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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the morning bus stop and kids shivering. the temperatures are mid-20's for recess and dismissal time. all day long the wind chills are in the single digits. alison: ski ski has more on how -- stephen tschida has more on how the commute could impact the weather. stephen: check out the salt behind me. is it going to get smaller. the trucks will start to load up on the salt in the next couple of hours to get it on the d.c. streets.
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after we get hit with the cold front we may have wet weather coming our way. the temperature is dropping so they are filling tires. >> air up the tracks. when you drive. >> ther this noter the sinks to the lows that you longing for warmth keep an eye on your car. the traffic flow freely today but the freezing cold coming at us can cause a lot of problems. which can lead to breakdowns and have you stranded some of the worst weather. >> if you want to make sure that you have enough antifreeze and that your battery is charged. >> hardware stores. they have seen a spike in antifreeze sales. >> a week ago. come get it. >> as are the space heaters to keep the cold out. >> flying off the shelves. >> across the metro they are treating roads to try to keep them from icing over with the wet weather approaching this week. once it gets too cold it's too late to treat. >> you can't put anything down after 25 degrees. >> meanwhile, a sense of dread
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down on us is setting in across the metro. >> it's going to bundle up and turn my heat up. >> aside from preparing the car, get an emergency kit for yourself with jumper cables, flares and the owe items in case your car breaks down in the midst of the cold weather. we checked with metro. representative says metro is monitoring whether conditions and if there are any problems they have staff at the ready to respond. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. coming up today at 5:30, school buss can have their own problems of course starting in the cold weather. we will take a look at what some school systems are doing ahead of the frigid morning in half an hour. make sure you stay one step ahead of whatever mother nature throws our way all wenter with the storm watch 7 -- winter with the storm watch 7 app. larry: new information about a
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13-year-old of baltimore was killed after the van he was in with his mother was hit by a tractor trailer. the boy's mother is in critical condition. two other vehicles were also involved in that crash. alison: turning to the trump transition. the president-elect met several silicon valley leaders to talk tech. apple c.e.o. tick -- tim cook, microsoft's satya nadella. some of the topics were innovation, digital privacy and hiring. >> crews are hard at work to get the inauguration stage ready on the west lawn of the capitol. the festivities and the protests could stretch along the national mall. if you factor in the parade along pennsylvania avenue a lot of people could be downtown. suzanne kennedy was at the
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military talked about the preparations. >> i'm on a giant 40 x 60-foot map. this is used to get ready for the inauguration that is 27 days away. this is fantastic. you can see they have a u.s. capitol where the president-elect will be sworn in. then the knows who with using this can look at the parade route. there is a pop-up feature. the president-elect hotel located at the corner of 12th street northwest and pennsylvania avenue. you can follow the parade route to the white house. they even have the reviewing stand set up so they can get a sense of where it will be. in relation to the white house and the other features throughout the downtown area. all of this is being used in an effort to prepare for the inauguration that takes a lot of forethought and planning. >> this s
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recognize the military in support of the civilian leaders. that is why there is a presidential committee, a pick and the other committees at the civilian level to help organize it. the military is here to support the civilian. the local state and federal. >> the map is so detailed it has several mon tenteds laid out. it -- mon tenteds laid out on it. this is all part of the preparation. the military and the civilians coming together to make sure that the 58th inauguration goes off without a hitch. at the d.c. national guard armory, suzanne kennedy, back to you. larry: coming up at 5:30, local member of the clergy ban together what they call the president-elect cabinet of bigotry. find out what they are trying to do about it. alison: the federal reserve raised interest rate by a quarter percentage point. this is the first hike of the year and only the second since the great recession. policy makers perceive three more increases next year up
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months ago. the dow fell 118 points to close at 19,792. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also finished the day down. larry: maryland's governor is trying to give projects in the area a big boost. but as maryland bureau chief brad bell reports governor hogan says it will take repeal of the so-called road kill bill to do it. >> good morning, everybody. brad: larry hogan says every one of the transportation projects on the easels would be wiped out by a bill he vetoed and the legislature revived. he calls it the "road kill bill." >> the repercussions are dive us for the safe. brad: he says the 11 improvements include i-270/watkins mill road interchange and work to increase capacity of the beltway from the i-270 spur. in prince geo
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could die, including interchanges on indian head highway, route four suitland interchange. >> these are the most desperately needed transportation projects in the state. >> the bill was pushed last spring by a group of environmental activists. the intent was to create a scoring system that would prioritize projects based on need. the governor says it was a partisan attack on his authority. and pushes transit at the expense of roads far more people use. >> he is absolutely right. >> state senator, democrat from st. germ's said most didn't understand the real world impact and it should be repealed. >> worry about route 4 and 5. it's gridlock already. i'm not telling my constituents for partisanship i decided to throw you under the bus. brad: that is route 5.
