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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, thanksgiving triple threat. snow, rain and ice, two systems moving across the country as millions hit the road for the holiday. we're tracking it all. president-elect donald trump names two women to his cabinet and hear his new thanksgiving message as hillary clinton's popular vote million. a suspect jumps out of a trunk when a police officer approaches the vehicle. the struggle with what appears to be a gun in the suspect's hand. the dramatic conclusion. the thanksgiving day macy's parade is just hours away. we'll check out the balloon, the preparations and the security as the parade route passes just a
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morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. >> it could get tricky for those trying to trek to their destinations. a weather system in the midwest is bringing rain and snow that will move east later and bring some winter weather into the appalachians, new york and new england. there's also a storm in the northwest with heavy rain and strong wind as long the coast from portland to seattle. there could also be as much as a foot of snow in the cascades. further south in los angeles the holiday into the evening hours with traffic backed up both to and from l.a.x. it's expected to be the third busiest airport this holiday weekend and would be a miracle if those people make their flights on time. here's how it will affect the holiday festivities. good morning and happy thanksgiving to cam. >> good morning, diane and kendis. we're seeing lots of green in the midsection of our country which means go so things are looking good here, however, some problem spots in the pacific
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northeast. we have a storm system that will bring us snow across new england. further south in the mid-atlantic it will be rain. as for that big black friday shopping forecast, the nation's midsection looking very nice once again. the northeast and northwest where we could see wet spots. diane and kendis, back to you. >> cam tran, that accuweather, thank you. donald trump is spending the holiday in palm beach, florida, as his cabinet is gradually taking shape. >> nikki hal h offer. betsy devos was tapped for education secretary and trump is expected to appoint wilbur ross to lead the commerce department. >> the president-elect is calling for a restoration and healing. stephanie ramos has the latest for us from washington. stephanie, good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you, as well. president-elect donald trump is on vacation but rolling out some
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nominees, two women. this morning, president-elect donald trump and his family are hunkered down at the luxury mar-a-lago resort in florida. on wednesday he released this thanksgiving message on social media. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> reporter: while white men dominated his early staff picks, trump's now nominated two women to join his cabinet. south carolina governor nikki and charter school advocate betsy devos to lead the department of education. both women are strong republican leaders but also the president-elect's first female appointments. neither were supporters of mr. trump on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is everything we hear and teach our kids not to do in kindergarten. >> reporter: haley, the youngest governor at 44 in the country feels differently now. >> while i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's
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for him and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: haley is the daughter of indian immigrants so she's the first minority selection but has very little diplomatic experience. devos, who is pro-common core was a delegate for ohio governor john kasich but now on board with the trump team. to the lead the commerce department mr. trump is expected to name 78-year-old billionaire investor wilbur ross who may be one of the cabinet and dr. ben carson, he isn't out of the running just yet and says an announcement is coming as his role possibly as head of housing and urban development. rudy giuliani, david petraeus and mitt romney all vying for secretary of state still. kendis and diane, back over to you. >> that announcement expected shortly after the thanksgiving break. stephanie, thank you. turning to hillary clinton
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electoral college clinton now has 2 million more popular votes than donald trump. a lot of her lead was generated by california where votes are still being counted. former green party presidential candidate jill stein has raised enough money to pay for recounts in the battleground states of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. back to new york state where security is being beefed up here in the city as tradition takes place near the president-elect's home. the macy's thanksgiving day parade moves down avenue away from trump tower. in addition to extra patrols sanitation trucks will line the route to garth against a repeat of the truck attack in france. those giant balloons came to life thanks to the efforts of the inflation crews. always a cool thing in new york city. they work late into the evening as plenty of spectators gathered to watch. among this year's new balloons,
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>> almost as fun watching them inflate the balloons as the parade itself. >> as a kid that was the highlight going to see that. >> good stuff. americans will enjoy plenty of turkey but tater and toth will not be on the table for meal time. >> thanks to president obama clearly having a good time during his eighth and final presidential turkey pardon, abc's janai norman has all the highlights. >> reporter: president obama letting the bad puns fly. >> but this is the doing this so we're not leaving any room for leftovers. >> reporter: even in the absence of first daughters sasha and malia the annual turkey pardon was stuffed full of dad jokes. >> i've established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters with a corny-copia of bad dad jokes. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkry. >> reporter: the president joined in the rose garden this
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scheduling conflict or something. >> actually they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. they were fed up. >> reporter: over the last eight years the tradition has been a lighthearted start to the holiday season. the president making the turkey pardon into more of a showcase of his punny dad jokes. >> time flies even if turkeys don't. >> reporter: this year the two lucky turkeys spared from the dinner table, tater and toth. turkey, we're working on getting him a pair of aviator glasses. >> reporter: president obama poking fun at vice president joe biden and giving a nod to those turkeys that didn't make the cut. >> who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom and proved that they weren't chicken. >> reporter: turning almost somber, the president giving a good-bye of sorts reflecting over his presidency and thanking the american people before getting back to the puns.
