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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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overnight. while many of your were sleeping-- police responded to northeast washington after a man was stabbed. it happened just after midnight outside a restaurant in the 12-hundred block of h street. investigators say the victim was found outside the business. he is now being treated for non-life threatening injuries. now arrests have been made. happening now-- nine days of mourning continue in havana-- following the death of former cuban
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underway for a two-day public mourning in the city's revolution plaza. and a few hundred miles away in miami, cuban exiles celebrate, hoping for change. abc's janai norman has more. happening later this
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a hearing in his murder trial. kempton bonds is charged with fatally stabbing chef tyonne johns during a dispute at a wedding reception back in august. defense attorneys say bonds acted in self-defense after johns threatened him. bonds remains free on a quarter-million dollars bond. now-- shoppers may not be heading to stores today-- but they are still on the hunt for big bargains. today is cyber monday-- the biggest online shopping day of the year. retail experts say "target" taking 15 percent off nearly everything. and amazon is offering deep discounts on electronics. for many shoppers-- the best part is skipping the long lines at brick and morter stores. despite all the deals-- cyber monday deals-- cyber monday may be in danger of losing its online sales title.
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new high in online shopping. this cyber monday caps off a slightly smaller kickoff to the holiday shopping season. individual shoppers spent an average of just over 289-dollars during this 4-day weekend. that's down nearly 3 and a half percent from a year ago, according to the national retail federation. just over 99-million shoppers hit the stores. and 108-and a half million people shopped online. according to the latest estimates-- consumers spent more than 3.3 billion dollars oli year. as you're shopping for gifts -- think about brightening up someone's holiday, through toys for tots! join us for a toy drive at national harbor next saturday -- december third. we'll be out there helping collect toys between eleven a-m and three p-m. it appears the redskins will not let kirk cousins go. according to multiple reports, if let kirk cousins go. according to multiple reports, if
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deal with cousins before free agency opens in march, they will place the franchise tag on him. cousins is being paid nearly 20-million dollars guaranteed this season. the franchise quarterback tag for the 2017 season will be nearly 24 million dollars. cousins is expected back in washington either with a long term deal or the one-year tag. coming up. a stunning allegation from president-elect donald trump. did voter fraud impact the growing call for a multi-state recount.. plus, america has a new millionaire this morning. a powerball jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars remains unclaimed. we'll tell you where it was sold..
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tuesday through wed. night - big temp swings (60s tue./wed to 40s this weekend) today: sunny early, becoming mostly cloudy. highs: 53-58 winds: 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with showers developing. patchy fog. lows: 42-49 winds: s 10-15 mph tuesday: rain. mild and
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coming up. gunfire erupts in
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quarter in new orleans. and innocent tourists are caught in the middle. the latest on the investigation.. plus, hillary clinton's campaign now joining the call for a recount in several battleground states. and the president-elect is not hiding his feelings on the matter. the details.. coming
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a stunning allegation from president-elect donald trump. he says he won the popular vote, if you deduct millions of illegal votes. he tweeted, quote.. "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. trump is also denouncing hillary clinton for joining an effort to push for a recount in wisconsin.. a state trump won. gloria riviera has more. donald trump and his staff - blasting a vote recount in wisconsin! (fox news sunday) vote recount in wisconsin! (fox news sunday) sot - reince priebus / chair - rnc / inco "it's a total waste of everybody's time." green party candidate jill stein started the effort last week? sot - jill stein / green party "there were a lot of hacks taking place around this election." and this weekend - hillary clinton's team joining the fray. those announcements triggering a tweet-storm fromdonald tru. the firing off seven tweets in 70 minutes? nearly all aimed at clinton? but her general counsel says clinton staffers "intend to participate" to ensure fairness. (abc this week) sot - sen. bernie sanders / (i) vermont "it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else, thinks that there's going to be
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stoking fears about the election's integrity? (file - october 2016 - oh) sot - donald trump "it's a rigged election. believe me." (file - september 2016 - nc) sot - donald trump "and we know it's a rigged system." now, trump and his team are accusing stein of using the recount as a fundraiser. (fox news sunday) sot - reince priebus / chair - rnc / incoming white house chief of staff "it's ridiculous. this is a fundraising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin." (abc this week) sot - cenk uygur / the young turks "i don't know why they're so nervous. they're just so jittery about -- no recount, no recount. whatever we do, don't do a recount. just calm down. if you think you won, the recount will show the same thing." another memb on attack - senior advisor kellyanne conway taking aim at mitt romney, who is up for secretary of state. (abc this week) sot - kellyanne conway / trump senior advisor "he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches that i can recall in this calendar year, and they were both about donald trump." romney was one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign. conway says some supporters feel betrayed that he could be in the new administration. (abc this week) sot - kellyanne conway / trump senior advisor "this is trump's party now. he won states mitt romney didn't. // i don't think a cost of admission for party unity
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gloria riviera, abc news, washington. the funerals are beginning for the six elementary school children killed in last week's horrific bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. two of the six were laid to rest over the weekend, including 10-year-old zyanna harris. friends remembered her sparkling personality. the next funeral is set for thursday. three children remain hospitalized the bus driver, johnthony walker, is charged with vehicular homicide. the n-t-s-b says he was speeding. students and administrators had raised concerns about his behavior behind the wheel.. in the weeks before the crash. the north dakota sheriff leading the response to the dakota access pipeline protesters says the clock is ticking on demonstrators. more than 525 people have been arrested during months of protests. most of the demonstrators have been camping on federal controlled land. the u.s. army corps of engineers says it
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safety concerns. over the weekend, hundreds of people rallied in support of police who've been dealing with the pipeline protesters. demonstrators say the planned pipeline goes through tribal land and endangers the drinking water. the protests have cost morton county, north dakota more than eight-million dollars so far. relatives in tennessee, you may want to give them a call today. just in case they won the powerball jackpot. one ticket in lafayette, tennessee matched all six powerball numbers drawn saturday night. the ticket is worth nearly 421-million dollars. that's the twelfth biggest u.s. lottery prize, ever. the winner has not yet come forward. according to lottery rules, he or she has 180 days to claim the prize. at xx time for
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- dry today; increasing clouds - much needed rain tuesday through wed. night - big temp swings (60s tue./wed to today: sunny early, becoming mostly cloudy. highs: 53-58 winds: 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with showers developing. patchy fog. lows: 42-49 winds: s 10-15 mph tuesday: rain. mild and breezy. highs: 63-70
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french quarter. police respond seconds after gunmen open fire-- with tourists caught in the middle. the details.. coming
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one man was killed and 9 others were injured. police say none of the victims were the intended target and now the two shooters are on the run. the city's mayor now vowing to track them down. four people are still hospitalized this morning. but all are expected to make a full recovery. a violent holiday weekend in the district as well. 3 people are dead... including a 16-year old girl. now -- as police track down the gunmen, d-c's mayor answers. cheryl conner has more. there is much more
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its impact.. and what you need to know as you head out the door for your morning commute. life without and cuba.. and.. president elect donald trump making headlines this morning.. coming up..why he claims millions voted illegally. good morning washington. toss to eileen - dry today; increasing clouds - much needed rain tuesday through wed. night


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