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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morn on "worlds news now," donald trump, person of the year. >> that coveted "time" magazine cover goes to donald trump and his like ability rating as he goes on tour. that and cabinet picks. chaotic scene at a high school as a student swings a an officer to prevent a tragedy. students filmed the scene in horror. inside the at white, the white nationalist who coined the term emboldened by trump's win finds himself in the national spotlight as his words insight protests on college campuses across america. we'll hear from the man himself. the biggest celebrities and stars of youtube putting
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and video trends in what's likely the most watched videos on earth from the past 24 hours. how many memes can you recognize on this thursday, december 8th? from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the mannequin challenge. >> surprised there's not any videos from "world news now." >> wow, 2016 was such a waste of time challenges. >> yeah. >> flipping water bottles. >> standing still for as long as possible. >> can't wait for it to be over. >> good times. we begin the half hour with president-elect donald trump continuing his thank you tour in iowa this evening after making some more key appoinments. >> one month after the election, there is a new poll to tell you about showing the nation remains divided over trump. his favorability rating at 50%
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being president or a businessman. 69% says it goes too far to force him to sell his businesses to avoid conflict of interests. >> for more on picks and distinction as "time" magazine's person of the year -- >> reporter: man of the year -- >> it's a great honor. it means a lot, especially me growing up reading "time" magazine, anit >> reporter: quoting "time" would be dead listing most influential people as a stunt and joke describing the person of choice as the person with the greatest influence for better or worse of the year. trump on the cover dubbed the president of the divided states of america. the president-elect confident he and the new cabinet will change that. retired general john kelly confirming he's been picked to be secretary of homeland security. kelly is a four-star marine
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kelly killed in combat in afghanistan. kelly becomes the third retired general in the trump administration so far, a very different type of nominee. trump nominating, wwe co-founder to lead the small business administration. the president-elect, himself, once wrestled with her husband on television. as trump assembled his cabinet, and says president obama is weighing in. >> i asked what he would t take his recommendations very seriously, and there's some people that i will be appointing, and in one case have appointed why he thought highly of the person, yes. >> a striking statement considering trump called the president an incompetent leader with disastrous judgment and worst president in history. he won't talk about the advice, but said this --
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president-elect trump have chosen appeared in many cases different priorities, different styles, and in some cases, starkly different bank accounts. >> reporter: and first lady michelle obama speaking out about election night she campaigned so hard for hillary clinton. >> i went to bed. >> yes, she did. >> once you do what you can do, you know, then you rest easy. it was in the hands of the american people. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. a federal judge ended the election recount in michigan assuring donald trump's victory in the state. the judge sided with the appeals court ruling that stein's poor showing in the election disqualifies her from requesting another look at the vote. she suffered a setback in pennsylvania where another judge scheduled a hearing on recount for quest tomorrow. that's just four days before the federal deadline to certify
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a man hunt underway for a man who shot two police officers killing one and critically injuring the other. police warn the suspect is armed and dangerous. on a run after a shootout with cops. they responded to a disturbance call, and a message posted on his facebook page says, not going to jail. a high school student in critical condition this morning after a fight on campus. the 14-year-old boy was shot a police officer after allegedly showing a knife in this confrontation as dozens of students watched. the whole thing started as a fight between two kids captured in video and posted on youtube, but it's not clear what started that fight. after the shooting, the school was placed on lockdown for several hours. >> there was two juveniles fighting. one had a knife. he is is the one that's down. the other one took off with no weapons.
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room looking for victims and witnesses to the incident to ensure the kids are safe. >> no other students were injured or arrested. the officer was placed on paid administrative leave as routine procedure. classes are planned for today, although counselors will be on hand. testimony resumes today in the death penalty trial of dylan roof who admits shooting nine people to death after being asked to join their bible study. he sat quietly in the south carolina courtroom as survivors described how he gunned black worshippers and their pastor while hurling racial insults. the attorney admitted his guilt, but fights for life in prison rather than the death penalty. two teenagers in custody this morning accused of deliberately starting the wildfire in eastern tennessee. the fast moving flames roared across the mountains killing 14 and leveling or destroying more than 2400 buildings. for now, prosecutors are charging the teens as juveniles,
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investigation is active and ongoing, and we still have a lot of work to do. >> displaced residents and business owners are just now beginning to move back into their buildings and for the first time since the fire broke out on november 23rd, the city will open to the public tomorrow. now to the weather. the big chill that's sweeping across the country. we're now seeing the coldest temperature since last winter with bitter cold air spreading south and east and temperatures 10-20 degrees. the storm system that brought a blizzard to north dakota is moving into the great lakes region, with a few more inches of snow added to the nearly 15 inches in grand forks. no travel advises for most of the state, understandably. just getting out of the house can be a problem in north dakota. check out the waist-high snow. >> guessing it was a snow day for school kids.
