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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: 6:00 straight up and happening now, the great holiday getaway. back on the roads, long lines at the art. the delays you are dealing with
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john: a mother and daughter in the hospital at this hour after a devastating fire here in riverdale. we just spoke to the fire chief coming chief coming up. we will tell you everything -- fire chief. coming up, we will tell you everything we know about the fire. larry: wintry weather heading our way. the impact it could have on your holiday plans. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: good luck for all you folks getting out. julie wright we have about an hour. veronica: i don't know if you guys noticed, but even at the early hour we came in, seemed to be more traffic on the road already. sometimes when you have kids you do late-night traveling, early morning. here's the system that we talked about. we just showed you that big travel map. chicago, st. louis, tennessee,
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even if you thunderstorms that could come down here from st. louis today. look at the temperatures. 22 in leesburg, 23 in leesburg, 37 in temple hills. a wide range of the area yet again today. it is a light wind and a fairly clear skies. the reason for that wide range of temperatures by late morning is we are plus again today. most of the sunshine is going to come in early with increasing clouds. high of 52, just a warm jacket is needed out the door. as far as tomorrow, you can see the rain on top of us. moving the rain out of your tomorrow. julie? julie: you there are problems for those -- there are problems for those of us stuck in town
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you will find police here at the scene, turning everyone around from inbound canal road to go back north onto foxhall. this is because of the crash closer to georgetown university. it could be the possibility of a water main break. i know i was talking to you just a few moments ago. the ground temperature below freezing, that could complicate things. all traffic is being turned use that as a workaround until further notice. the giveaway is of course underway. make note of this. 395 and 95, closed off at 10 a.m., so plan your trip accordingly. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride into northwest.
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sam: morning. the energy here is palpable. i have covered the airport a lot and the energy is not typically like this. you can see it's full. not business travelers this morning. lots of families, lots of kids, everyone on a mission to get to their thanksgiving destination. 27 million people in total. we are expecting 100,000 to pass to the airport people to leave their homes. if i can give you one piece of the glut -- advice, it is to leave early. if you plan on parking at the airport, be sure to book the parking spot before you arrive. reporting live, sam sweeney. autria: breaking right now, house in prince george's county is up in flames. larry: at least one person pulled from the burning home.
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condition this morning? john: that's right, a 74-year-old woman, a homeowner who has lived here a long time. she and her daughter are actually in the hospital. still an active scene. significant damage to the home. the fire started just after 4:30 this morning. the adult daughter was able to get out of the house, she ran out without herself -- with her cell phone -- without her cell so she was out here in the street yelling to neighbors for help. firefighters had to go into rescue her elderly mother. wheelchair-bound, she was not able to get out of the home. that elderly woman is now in critical condition. the fire chief telling us that significant burns and smoke inhalation. this woman being stretchered
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, firefighters finally convinced her to get checked out. but it doesn't seem she has many injuries at all. it's the elderly woman that the focus is on right now. a delicate situation with her at the hospital. the cause of the fire is still unknown. we can tell you that the family dog went missing and it has been found. coming up you will hear from neighbor not caring for the coffee. -- for that puppy. larry: a monument to be unveiled in honor of the late councilman marion barry. this is the second anniversary of his death. it was commissioned by his family, including his son, who died of a drug overdose this past august. friends and family members will gather this morning for a private ceremony.
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go, the first of our seven giveaways during the happy holiday our. we are on your side with $100 in black friday bucks. caller number seven is taking home a cool $100 to treat yourself or someone else this holiday season. the number to call is 703-5 to 8-7334. your next chance is 10 minutes away. larry: what is next for donald
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jummy: we are back at 6:10. late this morning, a late-season storm strengthening into a hurricane. look at this, triggering landslides in flooding in
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strength in puerto rico. the first one to make landfall there since their reliable record-keeping began in 1851. veronica: i'm tracking another system. this one coming to areas of the midwest. areas of the midwest. snow in areas of minnesota, wisconsin is well. that's the blue and white that you see here. follow it into the afternoon hours. maybe some delays there, michigan into indiana with showers. watch what happens further north. snow again in upstate new york. there could be quite that -- quite a bit again off the leg. clouds, 30 pass and 20's where we are now to the low 40 bus by
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so, a nice day for traveling and hitting the road. friday, up to 56 degrees, putting us in your average in his upcoming weekend. that will feel nice. if you like to work your calories off before you put them on, the turkey in alexandria at 10 a.m., showers should be winding down and by lunchtime we will have just a spotty showers that will be ending. high of 52 degrees here's a look. early morning risers, chilly conditions for friday. we will talk more about that in 10 minutes. julie? julie: right now we are talking about ice. we haven't had to talk about that in a while. it could be a water main break along canal road.
