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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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helping either. temperatures are bone chilling out there. >> they really are. we have team coverage of the winter blast and how people are dealing with this. >> let's begin with storm watch meteorologist doug hill and concern about ice, right, doug? doug: the wind chills will be a problem because the winds are still gusting 30 miles per hour last check at reagan national. so strong winds, very cold air and it feels like it's 1 winchester. both values, temperatures and wind chills will continue to drop tonight. our outlook is for air temperatures to eventually get in the range of 8 to 18 degrees. winds gusting not enough like today but to keep the wind chills in the single digits just about everywhere. air temperatures will be from 12 degrees in fairfax, 11 in germantown. the winds will diminish a bit during the day. once we get through
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night and we're concerned about what's going to happen next and that's the possibility of a period of freezing rain late friday night, early saturday morning well to the north and west of the metro area. winter storm watch posted there. the metro area, we could see at times freezing rain early on saturday morning. we any it will be minimal with minimal impacts but something we'll keep a close eye on the entire storm watch 7 team son storm watch for you. john. john: all right, doug, thanks very much. the warmest temperatures we experienced, that came before the sun even showed up this morning. so if you ventured outside, the wind was absolutely vicious when this cold weather blew in. jeff with a look at how people are dealing with the cold. just watching people cross that bridge today, jeff, they looked freezing. jeff: yeah. not easy, jonathan. the windiest day we've seen in a long time and we started the story today with let's find some really windy spots. for this live broadcast let's lean into it and
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intent. this is the key bridge connecting arlington, virginia, and washington, d.c. every time the gusts picks up you can feel a little bit. the guy holding the camera shaking around a little bit. we started here in rosalind, here in arlington, the tall buildings, the construction happening creating some serious wind tunnels. we had people, of course, on the job struggling to stay warm on the construction work. and all that new building construction, a lot of guys on the job. men and women. we also hit the national mall downtown. a lot of cold. a lot of wind. very few people, as you might imagine. by reagan airport, you can see the white caps along the potomac river. even trash cans tipped in. people taking it in stride. layered up protecting themselves from the wind and trying to stay positive through it all. y
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25 years. jeff: you know how to dress right? >> yeah. >> it's started. i think i may have gone a little bit further than i should vfment >> thanks to starbucks and some warm soup for lunch, that's kind of how i got through it. jeff: starbucks, warm soup, whatever it takes. how you doing, sir? hanging in there? yeah, he's got a smile on his face. ok. some people take it in stride. that's what it takes on a day like this. it's been windy but trying to stay warm anyway we can. people we talked to, virginia dominion power not too many outages. coming up at 5:00, we'll speak with some people on why they actually like this weather and actually show you some spots where the wind kicked up some interesting images. until then, live on the key bridge, jeff, abc , news. >> all right, jeff. you hang in there too. that's tough work for you and brian. thank you so much. then, there are
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choice. our team coverage is live outside the uptown theater in d.c. we are talking about people waiting for the newest "star wars" movie opening tonight. >> that's right. we are talking about this movie :a star re, "rogue one wars movie." it airs here at 7:00. that brings us to our instapoll question. would you sleep outside to see this movie? now, the trailer speaks for itself. you have to say wow. the special effects. this is supposed to be a equel between "episodes iii" and "iv." i have to show you this makeshift bungalow. the question is, would you sleep outside to watch the movie? the guys who are in this bungalow early this morning and throughout the day would answer yes. right now they're actually warming up. we'll toss it to them at
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but i want to ask these guys who just showed up about, what, an hour or so ago? >> about a half-hour ago. q: would you sleep outside in the cold since tuesday to watch this movie? >> probably about one night would be my limit. q: ok. like so overnight? >> overnight. i'm not as intense as these guys, though. i admire them. q: but you are really happy that this movie is coming out? >> yeah. q: all right. what are you expecting? >> more of a return to the old movies that i really grew up on. i liked the new one last year but this is back in the time period that we know. q: got you. last question before i let you go. how many layers do you have on, because it's freezing out here? >> i think about five. q: about five. that's the thing. gloves on. i might have to borrow them because i forgot mine at home. it's freezing cold out here. when you come back at 5:00, i am going to get