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giving up. let's see. >> you win, snow, you win. it could be easier to get tickets to popular shows and sporting events. congress has passed a bill to crack down on the bots that get tickets before the general public gets them. they are used by ticket brockers to rapidly purchase as many tickets as possible. the brokers resell the sixt >> hamilton tickets are not available for the foreseeable future. >> no, no. >> tranquil waters off the coast of south florida. they are tranquil. fishing boat crew and clients made a catch. >> it was a relaxing experience. check out this video. see it there in the water, making an attempt to swim away. >> a grouper. >> or not swim away because it's not a fish. what they discovered there is a
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cocaine. >> oh. okay. so they got in touch with the coast guard and handed the package over at sea. the boat's captain says it's the first time in his 40-year career he's come across cocaine just floating. >> geez, i would hope so. >> no fish around it either. >> i'd imagine it's a significant amount. >> that's the most bizarre story i think we've covered in a long time, even for an airport tarmac on camera. what happened when police caught up with that man. >> and confronting hate. the man who coined the term "alt right," what he told us about his ideal vision of the world. check out behind the scene pictures on instagram.
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oh, my gosh. >> oh that's right. reaction of someone watching a man running around avoiding authorities on the tarmac there. the man had been lying on the floor receiving medical treatment at a ticket counter when he ran off and wound up on the airfield. eventually, he got tired. he was apprehended. >> oxygen masks were deployed on
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of dallas last night. it apparently suffered some pressurization issue, but landed safely. it's been a rough week for southwest. there was a similar pressure issue on another flight and report of smoke on board a third flight. also in texas, racially charged demonstrations on the campus of texas a&m university. abc news was there hearing not only from the protesters, but the self-proclaimed white nationalist at the center of the controversy. >> that's richard founder of the so-called alt right movement and was inunited statesed to speak on campus, but also spoke to one of our abc colleagues telling her if he had his way, she wouldn't be allowed to live in the country because of her race. we're up all nightline with juju chang. >> reporter: emotions bubbling over at texas a&m with university becoming an
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richard spencer, the man who coined the term "alt right" critics call a suit and tie racist. >> hail trump, hail our people, vail victory. >> reporter: last month, this video of spencer at a so-called alt right koempbs kpauting trump's win going viral after throwing the nazi salute propelling him into the national spotlight. >> a white country designed for ourselves and o >> reporter: his movement, he says, boosted by trump's victory. >> going from obscurity to all this notoriety. >> i think donald trump slingshoted our movement into fame. >> reporter: spencer and his supporters feel emboldened by a political landscape he never dreamed of. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: although the president-elect publicly distanced himself from the alt right in an interview with the "new york times."
