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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: right now at noon, the rain mostly out of the area. it looks like today is the warmest day of the week. doug hill is here, tracking the reign of the cold front. i cannot believe today is the getest three doug: it will a little warmer, so we might get above 50 degrees in spots. you are right about the first point. it is not going to get warmer after today, it is going to get colder. by thursday and friday, the coldest air of the season. what is coming at the end of the week is the coldest air of the season. 48 right now south, sout
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skies. rain in centreville. 45 in burke and aspen hill. 46 in largo. in the petworth neighborhood in the city. we will look for these guys to brighton. partly cloudy skies tonight. -- we will look for the skies to brighton this afternoon. talking about the cold air front in, the last cold replacing by another cold front. last week on friday we hit 41. 39 for a high on saturday. that was cold. but this week are high will barely get to 30 degrees on thursday. only in the upper 20's on friday. it lives up to the headline, the coldest air of the season. is there anymore warm air down the road? we will let you know in the 10-day forecast in about 12 minutes. jummy: thank you. we want to make sure
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know they can stay connected to the stormwatch 7 team no matter where you are. we are on, facebook, and twitter, or you can download the stormwatch 7 weather app. you can get the hour-by-hour forecast. are covering metro. a red line train separated at the twinbrook station this morning, with passengers on board. kevin lewis is live now. what is metro saying happened? kevin: jummy, metro inspectors are still taking a first look at this eight-car train at the shady grove railyard. this jarring incident happened right after 9:00 this morning. metro telling us that the 7000 series train heading in the direction of shady grove had just left the platform here at the twinbrook station when two cars dislodged from the other six. metro employees had to offload a number of passengers. when i called and spoke with a
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he was not sure if the electrified third rail was still asor if it was turned off passengers were escorted down the rocky track bed back to the station. the 7000 series train car is the newest in metro's otherwise aging fleet. metro telling us that these trains are designed to stop if any car separates, just like a treadmill will stop if a runner falls off while wearing a safety clip. that part of the train's mechanical set up does appear to have worked properly this morning. at this point, we do not know if metro is required to notify any federal agencies about what happened today. it is currently checking on that right now. we are live in rockville this afternoon. i am kevin lewis, abc 7 news. noon, also new at attorney general loretta lynch just wrapping up a visit to a northern virginia mosque. jeff goldberg is live in st
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cap jusco -- what did she have to say? jeff: this is the second largest mosque in the united states, and attorney general loretta lynch was stressing themes of unity during her speech this afternoon. this is the situation that had many different leaders from theerent legions around country -- members of the jewish, buddhist, christian, and ikh communities. attorney general lynch along with the other speakers addressed the recent spike in takenrimes that have place across the country, especially since the presidential election. many of those hate crimes happening against muslim americans. the message today from all of the speakers of all the religions that love, peace, respect, and understanding during a time of great division in america. loretta lynch: we
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may read from different books of scripture and call our guide by a different name. but we all of this country and we all of the ideals for which it stands. we are all committed to upholding them. we all want our children to lead lives of safety and opportunity, and we proudly claim the title of american. during her speech today, loretta lynch quoting some statistics from the fbi. the most recent stats in 2015. she says hate crimes have fromased 6% from 2015 2014. most alarmingly, the increase against muslim americans, hate crimes are up 67% area that is the largest rate increase since 2001. all of the speakers here condemned those attacks and asked everybody to stand up against them. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jummy: we
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washington. wandered intoshot harmony public charter school. john gonzalez, with the scary morning at the school. john: the shooting occurred around a: 30 this morning on 8:30 this -- around morning on todd place. police have a road blocked off. you see the honda civic, the gray sedan? well, it is riddled with bullets. we understand that the adult shot.nside that honda was we understand his girlfriend and a child entered the school, then moments later a man with a beard driving a gold covered lexus drove by and shot multiple times. the victim was conscious. he was transported to an area hospital, where he suffered a single gunshot wound to his arm and a slight bullet graze to his stomach. the children were inside at the