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one of the guys looks like he's sleeping in there. stick around for that. we'll show you how these guys have been living. reporting live from cleveland park, i'm q mccray. back to you guys in the studio. alison: all right, q. thank you. >> die-hard fans. alison: that's one way to put it. go to and the facebook and twitter feeds and download the weather app. jonathan: lindsey is at the live desk of the verdict in the dillon ruff case. >> the jury did not take very long to convict the 22-year-old who killed nine black church parishioners in south carolina could now face the death penalty. jurors will decide his face during the sentencing phase. that's set to begin in the next few weeks. remember his confession to the f.b.i. is on camera. the jury saw that. he, however, did not take the
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his defense attorneys did not call any witnesses, but we could hear from him during the sentencing phase. right now he is planning to represent himself for that. we will have to see. back to you, jonathan: all right, lindsey. thanks. you can sign up for breaking news text alerts doing it at our website alison. alison: legendary sideline reporter and nba announcer craig sager has passed away. the colorful reporter in both personalities and wardrobe had been battling leukemia for a number of years. the president of turner called him a true inspiration to us all. he was 65. >> covering metro now and two big stories for the rail system today. six people were fired after a derailment at the east falls church station last summer. and the board also voted to close the entire system earlier. stephen tschida is live at the
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details. stephen. stephen: michelle, some metro commuters, passengers, especially here in the suburbs not too thrilled about this reduction in hours as of july 1 and for at least the next two years, these turnstiles will be closing earlier. continued maintenance work requires more hours so as of july 1, metro will designate more time to repair work and less time to riders. >> i guess we are supposed to take cabs now. stephen: monday through thursday 5:00 a.m. to 11:30. friday 5:00 to 1:00 a.m. saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> the definition of compromise is something that makes no one happy and maybe that's kind of where we are. stephen: other news today, metro fired six employees, four inspectors and two supervisors over the derailment at east falls church metro from detore ating
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they false -- deteriorating tracks. they falsified reports. that's about half of all metro's inspectors. >> it's reprehensible that any supervisor, mid level manager would tolerate or encourage this behavior or seek to retaliate against those who objected. stephen: now, no charges have been filed at this point, but prosecutors do have this report and they are reviewing it. now, coming up next hour, we are going to be telling you about another safety issue on metro just this week where passengers were exposed to that third rail, that highly charged third rail. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> stephen, thank you. sign up for metro news. text to 43817. jonathan: jack johnson, today he's out of prison and at a residential re-entry
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in frederick. you may recall he was sentenced to federal prison in 2011 on corruption charges. he's due to be released in june . alison: new information about the man accused of bringing guns into comet ping-pong. ey indicted edgar welsh with charges. the north carolina man said the restaurant's involvement with a child sex ring brought him to that d.c. pizza place. well, now facebook, we learned, is taking measures to curb the spread of such stories on the social network. the company says it will make people to report them as fake and will have fact checkers to sort out through what's real and what's not. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, investigators say they have new evidence that could explain why egypt air flight 804 crashed between paris and cairo. jonathan: plus, after the flood, the big setback for
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its feet. alison: and remember when we ad that commute known as
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jonathan: there is new information on egypt aircraft flight 804. a forensic report now states traces of explosive material were found on the remains of some of th
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66 people were killed when that plane crashed in the mediterranean sea back in may while it was on its way from paris to cairo. the recorder reported there was a fire onboard before the aircraft crashed. alison: nearly five months after the flooding, the rebuilding process is well under way. but someone just dealt a major blow to a bar owner working hard to reopen, and as shelly installing a camera is important. >> 11 days before christmas. >> timing couldn't be worse. >> at the phoenix empour emporium. >> they are busy not with holiday preparation but rebuilding. >> almost 4 1/2 months. >> it puts a halt on things. >> their progress at the moment stalled. >> we've been dealing with the police all day. >> he fo