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the major improve in the the waldorf area. late this afternoon i heard from a primary proponent, one of the activists responsible for what the governor called the road kill bill. he says the governor has it all wrong. he says this bill is advisory only. that the governor can prioritize highways as he sees fit. the governor obviously disagrees with the setting up to be one of the big early fights of the upcoming maryland legislative session. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. well, today marks four years since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg reports dozens of people held a vigil outside the n.r.a. headquarters in fairfax to call for an ind to gun violence.
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jeff: the names of those killed stay with these men and women every day in a fight for stronger gun laws. an effort that is even tougher after the election of donald trump. >> we will not be discouraged. >> 20 children. if that doesn't do something what will? >> for the third straight year marking the anniversary of the shooting in 2012, dozen of people gather in front of the headquarters of the n.r.a. in fairfax, calling for change. >> thorough background checks. >> calling out n.r.a. >> all they want to do is sell guns. they have always used lies to prop up their false agendas. >> andy an barbara park rer the parents of alison park wore was shot and killed last year reporting on live tv. >> that is what motivates us. we have to do it for alison. >> we ask the n.r.a. for a comment about the protest multiple times but we never got a response. >> we did speak with al, a gun owner who saw the protest. >> i think theya
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>> and has a different view. >> guns don't kill people. people kill people. the gun has nothing to do with it. >> protesters say trump's expressed support for gun owners is a source of major concern. >> got to fight harder than we ever have. >> motivation. in fairfax, jeff goldberg -- >> they are in for a fight. >> abc7 news. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a dramatic demonstration of how quickly the christmas tree can go up in flames if you are not careful. >> first, getting help for the holidays to the'm who lost everything -- people who lost everything in the silver spring apartment explosion. >> hey, i'm based in germany. merry christmas to my family back home in virginia. i love you and i miss
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larry: those impacted by the silver
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chance to shop. >> today the non-profit interfaith works welcomed her and the other mothers of the deadly fire to a donation shop. shirts, shoes, winter coats, and the toys. all quality, all available. all free. >> i'll be glad. >> it is hard to miss the look of relief on her face. last week immigration officers deported her husband. the sole bread earner to honduras after he was caught driving drunk. montoya contend her three boys and the 4-month-old daughter would likely have gone without presents this christmas if not for what is placed at the foot of the tree. >> close to 4
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who come to the door every year. >> monica young made this event happen. effectively a santa of her own right. >> this time of year we all get emotional. i could not imagine christmas without the toys. >> it is so important that we are here for the people. >> in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> a new york boy battling brain cancer is credited to saving christmas. 9-year-old colin was sworn in as honorary ithaca police officer last september. he made his first arrest. the suspect was the grinch. that's right. the officer colin got a few pointers before taking the suspect into custody. now he is planning to take it easy. good for him. save christmas. alison: you know it. let's talk about the weather. this is going to be the coldest weather of the year. of the season. doug: no do
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but it really is this time. doug: this is the real thing here. this will be a two-day arctic outbreak. quick. the worst of the two days, more uncomfortable of the days is tomorrow. the winds will diminish on friday. let's get to it and tell you the story. not bad. typical december early evening. 44 with a high overcast. the winds are calm. i wish they would stay that way. they are not going to. they will increase tonight. cold front will get closer to the area. these are the current wind chills. the east coast in good shape. it's 44 in washington. 47 in richmond. 35 in philly. the farther west you go the colder it gets. 9 degree wind chill in columbus. 1 degree in detroit. 2 below is the wind chill in chicago at this hour. what is copping tonight, it's on -- what is coming tonight, it's on track to roll in at 11:00. preceded by the leading edge of the flurries and patches of light snow. maybe further south where it's not cold enough
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quickly. at 11:30 it is clearing already along the blue ridge. a quick burst of the snow flurries. adumlation potential maybe a -- accumulation potential maybe a couple quarter inches. but the temperatures are going to be steadily dropping as well. the snowfall forecast, future cast suggests the possibility -- again not a probability but a possibility of an inch, one-tenth to two-tenth of an inch of snow. on the earn shore. higher likelihood on the western slopes of the mountains facing the wind there. they get an inch or two at higher elevations. the forecast as we head through the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. it's blustery. winds out of the northwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting to 30 to 40 miles per hour. at the temperatures this chills will drop. we will get the single digit wind chills. based on the sustain wind