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>> what's it mean to you? >> identity politics for white people in the 21st century. the term alt right is nothing more than a rebranding of white supremacy for the digital age. nobody should be fooled by what it is at its core, and that is white supremacy. >> reporter: according to the southern poverty law center, there's been a spike in hate crimes and harassment in the days after the presidential election with 800 roberted in 47 an all-white ethno state with races segregated with a peaceful ethnic cleansing. >> reporter: would i will allowed to live in your state? >> you wouldn't. but you could have your own. >> gracious of you. >> this is a big empire for the whole european -- >> reporter: how do you remove 100 million blacks, latinos,
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>> reporter: reported as saying it could be horribly bloody and terrible. that's a possibility? >> of course it's a possibility. i think the current paradigm that we are living under is going to lead to blood and tears. period. >> you're predicting a race war, basically? >> i don't know exactly what's going to happen, but, yes, i do think that it will be a crack up predominantly on racial lines. >> referring to people like you. >> reporter: back at spencer's event, the vast majority of the audience, opposition. with multiple outbursts and clashes erupting in a speech. at the football stadium, it is the soaring message of tolerance and diversity that units the aggies drowning out the hateful and unwelcomed next door. >> powerful image by juju chang, hats off to juju. >> sitting in the room with somebody that doesn't want to
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hour, outrage over an aggressive tsa airport pat down. one woman says went a little too far. what happened when one passenger battling breast cancer tried to stand her ground. >> first, the day that continues to live in infamy. america's youngest generation salutes its greatest on the 75th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" my favorite part ab just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of
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we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. they fought the first battle and set the first example in the long campaign of america's lightened leadership of the free world. >> they are called, of course, the greatest generation, those who grew up in one of america's darkest periods, the great depression, only to go on to fight in world war ii. >> yesterday, those few
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returning to pearl harbor 75 years later. here's david muir. >> reporter: it is a welcome, america's youngest generation honoring its greatest. among them, 95, his story surviving pearl harbor. >> this is the fourth grade. >> still capturing young minds. >> planes diving from everywhere. a scrap pi 20-year-old seaman, girlfriend that day, but hundreds of fighter planes swarmed the skies. >> we heard bam! there went the arizona, exploding. 32 bodies flying through the air. >> stu was on the uss west virginia. >> hit on and fire. >> blew the hatch off. >> reporter: dove to safety through burning oil on the surface of the water.
3:21 am
breathed in my life. >> reporter: with 2,000 fellow soldever soldiers who died. >> a date that will live in infamy. >> reporter: he defended his country in 13 more battles. 75 years later, he returned to hawaii with a group of 15 other survivors. >> all right, all right. >> organized by the greatest generation company. today, a solemn ceremony for these precious few for that and so much more, stu says he's the grateful one. >> many of these sacrificed their lives, truly, they are the h heros, not us who survived. >> touching commemorations all across this country. one that i thought was particularly striking was in houston, texas, seeing bob dole there sitting by george hw bush,
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>> great to hear from survivors so many years later.
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time now for the mix, and we're going to starts with a little science for you. >> science. >> we now have the top ten names of people most likely to get pregnant in 2017. >> oh. >> if this is your name, get ready to bring home a bundle jessica, ashley, brit nee, amanda, samantha, sarah, stefanie, jennifer, elizabeth, and lauren. >> those are all the names i have to avoid having dates with next year. is what you're saying? >> correct. unless you'd like to be a dad. >> what's the theory on this? >> the theory -- the theory, those are the baby names that we're showing you now, and here's thing, what they discovered at 26 is the most
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went back 26 years and found the most pop pawopular names them. >> oh. >> foolproof science. the name jessica, you're going to have a baby. >> greatest generation in the last news block to 2016, a waste of a year, and thanks to youtube, they brought it all back to us by this video rewind of all of the fads, the memes, the huge things that were popular on the internet in the last year. see if you can point out the different challenges and memes and things popular over the last year. >> so far, i got only two of them. >> i got zero. >> the rainbow -- >> oh -- >> the running man challenge. >> yes. >> so this is how we wasted our time. this video is actually a good mashup there.
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>> to help you feel better about that, drown your sorrows in fireball, and now it's coming in a new container, just in time for tailgating season. fire box, ladies and gentlemen, forget boxed wine, go straight from the whisky. what could go wrong? >> what's the name of it? >> fire box. yep. >> just going to leave it there? >> don't touch it, just move on. >> and that photo, thanks, guys. okay. >> you can't avoid session. literally. >> in slow motion. di tar sits down, like, oh, yeah. >> so -- i'm going to rock this place out. >> the video is viral, but does that remind you of anything that happened on set? not too long ago. >> no, nothing, not at all. >> a few weeks ago. >>. >> i have some of the fire box before that.
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this morning on "world news now," the man hunt for an alleged cop killer. authorities in georgia searching for a suspect who shot two officers near a college campus. we'll have the latest details. conflict of interest with president-elect trump announcing a plan how to move forward with the business empire. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, shows us how policy could be affected. the airport pat down that a woman says went way too far. >> telling the agents she was battling breast cancer and said


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