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in overnight taking thousands of dollars worth of specialty tools. >> i suspect between $5,000 and $6,000. >> carpenter john beck was building bar. >> i can't believe people would stoop to that level to see what they've been through and further delay it. i can't fathom it. >> several television sets. a computer and some checks stolen from my office. >> they even stole the coax out of the fridge. >> you -- the cokes out of the fridge. >> the worst part, one, it happening, two, the time of year. i just don't think it could get any worse. >> we're trying to get open the day after christmas. >> a major setback to those plans but the thieves did not steal their determination. >> we'll figure it out. >> the phoenix, everybody loves this place and we are trying to get it done and get mark back up and running for him and his staff. alison: hopefully those folks return those goods and find who's
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situation with jamie sullivan with the details. >> hi. we're starting with a water main break. we've seen quite a few of these throughout the day today and this is something that will continue to happen. 16th street between somerset and sheridan. this is with the water main break. now, we don't have problems from d.c. to silver springs. but 14 miles per hour is your average heading into the city. now, just a heads up, we do have some slowing here inbound but we have the slowing heading outbound which is going to be typical for us. bottom side of the beltway, a reminder we do have that debut concert tonight with boyes 2 men at m.g.m. we will see a lot of -- bozyii men at m.g.m. we will see a lot of traffic. volume on the inner loop as well as the outer loop and some spots even a little bit of sun glare out there. that stretch right there on the inner loop between 6
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american legion bridge will take you about an hour. so, again, definitely slow. not as many crashes to worry about. but watch for those water main breaks. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: that pales into comparison. that is never fun, ice skating in your car. they just don't recommend it. this is the storm watch. this is carmageddon we are telling about. the cars were piling up in portland, oregon. yep. they had one to three inches of snow. nd the icy conditions were enough for the drivers to come together and get to know each other and it stranded a group of kids on the school bus. think about the story they could tell and the excuse for not getting their home work done. >> my feet were frozen by the second hour, and we were all terrified we were our brakes were going to fail and go down the hill or a car would run into us. jon in an: they were doing that for two or three hours. lu
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bus were injured. some other buses were involved in some crashes. school districts across the region cancelled classes today. probably a smart move. alison: well, there were snow in buffalo. it was a small band of lake-effect snow that moved through the area pretty fast. buffalo, they're used to it. i would say it's standard this time of the year. doug: it's a lot of snow. alison: we had a carmageddon episode here that was equally as awful as the video we just saw there. doug said, hardly any snow but it was horrible. right during rush hour. michelle: i remember that. doug: i tried to get home. it took to go to our studios to get to the 14th street bridge was an hour and 45 minutes. jonathan: that's when you park and get some coffee. doug: i got off the bridge and came back. listen, our big concern tonight is cold. it will be colder and then there is a possibility of a brief wintry
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issue in the morning saturday. but more so towards the pennsylvania border. let's cover that for you. these are current numbers. in leesburg it's 17 but feels like four degrees. it feels a little below zero. in fact, all these numbers are live so if the wind changes or temperature changes it will feel it. frederick, two blow and 10. 19 now on the campus of children's hospital. the wind chill of three above. and both sets of values, temperatures and wind chills will continue to drop tonight. it won't be windy. we'll call it breezy. the winds five to 10 and some gusts overnight 20 miles per hour. tonight will be colder than last night and tomorrow not quite as cold. it's coming out of the process of the cold arctic air entrenched, when some rain moves into the west late friday night, saturday morning, that sets the stage for freezing rain. at the bus stop in the morning, 18 degrees pickup time. 26
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29 degrees at dismissal. needless to say, cold morning ahead. we have a winter storm watch posted late tomorrow night early saturday morning from harford county line, parts of west virginia, pennsylvania and eastern west virginia as well for a period of freezing rain that could impact driving and could start to accumulate on tree branches, powerlines. in the metro area we think we will see a little mix of rain and freezing rain. changing rain by 10:00 a.m. as temperatures go above freezing, drier and milder air. we will be in the low to mid 50's saturday afternoon and close to 60 sunday. the clouds continue to move in. by early in the morning, this model depicts a little freezing rain or sleet. some rain and freezing rain in the mountains. a lot of it stays to the north but certainly 7:30 or so you see how it's depicted here. a little wintry mess before temperatures turn over to plain rain. we will have another chance of rain as we get through the day sunday.