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at canal road with all traffic coming inbound forced to turn around and come back out onto foxhall road. d.c. police coming me they are checking for a water main break within that area. veronica and i were talking about this off camera a few moments ago. so, that is something to make note of. especially if they are traveling out west colder temperatures. turning around here, use the gw parkway as a workaround. getting back to the map for that holiday, make note, your 395 hov lanes go into reversible direction at 10 a.m. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on your ride into northwest. autria: breaking this morning, a terrifying scene in montgomery
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careening into a house. plus, behind the scenes at the
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: it is your second shot to win during our happy holiday our. $100 in black friday talks. -- box -- bucks. the number to call, 703-528-7334 . julie? jummy: one person arrested, a police officer left fighting for his life in detroit. shot in the head was trying to stop a man on a bicycle. he was rushed into surgery late last night and extremely critical condition. this is the fifth police officer shot in just four days. autria: three people will be homeless this thanksgiving after a car slammed into their house
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an suv crashed into the front of a townhouse and continued to the first floor. the people inside were not hurt, but the driver was taken to the hospital. there is still a word on the driver's condition. this morning, the investigation into that deadly school bus crash in chattanooga continues. five people were killed when 24-year-old walker crashed into a tree. a warrant has been issued to remove the black rocks from the bus. walker, remaining in jail on $107,000 bond. larry: donald trump addressed a range of topics, including a
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honoring his victory. the video was posted on "the atlantic from he said that it was not a group that he wanted to energize and if they are -- the atlantic." he said that it was not a group that he wanted to energize and to find out why, if they were. >> if we don't stand up against it, it could spread and become more serious. larry: the company that manages the reagan building said that gather. autria: donald trump, spending the thanksgiving holiday at his estate in florida. they arrived at the airport in palm beach last night. he's taking a break from transition planning. mike pence will be in mississippi, where his son, a marine, is stationed. a thanksgiving tradition. the bands, the floats, the larger-than-life balloons.
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more than 3000 officers, some of them from heavily armed counterterrorism units, and explosive detecting dogs, will be stationed on the route. for the first time trucks will block every intersection to prevent possible bombs from infiltrating the parade. even the balloon wranglers are being that it more thoroughly. larry: here's a reminder that thanksgiving is about giving back as well. a charity in the district, hosting a dinner, guests were given new coats and a gift card. love what they do. autria: great. veronica: so many people. autria: a beautiful sunrise for those just hitting the roads. veronica: the roads are getting a little busy, as julie has been telling us, but the roads are dry here. no issues, unless you are
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in tennessee valley. for us today, we will see some cloud cover moving in, but we stay with the green light all the way through the commuter forecast here. cloud cover during the afternoon hours, but again, we will be drive. meanwhile, temperatures today by lunchtime, 20's and 30's, mid 40's, ok with clouds coming in for the afternoon clouds. tomorrow morning, you can see the rain behind me. showers will be falling. just a few scattered across the area. if you are headed anywhere tomorrow we will be in the mid 40's to upper 40's between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. high temperatures will top out around 53 degrees.
