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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 9, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," deadly conditions across america's highways, a brutal storm in the midwest and slamming the northwest as temperatures take a dive for millions overnight. the accuweather forecast just ahead. hillary clinton back in the nation's capital and speaking out calling upon both hear why she's calling it an epidemic. and new this half hour, a holiday shopping consumer alert. >> yep. a new lawsuit accuses four of america's largest department stores of what it calls false reference pricing. those phoney original prices making you think you're getting a better deal than you really are. what you need to know before you hit the malls in weekend. papa is still a rolling stone, the rock legend and his
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boy, what they said about the '60s icon becoming a dad for the eighth time at the age of 73. that's in the skinny on this friday, december 9th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm eva pilgrim. diane is off. >> i'm kendis gibson. the top story is the deadly winter weather now in the great lake involved in a pileup on interstate 90 east of cleveland on the shore of lake erie. somehow, there were no fatalities. >> in central michigan, three killed in aup involving 40 vehicles on i-6. yesterday, new york got three feet of snow, more than all of last year. all the cold air moves east bringing the first freeze to major cities of the northeast.
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>> reporter: along the great lakes, the first major snowstorm of the year is reeking havoc for drivers. the mangled mess of up to 70 tractor trailer and cars on interstate 90 in erie, pennsylvania. >> watched the guy climb out of his seat. >> reporter: many right there as first responders raced to pull victims from the wreckage. roads going from clear to whiteout in an instant bringing wreck along the great lakes from ohio to western snowfall was over 2 inches an hour made it hard to even walk. >> this is a skating rink. just saw two more go in the ditch. >> reporter: on interstate 96 in michigan, at least three people were killed in this 40 vehicle chain reaction crash that left some of the injured trapped in their cars. this storm's fueled by the arctic blast moving over the great lakes. >> look at it spin. >> guys, that's reaching. >> reporter: powerful enough to spawn a water spout over lake erie.
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south and east. i'm right by that michigan highway. part of the road reopened, but, still, officials ask drivers to stay off the icy roads. it is going to freeze again. washington county, michigan, abc news. >> that's not the only storm working its way across the united states. >> let's get the complete national forecast now from justin povick. >> thank you. another storm and yesterday as well. the difference today is it's raining in seattle and portland, an icy mess yesterday. there's snow in the intersenior. regardless of rain or snow, there's travel impacts. more snow and wind over the interior northeasts as well. primarily, just off the great lakes up to 95 in good shape. it's chilly as well. look at the cold, all the way down into central florida with showers and thunderstorms in miami. flight delays there. over the south central, there's
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control, but eventually, we'll warm things back up. kendis, eva, back to you. >> thank you, justin p. john glenn, an american original tributes paid tort former astronaut and senator who passed away at age 95. glenn was a fighter pilot in world war ii and korea and one of the original seven astronauts becoming a hero in 1962 becoming the first american to orbit the earth, that phrase started, god speed, john glenn. he coined another phrase he'd use for the rest of his life. >> 0g, and i feel fine, capsule is turning around, and that view is tremendous. i could see the booster in turn around, just a couple yards behind me. it was beautiful. >> after leaving the space program, glenn entered politics serving as senator for ohio for 34 years, and at age 77, he
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another astronaut on that 1998 mission said flying with glenn was like playing basketball with jordan or doing astrophysics with albert einstein. funeral is being arranged, and he'll be buried in arlington national cemetery. >> on that last mission they again, said god speed john glenn. donald trump is expected to remain as executive producer of celebrity apprentice after taking of after a two year hiatus. celebrity apprentice appears on nbc, but mgm holds a stake in the production company that created it. it's not clear how much trump will be paid. his spokeswoman said he'll reveal details next week in a news conference on his business interests. a farewell for harry reid, retiring after 30 years in the senate.