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temperatures close to 60 sunday but then dropping very, very quickly late sunday afternoon. look at that. we go from 60 to sunday afternoon to 27 sunday night. chilly weather monday and tuesday. warming up by wednesday. looking ahead to christmas eve and christmas day, upper 40's. michelle. michelle: all right, doug. thank you. coming up at 4:00 -- >> he instantly became the big brother that i never had. michelle: what brought perfect strangers together to feel more like family?
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>> a consumer alert about mailing your holiday gifts. the u.s. postal service says if you want your packages guaranteed to arrive by christmas day, you have to get them out by today. that's if you plan on using standard ground shipping. of course, you can always pay more for expedited shipping later on. alison. alison: all right, michelle. so we want everybody to take a look at what you, our viewers, helped us do this year with toys for tots. this is just a sampling of all of the toys we've collected here in our lobby. donated toys for tots by viewers like you. we're so excited today is the big day to wrap things up, so to speak, and head them out to other kids so they can enjoy them.
4:25 pm
and master sergeant david pazana from the marine corps is here today. thanks for the efforts here. tell us where the toys are going now? >> these ones will go to our warehouse where they will be sorted and already tomorrow and saturday they will be given out to the local d.c. kids. alison: this is something obviously you guys have been doing for many, many years. it seems like this year in the d.c. area has been a huge success. >> honestly, everybody that's helped out, has been amazing. we have companies like pocket ship it to help us out. we have our local first responders, the police department, fire department, everybody and you guys. you have been covering us like crazy everywhere we've been. that's definitely gotten us out there which catches people's eye and say, i think i want to do that. it's been amazing. alison: i know it's probably been for you one of the highlights of the year. i bet you guys really enjoy this. >> it's always easy to make a kid smile. yeah, it's a very good moment, you know, to help out a kid.
4:26 pm
anybody. alison: we appreciate the marine corps and toys for tots and by the way, you mentioned the smiles out there that we will be seeing. saturday is when the marines will start delivering these toys that we've collected. we did a big drive there at national harbor and hopefully you had a chance to come out and enjoy. we will be there when those deliveries will happen. if you want to see those smiles firsthand, tune in to abc 7 and and you'll get a chance to see it there. all right. thanks, again, to everyone who helped. now we hope you stay with us. coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00, a consumer alert for those of you who own one of those billion-plus yahoo! accounts that have been compromised. the action yahoo! wants you to take, tonight at 5:00. jonathan: and still ahead at 4:00, calls for inside the harrowing messages coming out of aleppo, syria. >> and
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laurel on a 22-degree day and this has nothing to do with the polar plunge.