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they do not believe that -- no one inside the school was harmed. they do not believe that anyone inside the school was -- at least seven shell casings are on the road. area closedhave the off here. the children and the staff at the school are still inside. right now, there is no arrest, no strong lead. will hopefully release more information, more details later this afternoon. in northeast washington, john gonzalez. back to you inside. jummy: developing this noon -- a judge has ruled that katherine heigl is still -- conference oggle is still unfit to stand trial. her next court date is in april. also developing
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homicide detectives are trying to track down whoever killed a 20 one-year-old in northwest overnight pretty shooting happened at the intersection of 13th and massachusetts avenue. sam sweeney, with what is next in the investigation. sunday night,15 shots rang out on this quiet northwest street. for more than 12 hours, 32nd street near western avenue was shut down. this is kind of how exciting it goes here. theywhen police showed up, found a man dead inside this jaguar. multiple shots were fired. the windows loan out. now police believe the man who fired the shots was actually inside the car inside -- at the time of the shooting. >> this is a little bit concerning. you do not know if it was domestic. i just do not know. sam: for hours overnight
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into the late morning, police searched for evidence and knocked on doors. there is no word on any suspect or notice -- or motive. you may have seen some the ordered something. d.c. police want to hear from you. reporting in the chevy chase neighborhood of northwest washington, i am sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. jummy: next at noon, the trump transition. what we could learn today about his choice for secretary of state. and the president elect's other high-level meetings. >> for best performance by inaccurate in a television series -- jummy: award season is here. coming up next, your golden globe nominees. jamie: traffic is not terrible. a few areas where the road is damp, so be careful. we begin in d.c. with police activity closing down 32nd street between dogwood and chestnut streets. sticking with d.c., we have an accident to watch out for. belmont street at 16th -- police are on the scene. as we plowed a little bit, no
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the third street tunnel looking pretty good. outbound kenilworth avenue, a little bit of volume as you head closer to eastern avenue. and continuing on 50, a big picture look at the beltway. mostly green. 66, a great ride outbound. some of those roads are a little bit damp, so be careful. and 270 moving well. that is a
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announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: president-elect trump nominated a new name to lead the department of homeland security, but all the talk is about a report rel
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the washington post claiming russia influence the election. as karen shriver reports, trump is calling that a lie. karen: the controversy and debate over russian hacking is not dying down. over the weekend on twitter and fox news, president-elect donald trump slamming a washington post report that russia interfered in the u.s. election to give him an advantage. mr. trump: i think it is ridiculous, just another excuse. i don't believe it. believedump has never the russian government was behind the hacking. this is by 17 known u.s. intelligence agencies claiming that russia directed the hacking. a spokesman from the kremlin today said the allegation "has nothing to do with reality." trump blamed politics. mr. trump: the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in politics in the history of this country.
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it would because conspiracy theory if it were the other way around. that is donald trump's tweet. only information act from the democrats would be made public. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is now calling for an investigation, saying reports of russian interference should alarm every american. it defies belief that somehow republicans in the senate are reluctant to either review russian tactics or ignore them. karen: the cia says the russians did this to elect donald trump. russianssay that the expected hillary clinton to win and wanted to weaken her once she was in office. jummy: and update this morning in the investigation into a deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. atf officials concluded their work at the
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30 -- at the scene where 36 people were killed. investigators ruled out a refrigerator as the source of the fire, but they are still looking at electrical problems as the potential cause. funerals for some of the victims were held over the weekend. now, 7 is on their side with a consumer alert to pass along about fake package delivery emails. security experts are warning that a package could not be delivered -- warnings about a package not being delivered could be a scam. ma sure the message has real information about you and comes from a valid email a dress. also checked the delivery tracking number. now to switch gears and get a check of the forecast. it is simply cold out there. for the folks delivering the packages for you. doug: just wait. not bad. this is going to be the nicest day of the week temperature wise because we have another arc