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we are just slightly higher than the average thanksgiving day. julie: what you didn't expect to find this morning was a water main break shutting down your commute into northwest washington. let's move over to the camera. foxhall, moved down in each direction. being forced to turn around and head back out on foxhall is going to be shut down until further notice. they have confirmed that it is a water main break and they are waiting for someone to come to the scene to turn off the water. as a result, we had another accident earlier this morning. canal road to shut down west of the key bridge right here, inbound traffic forced to be diverted to reservoir. the gw parkway is really going to feel the heat as a lot of
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back in the next 10 minutes, keeping a close eye on your ride in the northwest. larry: this is your third chance to nab yourself a $100 black friday bucks gift card. call 703-528-7334, we are looking for caller number seven. again, 703-528-7334. if you don't get through now, you still have four more chances to win in this hour. autria: sticker shock. the hottest gifts with the
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larry: might be some sticker shock this year, some of the priciest gifts come with the highest decimal the hottest gifts come with the highest price tags. >> the hottest gifts this season ? they happen to be the most expensive you will find in stores.
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really worth the money. what's on santa's wish list? how about a $400 hair dryer, or a $350 cooler? or a hatching animal that you can't find anywhere? >> the prices are skyrocketing. >> she pre-ordered a $50 hatchimal, but the store was -- the store canc t >> they are now hundreds of dollars on ebay. unless, helpful hints, you catch a store as a shipment comes in. but that is cheap compared to the dyson hairdryer. >> i have heard about it. >> we brought one to a stylist to try it out. she dried one side with the new dyson, the other side with her
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it seemed to make her hair smoother. >> the side was going to smoother. >> no burning, either. >> it wasn't too hot. >> would she like one? >> absolutely. ask many dads want a pricey -- >> many dads want a pricey gift, too. >> i think it is the ultimate. >> the hottest it for guys and some gals, the yeti cooler. that made $40 drinking cups a hit. for outdoorsmen like dave rogers? >> i like them because they are big and rugged. >> we compared it to a coleman. i feel -- i filled each of them with ice and diet coke. three days later, the coleman was filled with 71 degree water. the yeti still had ice in it.
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as for the hatchimal, hard to put a price on a child's smile. candela the price?
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: that breaking news right now, a fire injures a critical -- quickly injures a woman. john? john: an elderly woman
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for many years. effect that she is always in a wheelchair is the reason why she was not able to get out of the home. still an active scene out here. 50 firefighters working to put out hot spots. firefighters just arrived. panning over, take a look at 60 3rd avenue, to get an idea of how much activity is going on. there's a lot of equipment and apparatus. this is the adult daughter of the homeowner. she also lives here. she was able to get out of the house on a stretcher. minor injuries for her. able to run out of the house, she forgot her cell phone. the neighbors woke up, came out, started to help. but the fire was just too intense. for firefighters arrived, they were able to get inside.
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burns and smoke inhalation. is also a family dog who went missing for some time this morning. listen to the neighbor and what he did as he saw the flames. >> iran. i didn't carry anything around sought -- outside with me. i ran around back, looking for everyone to be out. but then the owner's daugh said that her mom was still stuck in the house. john: them -- the fire chief telling me that the fire started on the main floor of the home. they are going to the debris trying to figure out what caused this fire shortly after 4:30 this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez.
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"good morning washington" happy holiday hour. we are giving away $100 in black friday bucks. call right now, seven caller wins, 703-528-7334 -- seventh caller wins, 703-528-7334. keep watching, keep calling. larry: let's check on the forecast with veronica johnson. vj, what do y h weather system right here. areas of wisconsin, minnesota, all getting snow today. areas like missouri, down toward arkansas. high temperatures topping out
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eileen whelan is coming up with a look at airport delays. chilly, mostly clear right now. a few pockets are down into the 20's. still a nice start to the day with temperatures topping out at 52. 53, thanksgiving day. you can see the sun is up for friday. julie? julie: let's start out with the maps, showing you what's happening in northwest washington. d.c. police reporting that it is an accident with a water main break. closing off a portion of canal road each way. let's get over to the traffic land map quickly. d.c. police are on the scene, directing folks to make the u-turn on canal road. we have a live shot we can show you from the scene and we will
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now. this is really going to impact the commute coming in from northwest. you will want to use the gop parkway. coming outbound from george washington university, all of that traffic will be coming from foxhall as well. we will get more details from sam, live from the scene. autria, back over to you. autria: right now, the final food for thanksgiving. larry: suzanne kennedy is digging into exactly how much it all cost to dig in -- costs to dig in. suzanne: this is going to be one of the busiest, if not the busiest, shopping day a grocery stores in the area. people will be heading out early , filling up their grocery carts and getting ready for tomorrow's big meal.
