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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a nine-year-old d.c. boy. leon: right now, d.c. police say they have the man who shot jaydan stancil in the head in 2014. made a stunning recovery, fighting all odds. kenneth parker is in custody in another case,
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his mother says he is the victim. tom roussey has the mother's side of the story. tom? tom: we do, leon. to bring theseed charges, they knew where to find kenneth parker. he was at the jail facility. he has been here for a while on charges related to an alleged carjacking. now he faces the additional charges, but his mother says he should not. >> a miracle baby, shot in the head, he survived. tom: in 2014, jaydan stancil was released from the hospital. months before, he was hit by a bullet not meant for him. 17 months later, and rest. chief lanier: we had to get all the evidence. cathy lanierhief says that kenneth parker is facing 14 charges in connection with the shooting.
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individuals that need to be brought to justice, a driver and two other shooters. tom: attorney david haynes is representing the family. wide open thatre night, allowing kenneth parker and his friends to come up and shoot up the place. tom: tonight, parker's mother defended her son, who said he was shot in the ankle that night. >> he got shot. .enny was a victim he has to suffer the consequences for what he has done, but he did not do that. expected to deal with his brain injuries the rest of his life. his case is not closed. just to give a sense of what jaydan stancil still dealing with, he and his mother were not at the press conference this afternoon. at the time, she was taking him to a doctor's
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related to his injuries. live outside of the d.c. jail in southeast, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. a manping in washington, rush to the hospital in critical condition after his motorcycle slammed into the back of a metro bus. this happened only 1600 block of good hope road southeast. two years ago, there was a deadly crash close by. a similar scene tonight, the motorcycle left in pieces, the area blocked off for a few hours. this time of year, as the weather changes, there will be more people out there on motorcycles. another crash on i-95 near powder mill and beltsville. a van and bike collided. two people on the bike were taken to the hospital, injured, but they are expected to survive. gears, the mudslinging on the campaign trail that has brought the
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republican candidates into the campaign, donald trump defending his wife, and senator ted cruz defending his spouse. now a skinless tabloid headline featuring accusations -- now a scandalous tabloid headline featuring accusations of affairs. .oz: it keeps getting worse not only are they battling over their wives, but now ted cruz is blaming donald trump for a tabloid report that accuses cruz of having multiple extramarital affairs. >> real men do not bully women. he is way out of his league. attacks on the presidential candidates' wives. trump re-tweeted this photo. tweet, donald trump said, "be careful or
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wife." this all began when a super pac nelease this racy photo i "gq" magazine." cruz said he and nothing to do with the added, but trump insists he did. now in the latest sign of how deeply personal this gop race has become, friday ted cruz fiercely denied a tabloid report on rumors of multiple marital infidelity's. >> this national enquirer story is garbage. complete and other lies. it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> traditionally areas that have been off-limits in the past are no longer off-limits. roz: donald trump said he has not read the story, does not know if it is true, and has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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voters? ofew poll says 39% republican women have an unfavorable view of donald trump. nationwide, 73% of women have an unfavorable view of trump. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: around the world, holy services held for good friday, christians getting ready to celebrate easter. at the vatican, pope francis lead followers in the way of the cross sermon he, referencing the past that jesus took to calvary ahead of his crucifixion. liturgyalem, a including music, part of a weeklong schedule of events leading up to easter sunday. right now, everyone is watching the overnight and easter weekend weather forecast. steve rudin is here with a chilly start to the
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nothing to threaten the cherry blossoms? steve: it looks very night no, overnight. -- no, it looks very nice overnight. 50 degrees leesburg, already in the 40's winchester and luray. the skies are beginning to clear out, especially montgomery county and loudoun county. those areas will fall into the 30's. moving through the overnight, the temperatures upper 30's, lower 40's. the rest of the weekend and the next chance of rain in just a few minutes. leon: meantime, a maryland rap artist could spend the last -- rest of his life in jail after stabbing another rap artist. haitian swag and little joe were performing together to bury their differences, but as haitian swag puts it, he had to stab little joe in self-defense. the police are looking at it differently. they say that haitian swagg
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nearly killed a man, calling for a stiff sentence. a final goodbye for prince george's county police officer killed defending his brothers and sisters in blue. thousands attended the funeral for officer jacai colson and upper marlboro. he was mistakenly shot by another officer at a police station two weeks ago during a shootout. today's service was all about how colson lived rather than how he died. >> this shows what type of man jacai was. his mark in this life is as lasting as his years on this earth were brief. leon: colson will be buried monday in suburban philadelphia. 10und the commonwealth, reported rapes at george mason university since january. that includes two that happened in the past week. as spokesperson for the school says they believe more victims are coming forward