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night. by thursday, friday, into saturday, prettily cold and windy. i am just full of good news today. let's give you a little bit of -- idaho avenue, the northwest part of the city, rain drops this morning. the rain ended third although we are left with the cloudy skies and some raindrops on the cameras. we will see if he clears up. a little brighter to the southeast and the southwest. we will see sunshine developing during the day as well. check out the numbers. this is an interesting contrast. at 55and petersburg degrees. 39 in winchester and martinsburg. so the push of southwesterly wind is very strong, just overhead, bringing the warmer air in. i think everybody gets into the 50's today. some areas may pop into the upper 50's briefly. we will call generally 53. the rain is behind
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cloudy later. interesting to watch because we will have high clouds at times. call it partly cloudy. as we get through tomorrow morning, nothing strong wind wise, but temperatures will turn cooler for the day tomorrow. as we get into early wednesday, all our attention goes to the west. tomorrow afternoon, rain showers to the west. kind of cloudy around the metro area with temperatures in the 40's. brief showers running south of town late tomorrow night, but we will focus out west because that will be the arrival later wednesday, and arctic cold front. first we will see sunshine early wednesday, but then as the arctic front arrives, the wind will get gusty and the temperatures are going to tank. let's give you an idea at the bus stop tomorrow morning. 35 degrees, pickup time. 44 at recess. 48 degrees with increasing cloudiness as we get into the afternoon about dismissal time. the cold air is one thing.
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computer model are impressive as we get to the end of the week. it is a combination of another jolt of really cold air and strong wind. that will make it feel very uncomfortable. looking at future wind chill's -- we are talking 7:30 thursday morning, wind chills in the single digits. if feels like one-degree temperature in frederick. nine below zero in cumberland, 7 in manassas. single digits galore. as we go through the day thursday, it will not warm up all that much because the cold air is pulling in strong wind. this is midafternoon thursday, 3:00, feeling like 9 in washington, five in leesburg, 4 in frederick. late thursday evening and friday morning, we are still going to be stuck with single digit windchill, a couple of spots below zero. friday, only a slight warm-up. still single digits to about 11 in annapolis and washington and
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things start to change around a little bit for us. 50 degrees today at least. 43 with clouds on wednesday. thursday it will be partly cloudy, windy, and cold, highs at best near 30. feeling a lot colder. as we get into early saturday morning, the storm system will come into play. warmer wind will come in. we think some areas might get a little makes of snow, rain mixed together briefly early saturday morning. after that, enough warm air should change to rain. with periods of rain sunday as well. we should warm up a tiny bit by monday, back to 40 degrees as we get to tuesday and wednesday of next week. you have been forewarned. that's all i can do. bundle up. jummy: i have got to find my big coat now. theng up next at noon, early buzz of the new "star wars" movie
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i am from burke,
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>> best television series, musical, or comedy. atlanta fx -- atlanta, fx, transparent, amazon, and beach, hbo. jummy: to your favorite show makes a list? nominations for the golden globes were announced this point. "lala land" had the most nominations with a total of seven. we have the
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nominations online at "rogue one," just days away. there is a premier and some early reviews. >> a whopping $120 million to $150 million. box officegue one" haul for the opening weekend. 's "the force awakens" was the biggest december opening of all time, bringing in $2.1 billion worldwide. this is becoming a bit of a holiday tradition. >> second year and a row. we will have to keep this up. >> "rogue one" is expected to be the second-biggest, partly because of a different cast of carriers -- different cast of characters. no han solo, no luke skywalker
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>> he's basically a spy for the rebellion. all actual reviews are being embargoed until tomorrow. >> i am not actually surprised. >> but the standing ovation at the premier, and the unofficial -- my boeing,s unbelievably wonderful, last time i loved a star wars movie as much was 1977. >> it is interesting because you sit down and you do not know what is going to happen. >> one rumor i must address is jim and episode 7's ray. >> can you talk about her being ray's mother? >> that is not true. she is not ray's mom.
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jummy: all right, so the warmest of the week today. doug: it is present sunshine this afternoon. 35 tonight, not frosty, just chilly. tomorrow, sunshine and the clouds increase. and then an arctic cold front, windchill here thursday and friday, around zero. yet, i around zero. jummy: happy monday, folks. jo
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