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last year it was $50 and $.11 -- $49 87 cents. last year it was $50.11. how many turkeys are going to be served this year? 46 million across the country. a 16 pound turkey is on average want to cost you $22.74. down a year. a lot of people will be heading out early this morning and we will be giving you the same advice that we give anyone traveling long distances on the roadways -- get out early to avoid the traffic. reporting live in bethesda, suzanne kennedy. larry: breaking news coming in from the donald trump
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jummy: we are back with breaking news from the trump transition. the president-elect will reportedly announce south
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his ambassador to the united nations. she is the daughter of indian immigrants in the first female to be the governor of south carolina. she is also the first female appointee to a cabinet level position in trump's administration. she has reportedly taken eight official trips abroad since taken office -- taking office. she is the second person of indian american dissent to serve in office after bobby jindal. larry: we are giving you a shot at $100 to pad your wallet this holiday season. give us a call, 703-528-7334, seventh caller wins. there are still two more chances after this one. vj, what have you got for our
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veronica: take a look at these temperatures, 33 out the door. upper 30's by 9:00 a.m. a beautiful start across the area. clear and definitely cold. warming up nicely today. nice day for travel all the way through. during the afternoon hours you will notice high clouds moving in, staying dry before the turkeys move in. you know what? turkeys do like the rain. folks like getting turkeys when it is raining. 42, that early morning temperature. back down to the 40's by friday. if you are lucky enough to win the money, back out the door for the early risers, we are calling it chilly to start out friday. not cold at all. college park, 39 on friday morning. 40 degrees in upper marlboro.
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with how warm it will get, hour by hour. julie? julie: i can tell you, it's cold enough, if you get outside, we have some icy conditions this morning. tied up on canal road and foxhall road, with reports of a water main break. because of the icy conditions, they have closed off can now in each directions. our traffic camera shows you where they are blocking things inbound outbound. the traffic is definitely starting to get gridlocked out there this time. it is blocked off in each direction. sam sweeney will be with us in a few moments to give us details from the scene. let's move back to the map, so that we can update you elsewhere. the crash on the left side of
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street bridge. autria? autria: happening now, the great holiday getaway. roads in long lines on the airport. the delays you are dealing with and how much worse it is expected to get. suzanne: all eyes are on the sky. it may be clear, getting out of reagan national. a storm system any other part of the country could slow you and
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> of the holiday travel crush. >> i have gone about 10 miles -- >> the holiday travel crush. >> i have gone about 10 miles in 45 minutes. >> is it worse than usual? >> soggy, wet, messy. >> see the blue around minneapolis? that is snow, wet weather headed east. >> winter weather heading towards us for thanksgiving.
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>> the last door buster that isn't exactly what it seems. larry: your sixth chance to win $100 as part of our "good morning washington" happy holiday our. call, 703-528-7334. caller number seven wins. there is still one more chance after this to win, so if you don't get through, don't give up . you are only seven minutes away from another shot. team coverage of the great holiday getaway. autria: our entire team is on your side, tracking everything you need to know as you head out to see your family. larry: eileen, there's weather out there that we need to keep an eye on? eileen: there is. fortunately it will not be a problem getting out of d.c., but it is moving into the midwest.
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everyone here ready to board their planes. take a look at the arrival delays. columbus, cleveland, cincinnati, all delayed. it is those areas that will likely be in the delay today because of a strong cold front and low pressure sliding through into the deep south. up and down the i-95 corridor or today, it should be fine. skies getting out of reagan national airport, but it is cold. temperatures in the middle 30's. as we slide through to show you the conditions across the area, boston is checking in clear. no travel delays from this map, but we will be watching the delays continuing in the midwest . we will be talking about how the showers will be bringing us wet weather in just a little bit.
