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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now, donald trump surrounded by secret service agents during a rally. the moments leading up to it and what prompted this security scare. d.c. republicans casting their vote. the spotlight with a potential brokered convention. and the fate of a long-term plan to develop a site of arlington is decided. what is happening, just ahead. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: we have a heart stopping moment at the end of a donald trump rally in dayton,
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pulling him from the podium in surrounding him. somebody tried to rush the stage. was ok. this comes a day after he called off a rally in chicago because of out-of-control protest. today, five other candidates are speaking out about the tone of the campaign. gloria riviera takes us on the trip. >> if i have to do it myself, i know it's not -- onria: donald trump ducking stage, a scuffle creating a security scare during his morning rally in ohio. >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for them, but it's much easier if the cops do it. gloria: the campaign jumpy just one day after protest turned violent in chicago. trump is no stranger to protests and interruptions, often heckling back to the demonstrators. >> i w
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knock the crab out of him, seriously. >> when you have a campaign that encourages violence, you only encourage this sort of nasty discourse. : now his rivals appear to be wavering on their pledges to back trump. >> i don't know. getting harder every day. >> it makes it extremely difficult. gloria: the violence catching the attention of hillary clinton. >> the encouragement he has given to violence and aggression is not only wrong, it's dangerous. trump try to pin the violence on sanders' supporters. >> he should tell his supporters stop. supporters are responding to a candidate who has in many ways encouraged violence. gloria:
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heated accusations as candidates crisscrossed the country ahead of tuesday's primaries. the d.c. gop presidential convention was held today. it is normally overlooked. clear winnerally a heading into the summer convention, but at this time. richard reeve has the story. it was a long wait to cast a vote tonight. richard: that's right, democracy in action. some of these folks have been waiting nearly two hours to get in, and they are having to stay inside of a hotel. folks here are voting for a president and for the delegates at the national convention. the line stretched all the way down the block and then some. >> when you throw a party come you never know how many people will show up. richard: thousands of voters attending this first-ever d.c. republican convention. >>
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r dayrd: this is a two-fo of decision, picking their preference for the presidential nominee. >> it has more choices. richard: but also 160 people convening -- competing for 19 delegate spots. this pack contest, voters jim and the hallways, takes the place of the june 14 d.c. primary. too close to the primary, the rnc says. >> i was expecting to walk in, cast my vote, and walk out. richard: then there is the trump factor. >> it will be trump versus hillary, and i think hillary will win. richard: some law of the billionaire front runner. >> we need to respect the will of the voters. richard: others, not so much. >> i'm worried he does not have a real sense of what democracy is about. richard:
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27,000 registered republican voters means essentially each vote has more clout. they are expecting to have the totals by about 9 p.m. tonight. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you, rich. the delegate count as it stands, donald trump leading the field by less than 100. more than 1,200 are needed to win the republican nomination. there are 19 delegates from d.c., so it means something. , we have coverage with chief political correspondent scott thuman on new channel 8 and streaming on five states are up for grabs as the winner take all portion of the republican primary begins. we will have both parties covered. some college students plan a big vacation for spring break. howard university students are using this time to help o
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places like flint, michigan. hot of 50three students participating with about a dozen buses fanning out across the country -- 350 students participating. kimberly: some changes in the forecast tomorrow are on the way. ryan miller has a first look at the rain. we have some rain coming in after midnight and we will need the umbrellas. after four days of 70's and 80's, it was tough to get back into the 60's with the cloud cover. national, 58 the high temperature at andrews, warmer to the south. 66 was the high today in both manassas and fredericksburg. we have cooled into the 50's in , 55w locations, 54 leesburg frederick. tomorrow morning, we are looking , cloudy skies, scattered showers possible after midday. move the clocks ahea
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go to bed one hour. the seven-day forecast coming up. kimberly: new video is d.c. police search for the man who attacked a woman in northwest d.c. earlier this week. video of a person of interest had been posted on mtv's youtube page. againstsh the victim up the wall and attempted to sexually assault her. the suspect then ran away. it is tough to see the man in the video, but if he looks familiar, call the d.c. police. a vigil is being held today for two women, the family hosting it at suit would high school. the police investigated the murders tuesday as an act of domestic violence. the man who pulled the trigger was found dead in virginia, where he killed himself. an important metro service tonight, you have less than an hour to get home because daylight savings kicks
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at 2 a.m. sunday, when clocks jumped forward to 3 a.m., when metro normally closes saturday to. when that happens, no more trains. coming up -- seems like this across the south. to the front up door to rescue residents. we will give you the view from a drone that is seeing the devastation below. plus, more plane parts washing ashore in mozambique. investigators hope they can prove where they came from. afterreet closures ending the rock 'n roll marathon this morning. we will have that story coming up.
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kimberly: from tennessee to texas, six states are affected by historira
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pecans drone video from valley, louisiana, the entire community underwater. the national guard has been called in to help while many way to return home after mandatory evacuations. at least four people have died across the southeast because of the flooding. around the world, more debris washed ashore in mozambique. is it from the missing bowling boeingseven -- missing 777 malaysian air flight? the pieces will go to texas, hopefully solving the mystery. the serial numbers on the debris are visible. family members of those aboard the flight when it disappeared two years ago are skeptical. still ahead tonight -- >> it's my birthday, so why not run? those who chose
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cheered them along. plus, the weather forecast.