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past, not that there is actually been an increase in the violence. right now, at least two of the suspected brussels attackers are on the run. restht, two in germany are and a shootout in belgium led to an arrest there. who were killed, their families have been notified. john kerry was in brussels, paying his respects. the end this message. we will not be: deterred and we will come back with greater resolve, greater strength, and we will not rest your we have eliminated hatred and cowardice from the face of this earth. dna from one of the brussels suicide bombers links him to the terrorist attacks in paris last year. his dna was also found on the bombs used there. the number two in command of isis is dead. de
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announce special forces took him out. this was it about was not an airstrike. the pentagon will be asking for more troops in iraq. the role in fighting isis on the ground could be expanding. shakeup at metro's safety department area the acting chief safety officer lewis brown will resign. he said he is at a career crossroads. he says he will stay with metro until april. this announcement after another track fire caused havoc on the origins over lines this morning. this time it was debris on the third rail that was the problem. services back to normal. still ahead -- the all-star lineup for the white house easter egg roll. plus -- richard: the cherry blossoms, you know them, you love
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but they also bring millions of dollars into the city. also, she is the flight attendant accused of fleeing when the police found 70 pounds of cocaine in her bags.
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leon: around the nation, a the jetblueeversal, flight attendant that was accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine across the country in her bag is still behind bars, no bail. she had bail granted 24 hours ago, that a california judge ruled she has to stay locked up until she appears in court out west. 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- apple asking a judge to delay demands by the feds to unlock the iphone linked with the san bernardino terrorist attack. once the fbiorney to report to a california judge on a similar case, all because the fbi is looking into hacking into the phone of the san bernardino shooter with outside help.
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next month. the cost of college in virginia might not be going up as much as in previous years. millionthanks to a $313 boost for higher education in the budget passed by virginia lawmakers. virginia colleges and universities should -- could see their lowest increase in recent years for stop the budget. those who want to go to the tidal basin will have to put up with the huge crowds, more than a million visitors expected over the next month, spending big money. that is good news for the district and the region. richard reeve is live along the tidal basin. even at this hour, a lot of people out there taking in the beauty. folks, but have seen the numbers are dissipating because it is cold. they are really beautiful, even at night. steve rudin talking about how the wind is blowing, but the blossoms continue to hang on. it's just
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bring in millions of dollars into the city. those cherry blossoms that we know and love may be pink and white -- >> they are very beautiful. richard: but they are also green. >> i think we're close to a thousand dollars, and that is just in six hours. richard: the four-week long national cherry blossom festival -- >> peak season for us. richard: brings in 1.5 million people to d.c. the festival organizers say the economic impact for hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other services is huge. $160 million. >> we have tripled in size since the cherry blossom festival started. richard: the hamilton restaurant, which can accommodate 1000 patrons on three levels, was packed. >> all over, all coming in. we are seeing it over and ov
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washington, like the willard in and continental are sold out. >> the double whammy of right in time for the cherry blossom season and easter smack tab in the middle. richard: the beauty is drawing people from around the world. >> we've always talked about it. it has been phenomenal. restaurantst of the and hotels agree the timing of this could not have been more perfect. you have the peak bloom, but also easter holiday weekend, a lot of folks expected in town this weekend. my from the tidal basin, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: the white house released the lineup for the white house easter egg roll monday. a singer will be performing. from abc and "good morning america," shaquille o'neal, shonda rimes
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"scandal." new this year, a white house fun run. .he tradition goes back to 1978 the easter egg roll is one of the oldest events. don't ask me how i know. steve: how do you know that kind of thing? is fullis little noggin of lots of useless knowledge. what do you know about this weekend? steve: it will be nice. rich said it is cooling down. 72 degrees was how warm it was earlier today. we tend to forget what the average is this time of year, which is 59. we cool near average during the day tomorrow. 52 at reagan national, the wind out of the north sustained that 21. , clear down quickly skies, 45 hagerstown, 46 cumberland. further west, to the east, lower 50's annapolis and andrews, 54 degrees fredericksburg.
