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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, a shooting manassas leadsn detectives to a second location. they have a dead body on their hands. nixon andring it with china or reagan and moscow. what president obama hopes to accomplish in his trip to cuba. and wher will the winter weather impact the peak cherry blossom blooms. good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. after a week of what felt like the start of spring, the d.c. metro region is poised with fat snowflakes falling from the sky. we have cloudy skies, colder temperatures, and some
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devon lucie has the first look at the forecast. is the snow going to stick? devon: only on the grass and in the trees. we start with a live look outside of national harbor, that is all rain coming in at that location. a couple other spots, allegany high school, cumberland, just wet. , that is frostburg state university, snow falling, but only on the rooftops. the airround, with temperature at or above freezing, nothing sticking. montgomery college, we are getting some flakes mixing in with the rain. nothing is sticking. earlier today, loudoun county, that is where we had some snow in the trees. in the forecast, more snow reports coming in.
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it is only sticking to the grass and the porches, the trees. winter weather advisory to the areas furthest west. doppler radar will show a little bit of precipitation. the high was 57 today, but that was just after midnight. the precipitation hangs around into sunday. even monday morning, with more flakes to come. should not get too excited about this. we still have much to talk about. more about the precipitation that finally ends, and the complete outlook minutes away. kimberly: in prince william county, a disturbance last night about 10 p.m., the police investigating a shooting on golden leaf circle. a man was shot. that shooting led to a second location in the area of bluegray circle. there, they sound -- they found a second man dead. richard reeve
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s has the latest. richard: this is the second scene. the police found this location when they began canvassing the area. why these people were shot remains a mystery. clearing off bluegray circle in manassas -- >> we heard a popping noises and some kind of flashes from the back. richard: the sounds of multiple gunshots last night. >> don't know what happened. richard: the police calling this a death investigation, two men shot in two separate neighborhoods less than a mile apart. officers found a man shot to death. on cloverleaf circle, a second man wounded, still alive. >> look like a young guy on the ground, and there were 10 paramedics around him. richard:
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>> ran from the shooting, jumped the fence. are not the police saying if the men shot each other or another party was involved. >> people get drunk. that's what happens. richard: the gunfire has left residents shaken. doesn't frighten you? >> well, it's everywhere. not in the sense of being afraid, but being careful. i want to plane living in having my family, and knowing things like this can happen around here is concerning to me. richard: the police have not identified either victim. they don't believe this was a random shooting. the quite something, wounded man was way up that way, at least a mile away from the scene. for the residents, the bigger issue is the shooting in the neighborhood. they are hoping for answers from the police.
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abc 7 news. kimberly: metro police need your help to identify a person of interest in connection with an armed robbery and assault. happened thursday in northeast d.c. on lincoln road just after 1 p.m. a man approached the victim, demanded his cell phone, hit him with a handgun, then fired a shot into the ground as he ran away. the victim was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. hundreds of people laced up their shoes and started their andrday morning with a run other exercises, part of a workout fundraiser. forgoal is to raise money the prince william county officers involved in a deadly shooting last month. one was killed, two survived. amy spoke to a survivor on camera for the first time. amy: runners pounding the pavement and hti
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>> without their support, we would not be able to get through this very tough time. they have shown us love and support. came downa guindon from massachusetts to participate in the hero workout, named after her knees, officer ashley guindon. >> just thinking of ashley and the fact she cannot be here and i am, i can do this. >> we all do this together. amy: after they finished the first mile, they complete the course wearing a 20 pound vest. >> all these people coming up to support us, it makes me feel good. i know the families appreciated. injured infficer was the shooting. he is making progress. he calls the support overwhelming. >>
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it has made it a lot easier to deal with. amy: the money will be divided evenly between officer guindon's family and the other families as well. >> the love and the support, the kindness of complete strangers. a truly lifts you up. up.t truly lifts you kimberly: last june, a person d.c. n northeast she had just finished her masters degree and had a full ride scholarship to study the experience of runners. this weekend, a memorial in her honor, the 5k winding through the georgetown university campus. her family participated in the race. all proceeds were donated to her manorial -- her memorial ho
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georgetown. president obama will open a new era in the united states' thorny relationship with cuba. "don't trump." a protest in phoenix. and the american eagle foundation confirming progress today.
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to the juiciest chicken & meats. let us help you find that perfet balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] tomorrow, president obama will head to cuba for a three-day trip, the first time in nearly 90 years a sitting u.s. president has gone to cuba. the cuban people are ready to welcome him. reporter:
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wait, but cuba is getting ready to welcome a u.s. president. after 50 years of isolation from america, cubans are related the relations with the u.s. have been improved. touristson is driving in a 1957 chevrolet. he says he hopes to soon have more americans. at 20 one years old, i never thought a u.s. president would visit cuba. i hope the relations improved between the u.s. and cuba, that the economic situation gets better. that is what cuba needs. dulled some of the teeth.ns' sharpened already, the opening with the u.s. has changed lives. this family saying happy birthday
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to their grandfather, who is turning 83. she is grateful for new public areas with public wi-fi. internet in cuba as some of the most restricted in the world. president obama has vowed to push for more access. i'm hoping for more flexibility now, she says. it has been 16 years since we have been able to see them. now thanks to this, we can see them on the tablet or on our cell phones. some cubans are looking to mark the historic occasion by engaging in some capitalism. this person is selling obama souvenirs. is a gesture, something historic, she says. people will take this keepsake with them, obama in cuba. the visit is just one step in building trust between two countries that for decades were on opposite sides of the cold war.
