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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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day two and the deep freeze holding strong. temperatures feeling like single digits overnight. >> for some, downright dangerous conditions as crews battle an overnight fire. >> the stormwatch 7 team is getting you through the worst of it today and getting you ready for the mess headed our you reay for the mess headed our way for the start of the weekend. good morning to you, washington. larry: oh, boy, you thought it was cold last night. this morning we said we were walking up -- waking up in the teens. autria: i got my phone was broken. larry: wait, i do not go to buffalo this year. >>
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at least today is not going to be as windy. yesterday walking around, wow, you could really feel it. it was hard sometimes to open the door. our cars could have a little trouble tomorrow getting around on area roads, especially if you plan on heading out if you have to be somewhere before 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. so critical to watch the forecast. we have mostly clear skies, temperatures getting a chance to bottom out. 16, frederick. 18, d.c. going up thisoday time instead of going down. lunchtime, you will still need the warm coat. gloves, scarf, you will want all of it. 29 degrees during the afternoon and evening rush. as we get into the late evening hours, you're going to notice, wait a minute, it feels ptt
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going to be going up a bit to the evening hours between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is your window would we could see the freezing rain and where road conditions could be ice. the next change for us will come after the morning on saturday. temperatures will be going up. we could hit 54 degrees prior to midnight saturday. start out in the 60's on sunday. more on that change in a few minutes. now, sky roads right track 7 is hanging out with us and they happen to be flying above the beltway in college park. so far, so good. no problems between 95 and greenbelt and 95 and georgia avenue. all of the lanes are open. back over to the maps, where we have some problems is in place. the that reports of icy conditions on the beltway near the toll road. heads up from montgomery
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back toward 66. westbound on 70 is where we have the car fire after 75 coming out of new market. only be left lane is getting by. the yellow lane expressing delays due to an earlier train malfunction outside of huntington. that is our traffic watch. i will update the right on 95 in virginia in 10 minutes. morning, aking this dangerous situation overnight in montgomery county as we stay on top of this arctic weather gripping the entire region. crews fighting a fire in spencerville where temperatures dipped into the single digits early this morning and the water turned into ice right on the side of the house. this is on sea island court right around 1:00 this morning. the family home is destroyed. the fire was coming out of multiple lors. we are still checking on the scene. firefighters are checking for hotspots. the good news is, everyone inside the house made
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look at that ice. you can see how cold it is. autria: unbelievable. this winter blast making it feel nearly unbearable out there. with athis is cold vengeance. if you thought getting the kids to school yesterday was bad, this morning is even chillier. john gonzales has a look at what it takes to get kids to school safely. john: good morning. nothing like having that cold blast hit you in the face and spelling that ether being sprayed on these diesel engines on the bus to go. this is one of the bigger school bus lots in the county here on greenbelt road. a lot of these engines started revving early this morning. a lot of school districts decided to take precautions, in some cases, they brought in a special team to come in and start the engines one by one on these buses. here at this lot in greenbelt, i have been talkin
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drivers and they tell me they are responsible for getting here early and starting their engines. that is what we are seeing. they're not only using ether spray to get a boost to get these engines going, but we is a preheatere and most of the buses. essentially, it is set on a timer so the heater goes off about two hours before the engines have to get going. start.t helps engines you're talking about 78,000 students in the county that use school buses, about 1200 buses altogether. when you have precious cargo, you have to make sure not only be buses are winterized and you get the engines running, but the insides are also nice and warm for these students. if you have children waiting at a school bus this morning, make sure to layer them up and do not have them wait longer than they have to. john gonzales, "good morning washington." autria: thank you.