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soft spoken democrat. reid reflecting on pushing through the economic stimulus and the president's signature health care bill urging colleagues to preserve the institution. >> this room is filled with leaders. we know what leadership entails. it's not easy. it's not glamorous. a lot of the time, leaders understand the highs and the lows. i said this morning, it's a joy, and, wow, what are we going to do now? >> hillary clinton, as you can praising him as a fighter as she made her first visit to the capitol since losing the election. capitol hill. she turned her attention to the issue of fake news and made up stories that she, herself, has been a target of. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can
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>> clinton said all americans should be concerned about the spread of false news stories and called on leaders in both parties and private sector to accept up to protect our democracy. a grim statistic about the opioid epidemic. for the first time ever it killed more americans last year than gun violence. federal health officials say more than 50,000 americans succumbed to overdose abuse, an increase of 11% but not as high as fatal overdoses. a ups truck driver dead after an unexplained shooting in a walmart parking lot in new york. he stopped at the 24-hour store before 1:00 a.m. to get something to eat. the suspect shot him, then ran over him before fleeing the scene. he was captured hours later after a standoff at his home. police say the two men did not even know each other, and the motive at this point is still
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claims that it was adding extra charges to customers' bills, at&t is starting to pay refunds. the company will pay more than $88 million to customers who were hit with those charges. now, each customer can expect $31. that money will either pay as a credit on customers' bills or as a check in the mail. as you mentioned, it's been an uproar since the presidential election about fake news on the internet. something of a different twist on that whole fake thing. what about a fake toy? >> in this case, it's a fake bar, it's designed to look like a real product, the set made to look real with a complete bar. you have the stools and beer bottles. >> oh. plenty of reaction posted on fisher-price's facebook page as you imagine saying, quote, know this product is not endorsed, produced, or approved by
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and up, so it's okay. >> if only that was the accurate age, right? >> oh, yes. start them young, i guess. not bad. coming up, the consumer alert that you need to know about before you head out to do your holiday shopping this week. the new lawsuit that accuses major retailers of false reference pricing making you believe you're getting a better deal than you are. the wait is over for tv life guards making a big screen debut. that's in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you buy united health care. you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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eve and even the word "raptor" means birds of prey. >> that doesn't look very scary. more like a six foot turkey. >> and scientists have now found a link between feathers and dinosaurs. a 99 million-year-old piece of dinosaur skeletal material discovered attached to a feather. canadian scientists say it's a gaining support for 20 years, and, yes, it's believed at the time when some dinosaurs had feathers was the jurassic period bringing everything together with the movie. it's scary. >> all making sense now. >> yeah. consumer alert this morning involving your holiday shopping. a new lawsuit accuses major retailers of making you think you're getting a better deal than you actually are. >> come on, we all knew this, didn't we? >> we did know this.
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america's biggest retailers and the most popular ones as well. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: macy's, jcpenney, sears, and kohl's sued by the los angeles city attorney. >> today, i'm announcing we've filed four lawsuits against some of the nation's leading retailers. >> reporter: for allegedly using false reference pricing. that is, setting original prices of merchandise higher to make customers think they were getting better deals and bigger discounts. the allegations including, for example, a swim top advertised at jcpenney with an original price of $46 and a sale price of $31.99. supposedly, a 30% discount. according to the suit, the top was never on sale online for more than $31.99. urn california law, businesses cannot publicize higher original prices unless items have been on
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advertisement. abc news, new york. >> this is why you google. >> the googles tell you everything? >> the original prices. >> is that right? >> and order online. >> i didn't know that. okay. i just never thought it was a good a deal. >> yeah. when we come back, mick jagger a dad for the eight time at 73. what fans are saying. >> he said it's a mark up on the age. he's just 43, what he told his girlfrnd and news from "the view" is
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time for the friday skinny starting with news from mick jagger. >> the '60s icon a stone front man became a father for the an eighth time. he has eight kids with a fifth woman now. >> a lot of baby mamas. >> he's 73 years old. >> his girlfriend, you see her there, and they welcomed a baby boy, statement released on behalf of the couple says, mick was at the hospital here in new york for the baby's arrival and mother and son are doing just fine. >> the couple has no plans to marry or even live together, but
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$150,000 a year to raise the child. here in new york? >> doesn't that seem low, to both of us? >> interesting. >> see how jaded we are? sure that's not a month? that seems low. in the meantime, though, fan reaction has been lighting up the twitters. jen tweeted here, what we expected? mick jagger dead at 73. what we got, mick jagger, dad at 73. people are honest. they can't keep the truth from coming out. >> no. >> another tweet with he's so rock and roll. i love you mick. >> huh. and then sam writes, in other news, viagra found a new sp spokesman. all right. >> but this user found the silver lining of it all, if jagger can be a dad at 73, then
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believe in your dreams. >> kids, your dreams can come true. >> a celebrity departure. >> the view host announced yesterday at the show because of her deepening west coast commitments to "fuller house" and other acting projects that she's leaving "the view." . >> it was not an easy decision, but before i started "the view," i had commitments to "fuller house" and work with the hallmark channel and mysteries, and because of the success of those, my commitments became greater with those shows and the commute of going west coast to east coast every single week for me is tough on me and hard for the family as well. i want to make sure i'm able to spend as much time with my children. >> the actress joined last month, and raven said she would leave the show by the end of the year to develop the spinoff of "that's so reign."