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day. cold and windy tomorrow. cold and less wind here for the day on friday. 9:00 in the morning. wind chill. it's four below in hagerstown and nine in annapolis. through the day the values don't change much. the cold air overhead. the wind chills come up. the same temperatures and the winds are lighter as we gut through friday afternoon and the evening when the winds calm down. larger look to the future cast. jump ahead to friday. another system is coming in and a strong cold front to produce snow on saturday morning. this model keeps it on the morning to the north. a chance for taste of rain or a wentry mix before it changes to rain saturday morning. we watch for the strong cold front to come through to bring not only rain and more gusty winds. the
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be pushed to 50 on saturday. and 58 on sunday before the next front comes through and the area might see snow flurries as the system moves through. all cold stuff. even though we have a brief warmup saturday and sunday in the upper 50's. look ahead a bit beyond to the middle and the end of next week. we see a rise in temperatures. we look as far out as christmas eve. the forecast there and the outlook of the partly cloudy skies. doug: white christmas this year, i don't think so. we'll get the cold air out of the way now. scoo worry about it first. thank you. award season is just about to be upon us. larry: hard to believe it's so close. christmas so so close, too. a look at one of the first batches of the nominees. plus -- >> my name is montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die. larry: a l
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film making the cut this year with the library of congress. alison: but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 -- and veronica johnson has a look at what to expect tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington" we are live across the d.m.v. with the storm trach 7 for the winter blast and the impact on your commute. >> plus a specialist from international spy museum is here with an inside look at russia and the current d.n.c. hacking scandal. is there stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes at 4:24 on "good morning washington."
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alison: breaking news. we have word of a massive cyber attack targeting yahoo! accounts. michelle marsh is in the live desk. what are you hearing about this? michelle: more than a billion user accounts may be compromised from a hack that took place in 2014. this is separate, this is a separate hack than the one yahoo! announced in september. in that one more than 500 million user accounts compromised. but it would make sense that this would be the biggest breach of all time. yahoo! is encouraging the users to review all the online accounts for suspic
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activity and change passwords and the security questions. some of the security questions and the birth dates have been compromised with this hack. back to you. >> "manchester by sea." >> casey affleck. >> "manchester by sea." >> michelle williams, "manchester by sea". >> lucas hedges, "manchester by sea." larry: the drama "manchester by sea" leads this year's nominations as you can see for actor guild award. you can see them on the website alison: matt damon talks about it. really good. larry: today classic films earn the spot in the library of congress. >> you have exactly eight hours and 54 minutes to ponder the errors of your ways. any questions? >> i don't think it means
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alison: don't they take you back? "breakfast club" too. love it. jonathan elias has a look at the movies on the national film registry. and the additions there. jonathan: the concept is a hundred years from now when people are in the library to look at the movies it will be a snapshot of what they thought our culture was about at the time period. some of the names of the movies now you think these are classic movies. you read off the list. "breakfast club" "princess bride." and "the birds." that is hitchcock's seventh film in the library of congress. prolific director. others are "lion king" "thelma and luis" "funny girl." "the decline of western civilian." "paris is burning." "20,000 leagues under to be sea." great movie there. "a walk in th
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the list. these are the movies are considered classics. so the question for the two of you. any to go in the library? alison: not on the list? jonathan: correct. alison: good question. i recognize almost one of those movies that you listed. that is rare everybody collectively knows big movies. jonathan: "the sting." "bump -- "field of dreams." "godfather." great titles. alison: a good list. larry: "gladiator." "a beautiful mind." jon: it's a matter of time. alison: thank you. the movie "hidden figures" earned three s.a.g. award nominations this morning. still ahead we will take you to the premier
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d.c. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen on capitol hill where today a couple dozen faith leaders to congress petition demanding they reject figures selected by president-elect donald trump for the cabinet. coming up, the plan to protect
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doug: when the cold front arrives tonight, accompanied by the snowshowers and the stronger winds. wind chills below freezing tonight. overnight they will drop to the single digits and the teens and stay there all day long. it will be just as cold on friday but with the diminishing winds. wind chills will come up. but still cold. especially at bus stop. tomorrow morning 27 degrees. recess time, too. dismissal tv. the key is strong winds that are gusting to 35 to 45 miles per hour to put the wind chill in single digit. the kids at the bus stop are not used to that, q mccray. how are they preparing for it? q: it's going to be extremely cold so the kids need to bundle up but the buses need to prepare, too. arlington county has a plan in place and it starts with the start team. >> jack frost is expected to pack a punch overnight with the temperatures dropping to the single digits. the
