year. [singing] jonathan: okay. this is so great. after a delay on metro a woman visiting d.c. said you know what? i'm going to sing. somebody videotaped her. it was a christmas tune. now it has gone viral. maureen: her name is timara walker. she is a professional singer as you probably could tell and she works in las vegas. jonathan: she sounds amazing. anna-lysa gayle tracked her down to find out what compelled her to share the talent with metro riders. >> ♪ fall on your
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anna-lysa: it's not the typical sound you would expect riding the metro. >> ♪ hear the angels' voices anna-lysa: earlier she changed the tune. >> it was me, my mother, my children, my sister, her hospes the friends. we look like do you know how to get on this? anna-lysa: it was their first time to use metro and they were trying to return to the vehicle after visiting the white house. >> one of the track broke down. we were so anxious. that is why i started singing. >> anna-lysa: she is a domestic violence survivor and now works as an on-call singer for cirque du soleil. she has another reason to sing. >> the whole reason i was singing this is my first christmas that it was like oh, my god, i have no weight, no burdens. i'm healed. anna-lysa: the video recorded by her 14-year-old daughter
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and its has been shared more than 8,000 times. >> people were crying on the subway, like it's in front of me. >> following an election that divided the nation she believed she was able to unite metro riders and possibly everyone listening to this video. >> ♪ silent night ♪ holy night maureen: after it went viral president obama followed her on twitter. jonathan: what a treat for the metro riders. wait, we are not ready to get on the train. another song. hold on. another video that could go viral, officers from another county getting in on the holiday fun. they did their own version of the mannequin challenge.
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well done. [laughter] maureen: they can't afford to do it for too long. jonathan: no. the chief might see it. maureen: saw a break today. i saw people in convertibles. doug: really? that might be pushing it. it's a good idea. pretty pleasant here. we have the showers coming saturday. but generally a favorable pattern for early winter. we started this morning. maureen: thank you for the call. doug: i was going to do it. i had my finger and i can't do it tonight. let's get you started through the evening. partly cloudy skies. temperatures drop but not to the low levels. stay in the 30's. inside the beltway and the city is in the 30's all night long. we get up tomorrow and average 34 degrees. plenty of sunshine all over the place throughout the day. we will climb to 53. in the afternoon, a cold front is coming through.
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change in wind direction might get breezy at times. that is it. a pleasant thursday. in friday it looks like a touch cooler but bright and sunny. the future cast shows a system tomorrow morning moving to the north through the new york state and new england with the snow. maybe enough to dust the ground in spots. but it will move off the coast. here come some of the cloudiness briefly with the cold front. pleasant weather condition locally and around the country tomorrow. look for the exceptions. that will be not so much tomorrow. tomorrow we are looking at the showers in the farther southwest, phoenix. but we jump to friday and move through chicago. north of chicago through wisconsin, iowa, minnesota. most of the eastern part of the country will be high and dry. look at the high temperatures. pretty much at or above average for most of the country. that is the friday get-away day. it should be good as well. travel concerns on friday. if you are flying out of here, we try to categorize it based on the weather at the other hubs. san francisco probably the biggest chance of having delays beca
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the coast in california. rain and winds and reduced visibility. chicago and seattle could have brief delays but all green for b.,i., reagan, washington dulles as well. the forecast as we go ahead in the weekend on saturday for the first day of hanukkah and christmas eve, clouds and showers. highs to 48. the showers should end with clearing on christmas eve night. christmas day is 49 and the skies becoming partly if not nost pli sunny. the extended outlook take us to monday for the first of the seven days of kwanzaa. in the sunshine. highs of 53. warming to 60 on tuesday. 46 on wednesday. we get to the end of next week. we get past christmas and the holidays and we think of new year's eve and new year's day. based on what we see on the guidance the outlook is the partly cloudy skies. quiet and calm weather for the new year's eve, highs are 42 again with the partly cloudy skies. the days nine and ten could change. that is the way it
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maureen: just like you. doug: pretty much. jonathan: talking basketball. georgetown, don't look now. holy cow, they are on fire. robert: holy cow, that's the word. or the phrase. after a funky start the hoyas are blossoming. we will hear from them. the caps have a challenge tonight. it's the flyers. they are red hot next in sports. oh, how was the open house? so good! did you apply? oh, i'll do it later today. your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? credit karma. it's free. that's great! um hm. just whip bam boom, it's done. that apartment is mine! credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by the local toyota dealer. robert: we start with hockey. caps take on the flyers. they won six of the last seven. washington has the work cut out for them. the flyers is one of the hottest team in the league winning eight of the last ten. caps hope to get an offensive boost from berkovsky. the slumping winger returns to if line-up after being a healthy scratch the last three games. and carlson is also expected to be in the line-up despite missing practice yesterday with an illness. college hoops, things have been looking up for the hoyas. they have won five straight including an impressive win against the arch rival syracuse. that one means a lot to the program. remember, they started off with a loss to maryland. then a blow-out from arkansas state. no more tuneup for the hoyas. they are hoping that the syracuse game will give them more of a boost. >> i can speak for
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another game. it's not even a conference game. but just because of the history and the tradition, the win means more. so hopefully, hopefully it will catapult us forward. robert: golden state warriors star steph curry is auctioning off a couple of pairs of shoes for an awesome cause. local artists had the shoes designed. all this to raise money for the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. so far, curry's shoes received over 150 bid on the ebay auction site adding up to more than $20,000. the auction ends december 30. so there is still time to bring out the bid. if you spend over $10,000, free shipping. jonathan: that's nice. robert: huge insentive. jonathan: he does nice things like that. he does it outside the limelight sometimes. maureen: i heard he throws in fresh socks, too.
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robert: does he? jonathan: let's hope. maureen: what is the latest? doug: quiet tonight. temperatures drop in the 30's. by tomorrow things will warm up nicely with the sunshine. they have a cold front come through to give us wind gusts at time but sunshine. no rain, highs in the lower 50's tomorrow. the highs in the lower 50's which is a nice change. steve tonight will take a close look at the holiday travel weather and also the talk about the showers and the weekend. christmas eve looking more and more likely. we will give you a quick look now at the next cupping of days coming up. 347 torment. 48 on showers for saturday. christmas day is bright and partly sunny with highs of 49. warming up here. no bitterly cold air in sight. maureen: no white christmas. jonathan: but we get rain so good time to stay in with the family and do cooking. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the new federal bulletin involving new york's times square. after the christmas terror overseas, this evening, the from security bulletin, concerned about times square and new year's eve. we're live in manhattan tonight. and breaking developments overseas. what we have:r now learned abou one of the suspects in the terror attack, after that truck was hijacked, the driver killed. that suspect now on the loose, considered armed and dangerous. the massive explosion, the death toll growing. more than 30 people killed in that market. some of the young victims now being flown to the u.s. the dangers police face in this country. the body cam just released. two officers gunned down, responding to a domestic dispute. one wounded officer trying to save his long-time friend. the deadly crash. the plane going down just moments after takeoff.


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