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thanksgiving traffic can put people in a fowl mood. >> reporter: and the pardons. >> all right, congratulations. hey. >> reporter: janai norman, abc news, new york. >> now we know why sasha and malia didn't show up. they must have seen the script. still ahead, no winner in last night's powerball so the jackpot is now approaching $500 million. black friday is less than 24 hours away so here are the new tricks retailers are pulling out attention and, of course, your money. and an attempted ambush on a police officer.
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the storm system moves towards central america. the system is a hurricane again. otto expected to make landfall in nicaragua or costa rica or perhaps both but definitely later today. the dow jones and s&p hit another record high on wall street yesterday continuing a post-election trend. the dow rose just over 59 points, but mortgage rates also have risen sharply since the election worrying homebuyer. the 30-year rate is at the highest in more than a year. t gets under way and retailers are trying a little bit of everything to lure customers into spending. some offering special pro-motions like starting cyber monday on friday. abc's rebecca jarvis has a guide to some of the best deals. >> reporter: more than 137 million americans are expected to shop this weekend on the hunt for the best deals of the season. like this 40-inch l.e.d. tv on sale at walmart for $125 and at
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off for 449. some retailers are testing out some new tricks. >> a lot are competing on price but also competing on toy exclusivity, offering toys you can only get online. >> reporter: others trying this on, staying closed for thanksgiving. >> the cost benefit isn't worth it so might as well just shut down then re-open the next day. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. and there was drawing, so the jackpot is now at least $403 million. >> so while that soups like a lot of money it's nowhere near the record which was more than a billion and a half dollars. that jackpot split between three winners. the next is saturday night. >> i will not scoff at 400 million if anyone wants to hand that over. >> exactly. when we come back, sparks shoot from a man's pants after
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stunning sight in southern california. workers removing a massive boulder. they watched in amazement as it crashed onto the road breaking into piec least two days in january because an 18-foot boulder blocked the mountain road. >> drivers in northern california and up into washington will have to deal with wet roads this morning. there's still snow on some roads in the upper midwest as well but they'll be getting icy in new england today with wet roads further south. if you're flying airport delays are possible in minneapolis and detroit. also in detroit, an investigation is under way after
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carbon monoxide poisoning. >> a relative described the bodies after they had not been heard from in some time. there was no answer at the store so the relative kicked in the door and that's what they found. the campus police officer shot in the head while on duty in detroit has died. the wayne state university officer colin rose had been on life support. rose was patrolling an area a few blocks from the campus when he was attacked. a suspect deangelo davis, being questioned in connection with the murder. check out this dash cam video from louisstone, idaho. a police officer suspects a fugitive is hiding in the trunk of that car right there when he taps on the lid and, voila, the wanted man hops out with what appears to be a gun in his hand. it turned out to be a replica but still the pair fell to the ground during a struggle. backup finally arrived aand they were able to handcuff the suspect who was wanted on drug charges. a sixth child has died in
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8-year-old ki on tay wilson passed away last night two days after the accident. the crash happened on a road not part of driver johnthony walker's normal route. they are trying to figure out why he was even on that road. toxicology reports did not reveal any drugs or alcohol in walker's system. and this frightening scene took place inside a wine tore at new york's grand central terminal. the man working behind the counter, watch what happens to him. that is an in his pocket. a colleague that also works at the store said he thought he had a pocket full of fireworks in his pants. the victim suffered multiple burns and will require surgery. >> wow. some advice if you're involved in a high-speed chase, avoid dead end streets. >> a good one. >> driver of this white van probably wishes someone had told him that. speeding to the streets of perth, australia, dead end street but the driver doesn't stop there.
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but you can see that officer right behind him swimming almost fast enough to rival michael phelps it seems. he did manage to catch the driver and arrest him. they had backup on the other side of the river as well so not too many escape routes. >> both swimming at a fairly good clip. >> display of athleticism. >> one was doing the butterfly and the other freestyle. three games on your menu. minnesota against detroit begins at 12:30 eastern time? good morning, and happy thanksgiving. unfortunately, the nick folk story is not available. we do have sports that happened on wednesday night. >> not quite as entertaining. kevin love, that would be the cavs and blazers in cleveland. kevin love had pretty much a stellar first quarter. ate all the food. all the buckets. >> love again. >> eight three-pointers.