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jonathan: they say a picture has a thousand words. the wind was whipping up and what's whipping that flag
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that was so cold. doug: it's a combination. if temperatures are in the 60's that's fine. on a cold day if it's 22 that's fine. no wind. when you take -- jonathan: take a look at this. tearing something apart. doug: the combination is just brutal especially when it came on us last night. let's get you forward. we are going to come out of this. it will take a little bit but we will see the winds diminish. the temperature also warm up. this is a live look at winter reen resort with a comfort six degrees. wind chills one below. the ski operators are happy as they should be. it will warm up in the 50's briefly in the mountains i don't think it will disrupt their snow making. here our concerns go from the strong winds and low temperatures to the possibility of some areas of freezing rain saturday morning. let's get you through this night with clear skies. the winds will diminish a bit but still air temperatures dropping eight to 18. the coldest night since last winter across the area and the wind chills down ou
4:31 pm
two degrees. tomorrow we'll get up to 29. still a little bit breezy in the morning. the winds will diminish. clouds increase tomorrow night. ahead of the next system moving in. late friday night to early saturday morning, depending which model you look at, they have different placement but the ideas are the same. there could be rain or freezing rain early on saturday morning. as warmer winds come in from the southwest, it will turn everything to rain and we'll have periods of rain saturday. we'll get in the 50's. close to 60. when you get along the maryland and pennsylvania border and places west there could be enough freezing rain saturday morning to make for some problems. we'll continue to monitor that. we are on storm watch and things will settle down next week into a beautiful pattern. we have a brand new 10-day outlook coming up in about 15, 16 minutes, michelle. an elle: about 10 homes and apartment building were impacted when a water main broke. another broke
4:32 pm
kevin lewis is there live with a look at how the changes in our weather have an impact on those pipes. kevin. kevin: well, the current air tempt here in laurel is a brisk 20 degrees. that was likely the cause of an eight-inch water main to burst this morning, sending a pool of frigid water right down cherry lane here. most notably, a time-consuming task as the wscc front loader pushed the standing water to a nearby sewer drain. despite a number of neighborhoods flanking this road, wssc says no homes went without water. however, a portion of laurel high school, which was in h-2-o. today, did forgo they said they repaired 15 water mains along montgomery and prince george's county. they handled up to 60
4:33 pm
the most notable downside, the rupture in laurel today was traffic which police rerouted from 8:00 a.m. to around 3:00 this afternoon. >> prepare for this kind of thing. we know winter comes every year so make sure we're prepared for it so it doesn't happen again. >> with as cold as it is if they don't get it up, i am concerned about the black ice and that kind of thing. kevin: and to her point, crews have coated this street with more salt than mcdonald's puts on its french fries. so far what we've seen today is the driffers are getting good action. we're live in laurel, i'm kevin lewis. abc 7 news. michelle: ok, kevin, thank you. download the abc 7 app to stay ahead of the weather. you can get it in the google play or itunes store. jonathan: a push to evacuate syrians from aleppo. the second cease-fire seems to be
4:34 pm
violence. >> in aleppo the shelling is letting up as a temporary cease-fire allowed about 1,000 people get out. but the plans got out to a violent start when they cleared the path for ambulances came under fire, killing one person and wounding four others. some of the thousands expected to leave will head to turkey. others will go to another rebel-held area nearby, basically trading one war zone to another. evacuations essentially clear the way for the government to retake aleppo, something syrian assad is already calling historic. the people of aleppo with their resilience, the syrian rebel army with their courage and sacrifice and every syrian citizen who stood with aleppo and their country and homeland. i just wanted to affirm that today history is being written. >> it's a significant victory for assad, but the fighting is far from over.