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get ready for a lot of company at the airport. aaa is expecting to see a big jump in the number of people flying. the day that you can expect the heaviest rush? sunday. check your flight information before you head out. more than 90% of travelers will not be flying, they will be drying -- driving. autria: let us know if you are -- larry: let us know if you are flying, driving, or staying put. are off to a rough start? sam: it depends on where you are right now. we are on canal road outside georgetown university. taking a live look outside, you can see the jam ups continuing. a water main break with icy conditions right now. the thermometer, telling us 32 degrees. in the meantime you can see,
6:50 am
inbound or outbound, major problems on canal road. going outbound, you can continue or you can detour through georgetown. if you haven't left the house yet, this is certainly an area you want to avoid. back to you in the studio. larry: one thing to be thankful for, if nothing else at least you are not sitting in this. looks like a big christmas ornament? 405 in los angeles. literally oprah to bumper traffic. looks like a giant christmas decoration more than anything else. look at that video. it was the worst day of the week to drive. thousands getting caught in this would certainly agree. autria: wow. well, at least it's pretty to look at. [laughter]
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shopping plans. the 7 on your side reporter, kimberly, lets us know how to manage her expectations. >> paging to the ads, this one might catch your attention. a $500 off coupon being offered by jcpenney. what are your chances of actually snagging one? the ad stands out for promising at thanksgiving day they say it could make pennies their black friday gift stop. jcpenney will give earlybird coupons for $10 off, $100 off, or even $500 off your purchase. but the website read the fine print and set it comes with catches.
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be for $100. the other 99 will give you just $10 off. they didn't do anything wrong here. wallet hub still calls it the third test black friday retailer -- third-best black friday retailer. >> i don't plan to spend $100 there. >> but it is a reminder that when you first see may not be what you get. >> case you didn't hear that right, there will be only one $500 off coupon at each jcpenney store. you are much more likely to get the $10 off coupon. veronica: exactly. autria: that's a good point. we are giving away a lot more than that during the 6:00 hour. larry: that's right. [laughter]
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seventh caller. last-minute shopping there, lots of folks in our poll saying they are staying in town. that's up to 94%. maybe you are going to do shopping around here today? dry conditions with cloud cover after 4:00. we are not going to get any rain today. cold, look at this. 18 in manassas. 19 and culpeper under joint base andrews, prince george's coming into the 20th's. 20's the low 30's, cloud cover moving in. high today going up to 52, 53 degrees. impacts for today, chilly but ok . dry surfaces hitting the road.
6:54 am
starting out in the 40's, and in the meanwhile the next big change for us -- not done. that change comes midweek, where we get a little bit of rain back in here. your ten-day forecast shows 53, with showers moving out tomorrow. julie: right now it feels like it will be lunchtime when we arrive. major tieups right now for those headed into northwest washington icy conditions with traffic inbound being diverted. traffic coming in down, forced to turn around and head back up the hill. coming from the key bridge, georgetown university, as sam sweeney mentioned you can squeeze by. this is cramping or style coming inbound. a lot of folks are going to bail out and use the gw is a
6:55 am
morning. suitland parkway at stanton road , two separate accidents at south capital and inbound 11 street. 95 is not looking too bad in virginia, but approaching dunston road in lorton, we have a crash with fire and rescue units responding. back over to you, autria. autria: this is it, the seventh and final giveaway "good morning washington" happy holiday hour. right now we want call in number seven. 703-528-7334, that is your number to call. kidd: if you don't call, you can't win. larry: got to be in it to win it. autria: what is happening in the now?
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degeneres, receiving the presidential medal of freedom. a moment that almost didn't happen. check out this, hours earlier she posted this picture on her twitter of her sitting on a bench outside with the caption -- they haven't let me in yet because i forgot my id -- hash tag not joking. can you believe it? autria: kind of? kidd: but it's ellen degeneres. jummy: what would she need one for, other than to get on a flight? kidd: i understand. i take my passport and everything to the white house. [laughter] they did finally let her in. autria: especially considering she was a recipient. larry: even kareem abdul-jabbar
6:57 am
tweeted this video of her fellow recipients doing the manikin challenge. there they are, the ones that received the highest civilian honor. pretty cool that they did that. i would say, this manikin challenge thing is not getting old. find out what to say, coming up on news channel 8. just three minutes. we are done here, but again see
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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest travel da the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as he reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on for tur and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business


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