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school system isn't taking any chances. >> we get a selected team of drivers. we call it the start team that comes around 4:00 in the morning. turn on the buses. >> that is an hour earlier than normal. make sure they are ready to roll by 6:00 a.m. the job is simple. >> turn on the bus. make sure it runs and the systems are operational. q: that is in addition to pretrip safety inspection every drive completes every morning. >> we find it starting in the cold weather, drains the batteries. we will ask the shop to give us a jump. q: the buses run on diesel. when it's cold diesel engines need more time than normal to get going. they are using winter brand of fuel but they are still not taking chances. you may remember the fairfax county school buses having pr
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temperatures. some didn't start. others were late to pick up the students. >> we don't want the kids standing on a corner for 30, 40 minutes waiting for a bus. q: the arlington county public school system is transporting 13,000 students at any given time. so safety is the number within concern there. i contacted the montgomery county school system. they say they will have the very own start team get to work friday morning. not tonight. but friday morning for friday cold weather. fairfax and the p.g. county, prince george's county didn't get back to us from the story. reporting live, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. larry: we are getting colder and australia is getting hotter. record level hotter. it is almost 81 in sydney to make it the second hottest night on record. the hottest december night in 148 years. alison: wow! how
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larry hogan says the top priority when the general assembly meets is to repeal the "road kill bill." it requires the executive branch for priority and cost. hogan contend it will force cancellation of the key projects. larry: this is the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. 26 people, including 20 children died when the gunman opened fire in the connecticut elementary school. for the third year in a row, the protesters gathered outside the fairfax headquarters of the national rifle association calling for gun reform something that the n.r.a. opposes. alison: inauguration day is a month away at the d.c. armory. hundreds of planners went through the rehearsal and they went over the contin
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plans. it included a giant floor map of the entire city. larry: as we count down the 37 days to the inauguration, progressive groups say they are counting on congress. as mike carter-conneen reports a group of the faith leaders today urged lawmakers to reject president-elect trump nominees calling them bigots. >> on capitol hill, this coalition of the progressive faith leader to protect the undocumented immigrants and the minority groups for the proposed policies of president-elect donald trump. >> if you want to set up lines to register, neighbors and citizens we will be the first in line. >> among the speakers gold star father khan. >> the need is to bring, remove the division and bring the country together. >> after the event the group walked to capitol building and they delivered a petition saned by 2,500 faith leaders
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what they call deviceive -- country called divisive figures. >> we have to talk about systemic racism. policy driven racism. where people may never use a racist term. >> they reject the nomination of the senator jeff sessions for attorney general. they oppose michael flynn leading the n.s.a. and stephen bannon being a top white house adviser. >> when the appointments that are so extreme as some of them are, we will object, not stand down and say this is normal and okay. mike: the trump transition team did not reply to request for comment but the surrogates defended the key hires including bannon. >> people should look at the full resume. he has a harvard business degree, naval officer. successful in entertainment. >> bannon and flynn don't need confirmation of but sessions does. the faith leaders promise they are preparing for a fight. mike carter-conneen, abc7
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members were on capitol hill, jewish leaders and the rabbis were at the white house for to hanukkah celebration. he hosted the event. joined by relatives, of a holocaust survivor who died in june. theysy it shows the story of jewish people is one of perseverance. larry: a reminder of dangers of a live christmas tree in your house. dry tree could add up to this. fire. thanks to the university of maryland engineering department we have a relatively safe look at what can happen if you don't water the live tree on a regular basis. with the real artificial tree don't overload the electric outlets and keep the flames like the candles at a safe distance. alison: coming up at"abc7 news at 5:00" -- she has enough heartbreak to
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find out how the teenager is finding inspiration instead. larry: new at 6:00, saying goodbye to the long-running d.c. tradition. for 20 years a mother of a murdered police officer gave christmas dinner to officers arou
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steve: a cold day tomorrow. wind chill factors in the single digits and the teens. we are going to warm things up a little bit by the upcoming weekend. wintry mix come saturday morning. 8:00 temperatures below freezing. we will rebound in the 40-degree range for 1:00 in the afternoon for wreaths across america. it turns milder later in the day on saturday. with high temperatures making it close to 50. upper 50's to 60 on sundays.