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taking in the sights of the season in d.c. we caught up with folks in town from new york to enjoy the national christmas tree. for them, this cold is not a big deal. the diehard star wars fans, some of whom stood in line hours to catch a showing of "rogue one" last night. if you're venturing out in the cold, get our storm watch weather app on your phone for free. knew this morning, an interview in which president obama lashes out against russia will be broadcast this morning. mr. obama promised to retaliate against russia for allegedly trying to undermine the u.s. election. the interview will air during npr's morning edition program. russian president vladimir putin deny the allegations in wikileaks founder julian assange says the rough -- russian government was not the source of hacked emails that his organization received and released. autria:
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have issued a permit for the women's march on washington, demonstration against president-elect donald trump. the protest is planned for the duration.the night march organizers estimate 200,000 protesters will take part. on monday, the electoral college members will officially cast their votes in the presidential election. a longshot attempt is under way of blocking trump from becoming president. larry: there is a new addition to facebook. the new features are now seen under timeline starting today. the company says it is a critical update. that is ahead
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>> it is cold outside this morning. 18 degrees at reagan national. the last time we dipped that low a reagan national during the month of december was back in 2008. it has been a while. you know what? it will not stay cold. throughout the day today and early tomorrow morning, it
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be low enough. we could have some trouble troubles around the area which is what we are to the next weather alert. moderate to perhaps moderate to high. it will not be areawide where everyone will see the wintry weather coming room, but i will be some pockets, especially north and northwest of d.c. were there will be a little freezing rain for monday morning looking at black ice pretty much everywhere across the area with temperatures dipping and a lot of rain that comes in for said midnight. currently, feels like 18 in d.c.. three, or and 10. chapters go up to about 25 to 29 degrees late today with increasing clouds and then into the 60's over the weekend, especially sunday. sunday will be kind of weird feeling, looking day because there will be rain developing during the afternoon hours. we will track that for you in a couple of minutes. julie:
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and the rails, we have some tight ups. on metro, the yellow line, we will start off there because of a disabled train outside huntington. it is expecting delays. on the beltway, talking about the possibility of black ice for monday morning? state police have reports of icy conditions on the beltway right now. outer loop near 123. heads up coming from maryland toward tysons. watch your speeds as you continue on the outer loop of the capital beltway. we had problems if you are traveling along 70 westbound near 75 where we had the car fire. only the left lane getting by. it will take a wall to clear this. roadwill have to treat the after extinction the fire. keep this in mind coming out of new market over toward 270. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes. autria: this morning, the first real test in the books. a look inside the mgm casin
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week after opening. a man with a long criminal record at the center of an hours long standoff. the gunbattle that led to an officer being shot in the new updates just coming
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jummy: a washington state police officer is critical after being shot in the head during a standoff and the main of the center of all of this is a known criminal, now in police custody. we're learning the officer's 61 years old with 30 years on the force. he was responding to a call just after 5:30 yesterday evening when the suspect started shooting from a house. he barricaded himself inside the home and took one person hostage. he fired shots at swat team members before being taken into custody. police say the suspect has a very lengthy rap sheet and is well-known to police in the area. autria: thank you. the message violence is the leading motive for murder in prince george's county. in maryland
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, a task force to stop it 10 months after the brutal murder of a woman and her baby allegedly at the hands of the baby's father. the task force is named for the victims. awareness to come from it, education to come from it. i want to be able to save someone. autria: the task force met yesterday with the goal of making recommendations to the governor and legislature and helping to stop the next killing tied to a domestic dispute. larry: an oklahoma man arrested after he tried to bring a gun through security at bwi airport. tsa agents found the loaded 22 caliber handgun in his back along with 16 loose lips. the man claims he is driven to the airport and forgot it was in his car, then said he forgot he put it in his carry-on bag. he was arrested on weapons charges. autria: fighting back against fake news. facebook will start flagging falls articles. the company will apply warning labels to some news on the social
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a red label will say "disputed by third-party fact checkers." you can click on it to get more information. larry: the mgm national harbor casino is proving it has no trouble attracting concertgoers. boys to men perform last night to a sold out audience. all 3000 seats were filled. fans said they really had an easy time getting to the venue. >> how was it traffic wise? >> it was a breeze. >> traffic was really great getting here? >> no more than what to expect. larry: lionel richie is to perform at the mgm national harbor casino next week. the next performer after that, another blockbuster star, bruno mars. autria: this winter blast is still holding strong over the dmv.
