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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> that's right. learning more about that firefighter and the woman's condition. challenges as a new emerges. we're following this developing story, now live in southeast washington. jeff, tell us about it. reporter: new challenge indeed, leon. residents of this building here on minnesota avenue are telling abc 7's richard reed that they building isld the condemned and they have to be out by saturday. you can see some of the charred of this fire and then a little bit lower, the crime scene tape, still stands. meanwhile, the firefighter, and the woman he saved, both remain hour. hospital at this both doing okay. thanks to a true act of heroism. miles away from home on the other side of town, at medstar center,on hospital 65-year-old phyllis terrell is recovering, getting better little by little. >> she talks really low, so she's trying to
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reporter: tareeka is phyllis's granddaughter. all they're talking about is the firefighter who took off his mask and gave it to terrell, who already has breathing problems. >> if it wasn't for him, she that's what she said. reporter: the fire broke out yesterday afternoon, on the third floor of this apartment building on minnesota avenue. heavy smoke everywhere. 12 to 15 residents were evacuated. mpd thanks to a group of officers in the neighborhood and were alerted to the emergency. meanwhile, firefighter lovato jumped into action to help. mask, heng his suffered serious smoke inhalation. soot in his airway and swelling to his throat. >> it can be devastating to inhale the products of closed space.a reporter: but danny lovato survived and so too did phyllis terrell. >> he's my hero, her hero, everybody's hero.
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reporter: phyllis terrell remains in serious condition at the hospital. she's expected to be there for a few days longer, at least, but she is said to be improving. lovato meanwhile is being moved out of the icu today and expected to be out of the hospital tomorrow. live in southeast washington, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. in maryland had a busy afternoon responding to robberies at four different a matter of minutes. now they say one man was responsible for them all. suspect is in custody, charged with robbing four banks, kensington and carrollton,to new maryland. a robbery investigator saw the suspect's vehicle while leaving a restaurant. captured minutes later. so far, his name is not being released. >> checking now on a developing story on temple hills where a man has been killed after a tree fell on him at a construction sight, about three hours ago on
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an investigation now is under way into what went wrong. we'll keep you posted. had another beautiful weather day, as temperatures territory.ecord meteorologist steve rudin is out. we hope he's enjoying the weather. work, soe's got to let's hop to it, steve! tonight.larendon reporter: it is beautiful in clarendon. we have lots of people out, enjoying the nice weather. a lot of people getting home from work, school, and maybe going to the gym or just to exercise outside, because it's so gorgeous out. temperatures across the area right now, still in the middle to upper 70's, looking at 77 at winchester, reagan national at 76 degrees. during the plans evening, take advantage of this right now. temperatures, 7:00 tonight, just 70 to 71. we will cool things down by 60's. into the upper as we head into the day or later into the ove
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out a chance for a few showers. but overall, a nice, nice evening ahead. live.back now traffic is really light here in chairn din, because i think so about,ople are out and enjoying the nice weather. doug hill will have more on the whyrds we broke today and we're not likely to see any record high temperatures for the weekend, coming up in just a few. >> thank you, steve. different vibe in prince george's county, where they're back tonight against a surge in domestic violence murders. fivee 24-hour period, women were shot or stabbed in domestic violence incidents. three died. murders the county has seen in 2016, seven of them are tied to domestic violence, going withst a statewide trend numbers going down. here's tonight's look at the effort to fight against this. reporter: leon, county executive baker saying that he would like a commitment to stopping this trend
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$1 million to do so. prince george's county's laying out his budget today. $31.5 more for education, merit pay increases andcounty workers increasing funding for safety. milliondicating $1 toward domestic violence prevention and awareness. >> we are committed to doing we can to stop these tragedies from happening. reporter: the latest domestic violence-related tragedy happened just this week. tareeka jones and her sister, walls-harris, both allegedly killed by jones's boyfriend. the money in the budget will go establishing multiservice centers and social and human services resources within communities and within specific apartment complexes. the goal? resources to people who directly need them before violence occurs. very complex problem, and
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differentf directions. reporter: which also includes creating real awareness that can't just sit by and be bystanders, when they know something is wrong. difficult, as i said before, for people to admit to in anlves that they're abusive relationship. and so the whole community has wrap around our families. reporter: now, this budget by will now go before the county council. if it is approved, then that start to go into the program, effective july 1. carter,g live, brianne abc 7 news. >> thank you, brianne. watching another domestic violence situation unfold in prince george's county, this one not ending in murder. police say they need your help in finding a man who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend earlier this week. man, 34-year-old confrontedler iii his girlfriend out of a marshall
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marlboro home and stabbed her. for attemptedted to sexually assault a young girl. police want to talk with you if where he is. >> leon, a family members of a montgomery county police a suspectedled by drunk driver are back in annapolis. they say the state house has a law named in his memory. get this done this year, and we need to do it right son, noah, and all the other victims of drunk driving. a the family is pushing for law requiring ignition interlock devices in the cars of anyone of drunk driving. amendments to noah's law, as called, loosened those restrictions. the family is urging the senate law beforethe sending it back to the state house. >> still to come, new information on the deaths of those 13 bald eagles on the shore. how it's changg
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the investigation. >> also ahead, baltimore is preparing to become the largest police force outfitted with body cameras. when the new technology will hit the streets.