4:35 pm
>> the fall of aleppo, should it happen, does not end the war. there still is the challenge of governing and the challenge of reuniting the country and rebuilding the country. >> it's a situation so desperate that international red cross staff say they have, quote, never seen such levels of human suffering before. but for syrians to get relief, secretary ash carter said assad needs to go. >> political transition is the only way suffering of the syrian people can be brought to an end. anytime kely outcome soon. alison: now to a developing story out of texas where about 320,000 residents are being warned not to use their tap water because it may be contaminated. officials in corpus christi says a back flow incident may have caused two chemicals to enter the water supply. michelle: it's unlikely the chemicals are concentrated enough to do any harm, but officials are still taking the precaution. jonathan: this is a unique story of giving
4:36 pm
holiday season. two complete strangers who became like familiary for giving each other the gift of life -- family for giving the gift of life. it started when he needed a kidney transplant. he was matched with an anonymous donor who he got to meet after surgery and he and the donor formed a very close friendship. one that was tested when hudson was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> he took me to all my chemos. he took me to my surgeries. he basically was there as any family member would be. and to make sure i was ok. jonathan: how great is that? hudson says she never knew when she donated a kidney that things would come full circle but says it has been the biggest blessing of her life. she has since undergone successful treatment and she is cancer-free and it seems like they are now brother and sister. alison: yeah. that bond will survive the rest of their lives. it's beautiful to see he was able to step in during her time of need because she was there for him. jonathan: she
4:37 pm
he's saving hers. alison: well, not everyone likes decorating their entire home in christmas lights every year. so one pennsylvania family ound a loophole around it. michelle: yeah, on the right. you see but the house next to it they put up lights spelling out the word ditto. they may not win best decoration but they may have a chance at most creative. jonathan: so much easier just to put up the letters and light them up. michelle: you don't want to compete with your neighbor especially when they go out like that. it's good to do something clever like that. jonathan: you shake their hand and say you are the better lit house. there is my ditto sign. come up for us at 4:00 -- mermaid and her name isn't even ariel. find out about her slightly odd job. that's coming up. alison: then a little later, the batmobile hits the road in maryland. just not exactly the one you're thinking of. jonathan: now, let's check in
4:38 pm
team to see what's on store tomorrow morning. >> thanks, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington." we are on severe weather alert tracking this wintry blast with brutal winds. we'll tell you where dangerous temperatures could turn life threatening. plus, why you may be spending way too much during the holidays. how to kick the habit of emotional spending. >> and stay with us for traffic and weather every 10 minutes starting at 4:25 on "good
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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jonathan: there are a lot of people that believe in mermaids. mermaids are having a resurgeans, of course, because the mermaid blankets, swim like you live under sea. we went to montreal to ask one professional mermaid about the allure. >> when people put the mermaid on they feel strong, they feel beautiful. jonathan: mayor yell says she likes to dream and her dream as a child just stayed with her as an adult. she wanted to be a mermaid. she hosts parties to give people a great core workout. there's bachelor parties with a mermaid. ok. i said bachelorette. i was going to say, wait a minute.
4:42 pm
have you seen the blanket online? they show up in my feed. they look knitted. jonathan: so now i know what to get you for christmas. michelle: they say it's superwarm. jonathan: is it like a snuggy? michelle: it's like a sleeping bag and you put your legs in and it looks like a mermaid. still ahead at 4:00 -- >> to me he's just as famous as any of the other characters. it's like he's part of disneyland. michelle: why some people flock to disneyland to see this guy instead of the famous mouse. >> coming up, a woman still grieving over the death of her sister, fights to save other victims
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michelle: it was just about a month ago that prince george's county celebrated this. the teacher and 2-year-old were shot by davis' ex-boyfriend. well, today maryland bureau chie brad bell spoke with her sister at the first meeting of a new task force on domestic violence. >> the memories o
4:46 pm
