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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 14, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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his children, among them, curt cameron. he was born in 1947, a talk show host, before becoming a big star in the u.s. he was a composer, popular theme songs including this one for "wheel of fortune". alan thicke was 69. abc news, los angeles. the massachusetts man who inspired the ice bucket challenge was honored by the ncaa. he suffers from als received the 2017 inspiration award at his home. it was a global phenomena raising more than $220 million. the former boston college athlete was diagnosed in 2012. awarded last night, robin roberts begin the sports broadcasting dr inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. she was a pioneer at espn, spending 15 years there. robin revealed
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tennis player. so even though she didn't make that happen, we say she did pretty well. >> we say congratulations. >> huge, well deserved. >> yep. a soccer fan from afghanistan is back in the news after receiving the thrill of a lifetime. so this photo of the then 5-year-old boy went viral in january. he's wearing a messi jersey made from a plastic bag. well, messi sent him a real jersey saying pick me. this week, it happened. the two met in qatar, and now the 6-year-old superman would not leave messi's side and took part in a pre-match ceremony. see how he bolted there towards him? like, okay, go ahead, and the kid's, like, nope, i'm good, i'm good right here. stay here all game. >> it's great to see messi do that. that's something that ronaldo would do. >> yes, he
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things for children in need. >> for himself. no. we love ronaldo and messi, but a beautiful moment. >> it is, indeed. >> yeah. >> see, focus on that part. coming up, major brands sitting out this year's super bowl, and why frito, the best commercials, for the first time in a decade, sits on the sidelines. one country's war on drugs make america's look like child's play. the president who launched an ultra violent antidrug campaign and why the followers love him for it. to the front lines of the battle. you're watching "world news n . now." "world news now" weather brought to you by
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been a source of controversy, but nothing what you're compared to see. >> the president of the philippines launched a violent war on drugs leaving a bloody trail of bodies. we're up all nightline on the front lines. >> reporter: lurking behind the facade of the widely celebrated president of the philippines, he called on the police and ordinary citizens to kill drug dealer rs and users on site. >> do it yourself if you have the gun. you have my support. >> reporter: a hugely controversial approach to keeping order that's turned him into a kind of rock star here. rising on a wave of popular discontent, he's been called the donald trump of the east. five months after he took office, the streets were washed with blood.
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brutality of a single monday night in maly that, the capital of the philippines. the images graphic. the city reeling from thousands of murders like this one captured on closed circuit television. and what is clear? the lens of photo journalists is that the vast mority are connected to the drug world here. >> sometimes it's just a dead body for me. sometimes you get affected, especially if there's family. >> reporter: he remains unapologetic in the recent al jazeera interview. >> you destroy my country, i kill you. >> reporter: his approval ratings remain sky high. >> this is the hub. >> reporter: john, editor in chief of the country's largest newspaper site says he sees the dangerous potential of these words. >> the president is being very articulate. he said, if you do your
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some of the policemen receive this is a signal. you know, we can do what we want. >> reporter: the police deny being used as executioners. >> there are suspects during these operations, why? they placed the lives of our police officers in danger. they have no course but to defend themselves. >> reporter: in fact, police allege there's more killings exacted by individuals, assassins whose motives are murky. >> there's cases that are called card board justice, but cases are urn investigation. >> reporter: we set out to find a figure willing to commit murder. >> we are doing an interview with a team of 16 people carrying out these assassinations. >> reporter: if the order is kill the person, we do it. this man, a
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us a look into the mechanics of the killings. >> can you show me how you do it? like, how do you -- show me physically how you kill somebody. >> i know what time you pass by the place, i wait for you on this day. for example, you pass by, i chase, and gun him down. >> you kill somebody like that, what's it feel like? >> nothing, if you kill addicts, it's helping the nation. that's the campaign. >> reporter: the rise to power began here in this city, nearly 30 years ago when he became mayor. the leader seeped into daily life here. the once crime ridden city is now considered the safest in the philippines. critics say that's because where he first began legitimizing killings. for now, law and order wears a pained facas