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alison: one parent in prison. another died when she was 13. that is enough to break a young person. but instead it made a northwest d.c. student stronger. tonight's inspire report, michelle marsh shows us how a howard university grad student is helping doz
5:41 pm
realize their dreams. michelle: more than 5 million u.s. children have a parent in jail or prison. she is one of them. >> there are a number of misconceptions about us. one of the biggest ones is we will end up just like our parents. my personal story is my father's incarcerated. in and out of jail and prison all my life. sometimes i have feelings of maybe anxiety, confusion, stress. michelle: at a young age, she was driven not allowing her father's position to determine her future. >> was there a position it clicked for you. i don't have to be part of this cycle? i can break it? >> my maternal grand mother has always been my rock for myself and my two younger brothers. she always stressed education. education would be for lack of a better term my way out. >> elon university graduate she is working on her
5:42 pm
of divinity degree at howard university thanks to a full scholarship. through her own non-profit scholarships for children of incourse rated parentses she has raised $100,000. that money has helped send 30 people to college. she started it when she realized so many teens with a parent behind bars struggle to pay tuition. >> it's $100,000. >> most of the donations have been from individual donors who either can relate or believe in what we do. >> 2016 marks the first graduating class. >> it symbolizes success and breaking the chains of being raised in poverty. the sky is limit. not even the sky is the limit at this point. michelle: it's also a mentorship program. she urges all of the young beam she meets to push past
5:43 pm
passion. often your passions are connected with what your gifts are. she is only 23. she has the mind of someone much more mature and older than she is. she has been through a lot. she has so much to offer. larry: giving back already. michelle: yes. alison: isn't that amazing? how she is able to think so much outside of herself to help other people. alison: it's is eye opening. there are so many other young people in the similar circumstances. larry: look at the inspiration and what she is showing to other people. pay it forward. alison: impressive. thank you. an interesting note for you. the 39th ring master in the history of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will be a first. her name is michelle wilson and she will be the first woman in job in the history. she will start next month in orlando. larry: very cool. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a local do
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finish line to his personal 3,000-mile race. how long it took. and why he did
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alison: tan is always working. today he brought smiles to kids who really need it at it the inov children's hospital. we go on his sleigh ride. cheryl: santa dropped off gifts at inova children home. >> i hope you feel better. cheryl: the 11-year-old dealt with asthma since he was born. >> it helps me get better when somebody makes he happy. >> his mom says the visit from santa is an extra dose of head sin. >> -- of medicine. >> i haven't seen a smile that big. i've been watching him work to breathe. >> santa got an escort. he has an in at the department. mrs. claus, snowmen, police officers joined him going from room to room. the big man took off his gloves and washed his
5:48 pm
i.c.u. but some kids were too sick for a close visit. several thousand toys were collected aid cross fairfax county. inside the schools and the police stations before they ended here in the hands of kids. >> when someone is sad and they get happy like this, it brings them back better. >> the toys that don't go home with kids will stay at the hospital. >> we want to get the kids through the stressful situations. so we will do that by helping to make the environment fun. >> it worked for nikolai. he will be in the hospital for a few more days but he is loading up on the best medicine. >> he gave me joy. >> in falls church, cheryl conner, abc7 news. larry: time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan, what we got? jamie: we have heavy traffic. volume on the inner loop from tysons north to 270. no crashes to report blocking a few lanes.
5:49 pm
is in the shoulder. this continues through maryland to get closer to bethesda. heading to the d.c. we have a game tonight. wizards. that will be at the verizon center. not only outbound but the inbound traffic as well. the closure in place with the police activity on the 17th street between constitution avenue. we have the secret service on scene. they are investigating a suspicious vehicle. that is still blocked off. alison: we are waiting for cold front to arrive. >> overnight they will fall down. the clouds will thicken ahead of the cold front. we are thinking 11:00 to midnight we could see snowshowers or flurries. quick mover.
5:50 pm
in the course of two hours it will come and go. as the skies clear it will turn windier and colder. download to the app store to get it to the the google play. it's brutally cold. wind chills that are expected to be in the single digits by early tomorrow. back to you. alison: thank you. erin is here now with a look at sports. erin: we have a story of a local doctor who is no stranger to long distance running. he is an ultra marathoner. but you will see why this race is different.