horrible morning are still fresh for her. >> it tore us apart. >> it was just last february when her sister and her baby were murdered, allegedly by the baby's father. now, turner is in annapolis serving on a domestic violence task force named for her sister and niece. >> i want to contribute a different perspective. i wanted to come from the hurt and pain of the family so people know you are not just affecting the person, that you're abusing. >> the task force was the idea of the state senator. he's a pastor. and the funeral for them was in his church. >> we have a problem that's t of control. counseling, conflict management, relationships, courts. >> coming up at 5:00, some of the policy changes that turner thinks will make a difference. she says most of all she doesn't want her sister's death
4:47 pm
in annapolis, brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan: a new batmobile is now patroling maryland roadways. that's bat as in b-a-t, for breath alcohol test. it is maryland state police's latest weapon against drunk driving. t will be used in sobriety checkpoints. it allows them to perform court admirable tests. the state superintendent of state police hopes the new capability also sends a very strong message this holiday season. >> drink before -- think before you drink. please don't drink and drive. if you do drink, don't drive. there are many options out here today, uber, lyft, public transportation, a cab, a family member, friend. jonathan: the $450,000 mobile drunk driving lab was paid for with public money. michelle:
4:48 pm
no law enforcement. that's because the entire police department quit. the town marshall and four other officers resigned and accused of council them to do, quote, unethical and immoral things like run background checks on other town counselors to see if they had criminal history. >> there was some activity there that i felt like they were serving their own agenda. michelle: well, members of the council deny they ever asked any of the officers to be involved in any illegal, unethical or immoral acts. the officers had other grievances as well. that could lead to a potential lawsuit. jonathan: well, she's no stranger to the law, and at 86 years old, the notorious jewel thief is in trouble again. her name is doris payne, that's her. she was arrested near atlanta this week charged without paying for a $2,000 diamond necklace that happened to be in r
4:49 pm
documentary three years ago. she's previously said she doesn't -- she actually does it for the thrill. she only regrets getting caught. so now she can add another regret to her list and it sounds like it's a long list. she's caught a bunch. michelle: i wonder if she has grandkids because that usually keeps folks busy at age 86. jonathan: she's not good at it. she's been caught many times. stop. go back to being a grandma. michelle: all right. a man who started working at disneyland just one year after it opened is ready to celebrate 60 years at the park. oscar martinez started as a busboy in 1955 but soon became the chef at carnation cafe on main street. because he wowed people with breakfast potatoes and now people line up to eat his food. >> he's just a beautiful person, beautiful soul. you can see it in his eyes. >> this is the closest
4:50 pm
>> that's pretty beautiful. >> no. [inaudible] michelle: oscar martinez says he still remembers walt disney fondly. he said mr. disney used to tell him to follow his dreams and that's exactly what he's done. beautiful. jonathan: great story. michelle: and to work at disneyland, that just keeps you young. you don't want to retire from that. jonathan: you are in fantasy land every time you check in. michelle: well, a 14-year-old is just a high school freshman but she's quickly making a name for herself in the swimming pool. jonathan: yes. this week's teen player. >> i was really nervous because i saw olympians in the water next to me. >> she was one of only three 14-year-olds to qualify for the u.s.a. swimming winter nationals. how exciting with a this past weekend for you? >> it was very exciting. i never been to a national meet before, so
4:51 pm
olympians with my teammates is really fun. >> less than 1% of all swimmers get to that level. and for her to make scoring finals at that level when you have college kids and the best club swimmers from around the country, it's just phenomenal. >> to be at this level as a 14-year-old is extremely rare. >> abby has been swimming since she's 7. it's inside the rec center where she trains once, sometimes even twice a day. what's your ultimate goal? >> i want to make olympic trials one day. i almost made it last summer. i missed it by .24. that's my goal is to make it to the trials. congratulations, abby. you are this week's team player. doug: and let's look ahead to the weekend. friday with a little bit of warming trend. maybe a stretch to describe it that way. bottom line is we will not have bitter colds. increasing cloudiness
4:52 pm