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firsthand look at what you can do to keep your car running in this dangerous cold. he is in the car on the road. having a little trouble getting his shot, so we will work on that. we will do you over to veronica. broner? temperatures --veronica: starting at under the freezing mark. with the next event that comes in the area, we will be tracking wintry weather. weather alerts in the area. there could be 1/10 of an edge of ice. that includes leesburg and gaithersburg. in the blue, maybe point four to five inches. blue, .25, -- in the inches. temperatures out there right now,
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18, 12, 13 degrees throughout many of the neighborhoods. 16, dale city. when chills in the single digits. a little bit of a chill. wow, cold. by saturday morning, still critical, but temperatures will start to warm up. we will be on the cusp by 9:00, 10:00. with the system coming in, the big one hitting the northern rockies and areas of the midwest, we will get clipped with it. just enough moisture where we are talking about a little snow on area roads. some travel difficulties saturday morning. i think even area white for monday morning. 35 degrees at 9:00 a.m. there is your warm-up. try to wait if you can if you have to be somewhere tomorrow early before noon, try to wait as late as you can. sunday, i want to show you this. this is sunday at noon. ok
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our weekend we have some difficulties getting around. this is all rain. not having to deal with ice. 2:00, moderate to heavy rain, could even be ponding on area roads. the system moves to our south that eased by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 in the evening. check goes to saturday. check goes to sunday. still so much to do. today is day two of our seven days of living. i will be featuring christmas in april. we will have that up on "good morning washington" a little bit later. right now, we will toss it over to julie. how are we doing on the roads? julie: a couple of problems. on the bwi parkway, it is closed. southbound parkway shut down at because of a crash. southbou
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build. northbound come everything is open. 95 is working well as an alternate at this time. crash northbound out of brandywine. this accident reported on the left side of the highway. looponditions on the outer of the beltway in tysons. state police are headed out there to treat the highway with a crew. heads-up from montgomery county toward tysons. icy conditions reported near 123. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes. riding shotgun with aaa, it is sam sweeney. what are you doing in the cold? sam: we are out riding around with a tow truck on aaa on one of their busiest days of the year with cold temperatures, cars are soaring. we just got him with a man who was locked out of his car. the day.l of we want to give you some tips of what you can do
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self. we will catch up with tony inside the car. tony, you do this every day. what is your best piece of advice for drivers today? >> wear your seatbelt, keep warm, and state say. -- stay safe. sam: it is worth spending the bucks for it to freeze. >> yes. get your battery checked. sam: we will be riding around with aaa all day. we will see you later on in the 6:00 hour. much more "good morning washington" i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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there is a warning about a growing trend in holiday decorating. lights says laser displays are so bright, they can actually distract pilots. adrian banker has the details. >> across the country, laser light projectors like this star shower in similar brands are flying off store shelves. now the faa is warning decorators about the new
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cause harm to pilots or aircraft. >> there's a danger you could enter the group. >> the parent company telling abc news in a statement -- the product complies with faa and fda guidelines. as a next precaution, the instructions recommend the user not reject the laser lights at or within the flight path of an aircraft and to avoid direct eye contact. the faa advising homeowners to use caution when setting up projectors and make sure they are aimed at buildings, not toward the sky. paula faris will have more on this christmas controversy coming up at 7:00 a.m.. didn't santa bring him anything?
