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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tonight: mainly clear and cold. breezy. lows: 23-33 winds: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. breezy and cool. highs: 48-52 winds: nw 10-15 mph this morning-- all hail the redskins.
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statement performance against aaron rodgers and the
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night win. if the playoffs
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redskins would all make the cut. washington faces off with their n-f-c east rivals this week on thanksgiving day. now- as we said the winds are making it a frigid start to the morning. and those same winds are responsible for a lot of power outages across the region. in kensington, maryland-- the gusts snapped power poles sunday-- knocking out service to the kensington house apartments. that also knocked out the heat to more than 100 units, with temperatures dropping into the 20's overnight. neighbors say all they heard was a big
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we reached out to pepco. a spokesperson for the company could not provide an estimate for when the power will return to all residents who are in the dark. but we have learned service has been restored to some of those customers. developing now. police search for the person responsible for a fatal shooting inside late last night. it happened in the 32-thousand block of deerfield road. investigators tell us that a man was found shot dead. police are still trying to figure out if this was a home invasion. they have not released any details about a possible motive for the violence and no arrests have been made. happening now.. a manhunt is underway for the person who shot and killed a san antonio police officer. detective benjamin marconi in his squad car yesterday, writing a ticket, when a car pulled up behind him. police say the driver then walked up to the officer's driver-side window,
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police do not believe the original motorist who was pulled over had any relationship to the shooter. police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect's car. so far, they have no motive in the officer's slaying. the cast of the cast of "hamilton" goes off script and ignites but the target of their speech-- sees it a different way. what the vice-president elect is saying about it. plus, some of music's biggest stars are making room in the trophy case this morning. we will break down last night's american music awards show..
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to spread in damascus. it started as a barn sunday afternoon, and traveled through the brush, close to homes right off kings valley road. cheryl conner has more on the damage and those impacted. - another cold & blustery day - rain chances return for
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- rain chances return for thanksgiving - dry weekend ahead today: mostly sunny. cold and blustery. gusty winds diminishing late. highs: 43-47 feels: 34-39
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and cold. breezy. lows: 23-33 winds: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. breezy and cool. highs: 48-52 winds: nw 10-15 mph coming up. star-studded
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american music awards. but some left empty handed. we will break it down.. coming up. and coming up this morning at 6am we are giving away turkey bucks. your chance to win 7 $100 gift cards every seven minutes. watch to win coming up at 6am right here on good
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message to vice-president elect mike pence as he attended a recent show on broadway. they thanked him for attendg the rights of everyone in a very diverse america. president-elect trump denounced the cast-- saying they should apologize to the vice-president elect. however-- governor pence seemed to disagree. pence said he wants to reassure people that trump is preparing to be the president of all people in the u-s.
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calling for a boycott of hamilton. another round of marathon meetings for president-elect donald trump as he works to assemble his administration. he's already announced five picks, and promises to reveal more soon. abc's janai norman has more on the whirlwind weekend. nationwide -- the southern poverty law center reports
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friday-- now cyber monday deals are earlier this year. for the first time ever.. walmart is kicking off it's
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after thanksgiving. the move is aimed at grabbing customers ahead of its competitors. cyber monday is typically the busiest day of the year for online shopping. the phrase was coined in 2005.. to encourage online buying. the big winner at the american music awards.. justin bieber. he won four awards, including video of the year. rihanna and drake each won three awards. lauren lyster has highlights of last night's event at the microsoft theatre los angeles. weather.
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day - rain chances return for - dry weekend ahead today: mostly sunny. cold and blustery. gusty winds diminishing late. highs: 43-47 feels: 34-39 winds: nw 10-20 g 35+ tonight: mainly clear and cold. breezy. lows: 23-33 winds: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. breezy and cool. highs: 48-52 winds: nw 10-15 mph
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ticketmaster is picking up the tab. we will tell you why thousands of
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weekend. and west-- was did not hide his feelings on the matter. yeah-- that is how the show ended for thousands of fans. they say west showed up 90 minutes late, and only performed three songs. after that he went into a long tirade about disrepect, beyonce, and jay-z. then-- he dropped the mic. ticketmaster is now
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fans. it was a wizard-battle at the box office. but in the end-- "fantastic beasts and where to find them," successfully casted a spell over audiences. the harry potter spinoff was number one at the box office during the weekend. "doctor strange" came in second in it's third week in theaters film, "arrival," starring amy adams, was fourth. coming up at the top of the hour. we are following breaking news.. officers ambushed in several states. now a growing manhunt is underway.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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shot in two different cities overnight. officer dead - the second in critical condition. but first storm watch 7 is on top of bone chilling cold and high winds. what you need to know in order to get dressed and out the door this morning. good morning washington. toss to eileen - another cold & blustery


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