5:51 pm
cross-country run, california to d.c. in a hundred days. >> he wanted to help children knead. >> levy is a doctor. >> my goal was to raise enough funds to make a mobile clinic that would partner up with local hospitals. schools in the washington d.c. area. >> we found out in april i was pregnant. erin: with wife mandy along for support they traveled traven this r.v. with levi doing the leg work. >> every day was a challenge. getting out of bed. i got to put in 40 miles. maybe more or less today. they go to tennessee when mandy had complications with the pregnancy. she drove to virginia and gave birth. >> on monday he was back on the road again. >> step by step he made it to the d.m.v. early, in fa
5:52 pm
to a mobile health unit serving kids in d.c. soon. >> it may not be the finish line. but it will definitely be the first step toward a solution. that is how a solution starts. you start with the first step. i know that the solution is out there. i know the finish line is out there. >> he wanted to change the world. i think in his ways he has. >> this saturday from 11:00 to 1:00, don't miss the opportunity. run alongside levi as he crosses the finish line in front of the capitol. that will be an incredible opportunity. i love that he is able to start the mobile health unit in the r.v. >> what a story for a little one. erin: when she realizes whammed. they have the video to go with it.
5:53 pm
thank you. all right. let's switch gears. getting breaking news now in the newsroom. outside the white house. secret service and m.p.d. are investigating a suspicious car parked there. brianne carter is live now. what else do you know about this? o'brien -- brianne: this is pedestrians in traffics are again moving but we understand 17th street between pennsylvania and constitution, though remains blocked off. in was blocked off. it reopened in the last five minutes but we will continue to update you as the
5:54 pm
carter, abc7 news. larry: thank you. we appreciate it. the red carpet is rolled out at the national museum of african american history and culture. >> good evening. a big movie that everyone will want to see. we will tell you what hollywood stars are in town
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larry: the doors are open, about to open at the national museum of african american history and culture for the premier of a new movie. kidd o'shea is live with more. kidd: larry, good evening. behind me things are quiet right now. but the setup is well underway for the premier of "hidden figures." this is the incredible untold story of kathryn johnson, dorothy vaughn and marry jackson. brilliant african-american women at nasa who served one of the brains behind the greatest astronaut in history, the l
5:58 pm
orbit. they will all be here tonight on the red carpet. the movie is picking up a lot of awards. it was nominated today by the s.a.g. awards for the entire cast nominated for an award. ovatvia spencer nominatedded for best actress. it will open nationwide on friday january 6. i had a chance to see the movie yesterday. it is absolutely incredible. the story takes place down the road in hampton roads, virginia. a wonderfully well-told story. well done. some people say it possibly got snubbed by the golden globes. i believe it did. it should have been nominated for best picture and was not. we talk about that and we have a rekeep tonight at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00 and more on "good morning washington." back to you. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side.
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early in the form of a blast of arctic air. jonathan: it's dangerous cold temperatures. brutal wind chills and the possibility of snow flakes. storm watch 7 chief meteorologist doug hill has an eye on this. doug: a lot of this is going to happen in six or seven hours as the cold front barrels through the area. it feels like 40 in washington. the wind chill in the cold air to 8 degrees in columbus. it's 7 below in chicago. the cold air mass is headed our way. later tonight 11:00 to midnight, the general time frame. the front will come through accompanied by the snowshowers, light snow. rain to the south. it may get dusting in the areas. i don't think it will impact the morning rush. the skies clear around 2:00. plenty of sunshine. it's bitterly cold. 9 at 8:00 in the morning. six below in cumberland. 9 in manassas. 13 in fredericksburg. through the day it is the not going to warm up. the air temperatures in the 20's. win
6:00 pm
digits until the teens in the area. cold start to friday but the winds will diminish and we will do better. any chance of the wintry mix, i will nail that down in 15 minutes. maureen: thank you. the first blast of arctic air in the winter brings troubles for commuters. you should know about that. they range from dead batteries to challenges on the roadway. stephen tschida joins us from northwest d.c. with an effort to keep the drivers safe. >> we are on the top of a mountain of salt. this is the d. d.o.t . salt dome. look at the salt. the trucks will be arriving and loading and racing to get it out on to the roads. keep in mind they have to get it out before the temperature is too low or becomes less effective. it has to settle in on the pavement to keep it from icing over.


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