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>> we have got some breaking news on a hotel death that we've been following for months. d.c. police saying that the former aid to russian president vladimir putin, who was found dead in
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died of blunt force trauma. at thefound in a room hotel last november. medical examiner says that the matter of death is undetermined. police are saying this does not a crime was committed but they are still investigating. >> a warning tonight for commuters, after a shooting on a busy local road. around 2:30 p.m. on tuesday, someone shot at a car driving on new york avenue. that's just before the baltimore-washington parkway. was hit but the driver was unharmed. the suspect's vehicle is late-models a black, b.m.w. >> starting on may 1, baltimore police officers will begin cameras.ody that is almost one year to the day after the arrest and death rioteddie gray and the that followed. initially, 500 police officers will be outfitted with the cameras. department leadership says this move will make baltimore police the largest force in the nation using body cameras. up next on abc 7, a critical night in
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republican presidential nominee. shows it's adding extra weight to one candidate's shoulders. >> and there is a change in the tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill looks at the cooler temperatures down wherend breaks the greatest risk of rain might be. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best pric,s quality and selection.
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>> more than 3,000 people have come so far to pay respects to lady, nancy reagan. she'll be laid to rest at a valley,tomorrow in simi california. mopping the speakers -- among the speakers, james baker and news anchors tom brokaw and diane sawyer. george will and washington post publisher ryan will serve as pallbearers. stewart kenworth, the vicar of the washington national cathedral, will preside. newschannel 8 will carry the service, live tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m. >> looking ahead to tonight now, most criticale night for marco rubio's sputtering presidential campaign. that's because he goes into tonight's debate in his home state of florida
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inmp by more than 20 points the latest poll. now, by comparison, ohio governor john kasich is holding own and fending off trump in his home state. what this means, we turn to by in miami.anding stakes couldn't be higher for this once-rising star. reporter: yeah, you're talking about a lifeline, really, histically, whether or not campaign is going to move forward from this point on, from tuesday's vote. couple ofalk about a things that may be reflected in tonight's debate. anti-trumpthe actions. we know they're going to try and attack donald trump. he is indeed the front-runner. but here in florida, nbc news has crunched the numbers and shown that roughly 8.5 million dollars has been spent attacking donald trump in advertising, just here in the sunshine state, from candidates and from super.a and
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four or, what about the no more. will we see these candidates on stage again, after next tuesday, it be paired down? as you pointed out, john kasich, a lot riding on this. if they don't perform well here, they don't perform well on tuesday. only twore's candidates after that date. we'll wait and see. debate behavior. it's so fascinating that you have an instance where the head rnc is reminding the four yourdates, please be on best behavior. he told them he would like to see a p.g.-rated debate as to some of the ones we saw recently, that perhaps went know if youn't would say r-rated, but pg-13 to say the least. want to step up the decorum here in miami just a bit. that,be watching all we'll bring you analysis later. what the ratings, it's going to be miami
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it.l see now new information on those mysterious bald eagle deaths. police are now saying that the dieagles found dead did not from natural causes such as avian flu. is nowans the case focused on a human cause. a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. >> be alert tomorrow because alerts will be sounded throughout virginia. rather, this is going to happen later this month. a statewide tornado drill is set for march 22. the's almost a month to day, you might remember, when ripped acrossoes virginia, killing at least four people. >> i remember that. >> it was really horrible. >> today was a good day. we set some records around the area. records.row, no it's going to turn a bit cooler. >> well, we're very happy with we have. >> take a look at this graphic. on this day, ten years ago, we