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town, not quite as strong to the north and west. five to 10 miles per hour. the cooler where is there and we will feel it for the weekend. , notrs around norfolk impacting us. the skies begin to clear nicely, the wind out of the north, northwest. that will bring in the cooler, drier air overnight. the overnight lows, cooler to the north and west per . waking up, the wind out of the north, near 60 degrees for the afternoon, a good deal of sunshine. by easter sunday, the wind moves out of the east, likely to bring extra cloud cover. even with the cloud cover, it will stay dry easter sunday, high temperatures eventually into the lower to middle 60's. the rain is on the way for the start of next week. the forecast,
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up, getting the cup of coffee, taking the dog out for a walk, farmers mark him a 43 to 50. the farmers market, right, leon? afternoon, near 60 degrees. grab the sunglasses, you will need them all day. the next seven days, easter sunday, lower to middle 60's. the rain moves in monday, and it could be breezy at times, maybe even some rumbles of thunder. i hear that some of the cherry blossoms will lose some of their puffs. upper 50's wednesday. leon: do you know people who work at the farmers market or what? steve: i don't, but i go every saturday. it's good, you should try it. nice vegetables. leon: how about chicago style pizza? steve: look at robert, happy camper
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cavaliers. a big victory tonight? robert: a little deep dish. uva gets to the elite eight for the first time in several years. ♪
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. back to chicago, where uva gets the victory over iowa state, 84-71. the game changer, simple -- the big man in the middle, the seven footer may have had the game of the season, 18 points, seven boards, 8-12 from the field. we spoke to him after the locker room celebration.
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rebounding, offensively as well. rethinking i need to get this done tonight? >> yeah, we were playing with that mentality. we are it was win or done, suggesting aggressive. tobey lost his mind tonight. please explain. >> check is number, he has been going ham. he deserves it. >> i think it finally clicked this was his last go around. he did not want to go out without a fight. it was huge. wizards tryinge to get the eighth playoff spot. they were playing the timberwolves tonight. the big man in the middle, scored 27 points for the timberwolves. they beat the wizards in double overtime. bradley beal s
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hockey, the capitals taking on the devils in new jersey. overtime, scoreless game. not anymore. the one-timer finds the back of the net, washington skates away with the 1-0 win. the caps are back home tomorrow taking on st. louis. uva will play the winner of either gonzaga or syracuse. both of those teams would be a tough much up for the hoos. back to you in the studio. next, "playboy" for sale. how
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leon: are more changes in the pipeline for "playboy"? worth more than half $1 billion, they're considering a sale. a spokesperson for the company founded by hugh hefner said they are working with their investment bank to figure out what to do next. their first non-nude issues hits the stands this month come and so far the sales are 50% higher than last march. who would have thought that.
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leon: one more plug for the farmers market? steve: it's tomorrow. one of the biggest in the area. leon: do they have cherry blossoms over there? steve: they have cherry blossom bunches -- not from the tidal basin. leon: the traffic will be bad this weekend. the peak blooms? sunshine,eed, lots of a little cool compared with today, only 60 degrees the daytime high. everything looking nice easter sunday, for those of you are going to church early in the morning, lower 60's. by the afternoon,. rain on the way monday. leon: enjoy the blossoms.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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