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autria: this winter blast hitting with full force. absolutely frigid temperatures across the nation and right here at home. larry: temperatures in the teens and feeling like the single digits. the storm watch weather team is on your side getting you through the worst of it. veronica:
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we started talking about this a couple of days ago. we started talking about this a couple of days ago. checking in with the temperatures, which will be below freezing as the system comes in. hours6:00,'s -- 5, 6, 7 tomorrow morning. your best bet, the stormwatch7 watch will be taking you through it. advisories for the area. i will go back to that in the blue. the dark blue area. winter storm watch. freezing rain for most of the area in and around d.c., south toward its way and county, just fine with all rain -- prince william county, just fine with all rain. 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning is the time period where we could see ice. cold now, 14 in aspen hill. fort washington, 16. very cold, the coldest for the month of
6:32 am
back to 2008. 27 degrees at lunchtime today. poster to freezing during the afternoon -- closer to freezing during the afternoon. tonight, 25 to 30 degrees. should not get much colder. after midnight, ice comes into the area. we will have more on that. eileen whelan has been in storm trak 7. arrived and it is cold. he did not need me to tell you that. storm trak 7 starting to see some clouds starting to roll in. it is extremely cold. look at the temperature. yesterday, we were still in upper 20's to low 30's. this morning, the air temperature is 16 degrees. the good news, the winds are much lighter. we actually don't have a wind chill factor at the metro station zyhere. one other thing to note, the dew po
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what is that? how much moisture is in the air. it is so, so drive. that is why the temperatures have been able to drop as much. one thing you not only want to do -- you want to be layered up, but remember to moisturize your face, your hands, your lips. so important to do because you do not want the cracks and everything. we remind you how cold it is now and how cold it will be all day long today with temperatures below freezing, these road surfaces will be well below freezing when the precipitation arrives at her tonight. that is why we're dissipating slick roads early tomorrow -- anticipating slick roads early to our morning. i heard you were talking about ice? get to that in just a moment. we still have our hands full with this crash southbound on bwi parkway at 195. police
6:34 am
shoulder. up.eads you may want to use 95 as a work around. it was the result of a car fire. they have to use water to about the fire. because of the temperatures being so cold, anything that hits the ground is freezing. now we have icy conditions near 123. they have vdot trying to treat the roads. we hope to bring you live pictures of the next 10 minutes. outer loop of the bed wait -- beltway south toward 66. trouble on brandywine. two left lanes are tied up. 31 miles per hour north. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes with another update. autria: -- jummy: breaking news out of the middle east. tb reporting evacuations of civilians in opposition fighters from eastern aleppo have been suspended. this after
6:35 am
have ties to bush r al-assad opened fire on a convoy of one of the crossing points the rebel held territory. it is not there right now how long this is rich and will be for. we do know there are reports the rebels try to take some opposition fighters that were being held captive. we will keep a close eye on this story and the events going on in aleppo as they of old this morning. autria: new developments this morning following the police involved shooting death of terrence sterling. his family is suing the district and the police department for $50 million. sterling was shot to death by a police officer after allegedly ramming a police cruiser with his motorcycle. sterling's family place the use deadly force and failed to record it with his body camera. a spokesman says they cannot comment on a pending legal case. having right now, d.c. police searching for
6:36 am
targeted a school. this footage was caught on tape in northwest d.c. police do not know how the suspects got into the school, but they got away with money and a cell phone. this video shows several persons of interest. if you have information, call police. larry: people in corpus christi, texas, are being told not to drink tap water. a hazardous industrial chemical may have contaminated the water supply and say even boiling the water will not make it say. the city is requesting state assistance and asking additional bottled water be trucked in today. gifts onending holiday the cheek. free shipping. details coming up. larry: here is what is coming up tonight. 5:00, running a military's plans does military
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morning washington." your number one news in the morning. larry: free shipping day. about 1100 retailers are taking part with the guarantee delivery before christmas. no minimum purchase. free shipping day started in 2007. some big-name retailers include target, neiman marcus, and t.j. maxx. get out there and take advantage of that. to the want to go out post office or ups, anyway. veronica: it is too cold. es andees at dull sterling. 6 is what it feels like in frederick. cold, yes. we still have the wind, a little bit of it. not quite as strong as yesterday. we had gusts yesterday well over 40 miles per hour. it will be a warm weekend and a warm weekend where we could ha
6:41 am
hour each afternoon saturday and again on sunday, and even monday with chapters starting to come down. look at the trend. we go up and way back down again. wow, mid 60's coming up for early sunday. we are going to be tracking this wintry weather. you can see how quickly develops between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m., it blossoms over our area, especially through the counties north and west of the district. frederick through carol, even baltimore county. if you're getting on the road early saturday morning, keep that in mind. even when that moves out, road tipsters will still be at a critical -- temperatures will still be at a critical point, especially the bridges and overpasses. we clear out and another round of rain that comes in for sunday afternoon. 35 degrees. let's hit the roads. julie: this is what we are looking at on the
6:42 am
the beltway as you try to make your way over in tysons corner. icy conditionsof tying up the left side of the highway. that is what you see. vdot on the scene. the left lane is blocked as the result of an earlier car fire. as a result, the water froze over and now we have slick conditions on the beltway near 123. no accident south off of 270 from germantown. northbound 5 at branch avenue, we have a crash. stay to the right to get by. we will be back in 10 minutes with an update. larry: this arctic air making it a dangerous situation even worse. wasearly morning emergency made even more difficult because of the cold. larry, a lot of drivers are waking up this morning and their cars are not starting. we are riding along on a tow truck with aaa. it is expected to be a very busy
6:43 am
and how do you prevent it? i will tell you what "good morning washington" continues. a coldiesel engines on morning. it is a challenging operation. coming up, we will tell you how these cool buses are doing here in prince george's county. we will explain you why it feels colder now than it did just an hour ago.