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washington. on march 10, 2006, we set three temperature records, 78 at reagan national, at washington dulles. 77 in baltimore. set new records at all locations. 79 at reagan national. at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. the official high stands at 79. morning low 57. average high is only 54. our low is higher than our high. upside down this is. very mild effect. have -- evening. inre still in the mid-70's many spots. leesburg ands, fredericksburg. 74 at andrews air force base. clouds kind of come and go, but i think they'll be more cloudiness moving in clouds willause the increase, ahead of a cold front. the cold front is going to be the system that will shut off this southwesterly wind, that has been supplying
6:20 pm the front will come through. all this rain actually originated in the pacific ocean. it's part of the reason that louisiana and the deep south is getting these endless days of rain and flooding. what will happen tonight with this system is a lot of the rain the frontpate as bends to the south. we may see showers tonight but the noticeably, tomorrow winds will turn to the north-northwest, skies will clear. bright and sunny but we'll only have highs near 68. then a warm front comes in saturday. it will be a bit on the cooler side. warm up by sunday and early next week. overnight, 59. tomorrow for a high. saturday, 61 degrees. reminder about turning the one hour saturday night before you go to bed. replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. saturday, 6:13. sets
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work out in the end. here are the next seven days for you. breezy and, sunshine. saturday, a spotty shower, otherwise cooler. 30% chance of late-day showers. 66 on sunday. ofwers, maybe a rumble thunder monday, then another warm-up. back into the 70's. be heating up pretty soon downtown at verizon center. >> robert is there to watch it tell it all. robert? reporter: right about 40 minutes from game time. virginia taking on georgia tech. also, georgetown, how did they against villanova? we'll have all those highlights, coming up next in sports.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> welcome back to the verizon center. we're live for the a.c.c. tournament. the orange and blue is packing we speak.s virginia getting ready to take on georgia tech. before that, we're going to go big east tournament. georgetown. taking on top-seeded villanova. how did they fare? second-round action. and the hoyas had this in the bag, but villanova went small. pass to josh hart for the hoop and harm. no w
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81-67. the hoya season will come to an end. george washington and st. louis, we're in the second half here. joe mcdonald, he gets the steal. gets it to utah. for the jam. he led the colonials with 19. gw wins, 73-65. tomorrow on st. joe's afternoon. back here to the a.c.c. notre dame would take duke to and come away with the upset win. the drive and the rainbow irish go up the five in overtime. notre dame, with five players figures indouble this one. the final, 84-79. football, ted leonys and monumental sports and entertainment have announced arenare acquiring an football team. no word on what the name of that team will be, however they will play their games here at verizon. that presser, for the official announcement, will be
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also, in football news, the trying to make that splash in free agency. vernon davis, a d.c. area who has ties to g.m. making aleun, will be free agent visit to the redskins. sanhistory goes back to fran, when he was with the 49ers. i will say this. is pretty much just a name now. haven't seen him do much in the past recently. guys, in the studio. >> also the small matter of as well.ed >> a lot going on. >> quick look at the forecast for tomorrow. morning.prinkle in the then becoming sunny and plefns. lot more toave a say about the weekend outlook when he joins you at 11. >> david muir coming up next.
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tonight, the assault at a trump event. new images of a trump supporter going after a protester. the punch caught on video. and what that trump supporter said right afterward about what he'll do next. as ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich prepare to take on trump tonight. breaking news. the deadly storms hitting right now. the flooding now


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