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without understanding why. >> translator: there's no justice when they killed him. i want to give him a proper funeral. >> reporter: my prayers are with you. six months now since launching the war on drugs. >> it's one he's been campaigning for decades. he admitted overnight that during a speech that when he was the mayor of the city bob talked about, he personally gunned down drug dealers back then. first time he admitted to that. quite the campaign. >> the photos. >> the one -- >> heart wrenching. coming up, what you won't be seeing on super bowl sunday. >> we'll be right back. "world news now"
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♪ >> the super bowl commercials like these have been making fans laugh now for a decade. >> apparently not this coming year. the company that makes the dorittos sits out the next game. here's why. >> do you see what i have to deal with? >> i know. >> for the last six years, ranked as america's most satisfies super bowl ads. >> give me that! >> reporter: they are closing the bag on their very popular super bowl commercials. the maker tells abc news running an ad in next year's super bowl did not fit with our markets plans. and it's not just doritos. >> they have a year off to think about what to do next to come back to next year's game and reassess the
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>> keep your hands off my mama and doritos. >> reporter: listening to kmerls from amateur filmmakers to go head to head against coke and bud light. >> today, we celebrate our independence day! >> are you just quoting independence day? >> yeah. >> reporter: they are not the only sponsor to sit on the sidelines. go daddy stepped out of last year's super bowl spotlight and toyota also announced they are not advertising in super bowl 51, citing a marketing strategy. >> if you're going to spend that amount of money, you have to have something really important to say, or else it's going to be overshadowed by the ads around it. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> well, that's too bad. >> yeah, it is. though, while frito-lay is not participating, pepsico is sponsoring the halftime show. >> okay. >> there should be lafughs ther?
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sweeping across a town in sweden. that's coming up.
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. two truths and a why and touching proposal. britain's oldest soccer player and popup restaurants. >> so, time to hand it over to will ganz. >> how about we begin for the first truth, a story of true love, sound good? >> kendis loves that too. >> back in july, a 29-year-old joe grahm was told he couldn't use arms and legs following a diving accident and would be on a vent later for the rest of his life. while in icu, he found out his girlfriend, tanya, was pregnant with their child, and that inspired joe to work hard with the rehab team until he was able to do that right there, proposal on bended knee without a
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said yes, and he's in the last month of rehab. >> so sweet. >> he was told he would be bedridden, and he found out that he was starting a family, and -- >> nothing like love to motivate. >> nothing like love to motivate. >> wow, look at you. channelling -- >> nope, nope, nope. still -- >> what are you eating? >> next up, if you are looking to build up the roster for next season's soccer team, i promise no one has more experience than dicky because he's been playing since 1947. yep. the 81-year-old from the u.k. needs a new soccer team after his former one fold. he's willing to travel anywhere in his county and is still fast on the soccer field. in fact, he's been invited to join a walking soccer team with other people his age, but declined because, apparently rs that's not his speed. he
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>> some wheels, huh? >> he's got some wheels. when i'm 81, plans include, like, drinking wine on the porch, and that's it. but he's still -- >> that's my plan at 35. >> if i hit 80, i'm picking up every bad hat that exists, drinking, smoking, because why not? >> i'm with you. >> however, dicky, if you were in new york, i'd ask you to play on my soccer team. >> this is my favorite one of the day. i'm not going to ask why, just enjoy these tiny restaurants that have started popping up in a town in sweden. the stores are roughly 25 by 12 inches and fully functional, and i know what you're thinking. is that actually a real ba yet? no. but there's a selection of cheeses and notices about upcoming mouse events and the group claimin
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this morning on "world news now," the latest stop on trump's thank you tour. >> with kind words for house speaker paul ryan and defended cabinet picks spending time earlier in the day with kanye west. the story just ahead. sad news from hollywood. alan thicke passed away, known as the dad from "growing pains," but a accomplished composer and show host and suffered a heart attack at the age 69. reactions coming up. later, checking out the way of the future. can you believe this car came from a printer? why buying a car could be as easy as click, print, drive, meaning no more car dealerships or used cars. >> do you need a


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