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points in the first quarter than the entire blazers team did combined. 34 points for love. >> is that a record? >> 40 for the game. a record for the first quarter, indeed. cavs won, as well. how about the lakers and the warriors. trying to avenge that loss last time they played moving it around. curry, you know, that kid, don't you won't get a shoe deal with him. kevin durant, he plays for them now. fourth quarter, just gets so silly, ian clark lost the ball. then what happened? that wasn't silly. shot it and made a basket. >> hey, go eat lots and lots of turkey, just don't put your frozen turkey in the hot oil if you're going to fry it. don't do it.
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trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. ? "pulse." we'll talk turkey, trimmings and all those calories. >> yum. typical thanksgiving dinner will run you about 3,000 calories. add another 1500 on top for drink, appetizers and, of course, dessert. here's the good news, nutrition ifs say it's not the end of the world if you overindulge as long as you don't turn that into a four or five-day binge but for those who want to completely
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thanksgiving sandwich. turkey, the cranberry sauce, gravy all in one big thing so if you want to keep eating after thanksgiving you can. well, a doughnut shop in providence, rhode island has added a new twist. the friendsgiving doughnut. >> okay, so get ready. it's a brioche with cranberry glaze, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, this delicious concoction is something to really give thanks for, i'd say. nothing says america more than >> diet food. definitely, yes. so many of us are looking forward to topping our thanksgiving turkey with a tasty helping of gravy. doesn't have to stop there at your plate. >> you can get your fill in the form of a holiday treat. introducing gravy flavored candy canes. that's right, folks. it's a candy cane that tastes just like gravy. >> if you don't want to get on the gravy train, they also come
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wow. >> bacon flavored candy canes. >> i might try the wasabi. after the turkey, the christmas countdown is on, of course, just 30 days until christmas and a lot of people will be getting their trees this weekend. growers say the crop is good this year. >> good to know. most of the older evergreens for sale weather the drought but that may not be the case in a few years because the drought destroyed the young trees just planted so buy them up this year and merry christmas, happy n good morning washington. toss to eileen - a few morning showers - dry weekend ahead - warm-up next week with more rain coming today: mostly cloudy. a few morning showers. highs: 53-58
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winds: light black friday: mostly cloudy. stray shower. highs: 54-60
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police need your help finding a critical missing person. ashley thomas is seven months pregnant. she was reported missing by her husband nearly two weeks ago but still hasn't been found. she is also wanted by police on drug charges and may be attention. thomas was last being seen in the glen burnie area. anyone with information on her location should call police. happening now - the black friday rush is on. this is video we shot overnight of people already lined up outside the best buy in germantown, waiting to snag those holiday deals. today is only thanksgiving - but many stores are opening their doors just hours from now, on turkey today. v-dot is helping speed up your holiday shopping this weekend. starting today, traffic lights at
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traffic lights at major shopping centers in northern virginia will be re-timed to help drivers enter and exit faster. areas include tysons, virginia gateaway and fair oaks mall - among others holiday signal timing will be in effect today athrough new years day. and some other changes on the roads today.. h-o-v restrictions will be lifted for the thanksgiving holiday on both 66 and 395. in d.c., traffic on rock creek parkway and connecticut avenue will run in both directions all day. metro's safetrack program doesn't track work is scheduled. all throughout our area, street parking is free. you won't have to feed parking meters. what thanksgiving would be complete without a few dad jokes' from the commander in chief? in what's become a staple of turkey pardons during the past eight years... president obama delivered more than a few at a rose garden ceremony wednesday. the president's nephews -- filling in for their cousins at the event -- got a kick out of their uncle's one-liners.
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"tater" and "tot" to a farm at virginia tech... the first family served meals at the armed forces retirement home in northwest d-c. just getting started. driving dangers. how local police are stepping up efforts to keep you safe this holiday season. and a president-elect pledge. hear donald trump's new thanksgiving message to the american people. good morning
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- a few morning showers - dry weekend ahead - warm-up next week with more rain coming today: mostly cloudy. a few morning showers. highs: 53-58 winds: s 5 to calm tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. lows: 37-43 winds: light black friday: mostly cloudy. stray shower. highs: 54-60
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