the weekend outlook, wintry mix, that will be the story in the morning. a little sleet and freezing rain until about 9:00, 10:00 in the metro area and turns to rain. it will stay mild overnight. temperature also rise overnight. 62. it will turn much colder late sunday afternoon and sunday night. but by then the rain will have moved out of the area. there is a weather alert. that's a storm watch, a winter storm watch for early saturday morning all across the northern counties for maybe some accumulation of ice from freezing rain. i think anything we have will be brief with minimal impacts here. midnight to 3:00 a.m. is the onset time. western zones, 2:00 to 6:00, it will start in the metro area. and little later to the north and to the east as well. now, looking ahead to the weekend, we do see some improvement. however, saturday morning just not going to be nice outside. important because thousands will be at arlington national cemetery for wreaths across america. the weather will slowly improve as temperatures warm up well above the freezing mark. the ne 1
4:53 pm
good chance of that wintry mix. saturday morning changing to rain. cool weather on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. warming up towards thursday. looking ahead to christmas eve to christmas day, jamie, partly cloudy with both highs around 45 degrees. jamie: perfect for someone who doesn't enjoy a lot of snow but that will be nice for travel. right now if you are going to be traveling, a few things to know. water main break. still doing the work between somerset and sheridan street with one lane blocked. heading into d.c., little slow crossing the 14th street. passed the pentagon we're still on the brakes all the way to the mixing bowl. big picture look, not a terrible ride as far as accidents go. but we definitely have those delays. bottom side of the beltway, the northwest corner and 66. here's a live look. which gives you an idea. outer loop, the bottom side getting to the wilson bridge
4:54 pm
we're just over 30 minutes from fairfax to the beltway. and 30 minutes between the beltway. that's a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: coming up next for us at abc 7 news at 4:00. tomorrow is free shipping day. michelle: but we'
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
michelle: if you
4:57 pm
yet, you have another discount day coming up tomorrow. it's free shipping friday, but consumer reporter looks into whether you get great deals or if it's all hype so you don't waste your money. >> hard to believe but we are in the final countdown of the holiday shopping season in the d.c. area. the good news is if you still have gifts to buy, rock bottom lowest prices are still coming up in the next two weeks. nothing worse than finding a great deal online. then being hit with a whopper of a shipping fee. >> it's says quantity one, $25, shipping $600. john: the good news is on friday, december 16, there's no need to worry about shipping. it's free shipping day, 2016, when almost a thousand retailers will offer free shipping. there will be no minimum purchase which means you can be a $5 item shipped free. participating stores include target, jcpenney, cabel's, barnes and noble, ugg.
4:58 pm
shipping is always free for prime members on amazon. shoppers are often disappointed by free shipping day. says this is not black friday so don't assume you're fight -- finding the best deal. toy prices are lowest right after free shipping day. clothing is cheapest the final two days before christmas, and tv's are cheapest right before the super bowl. finally, if you're buying a gift for yourself, whether it's a big tv or clothing, resist the temptation to put it under the tree. wait until after christmas for the biggest sales. that way you don't waste your money. michelle: tomorrow, our second deep freeze in a week. temps below freezing a bitter wind and now a winter storm watch. notorious 1984 murder goes to the supreme court. were innocent d.c. teenagers put away? one of them is now talking only on 7. and t
4:59 pm
program that's finding needy families apartment homes without much success. why one official blames greedy landlords. michelle: and right now at 5:00, the winter blast, and it's not just the subfreezing temperatures and the wind that's causing problems. jonathan: yeah, parts of our area will be under a winter storm watch. larry: storm watch with doug hill on the forecast. alison: and jeff goldberg and q mccray are out in the elements with others with "star wars" fans for "rogue one." doug hill with the watch and when it will go into effect. doug. doug: late tomorrow night and early saturday morning for those on the maryland and pennsylvania border. our first concern is the chill again with very cold temperatures. feels like zero in hagerstown. three in frederick right now. seven in washington.
5:00 pm
10 in fredericksburg. temperatures this evening will hold in the 20's. single digit wind will hold in e 20's. at the wind is still gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the north and west. temperatures will be cold enough, ranging from 12 to 18 degrees across the region. the wind will still be gusting enough to put the chills in the single-digit. of the wind will diminish. of the attention shifts off to the west. in it kind of comes up a little bit to the day tomorrow. no big deal. watch goesnter storm into effect for parts of west virginia and maybe quarter to a half inch of ice. impacts for a brief


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