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jummy: a dangerous situation overnight in montgomery county. as we stay on top of this arctic weather. take a look at this video showing crews fighting a fire where the tipsters did down to the single digit in spencerville early this morning. you can see the water from the hose is turned into ice on the side of that home. this is on cl in court right around 1:00 this morning -- sea islands court right around 1:00 this moment. the family home is destroyed. the fire was coming from multiple floors. crews are checking for hotspots. it looks like frost on the side of the home. that is from the wer
6:47 am
was hurt. got to feel for those first responders dealing with those cold tutors today. autria: this winter blast making it feel pretty much unbearable out there. larry: cold with a vengeance right now. if you thought getting kids to school yesterday morning was bad, this morning will be even worse. john gonzales is taking look at what it takes to get kids to school safely in this dangerous weather. john: good morning. not only does it feel a lot ago,r than it did 24 hours i got to tell you, it feels colder than it did an hour ago. beenot claiming to have paying attention much in science class, but i understand it has to do with solar energy. the coldest part of the morning is about half an hour after sunrise. we're getting close to that. that is around the time when these students will be out here waiting for the school buses. school districts take this kind of weather seriously.
6:48 am
diesel engines early, about an hour early this morning here in prince george's county at this -- one of the larger bus depots in the county here in greenbelt. we're told by the drivers they are responsible to get here early and start their engines early. we have been seeing them using , heatersting fluid that are set on timers. they click on about two hours before the drivers arrive to help them start these old engines. we did have some problems here in prince george's counties -- print george's county yesterday. you have children waiting at a bus stop, make sure to layer them up. the next hour, we will be at a bus stop with the children to see how unbearable it is. for now, olsen it over to i would -- i will send it over to eileen whelan. it is pretty cold, john.
6:49 am
you our storm trak temperature, 16 degrees. it has been below freezing now for over 36 hours. i want to show you road temperatures. i have my laser thermometer. it may about 11, 12 -- be a little colder, but you get the idea. the ground is below freezing. the forecast today, air temperatures will stay below freezing through 6:00 tonight with increasing clouds. what is pretty interesting is as we get into the overnight hours tonight, temperatures are actually going to start to rise. that will be good news for us as the precipitation starts to arrive 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. with these very cold road temperatures, we're likely to see anything that falls stick and create slippery conditions on the roadways, is ashley bridges, overpasses him a rams, --spsidewalks
6:50 am
sidewalks. we will talk more about areas north in a little bit. i do not know if you thought about this as a nice fashionable hat, i have something else fashionable to add to my wardrobe. i will talk about that in the 7:00 hour. connected with the storm watch weather team wherever you are. follow us on social media through our free app and always on very go the sports world is hurting. law -- craig sager lost his hard-fought battle to leukemia. he was considered one of the best in the business. he was first i've noticed in 2014. last night, look at this in milwaukee, players did tribute to his colorful attire on the sidelines by wearing these t-shirts. sager worked at cnn and turner sports for more than 40 years. craig sager was 65 years old. i worked alongside craig
6:51 am
for many years. he was as colorful off camera as he was on. certainly, we will miss him terribly. our best to his wife and family. josh norman and the redskins are work getting ready for their showdown with carolina monday night. it has been playoff implications. they cannot afford another loss in this final stretch if they want to keep their postseason hopes alive. a lot of drama on fedex field monday night. we're bringing that to you here on abc seven. coverage starts at 7:30 monday night. autria: the latest chapter in the legendary star wars saga is playing in theaters across the country. "rogue one" is expected to earn about $150 million this weekend alone. disney says that is them downplaying the numbers. fans lined up for blocks to catch the premiere los angeles, treated to a costume contest and some even built star wars lego sets waiting for the movie.