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of bay watch, and i have to caution, look at the video, feel free to mute. it's best just -- >> silence it? what are you trying to say. the first trailer for the long awaited debut has been released. oiled up, are stars dwayne "the rock" johnson, zach efron, who i want to see, and kelly roback. it's just as raunchy as you >> city counsel's cut our funding, and it's up to us to restore the brand. >> i'm matt, ready for duty. >> did you just look at my boobs. look at my face. >> i'm trying, but it's so close to your boobs. >> yeah. and that's the part that everybody was talking about. his abs. critics said the movie like the tv show is best viewed with
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nationwide on may 26. >> it's better when you're forced on a plane to watch it. >> and it's expensive to go to the movies. finally, if you're looking for a fresh outlook, it's apparently just around the corner. >> oh, yeah. the color student, the world's recognized color authority ano announced next year's color of the year. >> it's called greenery. it's apparent ly j yellow than kelly green, i think is a color, and after 2016, the bright greenery should provide a much needed emotional lift for 2017. >> oh, wow. they note the connection to nature, spring, rebirth, and overall regard for the environment. >> what? okay. maybe they were -- >> that's a lot of thought. i was trying to wear greenery, but mine is kelly green. >> i think they were dealing
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lasts 12 hours. let's end this. fire was a fire was a theme dominating headlines from the deadly wildfire in the smokey mountains to devastation and tragic loss of life inside that artist warehouse in oakland, california. now with our weekly friday rewind. >> this orange wall of fire. it was, i don't know, felt like seeing a monster. >> just call any of us, if you're around, something happened. we don't care. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> i feel like it was preventable. like a blind eye was turned towards the warehouse facility. >> as far as preventable?
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aleppo, scene of devastation, plumes of thick smoke, and sounds of heavy fighting. small arms fire, loud booms, this is just a few hundred yards away. >> that child in a hot car in june in georgia in the summer to swelter and die. >> mr. gasser pulls his weapon from between his seat and consul and fires three shots at joe mcknight. >> louisiana law is if someone enters your vehicle or to enter your vehicle, you have justification to shoot them. >> the court therefore declares mistrial in this case. >> it's not over. y'all hear me, it's not over. >> until my family sees justice, no, there's no forgiverness. >> hail victory. >> donald trump slingshoted ed movement into fame. >> would i live in your state. >> no, you wouldn't, but you can have your own. >> that's very gracious. >> i believe we're in the
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innocents that has ever been asemiled in our nation's history. >> the kinds of people president-elect trump chosen appear to have, in many cases, different priorities, styles, and starkly different bank accounts. >> a lengthy introduction with the president-elect. it was research for areas of commonground. >> we tweeted the best tweet wow, what a great smart >> great bit as rachel. >> sounds like all you're doing is, what, oh, what, me? oh, wow, no. what? what? wow. >> ending the week on humor. >> we need humor these days, don't you think? >> looking forward to december 14th, national biscuits and
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making news in america this morning, winter whiteout. lake-effect snow blanketing several states. the 75-car pileup you have got to see and the highly unusual snowfall in seattle. plus, the arctic blast settling in. remaining in reality tv, the surprising announcemen "celebrity apprentice" and the fast food ceo picked to be on trump's cabinet as he makes another stop on his thank you tour. how wi-fi in the skies could soon bring phone calls midflight. caught in a cell. a prisoner's attempt to make a


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