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kimberly: in virginia, the plan to radically reform a slice of rosslyn has been approved. rivers andht by the our studios are along the redevelopment plan. over 25 years, a nearly eight block overhaul. there will be residential hotel, office, and retail space. it also includes improved metro and pedestrian access, parking spaces. the older structures will be demolished over time
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new buildings will replace them. good thing that was approved because one of the buildings is halfway up. with an 20,000 runners laced up their shoes this morning, accompanied by live music along the way. plus crowds of spectators. amy was there for all the fun. amy: just like that, 24,000 runners take off. >> a little nervous but excited. hopefully i beat my time from last time. >> it's my birthday, so why not run 26.2 miles? amy: 26.2 miles full of energy. >> i came out to cheer them on. up justy have bands set about every mile. race organizers say that it helps the runners keep going. >> it's awesome. it makes this marathon unique. amy: the sideline motivation helps keep up the excitement. >>
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the family, it's great. here anders who live just visiting the nations capital say is a new kind of d.c. tour. >> a chance to see the town a little differently, so it's a great from that perspective. amy: both full and half marathon runners pounded the pavement. some teams running to raise money and awareness for a good cause. >> it's everybody coming together collectively to help people. for excitement were staying 26 point two miles, both on the course and the sidelines. kimberly: wow, they make it look like fun. talk about a big turnout, the annual shamrock fest going on right now until later tonight. you cannot ask for better weather. my daughter and i walked across the key bridge t
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actually broke into a little sweat. ryan: it was a little warm today, close to 60 degrees in many locations. after the previous days, it was a little tough to bear. we have 50's, and looks like we will be in the 60's tomorrow. taking a look at the map and some data. 54 degrees right now in rockville, light wind out of the east at five. the cloud cover that we had areawide, the clouds thicken this evening. rain showers earlier have pushed off to the east. oryou have outdoor plans heading outside, don't have to worry about the raincoat or umbrella. that's good, but get them ready for tomorrow. 60 degrees atto reagan national, 50 was the low this money. that is where we should be the where weur, 54 -- should be this time of year is 54 and 36. live doppler radar right now, not busy.
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with the mid-level moisture out p.m. west at about 5 that is off to the east and we are dry right now and relatively mild. reagan national, 63 andrews. warmer where they had more sunshine, to the southwest. 65 degrees charlottesville. mid-atlantic, heading down towards the south come into the 70's across the carolinas. but before then we have a lot of rain and shower activity to contend with tomorrow through tuesday. some of that could be heavy at times. they have been inundated with heavy showers to the south. that low pressure will eventually migrate our way monday into tuesday with heavy rain. tomorrow morning, heading out for services, watch out for the showers. the frontal boundary will come in, instigating shall activity in the northern suburbs in the morning. we all get the action on and off , not raining o
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heavier rain tomorrow night. monday the showers stick around. if you have outdoor plans, going out this evening, into the 50's, rain after midnight primarily come into the 50's tomorrow morning. move the clocks ahead one hour before going to bed. with a 50%ntinues chance of monday, high near 59. there are the 70's we saw last week, coming next week, near 75 wednesday at a chance of showers st. patrick's day thursday. kimberly: not too bad, although rain on st. patrick's day is kind of a bummer. soccer? --ng with are we starting with soccer? erin: absolutely, a defensive battle between d.c. united and the new england revolution. sports is coming up.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. 8,n: today on this channel d.c. united -- on news channel 8 , d.c. united and the new england revolution met for the first time since last fall. d.c. on the road in new england. 28th minute, revolution on the attack for stop charles davies tries the bicycle kick, but it's blocked. the game was scoreless at the half. 85th, united with the corner kick come in traffic. the shot, wide left. this was a defensive struggle and the game what end in a scoreless draw. final, maryland against michigan, mark turgeon and the terrapins
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many as 12 in the first half. then they come all the way back. melo trimble catches fire, drains the three. game tied. closing seconds, terps down one, valentine misses the front end. melo trimble drives, misses, tipped. michigan state comes up with it. terps, 64-621. acc tournament back in the district. the final between north carolina and virginia will be a battle. heels.a beat the tar they are playing the bass passed ball right now, virginia is, but then again it's hard to bet against the conference player of the year and the defensive player of the year, malcolm brogdon. that tip-off is at 9 p.m. high school hoops, largo tried to end
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williamsport for the girls state title. ns down 14 at the half. 50 seconds to go, graham with a huge block. she would make two free throws giving the lions the lead. the defense seals it. a massive comeback by largo to win the state championship, beating williamsport, a close one. >> my seniors have been at this for four years. they said they want to be state champions. i told them they would have to work for it, and they did. erin: hard work pays off. night,semi finals last look at this shot, seconds to go, from half court. it's good. or is it? everybody is going crazy, but take a look at the replay. handsll has his
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unfortunately, it was a second too late. west virginia wins. heartbreaker. they will play kansas in the final. the redskins signed their punter to way for your extension reportedly worth $9.4 million. not a bad way to make a living, as my producer says. kimberly: instant replay, good thing or bad? erin: it's sad. it mix it more dramatic and exciting, but at the same time
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kimberly: get out the tissues -- a
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a chance to see the entire world through her mailbox. she has a rare form of brain cancer. despite 17 surgeries and five tumor removals, it came back. her parents were worried she would never get a chance to travel. if you can, send a postcard. >> now you can start collecting countries. you both should be able to travel and see different countries. kimberly: oh, boy. themostcards came, 500 and -- 500 in the past month alone. if you want to send a postcard, we have that information at just search ellie. i'm in tears. the 70'sare back in next week. be
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we're family too. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. violence on the campaign trail. a protester rushing donald trump on stage, the secret service jumping into action. this, after he cancels a major rally. heated clashes spilling into the streets. trump taking no blame for the chaos. >> we've got to fight back. >> but he is catching serious heat. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> that is not leadership. it is political arson. the airport workers assigned to protect your valuables stealing right out of suitcases, and before you check your bags the photo you should take to protect yourself. the controversial operation to bring 17 elephants from africa to the u.s. but is it saving their lives or robbing them of their freedom? and th


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