6:52 am
diehard fans and -- ndc. we caught up with three star wars aficionados. this crew has slept outside the theater five times for the past star wars flicks, but over with the weather like this. windchill, you're in single digits. just getting a little insulation in here. autria: i don't know if it is worth it. earlyvie is getting reviews, sitting at 85% score on the review website rotten tomatoes. larry: on sunday when it is 60, it is the same movie. no lines. you just need to make a little igloo. we took a temperature plunge. as the plungey came, we will see chapters go up over the weekend. it will be really weird when you walk around and it is like, it
6:53 am
today is 30 degrees by 2:00. chapters go up and the winds will subside. -- temperatures go up and winds will subside. single digits throughout the area, teens in a few pockets. i think we should be about 20 to 25 degrees. we will see a little dip as we get into the late-night hours. i think as we get into early tomorrow morning, even less wind but temperatures are under freezing. today.ees by 6:00 p.m. areas of ice to watch up to the north by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the extended forecast for saturday and sunday, mid 60's. 62 expected on christmas day. santa coming down the chimney and a pair of shorts. i like it. right now around the capital
6:54 am
open leaving college park over toward 270 where we had problems on the outer loop of the beltway through tysons. earlier this morning, there was a car fire. unfortunately, when the water hit the ground, it turned to ice. they're treating that part of the highway on the outer loop 7.t past 127 -- 123 pst fender bender at 123 quickly pulled out of the roadway. 26 minute to meet from business 234 manassas eastbound. the crash of maryland northbound 5, state of the right in order to get by. winter tips for the car, checked the battery and tires and have spare keys as well on your person. you do not want to get locked out in the cold. for more tips, we say good morning to sam sweeney. sam: we are rolling on the road right now with aaa this morning. we're in a tow truck where it
6:55 am
we're on a call to capitol heights or someone's car battery died. that seems to be the big story this morning with the cold temperatures, especially batteries older than five years old are not getting these cars started. tony, this is the number one call you see during the cold weather times. what can you tell us? what is the preventative measure? >> get your battery tester before the cold weather hits. we can test it for you and tell you if you need one or don't need one. sam: if you have one of those keyless entry cars, make sure you keep that keep away from your car because when it is hereby, it tells your car to be on standby and it drains your battery. we will be driving run all morning long. i might tell the next guy will we get there we are from publishers clearing house and he is the million dollar winner. you can see that on news channel 8.
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sam. keep in mind, you can get your stormwatch weather app downloaded for free and the latest alerts on your smart phone or tablet. julianne hough and derek hough are going on tour across america. on may seven, they're coming to national harbor. we're giving away tickets right now. the number to call -- the seventh caller wins. good luck. larry: are you going to go? autria: if i get those free tickets. i want to go out to a latency the live show in the ball -- to l.a. ncb live show in the ballroom. larry: time for our 62nd express. having the right press secretar
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feel nearly unbearable. >> this is cold with a vengeance. >> stay layered up and move quickly. >> it is cold. 16 degrees. >> for the montgomery county at risk of seeing ice. >> if you have a child that has to wait at a school bus stop, layer them up. >> riding around the tow truck with triple-a on one of the busiest days of the year. what is your best piece of advice? >> get your battery checked. >> crews fighting a fire in centreville where the water turned into ice on the side of the house. >> morni
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president obama vows to retaliate against russia for interfering with our election. >> we need to take action, and we will. >> now u.s. officials tell abc news putin is a target of the fbi's investigation. president-elect trump slams the white house as hillary clinton speaks out saying putin had a grudge against her. >> and winter whiteout. life-threatening coal and snow for more than 100 million. this truck sliding on ice slamming into a bus. and a nearly 60-car pileup shuttling down this interstate in pennsylvania. slammed with two feet of snow and more on the way. 38 states facing alerts right now. an abc news exclusive. 20 years after jonbenet ramsey's murder, a grand juror speaking out for the first time about the


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