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their whole lives for this moment. many cubans told us about the new beginning with america. it was time. died in: a u.s. marine an isis rocket attack on a base in northern iraq. other service members were injured. the extent of the injuries has not been released. attacks on the base of increased ahead of an expected effort to retake the city of muzzle. -- the city of mosul. protesters delayed a donald trump rally outside of phoenix this afternoon. the demonstrators, most of them protesting his immigration policies, blocked one of the roads leading to the rally. in new york, hundreds of protesters gathered outside of trump tower. made several arrests in both locations, but the protests were peaceful. video from
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shows the crash of an airplane in russia. the airplane is falling from the sky and bursting into flames. it was making its second attempt to land in wintery weather when it crashed. all 62 people aboard the five-year-old 737 died. your plane had taken off from dubai and was trying to land in a nearby port city. it is being called america's most patriotic nest. one eagle it has passed -- one eaglet has hatched. the other is going through the process. and the weather forecast on the way.
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kimberly: it has been an unusual winter, the warm temperatures, then metro d.c. buried under snow. this week was beautiful. then when you think spring has sprung, winter is back. what's going on? devon: it's craziness. we are losing our mind with this. we have a little winter tonight. the big question come if you are going to see the snow, is a going to stick, that is what you asked. it will not stick to the roads. maybe to the trees and grass. national harbor, where it has ,ust in rain, even rosslyn montgomery calix, rockville, yes, there is snow sticking to the grass, but it's not sticking to the parking lot. rockville and montgomery college. if you are right around freezing, 32 degrees, it is also a melting temperature.
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anything to stick. we're in the 30's tonight, melting the snowdrops into raindrops every time. -- snow mixing in towards just rain in annapolis, waldorf, clinton, gallaudet. some flakes mixing in with preston. -- some flakes mixing in in reston. we have gotten some flakes near rockville, mixing into northern parts of montgomery county. motion,radar, in precipitation. it will not stop until late tonight, early tomorrow morning in the western zones. we will see the precipitation the better part of the forecast tomorrow. the system makes its way through. the next couple days, sunday into
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out over the atlantic. the background precipitation expands, colder air in the forecast. that is what we pay attention to. the extension of precipitation into sunday, monday morning. tonight, we could have a few more flakes late. that is the best chance, a little after sunset. the precipitation tomorrow morning, everybody at or above freezing. no road warriors. -- no road maurice. 40's tomorrow, chance of precipitation back to rain. light rain towards monday morning. heavy flakes coming down, but still, temperatures well above freezing by the morning time frame. no slick roadways coming in whatsoever. forecast, monday we get the breezy day, 51 degrees. real big story will be coming in
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with precipitation and the last of winter tonight come early tomorrow. it now extends into sunday night, monday morning. if you see the flakes, they will not stick to the roads, it will be wet. the driving will be slower. kimberly: the cherry blossoms? devon: should be ok, because they have not bloomed yet. kimberly: it is tournament time, a great time to put on able like it do some channel surfing. for the highlights, we join robert burton and raleigh, north carolina. robert: it has been a crazy tournament so far. with uva crazy again taking on ninth seed butler
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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north carolina. uva trying not to be upset tonight by ninth seeded butler. however, those two teams not so different. in fact, both programs based on five physical principles. think onant, passion, this community, and service owed. passion,ty, thankfulness, and service to community. >> coach brad stevens is one of the best. is ainly, that program model for so many programs with respect to how they have played, what they have accomplished in the postseason. we have the utmost respect for their program, how they have done it. i know the character of that program and a lot of the things we share, i think some things are common. robert:
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maryland men, getting ready for their second round game against hawaii. scott abraham has more. scott: in a tournament filled with first-round upsets, maryland is still dancing in spokane. they got all they could handle last night against south dakota state. a true testament to how a team is is how they close out games, and maryland delivered in the final minutes against the jack rabbits. >> we played hard, we matched their tempo. we took advantage of it. >> was close at the end. it was a relief us that we have a quick turnaround, so we have to stay focused. tied asenior jake layman career, continuing his late-season surge. >> jake continues to improve. he has been great all year. he is playing at a great pace right now
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coming up. scott: being in the locker room the last couple days, this maryland team is confident and very loose. the march towards houston resumes tomorrow night against hawaii. or 7:15 tip is set f p.m. east coast time. robert: cannot wait to see that. women's hoops, maryland hosting iona. the terps struggle that time, but they had too many weapons. brene moseley chipped in 15 off the bench. maryland wins, 74-58. going back to uva, the five biblical principles are sewn into the collars of their jerseys, so they really take that to heart. back to you. kimberly: thank
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kimberly: another live look at the bald eagle cam. just about 24 hours after the d, the secondhatche egg has done the same. or thelled it pipping, egg begins to crack. you can watch the process live at devon: a little bit of flakes. tomorrow night, d.c. united at rfk, bring the rain gear. flakes will be mixing in late.
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rapids. kimberly: thank you for joini
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welcome to "world news tonight." protesters trying to stop donald trump in his tracks. taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the main road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests and the rallying cry from phoenix to new york. >> while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented? details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing temperatures, how much snow is in the forecast? the move to ban texting while walking, the number of pedestrian fatalities on the rise, is texting to blame?


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